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this isnt on anon but i really respect your friendship with brice and i love it a lot and you're just so nicd and kind and i really live seeeing you on my dash :)

This made me cry because I just really love brice and he just deserves everything good and hes the sweetest thing and hes put up with like 80 tons of my shit and Idk why someones respect of our friendship triggered tears but also just thinking about how much I adore him could have triggered them too
He means the world to me, he deserves the world, I would fight the world for him to always be happy ( @bunny-yams )
And also I cry everytime someone says they love seeing me on their dash bc I dont even post original content and yet people care ;u;
Ur gr8

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I've never felt more wrong than I did this weekend. Someone I genuinely care about went on & on asking why I didn't have a boyfriend or why I didn't want sex, and I kept saying it wasn't my thing, I didn't want it and that sex grossed me out. He didn't see that as legitimate reasons and that every human was born with a need for intimacy that we should all embrace. It made me feel horrible and so alone. So I'm thankful for this blog reminding me that I'm not wrong and that I'm not alone. <3

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Stay strong, friend. <3

  • Ezarel: I know Miiko is doing what she can, but...
  • Gardienne: Right?! She doesn't listen.
  • Ezarel: Yeah.
  • Gardienne: You wanna argue about something, gotta bring a whole army with you.
  • Ezarel: Um...
  • Gardienne: And she gets worked up so easily.
  • Ezarel: Um, Gardy...
  • Gardienne: You know what, sometimes she's just down right mean!
  • Ezarel: Gardy...
  • Gardienne: Like, I'm new to this place of course I don't understand things of course I need help, but she gets so mad about it.
  • Ezarel: ...
  • Gardienne: I'd say someone needs to tell her to just chill but no one would have the courage.
  • Ezarel: ...
  • Gardienne: She's- she's right behind me, isn't she?
  • Ezarel: [says yes with a nod]
  • Gardienne: [slowly turns around]
  • Gardienne: [sees no one]
  • Gardienne: YOU ASSHOLE!

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Edward Elric, for the headcanons? :)

Thank you for asking!! Sorry it took me a few days to answer. (I practically started writing a fic for the answer to heart crushing. XD)

Realistic: When Edward becomes a dad, he becomes a Dad™. Team Mustang jokes that he’s like the reincarnation of Hughes, with all his photos and rambles about his wife and children. You thought he was bad when someone cracked jokes about his height? Try saying something about his kids and see how defensive he gets.

Hilarious: There were actual fights over who was going to take on the roles of parents of the groom for his wedding. Hohenheim had likely died by then, so he was out of the running, but there was still the Curtises, Roy, Riza, and Major Armstrong (”LET ME GUIDE YOU THROUGH THIS PIVOTAL MOMENT, WITH THE TRADITIONS THAT HAVE PASSED DOWN THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY FOR GENERATIONS!” *sparkle sparkle*) squabbling amongst themselves. It takes Ed trying to elope for them to calm down.

Heart crushing: My original answer accidentally turned into a mini-fic. Oops. (I think I’ll clean it up later and post it on its own.) Basically, Ed lives in near constant fear that he’ll become like his father. Yes, he doesn’t hate the man as much as he used to; and he’ll admit, he can even understand Hohenheim’s reasons for going away. But that doesn’t change the damage his absence caused. Ed doesn’t want Winry to wear the same sad, lonely expression his mother did. He doesn’t want his children hardly knowing their father, and growing up thinking that he didn’t care about them or his mother. He swears up and down that he’ll be better…but he’s terrified that that’s a lie.

Doesn’t work with canon: Hrmm, this one’s difficult…. So, essentially all of Ed’s teenage years, he spent in the military. At one point, Roy realizes that Ed is growing up, and sort of heaves a sigh and decides since there’s no one else really to teach the kid how to be an adult, it’s up to him. Edward is none-too pleased with the prospect, but there’s really no avoiding it. So Colonel Mustang teaches him how to drive (not a fun experience for anyone), what’s up with taxes and budgeting, has a very uncomfortable talk, and shows him how to shave.

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I think it wud be unfair to deny the possibility that Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign cud be hooking. What only baffles me is that Lauren's tumblr says otherwise. She obviously still implies she's in the process of moving on or better yet wanting someone back but prove their relationship in actions. Idk anymore.If i were Camila,and Camren was real, i wont buy this kind of fiasco. If there's only one thing Lauren's doing, she's only driving Camila away. No one wants to see her gf being in someone's arms

One of my delulu theories is actually that this whole Ty p.r thing was also maybe part of them breaking up - Lauren told Camila about the p.r plan and Camila wasn’t pleased about it - it was maybe the breaking point, the last straw that broke the camels back…

yo question for my american followers...

I’m going away to California in July for a fun trip I’ve been saving up for, and being a clueless kiwi, I’m not really sure what to expect. Any advice or tips for someone new to how things work? Tipping??? Advice/warnings about transport or accommodation? I’ll be in San Francisco, Anaheim (briefly, so I can challenge mickey mouse to a duel of fate), and LA for a couple days. Suggestions of things to do/places to see/places to eat are also very welcome! LA is the only place I have yet to organise a place to stay for oops need to get on that but yEAH, any advice/warnings and suggestions would be very helpful! Thanks guys!! I’m so excited this dream is finally coming true, haha!

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Reading more on your blog has taken me from "kink relationships are so strong, all based around consent. The sub is in power too uwu" to "wow it's fucked up that someone could hit their partner and see them cry and say no and have that be the thing that turns them on. Like maybe beating your partner to the point they dissociate/need medical care after/ or have to use a safe word bc you don't respond to the word no isn't magically ok because it gives you a boner." I think I made an upgrade. ❤ ya

<3 <3 <3

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i love that wip!!! is there a reason you made scout look more cartoonish? i feel like the rest of the mercs are realistic but scout looks like he could be in gorillaz, you know? also, you should draw someone in the shower lol

That’s because I just used the initial sketch I did of Scout with no revisions. The others have all been revised at least a little, and when I do that, things tend to get less cartoony.

If you’d like to see a drawing of a TF2 character in the shower, you can pay me, and I’ll draw it for you.

Unfun Fact:
well over 50% of my art goes unfinished, unseen, and never posted.

this has actually been kind of kiling me lately. more than it usually has over the last decade tbh. and i guess i feel like i need to post this hoping someone will relate, or assure me that its fine to share my art as-is rather than struggling to make it look “perfect” or whatever before people see it… please keep reading if you might understand

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i headcanon shiro as a total player and ladies' man during his garrison days, imagine him putting the moves on allura omg

like admittedly it’s hard for me see this bc shiro is so collected (and also I myself am Not Smooth and my own attempts at flirting are like beating someone over the head with a pool noodle) but like, thinking about him maybe having really rusty skillz is hilarious, so!

They were in the lounge, snacking on something that Hunk had brought back from their last shore leave planet and had insisted tasted a lot like graham crackers (they did, but like all things in space, were just slightly off the norm), when Keith suddenly sat up straight, a very rare grin on his face, and leaned forward, saying, “Oh, this is gonna be beautiful.”

Surprised at Keith the Enigma’s sudden expression of anything but stoicism or irritation, Lance followed his eyes to see Shiro walking over to where Allura was waiting for the dispenser to fill her cup with some weird space tea or something.  Something was off, though, and Lance eyed Keith.

“What’s—“ he began, but Keith clapped a hand over his mouth.  

Quietly,” he said, putting a finger to his own lips.

What’s going on,” Lance stage-whispered.  Keith rolled his eyes (uncalled-for, Lance had totally been quiet, had they been at dinner with his family he definitely would have gone unheard) but leaned over.

“An unstoppable force is about to meet an immovable object,” he said.  By now their whispering had gotten the attention of Pidge and Hunk, too; Pidge apparently knew what was about to happen as well, because she shared a significant look with Keith, and they both bit their lips to keep something, probably laughter, inside.  

Lance wished Keith wouldn’t do that.  It drew attention to his mouth.  

He couldn’t hear most of whatever they said, but he knew the unimpressed expression on Allura’s face all too well.  Lance could sympathize with Shiro here, at least; he knew, all too well, the pain of being completely and utterly shut down by Allura.  But she’d never been flushed like that when she’d stomped away from his advances, so maybe… and he’d never blanched, then run after her like Shiro was doing, so… maybe there was something to that.

Pidge cackled.  “Swerve.”

“Rough,” Hunk agreed.  “Keith, you gonna…?”

“Nah.”  Keith sat back, breaking off another section of space graham cracker.  “It’ll work itself out.”

Just my two cents..

This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but here’s my two cents on the AH comments… Obviously it’s frustrating to watch your team not come away with the results they should. It’s frustrating to be one of the biggest leaders on your team and literally not be able to do anything to help your team win a game. That’s not saying her making saves doesn’t help the team out, it obviously does, but AH is a goalkeeper and please someone, ANYONE tell me the last time a GOALKEEPER scored a goal in a game?  A common thing I am seeing said is “defense wins games”, and to an extent it does win games, but you know what really wins games? SCORING. GOALS. AH could save every single shot hit at her in a game, or the defense can be on fire and clear the ball out before it ever makes it back to her to save; but if a forward (other positions can score too obviously but IT’S A FORWARDS LITERAL JOB TO SCORE GOALS) never makes it into the back of the net, they can’t win. The most the team could get it a draw, which is better than a loss but it’s still not a win. Anyway, I’m getting off topic (shocker, I know). As for AH comments after the game here’s where I stand: NOTHING. SHE. SAID. IS. WRONG. As many have pointed out (like any one of us could possibly forget) AH is Orlando Pride’s Captain. You know what I love about her being Captain? That not only is she the first to point out when another player or the team as a whole is doing something well, she also calls them out when something isn’t working. That ’s her job as Captain to point out their strengths AND THEIR WEAKNESSES. As an athlete, I sure as hell wouldn’t want someone who just tells me when I’m doing something right, I want that person who isn’t afraid to call me out on my mistakes and make me want to get better. Anyway, those are some of my thoughts on this, not all because we’d be here awhile if I let all of them out. Feel free to come talk to me about yours whether you agree or disagree I’m always up for a good discussion.

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Sometimes, I hope some anti tries to talk shit to me. Because then I could rant to them how they are fictional characters who can't be hurt. And if I wanted to, I could do whatever I want with them. I could make Lance kiss a bear, or Shiro do the tango with a rock(I could have put down worse). The only thing that limits an artist is their imagination. And there's nothing they can do to stop me. But it would be a waste of time and energy.

I deadass saw a tangled AU a while ago where Keith was the goddamn horse and antis are chill w that and see that as legit but god forbid someone just interpret a character as a few years older !!!!!

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Do you have self esteem issues? As I'm scrolling through your blog I feel like you do. I saw a pic of you and you're really pretty. Were you bullied as a child or something? I have terrible self esteem issues too but I'm actually very unattractive.

Hi, how are you? First off, thank you so much for the compliment. I appreciate it so much. Thank you so much for saying that and for writing to me. It really means so much. Thank you ❤️. As humans, I think we all deal with self esteem issues and feeling inferior in many ways. We’re put in this body, our soul trapped inside it - on this earth where a lot of who we are is how we look - it is what represents us, the first thing judged - when you’re around someone it’s always what they see and when someone closes their eyes and remembers you - it is that body that they recall first. When something significant happens in life - good or bad - it is your photograph they show - everything you are inside or what you did is this image - our face, our hair, our teeth, our legs. On top of that, we face societies beauty standards and conceptions of what we all should look like and if we don’t meet those then you’re almost outcasted in some ways - life moments are seen as in jeopardy if you don’t look a certain way - finding a significant other, a job, etc. Constantly comparing ourselves. It’s overwhelming to think about - so it’s not a surprise that every single human deals with self esteem issues or faces times where they find themselves unattractive!!! You’re not alone. At all.

We all face self esteem issues. But for me, it has always been beyond that. To a point of abnormality. And I knew something has always been “off” with me in that regard. Never an ounce of self esteem in physical appearance which made it almost impossible to have any self esteem about other things. Nothing anyone can say or do to change it. I from a young age have just looked in the mirror and thought there was something wrong, all without anyone’s influence. Just my brain telling me that. And as I got older, I looked at other people and thought, this is NOT normal. People like themselves most of the time if not all, people LOVE themselves. People think they are good looking… and beautiful. It was really an eye opener to where I started to see that something was mentally wrong. A body dysmorphia type of situation. And no matter what, it’s always gonna be there. You could help it, sure. But for me, it will always be there. So, it’s deeper than self esteem issues.

I’ve been through a lot in life. And I’m certain that has all come to affect my image and self worth. I think everyone has a hard time growing up and in school but no, I wouldn’t say I was bullied! I pretty much coasted, had my friends. I had other personal things that most likely contributed to it but that’s all personal. But, no matter what I had already had those thoughts. No one put them in my mind. And if anyone has said anything in my life (and especially on here - I get like verbally assaulted about my looks on here haha), my mind has only used it as a validation of what I already thought.

But it has definitely gotten worse as I have gotten older. I live in a very mean and competitive city. I have worked throughout my 23 years and gone to school in a VERY critical and judgmental industry (FASHION) where EVERYTHING is based upon HOW YOU LOOK - how you dress, how you style your hair, do your makeup, your weight, YOUR GOD GIVEN LOOKS - and in one of the capitals of fashion - where everyone comes from all around to world to try to succeed in - it could be cutthroat.

I’ll tell you two HORROR STORIES that I can’t ever seem to forget - when I was a late teenager, I worked in a retail store on 5th AVENUE (Manhattan - NYC). (Not only was it mandatory to “be stylish, look good/on trend and wear heels 👠” - judged often in it too) managers would admit that they hired based upon LOOKS. If they didn’t think you were attractive, you wouldn’t get the job. Which, btw, is illegal. I had seen multiple people come in asking for applications or handing in an application and the managers would act nice to their face and give them one or accept it from the person but right when they left (unless they “were hot or sexy”) they cracked jokes about them and threw their application out in the garbage. I still remember this one time - I was standing there and a young guy (probably 21 years old) came in and handed in his application and when he left - the manager (who was like a 28 year old guy) started hysterically laughing and making fun of his acne - saying “did he look around, does he actually think he could work here?” And I felt disgusted and grabbed it out of the garbage and put it in with the applications they were considering. It made me feel so sick. Everything I tried to hold on to in life prior to that - beauty is found within - I still FULLY believed (and still believe) that but it made me realize that at the end of the day in certain and many life situations, that, that mantra is a joke. And I felt like something inside me had died after. I just wanted to be away from society. I quit very quickly after that. Another story like that is when I was in my late teens - I took a college class at a very famous fashion college. A professor actually said to the class, “I’m sorry if this is harsh but it’s just the truth and someone needs to tell you and all the people looking to be in this industry in Manhattan. You need to be attractive and beautiful and extremely stylish to succeed in this industry. If you’re ugly, you should probably just not try - quit now. It’s sad but it’s the truth.” I literally had to get up and go in the bathroom and just stand in there for a bit. Things like that actually make me physically ill.

I have hundreds of stories like that from my life, they disgusted me and definitely made me feel like appearance was everything and if I didn’t fit an image, I was just not worthy of anything. Those things didn’t help. But, you can’t let people tell you those things. When you look at the world and all the talented and successful people that have been on this earth. It didn’t matter what they looked like - who they are is what they contributed to this earth - never forget that. Everything that those people were trying to tell me, I KNEW was fucking sick and bullshit. But overall, like I said, it wasn’t those things that have given me my thoughts, I always just been what I am.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I know you are and you have to keep saying that to yourself even when you feel like you’re faking it. What you think really becomes what you are so we need to start thinking of ourselves in a positive light. Writing or saying out loud that we are unattractive is TERRIBLE!!! I know personally I can’t help it but we need people around us to remind us to stop and that we are amazing. So, stop, you are incredible. You are the only you on this earth. You will make a difference - you were chosen to be here. You are special. You are beautiful. What we are inside and how we treat people - is truly what people start to see on the outside. Don’t let anyone ANYONE effect what you think about life and what you think about yourself. All we have in life is ourselves. And if we don’t like it, what’s the point. And we were put here for a reason so there is a VERY strong point. Be who you are. Be confident and keep going. The reason why we are here will reveal itself soon. And none of us are here because of the way we look. And that is a 100% true. Thank you so much for the question and for being so sweet. Thank you so much for scrolling through my Tumblr. I hope you enjoyed it and decided to stay with me!!!! If not, that’s perfectly ok too!! I just hope you found some inspiration while you were here. So much love to you. ❤️❤️❤️

Korrasami kiss leak

I’m so glad someone told me about the Korrasami kiss leak because I was kinda prepared when it appeared on my dash and just about avoided seeing it. Unfollowed, I’m not taking that shit.

I respect Irene Koh and everyone who’s working hard on it. I’ve been waiting for two years and I can wait a couple more months for that kiss. I pre-ordered the comic and looking forward to reading it. You won’t see the kiss on this blog. (Not until the comic comes out anyway, after that you bet it’s gonna be the only thing I talk about for weeks.)

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why are you anti-ddlg? it's one thing to say you want none of that on your blog but saying you're against it is like someone saying they're against you being bi, it hurts feelings. I'm not gunna be mean but please realize that that is lowkey shaming people into ddlg.. we all need to be loving of others no matter what they believe in....

Okay first of all a kink is not a sexuality. You cannot choose to be a sexual orientation.
Ddlg promotes paedophilia and incest, sexualising little kids is??? Not okay.
It sexualises things kids do, how they speak, how they act, playing, their toys, etc.
You can clearly see it in my bio so why even follow me

Socially-awkward Kunzite is one of my favourite things.

Give me Kunzite getting all shy when Zoisite first presses his advances. 

Give me Kunzite innocently following his feelings, because they feel good, with no understanding of them until it gets too intense, then backing up with the grace of a startled bull.

Give me Kunzite who clears his throat and grunts and pats Zoisite on the head gruffly whenever he gushes.

Give me Kunzite who has learned to hide his shyness with professionalism and deflecting jokes.

Give me Kunzite who smiles so softly and faintly when he is in love, that only Zoisite can catch if he is quiet, and paying the utmost attention, like sighting a robin hidden in the midst.

Give me Kunzite who loves Zoisite so completely and wholly, but still shy.

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i want to scream every time i see “straight white boys texting” i get triggered constantly over things like that bc that reminds me of my abuse and every time i see stuff like that or even the winky face, i get anxiety and i want to die and every time someone uses it i die mega hard. also im tired of people making everything about them im mega super dead atm

post a selfie

(i posted some yesterday but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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hi!! I'm disabled so spend most of my time at home and I'm in therapy and today my therapist said I need to watch bubble boy and I tried to explain how those types of movies are harmful and she's just like "oh it's a comedy!! you need to see it!!" and totally blew me off! I'm so angry and just ugh. I showed my mom your video while we were talking about it and just thank you so much for making videos. having someone who explains things so well and who first hand knows what it's like is great💕💕

Aww, I’m sorry about your therapist but I’m glad I could help explain how you felt! Thanks so much! ❤

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When you see this, if you’d like, respond with 5 things that make you happy. Then tag a few people because Kyle changed the rules of what was previously a chain mail ask :)

1) When someone I love loves me back to a similar degree and in a complementary way. Major bonus points if it’s gay and/or close friendship.

2) That dank mutual pining. Bonus for arranged marriages, fake relationships, and soulmate AUs done right.

3) Lemon(s), as a food or in art or photography or on clothing

4) Pokémon GO on a beautiful day

5) Singing

Bonus: 6) Attention

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I have a question for you.....have you ever been asked out by a friend, and didn't want to hurt them so you said yes? And you never really wanted a relationship with them so you put on a whole charade so you wouldn't make the person feel bad, but made yourself feel bad in return?

Hmm…. no, actually. I have been told by a close friend that they had a crush on me though. Tell you what; I told him that I wasn’t interested and that he was like a brother to me, a close friend. He was hurt, yes, but he got over it and we’re still friends now. Good and true friends stick by you, even if certain things don’t work out, like crushing on someone or dating and being rejected. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable in a romantic relationship then both parties should respect that, even if it hurts. It reminds me of a saying I keep seeing around, though I tweaked it a bit:
If you love something, let it go, and if your love is true it will come back to you. Maybe not the same as it was before, but you’ll both be happier in the long run no matter how it goes.
Hope this helped :3