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So this is like one of my favorite moments in Fantastic Beasts–I know, it’s tiny! But hear me out:

What Newt does and says and his body language says so much!!!

First off, he, out of anyone in the world, knows full well that this isn’t a good place to release the Swooping Evil.


He spends all his time studying and working with animals that wizards don’t appreciate and couldn’t care for (and even want to kill), and he does this all alone because he doesn’t really fit in with people.

Then here comes Jacob, who knows like nothing! Newt has no problem just scooping him up and inviting him along, even though it’s illegal. And now, he finally has someone to show his lifelong passion to, who will find it interesting and wondrous, instead of unusual or weird.

You can tell by Newt’s body language in this scene, that he’s (very privately) been internally dying to show the Swooping Evil off to someone–though he would never voice or acknowledge that out loud (probably because of previous negative reactions). But you can tell, even just in this gif, that he’s daydreamed about it for weeks or months. His inner (perhaps childlike) self thinks this thing is sick!! And he’s been dying to share it!!

But Newt is not a boastful or loud person. He wouldn’t draw attention to that fact (he’s a Hufflepuff and also has been stigmatized in his society). No. But look at his body language–his back is to Jacob and he flings that beast out at him. It’s like he’s daydreamed about and yearned for this moment so much, he’s staged it!! That’s not the body language of someone who wants to gently show Jacob a Swooping Evil, that’s the body language of someone who thinks this thing is freaking sweet!! And has been internally, perhaps subconsciously dying to show it off. And if you don’t believe me, look close and you can see that tiny little smile/smirk he’s sort of hiding from Jacob.

Newt totally eats this thing up, but it’s like he doesn’t want anyone to know just how much so.

And then he says (sort of trying to hide his smile), “Probably shouldn’t let it loose in here.” When he knows full well he shouldn’t have, but he just feels the need to say that to downplay the reality that he just really wanted to share this thing with someone. Because to be so openly passionate about it is too much of a risk, too vulnerable, because of past rejections. No, he needs to almost play dumb so he takes 0 risks at being made fun of for loving this–even with Jacob, who is his best bet who won’t make fun of him (because he doesn’t know better)

The subtext is this like three-second moment kills me with it’s perfection. It’s freaking brilliant. 

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 35

Summary: You make a trip to Alexandria to continue for the hunt for Daryl.


“We are what we are. Nothing more, nothing less. There is good and evil among every kind of people. It’s the evil among us who rule now.” - Anne Bishop

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” - T.S. Elliot


The next morning was face paced and there was little time to spare with Negan wanting to make it to Alexandria as soon as possible. All of his men were gathered in the yard, most of them chomping at the bit at the thought of getting to tear the place up from head to toe once you arrived there.

Once you had readied yourself, you headed down to one of the buildings that were considered ‘apartments’ where David shared and room with Katherine and Ben. As far as you knew, Eugene was also staying on the same hallway in his own room, but you hadn’t seen much of him since he was brought back for making a bullet for Rosita. He mostly kept to himself, and lately you were too busy to pay much attention to anyone else.
You knocked on the door a few times, hearing movement from the other side until the door opened.
David greeted you at the doorway and ushered you inside with his hand.
You gave a nod and entered slowly, looking over the quaint little room. It wasn’t a bad looking room at all, considering all three of them were forced to stay in it together, and of course it was no where near as nice as Negan’s room, or your room for that matter.

Katherine and Ben were both sitting at a table in the center of the room, spooning what looked like oatmeal into their mouths.

“How are you liking it here?” You said aloud, but mostly speaking to David.

Katherine and Ben both looked up at you, giving a few sparse nods here and there before finally uttering, “Fine.” Neither of them seem to care for you, or their placement here very much, and you could say you felt the same. You would have much preferred just being in charge of David, atleast he talked –at times too much – but still talked.

You turned back to him, waiting for an answer.

He shook his head a little, “Well, I’ve got a roof over my head and food. There’s really not a whole lot I can complain about, is there?”

“That’s a really good answer.” You said, relieved that you didn’t have to scold him for giving some smart ass remark.

“What’s the deal for today?” He asked as he sat down on the couch that furnished the room, reaching down to tie the laces on his boots.

“I’ve gotta take a trip to Alexandria with Negan and the others, see if we can find Daryl.”

He nodded as he kept looking down, “So, what do you want us to do?”

“You are gonna come with me, and you two-” You trailed off as you turned your attention back to the table and walked over to lean against it.

They both took note and stopped eating to sit up right, looking nervous at the eagerness in your expression as you stared the both of them down, “You two are gonna work in the kitchen again. Seeing as how both of you seem to be a package deal, I won’t split you up. This is me being nice, and trying to extend an olive branch to you. Do we have an understanding?”

“Why do you wanna be nice to us now?” Katherine asked, squinting at you suspiciously.

“Exactly when haven’t I been nice?” You breathed, your eyes locked onto hers.

“You did threaten to kill us.” Ben cut in, leaning back in his chair.

You rolled your eyes, “Jesus, really? I said if you fucked me over I’d kill you, that’s it. I’m not just gonna blow your brains out because the mood strikes me..” You paused again and pointed at Katherine, “But you are the one testing my patience. I’m tired of the disrespect.”

Katherine immediately averted her glare from you as the thought of you pulling your gun out on her crossed her mind.

“I threatened David, too.” You reminded them, throwing your head back in his direction, “And look at him, he’s going out on runs with me and everything. All I’m asking for is cooperation. That’s literally it. So, I’ll ask again; do we have an understanding?”

They both gave eachother glances as if silently debating whether or not they should, and finally nodding to you in approval.

“Yeah, just don’t kill us.” Ben said before he focused his attention back on his food.

You gave a nod, “Like I said, just cooperate and I won’t have to, I won’t say it again. I’m sure you’d both rather have to deal with me than Negan, right?”

“Yes.” They both managed to say simultaneously, that was the one thing they seemed to be sure of.

“Good.” You said plainly as you turned around, motioning David to follow you as you headed out of the door.

When you arrived back outside, everyone was loaded into the trucks waiting to leave and you were met with the familiar angry glare of the man of the house.

“Jesus-fuckin-Christ, did the goddamn tornado sweep you away to Oz, or what? What the fuck kept you so long?” He demanded as he leaned against one of the trucks, swinging Lucille.

He closed your eyes for a moment before answering, “I had to make sure the other two knew what to do while we are away.”

“Why didn’t you fuckin’ bring them?” He asked, throwing an arm up, shifting his eyes to David, “You brought that shit stick.”

You pursed your lips, “They’d be kind of useless to us, Negan.”

Negan’s forehead creased as he listened to you, “And what makes him useful?” He asked, jutting his head towards David.

You glanced back to see David doing his best to stand tall against Negan’s critique, but you could tell all he wanted to do was cower in a corner, far away from Negan incase he decided to interrogate him with more suggestive and confusing questions.

“He shows potential, and he did kinda save my ass.” You breathed, hating to bring attention back to your own screw up.

Negan snorted and let out a small chuckle, “Mmm, you fuckin’ got me there. Maybe we should give him your goddamn job, huh?”

You lowered your head, not wanting him to see just how much the sting in those words hit you.
Your hands began to twirl into fists, much like the way a snake coils itself when it was ready to strike.
Of course, you’d never lash out and hit Negan, but it was starting to become more prevalent that your time here had made your temper short.. But constantly being around a man as volatile as Negan would surely have that effect on someone sooner or later.
You lifted your head back up and gave a small nod, accepting it.

“It won’t happen again.” You said in a calm tone, walking to the front of the truck.

“I’m sure it fuckin’ won’t, darlin’.” He called out to you as you pushed past him.

David followed behind you, heading for the cab of the truck as you crawled into it. Negan reached out his arm, grabbing David by the shoulder before he slung him back around to his side, “And where the fuck are you goin’?”

“To get in the- the truck.. sir?” David said nervously as Negan held him with one hand and Lucille too close for comfort in the other.

Negan scoffed and shook his head quickly, “Hell no, the front is for me and the lovely wife. You get the privilege of sitting in the fuckin’ back, asshole.” Negan patted David’s face before pushing him in the direction of the back large storage compartment on the back on the truck.

You rolled your eyes as David stood there dumbfounded before turning to get into the back with a defeated look on his face.

“What kept you from treating me that way when I first got here?” You admitted as he hopped into the front seat next to you.

Negan cocked his head in your direction, studying your face before he spoke, “Why the fuck would I?”

You shrugged, “I gave you way more trouble than he does.”

Negan shut his eyes as he smirked, “But he’s not you, now is he, babydoll?”

You smiled as you leaned back into the seat, “No, he’s not.”

“Al-fuckin-right then.” He said matter-of- factly.

The rest of the ride was quiet and the whole way there you could feel the anticipation radiating off of Negan.
You knew when he got this wound up that he was unpredictable and at his most dangerous, much like a wild fire when it gets out of hand, it’s hard to get it back under control and leaves destruction in its path.
You didn’t know what he was planning to do when he got to Alexandria, you didn’t know if he’d kill everyone looking for Daryl, take everything, or just go there to harass Rick until he made him cower down like a scolded dog.

None of the options would have been much of a surprise to you, you had witnessed and done a lot of shit since you’re time here and it was beginning to change you.
Even killing someone wasn’t as big of a problem as it once was, especially if they posed a threat to you, or Negan, but you tried to avoid killing anyone who didn’t deserve it.
Your mind was in such a daze that you hadn’t even noticed when you arrived to Alexandria, and didn’t even notice e when everyone exited the truck, except you.
You were usually nervous when trips to Alexandria were made, but there was something different about it this time.

There was a rapid snapping of fingers that finally broke your train of thought and you quickly turned you head to the source, Negan was standing there, his eyes rows raised as he gave you a peculiar look, “Darlin’, are you fuckin’ there?”

You blinked and pinched the bridge of your nose, trying to gain composure, and bring yourself down off the edge before nodding at him.

“Yeah, I’m just thinking.” You said, sliding to the edge of the seat.

He gave you an apprehensive look, he could sense the anxiety you held, “Don’t fuckin’ think.” He outstretched his hand to grab your chin, tilting your head up to him, “Take a goddamn breath, and get your head on straight, baby.” He spoke softly, almost a purr as he tried to give you a moment of comfort.

You took in a deep breathe and let it out slowly as his hand still laid on your chin. Negan never really took moments to calm you down, so it was almost odd whenever he did, but once he finally did it was an instant release of any tension that you felt. Even if you never trusted anyone else, you knew that you trusted him and his words.
You looked back up at him and gave a nod.

“Alright, I’m good. Let’s go.” You gave a half smirk and jumped down beside him.

“That’s my fuckin’ girl.” He smiled running his hand through your hair to grip it before leaning down quickly to kiss you firmly.

He released you and turned towards the gate as it opened up, revealing the insides of the compound and the people all standing around, waiting to see why Negan was here.
You followed behind Negan as he strode toward Rick who was at the front, leading his group, David had climbed out of the back of the truck and found his way to your side.

“What’s going on?” He whispered roughly.

“Be quiet.” You hissed back at him as you stared at the group in front of you, spotting Michonne behind Rick.

“Rick, just the goddamn man I was lookin’ for!” Negan said in a cheerfully, but you knew that this tone of voice was more dangerous than an angered one.

“We don’t have any supplies for you, yet. We’re gonna have to go out further to get stuff. The places around here are getting empty.” Rick said, putting a hand up, trying to reason with Negan quickly.

Negan shook his head and held out Lucille to point it at his face, “No, no, no, fuck no. Believe it or not, I’m not fuckin’ here to take whatever ever shit you’ve gotten for me – I’m sure you know why I’m fuckin’ here, Rick.”

Rick looked around at all of Negan’s men and to you, letting his eyes linger over you a but longer than anyone else.
He always seemed intent on letting you know just how disappointed he was with you with his looks.
You didn’t back down, you held eyes with him - staring back at him with the same sourness.
The constant, silent guilt trips were growing tiresome.
Rick finally averted his gaze back to Negan when he saw that you were going do drop yours.

“No, I don’t know why you’re here.” He said, his calm tone growing into a growl.

Negan hummed and held up his hand, snapping his fingers, giving his men the signal to spread out and tear the place apart.
They all quickly dispersed and pushed past the Alexandrians at the gate to get by, spreading themselves out between the houses.
Rick looked around at all of them with his eyes narrowed, shooting a look back to you and Negan who were the only ones still standing there.
You watched as Michonne made her way over to Rick’s side, laying her hand on his shoulder.

“What do you want?” She growled to the both you, her eyes full of hostility.

“How long are you gonna act like you don’t fuckin’ know, babydoll?” Negan chuckled as he leaned back, his arms outstretched, waiting for an answer.

“Know what?” Rick sniffed as he approached Negan a little closer.

Your hand moved instinctively to your gun as he did so, resting on it – waiting.

“Daryl.” Negan said coldly, the smile dropping from his face, you could hear the anger rising in his voice.

“You have Daryl.” Rick said as he let his hands rest on the sides of his belt.

“Thank you for that excellent goddamn observation, Rick. Now, tell me why the fuck would I be here if I still had him?”

Rick shook his head, “He’s not here.”

Negan sucked his teeth, his jaw flaring as he clenched his jaw, “We’ll fuckin’ see about that, won’t we?”

Rick tilted his head, “Why would he come back here?”

Negan prowled over to Rick, his grip tightened on Lucille, closing the space between them.
You kept your hand on your gun as you took a step forward, your eyes glued to Rick, with Michonne lingering a few feet behind him.

“Because Rick, a goddamn dog always returns to its fuckin’ home.” Negan growled as he stood over Rick.

Rick looking back up to Negan, unflinching, “You won’t find what you’re looking for.”

Negan leaned his head back momentarily before giving Rick a dangerous grin, “For your sake, you better fuckin’ hope we don’t find him here… Come on, darlin’.” He called back to you without his eyes leaving Rick.

You made your way over to both of them as he pushed past Rick and Michonne, both them staring daggers into you as you walked past.
You were definitely walking into a lion’s den, not only were you already viewed as a threat for literally sleeping with their enemy, but you had become the enemy by killing one of their own the last time you were here.
As you walked down the street of the town with Negan you could hear the loud crashing of glass and other materials as the Saviors that were inside the houses were literally tearing them apart.
You knew that a lot of what they were doing was out of enjoyment in destroying property, and not just for the sole purpose of finding Daryl, and for that you felt the slightest hint of guilt, but of course you weren’t about to say anything.

“Is destroying our homes necessary?” Rick asked as he watched one of Negan’s men throw a small end table out of one of the houses, the wood cracking and splintering onto the pavement.

“I guess it fuckin’ wouldn’t be necessary if you’d follow the fuckin’ rules.. Besides, it’s an easier fuckin’ clean up than if I killed somebody, isn’t it? I mean, would you rather me fuckin’ kill all these nice people here, Rick?” Negan asked in an amused tone, as he drummed his fingers on Lucille’s handle.

“No.” Rick protested quickly, “I don’t want anyone else to die.” He shifted his eyes to you.

You rolled your eyes back at him, breaking away from him and Negan to walk over to a porch on one of the houses.

“They look like they hate you more than they hate Negan.” David whispered low, trying to keep out of Negan’s earshot.

“No shit. This is the group I used to be with.” You said, walking up the steps.

“No shit? Seriously?” He said urgently, turning his head to look over the neighborhood as if he couldn’t believe you were once here.

You nodded and leaned against the railing of the porch, “Yes, really. I’m even more unwelcome since I killed somebody here last time, someone I used to know.”

He shrugged, “Why’d you kill them?”

“She tried to kill Negan.” You said bluntly, looking up at him.

A look of shock came over his face, “Honestly, you don’t look like the type that would kill.”

“Looks are deceiving, aren’t they? What, you thought I was just fuckin’ around when I threatened you, and the others?” You squinted, almost getting angry that he thought you were joking.

“No. It’s like I said, you don’t look violent.”

Your forehead creased, “Well, stick around long enough to annoy me, and you’ll see how violent I can be.”

He smirked, “I’d rather live..” He ran a hand through his hair as he looked over to Negan “So, you’re really serious about him, huh? I mean, if you’ll kill for him.”

“He’s done the same for me. We have a bond, and it might be complicated, and at times it might be downright shitty; but yes, I’m serious about him.”

He smiled and leaned down to rest on the railing, “Sounds like a regular fairy tale.” He said jokingly.

“Shut the hell up.” You laughed, smacking him playfully on the arm, “Why do you care anyway?”

“It’s just the world with the way it is now, stuff like that seems unimportant - y'know 'relationships’ or whatever you wanna call it. There’s enough going on already.” He admitted.

You leaned back up and gave him a seriosuly look, “Or maybe it’s more important now than ever. Nothing would be worse than having to go through this shit alone relationship or not, people still need other people whether we wanna admit it or not.”

“Says the girl who’s husband beats other people’s heads in with a bat.” He said bluntly.

“It’s for your protection as much as it is mine. Rival groups are just that - rivals.” You snapped, as your eyes narrowed at him, you could feel your temper starting to rise up in you.

“But you used to be with this group.” He raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t think I’m aware of that shit, David? I don’t particularly like seeing them like this, but they are my fucking people anymore.” You growled.

He stood up and put a hand up, clearly realizing that he was crossing a line with you, “I’m sorry, I was just trying to talk.”

“Yeah, that’s your problem. Learn when to shut your fucking mouth.. Before it gets you killed.” You gritted your teeth, pushing him back out of your way as you went back down the steps.

The problem with being in charge of David was the fact that even when he got on your last nerve, you still had to be around him.
He followed behind you, keeping his distance but still too close for your liking at the moment.
Surely, you could have told Negan and that problem would have been solved on the spot, but it would also have meant David would probably get thrown in a cell when you returned to the sanctuary, or worse. You were nowhere near spiteful enough to have that happen to him over such a small incident.. Not yet anyway.
You liked David, and his company was usually welcomed, but his questions about Negan had began to grow old.
You knew that it struck a nerve so deeply because he had a point, you knew a lot of things that Negan did weren’t so nice, but it was what it was.
If people were allowed to get away with things, even seemingly small things, Negan would be viewed as weak, that he could be walked all over, and so would the rest of the sanctuary – even if the people were some you used to be apart of something with.
This world was too brutal to not be brutal right back at it.

The search for Daryl continued while everyone stood outside of their houses, listeningredients to their belongings being thrown around without a second thought.
You felt a push on your shoulder and turned to the source, Michonne was standing behind you, glaring as she usually did.

“How can you stand around and watch this happen?” She hissed in your face.

You furrowed your eyesbrows at her, “I think we’ve already had this conversation. Tell him where Daryl is at, and we’ll leave.” You lowered your voice, getting closer to her, “What the hell do you expect me to do anyway, Michonne. You really think I have the power to make him stop?”

Her lips stretched into a thin line, “No, but your gun does.”

“The only person I’ll shoot is you, if you keep threatening us.” You growled.

“Michonne!” Rick called out, taking a few steps towards her, knowing that there would be no reason for you two to talk, unless it was an argument “Stop it. Now.”

“You better listen to your fuckin’ leader there, darlin’.” Negan said as he looked over to see what the commotion was about, he had a less than pleased look on his face.

“Fuck that.” She scoffed turning her gaze back to you.

The next few moments were almost in slow motion, you took a step back as you saw her hand reach up, grabbing for your gun.
Her hand caught the collar of your shirt as she slung you sideways.
You planted a foot firmly on the ground, catching yourself before she could how you to the pavement, you slammed your hand into her chest, giving her a hard push. Michonne stumbled backwards her hand still gripped on your shirt, taking you down with her, it was a struggle between the two of you as you wrestled on the ground.
You swung roughly and landed a punch in her face, she let out a pained groan as she tried to claw into your eyes.
Your anger had reached its peak and you pushed her down again, her head knocking hard against the pavement as you exerted yourself trying to climb onto of her, wrapping a hand around her throat as your fist came down on her face again and again, her blood running freely over your hand from the busted nose you had given her.

“Stop it!” You heard a man’s voice bellow in the background, it was distorted and you couldn’t hear much of anything, but your best guess was that it was Rick.

You had completely forgotten about everyone else, until you were finally pulled off of Michonne as she lay there in the street.
You were kicked and screamed as you were drug away from her, trying to break away to get in another punch.

It took you a few seconds to snap out of the rage you were in, and you looked around; David had his arms around you, holding you back.
You watched Rick as he ran over to Michonne, calling her name urgently as he dropped to his knees beside her.
She wasn’t dead, but you had busted up her face pretty well.

“Christ, you fuckin’ girls and the constant catfights.” Negan said nonchalantly as he walked over to you.

You looked up at him nervously, afraid he was going to scold you for what had happened.
His eyes shifted to David and he jerked his head back, “You can fuckin’ let her go now, asshole.” He said giving him a sour look as his hands were still wrapped around you.

David dropped them quickly, backing away from you at Negan’s order.

“What the fuck was that shit, darlin’?” Negan said in a low, hostile tone.

You wiped the sweat from your brow, allowing yourself a moment for your adrenaline to settle.
You looked over at Michonne who seemed like she was finally coming to as Rick lifted her up off the ground, debating whether or not to tell him the real story, or just chalk It up to the fact that you two hated eachother.
You chose the latter.

“She’s just pissed at me.” You answered, shaking your head, “She wants me dead. I’m considered a traitor around here, you know.”

Negan glanced back at Rick who was standing there, holding up Michonne.
He looked utterly defeated, “Can I take her into the house?”

Negan sucked his teeth, ignoring Rick as he turned back to you, “Fuckin’ kill her, if you must.”

“No.” Rick started to beg, “Please.”

“Rick, there are fuckin’ rules. This is the second goddamn time your lady has fuckin’ attacked mine, and I’ll fuckin’ leave it up to her.” He snapped at Rick.

“No.” You said bluntly, “Not today anyway.” You stood there firmly, looking from Rick back to Negan.

Negan nodded his head slowly and as you glanced back to Rick once more, you could see a look on his face that you hadn’t expected.
He looked greatful.

“Please.. I’ll talk to her.” Rick stammered as he adjusted her in his arms, “Please, let me take her inside.”

Negan sighed and turned to him again, swinging Lucille playfully, “Goddamn, you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch, Rick. Extremely lucky. And for this fuckin’ act of kindness on both our parts, don’t you think you owe us a little something?” He smirked.

Rick looked down at his feet, not wanting to answer him.
You could see his body tensing up from just being asked.

“C'mon, Rick. I gotta fuckin’ hear it.” Negan chuckled as he laid a hand on his belt, “You know there’s no alternate fuckin’ version where this goes any fuckin’ better than it is now. So, fuckin’ say it.” He demanded as his eyes burned into Rick.

Rick nodded slowly, sniffing as he looked back up, you could see the anger in his eyes as he forced out a “Thank you.”

Negan gave a slow clap and pointed at him, “Atta boy! Now see, was that so goddamn hard? And look at that, everyone is still fuckin’ alive.. But you’re still giving me that same goddamn shitty look like I pissed in your cereal or somethin’. Why don’t you fuckin’ try it again, Rick.”

Rick clenched his jaw tightly, his lip trembling as he took in a labored breath, “Thank you.”

Negan clicked his teeth as he set Lucille back on his shoulder, “That’s more fuckin’ like it.”

Negan motioned for Rick to follow him as he walked down the street to his house, you followed behind them with David still at your side.

“Are.. Are you okay?” David asked timidly.

You gave a nod, your anger towards him had diminished, “I’m fine. It’s not the first time I’ve been in a fight.”

“I thought you were gonna kill her.” He breathed.

“It wasn’t for lack of trying, if you hadn’t pulled me off I don’t know if I would have stopped.” You said, shoving your hands into your pockets.

When you reached Rick’s house, Negan’s men were walking out after they were done searching, and throwing things around, heading for the next house.
Carl was standing on the porch with Judith in his arms, walking down the steps quickly to greet Rick, his eyes shifting to Negan angrily when he saw him.

“Dad, what happened?” He said in a nervous tone, clutching Judith to his chest.

“Get in the house.” Rick growled, walking past him into the house.

“Kid.” Negan said in an upbeat tone.

“What did you do to her?” Carl narrowed his good eye at negan, nostrils flaring.

Negan leaned his head back and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Still acting like a fuckin’ badass, huh? I didn’t do shit.”

Carl shook his head and turned to go back into the house.

“Hold the fuck up.” Negan called as he reached back, handing Lucille to you.
You took her from his hand and propped her onto your shoulder like he always did.

“What?” Carl growled.

“Well, you didn’t think I was just was gonna make a fuckin’ house visit without holding that little fuckin’ ray of sunshine, did you?” Negan held out his arms and motioned to Carl, “Hand her here, kid.”

A look of nervous came over Carl as he held Judith protectively, she was starting to get fussy.
You guessed she could sense the tension in the air.
Carl walked down the steps slowly as he approached Negan.
You could tell he was struggling between wanting to not hand her over, and also not wanting to anger Negan.
He sucked in a breathe and transfered her over to Negan’s arms reluctantly.

“There, see.” Negan said sweetly as he held Judith up and bounced her in his arms. She calmed down and even giggled as Negan rocked her back and forth in his arms, “I think she fuckin’ remembers me.” He cooed.

“You could atleast not swear around her.” Carl said, annoyed.

Negan shot a look back at Carl, “Christ kid, she’s not old enough to even talk. She’d probably be better off if her first word was 'fuck’ anyway.” He looked down at Judith, “Isn’t that right?” He cooed again.

Judith giggled again, babbling back at him. A big smile came over Negan face as he kept looking at her, she reached up to try and grab a handful of his beard.
You could never help but smile when you watched him hold her, it seemed to be the only time he was ever completely sweet and non-intimidating.

Rick walked out onto the porch, his face went pale as he looked on in horror as he watched Negan holding his daughter.
His submissiveness seemed to have worn off at the sight, and he walked heavily down the steps with a dangerous look in his eyes as if he was seconds away from charging at Negan.

“Give her to me.” The twang in his voice getting more prominent now, his hand balled up into fists.

You knew he wouldn’t attack Negan while he had his own child in his hands, but you weren’t willing to risk any of it, and you quickly pulled your gun out, pointing it at him.
He slowed to a stop a few feet away from the both of you.

“Look, what your lookin’ for isn’t here. Daryl isn’t here. We do everything you want, give me my daughter.” Rick began to plead, his eyes starting well up with tears as he scowled at Negan.

Negan smiled and patted Judith on the back, “I fuckin’ know he’s not here, Rick. That’s pretty goddamn clear since we’ve searched the place from top to bottom.”

“Then just leave. Leave us alone until you come to collect your shit.” He snarled at Negan.

“That would be the fuckin’ thing you’d like, isn’t it? But there’s a goddamn problem there.” Negan said calmly.

“What problem?” Rick shook his head, throwing his arms out.

“Daryl being fuckin’ gone. Now, I’m not fuckin’ stupid, Rick. Maybe he’s not here at the moment, but he’ll show up sometime, if he hasn’t already, and when that happens, I have no fuckin’ doubt you’ll show up at my goddamn doorstep wanting to fight. If you fuckin’ did, that’s cool. We outnumber you pretty fuckin’ bad.” He sighed and shrugged his shoulder, “But I’d rather not waste my fuckin’ time on it, and to make fuckin’ sure you don’t come to my doorstep with your bullshit, I need to take out a fuckin’ insurance policy.” He gave Rick a wicked smile.

“Please.” Rick started to beg as he watched Negan.

“Too late for that shit. you know how you can fuckin’ fix it, give me Daryl.”

“I told you, I don’t-”

“You don’t fuckin’ know where he’s at.” Negan cut him off, “I tell you what, Rick. You work on fuckin’ finding him then, how about that.” Negan gave an evil smirk, “Until then, this little angel is gonna a have an amazing fuckin’ life at the sanctuary.”

Your eyes widened as you looked over to Negan, in shock at what he was saying.
It was something that you hadn’t even expected, your hands began to shake nervously as you held onto the gun.

“Negan..” You breathed fearfully.

He shifted his eyes to you, “Calm the hell down.”

“I’ll kill you. Both of you.” Carl stepped forward, looking at you and Negan.

“You’ve got some fuckin’ balls, kid, I mean it. But I’m not the one with the gun to my goddamn head.” Negan smirked as he turned to walk away.

You moved your gun to Carl, your hand still shaking at you gave him a sympathetic look as you backed away from the both of them, not letting your eyes leave from fear of them charging at you.

“Sorry.” You whispered.

You turned quickly and jogged in the direction Negan was heading to catch up with him.

“You can’t be serious, Negan.” You said in a skiddishly as you walked along side him quickly, looking back to see Rick and Carl following you in a panic.

“I’m very goddamn serious, darlin’. You really fuckin’ think they wouldn’t try to come after us? Doing this ensures we don’t have to deal with their bullshit version of revenge.” He huffed, making his way to the truck.

You adjusted Lucille on your shoulder, almost forgetting you were holding her, “Negan, this is his child. Besides, we have Eugene.”

“Having that mullet wearing motherfucker wouldn’t stop them either, babydoll. Just fuckin’ trust me.” He opened the door to the truck and climbed in, holding Judith close so she didn’t fall.
She began to get fussy again as things got tense again.

“You’re not gonna hurt her are you?” You asked nervously.

Negan rolled his eyes as he gave you an angered look, “Fuck, you think I’d do that? Hell no, I wouldn’t fuckin’ hurt her.”

You shook your head and wiped your eyes on your arm as sweat ran down your face. Partly from the heat, and from the amount of stress.
David didn’t speak as he walked up to you just as wide eyed, you nudged your head to the side, silently letting him know to get into the back.

Rick and Carl stood feet away, watching as you climbed into the truck next to Negan. You holster your gun once you were inside, and he handed Judith over to you.
She wrapped her arms around your neck and you rocked her on her knee, hoping to God she didn’t start screaming.
Negan leaned out the window, pointing to Rick.

“Remember what I fuckin’ said, Rick. If I find out you know where the fuck Daryl is, I can promise you it won’t play out half as fuckin’ well as it did for your boy when I brought him back here. Well fuckin’ be in touch soon.” He called out as the truck started.

As you drove off, you hung your head out of the window as Alexandria was left behind once again, and watched as you saw Rick dropping to his knees, a man whom was completely broken.



Valhalla is where you are - Part 4

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

1 | 2 | 3

Words: 2007

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

Request by: Anonymous

Tags: Emotions

Outside it had started to rain. One of Björn’s arms was around your shoulder and with the other he tried to prevent you from becoming soaked wet. “I want to go home.” You said while shivering. You felt your knees become weak. The alcohol, the emotions, the shock, all those things had made you feel dizzy. Björn noticed. “Hold on.” He said and took back his arm. Softly he grunted from the pain in his side. But that didn’t stop him from taking you softly into his arms. Your feet came off the ground and you hung in Björn’s arms as he walked to your house. In the distance the thunder had started to growl. It felt as if the earth was shacking with every rumble that came from the sky. An enormous lightning strike made the air bright blue. “The gods will protect you.” Björn whispered into your ear. Softly you hummed, closed your eyes and turned your head towards him. “I will protect you.” Gently he kissed the top of your wet hair as he fastened his pace towards your house.
Inside the warmth came towards the both of you. Björn walked to one of the comfortable chairs and gently laid you down. “Are you okay?” he asked, still whispering. “I’ve felt better.” You saw some sort of pain appear in his eyes when you said that. He kneeled next to you and stroke your hair. “Let me take care of you.” He pushed his forehead for a moment against yours. When he pulled back he turned towards your shoes which he started to take of your feet. Every piece of clothing on your and his body were soaking wet. You nodded at him with a smile and helped him by taking your dress of. Björn looked respectfully away from your bareness and saw the blanket you threw at your brother earlier that evening. He picked it up, shook the dust of it and placed it on your body. “Better?” He asked with an uncertain smile and looked you deep into your eyes. “Much better.” You said and looked at the fireplace that was barely burning anymore. “I’ll take care of it.” He assured you and left the house to pick up some firewood.
Björn was walking to the little shed next to your house when he heard Vidar’s voice calling him. Immediately he turned his head and looked to the slightly older Viking that was coming at him through the rain. “Where is he?” Björn asked and stepped forward, clearly talking about Kettil. Again he felt his anger grow. “Easy Björn. He has been taken care of.” Björn scoffed and shook his head from left to right. “Maybe for now. But he is still alive isn’t he?” He asked Vidar. “If they had let me I would have killed him.” Vidar stroke over his face and saw some blood sticking to his hand. He had a bruised eye and blood was dripping from his lip. “Who didn’t let you?” Vidar sighed because of the question and leaned against the shed, trying to escape some of the rain. “Your father.” Björn couldn’t believe his ears and he bit his lip out of frustration. “I’ll take care of it in the morning.” Björn assured Vidar. “Don’t do anything stupid.” Björn snorted sarcastically. “I would do anything for her.” Björn said. Vidar laughed softly as he took some blocks of firewood and placed it into the muscular arms of Björn. “I know.” Vidar gave Björn a soft pat on his shoulder. “Take care of her. And try to hear her out, okay? I need to know what that bastard did to my sister. And I think she’d rather talk to you than to me right now.” Björn nodded confident. “Where are you going?” He asked Vidar as soon as the boy started to walk away. “I also have someone who keeps my bed warm at night, Björn Ragnarsson.” The words made Björn laugh and with that gesture a thunderbolt cleared the sky.
It took a few minutes before the red coals were able to put the wooden blocks on fire. Björn was pushing them with an iron bar and was daydreaming whilst looking at the little flames. You saw he had sunk in deep thoughts and you pulled the blanket a little higher on your arms. “Björn?” You softly said his name. When he heard your voice he immediately awoke from his slumber. “Yes?” He answered with a little smile on his lips and looked at you. “I’m so sorry for tonight.” You said and looked towards the floor. Björn frowned his eyebrows and came walking towards you. “Don’t be.” He stroke over your cheek trying to comfort you, his fingers were still cold and wet from the bad weather outside. “The only one who needs to be sorry it Kettil. Sorry for what he did to you and sorry for what I am about to do to him.” You swallowed unsure and looked at Björn with big eyes. “What are you going to do to him?” You asked him whispering. Björn dropped himself on the floor, sat right next to the sofa you were laying on. “Depends on what he did to you, y/n. You want to talk about it with me?” You heard in his voice that he wasn’t sure if he should be asking these questions. “It is useless, it happened Björn. You can’t turn back the time.” He frowned his eyebrows and a dark glance appeared on his face. “But I can make him pay for what he did to you in the past.” You laughed softly from impotence. “Then why don’t have the gods punished him yet?” Björn grabbed the edge of the soda and pinched into the fabric. “I don’t know, y/n. Just tell me what he did to you.” You could clearly hear Björn was getting frustrated by you being silence about what happened. “Don’t you understand?” He said in an almost begging way as you didn’t spoke anymore. He turned on his knees and leaned towards you. “I want to protect you. I want to make up for the time a wasn’t here.” He grabbed with both his hands to his head and buried it away. His fingers slithered through his wet hair. “I want to make you happy.” Eventually he looked back up to you and you could see the imploring look in his eyes. “Please, y/n.”
“He came to this house at night when Vidar was away. I had seen him the day before on the market. Don’t ask me how we got there, but eventually we were talking about my past. I told him that I was feeling lonely since my brother started to spent a lot of time with his significant other. And that I felt an empty hole inside me since the day you left with your mother.” Your eyes started to fill with tears. You felt Björn was watching you but you didn’t dare to look at him. “You had your mother Björn. I had nobody. You knew how hard it was for me when they died when. We were just kids, but I was definitely old enough to experience the pain and the emptiness.” With a finger you caught a tear that was going to fell on the blanket. And at the same time you felt Björn’s hand on your other hand. Softly he pinched, stimulated you to tell further. You gasped for breath, trying to prevent yourself from crying. “So like I said, he came here in the night Vidar was with Inkeri. I was here all by myself, so at first I was frightened when I heard the intruder. Until I saw it was Kettil. He told me he knew Vidar was away and so he was there to make me feel less lonely.” You laughed trough your teard, realising how stupid you had been. “We talked. I cried. He comforted me and told me everything would be okay. And eventually I believed him. After that he told me it was better that I would catch some sleep, and that he would watch over me when I did. So he joined me in my bed and..” You stopped telling and immediately felt Bjorn’s hand tighten around yours. “And?” he asked, his voice sounded deep and raspy. “And he tried to rape me.” Björn jumped up without saying any further word. He grabbed the red glowing iron stick from the stove and made preparative to leave the house. “Björn no. Stop!” you yelled at him and also jumped up. The blanket hung around you like some kind of dress as you ran towards him to stop him from leaving. “He didn’t succeed. I fought him of, he didn’t get the chance to touch me properly.” - “It doesn’t matter. It is the fact that he tried.” His eyes looked like they were glowing from anger. “Please, Björn. Don’t leave me here.” An lonely tear rolled over your cheek. Björn sighed deep, trying to calm down. “One day I’ll make him pay. You can’t take that away from me.” You looked down to your bare feet and clammed the blanket closer around your body. “Don’t you want me to make him pay?” He asked you in confusion and put his finger under your chin to make you look at him. “I do, but..” - “But what?” Björn frowned his eyebrows in a worrying way. “He took my mother’s and father’s wedding rings. He knew how much they meant to me and now he is using them to blackmail me.” You started to walk towards the sofa and the stove again and Björn followed you closely. “Blackmail you how?” He asked. “He keeps them hidden somewhere and told me I’d never get them back as I didn’t do as he wanted me to.” Björn didn’t know what to say, and instead he pulled you against his chest. You felt his cold, wet clothes to your naked body but despite that the hug made you feel warm. “I’m going to make this right. I promise you. No more need to worry, no more need to be afraid. If the gods don’t watch over you, I swear to Odin that I will do it myself.”
It had taken a few minutes to calm down, but eventually you were able to smile again. Björn had comforted you and made you feel safe as he had promised. His axe was on the table next to the sofa the both of you laid on. In the meantime he had also taken off his clothes and put them next to yours to dry in front of the stove. “You are staying, right?” you asked him as you snuggled your head against his bare chest. You were laying in between him and the stove so you felt warmth on both sides of your body. “Why are you asking such stupid questions?” He whispered with a smile and pressed his lips against your neck. Softly you giggled and stroke with your hand over the side of his body. Björn cringed shortly and you looked at him concerned. “Are you okay?” He smiled at you to reassure you. “It’s just a scratch.” You frowned your eyebrows and suddenly remembered Kettil had hit him with the knife. “Let me take a look at it.” Björn laughed and held you down with his arms when you tried to get up. “No.” He loaded you with little kisses on your face. “Please.” You giggled and tried to push him away playfully. “No.” he said again as he pressed his lips fully on yours. And then you relaxed, totally went into the kiss. Eventually he ended the kiss but kept his head close to yours. “You can look tomorrow, but for now I just want to enjoy this moment. And especially, enjoy you.” You hummed in approval and pressed your lips afresh against his. In the background Thor was still playing the song of the gods.

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Coincidence: Chapter 2

Chapter 1  Chapter 3

Pairings: V (Taehyung) x reader

Gender: Female

Synopsis: Life for (Y/N) had been, for the most part, normal. She worked, went to college, went to parties, had friends, you know, the basics. However, all of this changed when she started seeing a mysterious, attractive, and most of all dangerous man everywhere after one fatal night that seemed to be just a coincidence.

Genre: Mafia AU

Warnings: Cursing/swearing, sexual jokes

Word Count: 1,561

It had been a few weeks since your first encounter with V and you hadn’t been able to get a proper rest since. The scene plagued your mind 24/7 with a myriad of unanswered questions. It seemed like you just couldn’t concentrate without knowing what exactly occurred on that night.

“Hey, (Y/N)! You still with me?” your best friend Jungkook yelled at you, waving his hand in front of your face.

“Hmm? Oh yeah, totally, man! What were we talking about?” you replied while scratching your head bashfully.

“Well I was talking about how you need to get laid”

“No I don’t!” you giggled, slapping him on the chest.

“Yes you do! All you do is stay inside your apartment watching Netflix; you need to get out and find yourself a man,” you slapped him once again.

“Or girl? I don’t judge.”

“Oh my god Jungkook! I am straight, you know that!”

Jungkook just laughed and stood up, motioning for you to follow him.

“Let’s go get something to eat.”

You simply nodded and followed him. You hadn’t known Jungkook for long, a year at the most, but, it felt as if you had known him forever. He was one of your first friends in college, making socializing so much easier. He was the social and confident type. However, what surprised you the most was the fact that he has trouble communicating with girls he finds attractive. He would always stumble on his words and end up saying something completely humiliating. It was amazing, really, watching how fast this confident man turned into a shy five-year-old.

You followed the tall man as he maneuvered both of you through the crowded streets, finally arriving at a small diner a little ways away from the school building. Surprisingly, the diner was nearly empty despite being in close range of the school, must be expensive.

“Kookie, how much would this place cost? You know I don’t have a lot of money,” you said tugging on Jungkook’s sleeve.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N), I have plenty of money!” He grinned, showing off his teeth.

You narrowed your eyes at him. Something with Jungkook seemed a bit off lately. He had recently acquired a new job after he got fired from the same coffee shop you work at currently. You were happy for him, of course! It’s just that you have no clue what he’s working as, especially with the amount of money he has now. You’re afraid he’s working as something shady, but, to keep faith in your dear friend, as of now you have elected to believe that he is a male stripper.

You both walked towards an empty table. Once you guys sat down, Jungkook started inspecting your surroundings. It was a classic 1960s themed diner with a jukebox in the corner, most likely out of order. Overall, it was in great shape.

“Hey, (Y/N), look at that guy over there, he looks like he just got dumped,” Jungkook whispered to you while directing his to a stranger a few tables away.

You looked over to where Jungkook was staring at and saw a man with his head down on the table. He was breathing heavily, as if it was going to be the last one he could ever have. You felt sorry for the man, he was clearly stressed and scared, similar to how you were before your math final.

“You should go talk to him, (Y/N), he’s obviously single,” Jungkook leaned in and whispered to you, quickly apologizing after you glared at him.

You kept staring at the man, something about him seemed familiar, you just couldn’t figure out what. Was he from your hometown? Probably not, his clothes are too nice. Where did you remember him from then? Suddenly, the man lifted his head up and you were able to see his face. Your breath hitched and your eyes widened.

“Not too bad, (Y/N), he seems like your type,” Jungkook smiles at you before he turns back to look at the man.

You remembered where you last saw him. He was there that night. It was Jackson motherfucking Wang, the man you accidentally saved while escaping. Should you go and ask him what the whole event that you saved him from was about? No. No, don’t. He probably doesn’t even remember you. Yea, you’ll just stay sitting with Jungkook.

“Excuse me, sir! You seem lonely, would you like to sit with us?” Jungkook suddenly yelled across the diner.

“What the actual fuck, Jungkook!” you whisper yelled at Jungkook, terrified.

“Oh come on, (Y/N), I saw the way you were looking at him! You can thank me at your wedding,” he smirked at you as you prayed that Jackson wouldn’t notice Jungkook yelling at him from your table.

However, god wasn’t on your side today as Jackson looked over at you two and smiled. He stood up from his table and casually walked over to you two. Jungkook quickly made room for Jackson so he would be seated right in front of you. Once Jackson was seated, Jungkook was ready to embarrass the living fuck out of you.

“Hello there! I’m Jungkook and my lovely female friend here is (Y/N),” Jungkook said, putting emphasis on the word female.

“Hi, I’m Jackson,” he casually replied, smiling brightly. How could someone smile that big?

“Did I mention (Y/N) is single and is looking for a male partner?” Jungkook said casually, putting emphasis on the word male.

“Jungkook, you can’t just say that!” you yelled, feeling your face heat up at the boy’s words.

Jackson just laughed and smiled cheekily at you. Did he not recognize you?  Thank god! This would be much easier if he didn’t remember you from that night. You could just have some small talk, maybe even go on one date, who knows? He definitely was on the good looking side of the male population.

You all casually made small talk and eventually ordered your food. Everything seemed to be going great, and you believed that you would be able to make it out alive. That is, until the little shit known as Jungkook excused himself to “go to the bathroom”. As he walked out of Jackson’s view he looked back at you, and, you swear, what he did next made you blush a million shades of red. Jungkook put his arms out in front of him and thrust his hips into them repeatedly and gave you a thumbs up.

“So, (Y/N), who do you work for?” Jackson asked, bringing your attention back to him.

“What do you mean? Like, where I work at?”

“No, I mean a person,” he looked into your eyes. Did he remember you? What did he mean?

“Well, I work for this really nice old lady in a coffee shop. I feel so bad because I don’t remember her name,” you sighed, puffing out your cheeks.

“Oh, so it was all a coincidence then?”

“Do you remember me?” you asked nervously.

“Of course I do, you technically saved my life!” Jackson exclaimed with a humongous smile on his face.

“Then, can you explain to me why that whole event took place? Who’s V? Who’re you?”

“Nope! These lips are sealed, darling,” Jackson said while acting as if he was zipping up his own lips.

This was great. He actually remembered you, but he can’t tell you what the hell happened on that night.

“But, what I can do, is to at least take you out on a date as compensation,” he smiled innocently at you.

“And you have absolutely no excuses to reject me. Your friend told me all about your requirements in a partner. I happen to meet all of them,” he smirked as you giggled.

“Fine, I guess we could go on one date.”

Jackson smiled and nodded happily. He seemed so different from the man you saw weeks ago, it’s amazing. Jackson reached inside his pocket and pulled out a pen, writing down his number on a napkin and passing it to you.

“Call me sometime, (Y/N), and we can set up that date,” he said as he stood up from his seat, starting to walk away before he hesitated and looked back.

“Listen, if you ever see that man, V, again, walk away. Don’t interact with him at all. He is a very dangerous man, and he is definitely very pissed at you for letting me get away. I’m just looking out for you, you’re innocent,” he said before slapping some money on the table and casually walking out of the diner.

“Coincidentally” Jungkook came back at the exact same time Jackson left. He looked like a child on Christmas day, smiling with little stars in his eyes. You rolled your eyes at him, clearly unimpressed by the stunt he pulled.

“So, how’d it go?” Jungkook leaned in expectantly.

“Well…” you said, holding up the napkin with Jackson’s number on it.

“Oh my god! I’m so proud of you, my child!” he jumped up clapping.

You just laughed at your best friend’s antics. However, you still had doubts in the back of your mind. Especially about how similarly Jungkook and Jackson acted when you asked them about their jobs. Were they related somehow? No, you needed to ignore these thoughts for now. They would get answered eventually.

You would make sure of it.

The Fall (Part 2 to Kissing booth)

Pairing: Winter Soldier! Bucky x Reader

Warnings: /


S.H.I.E.L.D was gone. All you ever believed in and worked for was gone within days. You were there when S.H.I.E.L.D was founded almost 70 years ago and you where there when it got destroyed by the ones you thought of as dead. Hydra was back, no, they were never gone. They had grown and spread in the underground and no one had noticed.

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Ok but look at the way Wanda is laughing and then look at the way Vision is smiling because of that. That’s when he knew he was in love and that he could actually feel something for someone else. Vision made Wanda genuinely laugh for maybe the first time in who knows how long? They made each other feel something: happiness. Isn’t that what otps are made of?

“I am here joined with the amazing and handsome Eddie Redmayne and the equally amazing and beautiful [Y/N] [L/N].” The interviewer started, “So, I’ve got to say that I am obsessed with this film, [movie name]. I have literally seen it for the third time tonight.” She gushed, “You two were absolutely phenomenal!”

Eddie, always being completely and utterly touched by people who complimented his work by any means, clutched his chest. “Oh, wow, thank you so much.” 

You felt quite moved that someone would voluntarily watch a movie three times in just two weeks of it being released. Smiling, you blushed slightly. “Yes, thank you. That’s insane.”

It took no time for the interviewer to start asking questions, being completely equal and making sure both of you were able to give your answers. After taking part in a little game, she turned towards Eddie to ask her final questions.

“Eddie, could you tell us how it was to work with [Y/N]? This is the first time you’ve done a movie with her, correct? I still think after seeing it three times that the on-screen chemistry is brilliant.”

An embarrassed smile was placed on his face but quickly wiped away as he pondered for a moment. He glanced at you, smiling and took a deep breath. “Uh, well, yes, this is the first film I’ve done with [Y/N] and to be quite honest, I hope it isn’t the last. I mean she’s just, her acting is completely unparalleled. She’s incredibly professional but knows not to be too stiff, if you know what I mean. We’ll be right before a take and we’ll be goofing off, dancing, being absolutely silly and then the director will call action and in that split second of the marker closing shut to mark the scene, she’s back into her character. It’s mind blowing to watch her work, it’s incredible especially for her age. 

I’ve got twelve years on her and man, she absolutely blows me out of the water among a lot of other actors. I could not tell you how many times I would sit there and think of how wild it is to watch her work. She’s absolutely incredible. I mean there are very, very few of her peers that can do the things that she can. It’s rare to find such talent and professionalism in someone so young. It’s either they’re completely by the book or they’re quite possibly the most immature beings in the industry. You don’t see that in young actors anymore. So when you do find it, it’s this beautiful rare gem. I thoroughly enjoyed working with [Y/N], she made the process fun, cracking jokes, making fun but when it came down to crunching to get it all shot and done with, she was right there ready. I’ve had quite a few colleagues work on other projects with her and have said nothing but great things and I know why. 

It’s easy to work with someone who can bounce from being serious to fun because it makes the entire process easier. As for our on-screen chemistry, it worked so well because we’ve made an equally great off-screen chemistry. I’ve made a good friend out of her. It was an absolute pleasure working with [Y/N]. I’m lucky to have been apart of her growth, years from now, she’ll probably out-award me by a landslide. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the film industry. She’s so adaptable, it’s incredible.” 

~~~~~Type: Imagine

Pairing: 11th Doctor x Reader

Prompt: Having last seen your boyfriend the previous week, you were surprised to get a call. The call is from the police station as they claim to have someone called ‘The Doctor’ in their holdings and he gave them your number.

By: Me!~~~~~


“My friends don’t walk, they run! Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun. Poppin’, poppin’ balloons with guns. Gettin’ high off helium. We paint whi-.”

You quickly move over to your bed from the bathroom, tightening a towel around your body. You pick up your phone and press it to your ear, voice coming out breathily. “Hello?”

The voice coming from the other end was stern and official-sounding yet not mean. “Is this (Y/N) (L/N)?”

You tense up, eyes wide as your mind begins racing.

Did I do something wrong again?

Did my mother get arrested for finally snapping and killing her neighbor?

Did all my speeding tickets catch up with me? I plan on paying them back, I swear!

You lick your suddenly dry lips before clearing your throat. “This is she.” Your voice ended up coming out embarrassingly high-pitched.

“We have someone here who gave us your number. Someone called… the Doctor.”

All the tension exits your body and a sigh of relief escapes you. You adjust your towel as you change from your previous tense position. It’s just the Doctor…

“Yes, I know him. And what is it that he’s done?”

The sounds of papers moving around made a spark of nervousness seep back in. Please don’t tell me he caused too much trouble.

“Well, as from our witnesses, he was seen running around the city with a strange device. We received frantic phone calls from people at the fear of it possibly being a bomb. So, we detained him in hopes of getting information. And from our interrogation he claims that the…” He trailed off as the sounds of papers picked up again for a few seconds before he continued. “… that the machine was, and I quote, ‘Just a machine that goes ‘ding’ when there’s stuff’. This was coming from him. And after investigating we couldn’t find anything dangerous or harmful with the machine so, through all technicality, we are to let him go. And the first number he gave us was yours so do you think you could… ?”

The question remained unsaid and the silence was enough to prompt you to start speaking. “Y-yes! Yes, I will be right to the station! Um, no problem at all.” You quickly state as you move around your bedroom grabbing random articles of clothing from the floor in your rush to get dressed.

“Thank you, ma’am.” The officer then hung up and you were free to jump around in your rush to get dressed.

Oh, Doctor. Of course this happened to you!

-Time Skip-

You arrive at the station, eyes quickly moving around the crowded area as you looked for a familiar face. And you were not disappointed as your eyes locked on the Doctor. The sight was quite comical.

He sat there, legs casually crossed as if he was not in a police station. A small-ish machine sat in his lap and beside them were his hand-cuffed hands. “Doctor.” You mumbled as you began moving forward towards him.

And, as if he heard you, he immediately turned towards you. His casual and bored expression faded into a large grin as he gave you a wave. “(Y/N)!” He greeted, paying no mind to the dirty looks some of the other people and officers were giving him.

You quickly reached him and an officer approached you. Your eyes unconsciously widened as you took in the large form of the man in front of you. You had to practically crane your neck in order to look at his face. He did not seem unkind and had a certain warmth to him regardless of the oldness and darkness in his eyes.

“Ms. (L/N)?” The voice from the phone.

You gave a quick nod. “Yeah, that’s me.” The officer nodded before looking over his shoulder at the other officers and giving them a nod. One of the younger officers moved towards the Doctor before unlocking the handcuffs.

When the Doctor was free he adjusted his jacket and his bowtie, grin planted firmly on his face throughout. “Much better.” He stated, bouncing on the heels of his feet slightly.

The officer looked away from the Doctor in order to look at you. “You both are now free to leave.” Before simply walking away, no other words needed. You didn’t question it and quickly grabbed the Doctor’s hand before dragging him out of the building as quickly as possible.

“Someone’s eager, eh?” The Doctor teased when you arrived outside. You gave him a look as you face him, crossing your arms under your chest in your signature ‘I’m angry’ pose. “Uh oh.” He mumbled as he gave you a fearful look. You were not to be toyed with when cross.

“I can’t leave you alone for a week?” You asked, exasperation in your voice. The Doctor was unable to look you in the eye. You tilted your head. “What were you doing here anyway?”

The Doctor cleared his throat before replying. “Well, I was looking for something.” The look you gave clearly signified needing more than that. “Well, it’s a present… for you.” At your softening expression he quickly continued.

“You see, the both of us have been dating for a few years now. And I thought that it was time for the next step in our relationship.” Your breath hitched. “Both of us were out last week on the planet Scarovia. And there, we were looking for a souvenir so that you could have something to take back with you. And you saw this ring at one of the shops and… you made a comment that got me thinking.” Your eyes widened in recollection.

“For a Time Lord… time is no issue. But, for a human? It’s different. You don’t have as much time. And I know that! But… it doesn’t matter to me.” You go to speak but he stops you. “No, I have to do this. I mean, I didn’t plan on this happening here but… things don’t always go as plan. Anyway, it truly doesn’t matter that you’re human. I…” He paused, eyebrows furrowing as if he was contemplating something.

Is he? No. No way. He’s the Doctor. It’s impossible. It’s not… him. I mean, I’ve dreamed this for a while but… it couldn’t be.

And it seemed he had enough trying to talk himself out of it as he just decided to go on. “I love you!” He blurted and your jaw dropped. He didn’t give you time to think. “You’ve said it to me already and… and I didn’t say it back. But, trust me. I’ve loved you for a while. I just… I just have issues saying it. I couldn’t say it a long time ago and it’s troubled me ever since. But, I won’t let the opportunity pass with you. Never with you.”

Your eyes begin to water. You’ve wanted him to say those words for so long but, he never did. And you’d kinda grown to accept the fact that he never would. But, to hear him say it… It’s unbelievable.

The Doctor gave you some time to take everything in before continuing. “And because I am so afraid of losing you…” He seemingly steeled himself before dropping to one knee. Your hands went to your mouth as a sob escaped you. You were half-heartedly aware of the fact that people had stopped and were staring but you didn’t care. You couldn’t care.

He reached into his pocket and revealed a small white box. He held it up to you before opening it. Tears were falling by this point but, you tried wiping them away to look at the ring. It was a beautiful ring. Silver band that was in the pattern of vines with small flowers engraved into it. And in the center was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. A purple gem at first glance. Big but not overly so that it was ridiculous. The thing was that you had to look closer. Inside of the gem you could see swirls of blue, green, red, white, and every color. All of them perfectly mixed inside of the gem and it clicked as to what it was. Space. The galaxy. Inside the ring.

The Doctor, feeling nervous, began doing what he did best. Talking. “Yeah, um, the gem. From the planet Vigarah. It’s a Vasper Gem and inside of it is a little snapshot of the universe. I mean, I can’t exactly get you the universe. Well, I mean I could perhaps. I may have a few friends who owe me a few favors and everything but… you’re not one for showy things. So… I gave you the 2nd best thing. I-If you don’t like it I could get you something else? There’s another beautiful gem in Wexon, if you’d like? Or maybe the gem of Ca-?”


It was silent for a few moments as the Doctor stared at you. His mouth opened and closed like a fish a few times before he finally stuttered out a response. “D-did you say yes?” At your teary eyed smile and nod a bright grin took over his face. “You said yes!”

There was applause all around you as the Doctor rose to his feet. He clumsily put the ring on your finger before kissing your hand. “You’ve made me the luckiest man in the universe.” He said, honesty shining in his eyes as he stared down at you.

“You’ve made me the luckiest woman. And I will be here for as long as you’ll have me.”

The Doctor didn’t hesitate as he quickly pressed his lips to yours. Your arms went around his neck in order to pull him closer and, in return, his arms went around your waist to pull you to him.

Best. Day. Ever.

A/N: I don’t really know where that came from, I just felt like writing Bellamy. Anyway, it’s mostly fluff with some angst, enjoy…


Bellamy Blake x Reader

I trust Bellamy with my life, but I know something’s off with him lately. Every time I try to talk to him about it he brushes me off and tells me it’s nothing, but I know there’s something he’s not telling me.

I felt a sudden movement next to me and I woke up to check it out. After everything that has happened you can’t really blame me for being a light sleeper. I turn around and see Bellamy tossing in bed.

“No… No, please, not her!” He’s talking in his sleep.

“Bell! Listen to me, it’s just a dream… It’s not real, Bellamy, wake up!” I say and shake him. He jerks up causing me to fall back on my back. “Hey, it’s okay… It was just a dream…”

He looks at me without saying a word and hugs me. He doesn’t say anything, just holds me close for the rest of the night. I can feel the tears rolling down his face but he doesn’t want to talk about it and I don’t want to push him.

When I wake up next morning he’s still sleeping. He looks so calm like this, an expression I don’t see in him lately.

“Good morning” I hear him say. His voice is slightly deeper.

“Good morning” I say smiling and kiss him. “Are you okay?” I ask, still worried about him.

“Oh, that… Don’t worry, I’m fine…” He says trying to dismiss it but this time I insist.

“Bellamy, I know there’s something going on! Please talk to me! I can’t see you like that… Don’t push me away now, please” I look in his eyes and I can see he wants to trust me but there’s something holding him back.

“It’s not your problem, you don’t have to worry about it” he replies and looks down. I walk next to him and hug him tightly.

“I want to. I love you, Bellamy” I say. He pulls me closer and breathes deeply.

“I know, and I can’t help but wonder why. After everything I’ve done, I don’t deserve someone as good as you. I’m a monster, Y/N, I have a lot of blood in my hands an-” I cut him off before he continues.

“No, you’re not a monster, and don’t you ever say that again! Yes, you have made mistakes, but who hasn’t? What matters is that you always tries to do what’s best for everyone! I love you and I’ll stay with you no matter what” he looks at me with tears in his eyes. “I know it’s hard for you, but you have to trust me… I can help, Bellamy, just let me in… You don’t have to go through this alone”

“T-thank you” He says and kisses me. He doesn’t have to say anything else, everything is in that kiss. All the pain, the love, the passion… Even though it tastes like tears, I know it’s the start of something better.

When we pull away he looks at me and all I can think is How did I get so lucky? He smiles at me and says “I love you… You’re all I have, you know. I can’t do this without you”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m not going anywhere” I say smiling.

~•Request: Jungkook is your ex and now you’re dating Tae. Jungkook wants you back.•~


You smile and look up as Tae kissing your cheek lovingly, “I’ll bring your hot chocolate, jagi.”

You laughed lightly, pulling your sweater more over your cleavage. “Thank you.” You scrunch up your face as he kisses you again before running off.

“So,” A voice says behind you, “You and Taehyung?” The owner of the voice slides Tae’s chair out, occupying his spot instead.

There before you sat your ex-boyfriend, Jungkook. “Yeah, it just kind of happened..” You fiddled with the ring you got yourself before you even met any of the boys.

“I love when you wear that ring,” He leaned in over the tiny round table. “It always complemented whatever you wore, especially this sweater.” He grabbed the end of the sleeve, “Your skin tone goes well with it too..”

“Um, thank you.” You look down, playing with your nails.

“You grew your nails out,” He beamed, slowly grabbing your hand. “They look beautiful. Has the stress gotten better at school?”

“Y-You remembered?” You stuttered.

“Of course, (Y/N). That was the little thing about you I had to constantly check, it was the main thing that told me if you were alright or not. I’m guessing you’re better now?” There was a hint of hurt in his voice, “Better since we’ve had the fight and separated?” He said lowly, still holding your hand loosely.

“It was for the better.” You nod, slowly sliding your hand out of his grasp. “We would’ve gone on in our lives being miserable if we didn’t end it, Jungkook.”

“Jungkook?” He repeated, “I thought..”

“Thought?” You were beyond lost now.

“Jungkookie? Kookie?” He sheepishly answered.

“Oh.” You slightly frown, “That was just when we were—”

“Together.” He finished, “I understand.” It fell silent, only the tiny chattering in the background of the fellow caffè guests. “Even though we didn’t end on good terms, I thought we would still talk. I mean, that’s what you told me—”

“We agreed on never speaking to each other again. From what I can remember,” Your voice rose a few octaves, “You wanted to end all communication—you wanted nothing to do with me or the mere thought of whatever we had.”

“Whatever we had?” He pushed the chair out, “(Y/N)..” He said in disbelief, “Whatever we had?”

You stood up quickly, almost as if whoever stood first would win—the grand prize being right about their stance in the conversation. “Yes, Jeon Jungkook—whatever we had.”

He stood up right after you, beginning to point at you. “What we had was a year and a half relationship—”

“Of pain and agony!” You finally yelled, feeling your fists clench.

“I loved you! You said you loved me!”

“Because I did, Jungkook! But you don’t know what love is. Our relationship was nothing to you, nothing you can say will ever change my mind about that. Why would I talk to someone who didn’t give me a second of his time? Why would I want to talk to someone who specifically made clear he didn’t want to see me ever again after the breakup?”

“I was upset at the time—”

“It seemed like you were upset the last ten months of the relationship, then.” You crossed your arms, “Why did you come here? Why when I’m with my boyfriend?”

“Oh, now my brother is your boyfriend?”

“Tae and I are together, I don’t need you to get in the middle of this like you did with everything else.”

“Why are you two yelling?” Tae rushed over, slamming the cup down. “You’re making a scene, haven’t you noticed people are staring?”

“It’s Jungkook’s fault!” You yell, uncrossing your arms.

“You two need to settle this, right now.” Tae pushed your shoulders down, seating you back down. “I’m leaving back to the dorm, and I expect you two to return there civil—everything sorted out. How can (Y/N)—as a friend, not my girlfriend—be comfortable around us with you there, Jungkook? It’s not only one of your faults, it’s both of yours. Can’t you see how hardheaded both of you are being? I paid for your drink, (Y/N). I’ll be waiting at home with the rest.” With that, Tae left.

“Where should we start?” Jungkook butted in on you watching your boyfriend walk away through the gigantic window. “I see you’ve changed.” His eyes strayed down to your exposed chest.

“Seriously? Did Tae not just yell—not usually as he does—just now? He was serious about this, and if we don’t get this sorted out I won’t be able to stand being around you.” You leaned back in your chair, covering your cleavage.

“You know I loved you..”

“Love? Define love for me, Jungkook. Define you’re definition of love to me, please.” You sip the steaming chocolate after blowing cool wind from your lungs onto the surface.

“My love: it was willing to do anything for you, giving you everything I could, spending enough time with you, just seeing you making me happy, me lying to let you go..”

Your eyes glance up from the bottom of the cup, “Excuse me?”

“I lied.”


“Not wanting to be with you anymore, not wanting to talk or see you anymore, wanting to break up. I didn’t want to let you go, but I knew that I just loved seeing you happy. In order for that to have happened, it would have to be without me having contact with you. I knew you weren’t happy anymore, not with me. I distanced myself, thinking maybe it’d hurt less.”

“Why did you do that?” The memories of him getting home late, staying in a different room, and avoiding you throughout the day flood in. Your eyes water just remembering how it felt to be pushed aside—dead to him.

“It was the only way you’d be happy..” He covered his face with his hair, “Please, I still love you. There are strong feelings that won’t go away—not after a year and a half. I still want to be with you, (Y/N).” He held your hand tightly.

“Why now? Why when I’m with someone else? I’ve only been going out with Tae for a few weeks.”

“Because as much as I love seeing you happy, you are mine. You’ve always been mine since the first day I set eyes on you—I knew you’d be my girl. Seeing Tae kiss you, seeing the way you’re dressed, the way you’ve changed, how am I not supposed to get jealous? You never wore low cut shirts while you were dating me.”

“Because I didn’t like them at the time, but I’ve changed.”

“Does Tae make you happy, (Y/N)? Does he make you happier than I did? Do you love him more?” Jungkook’s voice turned emotional, almost like it stung to utter those words.

“Tae makes me very happy, he always has..” You nodded, seeing him look down immediately as you said that. You bit down on your lip, trying to fight the blurry vision from drowning out the rest of the world. “I don’t know if he makes me happier than you did..”

“How could you not know?” Jungkook choked back the tears, holding your fingers tighter.

“But, no.”

“No what?” He looked up, sniffling with tears building up still.

“I don’t love him like I loved you, I don’t love him more than you,” You ran your fingers through the ebony strands of Jungkook’s hair, “I don’t love him.” You brush along the back of his neck, dragging your finger tips against his shoulder and down his chest. “I still love you..”

“I love you, too.” Jungkook sits back a little, searching for your eyes. Both of your reddish eyes found each other, locking in place. Leaning in to fill the gap in between you, Jungkook’s lips pressed against yours. The bliss of his soft and plump lips. The sweet aroma of his cologne and coffee beans full your nostrils, almost pleasant in this sinful time. “Don’t tell Tae.” He whispered, cupping your cheek. “I need you..” He hushed, pecking your soft cheek.

“We should go back to the dorm—”

“He can’t know, no one can. The only way to play it off is by you not coming over, but I promise I’ll text you as soon as I can. Just try not to act suspicious, okay jagi?”

Your abdomen tightened at what he called you. “Okay.” You nodded. “I just..” An overwhelming wave of guilt washed over you, “We shouldn’t have done that. I can’t cheat on Tae..”

“He’ll never know, (Y/N). He never will, about whatever is going to happen.” He calmed you, playing with your hair. “I promise.”

“I feel guilty—”

“So do I.” He cut you off, “We did it. Now, it’s something we have to live with.”

“I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Neither do I. Listen, we’ll just make up a lie: We didn’t make up, we hate each other, we can’t be in the same room together. I have to go if we need to make this believable.” He stood up, “Bye, jagi.” He waved.

“No, Jungkook.” You grab his arm, pulling him down to your face. You crash your lips onto his, holding the sides of his face. The intoxicating feeling of it, it’s like a drug you couldn’t get enough of.

“I promise he won’t find out, (Y/N).” He breathed, pressing your foreheads together as he held your hands in his. “I’ll text you.”

You nod, watching him leave—obvious guilt plastered on his face.

Suicidal Thoughts (Zack Merrick) (All Time Low)

Warnings: Possible triggers

Requested by Wattpad user: futureheart12345

Word Count: 1,518


People didn’t understand why you chose to dress and act differently to all the other girls your age. They called you rude names throughout elementary school and now into your high school years. They never took the time to ask why, and if they did then maybe they’d understand. Your mum died when you were four and your dad raised you and your two older brothers, he was a great dad but you were raised on sports and plaid shirts because your dad didn’t know what to do with a girl.

You only had four friends; Zack, Jack, Rian and Alex who said they’d stick by you through thick and thin. That all changed when the guy you had a secret crush on started dating one of the popular girls who’d made your life hell. You put on a smile and acted nice but soon you found Zack defending you less and less. You were next door neighbours and had been inseparable since your mums met in hospital.

Eventually he pulled away from you and took the rest of the guys with him, leaving you utterly defenceless to the tidal wave of bullying and abuse his girlfriend and their friends put you through daily. You soon became depressed and were put on anti-depressants and forced to see a school counselor by your dad and teachers. Your good grades started to drop and you didn’t seem to care. Everyone around you either left you; felt burdened by your presence or saw you as a mistake. Maybe that’s all you were, a mistake who couldn’t do anything right.

Your fears were answered after a session when Zack’s bitchy girlfriend strutted over to you and shoved you against your locker and laughed when you didn’t fight back.

“You’re pathetic y/n. Why are you even still here? No one in the school likes you, hell even your own dad wants to disown you. And let’s forget the fact that your mum killed herself to get away from you.”

Tears welled in your eyes but you’d never give her the satisfaction of crying in front of her. Your mum was killed by a drunk driver coming back from a late work meeting, she loved you. But what if Zack’s girlfriend was right? Everyone left you eventually and your mum got out early. You knew what you had to do to end your miserable life, no one would miss you when you were gone.


I couldn’t believe she’d say that about y/n’s mum, y/n’s mum loved everyone especially her daughter. I knew my girlfriend and her friends picked on y/n but I never expected her to stoop as low as telling y/n to kill herself. Sure I could have stepped in and defended y/n, but I was part of the popular crowd along with Jack, Alex and Rian. What got to me was the fact everyone in the hallway started to laugh and chant rude things at y/n. She took it like a trooper and stormed out of the school.

“Can you believe how pathetic she is babe? Aren’t you glad you joined our group instead of hanging out with that tomboy freak?”

My girlfriend wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in for a kiss but I pushed her away. Two years after abandoning y/n I had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen to her, you never forget the little things which is what made us inseparable. Up until now I chose popularity over friendship and maybe even more with y/n. I’d always liked her but Jack was always flirting with her and she’d flirt back. I needed y/n to know that she wasn’t alone.

“Zack baby what’s wrong?”

I pushed my clingy girlfriend away once more and glanced in the direction y/n had just run.

“We’re over. I can’t be with someone who can tell another person to end their life.”

She scoffed but I didn’t wait around to hear her whine, right now I didn’t care about my reputation. I ran outside into the school parking lot and saw that y/n’s car was gone, I didn’t have a car of my own but luckily Rian had followed me outside.

“Zack what the hell was that?”

“Don’t you hate what we’ve become Rian? We left our best friend for popularity. I know through my parents talking to y/n’s dad that she’s on anti-depressants and has suicidal thoughts occasionally. Today might just push her over the edge so I need you to drive me to hers Rian.”

His face paled.

“She never did have a thick skin but surely she wouldn’t actually kill herself.”

“We were always there for her Rian. Now can you please drive me?”

He nodded and pulled out his car keys.

~Skip Car Ride~

Rian pulled into y/n’s empty driveway indicating she was home alone, her dad and brother took the drive while she parked on the road.

“Are you sure you want to go in alone Zack?”

Rian had changed his tune during the car ride and now was really concerned about y/n. He hated what we’d become and stated we needed to go back to our roots. The car windows were rolled down so we both jumped upon hearing a single gunshot come from inside y/n’s house.


My mind went into overdrive with a million bad thoughts. Had y/n shot herself? I ran out of the car and towards the house leaving Rian shouting my name behind me. The front door was unlocked so I easily navigated my way inside. Her bedroom window was opposite mine so I knew where her bedroom was. We use to climb between our bedroom windows when we were little to keep each other company.


I opened her bedroom door with caution and stopped in my tracks upon seeing a tear stained y/n shaking and holding her dads revolver to her head. Next to the door was a bullet hole, the gun had obviously gone off by mistake. I needed to get her to put it down.

“y/n put the gun down please. You don’t have to do this.”

“No one will miss me Zack. Everyone leaves me, first my mum and then you and the guys. Don’t forget how much of a disappointment I am to my dad, no one wants a depressed child.”

Pain was evident in her voice. I needed to find a way to tell her that she wasn’t a disappointment and that I was going to be back in her life for good if she let me.

“Your dad isn’t disappointed in you y/n. Remember how proud he was when your photography was showcased. You have a talent with a camera that needs to be shared with everyone. High school is nearly over and you will find other like minded people y/n. Trust me.”

She laughed.

“Trust you Zack. You broke the pinkie promise we made when were six, we promised to always have each other’s backs. You stood back and let your perfect girlfriend bully and abuse me.”

I chewed my lip and shook my head.

“Before today I didn’t know just how nasty and abusive she was to you y/n. She was great at playing the victim card, but I couldn’t stand back and let her drive you to this. I dumped her and forced Rian to drive me over here because I had a gut feeling you needed me to stop you from doing something stupid.”

She cracked a weak smile.

“I still get that feeling too Zack even though I should hate you. Why can’t I hate you?”

I took a cautious step towards her.

“Because no matter what life throws at us y/n we’ll always find our way back to each other. I was a douche bag but I’ve seen the errors of my ways, yes our bridge will take some time to mend but I’m willing to try if you are y/n.”

The time she took to process my words I was able to close the space between us and take the gun off her easily before putting safety on. She threw her arms around me and buried her face into my chest and started to sob silently, I guessed the day’s events had finally caught up to her. All I did was hold her and stroke her hair, which always calmed her down when we were kids.

“Are you going to leave me again Zack?”

My heart broke as she looked up at me with puffy red eyes; here was a broken girl who just needed on person in her life to tell her they weren’t leaving her. I smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“I’m not going anywhere y/n. You’ll get so sick of me that you’ll want me gone.”

She laughed but I meant every word, we had a lot of catching up to do and I was pretty sure the rest of the guys would come around soon. I promised myself that I was going to rebuild y/n into the strong woman I knew she could be.

[SUMMARY: Denny gets to go home on Thanksgiving night after a successful surgery and recovery. His nurse, Chloe is very happy for him although she has come to realize that she has feelings for the man that will now leave.]


*If you weren’t tagged, it’s because your username wouldn’t come up. Apologies*

Denny and Chloe.

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“Thomas what are you doing here?” you open the door, hiding your cold hands in the sleeves of your sweater, tucking a piece of your bed strewn hair behind your ear. His face is glowing, his eyes set on you as a smile spreads across his face. You hug your stomach, resting your head against the frame of the door.

“Look, I know that we haven’t spoken since the day in the park, and that you probably want to punch my in the face right now-”

“I do,” you force yourself not to laugh at the smirk that flickers across his face. You force yourself to remember. “Thomas I told you- I told you that I loved you and you walked away.”

“I know,” he holds up his hands, “I need you to understand that the closest I’ve gotten to talking to a girl before you was asking a girl on the tube which stop was next,” Thomas runs a hand through his hair shakily, “and the thought of love- well it scared the shit out of me to put it blankly. The idea of love is a beautiful thing, to find someone who knows you better than yourself, to feel a connection that deep, but love itself is daunting. All of the relationships in my life- my parents, my grandparents- have ended badly and left me caught in the middle of the side effects of love. Incurable side effects. I’ve grown up with this idea that love is the acceptance of an unavoidable, inevitable termination of a temporary high because of unmet expectations. Its like having a terminal disease and pretending you aren’t going to die. But then, then I met you and it made me question if maybe just maybe there is an exception to the destruction of love, that maybe there are some survivors. When you said you loved me, I was so afraid of what could happen, so afraid that I might get hurt by you, when in reality I was the one hurting myself because if I ever lost you, that would be the death of me.”

Thomas takes a deep breathe, stepping closer to you and brushing his fingers against your cheek. “And if love is what I was raised to believe, if it is my inevitable destruction then boy would I be honored to have my heart broken by you because - I love you.”

#you all remember that ONE time sara lance was worried that leonard snart might not choose her #like he basically held a gun to her head once and she knew he’d never pull the trigger #but once again #sara lance was afraid someone might not choose her over someone else #and you know what’s the most tragic part about it #the one person who has chosen her over and over again right from the start #the one person who never made her feel guilty about choosing her #the one person who chose sara without regret or hesitation since he knew her #that happens to be the person sara never got the chance to be with

Dirty little secret
Oliver Queen x Reader

  • Description: The reader is a hacker, cousin Felicty. And discovers Oliver Queen is the Arrow.

 (Y/N) bit her lower lip to face the figure standing at the door. Oliver Queen.
Her cheeks were flushed, her heart Desparado.
 - So…
- It was easy, the archer has to be someone rich, who can fight and that has an “alibi” bad.- smiled timid, fearing that she killed her, but at least she found out who was the Green Archer Starling, and that was enough .
- Obviously, it’s cousin Felicity. - Oliver laughed.
- So … going to kill me now?
-WHAT? Why would I do that?
- I know your dirty little secret.
Oliver laughed, and it made the girl feel like a fool.
-. No Our team needs a hacker, if you want to … Accept take a cup of coffee with me.
(Y/N) beamed.
- Yes … But I still think you will kill me.

A Little Too Late Part 29

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 29

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Y/N (no pairing for now)

Word Count: 1,470

Warnings: angst and a little fluff

A/N: It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means!! Yep! Another part to ALTL! I hope you all enjoy the next part to this fic! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

The link for the ALTL series masterlist is HERE!

As you squirmed out from under your covers, you padded up to the four strange men.  You squinted at them, studying their faces.  Then you noticed it; they had wings.  Each set of wings was different.  They were all colorful, but the pair of golden wings shined the brightest.

You turned to face Sam and Dean.  “Do you see their wings too, or is it just me,” you wondered, turning back to face the strange men before you.  “Are you angels?”

Dean cleared his throat, walking up to you.  Dean pointed at each angel from left to right.  “That’s Lucifer, or Satan as most call him, but an angel nevertheless.  He’s also an archangel, just fallen.  Then there’s Balthazar, then Gabriel who is also an archangel, and then Castiel. You can call him Cas,” Dean explained.  “And no we can’t see their wings.”

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