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Super weird question but I'm new to the fandom and have noticed that the main other member in Sehun's instagram photos is Kyungsoo, I thought Suho and Chanyeol would have been in more, Is there a reason Kyungsoo is in so many of his photos or am I just over looking things (Its just that Kyungsoo and Sehun seem very different so I didnt think they were close) Thankyou :)

hello anonnie! are you the same anon that changed her bias to sehun because he is perfect?  first of all, welcome to the fandom! ooohhhhhh no question is weird here no worries and ask away! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

you’re not over looking things and you’re very right! sehun’s instagram pictures consist loads of photos of kyungsoo! i don’t know the exact reasons why, but sesoo are close since the early days of exo. this is the instagram picture that started it all. chanyeol could never get kyungsoo to pose in his instagram pictures, but for sehun?

i personally felt that kyungsoo become closer to sehun after ‘pure love’ movie premiere due to sehun’s surprise flowers lol! but that’s just me though…p/s sehun look like a thief here omgggg he’s there to steal kyungsoo’s heart ahahhahhaaaaaaa me kokoro stopped beating dies

after that event, we started seeing more and more sesoo everywhere! movie dates, vacationing in jeju, etc etc the list is endless and this post will be filled with too many pictures so i gotta control and stop !!! 

at the first glance, one would have thought that sesoo are very different individuals. however; in my opinion, they have many similar characteristics. both of them are awkward, quiet, shy, and like to keep their feelings to themselves. they both also possess stoic appearances, but they are both big softies in reality! i can understand why sehun goes to kyungsoo for advice because of this! (╯✧∇✧)╯