if someone knows how to do this better

step 1

learn from someone, like ur rad grandpa who knows how to art

step 2

observe and cry bc the person ur learning from is way better then u 

step 3

try it

step 4

realise that ur able to do something and practise :) 

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How do I let go of someone who I know is toxic for me?

Distance yourself from that person, no matter how hard it seems. Stop checking up on them, you don’t need to see all their new instagram photos and status updates. Know that there will be so many others for you, that the pain they cause you is not out of love, that you deserve so much more. Surround yourself by loved ones and family, please know that you are loved each step of the way and that in the end, doing all this will make you feel so much better.

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Why do you hate weed culture? Only asking cause it's not common these days

I don’t care if you smoke pot as long as I don’t know about it, but I’m sick of the obsessive nature of people who smoke. I hate how it’s a part of their identity. A drug shouldn’t be a personality trait. Every story shouldn’t start with “okay so one time I was high.”

Plus the incredible superiority complex that they have? You’re not better than someone because you smoke pot…? I…????

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hello can someone explain to me how the a/b/o thing works bc i went through the fluff friday tag and its all so cute and i wanna know more !! 💖💖

Okay how do I do this hahaha. Basically it’s an alternate universe where there are three rankings and types of people. Alphas, betas and omegas. Alphas go through ruts and omegas through heats where they’re sexual desire is at a peak. Alphas are of course protective and well… alpha. There are scent glands on necks which can be used to bond and mark. This probably explains it better.


Dear Healthy People,

When someone says they can’t do something (such as volunteer to do something) because of their health problems, listen.

Don’t ask them again.

You probably don’t have any ill intentions. But it hurts.

Don’t tell them it’s “low impact” and how helpful it would be if they do the thing.

They know their limits better than you. Something that seems like it doesn’t require much exertion to you, might be too much for them. They may need to save their “spoons” for something else.

It’s uncomfortable in the extreme to keep having to say no. There is societal pressure and expectation to provide reasoning but the disabled/chronically ill should not have to provide the details of their medical condition before they are believed. 

It’s depressing to be reminded how much one’s illness has taken away. 

It’s embarrassing to admit just how limited one’s abilities are, knowing how weak and useless others find you.

It’s frustrating to feel like you can’t do more to help with a good cause.

It’s tiresome to feel like one’s “no” is not respected and one’s “I can’t” is not believed. When an illness is invisible, the expert on its effects is the person who lives it.

So yeah, please don’t do that.


Someone with a chronic illness.

I’m surprised that some people still refer to Yuri on Ice’s content as ‘yaoi fanservice’?

Like, I get that all the butt shots and Victor’s need to get naked every episode are fanservice of some form, but Victor and Yuuri’s relationship just isn’t.

Or, if you think it is, then just tell me: when do interactions between two characters of the same sex stop being ‘fanservice’ and start being a canonical relationship?

Like, seriously how much further do they have to go for you to realize that they’re *gasp* gay for each other?

I mean, what are you expecting? The things we see in straight couples? Like, Idk, maybe physical closeness? Hugs? Holding hands? Touching foreheads? Public declarations of love? The desire to seduce/be seduced by your partner? Mental support? The desire to help someone find confidence in their skills? The desire to know someone better but also the tact of knowing not to push too far? The act of understanding love thanks to one very specific person? The act of dedicating your best work to one specific person? The act of always being there for one specific person?

Come now, you must be dreaming, no pair of two characters of the same sex could get that sort of development.

Oh wait. They already did.

Tell me one more time that Yuri on Ice offers nothing but yaoi fanservice. I double freaking dare you.

Friendly Reminder

that while you can make jokes about Feyre manipulating Lucien in ACOWAR by using his mating bond with Elain, that will not make him change. It will make him worse. His condition will get worse as the female he saw as a friend, manipulates him again and again. Just as Tamlin did to him.  

I was thinking about Blackwall and Sera’s friendship and then I realized that I had no memory of how she reacted to The Big Revelation, so I went to look at their dialogues.  And this is the first banter between them listed as being after we learn about Rainier:

  • Sera: Always knew you were up to something.
  • Blackwall: Sorry.
  • Sera: For what? Trying? Better than most ever do.

That’s it.  That simple, for her.  Incredible.

And then the next one:

  • Sera: I don’t get it. If you want to change, just change. Why this “fake Warden” rubbish?
  • Blackwall: For one, people wanted me dead. Being someone else kept me breathing.
  • Blackwall: And then, knowing that people thought I was good made it easier.
  • Sera: (Laughs.) You needed them to think you could, so you could think you could!
  • Sera: You’re smart, but you’re sort of stupid.

She’s so good.  They’re so good.  And then I cried a little.


Steve Rogers does not approve of his (boy)friend’s cuddling new friend :D

Yeah Tentacles. Avengers Academy you win.

Sorry for my bad English and hand writing! Grammar checking and proper handwriting functions tend to shut down while I am sleepy ; w ; (and I hope everyone in US is doing okay *hug* I know how it feels to have someone like this to lead the government… please take good care of yourself and reach out to someone if you need any help)

I don’t know how you cant see it.  
Everyone around us can fucking see it.
Who knows you better than I do? Who do you vibe with better than me?
We stay up talking for hours, about every damn subject. We know each other inside and out.
I push you to do better, to be better. and still you cant fucking see it.
You look at me and don’t see me, and Its not fucking fair because I see you. I see us, I see everything with you. I can’t look at another person, let alone be with another person. So I don’t know how you can be with her. I don’t know how you can love someone else when I’ve been here for so damn long, when I am whats best for you.
I don’t know how you can’t see how amazing this can be if you just let it.
Have you ever thought that maybe its not working with all these others because you are supposed to be with me? because its only going to work with me?
God did you ever even think about it? about us?
—  I just want you to feel something

the difference between mansplaining and regular explaining or infodumping is what happens after the ‘splainer finds out that you know as much or more than he does about the subject being ‘splained.

mansplainer => gets flustered or annoyed, talks louder, ignores you, or tries to change subject so they can maintain appearance of superiority

regular explainer => acknowledges that you’ve got it and moves on

infodumper => gets happy or excited that you share their interest

This is a valid schema, although it would be far better to have gender-neutral terms for it just to avoid the meaning inevitably devolving into a man doing any of these three things.

Remember: it isn’t mansplaining to assume that you have something interesting to say to someone that they might not know; what matters is how you react once you discover that they already know it.


i remember a while back someone requested some serirei and i was like “oh i can do that! Better yet, why don’t i make it a ten page comic that ill never be able to finish for the life of me :D” 

so i yea, i’ve drawn this in the meantime until i finish the actual comic

sorry ;-;


“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore

A small askblog community-related comic I drew because I was fed up with the social climate surrounding askblogging/roleplay/fandom. 
I mean, seriously guys, I am disappointed.

Artists and writers are human beings and do not always share your idea of the world and their work will reflect that, both in good and bad ways. 

This does not mean we should accept everything without criticism. We are free to discuss those ideas of the world, draw inspiration from other people’s view and inspire one another. We are free to disagree, too. But first and foremost the discussion should be civil and with the shared goal of creating good art.
You think someone’s work is offensive? Ask them about it. They may just have issues with composition and framing. Or they may just don’t know better and no one ever teached them how to do research properly. Or they have a mental condition that makes it hard to communicate their thoughts. There’s tons of reasons for art not to communicate the point properly, and only ONE of those reasons is that the artist may actually be a bad person.
Always keep this in mind.

Also: The private message function exists. If you have a 3000 follower blog, you may consider using that instead of reblogging someone’s “cringy art” and criticize it in front of 3000 people. Trust me, it works wonders. And it reduces the death threats

Handle your drama responsibly, guys.

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Recently I've been having confidence issue about my art. I don't want to draw because I think I can't do anything good. Do you have any tips for boosting confidence?

We all learn from 0 man! You think I was born with the ability to instantly draw amazing art? Wh-What do I look like, an Asian?

I didn’t know how to draw a DOG when I first started, I just knew I wanted to learn to draw. And non-stop practicing  looked like the right way to achieve that.

A lot of people tend to compare their art to someone who is “better” than them and get discouraged from it. I used to do the same and found it really hard sometimes to grab inspiration.

But I started using that as a form of inspiration, whenever you look at some outstanding artwork you gotta look at it and think “I’ll get there someday” “I CAN get there” and have that goal in your mind, and I can confirm you 100% that it is true, there are so many people and artists that I looked up to 5 years ago, and I loved their work, I still do. And nowadays people compare ME to them, which is absolutely insane. 

I know it sounds cliche but, don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Because… there were SO many people telling me my art was cringe, that it waas bad, that I should quit, that I should do something else. But… whenever someone tells me that I can’t do something, that just gives me more reasons to prove them wrong. 

Everyone has the potential to be a great artist, be happy with yourself, everyone’s got their own unique and fantastic style. 

You just have to stay determined ♥


televison meme: [5/15] relationships → Brittany and Santana

↳ Some people love someone because they make them a better person, and that’s not why I love you, because you’ve always just wanted me to be myself. You’re my favourite person in the whole world. And we’re a big deal, you know, like no matter how many times we’ve tried to put our thing down and walk away from it, we can’t… Because I don’t want to live my life without my one true love. Brittany S. Pierce, will you marry me?

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How dangerous is a pen? Like, a normal pen. The kind you write with. How dangerous would it be to stab someone with it?

Cheap, plastic, ball-point pens can be pretty nasty in the right hands. If you know where to stab someone for maximum effect, you can kill with one. The cylindrical structure will stay ridged, so you can drive it in with a shocking amount of force.

Being able to use improvised weapons like this is very dependent on your practical understanding of human anatomy. If you know exactly where poking a hole in someone will do horrific things, it’s an option. Otherwise, you’re better off just reaching for a letter opener, or a heavier ink pen.

It’s probably worth noting that tactical pens are a real thing. These are a viable self defense tool and can really mess someone up. Though, again, the expectation is that you know where to put it for maximum effect. The differences from a normal pen is the heavier construction, (usually titanium, though I’ve seen aircraft aluminum and stainless steel advertised). These sometimes also feature sharpened edges, false tips, and extended non-slip grips to allow for easier use as an emergency weapon.


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life can be wonderful, isn’t this wonderful? and this had better come to a stop, whizzer. now, whizzer, ciao whizzer, bend. this had better come to an end. // do you know all i want is you? anything you do is alright. yes, it’s alright.

someone cry with me over how different these times marvin touches whizzer’s face are. and how gentle the second one is in contrast to the first because i know i’m emotional