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oh my goodness, really? Well if you're not busy, would you be able to write a roommate AU for Jun? Please and thank you :) :) :)

AU #9 (Request from this list so I can finish it!)

Ft.Junhwiiiiiiiiii (mystery ‘96 liner revealed!)

Another older request, sorry for the delay😥 The Roommate AU was the one I did most of, but it’s now tied with Arranged Marriage AU!!! Dino’s Visual Art Major AU was supposed to be connected to this, but I ended up changing the plot a little. Enjoy loves~

  • This is your 3rd year of college
  • Your college is one of the ones where you can move out of college dorms after freshman year
  • You never planned on moving out until after you graduated
  • But life had different plans…
  • There’s this guy at your school named Jun
  • Biggest heartthrob in the school
  • Literally every girl likes him in some way
  • Even you, just not as a crush. You just like his dancing skills👌
  • Since all these girls (and guys too!) love him so much, he vowed to never date until graduation
  • ThERe’s tOo mAnY pEopLe
  • So he decides to move out of the dorms
  • But he doesn’t have enough money to live off campus…
  • So his one option is to find someone to help him pay rent
  • His friends are staying in the dorms, so can’t room with them if he wants to move out
  • But uh, if he does it with some girl,,,drAMA
  • Why not room with the one girl who doesn’t want to date him?
  • You.
  • You and Jun aren’t close
  • But you did spend high school together
  • He may or may not have had a crush on you in highschool, and you may or may not have turned him down
  • When he first begged asked you to move in with him, you were about to enter your dorm when he came rushing in
  • Jun: “Y/N, I know this is a lot to ask…”
  • Jun: “And we’re not that close…”
  • Jun: “And I called you cute once in science…”
  • Why tf-
  • But this boy is desperate
  • Would prefer staying with some girl he used to like than constantly getting annoyed by all these girls who like him
  • You honestly don’t want to deal with him and his fans
  • But I mean he isn’t a bad guy, so…
  • Ok ok, only until graduation
  • Cue Jun squeezing you to death
  • “Okay…no more touching…”
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you'll always be the one that keeps me crazy inside

for @bellsblake! happy birthday hannah <3

fluffy high school prom au, friends to lovers with a bit of fake dating ;)

rated: teen+
[ read on AO3 ]

Clarke often teased Bellamy by saying that he could read through anything, that it would take the book spontaneously combusting in his hands to startle him out of his literary worlds, but it was clearly not true. Case in point: he looked up now as she stormed into his living room, scowling at her phone.

“What happened?” he asked, carefully bookmarking his page before setting the novel aside. This had all the makings of a minor crisis, and he wasn’t sure yet whether to be more concerned for his best friend or whatever (whoever?) had pissed her off. No one could hold a grudge like Octavia, but no one could plot revenge like Clarke and that was scarier, in his opinion.


“I thought you and Raven decided to go together after you found out Collins was a two-timing bastard. Something go wrong?”

“Luna asked her, and she said yes. I’m happy for her, of course,” Clarke added hastily. “You know she’s had a bit of a crush on Luna for years, and they’re really cute together. But I don’t want to go alone, and I don’t want to third-wheel them. Plus Finn’s been trying to get me alone — he just won’t take the hint that I don’t trust that ‘this time I’d be his one and only,’ nor do I want to be — and I don’t feel like dealing with that all night.”

Bellamy sensed a scheme coming. “So what are you going to do about it?”

Sitting up slightly, Clarke looked him directly in the eyes with an expression he knew all too well.

“Oh, hell no. Don’t drag me into another —”

“Please, Bellamy? I need you.”

“I said no, princess.” And it was one of the hardest things he’d ever done, considering she was giving him that look and saying a line straight from his guilty fantasies.

“Okay, I didn’t want to play this card, but … you do still owe me for giving your sister the girl talk so you wouldn’t have to. And I’ll pay you fifty bucks.”

He groaned, knowing she had him there. “Is this your formal asking? I thought promposals were supposed to be fancy.”

“I’ll make you a poster tonight.” Issue settled, Clarke flopped comfortably against him — he hoped she couldn’t feel how fast his heart was pounding; after being friends for so long, he really should have better control over his physiological reactions to her proximity, but his princess just had that effect. “In the meantime, what are you watching on Netflix?”

The Princess [crown emoji]

Meet me outside Kane’s classroom after school?

I’ll be there.

As luck would have it, Bellamy was held up on his way to meet Clarke for what he was eighty-percent sure was a ridiculously extravagant promposal.

“Hey man, do you have the soccer practice schedule? I might’ve lost mine.”

“Might have? How do you — Actually, I don’t want to know. Look, Murphy, I’ve got to run; message me later and I’ll send you a copy.”

To Bellamy’s surprise, Murphy moved to block his path. “Do you think promposals are too sentimental?”

“What?” (Was John Murphy blushing?)

“I was thinking about asking Emori, but I dunno if she’d think it was too — never mind. You don’t care.”

“Murphy. Hey, listen to me. Anyone can see the way Emori looks at you, and the way you look at her. The way you gravitate toward each other. You should ask her.”

“Huh.” Murphy looked thoughtful, and Bellamy was about to try again to get past him when Murphy’s phone chimed. Pulling it out from his back pocket, he glanced at the screen and grinned. “Anyway, I’ll get out of your way now. You’ve got your own promposal to worry about.”

And with that he was gone, leaving Bellamy wondering how Clarke had managed to recruit him before he remembered that she was waiting for him, and he’d much rather be wherever she was.

When he rounded the corner of the history wing, naturally the first thing he noticed was the glee in Clarke’s posture, all but bouncing up and down behind the poster she was holding up.

“You may BE LLAMe, but You’re my choice for a prom date.” He shook his head. “That’s pretty awful, even for you.”

“That’s not a no,” she pointed out, as if there were ever a question. “So, prom?”

It was then that Bellamy noticed the small crowd around them. He might not be very popular, but Clarke was; and in any case, prom askings always managed to draw a fair amount of attention. (It was something Clarke herself had complained about before, the peer pressure to say yes just because so many people were watching.) Among the gathered students was a disappointed-looking Finn Collins, who looked as though he wanted to object but wasn’t sure how to justify himself if he did.

“Of course, princess,” Bellamy said, instead of commenting on any of these observations, and staggered back a step when Clarke threw her arms around him. “You know I was joking about the promposal,” he murmured in her ear, gratified to feel her shiver and squeeze him tighter.

“You know, I wouldn’t have pegged you for the type. Just goes to show you that you can never tell what kind of person someone is, I guess.”

“Excuse me?” True to Clarke’s prediction, Finn Collins had been glowering in their general direction for much of the night. The surprise was that he was confronting Bellamy instead of Clarke, who was in the bathroom, and that he was doing it in the middle of the event. “Since when have we been BFFLs?”

“Haha, very funny. Seriously, did you blackmail her? Bribe her?”

It took him a second to figure it out. “Wait, you think I made Clarke come to prom with me?”

“Well, yeah! Why else would she be here with you, of all people?”

“Meaning, not with you?” Bellamy guessed, fighting the urge to snicker. Clearly Collins didn’t know Clarke nearly as well as he’d like to think, if he seriously believed what he was saying. “It may come as an unpleasant surprise to you, but we’re —”

“— dating,” Clarke cut in smoothly, tucking herself under Bellamy’s arm. “Bye, Finn.”

As they walked away, leaving him gawking in disbelief, Clarke sighed. “Sorry, I just figured that would be the most effective way to get him to shut up. Anyway, dance with me?”

“I don’t dance.”

“What, you don’t want to join our fine classmates in middle-school style swaying back and forth with room for Jesus in between us?”

“Tempting, but no thanks. How about we get a drink instead?”

She laughed at his half-joke, which was pretty good considering the most he’d hoped for was a half-smile. “You hate everything they’re serving. Plus, Monty and Jasper didn’t come, so odds are the punch isn’t spiked.”

“Damn, there go my plans for the night.” Clarke’s grin, Bellamy decided then and there, was the best thing he’d ever seen. Her happiness was contagious, as intoxicating as any alcohol or drug, and perhaps it was the source of the courage that allowed him to say, “You know you’re my favorite person?”

“Same for you.”

“No, listen.” He disentangled himself from her so he could make eye contact, needing her to understand. “I know you told Collins we were dating to get him to leave you alone because he was making you uncomfortable, and I’d never want you to feel like that with me. You know I’ll respect your boundaries, that if you say no I’ll back off immediately, and —”

“Bellamy, breathe.” She placed a gentle hand on his chest, right above his heart. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

The anticipation in her eyes — at least, he was pretty sure that’s what it was — gave him hope.

“Clarke, will you go out with me?”

If her amused smile was radiant, the expression she wore now was positively incandescent. “Of course. And for the record, I’ll never want you to leave me alone. I want to spend eons with you, Bellamy Blake.”

His own grin was probably ridiculous, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. “That’s good, I was really worried you’d —”

She cut him off by pressing her mouth to his, still smiling, and she tasted like joy.

impress me; continued

SUMMARIZED: The plot thickens as Adam steps up his game with Astrid. More snarkiness from our lovers to be. BSS makes Astrid an offer that authoress damn surely wouldn’t turn down.. A special shout out to the lovely @writergrrrl29 for helping me with pulling this chapter together and pointing out a few things for me. And for the idea  that she suggested I just hope that I wrote it as she envisioned it to be when she made the suggestion.

for my fanfictions go to my fanfiction masterlist and my one original piece can be found on my original works list. if you’re looking for part i then clicketh the link.

And I would now like to tag these lovelies: @panic-angel3314 @theworldiscolorful @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch and my sunshine, @fan-fiction-galore because I love her and she’s amazing.

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Facial Recognition Software

Title: Facial Recognition Software
Fandom: SHINee
Pairings: 2min; side Onkey
Wordcount: ~8.5k
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Taemin gratuitously dyes his hair and there are some misunderstandings.

Warnings: underage drinking, college kids being stupid at parties, drunk kissing;

Day 26/30

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Exo Scenario: Complicated Love with Chanyeol ~

안녕! I want to request a Chanyeol scenario where he had a crush on the reader’s friend and asked her to be his wingwoman, but eventually fell in love with her instead (and got super jealous when she got too close with other guys). Thank you!

Hi! I love how unique these requests are :) Hope you like the way it turned out and please let me know what you think of it!

Also, this is kind of a college au, which you didn’t ask for, but I thought it fit more to the theme of the request/plot.

“Seriously?” you ask, not wanting to go out tonight so that Chanyeol can hit on one of your classmates again. Every time you tell him that you’re going to a party with her, he insists on joining the two of you so that you can be his “wingwoman” - as if that will really help him win over your friend.

“Come on.” he begs you, but you still don’t want to budge.

You shake your head, “Haven’t we gone over this before? Chanyeol…” and you place a hand over his cheek to make sure he gets the idea, “She’ll break your heart in two.” and you didn’t want to see that happen, not to Chanyeol. Not only because he was your best friend, but because you really couldn’t stand to see him with all these other girls. Not when they treated him like crap.

“I’ll be fine.” and he tries to persuade you, “I’ve got a strong heart.” and he puffs out his chest.

At this point, you’re not sure what else to say to convince him, so you just agree. “Fine.” and he starts to celebrate a little, before you hold up a finger for him to be quiet, “But you have to promise me that you won’t embarrass me tonight. Do you remember the last time we went to a party together? You spilled that drink all over the guy I was talking to.” and you could remember it vividly - how Chanyeol had “accidentally” bumped into the guy you had been trying to flirt with (like that had gone over very well…) And you remembered how Chanyeol just shrugged, saying it was no big deal. 

He looked like that now, when he waved his hand at your comment, “It wasn’t that bad. Besides, the stain made his shirt look better.” and you just rolled your eyes at that…

It was after the party - after the hours of watching Chanyeol interact with your friend - that you noticed something different about him. He wasn’t acting the same as he usually did around your friend. Though he had told you many times that he liked her, he barely even looked at her. You almost laughed at the fact that she had to consistently grab his attention back to her. Now who was the desperate one? 

You had also noticed how, despite his promises to stay away from the boys you were talking to, Chanyeol found every excuse to come over to you while you were talking to someone new. Though you were only talking to another boy in your class - one that you knew for certain had a girlfriend - Chanyeol still came over to you and draped an arm around your shoulder, getting a bit possessive over you. It had confused you at first, but then you realized what he was doing.

You interrogated him after the party, both of you on your way home to your shared dorm suite. His room was right beside yours, which was kind of how the two of you had become friends in the first place. Walking back to the dorm, you nudged him.

“What?” he asked, eyebrows raising in confusion.

“What was that back there? Every time I went to talk to someone, you interrupted me. Surely you don’t need me to babysit you. You’re a grown ass man.” and you nudge him once again. You know that this isn’t the problem, but you want to hear him say it, not have you force the words on him. What if you’re wrong about what he feels? You don’t want this to be more awkward than it already is.

Chanyeol pouts and nudges you back, “Of course I don’t need you to babysit me.” he responds. And his shoulders slump with his next words, “I just…I don’t like seeing those guys stare at you like you’re some kind of object. You always talk about how these girls are going to step all over me, but you never think about yourself and how these guys just want you for your body.”

That takes you aback. You hadn’t realized that Chanyeol thought about that. And sure, you knew how those guys looked at you, but it was college and wasn’t this kind of the time to do crazy things and get lost in the physical pleasures of this life? It didn’t matter really, you had never been one of those girls to do that anyway. You were touched that Chanyeol had even thought about that, though. He actually gave a damn about you - but you had already known that.

“You’ve never stared at me like that.” and you loop an arm around his waist, bringing him in closer to you, his natural body heat warming your side. It’s getting colder out as each day passes and you hate the cold. “Thank you.” 

He doesn’t say anything for a while, not until you’re more than halfway back to the dorm, the building in sight. But when he does say something, he pulls both of you to a halting stop.

“I don’t look at you like that because I care about you.” and you see that in his eyes - he’s telling the truth. You feel nervous, but you’re not the one confessing something here. “I…I think I love you.” and his words surprise you even more this time that you aren’t sure what to say.

Chanyeol loves you? 

Like always, you’d rather run away than face the truth, so you turn away and Chanyeol comes running after you, not letting you walk more than a few feet in the other direction.

“Hey.” he says, his hand holding your arm and then his free hand going up to cradle your face in his palm. You don’t want to admit that it feels natural for him to hold you like this. When had you fallen for each other? Was it all those nights working on papers together, or those nights staying up way too late watching movies that had nothing to do with your 8am class the next morning. Or…was it just him? His laugh, his smile, his eyes that turned into crescents whenever he looked at you…

“What?” and the word comes out harsh enough that you want to take it back. You want to go back to before the party, and just tell him that you’ll be staying in your room tonight. But you can’t take back the word and you can’t travel in time, either.

“What do you mean ‘what’?” he asks you, his brow furrowing, “D-do you not like me?”

And he looks so sad when he asks that - you don’t know what to say.

You end up shaking your head, “No, Chanyeol. It’s just…I didn’t expect you to say that.”

And there must be something in your voice, or his own well wishes that has him perking up, “So does that mean you do like me back?” and he’s like a little puppy when he stares down at you, his eyes widening, waiting for your answer.

You take a deep breath, not wanting to say anything. You’ve never been very good with words, too shy to really tell your feelings to anyone. And you’ve always been too awkward to actually enact upon any of your feelings. You feel like you’re at an impasse, but when you work up the courage, you reach up on your tiptoes and press a soft, whisper of a kiss to your best friend’s lips. 

You certainly never imagined that you would be kissing Chanyeol.

And you never imagined that he would be pulling you closer, deepening the kiss.

When the two of you pull apart for air, he’s grinning like a cat. Too wide and far too happy. You hit him playfully, but laugh as well, blushing in the dim lighting of the campus sidewalk. You turn away from him yet again, but he pulls you back.

“Does this mean that you like me, too?” he asks, hope shining through his voice.

And you end up hitting him again, “Would I have kissed you if I didn’t like you, you big idiot?” and you nudge him playfully once more before looping your fingers between his, pulling him along this time. His grin is wider than you’ve ever seen it before and you smile, too. You joke with him, “So does this mean I won’t have to be your wing woman anymore?” 

Chanyeol laughs along with you and shakes his head, “Not if you don’t want to be.” and his answer is enough of a hint that tells you he won’t be hitting on your friend again. The butterflies in your stomach erupt when you laugh and you swing your arms between the two of you. 

For someone that went into this night believing your best friend liked your other friend, you had to say that you were wrong. And it didn’t even bother you that you were wrong. Chanyeol’s laughter filled the night air and you laughed joyfully along with him.

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades Darker (part 8/?)

1. Oh god, I had repressed forgotten where I left this off: Christian is acting all submissive and shit. WHY.
2. Ana about Christian: “The image of a powerful man who’s really still a little boy, who was horrifically abused and neglected, who feels unworthy of love from his perfect family and his much-less-than perfect girlfriend … my lost boy … it’s heartbreaking.” – it’s pure and utter shit. Also, do you see how she sees herself in comparison to him? *vomits*
3. Ana: “This is about me not being good enough for you. It was an insight into your life, and I am so scared you’ll get bored with me, and then you’ll go … and I’ll end up like Leila … a shadow. Because I love you, Christian, and if you leave me, it will be like a world without light. I’ll be in darkness. I don’t want to run. I’m just so frightened you’ll leave me …” – OMG STAHP IT WITH THIS
4. It goes on with the self-loathing. It’s like reading Bella’s point of view from New Moon. God. No. Why can’t writers write strong female characters. That say fuck it all and are enough for themselves. Ugh ugh uggggghhhh
5.I gasp. Oh my Fifty!” – I shudder. Oh my god! Stop it with this. This is literally all there is in Ana’s head. It’s the most annoying shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.
6. Ana: “I don’t want to hurt him, physically or mentally.” – and here lies the difference between Ana and Christian. Need I say more?
8. Christian: “I’m a sadist, Ana. I like to whip little brown-haired girls like you because you all look like the crack whore—my birth mother. I’m sure you can guess why.
10. THE
11. FUCK

12. If you’re not out the door right this second, Ana, kittens will die. No seriously, this is serial killer behaviour.
13. Ana: „Then it hits me like a wrecking ball.” – kind of like when Christian hit you, right?
14. Ana: „This is so fucked-up” – truer words have never been spoken ever, in the history of the world ever ever
15. I have to give him props for being honest with her. A book and a half after. But it’s cool. It’s fiiiiine noit’snotnoit’snotnoit’snot
16. Ana: „Perhaps we’ll be okay. I want us to be okay.” – HAHAHAHAHHAA OH YOU SWEET SUMMER CHILD
17. Christian: “Marry me,” he whispers.” – HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
18. This is just like those people who had the fight of their lives, literally telling each other how many things they hate about each other, then one of them proposes like that will fix things. Or one of them cheats and then proposes to the other. Sure, cause marriage is the key to world peace. *slams face into palm*
19. What even is this. Am I watching a soap opera? This is SO BAD.
20. Ana has a decent reaction for once and starts laughing her ass off. Poor girl needs a laugh, fuck knows I needed one after all the shit I’ve read. I didn’t know 50 shades of crap was a comedy. But it’s a fun discovery. It’s like: this is crap, but it’s funny crap, you know?
21. Ana: „I’ve known you for about three minutes, and there’s so much more I need to know. I’ve had too much to drink, I’m hungry, I’m tired, and I want to go to bed. I need to consider your proposal just as I considered that contract you gave me.” – I’ve never been more proud of Ana than I am in this moment. But, how can someone be so stupid some times, and rational/logical/smart when the plot demands it. Oh.
22. They’ve known each other for what, 4 weeks? 5? Sit on that for a bit.
23. Ana: „My subconscious has thrown her empty bottle of gin on the floor and is sitting up in her armchair, glaring at me in horror.” – can I get in on that gin? I’ll supply a bottle of my own. Alcohol has become mandatory in order for me to finish this book.
24. It’s like all the drama in the world has been dumped in this chapter and I’m just here in my corner rolling my eyes over and over again and perfecting the art of the facepalm.
26.Shit—a nightmare!” – this is the kind of quality writing one has come to expect and not be at all surprised when reading this „marvellous” piece of crap literature.
27. Post-nightmare sex.

28. „Fuck. I can’t do this. Not now.

“Christian … Stop. I can’t do this,” I whisper urgently against his mouth, my hands pushing on his upper arms.

“What? What’s wrong?” he murmurs and starts kissing my neck, running the tip of his tongue lightly down my throat. Oh …

“No, please. I can’t do this, not now. I need some time, please.”

“Oh, Ana, don’t overthink this,” he whispers as he nips my earlobe.”


30. This reads like a rape scene what the fuck
31. He’s letting her touch him in the “forbidden” areas and suddenly she wants to have sex. Oh, I’m sorry, she wants to make love.
32. No. Just no. I am 9000% done with this shit.
33. Christian: “You can still say no. You can always say no” – I’ll just ignore the fuck out of it and emotionally trick you into wanting to have the sex with me.
34. Ana orgasms when he asks her to, because HE needs that,  even though she says in her monologue 2 seconds earlier that she can’t. Christian is the ultimate dick to Ana.
35. This is the most fucked up sex scene I’ve ever read. Someone hold me. Bring chocolate.
36. It’s not tender and sweet and it doesn’t make you feel for the characters. It’s supposed to, but it doesn’t. It’s rapey and fucked up and so so wrong I can’t even right now.

37. This is how you know you’re reading Fifty Shades: you can’t believe it can get any worse, and then you turn the page. 
38. I need a fucking break.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey masterpost

Monster- Liam Dunbar (3)

I don’t know where I’m going with this plot, but wherever the wind takes me is where I’ll be

You looked at Liam out the corner of your eye, pressing your lips into a thin line before clearing your throat, whispering so you wouldn’t get caught. “Liam, the other day, at your house, something strange happened and I was just wondering, if you could explain it.” You fiddled with your pencil before looking up to see where the teacher was, noting she was still standing by the board trying to teach. “Your eyes, they were blue one minute, and then the next they were gold. And I don’t know if I’m just going crazy or what.” Liam blinked at you, his lip pulled slightly back between his teeth. “But I swear, they changed.”

He was panicking, deep inside his mind screamed to tell the truth, but he couldn’t find the words to explain it to you. How do explain that you were bitten by a werewolf and now you are one? Even just thinking about it made him sound like a lunatic. There was no way you would ever believe him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you were just hallucinating.” He snorted, turning away from you so you couldn’t see his face.

You stared at him for a little bit, turning back to focus on the lesson at hand. You weren’t happy with his answer, but you didn’t press him further, knowing that when he was ready, he would tell you. But still, you couldn’t take your mind off his eyes changing just like that. It was as if he was transforming into a different person. You were so lost in your thoughts, you barely noticed the teacher calling your name. You jerked out of you thoughts when Liam jabbed you in the ribs, glowering at him before snapping your eyes to the teacher.

“Since you haven’t been listening, I will go over partner assignments again, just for you.” You sunk in your seat when a bunch of glares were sent your way, a blush rising to color the apples of your cheeks. You found out that Liam, was not your partner, and you had been paired up with one of the cockiest players on the lacrosse team, making your life ten times worse because you’d be doing all the work. You picked up your assignment packet, looking around until spotted Jack sitting with his girlfriend. He casted you a smug look and you rolled your eyes, checking over the requirements before turning to look at Liam with a frown written over your face.

“Who’d you get?” He nodded his head to a red-headed girl playing with her phone. “You want to switch partners?” You whispered lowly, a chilling growl leaving your lips. Liam turned and blinked at you, the corner of his lips turning up.

“Nah, you and Jackie-poo can have fun together.” He teased, recalling your once crush on the dumb player. You ground your teeth together with a glare, punching him in the arm lightly. “I’m just kidding, but seriously, you’ll be okay.”

“Your only saying that because you got someone who’s going to work with you. Jack isn’t going to do anything but get in my way.” You grumbled, putting your head on the table with every curse word in the book coming from your muffled lips. Liam laughed and you cracked a tiny smile, standing up when the bell rang.


You walked beside Liam, laughing and joking like nothing had ever happened between you, but the nervous thought that he would hurt you again was still buzzing in the back of your head. You looked up at him with tears in your eyes from how hard you were laughing. He looked down at you, a smile sliding across his face from how happy you looked. “So, tonight’s pizza night, are you sure your not coming?” He suddenly asked, leaning against the locker right next to you, a hum deep in his throat. You looked up at him after pulling you locker door open, shrugging while digging around for you Spanish book.

Your eyebrows furrowed when you turned to look at him. “How’d you know I wasn’t going?” Liam visibly froze and you narrowed your eyes.

“Uh, M-Mason texted me in class, and I was just-”

You saw right through him, gritting your teeth with a glower. “You never even pulled your phone out during class, so I know you’re lying to me.” He took a step away from you, rubbing the back of his neck with a nervous chuckle. “Liam, what are you not telling me?”

He swallowed thickly, looking around before sighing. “I have to go, Finstock will be pissed.” You watched him walk away, a frown plastered on your face. There was something he wasn’t telling you, and you were going to find out, one way or another.

watson-emma  asked:

Drabble request! Please and thank you! Set at Nola. Caroline's been living there but their just 'friends' its Klaus' birthday and Caroline throws him a party! That was Caroline's gift to Klaus but what he wants is a birthday kiss from her!

So because it’s your birthday I made myself sit down and work through my writer’s block! Funny how much writing you can get done if you just sit at the computer and try ;)

So Happy Birthday Cassie, I hope you enjoy this!

(Kol is alive in this cause I do what I want ;) )


The Birthday Gift


“Caroline, love, would you please tell me where you’re taking me?” Klaus asked for what must have been the tenth time that night.

Caroline just laughed and shook her head, grabbing his hand and pulling him further down the street. Any further complaints died on his lips as he tightened his fingers around hers and continued to follow her.

If someone had told him five years ago that Caroline Forbes, the only person in the world who could still make him feel human, would move to New Orleans after she finished college, he would have laughed at them, though secretly he would have jumped for joy. Now that it was a reality, he was still shocked she was there, never truly believing she would show up on his doorstep in less than a century’s time.

But then again, she hadn’t, not really. She had said she was tired of all the Mystic Falls drama and she wanted to get away. But she wasn’t ready to leave completely. She still had her mother to worry about and she didn’t want to leave the country and risk something happening while she was away. Admirable, of course, but still immensely frustrating for him. He wanted to show her the world, all of it, but he supposed he could begin with one of his favorite cities.

And that would have been wonderful, showing her his world, his home, watching her face light up at every new sight and experience. Yet he didn’t really have that, either. Because they were still ‘just friends.’ Caroline had been quite clear when she showed up at his home. She was there to get away, to experience new things, to let him share those experiences with her, but only as a friend. She wasn’t ready for forever yet, she had said.

And Klaus could wait, he would wait, for her. But he wasn’t sure if having her by his side, day in and day out, yet not actually having her was better or worse than if she had remained away. But in the end he would take what he could get; any time with Caroline was worth the heartache of not being able to hold her, touch her, feel her like he had that one glorious day in the woods. Fleeting touches helped, though, even if they were merely friendly in nature and not romantic. The feeling of her warm hand in his as she dragged him down the sidewalk was enough to sate him. For now.

“Okay, here we are!” Caroline declared, coming to a stop in front of a familiar bar.

Klaus gave her a puzzled look. “Sweetheart, we come here almost every night, why didn’t you just tell me where we were going?”

“Because it was a surprise,” the blonde said, grinning mischievously as he looked at her with a raised brow, wondering what she was up to.

“What do you-“


A chorus of voices greeted him as they stepped through the door, causing his eyes to widen in shock. Not much could surprise the thousand year old hybrid, yet Caroline had managed it with seeming ease.

“What is going on here?” Klaus asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at the familiar faces that surrounded him.

Caroline rolled her eyes. “It’s your surprise party, duh!”

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Ahh, Adventure Time, hard to believe it’s going to turn 5-years-old this year. 5 years and still going plenty strong; viewership of new episodes is always high, merchandise sales are through the roof, and the fanbase is only continuing to grow in size.

It is a show that saved Cartoon Network from a Dark Age of mediocre original programming and steered producer interests away from subpar live action shows. You could say Adventure Time was a game charger and brought on a new kind of creative prosperity in children’s animation made for television. Thanks to the silly humor, imaginative stories, colorful characters, off-beat dialogue, and not being afraid to get serious and substantial, Adventure Time brought in audiences of all ages, and from all walks of life.

The show has had loads of ups… but unfortunately loads of downs as well. You know where this is going, for as much as the show gets praised for its writing there is a lot of dumb decisions made in regard to plot progression and character evolution. Some of these poor decisions have majorly detrimented the show, leading to plot holes, plot cul-de-sacs, actual content not matching the hype that was advertised, or in some cases just outright terrible resolutions.

For today’s post, we’re going to talk about 8 OF THE WORST CREATIVE DECISIONS MADE IN ADVENTURE TIME. These can involve plot points, character stories or episodes that just weren’t up to par. You’ve got to wonder if some of these are a result of poor writing from the staff, or production mandates to keep the show from straying too far past the status quo and keep it accessible to new audiences.

I’m going to make a DISCLAIMER and say some of these opinions might be considered controversial and I hope you’ll all understand that I don’t mean any ill-will in the things I say. Also, if you haven’t seen the show this can get a little spoiler-y

With that, let’s get to it

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anonymous asked:

What SHOULD they have done for the 50th?




It was a giant pile of horse shit.  I was expecting to be disappointed in a lot of aspects, cause Moffat, but I didn’t actually expect to feel like he’d rooted around in my brain and fished out everything I never wanted.

If you’re asking how I would have liked it to have gone…ohhhh…hang on.  This might get a little…disjointed.

First of all, I would have kept the Eighth Doctor involved, because the Eighth Doctor is a badass, and would ABSOLUTELY have been on the front lines of a war with the DALEKS, until such time as he realized that the people fighting WITH him were as much the enemy as the creatures he was warring with.  I can guarantee you that he absolutely would have come to the decision to use The Moment; the decision would definitely come with a truckload of guilt, but he would have done it.

I also would have done pretty much anything in my power to get Chris on board with it.  You want a certain director?  We can do that, or at least make the effort to make it possible, and then ‘negotiate’ (read: plead on knees) with him if for some reason we COULDN’T make that happen.

The zygons would not have been a thing, at all.  Ever.  I can still see the Moment pulling in other Doctors for support of Eight, but seriously, a plot that big already, just focus on that.

The Moment would have been someone else entirely, probably Susan.  As much as I love Rose, I think Susan would have had a more lasting impact through incarnations.  And they totally could have done it…cast the girl who played in An Adventure Through Time and Space.  Voila.

Also, cut the cheap action sequences barely worthy of Galaxy Quest, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT TURN THE DOCTOR’S SONIC SCREWDRIVER INTO A WEAPON.  That COMPLETELY defeats…god, everything about him and his chosen tools.  Anyway, better to use the special effects budget on showcasing some of the abstractness of the war.

So, if we want to look at how it could have gone:

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Not While I’m Around

Title: Not While I’m Around

Author:  anon

Rating:  T+

Imagine: Nope, just from off the top of the old head.

Word Count: 2268

Notes:  You get stood up on a date (again) and your BFF Aaron Hotchner is, as usual, there for you. —- I’m contemplating a part two to this if anyone is interested, let me know! 

Triggers: Stood up on a date and mention of alcohol and some swearing towards the end. 

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Akuma no Riddle is shit

Akuma no Riddle is absolute shit and I shall explain why.

This anime is about nothing: nothing ever happens, there is no conclusion, no plot, no character development, no nothing. These 12 episodes amounted to absolutely nothing and to me Akuma no Riddle and a turd are the exact same thing.

Let’s go over the “plot”.

So, we have this clan in which the female heir has the ability to “control” or “manipulate” the people around her to serve and protect her even if she’s not using it consciously and somehow that led to the deaths of various clan members and even her own family who died protecting her from harm. What harm?

No one ever told us who the fuck tried ripping Haru’s fucking legs off in the first place or why the fucking hell does she have a titanium rib in her fucking chest did they? No, all they did was plaster some “super awesome amazing scars” all over her body and leave it to be “oh so very mysterious”.

So why the hell would anyone try to target some girl in the first place? We don’t know.

We don’t even know why her clan is oh so prestigious and important do we? All we know is that some woman’s hobby is to stuff a few assassins in some classroom along with airhead girl nº1, sit back and watch the show in some high tech room. It’s not even specified whether they’re related or not, all we know is that for some messed up reason their clan’s cemetery is located underneath Myojo Academy and that Yuri has the power to throw their clan’s heir to the sharks while laughing at it only to see if the girl can survive.

Sure, let us all ignore the crazy amount of scars she has plastered all over her body cause oh well, those aren’t proof enough that YES HARU CAN FUCKING SURVIVE PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING EVEN HER GODDAMN LEGS ALMOST GETTING RIPPED OFF.

Alright, so that’s the main “plot”, kind of. Does it tell us anything about the story? Not really no, it’s just a game that Haru happened to survive thanks to Tokaku. That’s it, that’s the whole story, it ends there: Haru gets thrown into a classroom full of assassins who happen to be targeting her, Tokaku volunteers to help her and in the end everyone survives, happy ending.

And now some people may wonder “Whaat no that can’t just be it? What about all the other girls and that white haired dude?”

Oh, you mean that good for nothing character? The one who happens to have the same exact design as Giovanni from DOGS Bullets and Carnage? Yes. That very same dude who does absolutely nothing throughout the series aside from sending some riddles to Tokaku and grin like a dummass.

So, since the main plot turned out to be absolutely pointless as there is no goal to the game the girls were submitted to apart from making their wishes come true, let’s at least try to talk about the other characters, maybe they’ve brought some excitement to the bland, pointless anime? Answer is no.

All of the girl’s stories are stupid as hell, none of them making actual sense and honestly I can’t really believe some of the people here on tumblr actually have “feels” for this stupid fucking anime and characters. Just so you know, in my opinion Boku no Pico has a better plot development than the whole AnR anime.

Haru is dumb as fuck, enough said.

I don’t even know where her strange “oh lol I can resist any kind of sleep inducing drug ever” ability came from, what was this author thinking? Do they simply make up new abilities for Haru everytime something happens?

I still don’t understand why the other assassins had to wait for each other’s announcements and all that, if it was supposed to give off a very “adult” or “professional” vibe then it totally failed, miserably. Haru is just.. I don’t even want to go there.

Don’t get me wrong, Akuma no Riddle could’ve worked pretty well if it had aired back in the year 2001.

Next up we have Tokaku, I don’t even.

Let’s analyse her background story:

                Her grandmother wanted her to fight, her aunt and mom didn’t so granny killed both her daughters just to take Tokaku back and train her to be an assassin. Before her aunt died she told Tokaku both she and her mother would be looking after her, preventing her from actually killing someone so that’s why she can’t kill anyone throughout the series.

Is this even relevant to the plot? No. The anime ends with Haru and Tokaku hanging out in the streets without us ever even knowing what the hell happened. My best guess would be Tokaku’s wish being something like being freed from her clan or both Haru and her being freed from their own two respective clans. But wait, Tokaku didn’t actually kill Haru so, yeah. Who needs rules anyways right?

Then we have Nio, is she relevant? Absolutely not. She’s just Yuri’s pawn to try and kill off Haru in the end because why the fuck not. All of her backstory and abilities were completely ignored because well, she spent the last episode disguised as Tokaku anyways throwing invisible knives at Tokaku’s head just for fun.

I actually liked her design and her as a character at first but those tacky tattoos were just.. No.

Isuke is just.. I don’t even, her backstory is just dumb. She’s just a girl with a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome who talks too much, but at least she tried killing Haru more than once so she’s got that going for her.

Although her design is shit and her backstory turned out to be even shittier I did like its concept, you know, the assassin dude who saved her having called himself both Daddy and Mommy so Isuke wouldn’t need to feel lonely or something. Turns out he’s just gay, alright.

Worse than that is Isuke’s fucking ending, she fucking lost the game and the final result is her hanging out at the beach with her parents, again, who needs rules anyways right? See where I’m getting at? If in the end Yuri was just going to release everyone in the end then what about all the hostility between clans and assassins and shit when everything is just fucking pointless?

With this I’m not trying to say everyone should have died for it to be a good anime, I’m just saying it was a major let down to see the girls alive and kicking after dying their own tragic deaths. If there’s no punishment for failing then.. Fuck me, seriously. Moving on.

Hanabusa is going to become a chef, I arrest my case. Is that supposed to be a good happy ending? What was she supposed to be anyways, robot girl? She fell down a goddamn sky scrapped and ended up surviving, alright.

Next we have Mahiru or Shinya or whatever. I actually thought she was pretty cool but really? Achieving enlightenment on top of a hill? Too bad that’s not the crappiest ending in the series.

Haruki is one of the girls who actually got a decent ending. Her wish was for her family to never have to go through financial difficulties ever again, she tried killing Haru and failed because of Tokaku’s miracle intervention SO in the end she had to go work to help her family with their financial struggles! Something that finally makes sense in this goddamn anime!

These two bitches are just dumb. Their episode was rushed like fuck, wasting the actually good idea they had for their deaths which ended up being FAKE. Someone please explain to me how would two chicks survive a stab to the heart and drinking poison? Why would they even sacrifice themselves for each other when they had only known each other for around a week? I actually do think their story had potential for a 26 episode anime, not a 12 episode one.

Kouko’s story isn’t even bad but it’s not fascinating either, she ends up killing all the nuns in the organization she’s from when her wish was to be freed from the assassination business. Sure, alright.

Shiena was killed with poison to the face, survived and ended up hacking the school’s website in a bathroom stall. If that doesn’t spell out miserable character for you then I don’t know what would.

Suzu is just dumb, who the hell would think hiding a playing card inside a watermelon was a good idea? That pool episode was simply sad, I don’t even. Her design is horrible, her story is dumb as fuck and just.. No.

This one bitch was actually cool, I liked her alot and she’s actually the only girl that ended up in jail?? I don’t even, I could go on and on and on with this post but I’m getting kinda tired now so meh. 

So, in the end Akuma no Riddle was just a pointless shit anime, I’m glad it’s over and I do hope this fandom dies eventually because seriously dudes, Boku no Pico has a better plot than this piece of shit.