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Okay so my biggest pet peeves is when customers come to the self check out section….and don’t fucking know how to use it. So then they go up to you and tell you to ring them up….THAT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF FUCKING SELF CHECK OUT, just go to the fucking cashier that’s OPEN and has no line. Also, the computer im standing next to, isn’t a fucking register, ITS JUST A SCREEN THAT LETS ME MONITOR EVERYONE ELSES SCREEN. Lastly, don’t get mad at ME when you scan an item a billion times, pay for it, notice, and say that I did something wrong. I’m SORRY but you were the one scanning the item…and who the FUCK doesn’t look at what they’re paying before they pay. Like if I bought something that’s $3 but I’m paying $20…OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING IS WRONG AND IM NOT GOING TO SWIPE MY CARD. Ahhhhhhh.

Tutor Pt 3

Shawn Mendes 
Words; 520
Requested; Um…. idk I really like the idea of not necessarily jealous Shawn but like him making sure it’s clear that y/n is with him. So maybe y/n is majoring in Bio Med and she’s struggling so she’s been getting help from this guy in her class and Shawn thinks the guy is getting to close, so Shawn goes out of his way to make sure everyone knows that y/n is his @nic–nack
You should do tutor part 3 😂😂😂 IM IN LOVE with that one @alone-in-madness and all the people asking for more angst! 
Note; Its a bit shit, but I wanted to write something before going to school  😊

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“What the hell is wrong with you?” Shawn slammed the door behind us, blocking out the sounds of the party. He turned to me, arms crossed, his face red and I couldn’t tell if it was from anger or the alcohol.

“What are you talking about?” I was confused. One minute I was talking to a guy in my class about some test next week, then suddenly Shawn is matching over and dragging me to his room. Any other time I would have happily followed, but not when he looked this pissed.

“That thing was flirting with you.” He made wild hand gestures towards the living room.

“That thing is a he. And he has a name,” I stumbled over my words, my own annoyance and anger mixing with the alcohol in my blood, “Anyway, why do you care? It’s not like we’re dating or anything!”


This was starting to become a regular occurrence for us. Ever since this ‘thing’ kicked off, our emotions have been all over the place. I guess that’s why whenever he saw me with another dude he got all jealous. While it was cute at first, and honestly it ends in some pretty good sex, it was just starting to become childish. Like, we’re twenty-one, not frickin’ sixteen. I thought all of this teenage angst shit was over. But I guess not.

“What if I want to be.” His voice was so quiet I barely heard it.

“W-what?” I don’t know why I was so surprised. From the start, I knew one of us was going to end up with strong feelings for the other. And even though we both agreed for it to just be sex, it never really turns out to be just sex.

“You honestly can’t tell me you don’t feel the same,” The room was so small that when he took a step forward, our feet were touching. Frozen, I let him slide his arms around my waist, his lips brushing against the sensitive skin of my neck as he spoke, “I really like you y/n.”

I wiggled out of his grip. Of course I felt the same way! I mean, he’s an amazing guy! Who wouldn’t like him? But if this was how he was going to react whenever he saw me within ten feet of another guy, I couldn’t be dealing with that. I didn’t want to feel like I was his property.

“It’s just sex, Shawn. No feelings, remember?” I instantly regretted those words. Just watching the way his face fell was enough to break my own heart.

Running a hand through his hair, Shawn nodded his head, “Yeah. This is stupid. I’ll be over you by next week.”

The silence was back, which was bad because I’m sure you could hear whatever was left of my heart shattering. It was stupid, I literally just turned him down, there was no reason for me to be upset. But yet here I was, trying to hold back the waterworks.

I didn’t know what to say. So I left. Blocking out the sounds of the party as the tears began to fall.

It was so sweet of Noora to check on Sana and to realize something is wrong with her. It made me so emotional when she said she quit the bus because Sana quit the bus. That is friendship goals. I hope, Sana doesn’t keep pushing her away and tells her about what Sara was planning and how she truly felt about Yousef.

I hear/read people tell you that you need balance.

“Eat healthy and work hard, but eat that cupcake, too! Don’t restrict a treat once in a while! You deserve it!”

Fuck you and your cupcake

Some of us listen to that rhetoric, and have the intent of A cupcake. That single cupcake turns into a box of cookies, or something worse, all because they followed the advice of someone they admire, who told them that eating a cookie is essential, because restricting, “hurts your soul”, or some other bullshit.

Fuck you

Some of us, myself for sure, eat the whole fucking cake, because we decided to treat ourselves.

If it works for you, I’m happy. Stop telling me that I’m doing it wrong because I’m not following your advice that doesn’t work for me.

Questions and itaat

- (not a feel) can high temperature(like really hot days) cause sensory overload? -helena beat asks


- Am I selectively mute even if I can talk in the situations where I’m not naturally able? I force myself to talk because it’s socially expected and I have to, but it’s hard and I’d rather not. I’m really good at faking it, but I actually have to force it.

Yes, I think so.

- all of my usual go-to blogs for these types of questions aren’t active so i was wondering if you or some followers would be able to tell me if there’s a separate name for something i’ve always called “verbal dyslexia,” saying syllables in the wrong order or removing them all together?? also is it part of dyslexia to replace letters that don’t look alike but sometimes have similar sounds (like clean accidentally becoming klean, impulse to empulse)?? thanks 🌕

I would say verbal/oral dyslexia. It could also be a symptom of auditory processing disorder. I don’t think there is a specific other word than verbal dyslexia? There is a term called aphasia but it is caused by brain injury so it is a different thing.

- (Maybe a little time sensitive cause anxiety is killing me) iiaat that i dont really feel sad/angry over this whole Manchester tragedy? I feel kinda bad for not feeling anything… Does not caring make me an awful person?

You are not a bad person. Having issues with caring is okay, and it is also okay to not care. It might be too exhausting, especially for people who are spoonies (have limited energy which goes away easily, which can be the case for someone who is autistic). Also people who have issues with compassion/empathy/sympathy are not bad or evil.

please tell me i wasn't the only one who read this wrong at first,

“I sent back an image of me sticking out my tongue at him.
My clothes were back on when his answer arrived.
Like mine, it was wordless, a mere image. Like mine,
Rhysand’s tongue was out.
But it was occupied with doing something else.

ch.8 acowar, sjm

I THOUGHT HE WAS LICKING HIS OWN YOU KNOW WHAT (that’s fine if anyone does that, i respect it if you do that :D you do you! but not me tho hehe)

BUT THEN I THOUGHT NOPE Rhys probably won’t be able to reach it, LIKE MAN his back would’ve been in pain by the time feyre came back. ANd he is likely licking feyre’s hooha 🤷🏽‍♀️

every time a man catcalls me or says something inappropriate i always say something witty back that makes their testicles shrink and i know one day im gonna say it to the wrong man and he’s gonna kill me but lemme tell you the look on their face is worth it

If you’re straight, write stories with gay characters, but don’t write stories about being gay. That’s not your story to tell.

If you’re cis, write stories with trans characters, but don’t white stories about being trans. That’s not your story to tell.

If you’re allistic, write stories with autistic characters, but don’t write stories about being autistic. That’s not your story to tell.

If you’re neurotipical, write mentally ill characters, but don’t write stories about being mentally ill. That’s not your story to tell. 

If you’re able bodied, write stories with disabled characters, but don’t write stories about being disabled. That’s not your story to tell. 

If you’re white, write characters who are POC, but don’t write stories about being a POC. That’s not your story to tell 

Write stories with diverse and complex characters, but unless you’ve experienced the oppression that we have, don’t write the stories that we need to tell ourselves. 

I knew it that something is definitely wrong with Youngjae. He’s not well again and it’s his back injury again. If back injury was the real reason he was out from the Hard Carry promotion means that he has been endured it for so long. I really hope he will get proper treatment this time. Please please pray for our Youngjae recovery. #GetWellSoonYoungjae

Well it wasn’t much of a mission but I guess we handled that alright.

The suck button.

My band’s drummer, John, is also a sound guy; for several years before we hooked up musically, he had been doing sound for other bands I was in, as well as for touring acts I booked shows for. He’s very good at what he does, and has a pretty massive rig. Anyway, he’s the nicest guy in the world at band practice, at Burger King, or at a gig we’re playing, but when he’s running sound for other bands, he can be pretty crabby. Very little patience for bands who start late or end late. Even less patience for bands who take an encore when they’re the second band playing out of five. Very little patience for singers who ask for more vocals in the monitor while cupping the microphone ball in both hands (feedback, anyone?) In general, just an altogether grouchy sound man. For example, he ran sound once for this seven- or eight piece ska band. One of the trombone players said he needed two mics: one for his horn and one for his backup vocals. Normally at this venue (a 120-seater), John didn’t bother to mic horns at all. Rolling his eyes, John put up a Shure Beta 58 and some AKG condenser mic. “This Shure is for your vocals, and this AKG is for your horn, OK?” he said. “Don’t blow your horn into the vocal mic, because your horn is about 30db louder than your voice and I’m going to have everything mixed properly.” Horn player nods his head. During the second song of the set, apparently this trombonist was set to get a solo. Right before his solo starts, he grabs both mics and pushes them close together, so that the capsules are actually touching. He then blows this fortissimo opening note into BOTH mics. I was sitting at a table in back, by the sound board, at the time. John’s limiters caught most of it, and I STILL had ringing in my ears for two days. At the end of the song, John mutes both of the guy’s mics (and leaves them mute), and basically threatens to ream out the guy’s plumbing with his own horn if he ever pulls that shit again. John does this through his talkback mic, which is clearly audible over the monitors. The crowd bursts into laughter, and the horn player goes bright red in the face.

At any rate, for years I had heard John threaten bands with the “suck button.” Bands who were taking too long to set up, or whose members repeatedly refused to follow reasonable directions (please keep that vocal mic away from the monitors!), would be threatened. “Pull that shit again, and I’m gonna hit the suck button on you guys!” I took it to mean that he would intentionally make them sound bad, but he never followed through on the threat, so I took it as a vague general warning.

So anyway, a little while back he’s running sound on a four band show. The second band, a Matchbox 20/Train kind of band, has him running 20 minutes behind before they even play a note because their lead guitarist was late. Their allotted set time is 40 minutes, but their last song runs over and by the time it’s done, they’ve played for almost 45 minutes. John says quietly over the talkback mic, “Hey guys, you’re done.” The lead singer says loudly over the vocal mic “Sound man says we gotta get off the stage. We got one more song for you!” as they kick into another soupy jangle-rock tune. John shakes his head at me. Then, the most amazing thing happened. After their “encore,” this band kicks straight into ANOTHER song without announcing it, apparently in the hope that John wouldn’t notice it was a different song.

John leans over to me to be heard over the PA and asks, “Hey, wanna see the suck button?” “Sure,” I replied. I figured he was going to muck with the levels or just turn them off or something. Instead, he reaches to one of his racks and starts scrolling through patches on his trusty DigiTech unit. Sure enough, he gets to a patch titled SUCK BUTTON. He engages it, and all hell breaks loose onstage. The lead singer and the lead guitarist (who was singing backup), immediately start to sing WAY off key. They try to get back in tune, fail, trail off in mid-line, try again, and start glaring at each other. The guitarist is so distracted by this that he starts muffing the chord progression. If not for the drummer, I think the whole song would have derailed. For the entire four minute duration of the song, I was treated to this asshole band sounding like crap and getting madder and madder at each other. John explained the patch to me; basically it pitch shifts all tracks from the vocal submix up one step, BUT ONLY IN THE MONITORS. So the audience, out in front of the mains, was treated to the sound of two guys trying to get in tune, only to be utterly confused. If they got it sounding right in the monitors, they could tell that something was grossly wrong in the mains. And each of the singers thought it was the other guy who was singing out of tune. I just about died laughing.


of course the boy would spice up his hearing aids! @therambler13 of course Junkrat would have awesome orange hearing aids!

episode two :: Yuri realizes, suddenly and terribly, he might be a little bit in love.  

Victor doesn’t even try to go to sleep.  He just lays in bed with his laptop, watching the thirty-seven takes of Yuuri trying to get “hi, I’m Yuuri Katsuki, and I’m the Bachelor” out of his mouth.

Don’t they know who I am?” Yuuri slurs on screen.  

Yuuri, you have to put the champagne bottle down, you have to pretend to be sober,” Phichit says off camera, all authority gone from his voice.  He’s trying not to laugh.

Phichit,” Yuuri says, and he takes a big swig from the bottle, bubbles pouring down both sides of his lips. “You can’t tell me what to do.  I’m Yuuri Katsuki, and I’m the motherfucking Bachelor.

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We were such a small moment in time you and I; Like a freeze-frame in a life sequence or a snapshot of a perfect happy moment frozen within a painting. And when all you have is that painting… that single unchanging image of the past, you look at it over and over again imposing different things on it every time.
For me – that painting was everything. It was as if being with you was the whole reason for my existence… like loving you was the one thing I was always meant to do. It was my one single perfect creation… the one thing I ever did right. And I’m so obsessed with it I keep repainting it, over and over again – every day. Just that same picture of you and me in the past, over and over just with different emotional filters imposing different meanings on it each time depending on how I’m feeling.
When I’m happy I feel like it all meant something. I’m grateful for the experience and I wish you nothing but happiness… When I’m sad I feel like I’m being punished for something I did wrong… like I wasn’t good enough and I just want to go back and set things right… When I’m angry I feel like it was all a lie and you never cared about me at all. I feel like I was used and abused and then thrown away like a toy you didn’t want anymore. But – like it or not – we are in the past now… So it is always the same unchanging picture… it’s just the way I’m looking at it at the time that changes how I see it…
And though I tell myself to move on… to paint another picture without you in it like you are undoubtedly doing with me… I can’t help but wonder how often you look back at what we used to be… and just what light you see it in…

List of Parodied Songs in Geekender’s Portal 2: The Unauthorized Musical

Act One

1. Good Morning Aperture 

Good Morning Baltimore - Hairspray

2. Why Can’t the Subjects Learn to Test 

Why Can’t the English - My Fair Lady

3. I’m Alive

I’m Alive - Next to Normal

4. Poor Unfortunate Subjects 

Poor Unfortunate Souls - Little Mermaid

5. Under Attack 

Under Attack - Abba

6. Suddenly Wheatley 

Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horror

7. Running the Whole Machine 

Friends on the Other Side - Princess and the Frog

Act Two

8. Here in the Darkness We’re Free

Nobody Loves You - Jonathon Coulton

9. Mr. Johnson 

Mr. Cladwell - Urinetown

10. Trouble

Trouble - Music Man

11. If You Could See You 

If They Could See You - Cabaret

12. A Quick Pair of Portals

A Spoonful of Sugar - Mary Poppins

13. I am Aperture 

I Am Africa - The Book of Mormon

14. Want You Gone

Want You Gone - Portal 2

15. Do You Hear the Turrets Sing

Do You Hear the People Sing - Les Miserables

A Lesson in Love (A Different Perspective)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 4,431

A/N: The tag list for this story is CLOSED. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - You are the forever best for editing for me.

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“I can’t believe you’ve never been to a track meet before.”

“I’ve never had a reason to come to one,” you say, defending yourself against Wanda’s accusatory tone and disapproving gaze.

“That’s no excuse,” she responds with a click of her tongue. “Now hurry up, we need to secure a good spot.”

You follow her blindly, not knowing what qualifies as a ‘good spot’. Unlike Wanda who has spent years attending track meets with her brother, you’ve never been to one. Like you told her, you never had a reason to attend one. Not until today.

Not until T'Challa.

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