if someone draws this i will love them forever

  • Akuma victim: get ready to die Ladybug
  • Hawkmoth: wait did you just say die
  • Hawkmoth: I just want jewelry not murder
  • Hawkmoth: they're like thirteen what the hell
  • Hawkmoth: I thought you were mad about your parking space what's with the murder
  • Hawkmoth: okay you know what you're done for today de-evilize little butterfly come back home we'll try again tomorrow

White Day Princess Homura kinda looks like Anya/Anastasia from the Don Bluth film

Can someone please draw her singing ‘Once Upon A December’ or something

Angsty blurb! Okay, so, in this particular A/B/O universe, male omegas used to have to dress the same as female omegas (if someone draws Debutante Tony in a beautiful ballgown I will love them forever). The world eventually progressed and they were ‘allowed’ to wear ‘male’ clothes. Some male omegas still enjoy those things though–like lingerie and high heels and sometimes even skirts/dresses. Tony owns lots of nice lingerie. He also owns some heels but he won’t tell Bucky and Steve that because they already tease him about his lifts. (Okay, he’ll probably tell them about the heels eventually, but they’ll have to promise to stop teasing him about his lifts to get him to wear the heels in front of them.)

Tony turned to flash him a smile before he went to go stand in front of the mirror. He did look pretty sexy, and the blue peeking out from under the babydoll was almost flirtatious. He took a moment to just admire himself before his eyes caught on the mark on his chest, the patch of discolored scar tissue where the reactor had once sat. He lifted his hands to cover it unconsciously.

“Oh, honey, no,” Bucky said when he noticed, hurrying to his feet and hustling over to wrap his arms around him. “You are so beautiful, doll. Don’t be ashamed.” 

Tony flushed, embarrassed, but couldn’t bring himself to pull his hands back down to his sides. “I know it’s ugly. You don’t have to lie. I wish you’d both seen me before—before—” 

“Shhh,” Steve insisted, carefully taking the omega’s hands in his own and pulling them from his chest. “Sweetheart, we love you just the way you are. You’re so beautiful and strong—you’re a survivor. What could be sexier than someone who’s proved they’ll fight tooth and nail for their life, huh?” 

Bucky slid his metal hand up to cover the scar. “’sides, what’s that you said about the scar tissue on my shoulder? ‘s proof of life. Honey, the reactor was hurting you.” 

“Sometimes I think I’d rather be in pain than have to look at this,” Tony admitted quietly, so soft that if they hadn’t had the serum they probably wouldn’t have heard it. “I wish I wasn’t so stupid. But no, I had to get riddled with shrapnel before I could pull my head out of my ass and see what was happening right in front of me.” 

Steve and Bucky looked at each other, frowning, before the brunet carefully eased the omega around to press his back to the blond’s chest. Steve wrapped his arms around Tony and buried his face in his hair. 

“Honey,” Bucky said, voice soft. “This isn’t a mark of stupidity. This is a mark of trust. You trusted Stane. It’s not your fault that you trusted him. He was manipulating you. This scar on your chest? It isn’t your fault at all.” 

“I was complacent,” Tony began. 

“You were betrayed,” Bucky cut in. “A man you trusted, who you said was more of a father figure than Howard ever was, arranged to have you assassinated so you wouldn’t find out he was dealing your weapons to terrorists under the table. That’s on him, not on you.” He leaned in to press a kiss to his lips before he could argue. “Kinda hypocritical,” he said after a moment. “You’re always telling me not to blame myself for what HYDRA did to me. Then you blame yourself for what someone else did to you.” 

“Don’t say it’s not the same,” Steve added before the omega could argue, voice somewhat muffled in his hair. “It is. In all the ways that matter.” 

Tony opened his mouth to disagree, then closed it. They sounded pretty sure of themselves. Maybe, just this once, he’d let himself believe them. At least for a little while.

Noodle’s Weeks ‘To-Do-List’

Bolded stuff is me really wanting to do it. Italic is need to get it done.

- give away from forever ago for @xivth-flower 
- Commissions for @deathsingerdraws , @glorious-draenei-eyes , @fanwright , @ask-kaho, [I know im forgetting someone at least please tell me who im dying]
- Sleep

- Drawing practice
 Snuggle my kitty cat
- Comic work
- Writing work/ been working on it for 9years fucking finish this godamn stop re-writing it
- clean the house
- eat something you forgetful little shite
- Patreon sketches
- Talk more with @distressedcrowboy​ <3 and @opheliadawnwalker3​ 
- Finish BOTW
- Make fanart of @ber-0-lin​ and @katsukatsu​ ‘s characters or something cause I love them
- bug @pepperemzie​ more
- Hockey playoff game on friday
- Animatic thing
- My Vel’koz, OC, and Zenyatta blog need attention.
- Should do more Voltron Fanart.
-Or fan art in general. People seem to like that more than anything else I do.
- Write stuff in general. do more story writing. Much better at that than digital art.
- Write RP responses with @hlkproductions

- Almost forgot that I’m running session of D&D for @hlkproductions and @the42ndassassin too. REALLY WANNA DO THAT.

and then work might call me in and I need the money so I can’t really say no.IRL things. so many IRL things.——I’ll probably be updating this as I remember to do more things. 

Post reveal. Chat hurts himself(broken leg or sprained ankle) while fighting an akuma. But less badass than that, he actually slipped AFTER the fight because it’s december and there’s ice on the ground. Marinette sneaks in his room as Ladybug to check up on him(and also make sure he doesn’t trip on anything else), and when she starts to move towards the window to leave Adrien starts singing Baby it’s cold outside (because he’s kind of high on meds, and a huge christmas nerd). Marinette shakes her head but proceeds to do the whole song with him, and presses a kiss on his forehead before leaving.

Imagine Hannibal and Will approaching their first safe house together, when suddenly Hannibal sweeps Will up in his arms and starts carrying him to the door.

Will: Hey! What the hell are you doing?!

Hannibal: It is customary for the groom to carry his bride across the threshold.

Will: I’m not your bride, Hannibal!

Hannibal:  ¬ᴗ¬

Will:  ಠ_ಠ

Hannibal:  ¬ᴗ¬

Will: (*crosses his arms, totally NOT pouting*) …I’m keeping my last name.

Stream is over!

I managed to make some pretty neat drawings!! Some people started spamming and it was kinda uncomfortable, but it wasn’t that bad, I had fun c:

Here I post the drawings~

First and most elaborated drawing I think! A little bit of the Dreemurrs’ normal life! Chara, you are so beautiful! Mommy Toriel loves you~

Someone asked for UF! Temmie?? Well here you go, some Underfell Temmie!! I love this Temmie design, I’m gonna cherish it forever!! Flowey is not pleased tho….

I wanted to practice some Tutu!Frisk! This is what they’ll wear when they’re at the Waterfall area, so get used to seeing them like this :3

UF! Muffet and UF! Frisk enjoying some bake sale! I’m sure they will get a lot of money <3

Oh this is definitely going to appear in the comic… I just LOVE Waterfall, I can’t get enough of it!! RUN, FRISK!!! RUN!!

And let’s end with some feels! I dunno why but I really felt like destroying my viewers’ hearts with some “His Theme” mixed with this drawing c’:

I love Alpha Flowey’s design, I really love it <3 He’s sad because Frisk can’t understand….

And to end it all, a sad, sad flower that can’t understand either….

So feelsy, so fabulous, so great! I love streams!! Thank you everyone for coming, I hope to see you in the next one <3

Aww, I’m amazed someone still remembers them! ❤
I miss them too, a bit. But I’m sure they are doing great, living on a farm, breeding the mabari, loving each other quite a lot :) I’m glad they got their happy ending. But as much as I love happy endings, they don’t inspire me much, so I don’t feel like drawing this couple, but they’ll be my Dragon Age OTP forever.

lunchbreak thoughts

I’m pretty sure the main reason I’ve given up on the idea of ever finding a lasting dating-thing/relationship is that life has taught me that everyone is replaceable. Not in a bad way, but just in a “that’s life *shrugs*” kind of way.

I’ve never had a place I could really call home and everywhere I go I find new people to fit the gaps left by the ones I left behind. What gets to me isn’t that I ever stop loving any of them, but that I find their roles in my life so easily replaced by new faces, just as they replace me. Since I was twelve I haven’t been able to lie to someone and say “we’ll be friends forever.” By then I knew that when I was gone they would move on too. There comes a point when trying to draw a friendship out only makes it hurt more. I only know a few things as painful as trying to go back to people who used to be your world and seeing there’s no place for you there anymore. Someone taking a diamond drill to your teeth. That’s worse. 

I think a lot of people who’ve lived mobile lives will agree with me that friends are replaceable, but even my family wasn’t immune to this phenomenon. Growing up I had at least three moms, two dads, about a hundred aunts and uncles, and more grandparents than I can remember. The fact that there were so many of them didn’t make any of them less important to me, but like everyone else, they faded out of my life with time and distance. Nothing teaches you how impermanent the things in this world are quite like losing family, or having members of that family leave you. 

There have been times I felt like my heart was a gooey mass of spiderwebs stretched around the globe, and it hurt so much (even more than the afore mentioned diamond drill). But only for a little while. Then I go and find someone new. Or adopt a dog. Or go for a drive on a beautiful evening. Or paint. Or eat some cookies. When all this deep stuff gets to be too much for me I’m pretty good at switching it off and enjoying a good cookie. 

That’s why when my friends talk about finding ‘the one,’ all I hear is that they’re happily deluded. Hey, whatever works for ya. But for me, I don’t believe in soulmates and I know that anything short of a soulmate could never be enough to tie me down. I’m just not gullible enough to ever meet someone and think, “wow, this person is everything to me. I could never meet someone I love more. Oh, and obviously they feel the same about me and they will forever.“ 

If you asked me today which was more likely — an attack of flying turtles from mars, or me meeting someone I could love and trust forever— I would place my bet on the turtles.

I’ve been in love before and I’m sure I will be again, but I’ll never be able to make that mean enough to me for it to matter. 

I’ve tried to imagine what it would take to change my mind, but there’s nothing and no one. Okay, maybe a few fictional characters, but they’re as real as my chances for a ‘happily ever after’ scenario so let me dream. 

You romantics out there are clenching your fists and going “you just haven’t met the right person yet!” My buddy, my pal, I’ve met more amazing and wonderful people than I know what to do with. If none of them is right for me, I see no reason to believe someone else could be.

Happy birthday to this nerd