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but can we talk about harry with rich, older men? just like, can there be a fic that's just entirely broke uni student harry innocently/accidentally getting a sugar daddy (coughbencough) but doing it TOTALLY on accident and then niall or someone points out all the stuff he's been given and he's all freaked out about it and then it ends it wonderful, blissful smut?


(hahaha this got long OOPS)

harry meeting ben, idk, maybe just out shopping one day and ben does that thing like, “I’ll pay for whatever he’s got there also” to the cashier. harry’s all blushy and mumbling, ‘you dont - thats so nice but you dont have to do that’ and ben smiles, all lazy and sexy. “‘S’alright. it was worth it to see your pretty smile.”

harry doesnt want to but he can’t stop thinking about it. he doesnt tell anyone what happened and part of him thinks he might have imagined the whole thing because he’s still just got boring uni and classes and his shitty flat w niall and his job at the bakery. but then he goes to work one day and his boss is there. the bakery isnt doing so well so they’ve got to cut out some hours. the bosses are going to work the till because they cant really afford to pay anyone else right now, not really. harry’s sad because he loves the bakery but also fuck - FUCK - this is the absolute worst timing. he’s got books to buy and rent is due. it just - it sucks. 

“well if that’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

Harry hears someone talking, the voice is kind of familiar and he looks up and there’s the guy from the store, the super fit older guy who paid for harry’s groceries the other week. harry tries to smile, spins his cardboard coffee cup around on the table he’s sat at and sighs. 

“isnt what the worst you’ve ever seen.’

"your handsome face with such a frown on it,” the man says. harry tries not to but he smiles a little at that, just a tiny bit right at the corners of his mouth. 

the man sighs. he pulls a chair out and sits down, somehow looking far too big and polished and out of place in this dingy little bakery. “tell me what’s going on,” the man says, and harry doesnt know why but he does. he doesnt mean to - harry’s not the kind of person to burden other people w his problems - but maybe thats why he does with this guy, bc harry doesnt know him and telling him everything that’s wrong doesnt seem like harry’s burdening someone w his problems, it just. it’s nice, it gets things off his chest for a little while. 

by the time he’s done his coffee has gone cold but he feels better. just having things out in the air makes them seem more manageable somehow and when harry leaves he’s smiling actually, reaching out to shake the mans hand and thanking him for listening. 

“Oh, not at all,” the man says. he stands up and harry’s hit once again by how large he is. large and handsome. he’s super polished looking in his sharp grey suit, but his face is rugged, dark hair and stubble, he looks more like he’d be at home working outside or in sports or summat. “it’s been really nice to talk to you…”

he trails off and harry blushes. “Harry,” he says quietly. “‘M’called Harry.”

“Harry, I’m Ben,” Ben says, and Harry tries not to but he turns the name around in his head a bit, thinking about how it would sound leaving harry’s mouth all the time. 

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