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Hey :) I always see people asking you for marauders headcanons but I've never seen someone asking you ONLY lily headcanons? do you mind posting them? amazing blog <3

I’m sorry this took me forever to respond to

  • Lily was a bit short tempered sometimes and her cheeks and ears would turn red when she was especially mad (James found this hilarious in earlier years).
  • That being said, she was extremely defensive of her friends. She didn’t care if people insulted her but if someone said something rude to one of them she would be furious and it was best to get out of the way as fast as you could.
  • The only freckles Lily had were just a splash across her nose and cheekbones and you could only see them up close.
  • Her hair grew back really quickly and it pissed all her friends off.
  • She developed her crush on James in 4th year and hated both herself and him for it.
  • She adored Slughorn as much as he adored her.
  • She was extremely pleased with herself whenever she was called “cheeky” or “smartass.”
  • Lily and Peter favored rival Quidditch teams and bantered about it all the time.
  • She was a Doctor Who fan and she locked herself in her room and refused to see anyone the first few days of summer holidays until she had caught up on the episodes she missed.
  • Lily had a hardcore, draw hearts on the corner of her parchment, blush when he walked by, schoolgirl crush on Remus in second year but she got over it pretty quickly.
  • I guess this would be considered “cliché” but she LOVED The Beatles. Lennon’s death was a low blow for her in the middle of the war because his music was something she found comfort in…and suddenly he was gone too.
  • She also had a deep and somewhat guilty love for pop (ABBA especially), punk rock, and jazz (and I like to tie that into a headcanon that Remus was one of the people that helped sort through what was left of James and Lily’s house and he took some of her records…the one he was listening to when Harry walks into his office at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban was one of hers).
  • She hummed to herself a lot but she could not sing to save her life.
  • She would get in an obnoxiously good mood whenever there were the first signs of spring.
  • She had shoulder length hair, give or take a few inches, and bangs up until 6th year where she started to grow it out and it made her look significantly older. 
  • She was a pimply mess in third year.
  • She had baby cheeks that she loathed until 5th year. 
  • She loved to paint her nails bright colors (maybe this the Karen/Amy Pond face claim sneaking in but…)
  • Getting her out of pajamas on the weekends on holidays was generally a lost cause.
  • It was a tragedy when her stash of Honeydukes chocolate ran out.
  • She was big into collecting Chocolate Frog cards until 5th year when she started to get annoyed that she kept getting the same cards.
  • She hated pants. Her wardrobe was mostly skirts and dresses and she always got annoyed when someone made a comment about her being all dressed up because it was just what she found comfortable.
  • She and Sirius bonded over family issues, even in their earlier school years when they weren’t exactly friends.
  • She would not take shit from anybody and always stood up for herself.
  • She preferred cooking without magic.
  • She would paint a red and a gold stripe under each eye for the last Quidditch match that decided who won the Cup.
  • She was generally laid back but she could be extremely competitive.
  • She was very into Lord of the Rings and when she found out about Hogwarts she asked Severus if Dumbledore was like Gandalf and needless to say he was very confused.
  • The first time she showed signs of magic that she could remember she and Petunia were playing outside and Lily accidentally trampled her mothers flowers that she had just spent days planting perfectly. Lily pleaded with them to stand up again and to her great surprise, they did.
  • She nearly laughed herself to tears the first time she heard music from the wizarding world because people were singing about goblins and trolls in complete seriousness and she thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world.

…But my Lily constantly changes so I’ll probably look at some of these in a week and hate them.