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Reflect on Your Actions Spell

Anonymous said: a spell to make someone reflect on their actions towards me???? 

I am sure I have seen a spell similar to this before, but I can’t find it right now, so here is my take on the concept. If anyone can find any links to a source, please let me know so I can give credit for the idea! 


  • a small piece of paper and writing utensil 
  • a compact mirror, the kind that you open up that has mirrors on the inside 
  • a sigil relating to the intent 
  • black string or yarn 
  • sea salt 
  • a white candle 


  • use a picture of the target instead 
  • regular salt can be used instead of sea salt 
  • use an LED / digital candle instead 


  • moon phases: full moon, waning moon 
  • day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday 
  • time of day: dusk, night time 


Write the target’s full name on the piece of paper, and write the list of things they’ve done to you that you wish for them to reflect on. Alternatively, print out a picture of them and write down their actions over their image instead. Channel your feelings towards them and their actions into the piece of paper - try to put as much emotion into it as you can. 

Place the paper in the compact mirror - if there are two mirrors on the inside, even better. Fold up the paper if you need to, as long as it is completely closed into the mirror. 

Affix a sigil relating to your intent to the outside of the mirror. 

Wrap the string or yarn around the mirror, and tie it tightly. 

Create a salt circle (it doesn’t need to be perfect), place the mirror inside it, as well as a white candle / LED candle. Light / turn on the candle and focus on your intent. If you are using a digital candle, place the mirror beside where the candle is - on a computer or phone, etc. 

If you are using a real candle, it doesn’t need to burn out completely; if you don’t let it burn down, light the candle by the mirror for the next few nights. 

Sarah Urie

How do people even hate on Sarah is the real question, I get everyone is entitled to there own option but when you’re calling someone’s wife a gold digger and she doesn’t deserve him that’s taking it to far.

It’s so obvious they’re in love like, why would you date someone for 5 yeas if you are just in I for the money then agree to marry? I don’t know if you can tell or not but there so in love, its legit in there eyes every time they look at each other. Yes she owns expensive clothes like Gucci and Chanel and probably more but so does Brendon.

Yes Brendon is the main source of income in that house but Sarah has been there to support him through everything and sure she may use his money but guess what he probably let’s her, She is his angel, his everything and let me tell you he has stand up for her before because he loves her so goddamn much.


Character: Hyrbrid!Jungkook - BTS
Genre: ??
Authors note: …..I have also been reading a lot of hybrid aus.. This is almost like the start of a series I may or may not be doing. Depending on the feedback and reaction, I’ll decide if dogboy!jungkook will be a reoccurring thing on the blog! Like always, let me know what you think! Enjoy!

- Admin T


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Secrets Pt. 2

Requested By: @timmers18

I used some prompts from this prompt list linked here

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: Queens had been an active crime space for the past few months, Spider-Man was constantly fighting against a newbie of a villain that wouldn’t stop causing chaos, they both despised each other, or so they thought.

Warnings: Some swearing, also, if you get uncomfortable with alley scenes then skip the first half of the story, I know it can be triggering to some people :((

Word Count: 2,039

A/N: Hey guys, so it’s actually been a while since I’ve really written anything, so I hope this doesn’t suck that bad haha. Anyways, thanks for loving Secrets so much and wanting a part two, I love it a lot also. :))) Enjoy :)))

Tags: @thebrilliantbean @my-love-treasure @twenty-two-airplanes @rosaetum @maddy13245 @shayx5 [ if your user is crossed out tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you bc it’s annoying af sorry xx ]

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

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Queens Latest News: Breaking News, an anonymous source has gotten word that the villain of Queens is a lot more dangerous than they let on. Recent sources have said that this villain is out for revenge, for blood. Nobody knows why this sick person is out to get everyone, but one thing is for sure, stay observant to your surroundings, keep a weapon of some sort to protect yourself at all costs, you never know when they could attack.

You finished scrolling down the article, rolling your eyes, this writer was out of their mind, they made you seem like a monster, which in a way you were, but all for good reason.

Nobody knew you were the villain of Queens, nobody also knew why you were the villain in general, it wasn’t something that was simple to talk about, exactly why you never did.

Even Ned and Peter didn’t know the story, that’s how deep and personal this situation was, it was traumatic, it was scarring, life changing, and it sure as hell changed you.

It happened about a year ago, you had just turned seventeen, your mother finally allowing you to walk alone by yourself, needless to say she was overprotective and paranoid, but for good reason.

You were walking home from dinner, you had gone to this cute little Thai restaurant a few blocks down, something you had done quite frequently, except this time it was different.

It all happened so fast, one minute you were walking down the street, the next thing you knew your body was being slammed against a brick wall, your head aching from the impact, your body shaking in fear.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing out so late?” The drunk man grinned, his breath reeking of alcohol as you flinched away.

“Lets have some fun shall we?” He smiled menacingly, as you screamed out for help, only to receive a hit to the face, making you cry out in pain.

It was this moment you knew what was going to happen, you couldn’t believe that nobody was coming to help you, that Spider-Man wasn’t going to save you.

You did your best to scream for help again, kicking and screaming all you could, your voice growing tired and sore.

“Shut up you little bitch!” The man would shout, hitting you again as you fell to the ground, shaking and crying.

You were going to die, this was it, this is how your life would end, and nobody would know.

The man had grabbed your arms, yanking you back up, slamming you back into the bricks, and then you weren’t sure what happened, but the man had flown back, hitting the brick wall in front of you.

“What the hell!” He shouted, as you stared at him in shock, but mainly confusion.

Did you just do that?

And then out of nowhere you felt it, this swarm of energy, power, overtake your body, and before you knew it, he was dead, your power growing stronger.

That was the night, the night that changed your life, you made it your goal to kill people that didn’t belong to live, that made it their goal in life to harm others for no good reason.

But mainly you were angry, full of hate and sadness, that nobody came to save you, that nobody cared, that Spider-Man himself, the hero of Queens didn’t come to save you at the time you needed him most.

So, that is why you became the villain, however, in your mind you weren’t a villain, you were a survivor, someone that decided to dedicate their life to protecting others from situations like that.

But that’s not how people saw it, they just saw you as a killer, someone that enjoyed causing pain and chaos, which in a way was true, since you were hurt, you were scarred, and when Spider-Man decided to show up after the incident to fight you, you snapped.

“Y/N, are you alright? You’ve been zoned out for the past fifteen minutes.” Ned waved his hand in front of your face, making you snap out of your thoughts.

You gave a sheepish smile to him and Peter, who both had concerned looks on their faces, making your eyebrows furrow in confusion, until you glanced down at your hand, seeing the food smashed in your hand.

“Oh, shit.” You muttered, cleaning up your hand, then throwing out your tray.

“You’ve been acting off since yesterday, are you sure everything is alright?” Peter questioned, searching your eyes to make sure you weren’t lying.

“I’m fine, just haven’t gotten much sleep is all.” You’d shrug, avoiding eye contact, which made Peter look at you suspiciously.

What were you hiding?

“Alright well, if you need anything let us know okay?” Peter smiled slightly, as you nodded in response.

If only they knew the real reason why you got no sleep.

The lunch bell soon rang, you were on your way to your locker, when a hand grabbed your arm, swinging you around.

You were met with those famous brown eyes, ones you loved.

“Hey, I just wanted to make sure you were really alright, last night I couldn’t help but notice you had a few bruises.” Peter looked at you concerned, making your eyes widen.

“Oh uhm, it’s no big deal, its just a few scratches.” You’d reply, shrugging as you continued to search through your locker.

“Y/N, seriously, what’s going on?” Peter sighed, pushing your locker door open so he could see you.

This made you annoyed, you let out a huff, turning to face him.

“Are you really one to talk Parker? I’m not the only one acting weird here, don’t think I didn’t notice how you stopped wearing glasses, or that you have become more confident, or that you too had bruises last night.” You fired at him, making him shift nervously, avoiding eye contact with you.

“That’s what I thought.” You’d mutter, slamming your locker shut, before walking away, leaving Peter stunned, his thoughts racing.

That night it was strange, you felt powerful, you were killing people left and right, yet you didn’t know why exactly, you hadn’t done that in a while, but tonight, tonight just felt right, you were filled with rage.

Sorry to interrupt but you need to move your hands away from him before we have a problem.” You heard the all to familiar voice speak, as you glanced over at the masked hero.

You looked at the man, before looking at Spider-Man himself, your eyes darkening by the second.

“I want you to see, what I felt.” You growled out, and before you knew it, the man was dead, and Spider-Man had to watch in horror.

“You’re sick.” He choked out, but you on the other hand felt great, now he knew how you felt that night.

“Not a nice feeling is it.” You shot at him, making his eyes on his mask grow small in confusion.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this, but you’re going to stop, now.” Spider-Man shouted, webbing you and flying you up to a rooftop.

You groaned, standing up and facing the hero, who was sending you daggers through their mask.

“Do you think I like doing what I do? That I want to spend my time every night out here killing people?” You shouted, your voice slightly cracking, surprising Spider-Man.

“Then why do you do it!” He shouted, his hands waving in the air.

“Because! Because if anyone could have saved me, it would have been you, but you didn’t, the famous hero didn’t even come to save me when I needed him most.” You shouted, anger flowing through your veins, tears forming behind your own mask.

Spider-Man stared at you in shock, he never knew this, hell, he didn’t even know who you really were.

“I-I’m s-sorry..” He whispered, which only made you laugh bitterly, sending chills down his spine.

“You left me to die, so I did what I had to, to survive.” You growled, pacing back and forth.

“And then I made it my job to protect people, to keep them safe from horrible people like that.” You covered your face with your hands, a sob escaping your lips.

Everyone has a breaking point, and that night, I hit mine.” You choked out, sitting on the ground as Spider-Man stood there watching you intently.

And then it was all slowly starting to sink it, so much of this villain reminded him of you and then it all started to make sense to him.

You had been acting so off lately, and then seeing the bruises on your face that you tried to cover up, or the way you’d disappear randomly and then show back up just like he would, always coming up with some random excuse, it was all making sense, it was all coming together, the villain of Queens.

It was you.

theroyalsblr  asked:

orriculum, I offer a deal, lets be people not wild animals. Here it is: You take down / remove all the posts with the hate speech against me, then let me know you’ve done it. In the end we’ll block each other and all that bullshit stops. Are you with me? Just try to put yourself in my place. How would you feel with so much hate against you?! Show humanity and understanding, please! Let all that between you and me stops finally.

sounds fine to me, and i’ll do it on one condition, which i think is fair. 

delete or source every single picture on your blog.

all i want is assurance you’re never going to steal my work again. 

you want me to sympathize? i’ve been in your place. it has happened once i reposted part of someone’s work and forgot to source it, and you know what happened?? someone called me out on it, so i sourced the shit and apologized. which is what i am expecting you to do now. 

but you want to talk about feeling bad?? about feeling shitty?? 

every time i discover someone has stolen my work, the things i pour my heart and soul into making, i start to have a panic attack. my anxiety sits with me all day. so fuck you for starting this and giving me one. 

that one picture you stole from me? i spent a couple hours arranging and re-arranging everything on that table, making everything perfect., i hand-painted the symbols on the palmistry hand, i worked very hard to make it something i would be proud of later. and you stole it in a couple seconds. 

there are the things i am so very proud of because i made it and actually creating things is the foundation of who i am as a person. that’s why i am so angry.

elphias  asked:

Hello! I've been thinking about the differences between dogs' and wolves' diets, and how there are so many things that are toxic to dogs but not humans, such as grapes and chocolate. I think I remember seeing you write that those things are harmless to wolves, but I was wondering: are there any foods that have a similarly toxic effect on wolves and not humans? I mean, if someone fed random human food to a wolf in captivity, could they poison it by accident like people sometimes do with dogs?

@thisisclemfandangocanyouhearme Hi! Wolves and dogs have similar digestive systems that are designed primarily to eat meat. 

Chocolate is poisonous for wolves as well, because like dogs, wolves lack the metabolizing enzymes that break down the theobromine and caffeine in it.

I couldn’t find any further proper information about this. If someone knows more about this subject or has a good source, please let me know!

EDIT: I answered that wolves have a more varied diet than dogs, which was meant to be the other way around. Like @vet-and-wild commented: it’s unlikely that two species so similar would have such a varied digestive anatomy that something that is highly toxic to one species would not be to the other, but what it boils down to is that I just can’t find proper sources about this yet.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #132 - Good Will Hunting

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) I find it interesting how when the opening credits say, “Written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck,” it says Damon’s name over Affleck’s character and vice versa.

2) The first character in the film we really get to know is Stellan Skarsgård as Gerald Lambeau.

You get that Skarsgård has good intentions, even though he is a massive pretentious asshole who hits on his students and judges people not based on how happy they are but more their position in life. A janitor is a failure. A community college teacher is a failure. Any other opinions be damned. He’s not EXCLUSIVELY a bad guy though. You understand his intentions are good and he does learn as the film goes on, but damn if he isn’t just a prick for most of the film.

3) The first tavern scene is a nice way of introducing us to Will and his friends. It creates a sense of community between them and South Boston, a sense of character for every member of the group, and their relationships with each other.

4) Matt Damon as Will Hunting.

Originally posted by sidneyspoitiers

Will is a character who you really get to know over time, and that’s very nice. At first he largely keeps to himself and we get that he doesn’t care about power or prestige. At first that’s a noble thing, but then we learn that this is born less out of humility and more out of fear. Will is a flawed character. He convinces himself of all the disadvantages of somethings, of the shame of it, because he is petrified. His world, his life with his friends, that is safe for him. That is home. And he doesn’t really risk to go for more than that because of his fear of rejection (identified by Robin Williams’ Sean Maguire later in the movie). I think this - along with the beatings he sustained as a child - fuels the aggression we see (and later hear about) when he picks a fight with an old kindergarden bully for no other reason than he just felt like it (and then doesn’t stop until the cops show up).

But Will is SMART. And not like a little smart either, but incredibly intelligent. He’s not afraid to show it either, he doesn’t hide it when he feels a need to use it. But he doesn’t brag about it either. He is not in his friends’ faces with it with an, “I’m so much smarter than you,” attitude. Matt Damon - the film’s cowriter with Ben Affleck - plays Will’s many facets very well. This film is incredibly well cast and most of the actors when you’re watching them don’t FEEL like actors. They feel like the characters, totally and completely. Damon as the lead is no exception.

5) Can I just say: I LIVE for scenes in movies and moments in life where some pretentious condescending asshole is put in their place totally and completely? It’s so cathartic!

6) Minnie Driver as Skylar.

Can I just say I LOVE Skylar, even if she is at risk of falling into the category of manic pixie dream girl on paper. Minnie Driver’s academy award nominated performance in this film just makes her so much MORE than that! I love everything about Skylar: how she approaches Will at the bar and calls him an idiot for not asking her out, how she is able to hold her own against Will’s sense of humor and occasional bullshitting, her laugh, her honesty, her heart! The first time I watched this film I was in awe - more than anything else - with Driver’s realism in the part. She and Damon have knockout chemistry that not only suggests to you their heat but their friendship. It is totally believable that they fall in love in such a quick time, and that is because they work so fucking brilliantly with each other. There is sincerity, trust, comradery, humor, an ability to be themselves around each other. I believe Damon and Driver dated for a while after meeting on this film, and that chemistry shows. I just…gah! I love it so much!

7) Classic.

Will [to the douchebag from the bar]: “Do you like apples?”

Douchebag: “Yeah.”

Will [placing Skylar’s phone number on the glass between them]: “Well I got her number.”

Originally posted by martymontana

8) The way Lambeau treats Will is…interesting, to say the least. At first it seems like he looks down at him. Like he’s his savior and he knows it. There’s a scene where after they’re done doing math together, Lambeau ruffles Will’s hair. Who the hell does that? It changes as the film goes on. You realize that Lambeau grows to understand that Will is truly an unmatched genius, but early on it’s…weird.

9) The string of psychiatrists Lambeau takes Will to see is very telling and very entertaining. It shows how smart Will is, but also how abrasive he is. How he scoffs at authority and the need for help. It’s a funny scene but it greatly tells to Will’s deeper struggles.

10) Robin Williams as Sean Maguire.

Originally posted by maryjosez

Williams won his first and only Oscar based on his performance in this film, and damn if it isn’t clear why. Williams is chameleonic. Yes you know its Robin Williams playing him, yes he brings some of his trademark improv comedy (more on that later), but you don’t SEE Williams. All you see is Sean, and that is incredible. Damon and Affleck took a character who could have easily been just the token mentor. The Obi-Wan to Will’s Luke Skywalker. But they did more. They gave Sean his own struggles, his own grief, his own desires, his own conflict, his own arc, and made a truly compelling character who can hold his own against Damon’s Will.

You learn a lot about Sean as the film goes along. You learn how his life is defined by his love and loss of his wife, you see that he is able to relate to actual people, that he hates the MIT snobs. The dude chokes Will out for insulting his wife at one point and is the first therapist to kick Lambeau out of his session. Meaning he takes his time with Will far more seriously than the other therapists.

The chemistry between Williams and Damon is on par with the chemistry between Driver and Damon, although of a fundamentally different nature. Williams as Sean is able to sift through Will’s bullshit, knows when he doesn’t need to put up with it, and is able to slowly make this character who is so afraid of rejection comfortable around him. I think it’s the key relationship in the film, and I love it.

11) Danny Elfman’s score in this film is beautiful. Elfman is known for his more macabre work through collaborations with directors like Tim Burton and Sam Raimi, but here he creates a hopeful and sincere melody which carries you through the film like a leaf on the wind. I think it’s great.

12) The scene where Sean is talking to Will on a park bench is somewhat iconic, but I think it is very powerful for one key reason: the filmmakers decided to keep it on William’s performance for most of the scene. They did not cut between him and Damon, they let his acting and his heart carry those minutes and it is incredible I think. You can watch for yourself if you so desire:

This is my favorite line from that monologue:

Sean: “You’re an orphan right. Do you think I know the first thing about how hard your life has been - how you feel, who you are - because I read Oliver Twist?”

People like to say they know what other people are going through, but unless they have personally they don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Thank you to this film for having that line in there. I love it.

13) According to IMDb:

The lines in the scene when Sean talks about his late wife’s farting antics were ad-libbed by Robin Williams. That is why Matt Damon was laughing so hard. If you watch the scene carefully you can notice the camera shaking a bit, possibly due to the cameraman laughing as well.

14) This film does an excellent job in balancing the aspects of Will’s life. We get the perfect looks at his relationship with his friends, with Skylar, with Sean, and with Lambeau. There’s not too much and there’s not too little, it’s just right.

15) It is interesting to see how Will lets his guard down with Skylar in some regards while also keeping it up in some ways (namely, lying about how he has 12 brothers).

16) I love Skylar’s story with Will’s friends.

Minnie Driver is gold.


Lambeau [after Sean says they should let Sean go down his own path]: “It worked wonders for you didn’t it?”

Sean: “Yeah it did you arrogant fucking prick.”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)


(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

I have a lot of strong feelings on this matter, can you tell?

18) I love how Will explains the way his brain works. How he says Mozart and Beethoven could just look at a piano and play, that’s how his brain works with history and numbers and science and stuff. It actually makes a lot of sense despite being pretty vague.

19) Get ready to have your heart broken by Will being a fucking idiot.


20) Will’s whole monologue about why he doesn’t take a job with the NSA because of what COULD happen and one hypothetical leading to another is just a perfect example of him using his intellect to rationalize his fears in a bullshit way.

Will [in a session with Sean]: “Why shouldn’t I work for the N.S.A.? That’s a tough one, but I’ll take a shot. Say I’m working at N.S.A. Somebody puts a code on my desk, something nobody else can break. Maybe I take a shot at it and maybe I break it. And I’m real happy with myself, ‘cause I did my job well. But maybe that code was the location of some rebel army in North Africa or the Middle East. Once they have that location, they bomb the village where the rebels were hiding and fifteen hundred people I never met, never had no problem with, get killed. Now the politicians are sayin’, “Oh, send in the Marines to secure the area” 'cause they don’t give a shit. It won’t be their kid over there, gettin’ shot. Just like it wasn’t them when their number got called, 'cause they were pullin’ a tour in the National Guard. It’ll be some kid from Southie takin’ shrapnel in the ass. And he comes back to find that the plant he used to work at got exported to the country he just got back from. And the guy who put the shrapnel in his ass got his old job, 'cause he’ll work for fifteen cents a day and no bathroom breaks. Meanwhile, he realizes the only reason he was over there in the first place was so we could install a government that would sell us oil at a good price. And, of course, the oil companies used the skirmish over there to scare up domestic oil prices. A cute little ancillary benefit for them, but it ain’t helping my buddy at two-fifty a gallon. And they’re takin’ their sweet time bringin’ the oil back, of course, and maybe even took the liberty of hiring an alcoholic skipper who likes to drink martinis and fuckin’ play slalom with the icebergs, and it ain’t too long 'til he hits one, spills the oil and kills all the sea life in the North Atlantic. So now my buddy’s out of work and he can’t afford to drive, so he’s got to walk to the fuckin’ job interviews, which sucks 'cause the shrapnel in his ass is givin’ him chronic hemorrhoids. And meanwhile he’s starvin’, 'cause every time he tries to get a bite to eat, the only blue plate special they’re servin’ is North Atlantic scrod with Quaker State. So what did I think? I’m holdin’ out for somethin’ better. I figure fuck it, while I’m at it why not just shoot my buddy, take his job, give it to his sworn enemy, hike up gas prices, bomb a village, club a baby seal, hit the hash pipe and join the National Guard? I could be elected president.”

Originally posted by loadsof-gifs

21) One of my favorite scenes in this film is Chuckie’s reaction after Will says he’s going to stay in south Boston his whole life.

Chuckie: “Look, you’re my best friend, so don’t take this the wrong way but, in 20 years if you’re still livin’ here, comin’ over to my house, watchin’ the Patriots games, workin’ construction, I’ll fuckin’ kill ya. That’s not a threat, that’s a fact, I’ll fuckin’ kill ya.”

He is like the only one - between Skylar, Sean, and Lambeau - to actually get through to Will. And that is because he speaks Will’s language. It’s one of my favorite character moments in the film.

22) I do really love the climax of the film (Sean telling Will, “It’s not your fault,” for his foster dad beating on him and Will breaking down into tears) even if I’m aware of some of it’s flaws. This is a turning point for Will, but if he were in therapy in real life this wouldn’t be the end. Also most therapists don’t treat their patients this way. But that’s the beauty of fiction: we have this thing called suspension of disbelief which makes movies fun to watch! :D

Originally posted by 80slater

23) I think the ending for this film is quite lovely. So many different ideas from earlier play into effect, Will goes to make up with Skylar (headcanon: he gets her back after much groveling and attempts to convince her he’s changed), and what Matt Damon said was Robin Williams’ best improvised line in the film.

Will [in a note he leaves for Sean]: "Sean, if the Professor calls about that job, just tell him, sorry, I have to go see about a girl.“

Originally posted by clintb

Good Will Hunting is a classic of cinema. It features excellent writing that features a heartwarming story, supported by incredible performances across the board. Williams, Damon, and Driver are all particular standouts, but the film is just so good. Perhaps a little overrated, but still incredible. Go see it!


Hey guys! Awhile ago, I posted free verse about nostalgia and hope. I had written it as an idea for an assignment in my creative writing class. I ended up editing it a bit, and turned it in with turnitin. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a website that allows you to digitally submit papers to teachers. Teachers also like it because it checks your work for plagiarism. My teacher never brought it up, but when I looked at the assignment a couple weeks later, it showed that my poem had 65% similarity to someone who had submitted a paper to a different high school. I know the high school’s name, but for the sake of being the better peson, I won’t reveal it. Surprise, surprise, the parts of my poem that weren’t similar to the other submission were the parts I changed or added AFTER posting it on tumblr.

So, yeah, I’m angry. Someone stole my work. I thought I’ve made my rules clear, but let me reiterate. You can use what I post as inspiration. Source me. You can include exactly what I wrote into one of you works. Specify which part I wrote; source me. This person probably didn’t source me because it was turned in as an assignment, as if they did it themselves. Maybe there’s an off chance they did, but I have no way to know that because turnitin has a private policy. I can’t see what other people submitted. I just know what was copied for my submission.

I accept partial responsibility for this. It was stupid to share something on social media that I might use for school later. It was stupid to have some faith that people can follow rules, use common sense, and not be jerks. At least I’ve learned a lesson.

If you’re the one who did this and have an explanation, feel free to direct message me. As for everyone else, please don’t do this. I know imitation is a form of flattery, but seeing other people take ownership of something you worked hard on is not a good feeling.

New theory for Darkwing in DuckTales (2017)

So this idea had been in the back of my mind for awhile, but after seeing a few pieces of evidence, and, after discussing it more with peeps in the Darkwing Discord channel, I think it could be a very real possibility…

Consider this: In DuckTales 2017, Darkwing Duck is not an actual crimefighter. He’s an actor in a cartoon (or ‘live action’) series within the DuckTales universe.

Now, whether Darkwing somehow becomes a “real” crimefighter outside the television show remains to be seen. But the pieces of evidence for this I’ve seen:

- The DuckTales app game makes reference to pages from the “Darkwing Duck script” being stolen. So, at the very least, in the game, he is recognized as a t.v. show.

- We know that *SPOILERS* Michael Bell (Quackerjack) and Jim Cummings (Darkwing) have recorded lines together for the show. Now what situation could arise that would call for Darkwing and Quackerjack at this point in the timeline? QJ would already have to be a villain, which means conceivably Darkwing has met Gosalyn but Launchpad is (presumably) absent from their lives. But if QJ and DW are ‘characters’ in a show, they could show up whenever.

- Someone on the discord stated that at the panel, when people inquired about whether the DuckTales and Darkwing Duck universe were still separate, Tad Stones apparently stated something along the lines of ‘they do share a universe but not the one you think’ (or something to that extent… if anyone has a source/video for this let me know). 

I’ve yet to see further evidence but I feel, based on hints of what’s to come, it wouldn’t surprise me all that much if they did take it in this direction. If anyone has more evidence (that either proves or disproves this theory) please share! 

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So there is pics of Cait & so at baftas pre party size by side. At this point there is more pics of Cait & her so than Sam & MM. Cait is not hiding her relationship...he is with her at all industry events. Shippers need to accept reality.

Thanks for sharing your opinion and the information anon! After you let me know it existed, I found this picture on twitter:

Well hello there Tony! 

Someone also told me that the ES were saying that Cait had her wedding ring on which was why she was supposedly hiding her hand in one picture.

Well, this photo shows her left hand clearly. No ring on her ring finger:

via source

Cait looks like she has a pinky ring on but no wedding band on her ring finger.

Of course the ES will continue to spin their fake narrative. Undoubtedly they will say that Tony is there as her PA. She has a very heavy purse and he might have to hold it.😘

Undoubtedly they will come up with a fuzzy photo of a FauxHeadathat they will manipulate and turn into “faux Sam.”  All they need is a little cat hair and they are good to go!

Most likley Sam is somewhere else–possibly in the US with MM. I have no idea. But he isn’t with Cait. And Tony is not Cait’s PA. Tony is Cait’s romantic partner. It is crystal clear to fans who don’t have shipper rose colored glasses on.

The problem is the ES got themselves all worked up again by reading way too much into a promo video for a convention and a PR event for the T2 premiere. They misinterpreted the Popsugar article and Sam’s retweet of it and tried to pretend that the ES troll who had been exclaiming that was proof that Sam and Cait were a couple and who was blocked by Sam wasn’t “really” an ES. So they missed the message. They squeed when Sam interacted with three of the ES leaders but ignored the fact that he didn’t give into their request to post a lovey-dovey selfie with Cait.

They worked themselves into a frenzy by all of this while the rest of us just scratched our heads. And as the break continues more things will come out that will indicate that Sam and Cait aren’t a couple and then the ES will turn on Sam and Cait again and blame them for “leading them on.”

No. The ES lead themselves on. Over and over again. SMH

Meta needed from ppl who are anti-Kylo‘s redemption

Hi guys! I’m making a compilation post of what pro-kylo’s redemption people have to say on the matter and i wanted to hear the views from the other side.

If you are able, please reblog this post, comment your response, and tag some people who you think would want to contribute as well. if you have nothing to contribute, but know someone who does, please tag them or tell them about this post.

You can choose which questions you want to answer, but I would love it if you at least answered the first two.

I’m looking for fact- and reason-based analyses on this subject, so please stick to facts and avoid personal opinion as a source (for example: “I don’t like Kylo therefore he shouldn’t get a happy ending”). But by all means, please let me know of your personal interpretation of the films, texts, etc.

(Bonus points if you reference the most recent canon SW books Bloodline by Claudia Gray and Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig, both of which talk about Ben Solo before his fall)

  1. What is redemption? What does it look like in the SW universe?
  2. What is forgiveness? What does it look like in the SW universe?
  3. What are the pros and cons of someone who has done much evil being redeemed? Please mention the good and bad effects on the person themself and on the society/community around them (feel free to reference any relevant SW characters)
  4. Can Kylo be redeemed? Why or why not? (feel free to talk about the reasons pertaining to the SW universe and real life [like the history of film, SW, etc.]
  5. If he were to be redeemed, what would Kylo’s redemption look like? Why is that not a good thing (within the SW universe and real life)?
  6. What are some arguments you’ve heard from pro-Kylo’s redemption people? What is your response to those arguments?
  7. Why did Han Solo forgive Kylo? (it’s in the TFA junior novelization)

Thank you, and have a great day, everyone!

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Fangs (Jelix)

Author’s Note:

Based on a couple asks from @kissmefelix’s Tumblr blog.

4148 Words

Mild Gore warning

Boy X Boy

JackSepticEye and Felix (Jelix/SepticPie)


Jack was visiting Felix in Brighton. Felix was excited to be able to see his friend again. They didn’t really get to talk to each other face to face.

At the moment Felix was looking around the house for Jack. But he didn’t seem to be there “Jack?” Felix called. It was like the Irishman had disappeared.

This wasn’t like the Irishman and Felix was becoming a little worried “Jack! C'mon Bro…” Felix called again.

The Swede found himself in the kitchen. That was when he noticed something bright green outside. Why was Jack in the back garden? Had he went outside to play with the pugs? Surely there was a logical explanation. There had to be.

Felix opened the back door as he said “There you are man. I’ve been looking for you.” But as Jack turned around, Felix was consumed by fear his eyes widening and his breath hitching in his throat as he reflexively stepped back. Jack’s eyes were crimson red, his upper canine teeth were long, pointed and sharp, a red liquid was smeared around his lips, some on his chin and even staining the collar if his t-shirt. In Jacks hand was a rabbit corpse…

Jack’s eyes were wide, dropping the rabbit he tried to defend himself “Felix I can explain.” Jack’s voice was a little deeper than normal his throat still cloaked in the blood from the rabbit.

Felix shook his head as he used his fingers to create a cross holding it up in front of Jack fear his only emotion. Felix backed away a little, his heart pounding in his chest. This couldn’t be real. If it was that meant Jack was…A vampire? Those are just scary stories and shitty movies aren’t they?

If that was the case what explained all of this? Nothing…

Jack saw Felix using his fingers to make a cross. Jack let out a sigh as he lifted his hand taking Felix’s wrist gently and lowering it as he spoke calmly “That doesn’t work. It just looks little stupid. Felix I-” but Jack was cut off as Felix yelled pulling his wrist from Jack’s grasp and backing away “Stay away from me!” Jack was about to say something when Felix turned and ran upstairs.

Jack needed to explain himself, he needed to let Felix know what was going in. God only know what was going through the Swedes mind.

Felix ran into his bedroom slamming the door shut and sitting with his back against it. He couldn’t let Jack in. What was even going on? Was he actually considering that vampires were real? That his friend was one such creature and he never knew.

Felix heard a knock against the door before Jacks voice called softly and calmly “Felix.” Felix shook his head “G-Go away!” Felix heard Jack sigh “Ya don’t have t’ let me in…An’ I promise I ain’t gonna do anything yer not comfortable with. But can we please talk about this?”

The calm tone that Jack used help to ease Felix just a little. He cleared his throat as he said “I’m listening.” Felix noticed the floor boards outside the door creaking. Jack must’ve sat down “Felix I…I hope you know that no matter what ya saw. We’re still friends. At least fer me this doesn’t change anything…” Felix took a moment to compose himself “What was that…And no bullshit…” there was a slight pause but Felix didn’t rush the other. He waited patiently for a reply “Don’t freak out…But…I’m…a vampire. What ya saw was…me…Well…I had just finished drinking blood from that rabbit…I-I thought ya were busy. I never expected ya t’ see me like that.” Felix felt paralysed. Jack really was a vampire.

No. Jack was a vampire. In his home… There was silence Felix unable to say anything. So Jack continued “Felix I…I hope ya know I’d never hurt you. Or anyone…It’s why I went after that rabbit…At least till I got home.” Jack’s calm tone did make this whole thing a little easier for Felix to comprehend. But it was still a lot. Felix cleared his throat “How long before ya told me? Or any of our friends?” A nervous chuckle from Jack “Well…I honestly didn’t…It ain’t something I’m proud of…I know what people think. But Felix I ain’t a monster. Or a killer…" 

Felix let out a shaky breath "And if you never planned to tell me…Your so called friend…How do you expect me to trust you now!” Felix heard Jack sigh “I know it’s gonna be hard t’ trust me…I know all the horror stories surrounding vampires…But please Felix. Yer one of my closest friends.” there was a pause before Jack asked “Won’t ya open the door?” Felix shook his head “No. I won’t…I-I don’t know if I can trust you anymore Jack!" 

Jack could understand Felix’s feelings, he let out a sigh as he said "Okay, I can understand that. But how about we talk?” On the other side of the door Felix shifted his position as he said somewhat confused “Talk?” Jack bit his lip as he thought about how to word what he wanted to say “Yeah…I mean…Is there something you want to know? Ask me questions and I’ll answer ya honestly. Ya deserve that." 

Felix was silent for a moment as he considered what he could ask.

Jack wanted Felix to feel comfortable, after all they were friends.

After a while of silence Felix asked “If…If you are a vampire have you…Have you ever-“ Jack cut Felix off “I don’t go after people as a blood source. When I do it’s a family member or someone who has agreed to let me. I’ve never harmed or killed anyone.” Behind the door, Felix nodded. It wasn’t that he had asked Jack that question because he thought Jack was a killer, but like most people he knew the stories of vampires. That they were merciless killers, that they gained a person’s trust before they took their chance to kill the person. Felix really wanted to trust Jack, but something told him he should be cautious, that he should be wary.



Felix asked quiet a few questions, he found out that Jack was born a vampire, that his father was a vampire and his mother a human, out of five children two took on the gene, Jack and his eldest sister Roisin. He found out that because Jack was born a vampire, he displayed no vampiric traits until the age of 16. Jack explained it as a ‘coming on age’ type thing.

Slowly Felix calmed a little. But he still refused to let Jack into his room. For as much as he had managed to calm, he was still very wary of Jack.

Jack had decided he would cook some food for himself and Felix. Hoping that if he did something that Felix considered normal it would help to ease his nerves.

Jack finished his cooking, he had chosen to make soup. He put some in a bowl carrying it upstairs for Felix.

Jack stood outside Felix’s room as he knocked on the door, he waited. But got on reaction from Felix. So he tried again knocking as he called “Felix?” once more he waited and once again got no reply. Jack was beginning to worry about Felix. He knocked on the door calling again “Felix please! Jus’ let me know yer okay!” once more no reply. Jack was becoming desperate he knocked on Felix’s door again yelling “Felix, let me know yer okay. Or I’ll come in there like it or not!” and just like every other time he got no reply. That was it, Jack needed to know that Felix was okay.

Jack put the soup down on the floor near away from the door as he took hold of the door handle pulling it down. Felix hadn’t locked the door, which made Jack’s job easier. He pushed the door open as he looked around the room, he saw Felix sat against the wall his head lulled forwards as he breathed lightly. He had fallen asleep.

Jack let out a relieved sigh as all of his worry left him, carefully Jack picked Felix up cradling older male in his arms. Felix was surprisingly light. Jack carried the sleeping swede over to the bed laying him down carefully and covering him over with the duvet. Jack turned away from Felix as he left the bedroom closing the door quietly.


Felix woke feeling warm and comfortable. Nothing felt wrong. He smiled contently. For a moment he was allowed to feel calm, happy and content.

Until like some sort of heavy weight, the reality of yesterday came crashing down on him. Felix sat up looking around breathing fast. He remembered being sat near the door yesterday. Why was he now in bed?

Felix didn’t have long to think about it, he could hear the floor-boards on the stairs creaking. Jack must be coming upstairs. Quickly, Felix laid back down pulling the duvet close to him and closing his eyes. Maybe, if Jack thought he was asleep he would leave him alone. Besides, what could Jack do from outside. Felix knew that vampires had to be invited in before they could do anything.

There was a soft knock on Felix’s door before the latch clicked, Felix had his eyes open just enough to see, but Jack wouldn’t know he was awake. Jack stepped inside the room as he called out softly “Felix? Are ye awake? I brought ya some breakfast.” Felix remained silent, he felt his heart skip a beat as Jack set the tray he was carrying on the table close to the door, before he began to approach the bed. Felix remained silent and still, in his head begging Jack to just leave. Jack sat down on the bed next to Felix, placing a hand on his shoulder as he shook his gently calling “Felix, wake up…” Felix knew he couldn’t fake being asleep any longer. He allowed his eyes to flutter open as he turned and looked at Jack. Jack didn’t look like he did yesterday, his eyes where the bright blue orbs Felix was familiar with, he wore a kind smile.

Maybe yesterday had been a dream, it had to be there was no such thing as- “How are you feeling? Are ya okay after yesterday?” he stood corrected. Felix froze at the question “Y-Yesterday?” Jack nodded “Yeah, ye were passed out so I put ya in bed.” For whatever reason. Felix’s mind immediately jumped to the conclusion that after falling asleep Jack had bitten him. Panic kicked in and Felix stood up quickly retreating to the other side of the room as he put his hands over the sides of his neck.

Jack could see the absolute fear in Felix’s eyes. Jack already knew what Felix had assumed he stood up taking a step towards Felix, but Felix pulled away more. Jack let out a sigh “Felix nothing happened. All we did was talk yesterday, at some point after I went t’ make some food ya fell asleep. I had tried to bring yer food t’ ya, but I got no answer from knocking on the door, so I came in ya were asleep on the floor so I put ya in bed. That’s it.” Felix seemed to relax letting out a shaky breath.

Jack’s gaze moved away as he said “I’ll leave you…I brought ya some toast and a cup of coffee…It’s on the table near the door.” Jack walked passed Felix and left the bedroom closing the door behind him. Although Felix did not completely relax until he heard the stairs creaking. Felix truly did want to trust Jack, they had been friends for so long and it seemed a little petty to through such a friendship like that away. But then again, Felix couldn’t seem to settle around Jack anymore.


Jack had resorted to reblogging stuff on Tumblr and answering asks. He heard the stairs creaking as he looked to see Felix, finally out of his room for the first time since he saw Jack with the rabbit yesterday. But Jack knew he shouldn’t make a big thing out of it. So he continued to reblog things on Tumblr.

Jack noticed Felix enter the room and sit on the couch opposite the chair where Jack was currently sat. He could hear Felix’s heartbeat, it was fast. Fear, was the cause of Felix’s erratic heat-beat. But Jack knew mentioning it wouldn’t do either if the pair any favours.

Silence filled the room, an awkward tension keeping both men from saying anything. But neither like the atmosphere, nor the silence, they needed to air things, they needed to talk properly. But where did they start? Without words, without looking at each other. The pair knew they were thinking the same thing. Felix swallowed thickly trying to break the silence and ease the tension “How are you?” Jack looked up from his phone placing it on his lap as he met Felix’s gaze “I’m okay, you?” Felix shrugged, he was staring at Jack’s eyes. Those vibrant blue pools that seemed to reflect all the light they absorbed. Felix’s throat felt like it had closed up on him. Jack’s gaze flickered away and Felix felt unknown tension leave him. Jack bit his lip as he said “It’s good t’ see ya up. I was worried about ya, ya know?”

“Why?” Felix asked without thought, he quickly covered his mouth looking away “Forget it anyway…” Jack shook his head smiling at Felix softly, it was a kind smile “Hey, don’t dismiss yerself so easily like that. It was a fair question…” Jack paused for a moment before shrugging “I…Don’t really know why I was worried. I jus’…Was…” Felix nodded his head a little. His fingers were gripping tightly at his knees. Jack noticed. He stood himself up and he walked towards Felix. Felix froze in Jack’s gaze again, he opened his mouth to ask what Jack was doing, but his words failed him, coming out as little more than a distressed whimper. The whimper caused Jack to pause for a moment. But he knew he had to try and clear things.

Jack stood in front of Felix who looked at Jack, scared. Jack could see the look clearly in his friends eyes. Jack knelt down. He placed one of his hands on top of one of Felix’s hands that was gripping tightly at his own knee. Jack stared at their hands for a moment before his gaze moved back to Felix. He wanted to smile and tell Felix everything was okay. But it wasn’t and they both knew that “Felix. I understand this is weird fer ya…Honestly, I do. But I’ve always been like this from the first time we ever talked. Nothing has changed fer me…In fact, the only thing that has changed, is ya know what I am now…” Jack removed his hand from Felix’s as he stood up. His gaze moved away as he said “I used the last of yer bread this mornin’. I’m gonna go t’ the shop to get some more. Want anything?” Felix shook his head. But couldn’t get words to form. Jack nodded his head a little as he turned and left.

Felix sat there for a while. Replaying what Jack had said in his head. Ultimately, he knew that Jack had but their situation in simple terms. And honestly, it all seemed stupid really when put that bluntly. But to Felix it was a lot more than just “finding out” Jack had never attempted to tell him. Not even once and Jack admitted that he never considered telling him. Would Jack had just lied to him for the rest of their lives? Not only that, but what else was Jack hiding from him. Felix had some many questions and doubts, no amount of talking would solve that. He didn’t know how to fix it.


Felix was cutting up some smoked sausage to add to the left overs of Jack’s soup from yesterday. Felix noticed Jack at the sink as he got himself a glass of water.

Preoccuiped with watching Jack, Felix wasn’t paying attention to what he was cutting. He felt the cold metal blade against his finger and quickly dropped the knife cursing “Jävla helvete!” Jack turned to look at Felix who was holding the middle finger of his left hand. Jack didn’t need to ask Felix to know what was wrong, he could smell Felix’s blood. Jack approached Felix cautiously as he said “Hear.” Jack held out his hand but Felix pulled away. Jack let out a sigh as he said “Don’t worry, I just want to see the wound.” Felix studied Jack for a short moment before he reluctantly placed his hand face up on top of Jack’s. Jack used his free hand to ghost his finger from Felix’s palm to the top of his middle finger, the finger Felix had cut. Felix hissed as Jack’s finger passed over the cut. Jack’s gaze moved up to Felix as he said “You felt that?” Felix nodded “Y-Yeah.” Jack nodded with a soft smile as he said “Jus’ a small cut then. I’ll get ya something t’ cover that with.” Jack opened one of the cupboard in Felix’s kitchen pulling out a first-aid kit. He collected an antiseptic wipe and a plaster before returning to Felix’s side.

Without a word Jack opened the antiseptic wipe cleaning Felix’s wound, drawing a few hisses and less than quiet curses from the Swede. Jack then opened the plaster and placed it over Felix’s cut to protect it. When he had finished, Jack’s gaze moved up to meet Felix’s. Jack smirked as he said “All better. Ya think ya’ll be okay t’ finish?” Felix nodded a little “Y-Yeah…Thanks.” Jack shrugged “No problem, it’s not like I did anything special.” Jack turned and left the kitchen.

Felix was honestly a little surprised that Jack had been able to act so…Human? Was that the way he should word it? After all, normally in stories as soon as a vampire smells blood they end up going crazy and killing whoever cut themselves. But Jack was so calm, he cleaned Felix’s wound not only that but he hadn’t had red eyes or anything the hole time. Felix didn’t see Jack’s fangs at all and Jack didn’t ask to lick his finger, he didn’t even lick his own when Felix knew that Jack should’ve had blood on his fingers. Maybe Felix had been too quick to judge Jack. Maybe the things he knew about vampires were stories. Only Jack would know, but Felix could find out. He just had to calm himself down and learn to trust Jack. Or at least try to trust Jack and maybe in time, he would see that Jack wasn’t some evil creature, he wasn’t a monster, he was just Jack.



It had been five days since Felix found out about Jack. Jack had gone upstairs almost an hour ago and he hadn’t come back down. Felix was worried about his friend. Why had he been so long? Had he fell asleep? Not likely, this was JackSepticEye he was talking about, he was never tired and maybe Jack’s seemingly endless amount of energy made sense now.

Felix made his way up the stairs calling out to his friend “Jack!” no reply. Which worried Felix. Jack was the loudest person he knew, quiet was not good when it came to Jack. Felix noticed the door to the guest room left open slightly.

Without thinking twice Felix entered the room. His eyes looked around the room, Jack was sat in the far corner of the room, his knees pulled up to his chest and his head in his lap. Jack was physically shaking. Worry took over as Felix ran to Jack’s side kneeling beside him “Jack! Oh god Jack are you okay!?” Jack swallowed thickly as he managed to choke out “Fe-lix…Stay away…” this did nothing for Felix’s growing concern “No Jack! What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” Jack shook his head. But gave no verbal answer. Felix didn’t know what to do, what could be wrong? Felix grabbed Jack’s shoulders as he said “Sean! I-I need to know what’s wrong so I can help you!” Jack looked up slowly. Felix could see Jack’s eyes glowing a bright crimson red colour, Jack’s mouth was opening a little and Felix could clearly see two long, pearl, white, sharp fangs. Felix almost pulled away, but this wasn’t like Jack. In four days, Jack had only saw Jack’s eyes and fangs once. Literally just after Jack had drained a rabbit of its blood. Seeing Jack like this now, something was DEFINITELY wrong. Jack turned his head away, a soft whimper coming from his as he chocked “I’m so thirsty…Please Felix…Jus’ leave me…When night falls I’ll go out and I’ll go into the woods.”

Felix bit his lip. The thought, the one that had come into his head as soon as he heard the word ‘thirsty’ made him beyond nervous. But he wanted to help his friend. Felix let out a sigh as he said “Bite me…” Jack looked at Mark shocked. Had he really? He couldn’t have “What?” Jack asked sounding confused and surprised. Felix nodded “Go ahead…Bite me Jack. I honestly don’t mind.” Felix could feel his heart beating a mile a minute. Threatening to leap from his chest. Jack moved a little closer to Felix. Felix watched as Jack adjusted his position before sitting Felix on his lap. Jack looked at Felix. His crimson red eyes locked against Felix’s crystal blue eyes. Jack swallowed thickly as he said “Are you sure?” Felix nodded wordlessly. Tilting his head to the side and closing his eyes.

Felix felt cold breath beating against his exposed neck, causing him to shiver. Jack’s arms wrapped around Felix in an almost comforting embrace. Jack whispered as he leaned in a little closer “Don’t worry Felix. It will sound weird…But it doesn’t hurt…” Felix didn’t say anything. He felt Jack’s lips against his neck, he felt Jack’s fangs pierce his skin. But it was a numb feeling. He knew that Jack’s fangs where there, but it didn’t hurt. Felix could hear as Jack began to drink his blood. Felix’s eyes closed as he hummed a slightly dazed and dreamy hum. It certainly sounded weird to admit, but this was quiet a calming feeling.

It wasn’t long before Jack pulled away from Felix, licking a few drops of blood from the side of Felix’s neck. For Felix, the bite wound now stung a little, it was the sort of sting you get after an injection. Jack’s arms let go of Felix as he took a step back. Felix almost protested when he felt Jack’s arms leave him, but he stopped himself. Felix half smiled at Jack as he said “See? Wasn’t that bad…And I bet you feel better?” Jack nodded as he spoke, his tone a little deeper his throat still cloaked in a little bit of Felix’s blood “Yeah, thanks Felix.” Jack cleared his throat before continuing “It means a lot to me that you let me do that…Not everyone would.” Felix shrugged a little as he said “Don’t worry about it.”

But Jack wasn’t about to let the subject slide so easily. He took hold of Felix’s wrist as he pulled him a little closer “N-No Felix…I mean…That was a pretty intimate things…I…I should be honest…” Jack rubbed the back of his neck his gaze moving away “I’ve been thinking about this for a while…It’s been on my mind a lot more this week…I…I like you Felix…” Felix wasn’t sure how to react. He bit his lip. He had to admit that he had been crushing on the young Irishman for a while. And this week the main reason he had been so jumpy was because he was conflicted as to how he felt. But when he heard Jack’s confession. He realised he felt the same way “Y-Yeah…Well…Me too…” Jack’s eyes widened as he looked at Felix “You what?” Felix nodded “Yeah…It’s been on my mind for a while and I was conflicted after…Ya know…Seeing you the way I did this week…But I managed to stop thinking about that so much as I’ve got to know that…Even if you are a vampire, you’re still an amazing, kind and caring guy. You have such a huge want to please and do the best for everyone and you go out of your way to do just that…I love you Jack.” Jack smiled as his arms wrapped around Felix’s middle, he pulled Felix close as he kissed Felix’s lips softly before whispering “I love you too.”

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Hello I have a question I kinda have a thing in my house and I don't have sage it's to expensive to get I was wondering tips on getting rid of evil things.... If you don't know do you know someone who knows? Sorry for being vage (I already had an itchy cross I don't need a possessed family member)

Energy work, salt, and your voice.

Sprinkle salt around doorways and windows. I have a spray bottle that has sea salt and water in it and I use that as a cleansing spray. It also has lemon essential oil in it.

With your voice, just speak out. This is YOUR space, not theirs. You need to let them know that. Banish them with your voice and command them to leave.

Here are some other helpful sources:

[Banishment Magick]

[Harmless and Easy Leave Me Alone Spell] - this is a spell to do on another person but you could also apply it to a spirit.

[Banishing Powders]

[Sigils for Banishing Evil Spirits]

[Everyday Banishing Rituals]

[”You Are Not Welcome Here” Banishing Spell]

[Banishment Verbal Spell]

[”Get Out” Sigil]

I hope this helped! If you have any other questions, feel free to message me.

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What did lay do?

Currently, there is no source and translators are saying different things. During a live stream, there was someone with the username “yixingshusband” and he said something about that not being okay.
However, more translators are saying that “yixingshusband” said “I like Yixing because of my girlfriend but I’m not gay” and Yixing said “then your username isn’t correct” meaning that he can’t be married to Yixing if he has a girlfriend and he doesn’t want to actually be be married to Yixing.
If there’s anyone with more information, please let me know! I don’t know Mandarin and I don’t have any sources so please take my response with a grain of salt.

I don’t care about Jackson and Maggie, I already knew it was happening. I choose to focus on this “she needs to stop being in the limbo”, I hope it means that April moves on, moves out from Jackson’s house and start to live again, I hope she has a great story line and she meets someone absolutely fantastic.

So, let me know when that happens, I’m going to skip the BS of those women being at odds over the Great Fantastic Man.

Source: @aprilnjacksonotp, didn’t want to kidnap her post 

Divination 101- O

Masterlist of Divination Can be found HERE.

Odontomancy- Odontomancy is divination using teeth. It is unclear whether those who practice this form of divination use the baby teeth (which fall out) or your adult teeth, or some mix of the two. There is very little information on this and I have yet to met someone who practices this.

Oenomancy or Oinomancy - Is Divination by wine. It was originaly used by the priestesses of Bacchus, known as Bacchante. It is a popular form of divination in Europe.

This form of divination can be carried out in several ways:

  • The taste of the wine. This takes an exceptionally good palate on the part of the Diviner. In this form of divination you must not have a particular question. The Diviner clears their mind and drinks slowly letting their mind wander as they taste.
  • The appearance of the wine when it is poured for ritual, usually when pouring unto the ground or unto the altar of a god or goddess. 
  • Sediment interpretation, either at the bottom of a cask or the bottom of the glass. This is the only form of Oenomancy that I use and thus have more information for it.
    When picking the wine for this I suggest the following:
    -Red: For passionate endeavors. Sexual relationships, creativity, personal sexuality, fertility, and personal health (okay, the last one is less ‘passionate’ but I still feel that it fits)
    -White: Intellectual endeavors.School, jobs, where to live, and finances in general. I also call these the ‘things that keep you up at night’.
    -Rose or Pink: Romance.
    - Tawny or Sherry: Family 
    You may either buy a bottle for your question, or use the wine you have on hand. I have not noticed any difference between the two. Pour your wine into the glass (It doesn’t need to be much at all, but hey, I’m not gonna judge) It is important if you are using this form that you do not ‘swirl’ the glass. Drink and think only of your question, interpreting the sediment that remains at the bottom.
    If you are using a cask, the divination is for all who drank, or portents for the year to come.
  • The color of wine. This is more difficult to do today considering how wine is manufactured to be a particular color before we ever see it.
  • Similar to water divination. Pour wine into a glass bowl and set a candle behind it. Using the shapes made by the light, reflections, and your own thoughts while meditating on the wine as a guide to your divination.
  • A cloth or piece of paper boiled in wine. I’ve used this once, I felt no connection with it, but will pass on what was passed on to me.
    -Take a piece of paper or a bit of cloth. White or lighter colors is easiest to use. Do not get stain retardant fabric or wax sealed papers! The cheaper paper/fabrics are best for this.
    -Red wines will give the clearest pictures. You may write a question or a symbol on the paper or cloth. It is not necessary.
    -Set cloth unto altar or in the sunlight to ‘ripen’.
    -Pour wine into a pot. It should be enough to cover the paper several times over.
    -Turn on the heat (or place the item on the fire if you are using a cauldron or cast iron item)
    -Place paper/cloth into the wine and let it boil down. Do not let it boil down to nothing, you risk burning and potentially ruining a pot.
    -Using tongs, or a wooden spoon, remove the cloth or paper from the wine and set aside to dry. Remember that wine does stain, placing this directly on a counter or your altar could leave behind marks you don’t want. Place on a cookie sheet, or a towel. Allow to dry in the sunlight. (Keep in mind that Wine and Sun go together)
    -When dry, read the patterns in the paper/cloth.

Ololygmancy-  divination by the sounds (especially howls) of dogs or wolves. I am not a dog person (unless it’s a greyhound, don’t ask me why, I don’t know either). Don’t get me wrong, I think all dogs are beautiful (they are) and they have a certain charm or mystery depending on the breed. But I am a staunch cat person and harbor a definitive feline energy. For you dog people out there, if you’ve ever felt that your dogs barks or howls were trying to tell you something..that’s a form of this type of divination. If anyone has specific information on discerning the pitch, length, or timing of this please let me know so that I may pass on this information. Credit will be given.

Omoplatoscopy -is divination by observing cracks in burning scapulae (the shoulder blade). Note: Burning human bones is illegal in most states without a special license to do so. Also bones needs a ridiculously hot fire to burn. However. This type of divination can use the bones of any animal with a shoulder bone large enough to read. This is best for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, though practiced readers can have more complicated divinations.

If the shoulder cracks completely, it is a no, if it doesn’t crack at all, it is a yes.

Omphalomancy - divination from the knots in the umbilical cord. Okay, that short definition is a bit misleading. This form of divination was used only on children born female to determine by the shape of her umbilicus how many children she would then give birth to. The more knotted the more fertile she was deemed to be. Yeah, not my favorite.

However, I think it would be interesting to chart a child’s life at birth using the umbilical cord. There has not been a great deal done on this as it was not the historic use.

Oneiromancy -Oneiromancy is divination by dreams, specifically to divine the future. This is not the same as dream interpretation, which are how your own dreams are a manifestation of your emotions, but rather dreams that seem to come from another source. If you believe that a divine being or mythical energy has placed a dream in your mind this would fall under Oneiromancy.

Onimancy - (or Onycomancy) is divination using the Angel Urial. I know little about this form of divination as I do not practice angel work. If someone has more information please let me know and I will edit and pass along here. Credit will be given.

Onomancy -Onomancy is divination by the letters of a name. It was most popular in the Middle Ages, using Latin. It is a sub-group of Arthomancy, and utilizes Gematria, which is a code and number system of Assyro-Babylonian-Greek base which was later adopted by Jewish culture.

By all that I mean that it is complicated.

In Gematria every word is associated with a number based on syllables and the letters. This number would have a numerological effect on the child who was granted the name. Intervals of 18 were especially lucky.

Onychomancy - is divination by the fingernails of a person. In this a persons nail were oiled and placed in sunlight. The reflection (sometimes the reflection off the face of an “unpolluted boy”) was interpreted. The closer to the tips of the nails the symbols were the closer this was to occurring. Each finger was designated for a particular part of the persons life. The thumb was associated with work, the pointer associated with family, it is thought that this fed into palmestry.

Also, the health of a person was determined from the color, shape, and strength of a fingernail.

Oomancy -  is divination by eggs. It is especially popular among Bruja culture, where the egg is a sacred symbol.  It can be done several ways.
-Crack an egg into a water/oil mix. A diviner would read what floats to the top.
-Cracking an egg unto a divination glass and interpreting the pattern. This is done with shell and all.
-Dropping the contents of an egg unto a hot oiled fry pan hard enough to break the yoke. How the yoke spreads will answer your question.

Ophidiomancy -  is divination using snakes in particular but reptiles in your dreams.This differs from Ophiomancy which is watching real snakes.  It is a derivative of the  Greek word for ‘small snake’ which insinuates that smaller snakes are best for this.
-Dreaming of a snake was considered good luck by the Egyptians. However, if a Greek dreamed of a snake sickness was imminent. So…if you dream of a snake I would suggest following your get instinct on if it is a good or bad omen.
-If your dream focuses on the head of a snake, you are in need of guidance, and research into your particular problem.
-If your dream focuses on the tail, you are dawdling and need to push forward.

Ophiomancy - divination by observing the behavior of snakes. It is most important to watch a snake eat in order to use this divination and therefore not for the feint of heart. It a snake does not immediately eat its offered food then you might rethink how you are approaching a problem. If a snake immediately devours its food then you are on the right track of a problem.

Ornithomancy - is divination by the flight of birds. In Celtic Divination the color of the flock was the most important. In Greek, it was the shape of the flight. I would suggest using both of these in order to get an accurate reading for your omen.

  • Black: Transformation
  • White: Purity, Birth
  • Yellow: Friendship
  • Speckled: Spiritual Guidance
  • Green: Growth and New Development
  • Gray: Peace of Mind
  • Red: Fortunate Oppurtunity
  • Brown: Mastery of the Elements, weather

Shape of the Flight:

  • Chaotic:You are in need of seeking a mentor or guide
  • V Shape:You are on the right path, continue forward
  • O Shape:You are not on the right path, your current path will lead you nowhere.
  • If you can see their feet as the fly (not tucked in): Things you thought were gone will return.
  • Hunting Birds (or bird): What you wished for you will receive.

Oryctomancy- divination using excavated objects. It is unclear in my research whether you must find the buried objects by chance, or if the diviner buries many items in the divination grounds and waits until they have forgotten where the items are.

However, the point is when a diviner of this variety has a question they will walk an area until they feel the desire to dig. Then they dig up a single charm and that is the answer.

Ossomancy or Osteomancy -  is divination using bones. It is an umbrella term for any and all forms of divination that use bones, whether it is casting them, burning them, or inking them. Bone divination is very popular and comes in many forms.

Ouranomancy -  Ouranomancy is divination using the heavens, specifically the stars and planets visible at night. It is NOT the mapping of them as per astrology, but rather watching the sky and divining what you see and what thoughts come into your mind as you do see them.

anonymous asked:

Hi, it still amaze me that Louis has such a positive outlook while Harry is an angsty hoe hahaha Louis songs bring the optimism and hope while Harry songs depicts angst. The same way their tattoo works. Louis is the compass while Harry is the ship. Louis is the dagger while Harry is the rose. Louis is the rope while Harry is the anchor. Like wow! Their couple and individual dynamics is super interesting. Did you ever think about this? Hope you have a good day.

I’ve thought it before, yes.

Harry & Louis do process adversity differently. They’re individuals, and they were also very young people placed in an unusual and artificial environment where the stresses tended to be internalized. Their parents weren’t there. The people who were supposed to take care of them didn’t parent them. Harry, in particular, was the youngest of his family and the youngest of the group.

I can certainly imagine how they all felt, at one point or another, panicked, anxious, lost.

Harry does write about all these feelings, true, but he’s smart and he’s wise, and he writes about love with the greatest tenderness and generosity. Remember Meghan Trainor’s words about him? I can’t find the quote right now, but it was something like, he really knows what real love is.

I find this quote very telling, about Louis:

“People don’t know the real Louis, Jay has told me that when Louis suffers a bad press day he says to her ‘come on mum, lets make someone happy today.’ That’s the kind of man Louis is. Louis Tomlinson is very grounded, he is family orientated and both Louis and Jay hold a very special place in my family’s hearts.”

Source: http://www.capitalfm.com/artists/one-direction/louis-tomlinson/news/charity-work/

Even on the worst days, when he himself felt bereft and lonely, his instinct was to do something nice for other people. He has a caring instinct.

Remember this video, that he posted on December 7, 2016?


Harry and Louis do work differently with their material. I’ve heard Harry’s solo material. I’m really looking forward to Louis’s!!