if someone has the original artist

Hey Guys! So I’ve noticed that art theft has been quite the thing lately, (especially people reposting art.) I also know that some people aren’t sure about the difference between a reblog and a repost, so hopefully I can explain this today!

Reposting happens when you take someones art and make a new post for it (be it on a different website or the same one.) Most artists do not like this. Some will allow it with proper credit, but you should always ask permission first.

Reblogging is when you share the original post on the same website with other people. Most artists love when you do this!

Why reblog? It lets other people find the artist more easily (and to see more of their work!) it lets the artist know people are enjoying their work (which is a huge motivator for sharing it), it provides proper context for the work, and more!

Please share the art you like by reblogging it, and remember never to claim other people’s art as your own. : )

Illustration made for the @sink-fanzine exhibition at the Batofar in Paris.

(If by pure coincidence someone here has too much money and want to get rid of it, I’m selling the original :v You can send me a private message or an email at marie.dedurat@laposte.net

nyutamoony replied to your post “Just sent in like 20 copyright claims”

I don’t know much about it, so I need an explanation. Why is that such a big deal? I mean, I understand when people, for example, start to make products with you art so they could sell it later. It’s not cool. Or they create fake accounts so they could say that your art is their art. Okay. But why does everyone so angry about posting arts somewhere else? What’s the problem if your watermark is on the right place and your nickname on tumblr is also mentioned? People just want to share your art

Great question!

For starters, most art thieves don’t credit (they crop out watermarks, intentionally misspell artists’ names, insert intentionally broken links, etc.). Furthermore, a number of art thieves DO monetize what they steal, and even harass artists. However, even if credit is given, that doesn’t make it ok for people to take art that belongs to someone else.

For example, let’s say you see someone’s car parked on the street. Even if you plan to return it, and you never claim it’s yours, and you don’t damage it, and you fill up the gas tank, and you write “credit to the original driver” on the car, does that make it ok for you to take someone else’s car for a joyride? Of course not. It’s the same with art.

Here’s an awesome post about the differences between reblogging and reposting, and how reposting hurts artists.

Here’s a shorter (more saucy) post which is also great.

TL;DR: artists have the right (both legally, morally, and according to the ToS of sites like tumblr and Insta) to control where and how their content is shared. For example, I have an Instagram. When I want my work on Insta, I post it on my account. No one has the right to make that choice for me (and a lot of the art I find is ALSO on my Insta anyway, so that argument goes out the window). Art thieves steal revenue and views, make it more difficult for people to find the original artist, and cut artists off from potential followers and feedback. Someone who faves a stolen pic isn’t likely to fave the original pic after that (even if they find it) because why would you fave/reblog/RT the same image twice? That doesn’t help artists. Plus, art theft accounts lead to people only following the art thief and not following the original artists. So while art thieves claim to be “sharing” or “promoting” someone’s art, they’re actually eating away at an artist’s ability to be successful. Basically, the artist is doing all the hard work, and the art thief is reaping all the rewards. That’s just not cool. Artists post art for free (can you imagine a chef just giving out free cake every day, or a singer giving free concerts all the time?). All they ask in return is the respect they’re legally owed. That’s certainly not too much to ask.

You can support artists by liking/faving/reblogging/RTing their work, which will put their artwork into trending/front page/suggesteds/etc. and get them more exposure without cutting them off from feedback and without making it difficult to find/contact the original artist.

You can also ask an artist for permission to share their work–some people are ok with it. As for me, I do not allow my art to be reposted, period.

Thanks for asking!

I know this is an nct blog but bear with me for a sec

Not to be bitter but why is eunhyuk aka lee hyukjae of super junior not counted among SM’s best rappers? Eunhyuk was SM’s original rapper along with Shindong (unless someone in DBSK rapped, in which case i apologize for not knowing) and yet i still see yall say that SM doesnt have good rappers? Yeah maybe he’s not a hip hop artist or whatever but you cant deny that he has talent? And yall are overlooking it???

Like have none of yall seen “Dear. TWO”? Hyuckjae poured his fucking heart out, talking about his difficulties as an idol with key lyrics such as “I, listening to words like ‘Don’t become trash, become a lie’ am also fake” and “The one who’s changed is you guys, what more do you want from me?”

I know this is late as he’s currently serving military duty, but it needs to be said. I’ll link “Dear. TWO” when i get off mobile.

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have any good Supercat fanvids/fanfics to recommend?

Oh how I have been waiting to answer this all day. You’re my new favorite person anon. Here you go.


► kara + cat | something I need

you’ve changed me | kara/cat

Kara & Cat | Skinny Love   (My go to)

kara/cat | right in front of me

Emma/Regina + Kara/Cat || Shelterd from the pain (Great parallel vid especially if you like both ships)

Where is the real me? // Emma/Regina + Kara/Cat

cat/kara - when it comes to us (supercatslam september “fall”)

Kara & Cat | What if {2x02}

kara + cat | romantic comedy trailer

cat/kara | a promise with a catch

Kara + Cat ; don’t come back for me

► kara + cat | safe in my arms

falling around you | kara/cat

Kara and Cat | make you stay.

kara + cat | shattered

Kara & Cat | Let Me Sign


All Or Nothing
Author: OfEndlessWonder
Plot: “She finally, finally, takes in the sight of the woman standing in-front of her and the rest of her furious words die in the back of her throat because oh, oh, no-one should look like that. Tall and blonde and so very gorgeous, barely in her mid-twenties with sparkling apologetic eyes, a pair of sinfully tight black jeans on her hips and a sleeveless t-shirt to show off the muscle in those arms that had caught Cat so quickly.” AKA the hot neighbour AU that no-one asked for or needed.

Lost and Found
Author: SuperTweety
Plot: Kara has been through a lot in her short life with the loss of her planet, the death of her parents and Astra, and the damage done to her relationship with Alex while she was under the influence of the Red Kryptonite. Will she ever feel at home and welcome on her adopted planet or will she forever feel lost and alone?

carter grant, super sleuth
Author: unicyclehippo
Plot: Carter Grant needs interviews with the three women he admires the most. His mother isn’t surprised to see her own name on the list, or Supergirls, but Kara Danvers? That one is a surprise.

Asking Too Much
Author: fictorium
Plot: Anonymous said to fictorium:
Cat needs a date to a party, she convinces Kara to go with her (“You’re my assistant, nobody will think anything of it”).

That’s how it began.

Only it’s not Kara who steps out on the red carpet, but Supergirl. As they continue with the public deception, chaos erupts around them: battles fought, lives lost, enemies old and new. Somewhere in there Kara and Cat have to deal with what happens when pretend feelings become all too real, along with the additional complications from Superman and both of the sisters Lane.

Ultimately, Kara has to find a way to make her ever-changing life workable. Can she do that while keeping Cat, her secret identity, and her family intact?

The Music and the Mirror
Author: fictorium
Plot: The Ballet AU.

Cat, former prima ballerina with the National City Ballet, is now the artistic director of a ballet company. Maxwell Lord, her former dancing partner, has found her a new dancer for the upcoming season: the untested Kara Danvers.

Can the two women forge a working relationship? Has Cat found someone up to her own pre-retirement standards at last? Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be a long, hard road to get there.

(Also soon to be an original story published over here.)

Out of the Ashes
Author: InspectorBoxer
Plot: The D.E.O. is destroyed in a vicious attack leaving the Danvers sisters shaken and the women they care for in danger.

Chasing Fog
Author: PinkRabbitPro
Plot: When a family emergency arises, Kara Wayne takes up the family mantle and spends her nights protecting Gotham City in the guise of Nightwing, while struggling to keep up with her day job teaching at a local prep school. Everything changes when she starts to fall for the mother of a favorite student and finds herself driven to protect them from the rising dangers of the city. Meanwhile, for Cat Kyle, returning to Gotham City after years away is a risk she’s prepared to take in hopes of giving her son a better life, but her attraction to Carter’s lovely, young teacher may be her undoing. After all, she’s Catwoman, the very thief Nightwing is hunting. What will both woman do as new enemies and old secrets threaten everything and everyone they love?

The Fight To Be Alive
Author: EnchantedApril
Plot: Kryptonians are all viewed as Fort Rozz criminals, with society accepting televised fights to the death as the new normal. While Kara remained hidden away, she was safe, but now she has been in the hands of LordTech’s Alpha Fighter program for almost two years.

For What Binds Us
Author: mermaiddrunk
Plot: It’s platonic. Just business. All pretend. Kara’s always been good at pretend. Why would dating Cat Grant be any different?

This Is What You Came For
Author: subcutaneous7
Plot: When the ultimate threat unleashes its fury on Earth, Supergirl discovers new powers and must begin to accept her true identity, along with the connection she shares with Cat.

Maybe National City Needs Another Superhero
Author: SupercityCarnival
Plot: When Cat is kidnapped and involved in an explosion, it has some interesting side effects on her.

Messages From Madrid
Author: SupercityCarnival
Plot: Cat has to travel to Spain to fix a CatCo mess. Kara deals with Cat being gone, but not without Cat helping her along.

Just a Friend
Author: supergirlfan
Plot: “Kara thought back to that moment on the balcony, when her whole world had shifted. The hug that changed everything. One hug, and she was addicted to Cat Grant’s touch… the feel of her hands on Kara’s back, the intoxicating mix of perfume and conditioner, the gentle but strong curves of her arms… In that moment, she’d acknowledged that her feelings for Cat extended way beyond professional boundaries.”
Kara is struggling to cope with her emotions, overwhelmed by recent events and by the depth of her own feelings. She’s falling apart, and Cat is there to help… just as a friend. How long will it take the two women to admit what’s really happening between them? How will they handle the challenges facing their relationship?

Of Heroes Great and Small
Author: a_dot_burr_ell, captainjaybird
Plot: Cat and Kara are adjusting to their new dynamic after Kara’s promotion when an accident results in Cat getting psychic powers. The only mind she can’t read? Supergirl’s. How will this affect Cat and Kara’s growing relationship?

Knowing Our Strengths
Author: Adm_Hawthorne
Plot: Dragging in deep breaths and letting them out, Kara hesitantly released the other woman and wrapped her arms around herself. “I could so easily forget myself with you.”
Cat nodded. “I understand the feeling.”
After finally admitting their attraction to each other, Kara and Cat work toward finding a way to balance their lives without hurting each other or those around them. (This is a follow up piece to “Photos Can Lie.”)

Author: SkinnyProcrastinator
Plot: Siobhan is the best assistant to ever assist and Kara is firmly in the doghouse. When an opportunity to accompany Cat on an overseas trip comes up, Kara takes it in the hope she can get their friendship back on track. Meanwhile Cat insists on using the trip as a way to further torture Kara. What will they uncover in the twilit Norwegian city of Tromsø and what happens when Kara’s powers start to fade.

Author: Rtarara
Plot: Kara Zor-El wanted nothing more than to fit in and help the people of earth. Unfortunately for her Aliens are reviled and seen as no more than wild animals to be killed or tamed. She was caught after years of hiding and sold as a pet to the “Queen of All Media” who isn’t quite what she expected.

You’ve Got the Healing That I Want
Author: K_AudreyLeto
Plot: When Cat called Kara and asked her to pretend to be her date she didn’t think about her feelings for the woman before she agreed. She also didn’t think that she would end up in over her head when Cat asked her to continue the charade the next day. Supercat fake dating/ also side Alex/Lucy.

Two Hearts, One Roof
Author: iblamethenubbins
Plot: Kara and Cat have been best friends since high school and now, after graduating from college, have decided to move in together. Domestic fluff and quiet longing ensue.

Written in the Stars
Author: InspectorBoxer
Plot: Kara and Cat hurtle towards the inevitable as a final showdown with the Joker looms…

When I Need You - When You Need Me
Author: EnchantedApril
Plot: When Kara is seriously injured in battle, Cat is forced to reveal their relationship in order to be near her. The fallout is pretty much what they expected…

Close Encounters
Author: sultrysweet
Plot: When Adam asks Kara to go away with him for the weekend, naturally she invites Cat to join them. While they’re away from their every day lives, they’re able to learn more about each other in a more relaxed environment. Except, things aren’t as relaxed as they seem when certain discoveries about themselves and each other are revealed.

True Power
Author: Where_is_my_10_15
Plot: When Supergirl confronts Cat while under the influence of Red Kryptonite, she doesn’t threaten her life. She breaks her heart. She challenges her with the fact that Cat is in love with her, and then flies away. Cat would rather have been thrown off of a building.

Another Night, Another Dream
Author: luvscience
Plot: Kara keeps dreaming about Cat…until she doesn’t

When In Rome
Author: oddcoupler222
Plot: “You… assigned me a fake headlining interview article and made me meet you in Rome. This whole elaborate scheme instead of just calling me.”

Saying it aloud made Kara laugh because even as she was incredulous, she also wasn’t. Of course Cat would do something like that.


It had been a couple of weeks since Cat Grant had kissed her and revealed that she knew about her secret identity; it was a lot to process. But sometimes even Supergirl isn’t fast enough for Cat Grant’s patience.

The lights are turned way down low
Author: Musetotheworld
Plot: Cat and Kara are at a mountaintop resort to interview one of Cat’s sources when a threatening storm hits early. With Kara’s powers blown and the roads blocked, their only option is to stay the night.

And feel free to check out mine.

When you need more feel free to come back for more.

Dear Digimon fandom,

If you happen to see someone posting a wonderful piece of fan-art that

  • does not include the artists’ name
  • does not mention they have permission to repost

Please DO NOT like or reblog the post, no matter how much you admire the art. By doing so, you’re rewarding people who:

  • ignore the original artist
  • repost without permission
  • don’t value copyright or the artist’s talent and efforts
  • basically steal other people’s work.

Similarly, if you happen to read a Digimon-related translation that

  • you suspect is not original / is an unauthorised repost (e.g. posted by someone you know doesn’t usually translate)
  • does not give credit to a translator
  • lists the translator / source as in a disrespectful way, like “(x)”

please, DO NOT like or reblog it. Like fanart, translation is subject to copywright; fan translators desserve to be fully credited by their selfless, hard work and not have their translations reposted elsewhere without express permission.

Other stuff that you should probably think twice before sharing:

  • HQ scans from the Digimon DVD/BR releases, unless you know the person who posted them (quite often they are scans from WithTheWill)
  • fan videos that do not credit other people’s art
  • edits that seem to come from elsewhere
  • reposted art by Japanese / Korean fans, even if it mentions “permission to repost” (can you be sure that permission was actually granted?)

Rules of thumb we should all keep in mind:

  • Don’t repost art without credit AND permission.
  • Don’t repost translations without credit AND permission.
  • Don’t steal / plagiarise other people’s content.
  • Don’t support people who do those things.

Sometimes ignoring them may be the best policy, but if you see something you feel is wrong, you can always contact the original creator OR talk to the reposter and kindly and respectfully ask them to change their (re)post. Remember, most people who do repost don’t do it with bad intentions, and being nice is always the best option. However, there are people who continue to repost content and withhold credit, despite multiple warnings and requests to stop - @digi-egg is the worst example of this, and lately someone has been filling the main tag with reposted art.

Let’s all support and respect the artists and translators, rather than the people who repost (i.e. STEAL) other people’s work.

Make the Digimon fandom a safe, respectful place for all the people who create and share their work! :)

Thats literally no fucking excuse? So what if she didn’t know it was MY tattoo? The fact is she went and purposefully stole SOMEONE’S tattoo, regardless of who has it. Its so shitty and disrespectful. She could have went and asked an artist to make her an original design of her own inspired by my piece, but she just went and completely ripped mine off, same place and everything. DO NOT  defend this bullshit behaviour. 

Like I feel so shitty about my tattoo now. Its something I put effort into and really loved and now someone has a shitty ugly copy, it makes it feel so much less special. AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE FUCKING ARTIST THAT DID THIS.

Help me track down this artist!

Does anyone know the artist/translator of this comic? Or the original post, perhaps?

I want to translate this comic, but I must obtain permission and the full art first. It also seems very well drawn, and I would like to read it!

My friend said that she found this on Tumblr a while ago, so I was hoping someone could help me! She wants to see it as well lmao

Thank you!

UPDATE: It appears the original art has been deleted for some reason or other. Oh well, I’ll respect the artist’s decisions. Thank you all for helping me anyways!

Saw this the other day but Tumblr crashed before I could repost. Luckily I had saved the image to my phone.

I feel like, at this point, I would definitely define what R, F, and I do as “Hierarchical Polyamory.”

EDIT: Wow. Who knew someone else’s work would become my most popular post? Also! As is the nature of human relationships, this has somewhat changed for R, F, and I. I feel I’ve moved toward a more equal relationship with each of them so I guess we’re more “Egalitarian Polyamory” now.

EDIT 2: I’ve been called out for posting someone else’s work. As I mentioned in the original posting, I wasn’t able to reblog. And I’ve never claimed this image as my own. I should have taken the time before now, of course, to give credit where it is due but I have been unable to find the artist or the original poster. The artist’s copyright is clearly visible on the lower left-hand corner of the image. If you are able to find their Tumblr or personal website, by all means let me know, I would love to link them.

anonymous asked:

but what if you naturally draw like another artist's style? people cant really "claim" styles

Art styles are like handwriting, they kinda develop over many years of practicing, learning and picking up from others. Having similar art styles is not uncommon as people have common popular influences, like realism and anime for example, but art styles will never be completely the same unless someone has tried really hard to imitate (or they haven’t drifted very far from the influence. i.e. two styles that take a lot from realism, which isn’t a bad thing). It’s pretty easy to spot if someone has a strong influence to a unique art style though, like with the sonic the hedgehog style.

In reference to ‘claiming’ styles, if someone has worked very hard over a number of years and has developed a recognizable fingerprint with their work, having that uniqueness is what will make them stand out from others and help build an audience/get a job. People who come along and take someone’s unique fingerprint, without having to go through the hardship of developing their work, harm the original artist’s success.

Of course this is within a grander scale, things like beginner artists drawing from a style they like is normal and they’ll develop it into something different over time. It’s people who cling to and rely on another artist’s art style because of it’s uniqueness/popularity, without the mindset of branching out and refusing to try anything new, will not be their own artist. 

It’s a tricky topic because there’s a very pale line to cross. Drawing from art styles you like in order to learn and adapt from that is totally fine, but constantly drawing from/tracing/heavily referencing other peoples work and trapping yourself in that mindset of having to draw like that constantly ain’t good. I can think of a few examples from instagram who drew exactly like another artist, and when confronted about it they ‘changed’ the style by making the cheek fur spikier. But again, they were beginners/kids so it’s harder to think outside of a box when you haven’t quite learned to yet.

In the wee early hours of the morning, @formidablepassion and I posted this Destiel Reverse Bang fic - you should totally check it out :D

Summary: When Dean’s back starts causing him trouble, he just thought he was getting on in age. Nothing could have prepared him for the truth.

Or how it would free him.

For anyone unfamiliar with Reverse Bangs - A single piece of art is made first and then the ARTISTS get picked by the WRITERS and someone makes an awesome story based on YOUR ideas!

I think it’s brilliant, so as soon as I heard about the @destielreversebang , I leapt at it - and then was lucky enough to have FormidablePassion pick up my art to write for. Watching this story develop has been so awesome!!! Thanks so much!!! :D

In total, there are 3 pieces of art for this story - the Original inspiration, a promo banner that gets extra usage as a chapter header / breaker and another piece that I just finished just last week.

Otayuri art theft

I noticed there’s this person constantly reposting people’s art, without credit of permission.

They claim that they get the fanarts from a group they are in, where no credit is shared and they respect the artists, but they block anyone who tells them that they need to give at least credit.

I had that happen to me en masse and it was horrible. People would ignore and block me, some even attacked me for filling a DMCA. I hate seeing that happen to someone else…

If you want to check if your art has been reposted, go to @monapetrova ( monapetrova.tumblr.com if the tag is not working). Nikkiyan’s and Kawaillo-Ren’s art is there and they even reposted an artwork of Yuri giving the middle finger as an answer to all those who complained. Classy.

Even if you try to convince them to do the right thing, they’ll just block you from what I’ve gathered. I guess check out if your art is there, or someone’s you know since only the original artists can file a complaint to Tumblr.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I saw your last response to the aikido/fencing/taekwondo character anon, and I was wondering: you mentioned that muay thai and krav maga could both conceivably be blended or added to aikido-- what kind of background might someone have where they might encounter those styles? And what sort of thought process do you think might lead an aikido practitioner toward wanting to add very aggressive martial arts to their repertoire? Thank you!

An Aikido practitioner who wants to be able to attack comes to mind. As we’ve mentioned  before, Aikido itself is a very pacifistic martial art, that doesn’t mean everyone who practices it is. It’s fairly common for a martial artist to pick their first martial art, “blind.” They like the idea of taking classes, but they don’t really know what they’re looking for, so they’ll start with one that doesn’t fit their outlook. Good schools and instructors should talk this stuff through with prospective students, to determine if they’re a good fit for the curriculum, but it doesn’t always happen.

Another possibility is that the Aikido practitioner found themselves in a situation where their training really did not prepare them. Again, this is pretty common, especially among martial artists from recreational backgrounds. When presented with an actual combat situation, they aren’t ready. I suspect this is especially true with Aikido, given the martial art has almost no margin for error, but I’m not sure.

As for where someone would run across Muay Thai? It’s all over the place. A lot of the schools that have popped up in The States are far less vicious than the martial art’s original form, but this did start out as a brutal, competitive martial style. It’s also possible someone who wanted to compete in MMA may have gone from Aikido to Muay Thai.

With the practical variant of Krav Maga, the list is a lot shorter. Israeli Defense Force veterans are the primary vector. That said, if you’ve got a character with a background in law enforcement, or military service, it’s possible they learned from an ex-IDF soldier.

However, Krav Maga is also one of the fastest growing martial arts in the US. The version available to civilians hasn’t been kept up to date (and may have been altered to make training safer, I’m unsure), but it is fairly easy to come across if you live in a major metro area.

It’s probably worth pointing out, people don’t usually start blending martial arts together until they’ve been practicing for a couple decades (at least), and most never do. If they learn another martial art, some technical elements will bleed across (unintentionally), but making the deliberate choice to take pieces of one martial art and incorporate them into another is much more challenging than it appears. In the examples I gave above, it’s more likely the Aikido practitioner would have abandoned that martial art in favor of another style, rather than trying to mix them together.


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anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about pitching Watercast as a show? Of course you'd have to sub out Keith and Lance, but I really think if you tried to pitch it to a cartoon company it would be really successful (I know I'd watch the hell out of it) And of course you'd probably have to work with an artist on the project, but I can imagine it would be very visually appealing and nice to look at, and the concept and entire universe is so perfect for an animated show kinda thing. Idk, it was just a thought:D

Haha gosh no I don’t have any nepotism or $$ to make that happen… Though someone on the Voltron staff has read watercast (I know because they bought a lance necklace from me and told me they liked the fic!!!) so there’s that I guess.

But I doubt I can even get a book publisher for the original watercast so like. Yeah haha. I’m rly flattered tho… It would be super cool.

anonymous asked:

I don't think anyone's style is completely original. chances are, there's someone out there who has a style similar to yours. as long as it's not blatantly tracing I think it's okay to take inspiration from the artists you look up to

Some styles are pretty unique, like the sonic style, aardman, etc but yea they always take influence from somewhere ofc. I mean disney films influenced anime and now look at what that’s become

I just don’t like when people ‘rip off’ a style and get attention for it, which doesn’t happen a lot

bluequartzz  asked:

Can you explain what tracing is? Like I feel like the definition of tracing is being abused and overused, for example if you do art and it's in the same pose of someone else's art is that tracing? Or when you use a base and draw on top is that tracing? Like help me fully understand what is and what isn't tracing

No yeah, I know what you mean, the word tracing is thrown around a lot. In my mind it’s not always a bad thing, as a kid I’d trace pictures in comics and stuff and that helped me learn. However I never tried to hide the fact that it wasn’t my own creation. Bases and definitely reference are different than tracing imo, bases are made to be used for that purpose from a drawing which the original artist has (hopefully) given permission for it to be used that way. Reference is just looking at something to help get a good idea of what you want to achieve in your own work. When you straight up draw over someones work without permission and pass it off as your own with no credit to the original artist however, that’s where the problem begins. I don’t have a problem if people want to trace artwork, I won’t think any less of you, that doesn’t make you less of an artist. But I will think you’re being disrespectful if you do it without permission or even credit… I don’t mean to be harsh but the issue probably does need to be talked about for all the young artists out there especially. The problem isn’t that people trace art, the problem is when they don’t ask permission.

fanart etiquette

- don’t repost art without the original artist’s permission
- don’t repost art without crediting the original artist
- don’t use art as your social media icon/profile pic/banner unless the original artist gives permission
- don’t reblog/retweet/etc posts that has reposted artwork that clearly doesn’t give credit and/or does not have permission from the original artist
- “credit to original artist” is not an acceptable substitute for the actual creator’s username/name
- reposting is not a compliment
- reposting does not help with exposure. it actually takes away attention and traffic from the artist’s original post, e.g. if a reposter gets 100 notes, that’s 100 notes the original artist did not receive
- always read the description on the artist’s profile page. most likely, they will give info about whether or not they allow reposting. if not, always ask. always.

as someone who has seen many artists get discouraged from sharing their artworks because of reposting, I assure you that improper reposting is a problem. even though some artists may be okay with reposting w/o their explicit permission and w/o giving credit, it doesn’t mean that the majority who feel disrespected by it should be ignored. everyone who produces works for a fandom (writers, artists, gif makers, photo set makers, pic editors, etc.) work hard to provide their fandom with content. they do it for free and they dedicate their free time to it. the least we can do is appreciate their work without disrespecting all the effort they put into it.


I wanted to draw a comic about my cat, but then I realized everyone draws comics about their cats. Even my cat is sick of comics about cats. But worrying about what someone else has already done may stunt the great idea that you have dwelling within you.

So instead of completely chucking the idea that you found out someone else has done already, find a way to make it your own! Adapt it with a view or perspective that no one else has done before!

And don’t forget your cat’s daily lasagna ;)

Have a great day!