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If Dan and Phil are together, I want them to come out, not for me, but for themselves because if they are in love and an item, there should be no reason for them to not be able to hold hands in public, or to just be open about their feelings instead of having to be awkward about them. They should not have to hold this back from us and, more importantly, themselves.

if any of u lot have even half the raging hard-on that i have for reference shit then some ppl might find these useful??

  • spreadsheet of the entire hq cast (correct up to ch146, v14 character profiles) sortable by height, weight & height/weight ratio here
  • spreadsheet of the entire hq cast (again, correct up to ch146, v14 character profiles) sorted by age from oldest to youngest here [note: the japanese school year starts in april hence the april babies being the oldest in any given year group]

have at it i guess


One Direction Social Media AUNiall goes to visit Harry in LA. Fans are very supportive of their relationship.

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Everything in this world can be described by adjectives. Many different ones in fact. There can be a handsome man. Or a beautiful man. Or a strong man. Or a thoughtful man. Or a caring man. Or a loving man. Or a man who is just the sweetest person you have ever met.

But if you’re going to think about it, all of these are just one man.. who’s just being himself.

Life lesson: don’t put yourself down because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may not see it, or even think to use these adjectives to describe yourself, but to someone they fit perfectly.

Sookie from Gilmore Girls is an amazing character. She’s a top rated chef in a bed and breakfast. She’s smart and beautiful and unbelievably talented. She’s a good person and amazing friend to Lorelei. And.. She’s fat.

Her character is amazing because it’s finally a portrayal of a fat women that doesn’t revolve around how her life is shitty because she’s fat. She’s just a regular women who happens to be fat. Not a fat women who has to prove she’s a regular person.

My reason for not wanting Celebrimbor’s mother to be a Teler, which might not actually be super reasonable, is that it feels like Tolkien has this model of moral goodness where if your mother is stubborn or proud or independent, then you’re guaranteed to turn out troubled anti-hero at best, villain at worst

(I’m thinking of Míriel, Aredhel, Morwen, arguably Erendis)

and if your father is stubborn and proud but your mother is sweet and virtuous (or a literary non-entity), then your mother will be a tempering influence on your personality and you’ll turn out all right

(this is explicitly said to be Nerdanel’s role, but Melian might actually be a stronger example).

And also there’s this thing where the Noldor are the troublemaker Elves, and as Jess has observed, a Silmarillion character is less of a troublemaker to precisely the degree they’re less of a Noldo.

And so maybe this is totally irrational, but making Celebrimbor’s mother Teleri feels like ‘explaining’ how unhesitatingly good Celebrimbor is. Building friendships and alliances, repeatedly making hard moral choices under pressure and getting them right, concealing crucial information from Sauron under torture as he dies… He makes a lot of mistakes but he never abuses power, he’s never condescending, he’s pretty much universally motivated by compassion and a desire to help the world, and he owns up to his mistakes and acts to mitigate their effects as quickly as possible.

And none of that needs explaining in hereditary terms. Celebrimbor doesn’t have to be like that because he got Fëanor’s talent from his dad but Niceness and Wisdom from his mom. I actually imagine him as being very similar to Fëanor in terms of temperament as well as talents, and the reason he’s so different in his choices is because he’s utterly determined to avoid Fëanor’s mistakes. Whatever he is, whatever choices he makes, they aren’t explained in any sense by the virtuousness of a mother he hasn’t met in two thousand years. They’re consequences of the identity he spent several thousand years carving out for himself in the absence (or maybe we should say, the vacuum) that both parents left. 

And he goes ahead and makes the exact opposite mistakes from Fëanor, trusting and collaborating too readily, extending the benefit of the doubt to Annatar when Fëanor would have slammed the door in his face. It’s brilliant and it’s devastating and it’s really important to me that Celebrimbor doesn’t need any justification except on his own terms. 

I hate it when we play a really good 1st half and the 2nd half isn’t as good, because I keep those vibes from the 2nd half even though the match in total was really good.

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Quick question (again) Would Eliza go all Mama Bear on those who physically or verbally harmed her kiddos for technically being half-parasite? I mean yeah, Eliza's the Trash Queen and all, but even she takes no shit when it comes to racism.

Esthar Kennedy.

Esthar is the elder sister of Selena, She works at a gas station at the outer border of the Southern Deadlands as a mechanic, she is the one who makes sure your car is good to make the journey south.
She has the Kennedy attitude in spades.

Esthar and Selena don’t get on well. Don’t ask them to be nice to each other, it will make things worse.