if someone draws this i will love them forever

If someone were to have told me a few weeks ago that two big ol sweet gay butch squares were going to be the thing that finally motivated me to draw again…i probably would have believed them tbh

Anyways i love Topaz and Topaz with all my heart and id die for them to be happy forever thanks.

Soooo, a little background on this picture. I know a lot of artists are making their own OC’s, and for a while now I’ve been wanting to make my own! Nick and Judy adopted a little baby girl bunny named Margaux. I’ve always loved that name, so taa daa, that’s what I’m calling her.

Another thing: I want to make comics, but I’m a shit writer. If any writers out there are interested in working on a little project with me shoot me a message or if you know someone who would want to work with me… tell them. I will be drawing it in this style. If you are an RP blog or write fan fiction, please send me a link. Much appreciated (☞゚∀゚)☞


Work in Progress! :D I. Love. This. Event.
Here we go… My new gardienne Hiran She needs a girlfriend by the way q-q My poor gay baby… Has anyone a gardienne to offer? :’D I’ll probably draw them together every once in a while ^-^
**Edit** Aaaand Hiran has a girlfriend now ;u; About Hiran:
She’s a princess, she’s half deer, she is rather shy at first but when she likes someone she will stay with them forever and she is blind since she was born, that’s why she keeps her eyes closed most of the time ^_^ 
Hope you like her >u

Angsty blurb! Okay, so, in this particular A/B/O universe, male omegas used to have to dress the same as female omegas (if someone draws Debutante Tony in a beautiful ballgown I will love them forever). The world eventually progressed and they were ‘allowed’ to wear ‘male’ clothes. Some male omegas still enjoy those things though–like lingerie and high heels and sometimes even skirts/dresses. Tony owns lots of nice lingerie. He also owns some heels but he won’t tell Bucky and Steve that because they already tease him about his lifts. (Okay, he’ll probably tell them about the heels eventually, but they’ll have to promise to stop teasing him about his lifts to get him to wear the heels in front of them.)

Tony turned to flash him a smile before he went to go stand in front of the mirror. He did look pretty sexy, and the blue peeking out from under the babydoll was almost flirtatious. He took a moment to just admire himself before his eyes caught on the mark on his chest, the patch of discolored scar tissue where the reactor had once sat. He lifted his hands to cover it unconsciously.

“Oh, honey, no,” Bucky said when he noticed, hurrying to his feet and hustling over to wrap his arms around him. “You are so beautiful, doll. Don’t be ashamed.” 

Tony flushed, embarrassed, but couldn’t bring himself to pull his hands back down to his sides. “I know it’s ugly. You don’t have to lie. I wish you’d both seen me before—before—” 

“Shhh,” Steve insisted, carefully taking the omega’s hands in his own and pulling them from his chest. “Sweetheart, we love you just the way you are. You’re so beautiful and strong—you’re a survivor. What could be sexier than someone who’s proved they’ll fight tooth and nail for their life, huh?” 

Bucky slid his metal hand up to cover the scar. “’sides, what’s that you said about the scar tissue on my shoulder? ‘s proof of life. Honey, the reactor was hurting you.” 

“Sometimes I think I’d rather be in pain than have to look at this,” Tony admitted quietly, so soft that if they hadn’t had the serum they probably wouldn’t have heard it. “I wish I wasn’t so stupid. But no, I had to get riddled with shrapnel before I could pull my head out of my ass and see what was happening right in front of me.” 

Steve and Bucky looked at each other, frowning, before the brunet carefully eased the omega around to press his back to the blond’s chest. Steve wrapped his arms around Tony and buried his face in his hair. 

“Honey,” Bucky said, voice soft. “This isn’t a mark of stupidity. This is a mark of trust. You trusted Stane. It’s not your fault that you trusted him. He was manipulating you. This scar on your chest? It isn’t your fault at all.” 

“I was complacent,” Tony began. 

“You were betrayed,” Bucky cut in. “A man you trusted, who you said was more of a father figure than Howard ever was, arranged to have you assassinated so you wouldn’t find out he was dealing your weapons to terrorists under the table. That’s on him, not on you.” He leaned in to press a kiss to his lips before he could argue. “Kinda hypocritical,” he said after a moment. “You’re always telling me not to blame myself for what HYDRA did to me. Then you blame yourself for what someone else did to you.” 

“Don’t say it’s not the same,” Steve added before the omega could argue, voice somewhat muffled in his hair. “It is. In all the ways that matter.” 

Tony opened his mouth to disagree, then closed it. They sounded pretty sure of themselves. Maybe, just this once, he’d let himself believe them. At least for a little while.

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Dear Inkpen, Is it okay to Draw so(all)me of your Voltron HCs? Could i also stuff stuff to it? Im kinda shy but I'll definitely send links to you -duckAnon

Anytime someone draws something for me i pull out a little notebook from under my bed and add their name to my “people i would take a bullet for” list. You can absolutely draw stuff based on my headcanons, i hoard all of the drawings I get like a shitpost-loving dragon and cry over them frequently.

Loki: Skadi, look at these trees! Look at this plant! Look at it aaallll!!

Skadi: Why did you drag me along…

Loki: Because you need to get out of the snow every once in a while and explore new places. Besides, the wildlife is incredible.

Skadi: Good, I need something to impale.


Skadi: ….*looks over his shoulder*

Loki: What?

Skadi: Look…*points to a ball of blue light under a bush*

Loki: Oooh! What’s this??

*A small fox made of energy walks out onto the path*

Fox: Hello, I’m Raiju.

Loki: Awwww!! *Scoops him up* Skadi it’s so cute, can we keep it??

Skadi: Loki, don’t go picking up–

Raiju: I like to sleep in people’s belly buttons!

Loki: So do I– wait, what??

Raiju: Then I burst out of them! My favorite part is when all the soft things fall out and they make those twitchy movements from the volts of electricity frying their insides!

Loki: ……*sets Raiju down and slowly backs away* Okay Skadi, grab your stuff. That’s enough Japan for today.

And salty I came online, BUT DAMN hearing or seeing when someone reblogs gifts done for them and only writes thank you or such, is a piece of shit. Ok tad too rude now but w/e, it just hurts seeing this and considering how easy it is to thank in a longer way, I have zero tolerance for this, especially as an artist. BUT ANYWAY today was a fairly good day! got new clothes and … cheese, i love food and this particular one tasted so good *snorts*

Post reveal. Chat hurts himself(broken leg or sprained ankle) while fighting an akuma. But less badass than that, he actually slipped AFTER the fight because it’s december and there’s ice on the ground. Marinette sneaks in his room as Ladybug to check up on him(and also make sure he doesn’t trip on anything else), and when she starts to move towards the window to leave Adrien starts singing Baby it’s cold outside (because he’s kind of high on meds, and a huge christmas nerd). Marinette shakes her head but proceeds to do the whole song with him, and presses a kiss on his forehead before leaving.

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can you help me? I've been drawing forever (at least three years) but I'm still not very good at it, and it's really started to discouragd me from drawing. Whenever someone asks me what I do for a hobby I say "I draw", and then they always want to see mu sketch book. I never let them, though, because they're not goo and I'm afraid theh'll make fun, which will make me even more discouraged. Do you have any tips on how I can draw better? Or at least keep my spirits up? (Im in love with ur art btw)

I’m sorry to hear that anon :( I realize that it can get pretty frustrating to hear “keep practicing” over and over but it’s just something you have to do..and I know it can feel painfully slow sometimes but slow improvement is still improvement nonetheless ! To keep your spirits up, I recommend looking back at some of your older art and making note of how far you’ve come. Ik it can be cringy and makes you want to crawl into a hole but that feeling means that you’ve grown enough as an artist to recognize your old mistakes ^^

(Also, if it helps, personally whenever I feel like my art is lacking something I try and compile a big folder of reference photos to look though so I can incorporate different elements I like into my art. Taking inspiration from artists you admire or pictures you like is nothing to be ashamed about, so long as you don’t outright copy someone else’s drawing)

Send me a symbol for...

ツ - An unpopular opinion

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웃 - Selfie

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 Σ - Draw something on Ms paint for 30 seconds and show the picture. Bonus points if you tell them what to do.

⊗ - Something I’m are super passionate about

♒- Grab the object closest to your left and write a song about it

☠ -  A depressing moment I had.

☮ - Someone I would like to talk to and why?

☯ - An epic moment i have had in my life!

♠ - Something I really want to do but probably never will.


You know what I hate? When someone draws a character who usually doesn’t show their emotions doing it for once, and calls it ooc. Its so silly to me? Just because they don’t show their emotions often doesn’t mean they don’t have them. And even if the character would never ever EVER open up about it, that doesn’t make it ooc. I bottle up my emotions a lot, but it can’t stay in forever. A tough character crying isnt ooc, a loner character falling in love isnt ooc, it just isn’t! I especially dont like it, because I often see it in characters that are mentally ill. Maybe not fully stated in canon, but at least heavily implied or easily assumed. Maybe it’s just a personal pet peeve, but I just really dislike it.

I always get irritated when people ask me why I “waste” my money buying art from other people when I could “easily draw something just like that”. Like… no… you don’t know the limits of my artistic talent, I’m buying art from another artist because I’m a fan of their work, I love to support them, and frequently they are undebatably a better artist than I am. Buying art from someone I admire is never going to be a waste of money to me. I rarely have extra cash to spend on commissioning other artists but I never regret it when I do bc I can cherish the art forever. Idk why this is something that a lot of people who aren’t artists don’t understand


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based off of the song heroine by sleeping with sirens

this is 100% genuine fluff btw

You roll over in the small bed, hitting 10ks chest. You groan, and he shifts in his sleep, reaching his arm out and pulling you in. His chest is warm, and you tuck your head into it, letting your eyes fall shut. You stay that way until he stirs, and looks down at you. You tip your head up, lips curling up in a small smile. You pull away slightly, and move up onto one elbow.

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