if someone reposts another thing of mine

reblogs vs. reposts

i’m making this post because there are more newbies to studyblr/tumblr in general than i thought. i’ve gotten a lot of questions about reposting and reblogging, so here’s a post differentiating the two. 

[also, i just found out a lot of my stuff is all over weheartit. i’m not too happy about it, but at least i put my tumblr url on there… idk.] 

reblogs are simply sharing posts to your blog. some general info: 

  • the arrows button on the bottom of posts turns green when you successfully reblog
  • you aren’t stealing when you reblog
  • it’s a compliment to the owner of the content
  • good tumblr etiquette
  • the equivalent of saying, “hey, i love what you made! i want it on my blog!”

reposts are the thing tumblr/artists hate. some general info: 

  • this IS STEALING
  • there is no button for reposts
  • it means you save a picture to your computer, then post it as yours without the owner’s permission 
  • it’s hurtful to the owner of the content
  • bad tumblr etiquette
  • the equivalent of saying, “look at what i made! even though it isn’t mine! i’m sharing it so people will think i made it!”

for existing tumblrs: 

  • i know when starting out, people will do this because they aren’t aware it’s stealing. if you see someone reposting another user’s content, do not go yelling at them. they most likely don’t know what they’re doing, so politely message them and tell them that reposting isn’t right and tell them to take the stolen content down. 
  • if they have been contacted and don’t answer/don’t care/have an excuse, then tell the owner of the material (if you haven’t talked to them yet/they haven’t see it) and report the reposter. 

for new studyblrs/new people to tumblr: 

  • weheartit is all stolen material. don’t post those to your own blog. 
  • if you see the source is weheartit, avoid reblogging it in general.
  • “reblogs” are when you see a post on your dash and you want it to be on your blog. you don’t save the picture and post it yourself. you simply click the reblog button and it’ll be on your blog with the original owner’s source on it. 
  • please do reblog.
  • please do NOT repost. 
  • you risk being blocked by other users if you repost.
  • you also risk your credibility as a blogger if you repost.
  • do not repost.

bottom line: reblogging is sharing from the source; reposting is stealing from the source and posting as your own. you don’t want anyone stealing your credit, so be considerate and avoid doing the same.

anonymous asked:

hi! sorry to bother you, but i think the one post of donghyuck with fries is a repost of someone else's set? i forget who, but i checked the source, and it doesn't say something like 'mine' or 'edits' so i think it's a repost

oh you might be right, there’s another post on their blog which contains gifs that i definitely know are by someone else :o

if you by any chance figure out who the original post is from, definitely notify them, because tumblr only lets the original creator report content theft!!

EDIT: ok SO the blog that’s apparently reposting things is @/donghyucksstuff and the original post that they’ve reposted is by @/nakamotens so if anyone sees this and has some time to spare, please notify them about this!! ;;