if so i want to find it and join it

i am making a club blog but i am not entirely sure how it’s gonna work yet. i’m thinking i’ll advertise it to you as a network and i’ll add anyone who wants to join to the blog. we can have an introvert club tag and the aim is going to be to:
- just to make friends (because i know introverts often find it hard to approach people!)
- share posts, headcanons, fanart, ficrecs, writing, etc. in the tag or blog ask box (not sure how it works yet)
- just be supportive

i’ll officially ask for members sometime this week and add you to the blog after you send me your name, age, mbti type (or whatever you’re comfortable with).

bear in mind that the club is all inclusive so there may be a mix of minors and older people. i myself am 18 so if that makes you uncomfortable, feel free to stick to just reblogging from this blog!

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Can.. can i get some young jesse x adult hanzo headcanons? I've been really feelin' it.

Ooh ok I got you fam. So we’re assuming it’s like our Old McCree Young Hanzo but reversed. So it’s like Hanzo is in his late 30’s and he just joined Overwatch, but Jesse is in his mid 20’s and has been in blackwatch a few years. So I imagine it would be like Jesse doesn’t like him at first cuz he’s friends with Genji but would be assigned to show him around, and while he’s doing it he would kind of want up to Hanzo. Hanzo thinks he’s young and brash but finds it to be relaxing, a welcome break from the always up right life style he’s come to know. So they probably become friends pretty quickly, and Jesse hangs out with him and Genji a lot.

And don’t tell me you don’t wish to fight; for the moment you tell me that, you are already fighting; nor that you don’t know which side to join, for while you are saying that, you have already joined a side; nor that you wish to remain neutral; for while you are thinking to be so, you are so no longer; nor that you want to be indifferent; for I will laugh at you, because on pronouncing that word you have chosen your party. Don’t tire yourself in seeking a place of security against the chances of war, for you tire yourself in vain; that war is extended as far as space, and prolonged through all time. In eternity alone, the country of the just, can you find rest, because there alone there is no combat. But do not imagine, however, that the gates of eternity shall be opened for you, unless you first show the wounds you bear; those gates are only opened for those who gloriously fought here the battles of the Lord, and were, like the Lord, crucified.”?
—  Juan Donoso Cortes, Essays on Catholicism, Liberalism, and Socialism


I have returned from a two day parade, party, and drinking binge and I feel amazing. Mardi Gras is really something.. A new ray of sunshine.. literally haven’t had this much fun since before I was injured, SO I just wanted to tell you all that I will be catching up on last night’s show and will be present and by your sides for tonight. I’m going to start this wrestling party for myself, and will join you all later on.

Now would be a greaaat time for any questions and comments for me, EXCLUDING SPOILERS BECAUSE I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN. ANON OR NOT- I’LL FIND YOU.. while I watch this and gather fic ideas. Love you all, tons.

Alright guys, sorry I’m late lets gather around. As you can tell we are still looking for more members but never fear, I know you all can find people to join. We have Nationals coming up in April and I figured what better way to kick things off than with duets. So, a duet is when two voices join to become one. Great duets are like a great marriage, the singers compliment each other, push each other to be better. So, this week I want you all to pair up and sing a duet! - And to make it a little more fun, I’m making this a competition, the winner will get a dinner for two, on me, at the brand new Lima Grill. Good luck everyone!

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Idk why but I had this idea of Lance leaving the others because of a misunderstanding that he was going to be kicked out of the group (esp after Shiro comes back and Matt joins the group) because he doesn’t contribute as much and then somehow he runs away and ends up finding an extra lion www.

So then they start looking for Lance, but it takes them a while then shit happens so Matt has to take over as the Blue Paladin cuz they needed to join up. So like after weeks of Lance being gone, they encounter this dude with.. guess what A WHITE LION, stealing stuff and terrorizing civilians. And then they fight, and then they discover it’s Lance!!! BUT Lance is being manipulated/controlled by the White Lion, but no one wants to fight him. But Lance is being difficult so Keith attacks first and then battle ensues and Lance escapes and they’re all really surprised cuz he’s hard to beat.

So everyone’s all confused and sad and angry and mostly confused. Then they encounter Lance again but this time Lance is like more angry at them because the evil lion has been telling him how much they never respected him or took him seriously, so that got him to start hating them.

Meanwhile Allura and Coran are trying to look for info in the archives of any evil lion or something, and they found an archive not of an evil lion but a missing lion. Turns out this White Lion was missing for years and it was lost in battle with its pilot. What they didn’t know was that its pilot got corrupt and in turn the White Lion somehow became corrupted as well. So they realise it’s affecting Lance too and they try to help him.

Then more stuff happens and they managed to get Lance and the White Lion back to normal and… Yeah, I don’t know what happens LOL.

This is just a silly doodle/idea thing, so pls don’t take it too seriously. ;7;’
(I also had the idea that maybe for the White Lion the colours are inverted idk.)

Omfg I am part of an LGBT book club in my uni and today we were discussing the lack of happy, fluffy stories about gay couples which don’t center around accepting your sexuality and coming out or homophobia and one of the girls eventually went “Okay, you might hate me for this because it’s not a book, but there is an anime-”

And another girl cut her off and went “Don’t tell me - Yuri on Ice?” And then they immediately started screaming and gushing over how good it was, how it was everything we wanted (especially in context of how there weren’t enough happy stories where the characters just happen to be gay and in a gay relationship) and I quickly joined in and squealed about it with them.

We ended up recommending it to the other people and the president of the book club agreed to watch it and was excited to check it out.

So yeah, Yuri on Ice is now helping me meet new people in uni, and helping me find people who loved it as much as I did in real life. I already thought its impact was amazing, but wow it never stops surprising me.

So I need to confess something. I only join Tumblr to get update on my gay otp. But after months of analysis I come to the conclusion that Tumblr wants me to be in a never ending gay otp quest. Because every time I check the trending page I only find new lgbt couples to ship. I feel like their is some conspiracy here!


How this deck of cards came to be —>
I am a fan of the body so that helped and I don’t know, suddenly I was following all these amazing people on tumblr who were showcasing their bodies in the most artistic/creative/liberated ways and I wanted to join in on the fun I suppose and it was also a way of showing my respect to these ladies/gentlemen/others for putting themselves out there and rocking it. 
I’m pretty sure most of you already know the 12 brilliant humans that illustrate this deck. If not, I highly encourage you to find out ! 
Enjoy it, don’t be scared to get it dirty ! It’s a sign of a well used deck and true fun (or keep it very clean, if that’s what you’re into) !
I thank a thousand times :
@soulescaper​ (who seems to have changed tumblr name) 
@sextathlon and @eau-trouble (who aren’t here anymore but were some of the first people I followed)
& last but not least @a-littleminx (who also has changed name or moved on to greener pastures :)
If you know these people’s new names
and think they’d want to see this don’t hesitate to tell me !
An enormous thank you to all of you for your permissions and general awesomeness. REALLY.

For you, for your “loved ones” or “kinda tolerated ones” I think this could be a sweetass present :D ( if interested BUY HERE )

I’ve been working on a little victuuri one-shot for a few days now. I’m gonna give you a sneak peek and you guys can tell me if you’d actually like to see it. (I’d probably just post it here on tumblr,)

He doesn’t want to go in the first place. He likes his dorm room; enjoys how quiet it is. He doesn’t care about his classmates relationship status, and he doesn’t need to flaunt that he’s single. That’s all these college frat house parties are for - pronouncing you’re single so you can find easy hookups.

So when Phichit begs Yuuri to join him at the stoplight party they’ve been invited to, Yuuri tries to get out of it. Of course a frat house is holding a traditional stoplight party. It’s beyond cliche.

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Okay so awhile ago I made a post about making an informal group consisting of small-time TJLC bloggers. I decided to go for it! The group will be both for making friends and to give audience to each other’s theories. Once we get some membership I will start up some games and discussions for us all to get to know one another. If you want to be in the group:

1. REBLOG this post. For now, that’s how we’ll establish membership (I’ll figure something else out for the future)
2. FOLLOW the other people who have reblogged this post. It would be a good idea to check this post every so often to see if someone else has reblogged. (I promise I’ll figure something else out :))
3.TAG your friends. Tag people you follow, who follow you, or who you don’t even know but think might be cool. This is the biggest way I have of finding more people to join, so please help! To start with, I’ll tag everyone who liked the original post, but I’ll keep adding more.

Looking forward to getting to know you all. If you have an idea for a name for us, put it in the reblog!

((I live for this kind of fluff. Bubble baths with a significant other is so cute and precious, I want it when I finally find the right person.  *^*))

Jack Morrison:

-When he sees you in the tub, he just smiles a bit. He likes seeing you relax.

-He always asks for permission to join in, he won’t unless you want him to; he’ll just sit next to you and keep you company outside the tub.

-It’s slightly awkward at first, but Jack is very helpful.

-He’ll rub your neck, back, and shoulders for you.

-He brings candles in your favorite scents. (Bath night is a thing with you two now)

-Will wash your back for you, or shave your legs for you if asked.

-He takes up a lot of room, which makes him decide to get a bigger bath tub for you two.


Gabriel Reyes:

-He’ll just join in without asking.

-Kisses your neck, whispers sweet nothings in your ear.

-He runs his finger through your hair.

-Puts bubbles on his face to make a Santa-like beard to make you laugh.

-Bubble fights.

-Will question the names of the bath products you use, they don’t make sense to him.

-Almost falls asleep in the tub tbh.

-Will make you baths when you come home sometimes so you two can relax together.


Jesse McCree:

-He smirks and asks “Why didn’t you invite me, darlin?”

-Invites himself right in.

-Brings a few rubber ducks, because no bath is complete without them in his opinion.

-Does silly things with the bubbles, like putting them on his crotch. “Look, darlin, I am being censored.”

-Does the same thing for you, laughing. ^

-Really likes the scents you pick, will use them on himself.

-Tickles you just a bit.

-Will act naughty occasionally.

-Plays with your hair, and washes you even if you don’t ask.

-Fun to take baths with.


“Good For You”, the part where Ben/Evan joins in with the others.


Okay, so. In Good For You, we have Jared, Alana, and Heidi all reacting to Evan’s flight of Icarus with the Connor Project.

After the iconic belting of “I gotta find a way to stop it, stop it, just let ME OOOOOOOFFFFFF”, Evan joins in with the reprimanding chorus of “Good for you, good for you, you, you. Got a taste of a life so perfect, now you say that you’re someone new, good for you, good for you. Good for you, good. For. YOUUUUUUU. So you got what you always wanted.”

Right here it could just be him joining in with the vocals, but I think there’s a deeper meaning.

By joining in the accusations and torment of the chorus, he is essentially vocalizing these things at himself. Good For You is just as much Evan berating himself for his actions as it is Jared, Alana, and Heidi reacting to his recent endeavors.

He’s now agreeing. That he deserves this treatment, that he really did screw up, and that he doesn’t deserve any sympathy or slack. This is the worst part of Evan speaking here, the manifestation of his darkest feelings.

I don’t actually think Good For You is 100% the perspective of the others against him, but more Evan’s twisted idea of how he believes they should/would react. In the musical afterwards when he contacts Alana, he is surprised that she’s turned his back on him, implying that Good For You wasn’t actually her reaction, but the imagined reaction of Evan.

It’s like when you make a mistake and then imagine the worst case scenario of how people will react, and then you start agreeing with that perceived reaction cause you think it’s what you deserve.

Him joining in the chorus, and really the song as a whole, is the dark side of his thoughts imposing on his normal perception.

I might be totally off but I’ve got a feeling about this.

if you’re in the hamilton fandom, you probably know about the amazing fanfic writers on it. with them in mind, we joined forces to create the newest place for you to find all the fics you want: hamwriters.

what is hamwriters? hamwriters is a network where you’ll be able to share your work and the work of writers that you like and admire. here you’ll also make new friends on our group chat and find people that you can brainstorm with to find new ideas, talk about headcanons and story ideas!

can i join? if you’re a writer, of course! here’s how to join:

  • reblog this post 
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and that’s it! if you’re picked, we’ll contact you as soon as possible. there’s no limit to how many writers we’ll add to our net, so there’s aways a chance! do not throw away your shot! 

want to be featured on hamwriters but is not interested in joining? just tag your fics as #hamwriters and we’ll check them out!

to see the blogs that are already members of the network, just click here.

Voltron AU where everything is the same except the Blade of Marmora episode is basically the RING OF FIRE!!! scene from Finding Nemo

Kolivan: Brother Antok, proceed.
Antok: Keith! Newcomer of red and white! You have been called forth to the space between spaces to join us in the fraternal bonds of bladehood!
Keith: … huh?
Thace: We want you in our club, kid.


10 DAYS OF DODIE #10daysofdodie
To celebrate Dodie’s Intertwined EP coming out on November 18th, I decided to create this 10 day challenge which I will be starting on November 9th. I would love if some of you would join in! You can post whatever you want on the days (gifs, edits, pictures, videos etc). Please make sure to use the hashtag #10daysofdodie so others will be able to find your posts!

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whenever you get time to fill this I would so love it. Beckett comes to left to grab some clothes,and finds that Castle is in the shower singing "I've Got You Under My Skin" by Sinatra. Instead of doing what she knows she should do, leave and not let how much she misses him get to her, she joins him in the shower. I just want some sappy Caskett honestly. Up to you whether Kate decides to come home or she still leaves. 😁

A/N: Set any time between 8x05 and 8x07.


Kate holds her breath while she unlocks the front door to the loft, releasing a soft exhale after her eyes scan the room, catching no signs of life. 

It’s not until she steps further inside that she hears the shower running from their bedroom’s en suite.

But it’s fine. She only needs a couple of minutes to sneak into the closet, snag a few outfits for the next week, and she’ll be back out of the loft before he’s even finished. Castle won’t even know she was here.

Which is what’s best, she reminds herself. Over and over again.

Beckett purses her lips and steps out of her heels, pads through his office and tiptoes through the bedroom, just a breath away from the closet’s entry when she pauses at the sound of his voice, the tenor of his humming.

It’s muffled, likely indiscernible to anyone else, but she recognizes the soft melody of his voice within seconds, his rather sorrowful rendition of the song they used to sing together in the shower, when she was feeling silly and love drunk and reveled in the baritone of his voice caressing her with the heated spray of water while they danced within the tile walls.

She closes her eyes and drops her forehead against the wall.

You’re keeping him safe. Castle has to be safe.

Kate pushes off the wall, determined and dead set on the closet once more-

Don’t you know, little fool, you never can win?”

The rest of the words fail to come, the lyrics that usually belonged to her, and if she can’t manage to suck it up and grab her clothes, then she needs to get out before Castle emerges from the shower.

Kate sucks in a breath and forces herself away from the closet. She means to turn for the exit, but heads for the bathroom instead.

A thick cloud of steam rushes to greet her the moment she eases the door open, slipping inside without a sound, her eyes immediately seeking out the blurred image of him behind the fogged glass door.

Use your mentality,” he carries on, more of a sigh than a song. “Wake up to reality.”

Kate shrugs the blazer from her shoulders, unbuttons her shirt, her slacks. 

But each time that I do just the thought of you, makes me stop before I begin.”

She notices he’s not even bathing as she steps out of her pants, her underwear, leaving her clothes in a pile by the door. He’s leaning against the wall, unknowingly mimicking her position from moments before - his head against the tile and his body stagnant as the water pounds down onto his skin.

God, he’s miserable. So miserable. And it’s all her fault. 

“’Cause I’ve got you.” She had thought she was doing the right thing, the only thing driving her to keep going, to stay away from him. But nothing about this felt right at all. “Under my skin.”

He doesn’t look up when she slides open the shower door, his eyes closed, water droplets clinging to his lashes, and doesn’t hear the quiet sound of her footsteps navigating through the puddles along the tile flooring. 

It isn’t until she tiptoes up behind him, touches her forehead to the bow of his spine, the back of his neck, that he startles, instantly reaching for the hand she splays at his ribcage, his thumb brushing her wedding band for confirmation.


The water drenches her in seconds and she closes her eyes, nudges her nose to his shoulder blade and wraps her arms around him when he draws her left hand up the wall of his chest, her fingertips to his lips. 

“Not as good as a solo routine, Castle,” she rasps, barely loud enough to be heard over the hiss of water.

“Tell me about it,” he murmurs, squeezing her hand before shifting in the embrace of her arms, turning around to see her face, shielding her from the pelt of water with his back. “How long have you been here?”

She blinks through the haze of steam, but her eyes are still stinging, tears mingling with the water already dripping along her cheeks. He strokes his thumbs over the vulnerable skin beneath her eyes anyway, stares down at her with so much question and concern and heartbreak for them both.


“Around the final verse,” she whispers, tilting her cheek into the cradle of his palm, covering the back of his hand with her own. “I’m sorry I made you sing alone.”

A laugh escapes his lips, breathless and worn, broken, and Castle shakes his head, slips his hand from her cheek to her nape. 

“My lack of a musical partner is kind of the least of my concerns,” he mumbles, tugging gently, but she arches on her toes in her haste to be closer, to snake her arms around his neck and seal the slick skin of her chest to his, to hold him.

“I’m sorry I left you alone,” she breathes at his ear, one of her hands fisting in his hair. “I’m so sorry I left.”

“Then come home,” he answers without hesitation, his arms banding around her back, trapping her tightly against his chest.

It’s the first time she’s felt as if she could breathe in weeks.

“Please just come home, Kate,” he sighs, resting his cheek to hers. “I understand if you need space-”

“No, no more space. Never needed space from you,” she confesses. “These last few weeks have been - horrible, Rick. I never should have left in the first place.”

His throat works against her shoulder, questions wrapping tension around his spine, building with the billowing steam around them. “What’s going on, Kate?”

“I’ll tell you everything,” she concedes, even as her stomach twists, the idea of putting his life at risk making her nauseous. “Just - this first?”

She turns her head, grazes her nose along his cheek and sighs at lack of resistance he puts up, the easy tilt of his chin towards her and the welcome return of his mouth. His hands cradle her jaw as he nods, presses her back into the shower wall.

“No matter what,” he murmurs, kissing her bottom lip. “You’re staying.”

She hums her agreement, rising on her toes when he slants his mouth over hers, sends rivulets of heat trickling through her veins with the thorough stroke of his tongue.

“No more singing alone,” she mumbles, coasting her hands up the dripping flesh of his back, fingertips sluicing along his skin with the stream of water. “Promise.” 

You know what I want?

I want to see Cassandra tip-toeing to Vex’s room and quietly joining Vex and Keyleth (and Pike) for a muted, but much needed, girls’ night.

I want Cassandra, young as she is, to find some much needed support and advice from the ladies of Vox Machina.

I want Cassandra to find some comfort, some solace she might’ve sought from her sisters, from the people who’ve done so much for her brother.

Give that girl a hot chocolate and a hug; she’s doing her best (and her brother keeps giving her more shit to deal with and running off).

greaser boy - part II

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count: 1,269

A/N: Here is part 2 of greaser boy and I’m pretty proud of it. I hope I tagged everyone and again if you want to be tagged, just ask and I will gladly do so. 

Part 1

Originally posted by goldengrease

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“He did not!” Nike squealed. A smile plastered across her face as you told her about your encounter with Bucky Barnes earlier that day. “I saw him and he looks like quite the catch.”

“He’s probably already forgotten about me,” You mutter. “With girls like Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff roaming the school? I am easily forgettable.”

“I guess you’re right,” She frowned. “But hey! Are you going to Thor’s party tomorrow?”

You shook your head, “I have far better things to do.” You crumpled up the wrapper of your, now gone, granola bar. It was lunch and you only had two periods left. Fifth and sixth. Bucky Barnes was in both of those classes.

“Heads up, Steve Rogers is heading over here,” Nike pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Hey Y/N, Nike,” Steve smiled.

“Hi Steve,” You greeted.

“Did we have homework for Madden?” He asked referring to your shared math class.

“Yes it was the chapter review, questions one through fifteen, page 352,” You answered. “But it’s not due til Monday.”

He seemed to be making a mental note on that, “Thank you, Y/N. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Steve,” You smiled as he walked away. Your eyes flickered down to your hands.

Nike sighed, “That boy is so sweet, he gives me cavities.”

“I’m gonna go,” You stood up and gathered your things. “Bell rings in two minutes.” With your backpack slung over your shoulder, you walked out of the cafeteria.

“Where are you heading to, doll?”

Your head snapped in the direction of Bucky Barnes, who was walking next to you. He looked at you and smiled. Your heart immediately began pumping faster.

You straightened up and raised your head high, “Class.”

“Been looking for you. Turns out, you’re hard to find,” He shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.

“Didn’t think you’d be searching,” You bluntly reply.

“You kidding me, doll? I said I’d come find you,” He continued.

Now, a bit agitated, you stopped and turned to him, “And here you are. You want a prize or something?”

A look of both surprise and admiration flashed across his face. He smirked and you watched as his tongue brought in his bottom lip before he lightly bit down on it.

“No need to be hostile, doll, it’s just a statement,” He defended.

The grip on your phone tightened a little. You knew you have no reason to be giving him smart-ass comments but he just got you so flustered.

“Do you like the school so far?” You asked instead.

He shrugged, “It’s fine. Really isn’t any different from my school back in Brooklyn.”

“So you really are from Brooklyn,” You mumbled. “Humph.” You didn’t think the information Nike had gotten from Margery was correct.

“I’m guessing you already heard about me before I even got here,” He said.

“There was a rumor going around,” You confessed. “About a troublesome kid from Brooklyn, that got kicked out of his school for getting into a fight.”

He let out a single laugh, “Not bad.”

“So the rumors are true?” You asked.

“Partially,” He paused. “You should’ve seen the other guy.”

You shook your head and rolled your eyes at what he just said.

“I kid,” He added. “It wasn’t really my fault, he threw the first punch, I simply defended myself. That’s not the only reason I moved. My Ma, she wanted a fresh start. Somewhere new.”

“Did you want to leave?” You asked, genially curious.

“Not really, no,” He laughed lightheartedly. “But where she goes, I go.”

You enter the classroom and walk to the back of the room before sitting down in your usual seat. Bucky sat next to you and watched as you got ready for the period. At one point, you looked up and locked eyes with him. You immediately averted your gaze.

The class was now beginning to fill up. Some students walked into the classroom clutching paper bags with various fast food logos plastered on them. Bucky leaned back in his seat and drummed his fingers on the desk. You hadn’t noticed before, but now that you were this close to him, you realized that he smelled really good. It was a mix of smoke, clean laundry, and cologne. It all managed to mend together perfectly, which was quite surprising.

He remained quiet for the rest of the period. Which you were grateful for because this class needed your full and undivided attention.

The bell was about to ring and you were writing down the homework that was assigned. Bucky stood up from his chair. You expected him to leave, instead, he remained in his spot. After packing your stuff up, you grabbed your backpack and stood up.

“I’ll walk you to your next class,” He said.

You weren’t used to attention from the opposite sex. Now suddenly, here comes Bucky, calling you ‘doll’ and saying that he’d walk you to your next class. It made you nervous, yet it also made your heart flutter.

“Actually,” You intervened. “Surprise, we have the next class together as well.”

A smile broke out on his face and oh my god, you next got tired of it. “Then we should get going.”

You tried your best not to look at Bucky from the corner of your eye. He held himself together with such confidence that it was almost cocky. He walked in a cool and collected way. Like he was walking up to a stand to receive a trophy.

The students, especially the girls, were eyeing Bucky as if he were a brand new toy. You hugged yourself, knowing that they wouldn’t even give you a second glance. Continuing down the crowded hall, you led Bucky to the next class.

“Nearly lost you there, doll,” He said once he caught up with you.

Instead of saying something to him, you simply walked into your next class and sat at your seat. There was a seating chart so you didn’t have to worry about Bucky sitting next to you. You told him to get instructions from Ms. Blackwood. He did and strolled up to her desk. He introduced himself and she assigned him to an empty seat that was two rows away from yours.

As he walked past you, he winked. You hunched over your desk and gripped the sides of the wood. You inhaled sharply and did your best to keep it cool. You couldn’t wait for this day to be over.

Even though Bucky was far from you, you still felt his burning gaze in the back of your head. It was infuriating because you couldn’t think straight the rest of the class.

As if on cue, Bucky leaned against your desk. He looked down at you and smiled. “Do you have a ride after school? Or do you have your own car?”

“I have a ride, thank you,” You replied.

Bucky walked with you towards the school parking lot. You spotted Nike across the lot. She was smiling widely and giving you a thumbs up. Bucky unlocked his car, a beautiful jet black, 1971 Dodge Challenger.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked and rested his arms on the car door.

“Looks like it, Barnes. I suppose you’ll come find me if you don’t see me,” You said.

He smiled, “You already know, doll.”

You turned on your heel and walked across the lot. Before you even reached her car, Nike was already clutching onto you. She was nearly screaming in delight and demanded to know every single detail of your second encounter with Bucky Barnes.

A/N: This will get a lot better, I swear

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Auston Matthews - Part 22

How am I already at part 22?? 

The next week is a whirlwind of planning, packing and hidden tears. My final request to the university was to be housed someplace that allowed me to bring my two dogs, because there was no way in hell I was leaving them on top of leaving my parents. So I spent many hours on the phone and computer trying to find a place that wasn’t downtown (as much as I had loved being downtown while staying at Auston’s, there was no way I wanted that for myself every day), and that had plenty of space for my girls to run.

               Finally settling on a neighborhood that was not yet completely developed, I was able to get a good price for a house that was much bigger than I expected with two additional bedrooms besides the master. The university expected me to choose two roommates to join me there, which I had absolutely no plans to do so, and the university wasn’t too pleased about it but agreed regardless. I’m not a huge fan of being around people more than I have to be.

               Auston tried to be helpful in pointing out various things in different neighborhoods that I was looking into, but eventually he had to give Mitch my number because I was being so picky. Which resulted in a chain reaction of my number being handed out to several players on the team which then resulted in gaining several new snapchat friends. Who, because they are just so “gracious” as Mitch put it, send me snapchats night and day of Auston, “to help me cope with the separation” as Mitch also put it.

               Most all of the snaps were of Auston with either a grumpy expression on his face at being photographed or with pink cheeks which I’m sure was from one of his teammates giving him a hard time. To be completely honest, they were always the highlight of my day. In addition, I had started watching the Leafs more than I had before, which annoyed me but I couldn’t help it. I missed Auston already and seeing him on the ice was calming, and afterwards he would always find a private place to call me.

               I glance at the clock and do the quick calculation of what time it is in L.A, and almost instantly my phone vibrates on my dresser. I scramble over the many boxes in my way and snatch up the phone, seeing the new very familiar name flash across my screen.

               “Hello?” I ask a bit breathlessly for having only ran ten feet.

               “You always answer like you don’t know who’s calling,” Auston’s voice says through the speaker, a teasing tone to his words.

               “Sometimes I don’t, especially after that conversation with Mitch two days ago,” I reply, flopping down on my bed.

               “Yeah, that’s not going to happen again.” Auston huffs into the phone and I giggle.

               “You weren’t very nice to him afterwards,” I remind him, grinning at my ceiling.

               Auston makes some noise into the phone and I burst out laughing again.

               “He just wanted to make sure I knew how much you missed me,” I tease.

               “I don’t miss you,” Auston grumbled into the phone and I bite my lip to hold in another laugh. “That’s it, we need to facetime instead, it’s driving me crazy hearing you laugh and not getting to see it.”

               Before I can say anything back the phone call is ended and within seconds a facetime request comes through.

               “Hi,” I say shyly, the screen popping up with Auston’s face in clear view. He’s lying in bed as well.

               “Hi,” he says softly back and my cheeks flame. “How’s packing?” He asks the same question every night, I think he’s more eager for me to be in Toronto than I am, even though he’s currently on the other side of the country.

               “Almost done, just clothes and things I need between now and two days from now are left,” I say, panning the camera off me and showing him the stacks of boxes creating a hectic path through my room.

               “I wondered what your room would look like,” he says and I cock my head to the side.

               “Why?” I ask, bringing the camera back to me.

               “You’re just a hard person to read I guess,” Auston shrugs and looks a little embarrassed.

               “I don’t have to imagine what your bedroom back home in Arizona looks like,” I say, stretching back across my bed.

               “No?” He asks, a slight smile tugging at his lips.

               “Nope, I even slept in your bed once,” I nod.

               “You what?”

               I have his full attention now.

               “You heard me. Alex had the flu and Breyana already had a friend sleeping in her room with her, so Mrs. Matthews set me up in your room. It was when I was in my sleeping naked phase,” I muse, hiding my grin by pressing my lips together.

               Auston goes still on the other end of the call, and then brings a hand to his face, rubbing it and I bite my tongue to hold back a laugh.

               “Why do you have to do that to me,” he groans and I can’t hold it back anymore, I giggle and roll onto my side. He watches me with an amused expression on his face that makes my cheeks blush again. “There’s my favorite blush,” he murmurs and I look away from the camera shyly.

               “I wasn’t actually naked, just to clarify,” I say after a moment, peeking back at him.

               “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that, I liked my vision better,” he says.

               I roll my eyes and sit back up on my bed.

               “Where’s Connor?” I ask, not hearing him in the background.

               “Dinner with some guys,” Auston answers and glances at the clock on his nightstand it looks like. “I’ll have to go soon to meet with Mitch and a few others.”

               “Well then I’ll give you a really fast tour,” I say and slide out of bed. I hold the phone up a bit higher and I point to various things. “That’s my bed,” I say obviously, gesturing behind me, Auston rolls his eyes at me. “Where all the magic happens, obviously. Cause I…” I climb my way over to where my T.V is mounted and pick up my stack of Harry Potter movies. “Watch these all the time on it.” I laugh at my own joke while Auston just scoffs at me.

               “Good one,” he says but I can see him holding back a smile.

               I purse my lips thinking about what the show him next. My eyes travel to my ceiling again and I bound back to my bed, stepping up onto it and stretching up to move one of my ceiling tiles.

               “When I was little I would climb up onto a ladder and write down the name of the boy I currently had a crush on up here on the wall,” I tell Auston, finally getting the tile to shift over so I could see the messy sprawl of my adolescent handwriting on the small foot of space under the vent work. I flip the camera and point out a few of the names.

               “Owen, he was the first boy I had a crush on. In kindergarten he used to pull my hair and I punched him the nose, he didn’t like me as much after that. Logan, he was my first kiss when I was in eighth grade,” I smile at the faint memory of him having to stand on the sidewalk curb so that he was taller than me in order to kiss me.

               “Eighth grade?” I hear Auston say and I flip the camera back to me.

               “Yeah, does that surprise you?” I ask him.

               “Well kinda, you seem like a confident person. I would imagine you had boys trailing after you since you could walk,” Auston says, raising his eyebrows at me.

               I laugh as I answer him. “I don’t think of myself as confident, I’m comfortable with myself, there’s a difference. But when I was younger I was terrified of kissing, I only kissed him and one other boy before I graduated high school, I didn’t like it then like I do now.”

               “Why didn’t you like it?” Auston asks.

               “I guess because it just seemed like a very intimate thing. Even now I think of it that way sometimes, altogether I’ve kissed five boys, including you. Kissing means more to me than most people I think, I would never kiss someone that I didn’t care about in some way,” I trail off staring at the couple other names of insignificant boys that I had crushes on.

               “I prefer feeling over lust, I guess,” I say after a moment. I look back down at my phone and see Auston smiling at me.

               “What?” I ask self-consciously, eyeing him.

               “So you do care about me,” he smirks and I roll my eyes.

               “No, just want you for your body,” I huff at him.

               “Doesn’t surprise me,” he says and I want to reach through the phone and wipe that smirk off his face. “Though you also just admitted you want me,” he adds.

               “I thought that much was obvious when I took advantage of your emotional state on the stairs of the science building in Toronto,” I quirk an eyebrow at him and his eyes narrow. “But I’m more than willing to refrain from all future advantage taking if you want,” I tease him and I can see the blood pool in his cheeks.

               “You know I’m starting to think you’re too smart for me,” Auston starts, a smile finally quirking his lips up. “Every time I try to get under your skin it always backfires.”

               I laugh and slip back down onto my bed, sitting crisscrossed and holding the phone up.

               “You get under my skin more than you might think, Auston,” I tell him.

               “That’s good to hear because I’m a mess of jealousy over little Owen and Logan and all those other names on that damn wall.”

               “Would it make you feel better if I added your name to the wall?” I ask him jokingly, this makes him laugh and shake his head.

               “As long as my name is on that sweatshirt you’re wearing, I’m okay,” his nods at me and I realize that I’m wearing the USA hoodie he gave me back in Toronto.

               “My dad almost fell over when he saw it actually.” I laugh at the memory of five days ago when I was outside with my dogs and he saw the name across my shoulders, he almost slipped down the ice covered stairs in his stupor.

               “I always forget Mr. (Y/L/N) is your dad, I spent so much time with him when I lived in Ann Arbor, lusting over his only daughter who never paid me the slightest attention,” Auston muses and I roll my eyes.

               “Don’t you have a dinner to get to?” I ask him, though I really don’t want to hang up with him.

               “Unfortunately yes,” he says, glancing at the clock again. “Don’t want Mitch to be mad at you for holding me up.”

               The moment the words leave his lips my IPad lights up with an Imessage from my phone, unable to go through because of my current Facetime call. I pull it over to me and glance at the message. Low and behold, it’s from Mitch.

               R u on the phone with my boy? If he stands me up im gonna be pissed

               I laugh and read it out loud to Auston who rolls his eyes this time.

               Don’t make me come up and get him. I don’t wanna know what u’ve been doing on the phone but im not afraid to walk in there.

               The next message comes through and I blush, Auston asks me what he said and I reluctantly tell him. A cocky grin creeps across his face. I ignore him and type out a reply to Mitch.

               I’m hurt you think I would purposely keep your boyfriend from you for so long

               That’s it. I’m comin up.

               I giggle and tell Auston he better get going.

               “Mitch is on his way, apparently he’s a little jealous,” I wink at Auston and I hear knocking on his hotel door.

               “Well, the fun police just arrived so I better let you go,” Auston yawns and I can’t help but admire how adorable he is.

               “Alright, don’t let them ruffle your feathers too much,” I smile, still not wanting to hang up.

               Auston eyes me a moment, the knocking on his door getting louder.

               “Three days,” he says and I nod.

               “Three days,” I bite my lip and give him a shy smile before ending the call.

               I lay back in my bed, the giddy feeling in my stomach still flying around. I eye the still exposed wall behind my ceiling tile and I grab a marker from my nightstand. Getting back to me feet I stretch up as far as I can and hesitate just a second before writing out one more name on my wall. I step back to admire my work, a smile playing across my face before shifting the tile back into place and hopping back off my bed to get back to packing.

               Just as I expected, my snapchat was soon flooded with pictures from Mitch and Nylander, all pictures of either their faces or Auston’s. I had barely had a conversation with either of them but I was already attached to both of them, which was making to easier as I packed. Knowing that there were people in Toronto that I could make relationships with. I laugh softly at how just over a week ago I had been sobbing in Auston’s car to him that I had no one in Toronto, which was just the opposite.

               There’s a soft knock on my door and I look up to see my mom peeking in.

               “Hey,” I say, halting my progress of getting as many socks into the outer areas of the duffle bag in front of me.

               “Hi, sweetheart, how’s it going?” My mom asked, smiling softly at me though I can see through it. She’s just as sad for me to leave as I am.

               “It’s going,” I give her a halfhearted smile back.

               She silently moves farther into the room, moving gracefully through the mess of boxes and bags to get to my side. Grabbing the box I had just finished shoving all my shoes inside and dragging it over to sit in front of her, then taking the socks in my hand and placing them inside the shoes already packed away.

               “Oh,” I say dumbly and flash her a smile.

               “You learn after moving a few times how to save room,” she says softly, continuing the process until all my socks are out of sight. I sit silently and watch her work. When she’s done she pushes the box over to where she found it and we stare at each other.

               Tears well behind my eyes and I stumble to my feet into my mother’s waiting arms, already outstretched to me. I wrap my arms around her slender waist and burry my face into her neck, grateful that I never reached her in height. Her hands slowly stroke my hair that is so much like hers, I can feel wet tears falling into it as well. We don’t say anything for several minutes, only holding each other and quietly sobbing.

               From the time I could talk my mother had been my best friend, my constant support even when my dad went on scouting trips to Europe or Western Canada for weeks at a time. That only meant that we ordered take out and I got to sleep with her in her bed for a week straight. We became even closer when I graduated high school and was home during the day. Being an engineer, she was able to work from home most of the time, creating models and blueprints on her computer a few hours a day when I would go to class. Other than that, we were constantly together.

               The night my dad told me the story about the North Star for the first time and how when he had met my mom, the need to keep following it stopped, she was out there with us. I was seated in my dad’s lap, my head rolled back on his shoulder as I stared hard at the star, thinking there was nothing more beautiful in the world. However, when my dad spoke I looked at my mom in time to see the biggest and most beautiful smile I had ever seen on her face, and I knew in that moment that I was wrong about the star. It wasn’t the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, my mother was.

               Now standing here with both of us crying, I still think the same thing, she’s more beautiful than I could ever aspire to be. My dad always said he was thankful that I got every positive gene from my mom; her brains, compassion, sense of humor, her beauty and most of all her love. He also complained that I got all my negative genes from him; his too big of eyes, temper and stubbornness. None of which I thought were negative in any way.

               “Mom?” I ask.


               “Can you just move with me?”

               My mom’s body vibrates with laughter and she puts his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back gently and wiping at my tears with her thumbs, making me feel like when I was nine years old and fell off my bike, skinning my knee. I was trying to be tough like my dad taught me, trying to keep the tears in but I couldn’t stop them all.

               “No, honey I can’t. And even if I could, I wouldn’t because it’s your life starting.” She smiles softly at me and tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear, I always used to hate when she did that but now I wish she would do it all the time.

               I pretend sigh. “Worth a shot,” I grin at her and nuzzle against her again. My mom laughs again, wrapping her arms around my back. Her hand grazes the name written across my shoulders and I tense slightly.

               “I remember him, you know,” she traces the last name with her fingers and I open my eyes.

               “What?” I ask, pulling back to look at her.

               “When I would go with you and your father to practices or games. He was good, even better when you were there watching,” she continues on, smiling to herself, lost in some memory.

               “What are you talking about?” I frown at her.

               “One time they were playing and they were playing awful mind you, falling behind four to nothing within the first ten minutes of the first period. You came late to that game, but when you got there it was just at the halfway point in the second period and I saw the moment he spotted you in the stands. It was like someone lit a fire in his skates because he jumped over the boards and flew down the ice, stole the puck and within seconds it was in the back of the net. Everyone cheered, but you cheered the loudest. He went into show off mode then, I believe he scored once more and then had-“

               “Four assists…” I finish for her, remembering very clearly the game she was referring to. I make a face at her. “Honestly how did everyone see it but me,” I wonder out loud and she quirks an eyebrow at me.

               “Because you’re Y/N, who only had eyes for the sky. Just like her father,” my mom laughs.

               “Until he found you,” I say and she blushes, another trait that I just so happened to get from my mom.

               Her eyes dart down to my wrist, exposed because I have the sleeves of the sweatshirt pulled up to my elbows.

               “From what I can tell, you seemed to have found something as well,” she taps the golden charm in the middle of my bracelet and winks at me. I turn pink and swat her hand away.

               “I have not!”

               “Keep telling yourself that for as long as you can, honey,” my mom says, a smirk pulling at her lips as she makes her way to my door. “But I can see it in your every being.”