if she's the one

no, he just likes sleeping with his eyes open while sitting up


this is the most slept on dee moment

Harlots Appreciation Week

Day Seven: Free Choice — Nancy Birch, just because there can never be too much Nancy


What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]

other things i loved about R1

  • Baze yanking on random wall fittings in the background of Chirrut’s serious moment
  • when Baze & Chirrut are being cute and the music switches to the gentle part of the GOTW Suite
  • the ot3 wearing matching ponchos while running around on the cliffs of Eadu

K so I was going to save this for angst wars but yknow what let’s dump this everywhere right now

so we’re all assuming Grif’s coming back. From a Watsonian narrative standpoint it makes sense to have him come back, from a Doylist standpoint he’s an iconic character and I don’t think they could really get rid of him.

But what if he just


What if the troopers get into trouble, and get out of it again, and go through another Big Damn Adventure and make it all the way through and it turns out they don’t need Grif. They’re fine without him. They work

and then they eventually come back with the day saved to an empty moon.

Kai’s the one who sends them a message to let them know he went back to earth. Sarge grumbles about “good riddance” and polishes his shotgun a lot and no one can find Simmons for a few days

Donut eventually goes to visit

and he has to go alone.

He gets there and he knocks on the door and Grif answers it and just says “oh. it’s you.”

not angry

not upset

not excited

completely neutral.


“do you need something?”

“I just wanted to come say hi!”

“well. Hi.”

and they stand there awkwardly for a minute or so

until grif just shuts the door and donut leaves

and grif is never spoken of again

that’s it.

My mom and I are catching up on SnK and y’know it’s the usual reactions like “eww” and “oh shit” and stuff.

But then we’re at the part where Krista’s taking care of Reiner’s arm and she’s apologizing and there’s just this long silence and he’s like marry me and my mom and I both lost our shit.