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Hey, everyone
Something recently happened that has put me and my family at the bottom of shit creek, financially. I cannot go into detail, as the safety of people involved is at stake. I hope everyone can understand. I am scared to death. My family has to come up with over 40k before next monday. Not 4k, but 40k. I had no knowledge of what was going on that caused this until just earlier, but I will be dramatically impacted by repercussions and will lose my home, belongings, and cats. If anyone can spare any amount of money, I would be forever grateful. Any amount, whether it be $1 or higher, is help. My paypal is claudeh8888@gmail.com

Producers Roles on SMTM6 pt.2
  • Tiger JK: The uncle who threw the party and is very proud of the party but not the guests.
  • Bizzy: Akward uncle that wishes to leave the party before it even begun.
  • Choiza: Strong enthusiast of the strong contestants.
  • Gaeko: Hypes himself up???
  • Jay Park: Small and bitter and salty- he was forgotten.
  • Dok2: War Veteran of 3 years now... Life is tough for him, but he seems to enjoy it
  • Zico: Peno-oppar
  • Dean: An unexplained marriage occured between him and a couch- people don't talk about it.

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