if someone has the original artist

Help me track down this artist!

Does anyone know the artist/translator of this comic? Or the original post, perhaps?

I want to translate this comic, but I must obtain permission and the full art first. It also seems very well drawn, and I would like to read it!

My friend said that she found this on Tumblr a while ago, so I was hoping someone could help me! She wants to see it as well lmao

Thank you!

UPDATE: It appears the original art has been deleted for some reason or other. Oh well, I’ll respect the artist’s decisions. Thank you all for helping me anyways!

Original art by しらえ

The permission for reprinting and translating this work has been granted by the original artist. Please don’t reprint this anywhere else and go to the original source to bookmark and rate them :D.

Translated by Yatsuki. (Someone please pull her pstpstandmepstpst out of YOI hell and back to work plz :(( )

Oct 26th: Edited some grammar mistakes XD

Trouble (Tattoo Artist!Jungkook)

Plot: 088: “I think someone had a little accident with the finger paint.” + 098: “I think we should have another.” with tattoo artist!Jungkook

Word Count: 687

A/N: so the link to the original tattoo artist!kook post is right here and since this does involve father!kook, all of the father related posts are here, as always it’s not required to read any of the mentioned posts but they’re just there in case you’re curious about them or wanna have a backstory for this post

Your children had always looked up to their father, from the smallest ways to the biggest. They liked to copy his small mannerisms, sitting with their legs apart, adding in a slight slouch. They would laugh whenever he did, even if they didn’t know what he was laughing at but purely because they wanted to be in on whatever their father was laughing at this time. They rarely left his side except for when he had to go to work but even then they would visit him during his free time. They would “help” him doodle new tattoo designs, both of them sat on his lap as he could only smile at them. As mischievous as they were, they loved him and wanted to be like him as much as they could.

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Finally finished reading the Runaways comics and decided to scroll through the tag… It’s really jarring that all of the more recent, non-Runaways depictions of Nico have her wearing so much vivid purple. I love the color purple, but it really doesn’t suit her at all; her colors have always been black and dark red. Red is the secondary color in most of her original outfits, she has to bleed to summon the Staff of One, the staff’s magic is red, her parents’ wizard robes were red… The purple is jarring, and I’m not a fan, especially when it’s even starting to overtake the black.

Not to mention, would it kill the Marvel artists to actually look up gothic fashion when they draw her? She was originally designed to appeal to the Harajuku fashion crowd, and all her outfits that her original artist gave her were awesome and classy; all the stuff I’ve seen more recently is super trashy, like someone’s just drawing their idea of a stereotypical goth outfit that looks like it’d belong better on a simplistic cartoon character.

Olicity Prompt~Cramped Spaces Conclusion

Original prompt was from a dear friend who has already sent her next prompt… @captainolicitysbedroom you’re an artist in your own right and I’m grateful for your endless support. 

Okay all my readers who’s been ever so kind by embracing this fic. I’m leaving the fate of the fic up to you. If you’d like more let me know I’d gladly continue it. If not here’s the conclusion and again thank you it means more than I’d be able to properly express when someone see’s potential in my work. I’m truly a member of an amazing fandom. 

Warning: Explicit…(again for me) so you’ve been warned. 

Read it here or on AO3

Chapter 5

Oliver licked his lips slowly and smiled. How she tasted was still stinging the small buds of his enraptured taste buds. Her small, delicate hand wrapped around his made him feel a flicker of longing for the chance to go backwards. The tug at his fingertips made him shudder with the unspoken realization. “Hey…” she breathed, “what’s going on in that head of yours?”

He padded to the darkened threshold of the bathroom; he flicked the light on this with free index finger and slowly pulled her forward until her footsteps could be heard over the cool tiles. He sighed quietly, “Nothing, nothing’s bothering me…”

She seemed to quietly accept the lie because she did nothing more than give his hand a gentle squeeze. He returned the small gesture of intimacy if not comfort while continuing toward the shower door. He opened the heavy glass by gently pulling on the flat, elongated silver handle and reached forward to turn the facet on. Felicity remained mum. Her thumb continued to brush along his knuckles until he turned to face her slightly smirking face. He cocked his head quizzically then questioned the out of place smile, “What’s with the sexy smirk?”

Felicity’s thumb paused over the taut skin of his protruding bones and huffed, “Sexy huh?”

“Again everything you do is sexy…” he joked in part while also intending to pay her the unasked compliment.

She in turn replied, “You’re wishing for something and I find it interesting given how most men would have wished for what you’ve already received.”

Oliver’s lips parted in shock before a volley of words fell through his trembling skin, “How the hell can you know that?”

She winked before bringing their joined hands to her rest over her slightly heaving bosom, “You’ve told me with each tender touch, or soft caress.”

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Heads up to my fellow artists

And tagging Tumblr @staff while I’m at it.

User @myannathefrozen has reposted a ton of work from various artists including myself.

A few weeks ago, someone alerted me that she’d reposted one of my paintings and I reblogged it with a polite note stating that just mentioning the artist’s user name and not providing a source is considered art theft and they really ought to reblog the original. I did not hear from them, but then recently, they reposted two more paintings of mine.

I checked the user’s archive and it is practically nothing but reposted art. They have been on Tumblr for over a year, so this is clearly not a case of a newbie not knowing Tumblr etiquette (and the Tumblr Usage Guidelines); it’s evident to me that they just don’t care about giving proper credit where it is due. And it’s not like it’s hard, it’s literally what the reblog button is for.

I did report the initial repost to Tumblr, but I heard nothing back and the post has not yet been taken down. I am going to be writing to them after I post this to touch base and ask if they’ve looked at my request yet.

I have reported the other three paintings that were reposted now (for a total of four as of now), and I encourage all of my artist friends to check the blog’s archive for your work and to flag the blog.

If you click on “Help” and then type “flag a blog” into the search query, Tumblr will give you instructions on how to flag a blog properly. Only the original content creator can flag if their work is reposted, that’s why I’m writing this. Thanks for hearing me out.

remember earlier today when taylor swift liked a post on instagram which was actually a screen shot of a post i made yesterday on tumblr a post which included a gif aka a moving moving image a post that someone else (not me) screen shotted and posted on instagram an action which led to the original post completely losing it’s impact because gifs aren’t supported on instagram which i guess neither that fan account or taylor swift care about because one is a petty binch and the other has no sense of creativity or artistic integrity 

A message to the Fandoms

Support your fan artists please. You don’t know how long a piece took to draw or write and every single like and reblog will certainly brighten up their day. 

DO NOT REPOST. Why is that so hard to understand. And saying “credit to the artist” doesn’t make it okay either. You need permission and if you get it, link the image to the original post PLEASE. Reposters discourage artists from creating new stuff. It makes them scared because they are afraid someone else will take it.

Now here’s something else to think about. There are so many undiscovered and talented artists on tumblr who keep creating new content with hardly any notes. Please, go into a tag that you like, sort the content by “most recent” and if you see a piece of work you like, especially if it has only a couple of notes, please give it a like or even a reblog. It will really brighten up their day and will encourage them to keep creating.

Creative types like myself thrive off of validation and the knowledge that people like what we create so please respect the work we put into our creations and you will get a lot more content out of it.

respect the creatives of the fandom.

  • Someone: Has an OC with a lazily slapped on galaxy/universe skin from google images, gains a lot of attention, gets drawn by other artists, and gets over 900,000 notes
  • Me: Actually comes up with an original character idea only to get 10 notes and 0 attention.

So I have been experimenting with finding melodies for tumblr writers @just-4-thought and @lyricsbylittle

You can find my Soundcloud playlist “Poems Turned Music” here

If there’s any Tumblr writers who wouldn’t mind me trying to find melodies for your poems/lyrics/short stories/ect please message me.


I’d love to try my hand at more, breathing life into someone else’s words has been very special so far, I just have no idea who might be interested/okay with it.

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anonymous asked:

d do you happen to take commissions? ;w; i've loved your art for a really long time and it's super inspirational for me as a beginning artist! i have an original character that has played a really important part in a tough time during my life, and if i could pay you anything to draw her, i totally would! however, i know how commissions can swamp someone, so don't feel any pressure at all <33 i love you and your art!!! qwq <33

woahh!! ;;A;; inspirational???!! i…don’t know what to say honestly!! aaaa //////

and what a coincidence actually! I was thinking of opening commissions recently, but i wasn’t too confident about it thinking that not a lot of people are going to be interested but i’ll give it a go when my spring break starts! c: sooo, keep an eye on that ^v^ i would love to draw your oc!!

One of Them (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

Based on this post by @littleconan . Give all due credit to the original artist, please!

One of Them

Keith holds his breath.

He shouldn’t. He shouldn’t, because he knows that nothing good ever comes from expecting things to go well. Especially when something as complex and easily-broken as a relationship is on the line. Especially when the thing he hopes others will accept is so abhorrent that even he has a hard time accepting it sometimes. Especially since he’s spent the past ten years bracing himself for the worst whenever someone finds out, and he’s never been wrong.

Especially when the one who discovers him this time has spent twelve long months being tortured by the species he doesn’t want to call his own.

But something has told him that maybe, just maybe, this time could be different. He trusts them. They’re his friends. And, despite that, when they find out, he runs.

He should have stayed. Then, maybe, he could have calmly explained what had happened and why he hadn’t told them. Then, maybe, they would be more likely to realize that he isn’t some Galra spy. Then, maybe, his normal self would shine through, past the purple skin and furred ears and yellow eyes, and they would know that it’s Keith.

Then, maybe, he wouldn’t have ended up here, arms wrapped protectively around his middle as he glares across the room, anticipating judgment from the one person he fears can end his life without breaking a sweat.

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IMAGINE: Running from Klaus for 200 years, and Klaus, despite his anger, still has feelings for you.

(Nice and long since I havent done one in a long, long time)

You were a generally good escape artist. You had tricks up your sleeve all the time, but it naturally helped you were a vampire in some cases. Klaus was after you. No, you weren’t scared of him, but it wasn’t all too delightful that someone more powerful than you wanted you hung from the tallest tower by your intestines. It started in New Orleans years and years ago, where you met him at a party. You were the smartest and most enchanting human there, as he could naturally pick you out. You thought of Klaus as a fairly charming guy on first impression, but then it all went wrong. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It didn’t matter how many times you pleaded that you didn’t do anything wrong, but you were so frightened you fled. And that’s what guilty people did. It wasn’t until a few years later that you were bitten by a vampire, and found out the chase would continue for the next century or two. But now, you were getting tired. Whatever he suspected you of doing… you didn’t do it and that was fact! You were tired of seeing different motel rooms and different cities that drifted between barren deserts and lush urban hot spots. You were in New Orleans for almost two days before Klaus knew you were in town. You went to Rousseau’s before closing hour and sat alone in the back of the room as you listened to the partying public out on the street, making the windows themselves almost shake. You caught up on your sleep, not willing to look like he had you awaiting death, and you had a rough look on your face that could scare any guy off.

 When you saw the fabrics of a leather jacket moving slowly on a chair beside you, you didn’t even flinch. “Hello, love,” Klaus purred maliciously. “I’m not your ‘love.’ And if you call me that again in this last conversation we’re about to have, I will start something,” you spat. He wasn’t even fazed by the tinge of irritation in your voice. “I’d watch your tongue while you’re here with me in my city. No one here is on your side… I’ll make this meeting short like your death,” he said with some hesitation. “You’re right. This will be short. Because we’re never going to see each other again after this. You want to punish me for something I couldn’t even have logically done? Well, you have! I outlived all my friends, I haven’t even gotten to go back to my hometown, and I am always fucking tired. Always. All because of you. You ruined my life. You did it. I’ve been punished. Take some solace in that, because I am done with you—” He tried to cut you off, but your fist hit the table as you continued with a whispered shout, “No! You can’t talk. God help anyone who disrespects the king, right? Well, he’s on my side today. Because you’re gonna let me walk out of here and recover from all the shit you’ve caused me.”

He grabbed your wrist before you could stand, and you could feel your veins running blue under its tough hold. “It’s not that easy,” he growled. “You’re so desperate to make everyone fear you, that you can’t even let the fact go you still don’t know if I’m guilty or not?” you scoffed. “Oh, believe me, Y/N, that’s one of the bottom factors here and you know it,” he replied. You looked back at him for a short time, as you sighed irritably. You knew he meant his feelings that he once had for you. You remember him with his kinder ways better than anyone else, but you dismissed it. “I’m not stupid. If you care about anybody, it’s you, or else you wouldn’t have done what you did to me for no reason,” you hissed as you pulled away and left. 

He pinned you to the wall of an alley outside Rousseau’s at vampire speed. “I’ll let you go, Y/N. But just know once I do… it wasn’t because of my judgment based on the misunderstanding. It’s because I do in fact have a heart,” Klaus told you quietly. He let you go slowly as you stared at him apathetically, before leaving the alleyway. “I’ll be in town for a while. My boyfriend’s around. Maybe it’ll punish you for me to be walking around here after all this,” you finished. You left him there in the alleyway as he remembered the monotonous way you glanced at him just a moment ago. He even cherished you in your hatred for him. If you were staying maybe there’d be a way to change that…otherwise he’d lost you for good because of his kingly pride. The pride that always got in the way. 

The Squidlys celebrate everyone’s birthday

((today we’re celebrating none other than @asktheseastars. Well– where do I start? While the two of us  aren’t as close as could be, they’re undeniably one of the funnest, friendliest, and dare I say freshest faces I’ve been privileged to meet in this fandom. They’re a serious knockout! A stupendous artist, a wonderful writer, and a seriously creative mind unlike any of I’ve ever met. I mean this completely; if they’re not in like, the Top 10 most recognized and beloved content creators in this fandom than we’ve seriously got a problem.

Either way, happy birthday my dude, I’m glad to have met you))

  ((@original art by @askvincent)
Lee and Janine: someone has a birthday?!
*Lee starts to play a tune on his keytar*
Janine: it’s your birthday, make a mess!
Lee: it’s your birthday, wear a dress!
Janine: On your birthday, don’t settle for less!
Lee: Because on your birthday, no need to stress!
*both dance around before the next verse*
Janine: it’s your birthday, make a mess!
Lee: it’s your birthday, wear a dress!
Janine: because you’re the one we’re obsessed!
Lee: and now we must confeeeeess!
*Janine brings out a cake with sparklers on it*
Janine: Blow out the candles for great success!
Lee & Janine: Because on your birthday, you’re the best

I honestly feel like f (x) has a huge potential to be popular in the US that sm doesn’t realise. Like they’ve got a cool sound, true talent, and the type of artistic originality that is popular over here currently. Plus two of their members speak really good English which helps (and amber could be reeeeeally popular over here if they marketed her right i.e to the gays)

so i was talking with charlie @captain-jaybird about a line in the elementay s1 finale (elementary s1 spoilers ahead)

…where moriarty says sherlock is physically “beautiful,” in the context of his “symmetry.” i couldn’t imagine moriarty praising someone’s physical attractiveness, but then i thought…

so moriarty has massive artistic training and a deep but completely intellectual understanding of aesthetics, and she gets that sherlock meets the standard/classical physical criteria for “beauty,” as well as her own very personal (and decidedly less material) criteria

but she never puts the two together until she meets joan, who makes her work for it, and makes her learn things about herself

up until that point, jamie moriarty never painted originals.

afterwards, it’s all she ever does.

When i was in grade school, i was taught
that The Moon is bright and beautiful, but also that it has dark spots and is imperfect.
In high school, i learned that the best kind of naked is when
someone watches you undress, not to see the skin underneath,
but to see the soul.
That type of naked doesn’t care ‘what most girls like.’
It doesn’t matter when theres only one.
Right now The Moon is undressing for me
and when his shirt falls to the side of my bed,
it sends goosebumps to the densest parts of my body.
His moonlight radiates into every crack and crevice in my room,
and i am ambivalent towards all the people who won’t ever get to experience him like this.
God himself bragged to the angels when he gave you that freckle between his fingers, and the light in your eyes.
I want your beauty to be taught in textbooks
so that 9 year olds can learn that God gave us a Moon with protruding hipbones and a jawbone that won’t sit still.
Some nights, we embrace so violently that both the waves and the thunder are jealous of how loud our heartbeats sound.
And maybe, Home isn’t where you spend your nights or where you sleep, but its two arms wrapped around you
when you’re at your worst.
Even on my worst days, your name is the only thing i can say
without gritting my teeth and clenching my fists.
When my mind is a thick black haze,
you are my Moonlight, illuminating the way back to you.
We try and kiss so hard that we swallow our tongues and cut open our lips, but i don’t mind because eventually,
all we can do is stop and listen to each other breathe.
Fuck the air, ill breathe you in instead.
As the moon got dressed, and escaped through the window to return to the sky, i thought about how lucky i am
to have something that makes saying goodbye so unpleasant.
Ive been waiting my whole life to write my first happy poem and
i think this might be it.
—  You Are The Moon by Amanda Jay
Woohyun and fandumb

I am very annoyed.

 I usually don’t respond to the crap that people say about Woohyun (like he’s “greasy” or “arrogant”) and have been ignoring that kind of shit for a while now, but some of the responses towards fans that want Woohyun to have a solo album are really going too far (and some are downright lies).

“Woohyun doesn’t want a solo album anyway” 

  • Woohyun originally wanted to be a solo artist and only auditioned for Woollim in the first place because they didn’t have idols. (And he was cheated by another entertainment company before he went to Woollim, poor boy).
  • He’s also mentioned multiple times that he wants a solo album and has even been composing songs for one.

“Woohyun probably doesn’t have a solo because he doesn’t put enough effort in Infinite”

  • I can’t believe that someone would actually say this. If you agree with that statement, please unfollow me right now.
  • If anything, Woohyun puts too much effort in Infinite, and I really wish he would try less, especially when it comes to endangering his health.
  • He performed at Infinite’s fanclub inauguration ceremony when he had a 40°C fever.
  • He performed after he injured his arm from playing futsal and was also in a car accident, and it took months for him to recover. He even apologised for mistakes in his performance on music shows. Yet when the Last Romeo practice video was released, I saw comments that were in the lines of “who does he think he is, dancing with one hand only?” or “does he think he’s cool like that?”.
  • He was really sick during Be Mine and Paradise era. He was also on Immortal Song 2 at the time, and he got scared about losing his voice because he was pretty much overusing it. He also had problems with his digestion so he lost a lot of weight. And remember all those vitamins that Sungyeol found in Sesame Player? They don’t belong to Sunggyu. They’re all Woohyun’s, and Sunggyu clarifies this in the Second Invasion Evolution Making of video (but of course everyone ignores Sunggyu whenever he tries to correct lies about himself, like how he “supposedly believes his solo was a failure”. Uh, no, he doesn’t. He knows it’s not a failure, and he’s been saying this for a while now. On Weekly Idol, he complained that on other shows, he always said that his solo album seems like a failure but he sold very well for a solo artist so it actually isn’t a failure. But other shows kept editing him so it seemed like he said it was a failure. Sunggyu’s probably all “eff this shit” at this point and doesn’t bother correcting fandom anymore because they keep getting everything wrong whenever he tries to anyway.)
  • Do I even need to talk about how skinny he got last year from promotions and his drama?
  • Other members have talked about how hard he works. Myungsoo mentioned it in his photobook. Sunggyu mentioned it on ASC. etc etc.
  • Like, there are so many examples of Woohyun working hard or overworking himself, so really, please explain to me: how the fuck does he not put enough effort? 
Rose’s eyes

So I’m sure many of you noticed that in many instances Rose has not shown her eyes. This is a common occurrence in the show, and very deliberate.

in film, Looking someone in the eyes give a sense of honesty and covering them gives a sense of deceitfulness and dishonesty. 

The Painting

Rose’s painting is a very important background item for the show. It’s in almost every scene inside the house. 

Even in the original painting, Rose has her eyes closed.

However, many scenes have a beam covering her face

These are 3 of many different episodes that have this. The covering of Rose’s face is a very important artistic choice to help us see that something about her is untrustworthy.

There are other scenes where the top of the painting is cut off as well.

Other examples

While the painting is the most common example, we have many more where the artists chose to cover her eyes/have them closed

I don’t explain very well, but I think this is very important to Rose’s story, and I think we will find out in time why the creators wanted us to feel she was not to be trusted