if that other one was 99 this is 100

every time i want to buy shit on amazon

99 out of a 100 amazon reviews for a thing: this thing helped me so much. great quality AND quantity!! it worked immediately within 1 day and i havent been using anything ever since! its better than every other brand. its a miracle product :-) i love this thing. 5 stars

1 (one) single amazon review for this thing: WHATEVER YOU DO DONT BUY THIS!!!!!! this thing was a TOTAL ripoff i hate it!!! I TRIED APPLYING IT AND IT LEFT BRIGHT RED MARKS ALL OVER MY FACE!!!!! IT ALSO MADE ME SUFFER FROM HAIR LOSS AND GAVE ME A RASH AND ALSO MADE ME LOSE THE ABILITY TO SMELL FROM MY RIGHT NOSTRIL!!!! 1 star because at least it smelled like lavender

my indecisive easily influenced ass

Days 76-99 / 29th October - 21st November

Okay, so I realise I have been AWOL, and I am sorry. One the positive side, all my exams are done and I have suceeded in getting not one but two papers into the conference in December.

On the other hand, I’m now back at work full time, attempting to work out two twenty minute presentations to give at said conference (if anyone has any advice I would be eternally grateful), writing up grad school apps, and I’m still waiting on my thesis grade. So there is still a significant amount of stress there.

However, I made myself an A5 fauxdori for research notes out of stuff I already had and today I had frozen peas for dinner. So that was cool.

How are you all?

Why is Bellamy’s decision being treated as “morally grey”???

I’m pretty sure that if you asked any random person in the street what would be the right move (saving innocent people or essentially sacrificing them) 99% of them would say that the obviously morally correct one would be to save them

The show is moving away from “the ends justify the means” idea - Bellamy just might be one step ahead of the others.

Yuri on Ice: the “end this” meaning and outcomes

This is my first meta I’m writing for YOI, since usually so many other users write well-written analysis posts. However, after watching episode 11 and seeing the absolute chaos in the fandom about that one specific line at the end, I felt the need to share my thoughts on the matter and hopefully quell some nervousness.

So, what does Yuuri’s “let’s end this” mean?

First and foremost, I’m 99% sure Yuuri does not mean “end the relationship.” Actually, scratch that - I’m 100% sure Yuuri does not mean to end the relationship. What good would that do for the series for Yuuri to suddenly want to end his relationship with Victor? The same relationship that has been built upon respect and understanding? It would make zero sense, especially since the two exchanged rings in episode 10. This would truly damage the series in my opinion if the two suddenly did end up “separating.” It would be so out of character and would throw everything that we have gained from episodes leading up to episode 12 into the toilet.

This is a show that is heavily centered around the concept of  “love wins.” Love is the main theme of YOI, and the many different forms love can turn into. Here we have a truly meaningful relationship between two men who love and care for each other, and the show has made obvious presentations of this love throughout the series. Why invest so much time into helping to build this relationship only to have it end on the last episode? And for what reason? That Yuuri saw Victor admiring other skaters and suddenly thought he was not good for Victor’s affection?…Really? After everything these two have been through? Not likely. Again, it would make zero sense and would damage the storyline, the theme, the character development, etc.

I believe Yuuri’s “end this” statement is meant to be about ending the coach / student relationship. Basically, Yuuri is saying it’s time for Victor to stop being his coach. Why would Yuuri say this?

We have seen Yuuri have doubts about Victor being his coach before int he past, especially in episode 9. Yuuri has already voiced his thoughts (well to the audience, not Victor) that he wants Victor to step down as his coach after the GPF and that he wants to retire. This really should not be so surprising since Yuuri has voiced this desire before in the past. However, it’s probably strange that Yuuri would openly come out and say this in the end since episode 10 was really a cementing of the relationship between him and Victor. I don’t think Yuuri has ever stopped thinking about this possibility though. No matter what their personal relationship is right now, Yuuri has continued thinking that he wants to ask Victor to step down as his coach and retire. He has continued to have thoughts about the coach/student relationship and if that relationship should end.  If anything, it can be seen as a good thing that Yuuri is finally voicing this hidden thought to Victor so there is no miscommunication in their relationship. They’re at a crossroads right now and it’s important that they solve this together to decide which path to go down.

In episode 11 we saw how Yuuri was feeling distressed throughout the episode, especially in regards to how Victor was responding to other skaters. Yuuri saw Victor smiling at the other skaters and could see that Victor was truly enjoying himself watching the competitors. In Yuuri’s mind I believe he takes this as “I’m holding Victor back; Victor obviously wants to return to skating.”  It’s no secret that Yuuri has anxiety and self-doubt issues, so it would not be surprising for Yuuri to feel this way. However, despite his anxiety and self-doubt issues, Yuuri feeling this way is showing a very selfless love for Victor. While it’s crucial for Yuuri to talk to Victor about this and hear his side instead of making quick decisions, Yuuri is showing that he would rather have Victor quit being his coach for Victor’s own happiness. Although I know having Victor quit being his coach and he himself retiring hurts Yuuri, he wants Victor to be happy. I think in Yuuri’s mind Victor’s happiness would be to return to skating. Of course, what Yuuri doesn’t know or seem to truly realize is how much he means to Victor. The happiness he brings to Victor.

As Victor elaborated on in episode 10, Yuuri gave him life and love. I doubt Victor has let Yuuri know all of this. The ending scene on the beach in episode 10 was so important in helping Victor decide on his path for the future. I won’t go into that scene, but basically Yuri let Victor know that his past self is basically “dead” and that in a sense there is no turning back. Victor is starting a new chapter in his life, and I’m sure it’s probably both exciting and terrifying for him. For someone who has really only known skating his entire life, I’m sure he has some doubts himself on what path to go down. However, we see that sincere smile of his as he reminisces about Hasetsu. Hasetsu has become his home as well, and I’m positive that is where he wants to stay. He has gone 20+ years without “love” and “life,” returning to skating without Yuuri would go against what Victor has been secretly yearning for, for so long. Victor is done with skating competitively and he is letting a new age rule the ice. It’s time he lived his life to the fullest. New experiences await him. I think Victor has already sealed his decision to stay with Yuuri from the beach scene, but has not let Yuuri know of his own thoughts and feelings. We do not know Victor’s inner thoughts during those scenes in episode 11 while he was watching the other skaters. Victor loves skating, of course he is going to look happy. Does this mean he wants to return to skating? We do not know that and if anything it’s Yuuri jumping to conclusions.

It’s so important for Victor and Yuuri to have this conversation, on whether to return to skating or retire. This is a hardship that must be faced together. Victor and Yuuri must be open and honest with each other now more than ever, and basically lay it all out. This is a positive for their relationship.

So, possible outcomes from this “let’s end this” and for the series onward….

1. Yuuri tells Victor to step down as his coach and return to skating competitively. Yuuri will not retire and will become Victor’s “rival” on the ice.

- For me personally, this seems like the least possible outcome. Yuuri and Victor have both made it clear that before the two met each other, they felt alone on the ice. They felt like they were fighting alone. Becoming rivals would create a competitive mood in their relationship and being rivals I’m not sure how this would impact their relationship. Would Yuuri return to Japan and Victor return to Russia to train? Who would be Yuuri’s coach now that he decided to continue skating and how could he cope with a new coach when Victor was someone who truly understood him? Could Victor go back to skate competitively due to his age and taking time off? What about his “life” and “love”?

There are so many what-ifs with this outcome. Some people would scream this would make a great season 2 premise, but from what I remember reading the creators did not have a season 2 in mind. At least not planned or in the works. While I’m sure there will be some type of new season or spin-off for YOI due to its success, I believe the creators wanted season 1 to end on a satisfying conclusion. One that left viewers satisfied with the outcome, not having multiple “what ifs” and unanswered questions.

2. In the end, Yuuri decides to not retire and Victor remains his coach.

- I think many would be fine with this outcome, including myself. Basically Yuuri would compete again and Victor would continue training him. The two of them would officially retire together in the end and live a happy life. Yay! Or pair skating?

3. After winning gold in the GPF, Yuuri and Victor both decide to retire together. Perhaps pursue coaching together? Or simply live a peaceful life in Hasetsu? Endless possibilities!!

- This is the outcome I’m most hoping for, to be honest. While it’s sad that Yuuri and Victor would be retiring from skating competitively, I believe these two are ready for a new chapter in their lives. Starting this new chapter together (happily married) would be so meaningful. This wouldn’t be them simply “giving up” their desire to skate, but rather showing the audience that once a dream is achieved a new dream can be created. It’s a brave move. It’s not simply the end of them, but a new beginning. Also what a great way to end the series, to let the audience feel satisfied in this conclusion but also open up new discussions about what Yuuri and Victor will do now.

We also have to remember we haven’t heard the duet of “Stay Close to Me” yet. Can you truly imagine them playing this song at the end of the episode without Victor and Yuuri being together? Not to mention there is probably going to be a cry-fest during Yuuri’s free skate. I’m sure during this moment while Yuuri skates his “Yuri on Ice,” it will help open his eyes (and Victor’s) to the bond that the two of them share.

While it basically toils down to whether or not the two of them decide to retire or not (and if Victor will remain Yuuri’s coach if he does decide to continue), this does not mean the end of their personal relationship. Again, this show would not have developed the relationship this much only to let it end abruptly in the end.

It’s going to be okay. I’m expecting a happy ending.

  • you are the one who gets to decide your identity, not anybody else
  • it is very hard or sometimes impossible to distinguish what is genuine attraction to men and what is compulsory heterosexuality
  • attraction to fictional characters or celebrities is meaningless
  • you do not need to be 100% sure you’re a lesbian to identify as a lesbian
  • if anyone says “if you’re 99% attracted to women and 1% attracted to men you can’t be a lesbian” they’re lying. you can
  • “i’m attracted to men but i wouldn’t want to date one” you can be a lesbian if you want to
  • you can also be bisexual if you want to. your identity is up to YOU
  • i can’t list every scenario but you get the point
  • don’t listen to people who try to gatekeep the lesbian identity from other women.

sincerely, your friendly neighborhood lesbian

Arataka Reigen Appreciation Post

Okay, so let’s talk about our self-proclaimed psychic, Arataka Reigen of Mob Psycho 100. When the anime introduced Reigen, I honestly didn’t like him. He was self-centered, dishonest, a fraud, and I saw him as nothing but a comic relief character to the series. What pissed me off the most about Reigen was how he used Mob’s innocence to his own advantage. Well, that’s how I saw him in the beginning. As I caught up with both the manga and anime, I can proudly say that Arataka Reigen is my favorite character in Mob Psycho - heck, Reigen is probably one of the best anime characters out there.

Reigen is the teacher character that no other anime or manga dared to create since his philosophy would be considered out of the norm in action-adventure anime teleology. 99% of animes feature a strong teacher character with encouraging words such as “Don’t run away” or “You have to push yourself” which is 100% okay. But most animes - or any show in general - fail to show the opposite of the spectrum. What if your scared? What if you don’t want to fight? Is fighting always the right answer? Is there a way we can stop the fight without more violence?

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Idk much about steampunk so didn't answer before but (if my physics isn't too rusty) lasers generally work with two mirrors, one reflects 100% the other 99% so the photons bounce back and forth increasing in intensity and that 1% that gets out is the laser beam so you should be able to make a rudimentary one but my faith in my own knowledge is plummeting as I read this back lol so I could be wrong, ik there's more to it with getting everything in phase or whatever but maybe that helps?

It does, thank you so much. I’m starting to form some rudimentary ideas. Having characters who are smarter than you is tough because things that they might be able to figure out you need a bunch of smart people on Tumblr to help you with.


I went to 99 Ranch Market the other day, and some of these fruits, vegetables, and meats caught my attention since they looked a little unusual. Naturally, I took some pictures and then went home and researched about them.

The first fruit, called Jackfruit, is native to South and Southeast Asia. It is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world, weighing from 10-100 pounds. Jackfruit contains hundreds of seeds that are rich in protein, potassium, calcium, and iron.

The second one is Dragonfruit, which is actually called Pitaya. It is indigenous to Central America, but is also grown in Thailand and Vietnam. It contains vitamin c, vitamin b, phosphorus, protein, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants.

Third one is called Nagaimo, which is a Chinese Yam. It can be cooked like a potato and is loaded with lots of nutrition.

Last one: Sea Cucumber. Most cultures in East and Southeast Asia consider sea cucumber as a delicacy. Common ingredients that go with sea cucumber dishes are winter melon, conpoy, mushroom, and Chinese cabbage.

Attack on Backlog 2017 - No. 6 


Breakdown: Platinum @ 75+ hrs, Normal difficulty, CLVL 99 because why not with most of the thingies collected but obviously not 100% because are you crazy or something?? Jeez.

Okay so let’s get the thorny-but-not-really-thorny controversy out of the way. No, not the one about 2B’s butthole. I mean the other one about Yoko Taro including an in-game shop to purchase achievements with in-game cash. I bought one trophy okay. I did everything else legit. Well, as legit as someone who played on Normal difficulty with a fully maxed out character whilst abusing the very forgiving mechanics when it comes to combat and quest fulfillment is concerned. 

Actually, the inclusion of such a shop is a thoughtful addition considering at least one trophy/upgrade path for your Support Pods can be locked out for you if you fail to meet some somewhat obscure criteria and/or get unlucky with RNG loot drops apparently? Also, you only need to hit 80% completion on many of the checklists to get their corresponding trophies. Such thoughtful design, truly. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this shit? Game devs hello??? It’s like an in-built system for trophy hunters to only pick the content they care to do and avoid the content that they don’t care for or can’t do (cos bugs, or the above, etc.) while still making them work for a fairly high completion percentage that isn’t an arbitrary 101%, which is just so, so passé these days. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit.

Anyway, you should know by now that this isn’t a game to brag about getting the 100% badge of conglaturations on nor is it one that’s meant to be proudly placed next to the other Platinum titles in terms of bragging rights/challenge. This isn’t Bayo or Vanquish. It’s not even Revengeance. It might even be easier than Korra. And I love it for being way, way more accessible and broad compared to the other games PG has developed, which I always admired but never actually enjoyed playing because they were rote character action games and that’s just not my jam.

This is though! Very much so: sexy android butts, angsty android shotas, alotta well-worn sci-fi tropes (my comfort food), a big-enough overworld packed full of good-enough side content, Yoko Taro’s kerazee world-building and genre mish-mashing, Akihito Yoshida’s thighs-only-thighs-first character designs (also my comfort food) and Keiichi Okabe’s titanic, lush, emotive and wildly diverse soundtrack. My god, the soundtrack. The way it layers itself in different scenes/zones/situations in that organic, ear-wormy way. Magnifque. Quite literally the best shit I’ve listened to all year, and likely will butt heads with Shoji Meguro’s equally anticipated Persona 5 jams. Ugh. What a year for sound design and compositions. Like, where the hell do I even start with this soundtrack? Do you even bother with picking a single favourite track? Can someone give Okabe like, all the shit to produce/compose for? The more I’ve dug into MONACA’s work the more I’m just sitting here going “Of course!”

Okay. Okay. There’s a lot of good stuff to talk about but I won’t cos I’ve just come off a week long binge of the game so I’m super frazzled and I have to work tomorrow! Ahhh. Reality. Ahhh. I’ll just end with my usual negs: the framerate, which is not great and yeah it’s not the most technically accomplished game out there. This is still very much a Yoko Taro production, and with that comes the usual Square Enix budget set aside for this crazy, crazy man, which isn’t very much. NieR enforces a strict v-sync at all times so on base PS4, not only does the game drop to something like the high 30fps mark in the late game in big areas, but it also slows down? Like this kind of weird slow motion effect to animations? I can’t explain it. Maybe my PS4 is dying. Maybe its normal. Welp. Other than that, it’s great! It’s more or less lived up to the hype. Isn’t that great? What a great year for videogames. Buy this. Get it for yourself, for your kids, your friends, anyone! Then buy it all over again on Steam or get yourself a PS4 Pro because muh 60fps, where is it. 

And yes, I did delete my save file, so if you see me out there, say hi! My PSN is at easterkeke and my character profile is KissShot. Thanks to YannickJRPGFan for bailing me out of the shmup section at the end! Where ever/whoever you are…

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One of the things I've wanted during this time period and have hoped for is seeing people become a part of other fandoms and not just one fandom, but few to several. 99.9% of the issues that have cropped up in this fandom is because too few are exposed to other celebrities and what they do. There is NOTHING, that has ever been different about 1D in comparison to any other celebrity out there. Larry would take quite a dent if Larry followers would venture outside the Larry bubble.

I’ve been saying this too!

100% recommend questioning Larries to join literally any other fandom on Tumblr. Follow some update blogs on any other celebrity.

I follow lots of stuff related to loads of footballers and there are pap photos of them with their kids for all of them. The interaction between the men could be twisted into Larrie theories for almost every footballer and to them having dozens of boyfriends each. Sometimes I feel like writing absurdist tinhat posts for so many of the bromances just to make fun of how blatant you could try and claim two other footballers were in contrast to Larrie. I mean this is a super macho sport where there are zero gay out footballers yet during training some of them will discreetly kiss each other’s necks for reasons nobody knows. Or how their girlfriends and wives are clearly fake because they fail all the Larrie Briana Real Mother/Father obstacle courses and get papped and post photos of their kids and have kids not wear shirts indoors and stuff.

Or follow Beyonce updates and see how often Blue is seen and how often her parents openly parade her about in ways Larries would define as “exploitative”. Literally any celebrity you could do this with. Once you pay attention to their lives you will see they live them a lot like Briana and Louis’s fake lives apparently are. 

Also witnessing how the media works for these celebs too. How lies will get printed about these people, not because Cowell is out to sabotage them, but because the media likes printing lies about celebs. Or how things will get taken out of context. Or how the media will fixate more on their children than the celeb themselves and will always point out their partner with them. How celebs do not have 100% control over the media at all, which Larries claim they do.

One of the best cures for tinhatting is exposing yourself to as many celebs and fandoms as possible.

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The blog skinny-is-my-dream has some really disturbing posts on it! :( Starving yourself and isn't very (solar)punk! :/

Ok strap in kiddos bc clearly we need to talk about this. If you follow me (Andovehr) on any one of my other blogs, which many of you do, you’ll probably know I have anorexia. Whoopdeedoo. Anyways, one thing Ive learned throughout the years is that no one really knows how to discuss it. I think of it like smoking personally. When you walk up to a smoker and say something like ‘you know smoking causes cancer right?’ what good do you think you are doing? 99/100 times, the person is well aware of this. At best, they won’t care or maybe theyll be amused. At worst, youre shaming someone (whether you intend to or not) for a behaviour they engage in for reasons you dont even know. Some people smoke because they like it. Ok good go for it my mans. Some people smoke because its a better coping mechanism, in the immediate at least, than something like SH. Some people started smoking for reasons that don’t even matter at this point bc theyve tried and failed so many times to quit that maybe theyve given up. Many people stumble upon anorexic culture (regardless of ur opinion of it) because years and years of regular dieting just hasnt cut it (hi yes hello das me). Regardless, unlike smoking, no one really gets into it for the enjoyment & certainly once ur balls-deep-point-of-no-return/smoking-a-whole-pack-a-day-if-we-are-still-using-the-smoking-metaphor theres no enjoyment. Starving yourself fucking sucks. Its painful physically & psychologically. Anorexia is the deadliest psychiatric disorder. & despite how some thinspo blogs come off, theres nothing cutesy about it. So dont Ever think that your cutesy uwu bullshit is going to be anything but patronizing.

As for the direct relevance in this blog: This is the internet. You’ll see shit here you don’t like. I’m all for trigger warnings, but on a fashion blog especially, yaint gonna like everything you see as far as body image goes. Now if you want us to tag shit, thats a bit more complicated. In theory Id love to tag body image. But my concept of body image and weight is so skewed that about 40% of the people on this blog look unhealthily overweight (you can be fat & healthy oh my god calm down you know what I mean). Sure, we can tag it, but unless the other mods are hopping in on this fun train, a lot of shit is going to fall through the cracks. Im just not the person you want in charge of tagging body image.

Not only that, but this blog is categorized as NSFW in the broadest sense & you should be aware of this. Do we post big fat dicks or gaping assholes? No. But you still need to understand that this blog is intended for adults or at least mature-minded individuals. Yes, you can be mature & have triggers (again, hi, it me), but part of being mature is understanding that not everything is Catered to You. I started this blog for me, because I wanted it. In the end it is my blog, it is not here for you. So if you have a problem with potentially seeing body image triggers every once in a while, you should leave now.

Unlike 99% of the other SU Critical peeps, I wouldn’t actually mind Pearl development… as long as the development doesn’t have to deal with Rose.

Character development doesn’t always have to leave off with all the characters happy. Pearl getting what she deserves for all the awful shit she’s done and having her stop would be good character development. Cause if I have to her sob over Rose one more fucking time then I will completely lose faith in her character.

Window Shopping...

[Edit: This post has become wildly popular compared to others on my blog, so I’m going to edit it now and again to make sure the listings stay up to date.]

Charms, Beads, & Pendants




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90,99,100 😊

90- Favourite suho era?

Love me right!!!! I just think it was such a happy era and he was so cute there I love his mushroom hair so!much! It make his cheeks looks chubby esp when he wears those turtle necks and that mushroom hair 😭

99- who are you top 3 members?

For me it goes like:
3-Everyone else cuz I CANT CHOOSE

100-why do you like Exo?

Hmm it’s a hard question because idk where to start I just love how they are close and strong like lots of ppl thought they were flops at the beginning but growl happened and then ppl thought they were going to flop in 2014 after the Krishan drama only to rise back up stronger breaking records and making comebacks one better after the other they’re really like an example of hard working and hardship they went through only to be one of best boy groups out there

Thanks for the ask ^^

100 Best Songs of 2015

This year I decided to do things a bit differently, with all songs from albums released in 2015 being eligible (limited to one song per artist), excluding songs on my 2014 list but including any new singles from 2014 albums.

100. Melanie Martinez – “Tag, You’re It”

99. Hot Chip – “Huarache Lights”

98. Diplo, CL, RiFF RAFF & OG Maco – “Doctor Pepper”

97. San Cisco – “Too Much Time Together”

96. Julio Bashmore – “She Ain’t”

95. Drake – “Hotline Bling”

94. Last Dinosaurs – “Apollo”

93. Baio – “Endless Rhythm”

92. Tove Styrke – “Ego”

91. Belle And Sebastian – “The Party Line”

90. Kanye West (feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney) – “All Day”

89. Sevdaliza – “That Other Girl”

88. Mayday Parade – “All On Me”

87. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Multi-Love”

86. Young Thug – “Just Might Be”

85. Lim Kim – “Awoo”

84. Kate Boy – “Midnight Sun”

83. Taylor Swift – “Wildest Dreams”

82. – “Kamikaze”

81. Pia Mia (feat. Chris Brown & Tyga) – “Do It Again”

80. Adele – “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

79. Jidenna (feat. Roman GianArthur) – “Classic Man”

78. Battles – “Dot Com”

77. the i.l.y’s – “All She Does Is Kill Shit”

76. Foals – “Mountain At My Gates”

75. Autre Ne Veut – “Age Of Transparency”

74. Holly Herndon – “Morning Sun”

73. Childish Gambino – “Retro”

72. Ariana Grande – “One Last Time”

71. A. G. Cook – “What I Mean”

70. Susanne Sundfør – “Delirious”

69. Le1f – “Rage”

68. Jhené Aiko – “Spotless Mind”

67. Sleater-Kinney – “A New Wave”

66. Zella Day – “Hypnotic”

65. Samantha Urbani – “U Know I Know”

64. SOPHIE – “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye”

63. Beirut – “No No No”

62. Vince Staples – “Norf Norf”

61. Viet Cong – “Continental Shelf”

60. Hudson Mohawke – “Scud Books”

59. Braids – “Miniskirt”

58. Sia – “Elastic Heart”

57. Rihanna – “Bitch Better Have My Money”

56. Lianne La Havas – “Unstoppable”

55. Mew – “My Complications”

54. Nao – “Apple Cherry”

53. Nicki Minaj (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne) – “Truffle Butter”

52. Toro Y Moi – “Spell It Out”

51. Ellie Goulding – “Love Me Like You Do”

50. Jack Ü (feat. AlunaGeorge) – “To Ü”

49. HEALTH – “Life”

48. Wolf Alice – “Your Loves Whore”

47. Danny L Harle – “Broken Flowers”

46. The Weeknd – “The Hills”

45. Justin Bieber – “Sorry”

44. Twin Shadow (feat. D’Angelo Lacy) – “Old Love / New Love”

43. Missy Elliott (feat. Pharrell Williams) – “WTF (Where They From)”

42. Alpine – “Foolish”

41. Clarence Clarity – “Buck-Toothed Particle Smashers”

40. Madeon (feat. Passion Pit) – “Pay No Mind”

39. Fetty Wap – “Trap Queen”

38. Neon Indian – “Annie”

37. Courtney Barnett – “Dead Fox”

36. Deerhunter – “Living My Life”

35. Destroyer – “Times Square”

34. Father John Misty – “The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment”

33. Charli XCX – “Doing It”

32. Natalie Prass – “My Baby Don’t Understand Me”

31. Omi – “Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)”

30. Christine And The Queens – “iT”

29. The Wonder Years – “Cigarettes And Saints”

28. Kelela – “A Message”

27. Majical Cloudz – “Heavy”

26. Waxahatchee – “Air”

25. Years & Years – “Memo”

24. FKA Twigs – “In Time”

23. Panda Bear – “Boys Latin”

22. Marina & The Diamonds – “Blue”

21. Jamie xx (feat. Young Thug & Popcaan) – “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)”

20. Empress Of – “Water Water”

19. Florence + The Machine – “Queen Of Peace”

18. Grimes – “Kill V. Maim”

17. Julia Holter – “Feel You”

16. Tinashe – “All Hands On Deck”

15. Passion Pit – “Where The Sky Hangs”

14. Animal Collective – “FloriDada”

13. Chelsea Wolfe – “After The Fall”

12. Alabama Shakes – “Don’t Wanna Fight”

11. Purity Ring – “Stranger Than Earth”

10. Tobias Jesso Jr. – “How Could You Babe”

9. CHVRCHES – “Clearest Blue”

8. Everything Everything – “Regret”

7. Joanna Newsom – “Anecdotes”

6. Kendrick Lamar – “The Blacker The Berry”

5. Sufjan Stevens – “Should Have Known Better”

4. Tame Impala – “’Cause I’m A Man”

3. Björk – “Stonemilker”

2. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Run Away With Me”

1. Beach House – “Sparks”


‘’Fletcher’s methodology is like if there was an ant on this table, and I wanted to kill it, so I used a bulldozer. Yeah, you kill the ant, but you also do a lot of other damage. And in Fletcher’s mindset, that’s actually fine. Fletcher’s mindset is, “If I have 100 students, and 99 of them are, because of my teaching, ultimately discouraged and crushed from ever pushing this art form, but one of them becomes Charlie Parker, it was all worth it.” That’s not a mentality I share, but in many ways, that’s the story of the movie. He potentially finds his Charlie Parker, but he causes a lot of wreckage in that pursuit.’’ — Damien Chazelle