if that was his car he was parked on the line

run all the lights

(this is a direct continuation of the street racers AU ficlet! it was meant to be another small ficlet and then it…grew…so I’ll stick it on AO3 as its own story tomorrow. but it was a tumblr ficlet FIRST and so it shall remain.)


Damen can barely see the world as anything but blurred, tunnel-vision shapes by the time his car screams across the finish line, half a length–if that–ahead of Laurent’s. As he lowers his foot onto the brake, as he pulls around in a half-circle to park, as he climbs out of the car in front of a crowd falling quiet with anticipation… he can barely breathe. Part of him’s back there on the track, watching the speedometer strain towards two hundred. Part of him’s hearing Laurent’s voice, making the offer.

He watches Laurent’s car–which is his car, now–but he can’t see through the windshield with the glare of lights. He wonders if Laurent will stay behind the wheel. Drive the car away in a burst of dust, disappear into the desert.

But that doesn’t fit with what he’s seen of Laurent de Vere so far. And sure enough, Laurent climbs out of the car as soon as the engine cuts, and strides across to stand in front of Damen. The black T-shirt clings to his chest, scooping low enough that the ends of his collarbones are visible. His skin shines with sweat. There’s nothing to see in his expression.

Laurent swipes his hair back from his face. He says, watching Damen closely, “Afraid I won’t honour my word? I will. I always do.”

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voltron amusement park headcanons

i was inspired so here:

  • hunk fuckin destroys at the arcade
  • he also destroys at those boardwalk games
  • wins everyone stuffed animals
  • lance naively challenges him to a virtual racecar match
  • lance ends up crying
  • like i said before, keith is a roller coaster/thrill ride nut. the second they get to the park he makes a bee line for the coasters
  • he’s been on kingda ka, he’s been on el toro, he’s been on top thrill dragster. he’s been on them all. he’s seen some things.
  • pidge isn’t really into roller coasters but she goes apeshit over bumper cars
  • “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY SHITLORD” - pidge as she smashes her car into a five year old’s
  • shiro films her from the sidelines with his giant 90s camcorder
  • “pidge! pidge look this way sweetie!”
  • pidge roars at the camera
  • shiro: *tearfully* they grow up so fast
  • allura splurges on all the sweets, comes back to shiro’s bench with her arms full of every flavor of cotton candy and ice cream imagineable
  • shiro takes one look at her load
  • allura squints because fuck u she wants her sweets
  • but shiro only says “you didn’t get popcorn. we have to go back and get popcorn.”
  • coran is the designated holder of bags/purses/toys, but he does join in at one point to challenge hunk to a match
  • everyone is concerned for coran’s health
  • hunk is hesitant but agrees
  • they get set up
  • everyone starts screaming
  • coran is crowned god
  • hunk resigns himself to hanging out with pidge, who insists they go on the tilt-a-whirl
  • hunk has never been on the tilt-a-whirl
  • it does not end well
  • hunk: crying
  • pidge: maniacal Chaotic Neutral laughter
  • keith gets bored going on coasters by himself so he finds lance flirting with an employee and drags him on with him
  • lance refuses
  • keith: what are you, scared?
  • lance: WHAT NO i just don’t wanna be stuck sitting next to YOU
  • keith doesn’t believe him so lance is forced to prove his honor
  • about five seconds into the car going up the hill he starts screaming and clutches onto keith’s hand for dear life
  • he screams throughout the whole thing
  • not even separate screams just one long continuous scream
  • keith feels bad so he doesn’t say anything when they get off the ride and lance has to lie down on a bench for 10 minutes
  • lance gets his revenge by dragging keith to the haunted house
  • the reason lance thought the castle was haunted was because he’s a huge horror fan
  • loves movies, video games, comics, novels, rides, anything to do with monsters, and loves being scared
  • keith likes them too, but he just can’t do haunted houses
  • keith doesn’t scream per se, but he’s tight lipped and stiff throughout the whole thing and never lets go of lance’s sleeve
  • elsewhere shiro and allura decide to ride the love boat/tunnel of love together Just As Friends (hhahahhahaha)
  • it’s dark and romantic and there are candles and stuff
  • they kinda look at each other then look away
  • shalalalalala my oh my looks like the boy’s too shy
  • they finally work up the nerve to lean in, lean in, lean in-
  • out of nowhere pidge pops up behind them “hey you guys got anymore fig newtons?”
  • allura shrieks and shiro nearly tips over the boat
  • hunk appears too (they were both hiding in the backseat) “im so sorry it was all pidge’s idea oh gosh please don’t be mad”
  • shiro and allura just stare
  • finally allura rubs her temples and decides to take a nap on shiro cause he’s comfy
  • shiro hands over the fig newtons
  • at the end of the day hunk challenges coran to a rematch
  • they tie, and both regard the other as an equal
  • the end
Not One, But Two (Part IV)

Summary: It all started on that night when you and Jay were both too drunk to remember anything. You resigned from your job and left Seoul with a secret. Now you’re back and ready to tell Jay about them, but doing so means sharing their lives and putting his career and love life on the line.

Originally posted by hitchhikinginfreakland

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

The moon was a faint image in the sky when you got out Jay’s car in the parking lot. You fixed the strap of your bag on your shoulder and flattened any creases on your green dress, making sure that you looked presentable and decent enough to be the mother of Suri and Jaeyoung.

Beside you, Jay snickered as he watched you fidget. You had been unstoppable since he picked you the twins up in your house. “Everything’s going to be fine. They won’t mind how you look. As long as you come,” he said. He had already told his family about you and the twins, and they insisted on meeting you.

“You don’t know that,” you replied, narrowing your eyes at him. You looked up at the tall building in front of you and gulped. One or more of those windows belonged to the house where Jay’s parents lived.

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The Demon Next Door [M]

Warnings: This is a Rated M+ story. Read at your own risk. This is not a fluffy smut. There are parts that may bother some readers so please remain conscious of this.

A/N: This is gonna be a new series but it’ll be kind of darker than what I usually write. Tell me what you think

He moved months ago. I noticed him on the first day when a moving truck was parked in front of the house next door. It was late in the afternoon and I had just gotten home from class. I glanced over at the house as I got out of my car. The lights were on and the front door was open. A couple boxes were situated on the drive way. Suddenly, a male walked out of the house and his eyes quickly landed on me. A smile spread on his lips.
“Hey neighbor!” He said cheekily and made his way to the property line.
“O-oh Hi,” i smiled awkwardly and walked towards him. “Its nice to meet you”
“Same here….I’m Ten by the way” He held out his hand.
“____,” I shook his hand. “So how do you like the neighborhood so far?”
“Its nice” He nodded.
“Well that’s good..” I nodded. “You have a lot of boxes to load huh?”
“Yeah” Ten sighed. “It’s going to take me all night to get everything unpacked”
“Do you need any help?” I asked, trying to be friendly.
“That’s fine. You’re probably busy” Ten shrugged with a smile. I felt my cheeks heat up slightly. He was in reality really attractive and the way the afternoon sunlight hit his face made him almost glow.
“No, I honestly have nothing going on” I laughed. “I’ve finished my classes for the week so I have the weekend free”
“Oh, well then I could use the extra help I guess” Ten shrugged.
“Okay. Let me just put my stuff away and change” I smiled before heading inside my own home.

Hours passed as I helped Ten get unpacked.
“Why do you have so much stuff” I whined as I helped him set the last of his things in his room.
“I don’t know.” Ten chuckled as he loaded his clothes into his dresser.
“It’s 1 in the morning Ten. We’ve been at this for 7 hours” I collapsed onto his bed, feet dangling off the side.
“And I really appreciate that” He closed his dresser and went to lay down next to me. “It’s good to know that I have nice neighbors”
“Well FYI, I’m the only nice one” I laughed. “All the other neighbors are obnoxious kids with lousy parents and then cranky seniors”
“Then I’m glad I live next to you” Ten smiled.
It was oddly comfortable hanging out with Ten even though we had just met. I smiled slightly. It was going to be nice having a normal neighbor.

At least I thought he was normal…..but I soon found out things pertaining to Ten would be anything but normal.

A yawn escaped my lips and I stretched my arms, unconsciously arching my back in the process. Ten stared at me with an unreadable expression. I turned my head to face him and raised an eyebrow.
“Is there something on my face?” I frowned and sat up.
“No” Ten stated lowly and sat up as well.
“Oh..” my cheeks heated up slightly.
“You know ___,” Ten’s hand reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “You’re really pretty.” Something felt off suddenly.
“T-Thank you..” I scooted away slightly.
“Im serious. You’re beautiful” He softly whispered.
“Thanks…umm….you know,” I stood up, “It’s getting late. I should go home,”
“What’s the rush?” He smiled wickedly and the doors and windows suddenly slammed shut.
“What the Fu-” My words got caught in my throat when I looked over at Ten. His eyes turned a bright shade of red before returning to their brown color.

My first impulse was to run, and so that’s what i did. I tried to open the door but It was stuck. I still frantically tried to open it.
“There’s no use” Ten was suddenly behind me. His arms encircled my waist and my breathing hitched. “You’ve been caught”
“Let go of me!” I exclaimed and pushed him away before running to the other side of the room. I tried to open the windows but those were closed too. “HELP!” I began to scream.
“No one will hear you” Ten smirked and sat onto the bed.
“What are you? What do you want from me?” I shook in fear.
“I’m a demon,” Tens eyes flashed red. “And I’ve lived in the underworld for all my existence. If you saw the demon women, you’d be utterly repulsed. Now human women, like yourself, are different. They draw us to them with a scent. Your scent grabbed my attention.”
“What the fuck do you mean?? I never tried to draw anyone in,” I took a step back.
“You don’t try ___” Ten laughed and rested his elbows on his thighs. “It just happens….and you, oh you give off such a sweet scent. I don’t know how no one else got to you.” I stayed silent, too scared to say anything. A chuckle left Ten’s lips. “It’s been too long since Ive gotten out of that hellhole. I wanna have some fun tonight,”
“Y-you can’t make me do anything” I stuttered.
“On the contrary,” Ten smirked. “Come here”
I felt myself walking towards him. I knew I shouldn’t but something made me walk forward and I stopped right in front of him. He pulled me closer so that I was standing between his legs. He brought his lips to my neck, sucking on the skin and letting his tongue roam over the now colored skin. My hands shakily grabbed his sleeves and I closed my eyes, trying to escape the present. I bit my lip to keep myself from moaning and giving him any satisfaction. Ten pulled away slightly and stood up. He lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it to some corner of the room before turning me around and pushing me onto the bed. He tossed his own shirt to the side and moved atop me, ushering me further up the bed.
“Kiss me” He commanded. I propped myself up onto my elbows and hesitantly brought my lips to his. Ten immediately kissed me back. His tongue immediately darted into my mouth and caught mine. He was passionate, i couldn’t deny it and it would have felt great if it weren’t for the circumstances at hand. Ten continued to kiss me and his hands began to move to my stomach. His fingers traced my exposed skin causing me to shiver. A gasp left my lips when he moved his mouth down my chest and stomach, stopping right above the hem of my shorts. Ten slid 2 fingers underneath my shorts and pulled them down and off my legs.
“Do you want me to make you scream” Ten asked.
“N-no..” I responded weakly, causing Ten to raise a brow.
“I guess that’s too bad” He smirked and slid his fingers into my panties. “You say no yet you’re so wet”

One finger. He began to pump it inside of me at a quick pace.
Two fingers. My breathing got heavy and my hands reached down to stop him. He simply grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head.
3 fingers. I was resisting the urge to moan. A bitter pleasure swept through me as he went faster.
Suddenly, his thumb began to rub against my clit and that’s when I lost it.
“Ten!” I gasped, feeling a warm feeling erupt in my stomach. “Aaah~”
“That’s what I like to hear” Ten licked his lips. I was so close to the edge. The pressure in my stomach continued to increase but before I could release, Ten pulled out. I panted for air and stared at Ten. He was hovering right above me now.
“You seem to really want this now” He smiled.
“Fuck you” I spat out without thinking.
“In time” Ten responded. “But first, lets see if you taste as good as you smell” He moved down again, letting go of my wrists this time. His face was directly in front of my womanhood. I tried to push him away but he didn’t budge.
“___, if you don’t play nice, Im going to put you right on the edge over and over again and not let you release” His words made me stop. He smirked and attached his lips to my core. My breathing was uneven as his tongue licked a swipe against my folds. My hands tangled themselves in his hair and my eyes closed. This felt so good but it felt so wrong.
Ten began to dart his tongue in and out of my womanhood, causing me to let out a soft moan. The pressure was back and this time, I released over Ten’s face. He lapped up my juices before coming back up to kiss me. I let out a whine of dismay but Ten continued to move his lips against mine.
“You tasted amazing,” He whispered against my lips. “But I think it’s my turn now” Ten got off the bed and took off his pants and boxers with one pull before climbing over me again. My eyes stared at his cock. It was bigger than what I was used to. He moved up this time so that his pelvis was right in front of me.
“Suck” he commanded. I parted my lips and licked his tip, tongue sliding over the slit. A low groan escaped Tens lips and I took him deeper. I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock and started to bob my head.
“___ you’re so good” Tens arms that were next to me shook slightly, threatening to give in. I continued to suck on his cock, hollowing my cheeks in the process. Ten let out another moan and suddenly began to thrust into my mouth. Surprised by his movement, I stopped bobbing my head. This only led Ten to quicken his pace. His dick hit the back of my throat, causing tears to well up in my eyes. My name continually left his lips as he thrusted into my mouth. His pace quickened but he soon pulled out.
“Turn around” he said. I scrambled onto all fours and faced the other way. Ten’s hands traced my ass before giving it a smack. I let out a whine at the sensation.
“I hope you’re ready for what’s next” He stated lowly before positioning himself in front of my core.
“Aahh~” a loud moan left my lips as he pushed himself inside me.
“You feel so good ” He groaned and started to thrust inside me. His pace was excruciatingly slow and it made me go crazy. Breathy groans left my lips as this continued.
“Do you want me to go faster?” Ten suddenly asked. I let out a soft yes.
“Beg for it” He stopped moving and pulled out before flipping me onto my back. He stared down at me with dark eyes.
“N-no” I mumbled. I didn’t want to plead. Ten raised an eyebrow at this and smirked.
“Alright then” He pushed himself back in but his pace was still slow, probably even slower. He went deeper this time and suddenly hit a spot that made me see colors.
“Ten!” I screamed unconsciously. Ten smirked and began to direct his thrusts away from this spot. My eyes caught his and I bit my lip.
“Beg” he smiled. I wanted it. I wanted it so bad.
“Ten…” I gasped. “Please..go faster.”
“Louder” he commanded.
“Go faster please,” I cried out. His thrusts immediately gained momentum and my hands reached up and grabbed his shoulders. Moans filled the room as he went deeper with each thrust. He hit the spot again and I pulled him closer. He continued to hit the same spot over and over again.
“Ten~~” I gasped.
“You sound so beautiful when you moan my name” Ten brought his face closer to mine and kissed me. He was rough this time. His lips moved harshly against mine before pulling away. I could tell he was close. I was too. Warm pressure built itself up inside of me and I came over his dick. Ten continued to thrust into me until he came as well, filling me up with his seed.

My eyes suddenly widened. We hadn’t used protection. Ten caught sight of my expression and chuckled.
“You won’t get pregnant. The chance of a human being impregnated by a demon are less than 1%” He sighed and pulled out before collapsing next to me.

“How did you get drawn to my scent?” I asked. Ten looked over at me.
“I told you it intrigued me” He stated.
“But out of every woman in the world…why me?” A shiver ran up my spine as i thought about all the others who were caught.
“You’re special” Ten replied.

Special….. Was that what he called it?

BTS Reaction - when their girlfriend is mesmerized by the sky - requested

Anonymous said: Can I ask for a reaction from bts at y/n suddenly be mesmerized by how pretty the night sky and the stars are and stuff? hehe thought itd be cute.

AW AW THIS IS TOTALLY CUTE i might have to add a scene like this in an upcoming fanfiction


When you grab his sleeve while you two are getting into the car for dinner that night, he’d smile down at her and see the excitement in your eyes as you point at the stars. He finds it absolutely adorable and you guys end up ditching dinner to lay on the lawn and watch the stars. He’ll crack corny pick up lines the entire time, by the way.

“Isn’t the sky amazing? I wonder how many stars are up there.”

“It is amazing, and those stars will never be as bright as you, Y/N.”


He would be just as excited as you would be. You’d smack his shoulder and point at the moon, and Tae would grab your hand and drag you up a nearby hill. 

“Let’s do this more often, okay Y/N? Why haven’t we thought of this as a date idea before?”


He’d just laugh and smile at you the entire time. You’d be laying there on an old blanket on a hot summer night, and your head would be on his chest. You’d be staring at the stars and trying to look for constellations, while Jungkook just stared at you.

“This is so pretty Jungkookie, isn’t it? I wish every night was like this.”

“I love you, Y/N. Nothing will ever be as pretty as you.”


He’d be the one to let you know that there was a meteor shower tonight. You’d only laugh and suggest he get the blankets, and that you’ll grab the flashlight. 

“Look! There it goes.”

“Ohmygosh was that a shooting star? Make a wish, make a wish!”


If you got excited by the stars, he would totally be the type to ask if you wanted to go on a walk around the park and stargaze. Each time you found a constellation, you’d squeeze his hand and you two would try to guess the name for it.

“Wait, which one is it again? Aren’t they based on those zodiac signs?”


You told him that you always wanted to have a date under the stars. So Jimin being Jimin, he set up a blanket and some candles in the corner of the park, where you two could lay down and watch the stars. You would cuddle up to him and he’d put his arm around you, while using the other one to point up at constellations.

“You’re so cute when you get excited, do you know what Y/N?”


After you two had a disagreement, you’d walk outside onto the balcony and look up at the sky, where there were millions scattered everywhere. Namjoon would come out and wrap his arms around you and rest his chin on your shoulder, and the two of you would stare up at the sky.

“I don’t want to fight anymore. I just want to look at the stars.”

In Shreds

Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Genre: has a bit of fluff towards the end but really just Smut
Word Count: 3,067K
Request: “can I request Jimin smut something a long the lines “I’m going to spank you until you are crying begging me to stop”. Please, dom Jimin, maybe bc he is jealous?“ + slight oppa kink
A/n: Rated M for Make sure you bathe yourself in holy water after this

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“Are you serious?” Y/N, eyes wide. Stile’s lips are pressed into a firm line and his eyes are closed while he hums uncertainly.

“Very serious, Y/N.” He tells them. Y/N can tell he’s not very confident about it, but tosses all their worry behind them self when they take the car keys from his hands.

“Well, what are we waiting for. Let’s go!” Y/N takes a running start towards the student parking lot, Stiles hot on their heels.

(Requested by ANON. I do not own the gif.)

Christmas Lights - Nick Amaro (Christmas Drabbles)

P/N: Back again with another drabble for the lovely Nick Amaro.

Nick Amaro x Reader

“Amaro.” He answered his cell phone.

His face scrunched up as the other line revealed that his girlfriend was in the hospital.

“I’ll be right there.” He said and jumped up from his chair.

“What’s up?” Fin asked, hearing the urgency in his voice.

“I gotta go to the hospital, cover for me?” He urgently asked as he threw on his coat and grabbed his keys.

“Sure thing.” Fin replied, his curious eyes watched as Nick ran out of the precinct.

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Ferrari at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival

Ferrari was in the Australian city of Adelaide recently to celebrate their longstanding history with motorsport at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

This year Ferrari F1 legend Stefan Johansson, was back at the wheel in the city where he raced at the Adelaide Grand Prix many decades ago. The Swedish born Johansson competed in 79 F1 races from 1983 to 1991.

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Tsukkiyama winter drabble #2

Feeling the winter spirit, so I’m writing some short Tsukkiyama things from this prompt list. If you like feel free to request something.

Prompt #6 - Snowed In

“You’re not going home tonight.”

Yamaguchi raised his head from the textbook in his lap and looked at Tsukishima. He was standing by the window, one hand pulling the curtain aside so he could see out. The muted light from outside reflected off of his glasses and threw a fractured line of light onto the wall.

“What?” Yamaguchi asked, scooting himself off the bed and walking across the room to stand by Tsukishima. He pulled at the other side of the curtain to see what he was looking at.

Outside the yard was covered in snow. The divide of the street and sidewalk was was no longer visible, and there were mounds of snow piling up atop of the parked cars and mailboxes. The sky, a brilliant grey, was busy showering the world in large, thick snowflakes.

“Oh wow! Look at all that snow,” Yamaguchi said, trying to follow the path of a single snowflake as it drifted past the window. It quickly got lost in the mass of others swirling in the wind, and a strong gust blew them hard into the window. The soft thud of a build up of snow falling from the roof to the ground snapped Yamaguchi out of his losing battle.

He then realized what so much snow meant. It might be pretty to look at, but it was not pretty to travel in. He turned away from the window in a hurry and walked back to the bed, reaching for his bag and textbook.

“If I leave now I might make the train before the snow shuts it down.”

“You won’t make it,” Tsukishima said. He let the curtain fall back into place in front of the window and the room dimmed slightly.  “Just stay here tonight. You can go home in the morning.”

Yamaguchi shook his head while shoving his book into his bag. How long would it take for him to walk from Tsukki’s house to the train station? His feet would probably be frozen by the time he got there.

“Oh no, no, that’s okay,” he mumbled, too focused on his travel plan to notice that Tsukishima had walked up behind him.

“Stay here,” he said, and Yamaguchi suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. Tsukishima gently turned him around, his right hand reaching up to join the other. Yamaguchi let himself be pulled closer, immediately forgetting about making the train.      

“I don’t want to have to worry about you making it home safe.”

Yamaguchi could feel the slight pressure of Tsukishima’s long fingers on him, a sensation that never failed to send a warm wave up his spine.

“You’d worry?” he asked, tilting his chin up to better meet Tsukishima’s eyes. His glasses no longer reflected the snow outside, but mirrored Yamaguchi’s face so he could see the fresh blush of pink covering his freckles.

“Yes. That’s obvious.”

Another muffled thump of snow shifting came from the window. Tsukishima was right - he wouldn’t make it to the train, but not because it was too far. He wouldn’t make it because he was not going to try. Instead he took half a step forward and closed the gap between him and Tsukishima, his arms wrapping around the taller boy’s middle.

“Well, I don’t want to make you worry,” he said, still looking up at Tsukishima. He considered the expression on his face a moment, noting the gentleness that showed only in his eyes. A flutter spread through his chest when he imagined falling asleep looking at this same expression, closing his eyes only to see it in his dreams.

Yamaguchi tilted his head and kissed Tsukishima on the cheek. “I’ll stay, as long as you make us some hot chocolate.”

“No,” Tsukishima answered, already disentangling himself from Yamaguchi, who flopped back onto the bed, laughing. It had been worth a shot, but it seemed he couldn’t have everything.

Black Cat- min yoongi

Summary: Who could have guessed the neighborhood cat was something other?

Group Member: Min Yoongi of Bangtan Sonyeondan

Word Count: 4k

7/31 Days of Halloween // Falaisé

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Catalyst - Chapter Three

Holding On

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Rishi General Hospital was old, originally built before the first quirk appeared. Its state-of-the-art facilities and role as a teaching hospital for the nearby medical school brought in patients and students from across Japan. It quickly grew as it kept pace with the ever-changing nature of humanity. The multiple interconnected medical buildings, pristine landscaping, and parking lots spanned across two whole city blocks.

On the southwest corner stood the original building, squat in comparison to its surroundings at only three floors high. Under the gray sky, the faded brick walls and cracked paint around the windows gave the building the aura of something forgotten. A plain sign hung above the first floor door that simply read: “Storage.”

Naomasa climbed out of his car, raising his badge as he passed the police blockade. Lights flashed from the squad cars lining the road, and a cold wind rustled the police tape surrounding the storage building. A small, scattered crowd gathered along the outside of the barrier, the majority of them wearing scrubs. Nurses and doctors glanced around, speaking to each other in low voices and shrugs.

A group of officers and a couple forensic techs, tool cases in hand, gathered by a short stairwell. Two officers emerged, climbing up the stairs. Between them was a small woman, her head held high and thin lips pursed in a defiant frown despite her ragged appearance. She wore pale pink scrubs and her silvery hair fell from her disheveled bun in flyaway strands. There was a nasty, purple bruise on her temple.

Naomasa watched them pass, spotting the specialized plastic cuffs pinning the woman’s arms behind her back.  

“Sansa,” Naomasa called out.

Officer Tamakawa’s ears swiveled back, and he turned. After a brief greeting, Sansa led Naomasa down the stairs.

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What about an AU where

S.Coups senses that you’re stressed out and he wants to make everything better but he knows he can’t because he doesn’t have time with his schedule and you’re never home so one night he waits for you to come home at ass o'clock and he drags you into the car and the both of you just go on a drive by the shore line and through the mountains just to get away from everything for a while and he holds your hand from across the console with one hand on the wheel in a sure position and makes sure you’re in a comfortable position when you fall asleep and when you wake up you’re parked at the edge of a mountain and he carried you out of the car and on the hood where he swaddled the both of you in blankets and he tells you to just stay awake a little longer which you do against his chest listening to his steady heartbeat and he laces his fingers through your hair and it’s calming because that’s what the both of you need and when he taps the top of your head lightly you look and the sun is just starting to rise and he tells you that watching the sun rise is nothing compared to watching you unwind under his fingertips because that’s what he’s there for. To see you happy.

anonymous asked:


74. “So…did you miss me?”

The Regalia rolled into Hammerhead and Ignis pulled it into park just as Cindy sauntered out of the garage. Gladiolus was in the front passenger seat, and he smoothed his hair back in the side mirror. Gotta look good, you know?

When they exited the car and closed the distance between themselves and Cindy, Ignis explained the issues they were having with the car and that it needed some repairs. She waved them off to go get comfy in the diner – she’d have everything fixed in no time.

“Paw Paw’s been needing some friends to shoot the breeze with, if you don’t mind. Have fun, boys!”

Gladio decided to hang back while the other three headed for the diner and to accompany Paw Paw, falling in line with Cindy as she walked over to the Regalia, keys in hand.

“Hey there big guy,” she greeted, warm and cheery as always.

“Hey Cindy,” he replied, leaning against one of the car doors while she examined a few of the dents on the hood. How these boys managed to ge t this car into such bad shape all the time blew her mind, but she kept the thought to herself.

“So…” Gladio cleared his throat, then gave the mechanic a searching look and a little smile. “Did you miss me?”

Without missing a beat she stood up a bit and walked along the side of the car, allowing her fingers to trail along it while she gave him one of her coy, difficult to read smiles. Was she flirting or rejecting him? He’d never know.

“Missed your girl more than you. Poor thing’s dented!”

  • Him showing off his muscles.
  • Going to the gym together.
  • You sitting on his back while he does pushups.
  • You sitting in front of him while he does sit ups just so he can kiss you before going back down.
  • Him sending you lots of selfies when he’s away.
  • You stripping for him on Facetime.
  • The maknae line wanting to go everywhere with the both of you.
  • Him being jealous when you compliment or say anything to the other members.
  • The both of you dancing in the studio when no one is there.
  • You teaching him new contemporary dance moves.
  • Matching flannels.
  • You giving him lap dances.
  • Him reminding you that your beautiful.
  • Singing really loud in the car together.
  • Long Passionate kisses.
  • “Jagiya…”
  • Quite a bit of PDA.
  • pocky challenges.
  • Lots of ass grabbing on his part.
  • You wearing his clothes.
  • Him frequently asking if you love him.
  • “Jiminie.”
  • “Chim chim.”
  • “Park Jimin!”
  • Taehyung pushing your heads together trying to get the both of you to kiss.
  • Lots and lots of gifts.
  • Matching phone cases.
  • You being 95% of his camera roll.
  • Hot steamy sex.
  • Worshipping.
  • Showing/bathing with you.
  • Sending lots of nudes.
  • Lots of boob grabs just because he can.
  • Morning sex.
  • Him wanting to kiss you 24/7.
  • You teasing him.
  • Likes it when your dominant.
  • His soft voice singing you to sleep.
  • Him laying his head on your lap.
  • You running your fingers through his hair.
  • Picking you up bridal style and throwing you onto his bed.
  • Him being upset when you are too busy to cuddle with him.
  • His subtile winking.
  • Jimin bragging about you.
  • Texting using emojis. (The different colored hearts, The heart eyed emoji, The kissing emoji, ect.)
  • Overall dating Jimin who would be very loving, You’d be the light of his life and his whole purpose would be to make sure your happy and content.

I really hope you enjoyed that! Jimin is such an adorable yet sexy person that can change between cute and cuddly to hot and sexy. LIKE DAMN BOY CHILL. or don’t better for jimin biases. ;) Don’t forget to follow and request who you would like nect!

All the love.

-Mari xx

Fic: 14 Seasonally Inappropriate Serenades (5/14)

Just because Blaine missed his chance to serenade Kurt on their first Valentine’s Day as friends doesn’t mean there aren’t other occasions now that they’re boyfriends. PG-13.  

5/14 -  Your Body is a Wonderland (Read on AO3 here)

Blaine plays with the car radio. Kurt drops off some of his more loose-fitting clothes for a (taller) friend in need. Blaine doesn’t have loose-fitting clothes to give and he doesn’t know Kurt’s friend, so he tucks a gift card he hasn’t used in the side of the bag Kurt carries and waits unintrusively in the hotel parking lot.

He settles on a John Mayer song that had been so delightfully scandalous when he was growing up. While other songs tease, this one knows what it’s about, and Blaine appreciates its honesty. It’s fun and a little taboo to sing along.

Lines like “skin like porcelain” lead to obvious places in Blaine’s mind. Blaine doesn’t know all of Kurt’s skin, of course, doesn’t expect or feel ready to know anytime soon, but he assumes it’s a line he could truthfully sing along to. It adds to the fun, imaging sharing a song like this with Kurt not now but in a future when it’ll make them smile at the promise. If he manages not to screw everything up, maybe one day they’ll get there.

Kurt comes back just in time for Blaine to sing too loudly, “Damn baby, you frustrate me…

“Oh?” Kurt’s eyebrow arches. He stills, holding onto the handle of the open door, Blaine’s song spilling into the parking lot.

John Mayer unhelpfully finishes, “I know you’re mine, all mine, all mine / But you look so good it hurts sometimes.

“The song’s not for you!” Blaine scrambles to say. He made Kurt uncomfortable not too long again talking too frankly about sex, and he’s not looking for a repeat experience so early in their relationship.

John Mayer doesn’t get the hint about appropriate time and place and launches into yet another chorus of, “Your body is a wonderland…” as Kurt slides into the driver’s seat.

“Not that it’s for someone else, or your body isn’t…” Blaine’s eyes widen as he realizes what his overeager, unfiltered mouth is about to say and how much it’s not helping. Having a thought doesn’t mean it needs to be shared. “This isn’t a serenade. Me singing about worshipping your body in a seedy motel parking lot is not a gesture I’m trying to make. I can take care of–”

Kurt leans over the console and kisses Blaine quiet. Blaine is all too eager to let his mouth do something other than get him into trouble. He apologizes with a kiss he makes sweet and lingering.

“I know not every song you sing is an expression of your innermost feelings. It’s okay.” Kurt’s eyes shine with amusement and affection and thankfully not horror. “You sang along with ‘California Gurls’ the other day and I didn’t take you literally then either. You’re still my adorable boyfriend in Ohio who sings a lot of songs.”

“Right.” A beat later he realizes Kurt gave him a compliment and adds, “Thank you.”

There’s more Blaine can say about working out what they want sexually when they’re ready and comfortable, but he means for this conversation to be one he prepares for thoughtfully, and he means to not be in a motel parking lot less than a full month into their relationship when it happens. It’s bound to be a while before they get there.

Blaine takes the out Kurt gives him and kisses him again instead.

Forbidden Love - III

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1330

Warning: Slight cussing

“Only fools fall for you, only fools. Only fools do what I do, only fools fall…” [🎵 ]

Countless thoughts raced your mind as you glanced out the window, watching the greenery rush past in a blur. Was there a way to keep your best friend and your boyfriend? Clearly Jongin was jealous and he had every right to be, but the sheer thought of losing someone you cared about chilled you to the bone. Out of the corner of your wet eyes, you watched Jongin. His tan face was set in apathy, no lines or wrinkles to tell what he was thinking.

The car rounded the park you and Chanyeol would play in as children. Countless memories of picnics and homework were made here in the prime of childhood.

You spotted Chanyeol sitting on a bench, swinging his legs as he stared up into the clouds. He looked so serene in that moment, and it hurt you that you had to leave him.

You told yourself that it would just be temporary, that you would see him again. After fixing things with Jongin you could continue the friendship that had lasted half a lifetime. That thought was the only thing that made you proceed with what you planned to do.

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00Q and Spectre - 009 would very much like to know where his new car is. A pissed off Q would very much like to aim 009 at 007 and watch the fireworks. Plus, minions taking bets on the 00’s if you could. Many thanks. (And Spectre was bloody fantastic!) – anon

Ehehe. Jen.

Q’s grin was lethal.

“Bond did it.”

009’s face fell into a hard line. “Did what?”

“Quote: ‘parked it at the bottom of the Tiber’.”

Oh, this was such a good idea. 009 looked absolutely murderous. “Don’t you worry, he’s all yours,” Q said happily. “Just got back this morning. Turns out his holiday wasn’t all it was cracked up to be – should be debriefing fully, and then by all means, kill him slowly.”

“I will,” 009 promised, with all the slightly psychopathic cheeriness required for a very nasty homicide. “I really, truly will…”

Q watched him go. R watched him go. The whole of Q-branch watched him go.

As one organism, they turned to the screen at the back of the workshop; it lowered satisfyingly from the ceiling, and turned on, showing CCTV tracking 009 as he went.


R pulled up the image of Bond leaving M’s office, looking suitably chastised (he had, after all, fucked off after a major mission and refused to do even the vaguest formalities before disappearing off with his female du jour. Altogether not popular).

The other side of the screen showed 009 making his way towards said office.

“Ten on 009.”

“Twenty on 007.”

“No, 009’s gonna deck him.”


“Alright guys, split off,” Elise called. “Ten apiece? We’ll split it whichever way.”

The minions organised with alarming speed, while Q sat back in his obscenely comfy chair – a new, recent addition to his desk – and watched with quiet pleasure.

“Boss, you in?”

“Yep, ten on 007,” he agreed. “Although I do truly hope that 009 gets a few very good punches in there first, he’ll have the element of surprise…”

Surprise which was still painted on Bond’s features as a punch came out of absolutely nowhere and all but floored him.

“Ha,” somebody on the 009 side said, a moment before Bond managed to reconstruct himself in time to avoid a very punishing kick.

Bond went for the legs, ducked a punch, bowled 009 over.

“Oh fuck,” said the same voice, rapidly shhed by a host of other minions.

It was compelling viewing. Both were truly spectacular fighters; it took a solid fifteen minutes, audiences from across MI6, Q getting a very angry phone call from M (“why the hell did you decide to tell 009 it was 007?!”) and escalating bets before 007 eventually got 009 in a headlock and demanded to know what the hell was going on.

The ‘007’ side of Q-branch won fifteen quid a head.

Bond looked up at the nearest CCTV camera. His expression did not bode well.

“… fuck,” Q mumbled to himself, and went to barricade himself in his office.


==You and Dean have an unusual case that requires you to be away from the bunker for a few weeks. 

++Dean x Reader

“This isn’t going to work…” You scowled as you and Dean pulled into a parking spot.

“Sure it is, (Y/n). You don’t look a day over 17.” Dean winked at you as he put the car into park.

You rolled your eyes. “Right. And every 17 year-old boy owns a classic car, right?”

“They do if they’re in the Senior Auto Program,” Dean got out and shut his door. “Welcome back to highschool, (Y/n).”

“Everything looks great, Mr. Winchester, but I’m afraid you’ll need a parent or guardian here to sign the registration papers.” The lady working in the office handed Dean the paperwork, and he stared at it, frowning.

“And you as well, Miss (Y/L/n). I have you lined up for your advanced-placement classes, but official scheduling can’t take place without parental consent.” You wanted to groan. Advanced placement? You didn’t like going through that the first time.

“Please, Miss-” Dean checked out the name plate on the desk, “Fulson. My dad works. A lot, and uh, he was hoping you guys would be able to get me in. (Y/n) here lives with us, she’s in foster care.”

You bit your tongue to hold back from saying something snarky to Dean. You had parents, thank you very much.

“I’m sorry…. your dad is never home, but he’s able to care for foster kids?” Miss Fulson quickly glanced at you. “I’m sorry, dear. But usually the system is way more strict about who they send their kids to.”

Dean grunted, “Not really,” he mumbled. “Well, I don’t know when dad’s going to be back from this trip. But the maid has been looking after us. Can she sign these?”

Maid, Dean? Wow. Milk it for all it’s worth.

“Hm… that might work, actually. She is looking after you as a guardian, so I don’t see why not.”

“Great. Can we take these to her to sign?” Dean shook his handful of papers.

“Um, no, Dean. She has to be here. To make sure she is who you say she is.”

Dean cursed under his breath. “Fine, we’ll go get her, and bring her back.”

“Great, once that is settled, you two can start tomorrow.” Miss Fulson smiled and wished you a good day.

“Where the hell are we going to find someone to do this for us? You know this is illegal, right?” You hissed at Dean as you two made it back to the car.

“I’ve got it covered, (Y/n).” Dean pulled his phone out, scrolling through his contacts, then held his phone up to his ear. “Hey, it’s Dean-” He glanced at you quickly, “-yes… it’s Deanie-Bear. Listen, I need a favor from you. Are you still working at the diner on Fifth?… Awesome, be there in a few.” Dean hit end and put his phone in his pocket, starting up the car and pulling out of the school parking lot.

“Deanie-Bear….?” You inquired. “Who was that, Dean?”

“Just someone I knew a while back,” Dean clenched his jaw, hoping you wouldn’t ask any more questions.

“Oh… knew, huh?” You shook your head and looked out the window. “More like slept with, Deanie-Bear.”

“That was ages ago, (Y/n)! She’s just going to help us with this, okay? You know how I feel about you. Just stop, please.”

You were silent for the rest of the drive.

“Oh! Just as handsome as I remember,” The woman looked old enough to pass for a grandma, let alone a maid. She hugged Dean a little longer than you liked, and squared him in front of her to get a better look. “How have you been, darlin’?”

You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms on your chest.

“I’ve been great, you know, doing the usual.” Dean chuckled awkardly, knowing you were burning holes in his back with your eyes. “Cora, this is (Y/n), my girlfriend.” Dean turned and held his hand out toward you, and you took it, squeezing it hard. He strained a laugh and pulled you to his side.

“It’s so nice to meet you, (Y/n)! Have you been keeping this boy in line? He’s a pistol, that’s for sure,” Cora winked at Dean.

“Oh, I do a damn good job keeping him in line, and he loves it.” You smiled sweetly.

Cora’s smile faltered a bit. “Okay… well Deanie-Bear, what is it that you need?”

“We’ve got a case at the high school and we need a guradian to sign the registration papers.” Dean rubbed the back of his neck. “I figured I could ask you as opposed to just trying to convince a stranger to do it.”

You smirked when you saw Cora realize that her age plays a factor in this favor.  

“Oh… right. Okay, well, I can take my lunch break and we can head over there.” Cora took her apron off and went to the back for a few minutes.

“Put your claws away, (Y/n),” Dean growled at you, “I told you this is nothing.”

Cora was on her way back. “Just marking my territory, Deanie-Bear.” You mumbled through your smile and patted Dean’s ass.

“I have 30 minutes, so let’s make this quick. I know you like taking your time, Dean.” Cora put her purse on her shoulder and smiled knowingly at him.

God, this is high school.

“Excellent, you two are all set for tomorrow!” Miss Fulson rolled her chair over to the printer, then rolled back to the desk. “Here are your schedules, you’re more than welcome to look for your classes today while school is still in session. Just don’t be dispruptive.”

“Not a problem. Thank you, Miss Fulson.” Dean smiled and you and Cora followed him out of the office.

“It was good to see you again, Dean.” Cora hugged your boyfriend longer than necessary, then turned to you. “It was nice to meet you, (Y/n).”

“You too,” You said quickly, then grabbed Dean’s hand.

“Thanks again, Cora.” Dean smiled.

“Anytime, Darlin’. I don’t know why you need to be in highschool, but I know not to ask questions.” Cora laughed, then waved as you and Dean left the diner.

“Damn right, she doesn’t need to ask questions,” You mumbled as you got into the car.

“I didn’t think you’d be the jealous type, (Y/n). It’s kinda cute.” Dean laughed.

“Yeah, well, when you know Grandma has slept with your boyfriend you tend to get a little on edge.” You clenched your jaw and looked out the window.

“Hey,” Dean took your hand and pulled you to him, hugging you. “I swear, she’s nothing. Okay? That was a long time ago, and I was really, really drunk.” Dean took your face into his hands and he looked you dead in the eye. “You’re the only woman I want. Ever.”

“And now I’m your foster sister for this case,” you spat back, “So much for being high school sweethearts.”

“We know the truth, and that’s all that matters. Besides,” Dean kissed you, “Who said it was wrong to be with a foster kid? I’m sure it happens all the time.”

You scrunched your nose. “This is too weird.”

“What’s weird is what’s been going on at that school,” Dean said, driving back to the motel. “Can’t wait to see what we’re dealing with.”

“I wish Sam was able to go with us. But I know he wanted to stay at home since we don’t know how long we’ll be gone.” You were looking down at your phone, texting Sam to give him the update.

Two weeks went by, and not a sign of anything suspicious. You and Dean had fit right in with the other students, to your surprise. You both made a few friends to try to get more information on anything that may seem… off. You hated having to do the school work, but it was necessary as to not draw unwanted attention. Dean loved his time spent in the auto class, of course.

“I almost forgot how sucky Mondays are,” You groaned, rolling onto your side to see Dean’s smiling face.

“You know, it’s nice to be normal for once,” Dean mused. “Two weeks of… nothing. It’s different.”

“Yeah, but that’s what’s disturbing. Students were acting really weird in the weeks before we got there, and now there’s no activity whatsoever. I don’t like it.” You got out of bed and downed some coffee as you got dressed. You slung your makeshift bookbag over your shoulder after Dean finished getting ready. 

“Yes! I have auto all day today. We are painting the shop.” Dean grabbed his bag and grinned, looking at the school building. “Almost forgot we were doing that today.”

“You’re… painting the shop?” You looked at Dean quizzically, then shrugged, “Whatever. I have this… assembly thing to go to in the gym today.”

“See ya later babe,” Dean smiled and quickly kissed you before anyone could see.

Today was a drag, just like the other days you had spent here. You barely paid any attention in your morning classes - why the hell should you? This isn’t about education, and you were afraid Dean was slowly forgetting that.

You sighed as you entered the gymnasium and took a seat on the floor by the wall. The lights were off so you figured you could take a nap during this assembly, whatever it was about.

You layed your head on your bookbag and closed your eyes. You heard the speech start; something about environmental conservation.

“Hey (Y/n),” You heard a male voice and opened an eye in its direction.


“Have you gotten an answer for prom yet?” It was one of the boys in your classes. He had been pestering you ever since you started at this school.

“Yes, and it’s the same as the last 6 times you asked me. I have a boyfriend. No.” You closed your eyes again.

“You can’t just break up with your dude and spend a night with me?”

“Cmon, man. I said no. Drop the subject, or I’ll cut you.” You sat up, irritated, and decided this was a good time to make your escape, while the speech was still going on. You grabbed your bag and leaned toward the boy. “Later.” You slipped out of the gym before anyone noticed.

“Auto’s down here somewhere, I think.” You mumbled, quickly walking down the hallway. Everyone was in class, so if you didn’t draw attention to yourself, you would be fine.  

You saw the double-doors that entered the garage area, and pushed them open, walking into a room full of guys holding paint brushes and cans. You were able to spot Dean and strolled over to him.

“Hey,” You grinned. Dean turned, then did a double-take.

“What are you doing in here, (Y/n)?” He was painting a workbench.

“The speech was boring, so I thought I’d come bug you.” You leaned over him to admire his work. “Green, huh? Pretty bright.”

“Yeah.” Dean grinned with pride. “They had all kinds of paint laying around.”

You bit your lip, looking at Dean’s paintbrush. You glanced at the guy standing behind you, then grabbed Dean’s brush and smacked the kid’s shoulder with it. He looked at the green splattered on his jacket. “Hey! What was that for?”

“Just livening up the room a bit.. seemed kind of stuffy in here.” You held the paintbrish playfully and smirked at Dean. “Want some?”

Dean slowly circled you, “Oh, I do. But there are too many clothes between us.”

“Yes, yes there are,” You turned to keep facing Dean as he continued to circle you, like a wolf ready to attack.

“We could fix that problem if there weren’t so many people in here.” Dean licked his bottom lip as he scanned your body. “But this will have to do for now.” He grabbed the fabric of your jacket and roughly pulled you into a kiss.
You dropped the paintbrush- it splattering paint across the floor upon contact - and wrapped your arms around Dean’s neck, kissing him back.  

“Ahem,” a gruff voice broke the two of you out of your make out session. Dean looked over to see that it was his auto teacher. “Winchester, right?”

“Depends on what you want,” Dean gave his teacher a smart-ass smile.

“And you, young lady? I don’t recall you being in my class.”

“No one important.” You smiled sweetly at the teacher.

“Fine, Miss Unimportant and Mr. Winchester, you can head down to the principal’s office. I’m calling the office to tell them you’re on your way to make sure you two don’t get distracted on the way.” The teacher strolled off to his office and picked up the phone.

“Man,” Dean mumbled and sulked out of the room behind you. “I was having fun painting that.”

“Wow, Dean. We have other things to worry about,” You looked back at your boyfriend as you two were walking the halls, headed to the office. “We still don’t know what-”

You weren’t sure what just happened, but you were looking down at Dean from the ceiling. You couldn’t move; something was holding you there.

“(Y/n)! Fuck!” Dean looked up at you, running his hands in his hair in desparation. “(Y/n)?!”

You could see Dean freaking out, but you weren’t able to speak. You heard the bell ring for class dismissal, and you were able to see the students pile out into the hall, most of them standing next to Dean to gawk at you.

“Holy shit, is she dead?” Someone blurted.

“She’s not moving, she must be dead!” A girl added. 

“How is she even up there?" 

"Is she passed out? Her eyes are closed…” another guy piped in.

What? You could see everything, how are your eyes closed?

Hello, Darlin’.  A familiar voice echoed in your head.

“Cora?” You answered.  

Yes, genius.

“What the hell do you want? You’ve been causing all of this? What are you?” You growled.

Now, why would I tell you that?

“Because I have a very distraught boyfriend and he’s going to be really, really pissed when I wake up. Or whatever this is.” You looked down at Dean, who was pushing people out of the way with a ladder. He placed it against a pillar and climbed up. 

“Hang on, (Y/n). I gotcha,” Dean’s voice wavered as he grabbed hold of you and carefully descended the ladder. He gently set you on the floor. “C'mon, (Y/n). Snap out of it!” He patted your cheeks and lifted your eyelids to check your eyes. “C'mon, baby.”

“You better stop whatever it is you’re doing to me!” You screamed at Cora. She just cackled in return.

“You can fight this, (Y/n)! Wake up!” Dean sounded even more distressed. 

I wonder…. what would little Deanie-Bear do if you died?

You tried your best to ignore Cora, and fought until you were able to become conscious for a few moments, fluttering your eyes open to see Dean.

“(Y/n)!” Dean grabbed your shoulders.

“C-Cora,” You struggled to get the words out; she was pulling you under again. “It’s-”

Dean’s face was struck with horror. He stood up and went to one of the teachers. “Get her to the nurse,” He barked at them, “Get her off the floor, please!”

Then Dean bolted out the front doors.

You were officially conscious a while later, opening your eyes to see Dean again. “Hey,” you tried to sit up, but Dean grabbed your hand.

“Relax, (Y/n). You sit up too fast, you’ll get dizzy.” Dean smiled softly at you.

“You got Cora?” You rubbed your forehead.

“I did. Turns out she was possessed by a very powerful demon. She was tormenting kids here in order to make them do her bidding. Hormones tend to make you vulnerable, I guess.”

“I knew there was something off about that bitch,” You grumbled.

Dean laughed, then his face slowly formed into worry. “I thought I was going to relive what happened to Mom. You… looked just like something old Yellow Eyes would do. I was almost anticipating there being a fire.”

“Oh, Dean,” You put a hand on his cheek, then pulled him down into a hug. “You guys already got that demon, he can’t hurt anyone anymore.” You kissed him.

“You’re right. But it was still a shock to see you like that. I was convinced I was going to lose you.” Dean sat next to you on the nurse bed. “If you had any idea how I felt at that moment, you would really know how much I-”

Dean stared at the floor, and your breath hitched in your throat, silently urging your boyfriend to continue.

“I… I need you, (Y/n).” Dean glanced over at you, his eyes glistening. You two sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity, then Dean composed himself and stood up, taking your hand.

“Ready to get out of this hellhole?” He smiled weakly. You grinned back and hopped up, stumbling into Dean a bit when the blood rushed to your head. “Easy, killer!” Dean laughed.

The familiar hum of the road was oddly comforting to you after that long three weeks of being in highschool. You and Dean would be home in a few hours, and the thought made you smile. Home.

“Yep, yeah. She’s alright Sammy.” Dean glance at you and smiled. You could hear Sam ask about how the demon got a hold of you. “You'r right, there’s not a vulnerable bone in her, but the measuit that demon was possessing… I guess you could say this was all a catfight.”

“Dean!” You scowled. “Catfight? You know I’d suckerpunch that bitch. Catfights are for scratching, or whatever chicks do.”

Dean laughed and you could hear Sam laugh on the other end. “We’ll see ya in a few hours, man.” Dean hung up, then grabbed your hand as he focused on the road.

The ride was silent for an unusual amount of time. Usually these trips were filled with music, or jokes, or even random conversation about normal things. You peeked at Dean but couldn’t read his face.

“Are you okay babe?” You scooted to the middle of the seat to put your head on Dean’s shoulder. He tipped his head a bit to press it against yours.

“I’m fine, (Y/n). Just thinking.”

“Thinking about….?”

Dean was quiet for a few moments, probably trying to avoid answering.

“Well? What is it?”

Dean chuckled. “Ah, it’s nothing. How ya feeling?”

You squinted your eyes, knowing Dean was averting from the question. “I’m better.”

Another hour of silence passed and you were starting to go insane from the curiosity. What was it that was making Dean silent so much? He’s usually only like this if something is really wrong or he’s upset, but neither was the case, as far as you could tell.

“I don’t think I said it right,” Dean suddenly spoke. “Back there. I didn’t say what I wanted to say. It’s hard for me to really get to the point when it deals with this sort of thing. You and I have been together for what, seven months now? I really care about you, (Y/n). I would die for you.” Dean looked at you and sighed in exasperation. “I didn’t say what I wanted to say. I need you, but-”

You smiled through misty eyes when you realized what Dean was trying to get to. You leaned over and kissed him the best you could, considering he was still driving, then grabbed his hand. “I love you too, Dean.”

A/N: I used Jessica Lange for Cora because that’s how I pictured her :)

Dean says “thank you” to the girl at the counter and turns to leave the restaurant. He stops, however, when he nearly runs into Cas, who was silently waiting behind him while Dean paid.

Cas doesn’t move, and he stares out the window with a crease in his brow. 

“You all right, buddy?” Dean asks as he tries to nudge Cas toward the door.

“What do you think they’re fighting about?”

Dean follows Cas’ line of sight and sees a middle-aged couple arguing in the parking lot. Their arms are waving wildly as if they’re yelling.

“Don’t know. Not my problem. Why, you worried?”

Cas opens his mouth as if to reply, but then he immediately shuts it again.

Outside, a child about the age of 12 gets out of a car and walks up to the couple. She tugs on the woman’s arm to get her attention. After they speak to one another, the child takes the man’s hand and they head toward another car.

“Divorced couple,” Dean explains. “Probably fighting about how long the dad gets to keep the kid or something.”

Cas’ brow creases even more, but he finally tears his eyes away and stomps out the door.

Dean follows him but doesn’t say anything until they’re in the Impala, still parked. “Plenty of families are like that, Cas. It’s normal.”

Cas turns to look at him, and the expression on his face breaks Dean’s heart. “We’re not…normal, are we? We’re not like a lot of families.”

Dean awkwardly reaches his left hand over so he can place it over Cas’. Their rings clink together as Dean reassures, “No, honey, we’re not. You’re stuck with me forever.”