if so someone please tell me


but guess what? I don’t give a shit. this is my “tuesday selfie” and I’m completely content with that. my last selfie, I told y'all that I wasn’t really feeling myself and I was faking my happiness. WELL I’M BACK AND BETTER THAN BEFORE! technically this isn’t a “selfie” but I’m feeling super confident about myself and my body.

no matter what someone tells you and who they are, don’t let another bring you down. YOU are the #1 most important person in you’re life and you come before anyone else (physically, mentally & emotionally). you all are so very important to me and if anyone is struggling with anything, please talk to me if you would like. I’m always open to talking with you guys. this fandom has offered me so many things such as compassion and love. you guys taught me how to love myself, made me feel important and supported me through everything. for that I owe you all the world, thank you guys for all that you do for me and each other! I love you! 😇

and I promise my bath water isn’t dirty or anything, I had a bath bomb in there and the water turned a really dark blue…

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Yeah I have this intense fear of snakes/reptiles and I'm kinda upset if this leads to the theme of her single/album. I love her to death i just can't watch a mv with snakes. I physically can't

I hope one of y'all don’t mind watching the music video before me and telling me the snakey parts so I know what to skip. Actually if any of you would like to volunteer to sensor this video for myself and others with snake problems tHAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC. AND NO IM NOT JOKING

I'm very confused

So like I’ve been into Throne of Glass for ages and followed a lot of blogs which post about it and also ACOTAR and they all like love Rhysand and dislike Tamlin. I’ve just started ACOTAR and like Tamlin seems so nice and honestly Rhysand has been coming across as a bit of a Dick. Someone please tell me what the actual fuck happens to switch these two? I am losing my mind

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Ok this is for all the hate anons who keep coming to your blog. They need to stop. There is no one making them sit at their computers or whatever and scroll through your blog. If they don't like you they can just ignore your posts or whatever there's no reason for them to hide behind a computer screen and anonymously tell you that they hate you it's not right and honestly it's so cowardly to do that. I mean why would someone take time time out of their day (1/2)

Just to make someone feel bad about themselves? Please just ignore them. I love your blog and I don’t think you’re annoying at all. Seeing your posts actually makes me really happy (and kinda jealous just cause you have friends and I don’t lol) and I get so excited when I see you update one of your fics. You’re such a nice person and it kinda makes me a bit angry when I see anons say stuff like that to anyone. Anyway I hope you have a great day/night 😊 (2/2)
Thank you, dear. And I’ll be your friend! No one should be alone! If you would like to be, that is. 🖤

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You're so fckng pretty omg no wonder why Kyungsoo choosed you as his wife, a beautiful man deserves an even more beautiful woman.

😭😭 if only this were true. Someone tell him I love him please 😭😭
Thank you all though, for complimenting me ❤️❤️
Ok I’m going back to paying attention. Xo, Ara~

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Mom please tell me what makes so appaling that nobody wants to have me?

Do you have any bird feeders? Surround your house in bird feeders. Every inch of the yard. Every inch of it. I’m serious you need more bird feeders more birf deeders moer biRDFEEFERS

someone please tell me that 27 isn’t “too old” for a person who’s still living with her dad, is still unsure about her job but is unable to figure out what else to do with ther life, and who’s never had a romantic relationship in her life, and who can barely keep herself awake during the day and is still fascinated by bands and movies and tv shows, and whose social skills are so limited it makes her feel sick everytime she has to leave the house

To all the Anons rn...

To all the Anons rn who are hating on not just Miranda ( @dolan-twin-trash if you didn’t know already) but in any other hard working blogs of any sort, fuck off.

I’ll say this once. WRITING IS FUCKING HARD! Coming up with original material and knowing how to string words together to paint an immersive picture is difficult. You may not think it is but I’d like to see you do it, I’d like to see you manage a job, schooling, social requirements and also having time to write for 2+ hours while still having time to eat, sleep and relax/destress.

So please, tell me again why you deserve special treatment with your request, or why you have the right to aggressively criticis someone who doesn’t owe you anything. Do you pay them to write for you? No? Shut the fuck up then.

Honestly I thought we were better then this, I thought that human beings understood that you can’t force someone to do something for you. If they don’t find interest in writing your request, request it somewhere else, or if you just don’t like there blog, here’s a thought GET OFF OF IT. It’s really not that difficult to be a decent human being so stop making it look hard.

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I wanna die

we have all undoubtedly been there at some point or another. I do want to tell you something though: I love you and I cherish your existence, as do so so many others. please please try to understand you are never alone, you are never worthless, and there is always hope, no matter what the thoughts tell you otherwise. if you ever ever need someone to talk to or vent to or just a friend, I am very much here for you, as are so many others.

//thank you for existing & for being your beautiful, amazing self 🖤🖤//

i fully support people being able to vent

but i also firmly support a person’s right to say “hey, i really would rather not hear this right now” for any reason, so if you ever don’t want me to mindlessly ramble about how much my life sucks PLEASE feel free to tell me because i strongly think that helping someone deal with their problems should be VOLUNTARY

Where is my “Lena buys a small NC newspaper, and has them offer Kara a job as a reporter, because she feels like it’s her fault that Kara lost her job, but wants to keep it all under wraps. And Kara comes bounding into her office all excited like “oh my god, I can’t believe I got a new job so quickly, and it’s even better pay than at Catco, and I get to be an actual junior reporter and one of the senior guys is mentoring me and they say I can write about what ever I am passionate about” and Lena is like “oh rly?” and is just so happy that Kara is happy and doesn’t want anything in return, but to get to support her friend (oh and you know, casually encourages the newspaper to give Kara assignments that require her to interview Lena on a regular basis)” fic?

I think, instead of telling kids ‘don’t do drugs, they’re bad’ we should show them the opiate withdrawal patient I had the other day

25 years old, in jail for god knows what, cops bring him in with a lac to his forehead from banging it on the wall repeatedly. He is already handcuffed so we put him in an isolation room, with sliding glass doors. Because he is in custody we take everything but the bed out of the room. 

Patient is screaming the whole time he doesn’t want to be there (same bro) with blood everywhere from the head lac. 

5min later, I hear this sickening crash, I’m pretty sure someone has just run head first into the glass doors, because mate I’ve done that before those curtains are assholes, so rounding the corner I see blood all over the glass door, patient still screaming he wants out but is now banging his head on the glass. 

It takes 4 security guards to hold this guy down, he is absolutely losing his shit, screaming and flailing and has no idea whats going on. Calling out for his mom, for Neil (???), for a sandwich, doesn’t know what day it is or just refuses to answer we can’t tell, pupils 4mm and sluggish but thats how it was when they brought him in, so security cuffs him to the bed so he can’t hit the wall. 

Fastforward 10 minutes and he has dislocated/broken his wrist trying to get out of the bed and to the door, he has puke and stool everywhere, refused to take the ativan so we gave midaz, but that didn’t touch him. 

This guy screamed from 2-7, we maxed out what we could give him for benzos and he was extraordinarily agitated and wouldn’t settle and was only in the beginning stages of withdrawals. It was terrifying, but the thing that got me was after screaming about how we took the 20′s (from his underwear??) he was quiet for a minute, I thought ‘shit the midaz finally caught up with him and now were gonna need to intubate’ but he then screams

“I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to be on drugs anymore, I want this to stop, I want to be clean, please someone help me”

And thats what got me. This guy was 25, had his whole life ahead of him, but got caught up in drugs and it was going to kill him, and he wanted out, but withdrawals were so bad that it was easier to keep using. 

Fuck telling kids don’t do drugs. Show them what its like to try to stop, how all your friends die from OD, how you are one phonecall-not-made away from death yourself, how you get to be tied to a bed in the ER and your nurses need to apologize to other patients because you can’t stop screaming and just shit yourself and puked the cookie I gave you and your body is on fire. 

Don’t just tell them not to do it, because that doesn’t work, show them what its like to try to stop, because sometimes fear works better than facts. 

Note: Throughout the day we gave him 4 of ativan, 27.5 of Midazlolam and 12 of haldol, and this guy still was still agitated and screaming and 100% inconsolable, and by that time the doc was like ‘we can’t give him anymore, but lets transfer him out before he crashes’. It was a fucking time