if that face becomes a thing i stg

BTS reaction to his child jumping on his stomach waking him up on a Saturday morning


He would start smiling like crazy and wake up to play

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At first he would be a little annoyed to be woken up at 8am on a Saturday morning but when he saw your child on top of him he would burst into a smile

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(This is my fav gif of Yoongi ever i stg)


“What are you doing?” He would say while laughing and cupping your child´s face in his hands

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It would take him a while for him to realize what was going on but once he saw the little thing jumping up and down he would become so happy and start tickling her/him

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He would be so soft!!! He wouldn’t stop laughing

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He would be like a little baby himself and remove your child gently away from his stomach because it was hurting him

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He would be so shocked and wonder what the hell was going on. When he noticed your child a grin would form on his face

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