if she sounds like charlie from pitcl that's because she's similar

ideas for my leighton -
  • as of right now i’m naming her penelope, penny for short, she’s twenty-four
  • she has a twin brother, leo carraway, and an older brother, theo carraway
  • they were raised by their aunt and uncle starting from the time they were just about seven or eight
  • as far as her career goes she got a bit of a late start in a small, independent film (think winter’s bone or like crazy or something like that)
  • she’s most known for her role on hbo’s a dustland fairytale on which she plays belle
  • penny has an ever growing bucket list, seriously, she probably adds to it two or three times a week, she definitely doesn’t things in her life for granted, and for the most part see’s the world as glass half full.
  • her favorite color is hunter green
  • penny’s style is kind of hippie love child (mostly because omg leighton is so cute like that) and recently she’s learned to play the guitar
  • in her spare time she volunteers at a local animal shelter and fosters as many dogs as she can get her hands on
  • she’s obsessed with those million piece puzzles
  • food is her first love, she gets it from her twin
  • now that her life and her career has picked up she has a hard time settling down and committing to one thing, one person rather, so relationships are just, they’re hard, but they always have been, she doesn’t trust easy, but can you blame her considering she was basically abandoned by her parents?
  • she’s amazingly affectionate, omg, and a little ditzy, but in the cutest way possible, sort of
  • basically she’s like jennifer lawrence in personality, LIKE SHE’S ZANY AND SAYS WEIRD THINGS OCCASIONALLY, but she’s more ditzy, and i’m repeating myself now