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Altitude (m)

Word count: 5,187

Warning: Jimin smut


You take a swig from the bottle in your hand, savouring the sharp flavour on your tongue you’ve been waiting for all day long.

The boy next to you, impatiently holding out his hand, rolls his eyes when you let out a fulfilled sigh. “Dude, it’s just vodka with fucking water.”

“Fuck off, Yoongi,” you respond, showing your affection for the guy by taking a sip. Only when he basically rips it out of your hands do you hand it to him with offendedly. “Fine, take it.”

Yoongi leans back until his head hits the brick wall, then copies your actions. “Fucking hell, Jimin again today.”

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Fun fact: I had actually coloured this gif before putting an orange layer over it.

“La Luna” - Chapter One

Story Summary: Meet Jeremy Connors. Eighteen-year-old high school senior who isn’t well liked at Midwood High; most people consider him a “weirdo” for being so quiet and talking to his only friend, Harry Burks. As a way to escape this mundane life, he dreams at night of a beautiful girl. A girl that makes him happier than he is during the day and is as beautiful as the moon. He calls her Luna, since he only meets her when the sun sets on the horizon and the moon rises while he drifts off into a deep sleep. Alas, Luna is indeed a real girl, who later on transfers to Midwood and makes an appearance in Jeremy’s life. Will she be the same as the girl in his dreams or will he realize that dreams can create unrealistic expectations?

Author’s Note: So, this is the first chapter! It’s kinda short (or long, depending on what your definition of both are) but let me know if you like it! Feedback is appreciated :)

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Laito: Look, I made a to-do list. *hands over a piece of paper*

Yui: This just says “bitch-chan” on it.

Laito: I know.

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> I have a mountain of unread fanfics of all my OTP's waiting for me- I CANNOT DEAL WITH CONVERSATION RIGHT NOW<p/></p>

nourgelitnius  asked:

Do you write original fiction? If so, are you working on anything now?

The short answer is no, but I want to. I have a historical romance novel that is mostly plotted out and I just have to sit down and write. I plan on self-publishing that bad boy one day. And then there’s the fantasy short stories I want to write one day. I just…hardly have any patience. And I get so much interaction from fanfiction, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to switch to my own original stuff and risk upsetting my constant need for validation.

someone: what is she thinking?

me: bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum everyday bumbum
neo ttaemune bumbum neon nareul hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me
hiteuchyeo come on everyday bumbum neo ttaemune bumbum you got me like bumbum bumbum bumbum bum bum bum bum bum bum-

anonymous asked:

either Gabriel (my name) or Angel (your name)?

aahh omg thank you im not an angel tho lol, i wish. I guess i’ll do both??

G - Guillotine - Jon Bellion 

A - All I Ask - Adele

B - Bullet Train - Stephen Swartz 

R - Rip Everyone -  JJ Demon

I - I don’t wanna love somebody else - A Great Big World 

E - Ever After -  Marianas Trench

L - Lovely (remastered) - Twenty One Pilots 


A - Angels - Vicetone feat. Kat Nestel

N - New soul - Yael Naim

G - Ghost - Mystery Skulls

E - Echo - Jason Walker

L - Lilo -  Lauren Aquilina

Okay honestly this was super hard lmao