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Since I noticed that I RARELY draw backgrounds I decided to do a 30 day background challenge!!!!!

I hope Darla and Stacy (the girls walking) will keep me motivated to do this! Please lazyness don’t overcome me!

If you would like to join me on my challenge please do so I would love to see your pieces!!!

the foxhole court fancast:


Please Explain To Me

Why am I so obsessed with the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ characters? The ones I’m supposed to hate? The ‘bad boy’s? The ones with shaggy and/or messy dark hair with a brooding personality. The more angsty the backstory the better. Give them to me. I mean just


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– oh, right. jasper’s parents. the parents of jasper. the parents chosen especially to give birth to jasper, jasper jordan’s parents. those parents?
yes, @the100writers, those parents!

my level of extra: going on a cinematic adventure for a recipe video

[ENG] 170528 Jun′s Weibo Interaction With Fans

Opening Post: 17’ Chinese Line

Opening Comment: Your Little Huihui, Jun is here

Fan: Please speak since you’re here🤷🤷🤷
Jun: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Fan: Please explain why you’re so handsome! If you don’t reply me, you will become fat!
Jun: As long as you’re happy…

Fan: I still really want to ask, did you all bring this back to play hahahahaha. (image below)
Jun: (doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)

Fan: It’s 11.07AM, you like Little Haohao a lot don’t you?
Jun: Why are you telling truths for no good reason (doge)

Fan: Wen Junhui, if you’re still not appearing, I’m going to start posting pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun: (doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge) 

T/N: a (doge) emoji on Weibo looks like this

cr: jia @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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favorite scenes: andreil {1/?}

“Don’t say you are, because you and I both know you take shit care of yourself.“
     "You have a hearing problem,” Andrew deduced. “Too many balls to the helmet, perhaps. Can you read lips?” Andrew pointed at his mouth as he spoke. “The next time someone comes for you, stand down and let me deal with it. Do you understand? 

     “If it means losing you, then no,” Neil said.

Friendly reminder that

It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

Escape - Alec of the Volturi x Reader

Requested by anonymous: So the reader and Alec from the Volturi are mates. Alec’s sister hates the reader because she thinks that the reader is stealing her bro. So she uses her powers on the reader. She keeps using her powers till reader is depressed and scared. Reader escapes to the Cullen’s house. Fast forward to when Alec finds her again but gets jealous because she’s happy and singing with jasper and Emmett while cooking. Everything has a happily ever after though!

This is kinda trash but I hope you like it anyways, anon.

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“Aro, I have someone I’d like you to meet.” Alec pulled you along behind him.

Aro’s crimson eyes looked up from the novel he was reading, focusing on you. You felt naked under his stare, something about him making you uncomfortable.

His lips stretched into a smile that sent shivers down your spine. He stood up and handed his book to a young woman who was standing next to his chair, waving her away.

“Who’s this, Alec?” He came down the stairs and slowly approached you.

“This is (Y/N).” He placed his hand on your back and guided you closer towards Aro.

“(Y/N)…” He repeated, his eyes scanning over you. “And where did you meet her, Alec?”

“I went out a few months ago to go hunting and on the way back I found her bleeding in the street. She doesn’t know who it was that bit her, but they left her for dead.”

“How terrible. We at least have the decency to finish off our victims.” His eyes flashed to yours, and he must have noticed the hurt you felt from his insensitive comment. He noticed because he grabbed your hands and pulled you towards him. “I’m sorry, dear, how rude of me. Would you mind if I read your past?”

You looked over at Alec, not understanding what Aro meant.

“If he touches your skin, he can see all of the thoughts you’ve ever had and things from your memory.”

You looked back to him in uncertainty, but nodded anyways.

That awful grin spread across his face as he removed his gloves, his hands finding yours again. He stared deep into your eyes and it took all you had not to look away. “My, my…” He whispered after a moment. Your hands fell limp by your sides once he released them. “Thank you. You seem to be an interesting girl.” He turned to Alec. “Have you introduced her to Jane?”

He nodded. “Of course. Although I don’t think she’s been very kind to her.”

“Oh?” Aro tilted his head.

“I haven’t been very kind to whom?” A feminine voice seemed to echo in the large room. The beautiful blonde walked to the center where you were standing with the two men, her heels clicking against the marble floor.

“I’m just telling him the truth, Jane.” Her eyes burned in jealousy as he spoke.

“We want you to accept this sweet girl.” Aro told her, and she seemed to fume even more at his comment.

Her deep red eyes met yours and fear flashed through you. Her threatening gaze held yours and you soon felt a dull ache course through your body. Your breathing escalated and the ache grew into the worst pain you had ever felt. You collapsed onto the floor and your screams filled the air. Alec held you in his arms as he yelled at Jane to stop. You still focused on her eyes as you heard Aro commanding her to stop and Alec continued to yell.

Finally her stare became aloof instead of intense, and the pain stopped. She simply looked at Aro and turned around, heading back through the heavy wooden doors.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” Alec held your cheek and you looked up at him.

You were sitting in one of the chambers as Alec had to tend to some business with other members of the Volturi. As you sat alone, all you could think about was how terrifying your mate’s twin sister was. Even though you cared greatly for Alec, you knew you could not live a life in fear of his jealous sister. She was a more experienced vampire than you and you could end your life easily.

You took a deep breath and quickly slipped out into the night.

You sat and watched Jasper and Emmett with a smile on your face. They were joking around and Emmett sang at the top of his lungs as he flipped a couple of steaks on the grill. You were so lucky to have found them after you escaped from Italy. Their mother figure, Esme, took you into their home in a heartbeat and you would forever be grateful for them. Of course you missed Alec, but this was a better life. A life that didn’t involve you being abused and fearing for your life.

“So why are we cooking again?”

“Edward’s father-in-law, a human by the way, is coming to visit. Gotta play the part.” Jasper smirked at you.


Your body suddenly went rigid upon hearing the voice. Jasper and Emmett looked shocked as they stared at the boy standing behind you.

You slowly turned around and met the familiar eyes of Alec. He looked surprised when he saw that your eyes were no longer red like his, they were gold.

“Oh my god.” You hopped off of the bar stool and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.”

“Uhh (Y/N)? Please explain why one of them are here.” Emmett rolled up his sleeves to show that he would be ready to fight if anything happened.

“I never told you why I came here. I was living with Alec’s coven but…I ran away…” You trailed off.

“Why? What did they do to you?” Jasper growled and stepped around the counter but you held up your hand.

“My sister hurt her. Which is something I never intend on doing.” He looked down at you and you melted from his words.

“Alec…I can’t go back with you.” You looked down, feeling ashamed.

“Why? Are you with one of them?” He looked at the two vampires in jealousy.

Emmett smirked and Jasper’s face softened as he laughed at his accusation.

“No, no. They already have mates. I meant I can’t go back because of her. I’m afraid she’ll kill me.”

He looked at you sadly. “I figured that’s why you disappeared. So I told her if she didn’t want you there then I would leave too.”

This surprised you because you knew the two of them were very close. You didn’t quite know how to respond so you waited for him to go on.

“If you don’t want to go back, then I’ll go with you…anywhere.”

“I’m not sure, Alec. The Cullens have taken great care of me. I’d feel guilty just leaving them behind.” You frowned.

“Then we’ll stay in the area.” He grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze. “(Y/N)…I will do whatever it takes to be with you. If you want to stay here, I’ll stay and just go visit my family when I feel like it. Just please don’t tell me to leave.”

You smiled and hugged him again, pulling back to kiss him sweetly. After a moment, Emmett cleared his throat and you backed away, blushing.

“We’ll be watching you, kid.” Jasper looked at Alec seriously but winked at you.

I hope there weren’t any mistakes because I didn’t have time to proofread because I have class. Oops

So my newly-obsessed-with-figure-skating ass just rewatched Disney’s “Ice Princess”

…and I had a lot of thoughts as I watched. Which I will now list. And they probably won’t make sense. Especially if you haven’t ever watched the movie. Okay, here we go, under the cut:

  • Before I even start, thank GOD they refer to FS as a sport because I will literally punch any of the idiots who think figure skaters are not athletes
  • Okay, how the fuck has she never fallen into that pond she skates on?? That is dangerous af what the actual fuck??? What if the ice is too thin??
  • Oh wow okay I actually know what these jumps are called now shit wow
  • I remember when I was little and I used to think these girls were so bitchy and stuck up with all the calorie counting and training but like??? what they’re saying is 100% true and valid??? considering they’re proper figure skaters doing like triple jumps and shit??
  • Wtf how do these girls have the time to go to high school if they’re training on such a high level??
  • Also, how are these girls juniors if they’re like 17ish?? Realistically, wouldn’t they already be in the senior division by now?? The max age for juniors is 18. Ummm, okay then…?
  • Ahhh the beloved butt pads. I need that for my everyday life tbh.
  • Omg but like I love how Casey is applying physics to 2005 figure skating because imagine if she were doing the same in this quadpocalyptic era that is Nathan and Shoma and Yuzuru and the rest of sQUAD
  • Yuzu: “Scientifically, 5 rotations in the air are possible, someone told me.” Was that someone Casey Carlyle?  
  • I remember there were so many physics things from this movie that I used to think were super smart but were actually common sense
  • Okay but Nikki (Flying Shrimp) is literally Yulia Lipnitskaya who is literally Yuri Plisetsky LMAO
  • Wait… this is actually so perfect:
  • Yurio is Nikki because obviously
  • Yuuri is Tiffany simply because she’s the Asian For Diversity™
  • Victor is Gen because feeling uninspired and no longer wanting to compete? Retiring and having fun instead? Yeah that’s Binktop for you.
  • Otabek is Casey because he was also like an underdog and newcomer and whatnot and yeah it makes sense okay?
  • Yakov is the coach and Lilia is Casey’s mom
  • JJ is Zoey, but more annoying. Way more annoying.
  • (So like Ice Princess but more realistic and more gay)
  • Okay one does not simply go from landing a single to a double to a triple in the span of less than a year of proper training exCUSE ME??
  • She should’ve just gone to Harvard honestly smh
  • I mean, she could go to Harvard and still skate, unless that was somehow made illegal and I wasn’t aware. Like, obvi she couldn’t skate to the extent of what she’d doing now, but, like, IT’S HARVARD
  • (or maybe that’s just my asian-ness talking)
  • OKAY NO how does a Zamboni come all the way to her house, into her backyard, and onto the aforementioned dangerous af frozen pond?? 
  • Michelle Kwan aka most decorated US figure skater E V E R??
  • Brian Boitano aka creator of our favorite anime otaku Evgenia Medvedeva’s beloved Tano jump?? aka half of the Brian Rivalry™ (the other being Brian Orser, coach of team Orser, team of Yuzu and Javi)???
  • WOW and this was made in 2005, when Michelle Kwan was current and record breaking and history making I’M SHOOK
  • okay what why did the lighting change when she went out to skate THIS IS A FREE SKATE NOT A FUCKING EXHIBITION
  • No stop I’m so done goodbye. Can someone please. Explain to me. Why there aRE LYRICS IN THE MUSIC IF THIS WAS MADE IN 2005??? EXCUSE ME????? Lyrics weren’t allowed till like 2014. Umm bye.
  • Okay wtf where did all these triples come from? When did she learn these?? How did neither her coach nor any rinkmates know about it???? Please movie, I’m really trying here. But you gotta give me at least a semblance of realistic content to work with. Please.
  • “This does take her to nationals, and who knows, maybe the 2006 Olympics?“ said Michelle Kwan, internally screaming, because EXCUSE ME BUT REALITY CHECK THAT’S NOT HOW THE WORLD WORKS YOU DONT GO TO OLYMPIC LEVEL BY SKATING AT A PROPER RINK FOR JUST A YEAR, BARELY WORKING OUT, AND ONLY JUST RECENTLY STARTING BALLET.
  • JESUS CHRIST this is an insult to actual figure skaters who dedicate their lives to the sport. You know what the protagonist dedicated her life to? HARVARD. Where she should’ve gone.
  • Yes, I am a horrible person and a killer of dreams. 
  • I knew this movie was gonna eventually make me lose my chill, and yet I watched it anyway, because I hate myself
  • Final verdict: This movie did not deserve to have actual Olympic champion figure skaters in it.

anonymous asked:

Hi Viria I saw the anon post about genderswap and I was very surprised. I had no idea it could hurt trans people. Could you please explained me why this is so harmful ? I really want to understand...

Hm, I think there are more nuances, but if to put it shortly, genderbends decrease the number of genders to only two - male and female. In a way excluding transgender people, and people who have no gender. As someone told me, why do you have to “switch” someone’s gender when you can make them transgender? I think someone else also said that they were upset, because in drawings it’s so simple, but in real life it’s not quite.

The Pop Punk Theory (science side of tumblr)
  • So the "Pop Punk Theory" pretty much explained like this. So in..:
  • 2005: Blink-182 breaks up
  • 2009: Blink-182 comes back
  • 2009: Fall Out Boy goes on a hiatus
  • 2013: Fall Out Boy comes back
  • 2013: My Chemical Romance breaks up
  • 2017: Yellowcard breaks up...
  • So, dear science side of tumblr, please explain why EVERY FOUR YEARS WE LOSE A POP PUNK BAND & why MCR hasn't came back yet.