if someone knows his name i'd be thankful

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Hi Daniel! First I have to say I absolutely love your work, it really makes someone want to travel all over the place. Your pictures of the Dolomites really got me though -- there's one that looks like a castle nestled in the mountains that I'd love to know more about. Do you happen to remember the name of that building, or where it generally might be? Thanks!

Thank you, it really means a lot 🙌🏻 if, you are talking about the Moody Dolomites set, then unfortunately I don’t know the name of it. I shot it from the car, as we drove past it. 👌🏻

  • 911: Hi what's your emergeny?
  • Me: Hi I'd like to report someone missing. Yes. His name is Even Bech Næsheim. He is 19 years old. He has blond hair and these amazing oceanic blue eyes and extremely pretty face. He is studying in Hartvig Nissen Videregående 3STB in Oslo. He is not answering Isak Valtersen's text since 15:31. I'm starting to worry. Can you please send someone to his house??? Because you know he and Isak are soulmates and they have to get back together immediately and now he is not answering his phone and I'm freaking out here. Thank you :))))

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i think it would be best if perhaps you didn't tag those posts with 'bruce jenner'. even though that was caitlyn's birth name, it just feels a bit disrespectful to use that as a tag on a post about her, and i don't see you as a blog that would purposely try to disrespect someone, especially a woman. therefore i thought i'd let you know! :)

Hi, thanks for writing! The reason I tagged today’s posts as such is for people who don’t know the name yet so wouldn’t be searching for it. Today’s posts are the last posts I’ll be doing with that tag.