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This show has me going crazy.

So when Tanner catches Alison in the act and Alison starts going on about her brother. Tanner says “your brother..” With a rather large pause before carrying on. To me this screamed HAHA HIS NOT YOUR BROTHER! I don’t know that’s just what it seemed like to me, like tanner was about to tell her they aren’t related.


okay but i’m so angry because when they say “derek talks about you” they just end it there…. like no you need to tell me everything derek says about reid when he isn’t at work, every little detail please like does he call him pretty boy to his family?? does he go to his mother for comfort after reid gets hurt cause it makes him feel sick and like he isn’t good enough to be his in his life if he can’t even protect him?? does he mention him casually so often that his family don’t even ask who he’s talking about when they say ‘him’ or ‘this guy at work’ because it’s always reid?? PLEASE GIVE ME THE DETAILS I NEED TO KNOW


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HAMRATIO (uncut & uncensored)

I’m serious, you guys need to watch this. it is a masterpiece.

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can you tell us more about the high school au????


  • beca has just moved down to atlanta from portland, oregon, because her mother and stepdad are moving to france and she doesn’t want to go, so she moves in with her dad and attends barden high school (where her dad works)
  • jesse is her step-brother and while she kind of really hates sheila (her stepmother) jesse is pretty cool - okay not cool, but he doesn’t treat her like shit like the kids in her old high school did.
  • she makes friends with benji on her first day after signing up to audition for the winter musical, but she misses the audition because of detention, so to make it up to him she becomes his assistant manager (aka, she just helps him run the musical and sometimes gets coffee and burritos for the actors)
  • jesse and benji take her to the school’s soccer game (the barden bellas) which chloe is the captain of. (artsy soccer player chloe beale, yes please)
  • chloe and jesse are quite good friends, and she notices beca in the stands and texts jesse asking who she is. then, because she’s chloe beale, she adds beca on facebook and tries to befriend her.

that’s all i'ma say right now, but you get the gist. typical nerdy beca and popular chloe fanfic. it’s gonna have so many cliche’s it’s gonna be disgusting

                 maybe i’m hungry for MORE than i’ve got.

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                   they tell me temper, temper, little lady;
            better bite that tongue, it is NOT BECOMING.

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onkey, finish the sentence: "so let me get this straight..."

Jinki sighs, running a hand through his wet locks. “You’re telling me my hair is pink now.”

“A very pretty, flattering shade of pink?” Kibum offers, smiling sheepishly.

Jinki closes his eyes and sighs again, running his hands over his face this time. Those dimples do him in almost every time but he can’t let them get to him now. Not when he was promised strawberry blond and given fucking pink. “Just-” he shakes his head and takes a deep breath. “Bring me a mirror.”

“Right.” Kibum nods and shuffles out of the kitchen to retrieve the hand mirror from the bathroom. Jinki tries pulling down his freshly sheared bangs to get a better look at the color, but the water clinging to the strands makes it look more purple than pink. He’s not sure if that’s better or worse.

Kibum comes back with not only a mirror but his hairdryer and a few more bottles and brushes piled up in his arms. “Okay,” he says as he sets his supplies down on the table. “So you don’t freak out, I want you to see it when it’s all styled…will you let me do that first? Before I hand you the mirror?”

Those fucking dimples. “Fine.” Jinki huffs, leaning back into his chair and yanking the towel around his shoulders back over his head to dry his hair a little more.

“Great!” Kibum claps and bends down to press a kiss to Jinki’s cheek.

When Kibum has finally finished, Jinki looks up at his partner’s grinning face with worry and regret. “You look so hot, babe.” Kibum tells him as he hands him the mirror.

Jinki takes a deep breath before holding the mirror up to his face. He blinks in surprise and Kibum bounces up and down in front of him with glee. “Holy shit.” Jinki is stunned. It’s such a smooth, soft color and he thinks it suits him. “I love it?”

Kibum literally squeaks with delight and throws himself into Jinki’s lap, hugging him tightly. “I knew you would.”

Jinki’s jaw drops. “I- Kibum… Are you serious?”

“You love it though, right?” Kibum blinks down at him.

Jinki shakes his head in disbelief. “You are so lucky I do.”

Kibum chuckles mischievously and cups Jinki’s face in his hands, pressing their mouths together softly. “I’m gonna take a shower. I’ve got your hair in my binder and it’s itchy.” he announces before attempting to swing off his lap, but Jinki stops him.

“You think I’m not covered in hair?” he says, raising his brows. “I’m going first.”

“Hm, we can go together…” Kibum suggests and pulls Jinki out of the chair, dragging him to the bathroom.

  • Me on a date:So what do you think about Morganthe?
  • Them:Honestly I was a bit disappointed in her.
  • Me:*shoving breadsticks into my purse* sorry I've gotta go
  • Them:She was such a well made character with an interesting back story but her eventual defeat was rather anticlimactic considering we never actually fought her, just those duplicate clone things. Morganthe herself just fell through a glass floor we had nothing to do with it. I'm also pretty disappointed that she was never reunited with Mallory's spirit nor was she reunited with Merle Ambrose after we learned about the ties between them. Both of those could have led to some great scenes and would have given the characters even more depth.
  • Me:*slowly begins taking breadsticks out of my purse* Go on

Here’s the second reason that I’m super excited about the next chapter of Call My Name (coming soon to a website near you)

“You wrote off everything my son told me about the restraints and the drugs as a symptom of his psychosis,” Tom says. “Now you’re telling me it was true. So now I have to wonder exactly how much of what he told me about your facility is true. I’m pretty sure that you guys are supposed to be trained on how to de-escalate situations with combative patients. You know, he was on a med before, a few years ago, that made him combative. Depakote, I think. And I’m pretty sure he never needed to be restrained then.”

“He would have been much younger.”

“Really? That’s your excuse? Come on, he’s seventeen. He’s not some MMA fighter that you need to strap down.”

“The mentally ill can be extremely strong when they feel threatened – ”

Tom slams his hand against the wall. “You’re calling my son mentally ill because he discovered a maximum security ward tucked away in your supposedly safe psychiatric hospital, and you didn’t want him to tell anyone about it, so you convinced him it was part of his psychosis. And when I questioned you about it, because those were symptoms my son has never showed before, you lied right to my face. And now you’re accusing him of being an accomplice to the jail break of a serial killer. I’ve got to tell you, I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I’m starting to believe a lot of what my son told me about your facility.”


yo yo yo yo yo, I’m Tyler Carter and I’m the clean vocalist for Issues (which is ironic cause I’m dirty as hell y’know). I sing alright and look/act like a dork 12/7, the other time is spent asleep or with my head tucked into whoever will let me tuck my head into them. I’m stupid affectionate so if we hang and I lay my head on you then just push me off or tell me ‘no’ idc. My AIM is frickmetyler if you wanna chat, I’m pretty much always around which kills the ‘I sleep all the time’ thing but let me live. 


Friendly reminder that Cas’ reasons for saving Dean changed pretty drastically. I mean, he could have easily reiterated that “God commanded it.” And it would have been in-character…if Dean was still just his charge. Cas is painfully honest after all.

So tell me Cas. How did Dean go from being “the Righteous Man,” a goddamn duty, to being special and “different from the rest” in his own right?