if she was in denver

Since my sister has publicly come out as Ace, let me tell you the best joke she made:

So, last November, I was driving to Denver with my sister, when she told me she identified as Asexual and felt that I should know.  I think she was expecting me to ask a bunch of weird questions because she literally pulled out notes, but I got to be “Nah, it’s all good and I’m glad you feel safe enough to some out.” and since there wasn’t much more to say, we went back to swearing at the shitty drivers on I-25.

Two exits later, it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually seen my sister for a year prior and might have forgotten to come out to her when I was doing it last March.  “Just to be clear- you know I’m Bi, right?”

“OH MY GOD.” she howls, making me almost plow into a pickup in surprise.  “YOU’RE EITHER AND I’M NEITHER.”  

I had to pull over I started laughing to hard.


I bring this up because 1. She just publicly came out and 2. SHE MADE US MATCHING SHIRTS FOR THE NEXT PRIDE.  I LOVE IT.

Unpopular opinion about HTGAWM

Unpopular opinion but I actually liked the finale????

Like, I totally and completely understand where everyone’s anger and disappointment is coming from, but I thought that all in all, it was a good way to end season 3 and it leaves a lot of new potential storylines for season 4.

Now, here are some things I wanted to talk about:


1. Wes’ death:

Yes, I am pissed that they ACTUALLY killed off Wes. I was pretty damn sure that the body being “moved” was just an excuse to cover up for the fact that THERE WAS NO BODY because HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY DIE. I thought that that was going to be the big plot twist/OMG moment. I was latching onto the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he faked his own death with the help of whomever he called on the phone in the cab that night. I was wrong. HOWEVER… I get WHY the writers did that. Killing off, for example, Frank simply would NOT have had the same emotional response from the audience and wouldn’t have really opened up any new and exciting storylines to explore in the future either. Same thing with killing off Nate. (It seems that the majority of the fandom is kind of indifferent about his character, so the consequences of his death would have been lackluster for the most part – other than some inevitable scenes of Annalise grieving). Killing off Simon (the annoying new guy) would have just been plain dumb and a total cop out. As sad as it is, Wes’ death is opening the door to a lot of new storylines. Killing off Connor, Laurel, Michaela, etc. without knowing enough of their respective backstories first would have been stupid and unfair. At least with Wes, we’ve already spent 2+ seasons exploring his backstory in great, great depth. Most of the main storylines on the show revolved around him. Now his arc has come to an end and it has undoubtedly impacted every. single. character. The fact that it was overwhelming tragic continues to show what we all already know about HTGAWM: it’s one of the REALEST shows out there in terms of depicting everyday life and social issues. HTGAWM is woke af. There’s no denying that. Life is tragic. Did they really have to kill off Wes? No, of course not. But did really have to make Annalise be raped repeatedly by her uncle when she was just a little girl? What about Bonnie? No, right? And did they really have to make Annalise be in a car accident that caused her to lose her unborn child, thus traumatizing her for the rest of her life? Nope. But you know what? These things happen in real life and not a lot of shows have the BALLS to depict that on screen. HTGAWM does. Wes’ death is so powerful precisely because of how UNFAIR it was. I’m not justifying it. I’m just saying it makes for powerful storytelling. Again, how many of you would have cried if it had been Frank or Nate? Likely, not many. Would Frank dying have started a discussion about the kind of crap POC experience everyday? That was the point. In conclusion, at least Wes’ character was not rushed, his death was premature for the character but not for the story, and at least now we can focus on Laurel, Michaela, Connor, Oliver and put the spotlight on their backstories more.

2. Annalise throwing Wes under the bus

Idk why so many people were upset about this. This is literally what Annalise has been doing since day 1. She’s a brilliant character but has ALWAYS been morally questionable. Season 2 Episode 4, anyone?? That was the EPITOME of Annalise’s dubious morality! Do you guys remember what Michaela said to her after they framed Nate in season 1? “How are we supposed to be okay with this? He’s innocent. And he’s Black.” Here’s the thing: Annalise framed an INNOCENT Nate for Sam’s murder. And you know what? After the framing served its purpose (protecting Wes and the others), she got him off about four episodes later with Eve’s help. She then framed an INNOCENT Catherine Hapstall for Sinclair’s murder AND her own shooting/attempted murder (at the hands of Wes, might I add). And you know what? She took the blame away from Catherine literally in the next episode. Right now, Annalise has pinned Rebecca’s murder on Wes and has also outed Wes as Sam’s killer (which, remember, is NOT a lie… Like Bonnie said, Wes IS a murderer) Why did Annalise do that? Well, to prevent them all (herself, Nate, Bonnie, Michaela, Connor – WHO WAS KIDNAPPED AT THE TIME, Laurel, Oliver, Asher, Frank) from going to jail! And you know what?? I’m willing to bet that next season she’ll think of something to restore his good name and image (just like she did with Nate and Catherine) AND get back at Denver. She just couldn’t do it all at once. Poor woman needed a break after the LITERAL HELL she’s been through. She just needed an impromptu solution asap.

3. Wes’ killer being Laurel’s dad

Not random at all, seeing as how WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE MOTIVE YET. If when we finally find out his motive and it turns out to be lame and stupid, THEN we should complain!! NOT NOW!!! In season 1, we didn’t know WHY Frank was the one who murdered Lila. It seemed random as fuck. Then in season 2, we find out why and it was such a well-written and complex backstory that even managed to involve a number of characters (Sam. Annalise, Eve, Wes, the Mahoneys, etc.) Pete Nowalk already confirmed that we’ll be finding out more about Laurel’s family and backstory next season so CHILL. (Side note: My personal theory is that Annalise hired Laurel’s dad to murder Frank – since the first hit man she hired failed – and the guy that Laurel’s dad hired messed up and killed Wes instead. That would explain Frank saying to Annalise, “I know it should have been me.” That would also make Laurel’s “It should have been YOU” to Frank at the hospital technically be considered foreshadowing/a clue/hint).

4. Laurel’s and Oliver’s offensive comments

Laurel’s telling Connor to kill himself was NOT OKAY. Oliver assuming Laurel’s dad worked for a drug cartel because he’s Mexican is NOT OKAY. You know what else is not okay? The way Annalise treats Bonnie, Annalise also telling Frank he should kill himself just a few episodes back, Connor telling Laurel she should get an abortion and that it was good that Wes died, etc. These aren’t writer flaws. They are CHARACTER FLAWS. It is BELIEVABLE that after all the traumatizing shit these people have gone through, that once in a while, a darker and uglier side of them comes out. A side that will make them go, “I’m sorry… That wasn’t me…” later. That makes sense to me. Is it okay? No, of course it’s not okay. But it’s believable. They are human beings completely capable of fucking up and unintentionally hurting others, especially when they’re panicking, when they’re in the middle of a crisis, and after all this life-changing insanity that’s ruined their lives and screwed them over and has likely permanently damaged them and, let’s be real, has probably given them suicidal thoughts, too. 

Let’s remember that HTGAWM continues to be one of the most diverse shows out there, with an abundance of POC and LGBT+ actors and characters, and that it also shines light on a variety of pressing social issues. That’s it, y’all. That’s all I wanted to say.

So… see you all in season 4.

(Sorry if there are typos in this post. I don’t feel like proofreading).

Madam C. J. Walker

Featured in Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen

The first child in her family born into freedom, Madam C. J. Walker (1867–1919) overcame being orphaned and widowed before the age of twenty to become America’s first female self-made millionaire. Her success is even more extraordinary given that it occurred in the face of the worst Jim Crow laws of the time. As a single mother, she worked for $1.50 a day as a laundress and cook so she could send her daughter to school. Lacking access to regular bathing facilities, she started losing a great deal of hair. At the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, she met a woman, Annie Malone, who was selling cosmetic products for African-Americans. Among the products was “The Great Wonderful Hair Grower.” Madam Walker quickly became a client, and then a sales agent for Malone. A year later she relocated to Denver for family and started her own namesake hair product line.

There’s debate as to whether Annie Malone or Madam Walker was the first to cross the millionaire line, but there is no arguing that Walker had the advantage of being a marketing genius. She sold “The Walker System” of hair products and with them, the image of a new lifestyle and hair culture. For example, she used black women in the before-and-after photos for her product—prior to her ads, the after photos would show a white woman. Within five years, she expanded her company to include over three thousand sales agents, and her detailed training pamphlets taught them skills to develop a refined personal image. At her business conventions, she gave awards to not only the top sellers but also the saleswomen who gave the most to charity. She became the first large employer of African-American women and was a generous philanthropist during her life and after—she left two-thirds of future net profits of her estate to charity.


Black history month day 13: Entrepreneur and social activist Madame CJ Walker.

Madame CJ Walker was born Sarah Breedlove in Louisiana in 1867. Her parents and siblings had been former slaves but she was the first in her family to be born free post-emancipation. She was orphaned at the age of 7, and when she was 10, Sarah moved to Mississippi to live with her older sister and brother-in-law, and work as a domestic servant. She married at 14, possibly to escape mistreatment from her brother-the-law. She had one child with her first husband Moses before he passed away. She remarried, but ended up leaving her husband to move to Denver Colorado. Finally in 1906, Sarah married Charles Joseph Walker, a newspaper advertising salesman she had known in Missouri. Through this marriage, she became known as Madam C. J. Walker.

Sarah moved to St. Louis Missouri with her daughter and got work as a laundress, barely earning a dollar a day. Still, she was determined to make enough money to afford her daughter a formal education. During this time, Walker experienced hair and scalp problems that were common among black women of her era, including severe dandruff and baldness due to skin disorders and the application of harsh products such as lye that were included in soaps to cleanse hair. Other contributing factors included poor diet, illnesses, and infrequent bathing and hair washing. This was a time when many Americans lacked indoor plumbing, central heating, and electricity. Walker ended up becoming a commission sales agent for Annie Turnbo Malone, another black hair care entrepreneur, and ended up adapting her knowledge of hair to develop her own product line. Eventually she became the biggest rival of the company she once worked for.

Walker began a business selling hair care products for African-American women. She worked with her husband as a business partner and her daughter as a sales associate. She adopted the name “madam” from the women pioneers of the French beauty industry, and trained many other black women on proper hair care and how to sell her products. She gave jobs to thousands of women and the majority of her salesforce and management was female run. She gained international popularity with women using her products in places like Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba.

Walker passed away at age 51 from kidney failure and complications with hypertension, and her daughter became president of the company. Walker was eulogized first self-made American millionaire, although her estate was only worth about $600,000. However that’s close to $8 million in today’s money. Walker gave generously to charity and spent much of her life teaching other black women how to budget their money and start their own businesses.

Things People Say

Writers - Admin Aingeal @aingealcethlenn & Admin Grace

Characters - Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary, Castiel

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - She was the best hunter in the United States. They were the Winchesters. Dean is overprotective of her, and ends up pushing her away. What happens when she leaves and hunt on her own? What happens when he gets a call, in the middle of the night, because he was her emergency contact?

Word Count - 2,692

Warnings - Angst…Lots and lots of angst…Mild language, Mentions of injuries from an accident/hunt (reader is in hospital)…
Mary Winchester is included in this, but no spoilers from any actual episodes. Doesn’t follow the episodes at all.
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N -So..This was written for a challenge, and ended up getting away from me, and turned out WAAAYYYYYY longer than I first envisioned lol There WILL be a part 2 though (as long as people are interested)! So please let me know! And let me know if you wanna be tagged in it!!!

-Reader POV-

It had been the same almost every hunt recently. Dean asking me to stay behind. Hold down the fort, help with research instead of with the battle. It was his way of keeping me safe. Making sure he wouldn’t lose me to some monster, or demon, or anything else out there.

When I met the Winchester brothers, they knew exactly who I was. In fact, the only hunter feared more than those two, was yours truly. I was meticulous, and dangerous, and loved every minute of my job. That never put the boys off though. No, instead, it only drove us closer. Especially Dean.

Lately though, it seemed every argument that we had, was surrounding my safety.

“We just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Dean said softly, trying to calm me down.

“I know how to take care of myself Dean! Damn it, I was the best damn hunter in the states! Now, just because I’m with you, suddenly it’s too dangerous for me to be out there?!”

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She had looked both ways and was as cautious as ever before stepping off the curb and onto the street. Summer was barely two steps out and her reaction was delayed due to barely catching the tail end of the car horn. Her hand immediately went up to cover over her left ear and wave off at the driver as she practically ran back the couple of steps to the curb. A little shaken, Summer turned to the person there, “That—he came out of nowhere right?”

I felt like drawing team MDNT post volume 3, and I kinda create their Emblems.

After the fall of Beacon, Maroon stayed there helping Glinda and the other teachers to fight the grimm, no much is known of him since then. Neela go back to her clan in Menagerie, now she is taking care of her clan but also save her sister Swan. Denver and Tenné did go back to Mistral and meet their childhoods friends Roux and Inti, and they decide to form an unofficial team, Team DIRT.(later i will upload the designs for Inti and Roux)

Sixteenth Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


“Mulder, it’ll be fine.”

“Can’t we just drive? I mean, we’ll leave early and take in some sights and get there and have Christmas and then drive home. It’ll be like old times.”

Scully looked at him over her spoon, oatmeal piled high, “you want us to drive through both the Smokey and the Rocky Mountains in December? Really?”

“We did a Christmas in northern Minnesota. I think we can handle a nice drive through the mountains.”

Watching him stir his tea, butter his bagel, dart his eyes from her spoon to her face to his plate in repetition, she saw the man she used to sit across from at a Formica diner table at 2am, in the middle of Nashton, Delaware or Tarkington, Colorado, eating greasy hashbrowns slowly while he tried to convince her that the footprint wasn’t human, the lights weren’t a wayward swarm of fireflies, the evidence he has was just slightly more extraterrestrial than he had imagined when they first arrived. He wore a smile that only she would recognize as such, the small muscle on the left side of his upper lip nudging just slightly upwards, fractions of millimeters, twitching more than moving, spasming so minutely that anyone else in the world would think he was sitting stone still.

She felt her muscles give way, her face soften without regret as she simply shook her head, once again, as so many countless times in the past, she gave in to him, knowing they may not get to their destination in a straight line or with relevant speed but eventually, with stories to tell and laughter to share.


And, as things progressed in the fashion normal from the first day they’d met to this very moment, he grinned in her direction, taking a bite of his bagel and talking around it as he chewed, “when do we leave?”


Maggie, being Maggie and loving her daughter and what she now referred to as her ‘one of these days, eventual son-in-law’, graciously patted Scully’s hand when she told her they’d be driving to San Francisco instead of flying, “he gave you that look, didn’t he?”

Her mother knew them too damn well sometimes and with an eyeroll of someone happily resigned to caving to her Mulder, she then nodded, smiling, “it’ll be a nice trip through the mountains.”


Jeep packed, house locked, food and blankets stowed, flashlights, shovels, emergency flares, tire chains, assorted rescue equipment stashed in a box in the back, they headed off into the early morning light, sky rosy, temperatures below freezing, Mulder smirking, poking Scully in the ribs as she attempted to continue her night’s rest in the passenger seat, pillow jammed up against the window, “I will cut off the tip of your finger if you keep doing that.”

“My God, you are still cranky after all this time knowing I’m going to be poking you. Why aren’t you used to it yet?”

“Why the hell haven’t I cut off your finger yet?”

Feeling his inner sass kick in, “you like what I do with my fingers, Scully. You’d be very sad if one of them disappeared.”

Her chuckle was involuntary and for it, she received another seven pokes, the last one culminating where she liked his fingers best and pushing his hand away in amusement, “would you just drive already? Christmas is in five days and knowing you and your tourist-trap stops, we’ll get there by New Year’s if we’re lucky.”

Removing fingers, he returned to the steering wheel, “you’re bossy in the morning.”

Scully settled into her pillow further, “you’ve never complained before.”

“Usually you’re naked at the time though.”

Her hand shot out, pointing through the windshield, “Go!”

“Yes, ma’am.”


First day, nothing.

Second day, she began noticing things but argued with herself that she was wrong.

Third day, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, she politely brought up the subject, “Mulder?”

He was sitting in the corner of the room, tugging off his shoes and absently pulling the curtain tighter over the window every few seconds, “yeah?”

“Are you okay?”

Genuine confusion met her gaze, “I think so. Why?”

Biting her lip, she wondering if prodding would bring about an argument she didn’t want to have, “you … you keep checking the curtains. Do you see something outside?”

The barest hint of anger chased its way across his face before settling back into Mulder, “I just want to make sure no one can see in. Not a fan of getting naked with an audience, especially on the first floor.”

Not wanting to ruin their trip, she let go of the fact that he checked several more times, then covered the peep hole in the door with a bandaid, moved the phones to charge in the bathroom covered with a towel, Scully assumed to block the cameras and their conversations from anyone possibly listening. He unplugged the room phone, pushed a doorstop from home under the room door, then came to bed, settling in to read his book while she did her nightly routine.

How had she not noticed his habits? Had she really been spending that much time at the hospital that she neglected signs so obvious to her that she felt utter stupid in having missed them?

When had he taken his paranoia to this next level?

Fourth day, she woke to find him spooned behind her, hand under her shirt, a little something pressing insistently against her pajama bottoms. Seeing the curtains opened to the third story morning glory that was the Rocky Mountains, she decided to let things go until they got home, choosing to keep an observant eye on him for now. Instead, she relished in his fingers, playfully grumbled something about sleeping in before she pressed back into him, his hands moving to slide her flannel down before pushing himself up inside her.


Only getting lost once, which was impressive for the pair to say the least, they pulled up to the house Christmas Eve morning. Once to the front door and inside, they found the holidays were in full swing at Bill’s house, Matt and Graham running to them, hugging, making general 12 and 8 year old boy noise. Maggie squeezed them both tight once the boys cleared out and then Tara made her way over, completing the greeting, Bill still at work until the late afternoon.

Festivities happened, dinner occurred, games commenced, sweets consumed, goodnights given, the pair ended up, at midnight, lying cozily on an air mattress in the back room, curtains open to the full moon pouring in the room. “Merry Christmas, Scully.”

Snuggling even further in, she nuzzled under his chin, “Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

“This is our 15th Christmas together, did you know that?”

“I remember.”

Voice soft in her ear, “what if I hadn’t come over that night? You would have put your tree away and never blown on my hot chocolate to cool it down and I never would had fell in love with you that very second and we wouldn’t be lying on an air mattress in your brother’s house on Christmas Eve thinking that we should sneak out of here and go check out the Golden Gate all lit up for the holidays.”

“I don’t like to think about the first part of that and the second part is more comfortable than I thought it would be for an air mattress and the third is a really good idea except for the fact that I’m already falling asleep right here.”

His hands roamed lightly over her back, “thank you for driving out here instead of flying.”

Nearly unconscious as this point, her words were slurred and soft, “if I were afraid of flying, you’d have driven out here without hesitation.”

Mulder’s voice grew hard, “I’m not afraid of flying. I just thought it would be nice to take a little vacation with you. You spend so much time at the damn hospital that I never see you.”

Pulling back immediately, brain slow to react to his sudden harshness, but realizing they were doing this now, “you’ve been covering up the windows and the cell phone cameras and avoiding using anything with your name on it. I’ve been signing everything and you cover the camera at the gas station with your hand even though you think you look casual and leaning when you do it but I notice. It’s okay.” She moved her hand up his chest, stroking his chin, watching his eyes still full of fire, “you would have had to give the airlines your name and then whoever you think is out there would have been able to track where you were going and when you’d be leaving and you were worried about what could happen with us in the air and what could happen to you trapped in a plane full of people you didn’t trust.” All this poured out, Scully herself discovering most of the information as it came to vocal fruition, without more than one breath and with complete calm. Stopping with her last revelation, she felt her heart twist when she realized, in his expression, that it was all true.

Then she watched him morph into Deniability Mulder, the man who could talk himself out of anything involving a head-on collision with his darkest fears and feelings.

She simply closed her eyes, feeling him roll off the mattress and begin pacing, pulling on sweatpants and shoes while she lay there, dreading the prospect of the impending fight, the inevitable closed-off interaction, the silent, polite, pretending Mulder she couldn’t stand. Opening them back up, she found him kneeling on the floor, sliding his arms into his thermal shirt and about to apologize, he held up his hand, then leaned over to kiss her forehead, “I need to get away from you for a little while. I don’t want to fight and I can’t … just …” shaking his head, he stood, “I love you.”

And he was gone, slipping into the dark hallway, moving quietly enough that only Scully could track his movements, given years of midnight bathroom breaks and 2am snack attacks.

She tried not to cry but the moment she heard the front door click shut, she fell apart.


Not sleeping well, she spent 20 minutes in the bathroom with a cool washcloth trying to reduce the size of her puffy eyes to levels that wouldn’t warrant drilling questions about why she looked like she’d been sobbing most of the night. Once she achieved what she thought was a look of polite exhaustion from an uncomfortable mattress in a strange place, she snuck to the makeshift bedroom once again, finding Mulder dressed and lying on the mattress.

Before she could ask where he’d been, he took in her face, knowing it better than his own, and stood, enveloping her in his long arms, “I hate making you cry.”

“I wasn’t crying.”

“I hate … making … you … cry.” Each word punctuated with a kiss to the part in her hair, “I didn’t want to fly because I wanted to be alone with you, trapped in a car like the old days, where the only thing we had was each other and we loved it. Everything else … I’m not thinking about right now … but I’m sorry I made you cry. You have no idea how much it kills me.”

Enjoying his warmth, she stayed there until she heard footsteps upstairs then pulled back, “will you go to mass with us?”

“Will your mother believe in my eternal damnation if I don’t?”


“Then we’d better get out there.”


Church didn’t burst Mulder into flames. The priest didn’t call out the atheist amongst them. The demons weren’t writhing in Mulder’s soul. He knelt, sat, stood, moved politely aside when the rest of the pew moved to take communion. During the Sign of the Peace, he shook Bill’s hand, kissed Maggie’s and Tara’s cheeks, quietly patted the boys on the shoulder, whispered his apologies once again against Scully’s hair while he hugged her.

She held his hand tightly the entire time.

Then Maggie slipped on an icy patch, swore in front of the priest who was outside shaking hands and any tension between the intrepid duo evaporated, nothing like a good swear on Christmas morning to push them back to normal.

Scully broke first, then Mulder, then the priest, followed by Maggie and the rest of the family, the boys laughing so hard they nearly fell over themselves. After that, Christmas spirit returned and they all moved back home, breakfast and Santa awaiting.

In the midst of present opening, Maggie handed Scully an oblong box, tag stating, “for Small from Tall.” Smiling down at her daughter sitting on the floor, Mulder molded behind her, “I can only assume you are ‘Small’?”

Mulder took the box, “yes, she is.”

The room had quieted given it was Scully’s turn and looking at Mulder over her shoulder, “I’m ‘Small’?”

Grinning, “you are very small, indeed.”

Nudging him with her elbow, she opened the box to find her latest Christmas ornament, a glassy, metallic, painted mug of hot chocolate, complete with sprinkles, whipped cream and Mulder’s boxy alphabet announcing across the front, ’15 Years’. Scooting around to face him, she held up her gift, “did you really fall in love with me when I blew on your hot chocolate to cool it down?”

By now, their audience was listening intently, even the boys, “of course. You took my drink right out of my hand and blew germs all over it? How could I not fall in love with you?”

“You’d think that would have been a turn-off in some respect.”

“You kidding? Hottest chick in the room giving two craps about me burning my tongue? I really should have kissed you right then.”

“I was the only chick in the room, Mulder.”

“Still are.” Giving her a grin, he leaned forward, kissing her full and long, not caring about anyone or anything watching them.

Scully, however, remembered they weren’t alone after about 10 seconds and pulled back, pink with embarrassment at her sudden and unusual public display of affection. Gliding her thumb over his chin briefly, she twisted to settle against his chest once again, holding her hot chocolate mug and grinning happily.

Maggie handed Mulder, a few minutes later, his own box, “to You from Me.” Shaking her head down at the pair, “we have to talk about your labeling system, daughter of mine.”

“Thank you, Maggie.” She ruffled his hair as she sat back down and watched as Mulder opened Scully’s gift, a collection of eight glass-blown tropical fish, brightly colored and finely detailed, hanging from thin wire and ready for hooks, prepped for tree trimming the moment they found their back home. Admiring each one in turn, “why eight?”

“There were eight different ones and I couldn’t decide so you got eight.”

“Makes perfect sense to me.”


Much later in the day, after an obscene amount of food was inhaled, they were back on the air mattress, Scully on her side, Mulder on his belly, arms over the edge, examining his fish more carefully. Watching him with half-lidded eyes, she reached out, running her finger along the outer shell of his ear, staring peacefully as his lip curled upwards involuntarily, “enjoying your gift?”

“Of course.” Holding up a beautiful sunset colored one with fiery red fins and glittery blue eyes, “this one’s Scully,” then picking up a sword fish type with a long snout and long blue fins, “and this one’s Mulder.”

Scooting closer against him, “are you going to name them all or just those?”

“Just these for now. Maybe later, I’ll do the rest but these are the ones that matter.” Setting them down gently, he turned his head in her direction, resting his mouth on her forehead, whispering into her skin, “I don’t think fish mate for life but I like to think that ours will.”

“You get sappy when you’re sleepy.”

Moving in more, he found her lips, “but I think I can stay awake a few minutes longer.”

“Nah, look…see, this is why I don’t like movies made from books. On the plane back I finally made myself watch The Girl On The Train an’ I’m jus’ so disappointed. It was complete shit in comparison, they did literally no relationship buildin’ an’ rushed through it all. Don’t ever let me do that again, okay?”


I have loved Taylor since the very first day, but something changed with speak now maybe it was where I was in life. I was struggling through a graduate chemistry program and I was at a low I never been at before. Graduate school is hard, it beats up on your heart! So any day I was struggling, I would go to my computer and put on my speak now playlist and play it on repeat. My CD was always on in my car too. Speak Now just always gave me a lift whenever I had it on.

Speak Now was the first tour I saw Taylor, bought scalped tickets for double the price and was in the very top row. But it didn’t matter because it was everything and more! It was so magical, I took my mom and it was the BEST DAY ;) That night in Denver she played Ours, a bonus track from speak now, live in Denver. I lost it! My mom was concerned because she didn’t know what was going on or what was wrong with me, but I am not sure if in that moment I knew how important that song would be for me and that, I got to hear Taylor sing it LIVE. What luck or maybe fate! The next spring Ours was on the radio like crazy, I heard it all the time as Taylor’s songs just always seem to be on in store, restaurants, etc.

That spring, my roommate, who was sick and just kept getting sicker and sicker. Ours was our song and it’s is still our song!! During her sickness and death, I would just hold onto that line, “People throw rocks at things that shine, but life makes love look hard. The stakes are high the water rough But this love is ours” And life was tough and there was so much uncertainty, but our friendship and love was true and it was OURS.

So speak now will always have a very special place in my heart, thank you Taylor for sharing your stories with us and letting them influence our own stories!

Congrats on 10 years! We will be here saying you made us proud!

Love always and forever!

~ Cherelle

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 19

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 19


Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

(Takes place in 3x14)

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Matt called to tell you they were taking Alaric to the hospital. He was attacked in the Gilbert’s house and had died once again.

“How is he?” you ask, out of breath to Matt who was waiting in the hallway.

“I don’t know, I’m waiting on Elena.”

You sigh. “What happened?”

“We found him in the house. He got stabbed, Elena had to kill him to be sure he would come back.”

You shake your head. “Everything this town needed was a serial killer. It’s not like the vampires were enough drama…”

Matt looks behind you. “How’s professor Saltzman?”

You turn around and see Elena.

“Resigned to spending the night in observation…  So long as I promised to change the lock on the house…” “So I talked to Bonnie earlier. Her and her mother are fine. Have you talked to Caroline?” she asked both you and Matt.

You shake your head. “Not since I left her house earlier.”

“I did. She’s holding it together considering how close she and her dad used to be.”

“Any word on who’s behind all these attacks?” you ask. You were just made aware of the mysterious killing spree that had been going on in this town.

“No, Sheriff Forbes said that there’s no real suspects at all” Elena tells you.

Once on the parking lot, Matt leaves you and Elena alone.

You were about to get to your car but she interrupts you. “Hey, Y/N…”

You turn around even though you didn’t want to talk to her. “What?” you ask, annoyed.

“Do you have a problem, with me? What did I do wrong?”

You look at her in silence for a few seconds. “You mean, aside for stabbing Rebekah in the back and compelling me to forget about it so I wouldn’t help her?”

You see surprise on her face, then guilt.

“She would have killed me” she says.

“She wouldn’t want to kill you if you hadn’t daggered her in the first place. She trusted you! Now she’s lying dead in a box!” you yell at her.

Suddenly, in a second, Elena’s back is against her car.

“Surprise!” you recognize Rebekah’s voice.

She turns her head around to look at you. “It’s nice to hear I still have a friend in this place” she smiles at you and winks.

“You drove a dagger through my back Elena. It hurt” she says, about to bite Elena in the neck.

“Rebekah!” you call her name to stop her but her back is suddenly against the car next to Elena.

“Elijah” Rebekah says, his hand a little below her throat.

“Leave” he orders his sister, getting his hand off her. She keeps looking him in the eyes making a step towards him. “Are you challenging me?” he asks as if it was a stupid idea.

“You’re pathetic” she says. “Both of you”

“Okay, enough” you say, putting yourself between the two Original vampires.

You look at Rebekah “Are you okay?” you ask.

“Besides the feeling of betrayal” she says looking at Elena “I am”.

You sigh, relieved and hug her. Elena frowns.

“My brother told me you tried to help me, I thank you for that.”

You nod “I wish I could’ve done more than just try” you tell her, eyeing Elena who didn’t seem happy.

Elijah smiles, calm. “Well…I believe we have a little catching up to do” he says, at first to Elena, then he looks back at you.

“Sister, why don’t you leave with Y/N and I will explain everything to miss Gilbert”

“Come on, Rebekah” you say, kissing Elijah on the cheek, looking at Elena with an angry look. She looked so surprised by your action. You get in your car with the blonde.

“I can’t wait for you to meet my brothers” she says

“All your siblings are back?” you ask.

“And my mother” she tells you.

“What?” you were confused.

“She wants us to be a family again, she’s forgiven Nik for killing her”

You raise your eyebrows, surprised. “Really?”

You drive Rebekah back to her house and she insists on you meeting her siblings.

“It’s late, Rebekah, I had a long day” you tell her.

“Okay, well tomorrow, then?” she insists

You smile at her “Sure” you nod.

The next morning, Rebekah is knocking at your door as soon as you step out of the shower.

“You’re invited to a ball tonight” she says, handing you an invite.

“A ball? I’ll pass” you tell her.

“No, you’re coming” she says.

“No, I’m not”

“Then, at least, come help me find a dress”

You sigh. You know you’re going to end up in a ball gown tonight, that you want it or not.

“Sure” you shrug.

She takes you to her house. “I thought we were dress shopping?” you ask her.

“Oh, we are, I made the dresses come to me, so you can choose one too”

You laugh “I knew it was a trap”. She laughs with you.

You step in a room where you see Elijah and two others you don’t recognize.

“Y/N” Elijah smiles when he sees you.

“Y/N, these are my brothers Kol and Finn. Brothers, this is my friend Y/N. You are not to harm her” she says. The last sentence makes you a little afraid.

“You actually have a friend?” the one you believe was Kol says with a grin walking towards you. He takes your hand and kisses its back. You raise your eyebrows, surprise, eyeing Rebekah who was smiling.

“She’s the only trustworthy person in this town” she says, smiling at you.

“Pleasure to meet you, you are stunning” he says, still grinning.

You look at him with beg eyes, blushing. “Uh…Nice to meet you too”

“A friend of my sister is a friend of mine” he says next.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you Miss Y/N” you hear Finn say.

You look at Elijah who already had his eyes on you. You smile at him.

“Klaus’s not here?” you ask.

“He’s somewhere in the house” Rebekah says, walking towards a bunch of fancy dresses, gesturing you to follow her.

They were all trying outfits for tonight. You felt Elijah eyes on you so you turn to look at him but he looks away.

“Pick one” Rebekah asks you.

You look at the dresses and take a green dress to give Rebekah. “This one” you tell her.

“I meant for you” she says.

You shake your head. “I already told you, I’m not going”

“And I’m telling you, you are, you’re not going to leave me alone with my brothers”

“You’ve been a thousand years alone with your brothers Rebekah, you’ll do fine”

You hear her brothers chuckle.

She doesn’t insist. She asks your help to find shoes and jewelry.

“Rebekah” you hear Kol call his sister ‘tell me how handsome I am”

“Oh Kol, you know I can’t be compel” Rebekah says and you let out a little laugh. Suddenly, Klaus burst into the room.

“You went after Elena? What is wrong with you?”

“Here we go” Rebekah smiles, looking at you. She was waiting for this.

“Do you want another dagger in your heart?” he threatens.

You sigh.

“Again with the dagger threats?” Kol says “don’t you have any other tricks?”

“Oh, go back to staring at yourself” Klaus tells his brother.

A woman, you guessed was Esther, their mother stepped inside the room. “Enough!” she says. She had a weird look on her face when she spotted you.

“Mother, this is my friend, Y/N” Rebekah introduces.

“Nice to meet you” you tell her. She doesn’t answer, she just stares at you.

“Niklaus” she says, looking away from you to her son “come”.

Klaus follows his mother outside the room.

“I don’t think she likes me” you say.

“That was weird” Kol agrees with you.

You see Elijah leave the room.

“Come on, Y/N, pick a dress now” Rebekah asks again.

“I’m not going!” you say a little loud.

“Why not, love?” Kol asks you.

You shrug “Last time I went to a dance, my friend almost died, and last time you left for a dance, you did die” you say to Rebekah.

“Nobody’s dying tonight” Rebekah says taking a gorgeous blue corset dress.

“That’s a princess dress. I’m not wearing that” you tell her.

“Oh come on, you love it!” she insists.

You sigh and take the dress, looking at it for a while. It was a very good dress.

“I don’t have any shoes at home to go with that dress…” you give up.

“Yes!” Rebekah says happy. “Let’s find you some shoes”

You smile, happy at her happiness.

Once you had found every accessory you needed, Rebekah makes you drive her to the Grill so she can invite Matt at tonight’s event. You see Caroline and Elena there, talking.

“Careful, Caroline, it’s so well and good till she stabs you in the back” Rebekah says.

“Bekah…” you reprimand her. She rolls her eyes before leaving you to go talk to Matt.

“Since when are you all bestie with the Originals?” Caroline asks.

You shrug. “My relationship with Rebekah started just before you kill her” you say.

“You’re gonna get yourself killed if you keep kissing Originals on the cheek” Elena tells you.

“What?” Caroline says, confused.

You frown. “My life is my own, nobody can tell me who to be friends with! And none of them ever compelled me!” you tell Elena. Okay that wasn’t really true but, still…

“I did it to protect you!” she says.

“Just like you took Jeremy’s choice away and sent him to Denver? If I get killed at least it would be because of a decision I made”

“Oh, my God!” you hear Caroline say “she’s inviting him to the ball? Why is she inviting him to the ball?” Caroline asks you.

“Maybe because she likes him and also the last time they were supposed to go at an event together she couldn’t because she was dead.”

“You have to get over it, Y/N” Elena tells you.

You frown “I don’t have to do anything. You were wrong to do what you did. Killing her and compelling me”

You hear Caroline sighs. “What time is this stupid dance?”

You take Rebekah back to your home and you decide to tell her about elementals. She says she’d help you as much as she can. She left you for the afternoon and you decide to practice your magic. You could light candles so easily now you decided to practice another element. You take a glass and try to freeze the water in it. You struggle, at first, but you end up freezing not only the water but also the glass itself. You make the ice thaw next and you do it so easily that it scared you a little. You spend the rest of the afternoon practicing.

Finally, it was time to dress up. You arrived at the house which was filled of people.

“Y/N, finally, you’re here” Rebekah says.

“Am I late?” you ask.

“No, I just missed you is all” she says with a wink.

You laugh. “You look great” you tell her.

“You too” she says.

You see Kol and Damon talk with Carol Lockwood and you both walk over them.

You hear Kol say to Damon “I’ve met a lot of people. And you don’t particularly standout”

You laugh “Burned” you tell Damon which makes Rebekah and her brother laugh.

“Y/N you look ravishing” Kol tells you, kissing the back on your hand for the second time this day.

“Thank you” you blush.

You see Damon walking his way toward Elena, unhappy. Kol and Rebekah leave you to join the rest of their family on the stairs.

“Welcome. Thank you for joining us!” Elijah says, a glass of champagne in his hand. “You know, whenever my mother brings our family together like this, it’s tradition for us to commence the evening with a dance. Tonight’s pick is a centuries-old waltz, so if all of you could please find a partner, please join us in the ballroom” he says then climb down the stairs followed by his siblings.

You see Rebekah walking towards Matt. You watch as Damon and Elena get into an argument then decide to dance.

“Y/N” you turn your head to see Elijah and you know what he’s about to ask you.

“No” you tell him.

“Please, may I have this dance?” he asks you, reaching his hand for yours, smiling.

You look him in the eyes for a few seconds and shake your head before putting your hand in his.

“Sure…” you sigh.

You start dancing, you could feel his eyes on you but you’re looking at the others.

“You are quite the dancer” he says.

You sigh “Well, I hope so, my mother was a ballerina…Besides she would have wasted her money on my ballet classes if I wasn’t.”

“You dance ballet?” he asks.

“I used to, when I was kid, I stopped a few years ago…”


You look up at him. “When my mother died I just couldn’t dance anymore…” you say, sad.

“I see…I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, not your fault” you shrug.

You stayed quiet for the rest of the waltz. He excuses himself after the dance, leaving you alone among the others. You try to look for Rebekah but you see her step outside with Matt and it makes you smile. You frown when you see Kol following them.

“I apologized for making you wait alone” you hear Elijah say, a few minutes after he left you.

“It’s fine” you smile at him. “Everything okay?” you ask.

“Well, I hope so” he says, smiling back at you. “My mother requested to talk to Elena. I want to make sure that she did forgive Niklaus like she assures us”

“You know you can’t trust her, right?” you say.

He frowns. “My mother?”

“No, not your mother. Elena. You can’t trust Elena”

He nods. “I’m afraid you’re right” he says.

You see Elena climbing down the stairs and you give Elijah a concern look before he leaves you alone once again to go talk with Elena.

You see Esther on top of the stairs, with a glass of pink champagne. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Waiters are coming round with champagne. I invite you all to join me in raising a glass. It provides me with no greater joy than to see my family back together as one”

You notice something strange. It’s the same waiter that serves the glasses of champagne to all the Original vampires. 4 glasses on one silver tray. You walk fast but discreetly towards Elijah who was about to drink the alcohol. Elena was looking at him right in the eyes. Finally, you reach them and you put a hand on the top of the glass, looking up at him. He frowns and you shake your head no to tell him not to drink it. You turn to look at Elena. “What did you do?” you ask her, angry. She doesn’t answer but looked guilty and worried. You looked for Rebekah and the others to see if they had drank the alcohol but it was too late.

“I didn’t do anything, Y/N” she says. “Everything is fine” she assures Elijah.

You frown. “Really? So I can drink that?” you say, mentioning Elijah’s glasses of champagne.

Elena looks at you but say nothing. You drink it.

“What did you do?” Elijah asks, worried.

“Elena’s says everything’s fine” you shrug and look at her. She had the same guilty look on her face then before.

“Everything’s fine” she nods and walk away.

“You shouldn’t have done that” Elijah says. “She was lying”

You shrug. “I trust you’re not gonna let your siblings get hurt. So whatever was in that champagne, we’re gonna find a way to fix it.”

He looks at you like he can’t believe you actually worry about his family.

“I saw Rebekah and Kol drink, I’m gonna find Klaus” you tell him before walking away. He takes your arm, stopping you.

“Do not say anything to them. It might be nothing” You nod.

He’s astonished by your action, ready to get hurt for his family, for him.

You enter a room filled with art. You hear Caroline and Klaus talk.

“I get it, your father didn’t love you so you assume that no one else will either. And that’s why you compel people or you sire them or try to buy them off!” she yells at him, throwing a bracelet at his feet.

“Caroline!” you stop her.

They both look up at you. “That’s enough” you tell her, angry and hurt for him.

“Whatever” she says before leaving the room.

You watch her leave, she doesn’t even glance at you. You take a few steps towards him. “Are you okay?” you ask him.

“What are you doing here?” he asks, angry.

“I just…got lost” you lie.

He looked hurt. He took a deep breath before stepping out. You follow him back to the ballroom but you hear a fight coming from outside. Damon had just broken Kol’s neck and the Original vampire was lying dead on the ground. What has gotten into him?

Rebekah was feeling bad for Matt. Kol had broken his hand and she wanted to apologize so you drive her to the Mystic Grill. You dropped her at the restaurant and went back home. You changed into your pajamas and you jump scared when you step outside the bathroom to your bedroom.

“Elijah!” you say “You scared me” you breathe out.

“I apologize, it wasn’t my attention”

“It’s okay” you sigh.

“Elena believes we believed her to be honest. Tomorrow I will begin to investigate. Do not worry. I won’t let anything happened to you”

You were scared, for sure.

“Maybe, everything is fine” he tries to reassure you and you nod. “Well, I will leave you, then” he says before disappearing.

The Devil and the Dancer: An Elorcan Fic

Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4


(A/N: So this is my new Elorcan fic! Big thanks to Az for the title help. I’m planning on it being multi-chapter, but I won’t write more of this if people aren’t seeming to like it, so feedback is much appreciated! Enjoy! )

Elide remembered every detail of the fall. She was in the final dress rehearsal of La Bayadere at Indiana University, starring in the role of Nikiya—something no other sophomore had ever achieved. Her Pointe shoes were brand new, just broken in enough. Her fouetté turns were seemingly flawless, a huge accomplishment for her. She’d always been afraid of them. That was when she went down. She still didn’t know what it was, how her foot bent in just the wrong way, but her ankle just snapped. She remembered blinking up at the ceiling, seeing the metal railings, lighting fixtures and the catwalk that were all rest up, up, up. She’d wondered where the chairs had gone. The small audience, mostly critics, the director, the choreographer. They were all just gone, replaced by the endless space above her.

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Olivette Miller, celebrated “swing” harpist of the 1940s, was born 101 years ago today (February 2, 1914) in Illinois. Here parents were Bessie Oliver Miller, a 1900’s chorus girl and the venerable actor, comedian, writer and producer Flournoy Miller, who co-wrote and produced the groundbreaking Broadway musical “Shuffle Along.” Raised on Harlem’s famous Striver’s Row, Ms. Miller graduated from East Greenwich Academy, a private Methodist boarding school in Rhode Island in 1931, and went on to study music in Paris and at Juilliard. She originally planned to play concert halls but after being “bitten by the night club bug” she turned to more popular music. Ms. Miller’s stunning beauty and colorful love-life kept her in the newspapers almost as much as her performances around the country and the world. She performed with both Lena Horne and a young not-yet-a-superstar Dorothy Dandridge in the 1940s, top notch night clubs in Hollywood, Chicago and New York, and made a few appearances on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in the 1960s. I’m still trying to pin it down, but by my count, she was married at least six times. The Chicago Defender reported her impending divorce from her first husband, Channing Price in November 1934 and in October 1939, the New York Amsterdam News reported that Ms. Miller, who had married a musician named Oett Mallard two years earlier, gave birth to their son, Alvin Miller Mallard, on October 1, 1939 in Denver, Colorado. She was married to the dancer Freddie Gordon in the 1940s and in the 1950s to the comedian Bert Gibson and performed and toured with him across the country. In the 1970s, when she sued Flip Wilson for copyright infringement over a sketch he did on his show that Ms. Miller claimed was lifted from her father’s work in “Shuffle Along,” her name ws Olivette Miller Darby. By the early 1990s, she had a bit part as a maid in the film “A Rage in Harlem” and was billed as Olivette Miller Briggs, due to her marriage to the dancer Bunny Briggs. Ms. Miller died on April 27, 2003 at the age of 89. Photo: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library.