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I wanna add to that mental hospital au! Fidds is apprehensive because Ford thinks it'll be okay once Stan is there. But Fidds knows it'll be harder then that. Ford lowers his med count instead of cold turkey so Stan becomes really agitated. When Stan does figure out he's in Ford's house, he thinks that hospital just dumped him there and Ford doesn't want him. He tries to leave but finds out his car isn't there yet. This sends him into a panic attack. That car is his lifeline. Just poor baby.

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Yeah I think Ford would be obliviously optimistic.

Oh god Stan realising that it’s Ford and then thinking the hospital dumped him on him. It would just add to everything, make all those invasive little thoughts all the more louder, especially if Ford is also playing with dosage (gonna be frank here and say I have no idea on what kinds of medications would have been used at the time in facilities etc) But you can imagine the thoughts even the hospital doesn’t want you or just he keeps seeing things differently, sees Ford’s painful concerned expressions as him being irritated/not wanting to deal with him instead of what it actually is.

So yeah he takes matters into his own hands and tries to leave it all behind. After all his brother can’t want him around, can he? He ruined everything and it’s all he ever does. It’s only pity that’s keeping him under a roof in his own mind, as soon as he’s well Ford will kick him out again anyway and he can’t live with that again (has barely lived with the first time as it is). And then his escape route, his little bubble of security isn’t there. That car has been the only thing that’s stayed with him since before he got kicked out, his one constant through everything and now it’s nowhere in sight and suddenly the world seems a lot bigger than it had before and he can’t seem to breathe, and his field of vision is getting narrower.

To end on a better(?) note. That’s when Ford finds him and bundles him up because it’s cold outside and Stan hadn’t really been thinking about anything other than getting to his car so he hadn’t dressed appropriately. And Ford doesn’t know why his brother is shaking or why he keeps whispering ‘Where is she?’, in fact that sends off more alarm bells than it would if he knew that Stan was talking about his car. (It’s not until much later that Ford coaxes the information out of him and goes out of his way to find out where it is and get it over to them. Stan doesn’t know if that means he’s hinting to get rid of him but either way he feels safer with the car near him, an escape open if he ever needs it so he doesn’t ask)