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Burst in holding a glass tank holding some pebbles and three bright emerald moss balls. He's completely soaked and the way his hair covers his face almost makes him look like some kind of swamp monster. "Tobiiiiii! I found the marimos and picked the cutest ones for you!"

It’s certainly startling to say the least. A yelling hair creature suddenly invading the space and brandishing a thing. Things? Orbs? Whatever they are, they are not an immediate danger to his strewn scrolls, whilst in comparison the soggy brother most certainly is.

As such, he will bring himself to his feet briskly stepping over them and heading over to offer a vaguely disapproving tut, then begin working on moving the mass of hair back out of said very damp brother’s face. Squinting at the Plant Orbs as he does.

“Moss spheres? These are the things you were talking about previously? They’re certainly… spherical. A good spherical, mind you. They’re very nice. Is what I mean.”

My sister has a Harry Potter question and I’m confused now too.

Why does Harry have homework to do between years? How can you have homework that carries from one year to the next?

At the beginning of Chamber of Secrets he says he can’t do his homework because it’s locked in the cupboard under the stairs.

Does anyone have an answer to this?