if she kisses him now she may as well found her own jam company then and there

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“Go with solidarity, my brothers, and soon we will see all of Paris roused to our Cause and rallied to our Call!”

Enjolras’s words were met with a round of cheers, bringing the meeting to a close. Enjolras shared a smile with his closest lieutenants before sitting for the first time in over an hour. His break would be only temporary; time was a luxury only the bourgeois could afford and more preparation was needed. But even as Enjolras gratefully accepted a cup from Combeferre and took a sip, he scanned the room, something amiss even with his mind otherwise occupied.

It took him a long moment to realize that there was no glaring error present; rather, what struck him as wrong was the absence of a constant: Grantaire, the libertine and resident cynic who nonetheless was as consistent a presence as darkness to the night. It took him a moment longer to scan his memories and realize that he had not seen Grantaire some four meetings hence, an oddity that he felt remorse at not realizing earlier. “Where is Grantaire?” he asked Combeferre in an undertone, hoping not to draw attention to the question.

Combeferre shook his head, not looking up from the pamphlets spread in front of him. “He has not been here a few weeks, I don’t think,” he said, confirming Enjolras’s realization. “Surely you noticed? There is a reason our meetings have gone undisturbed of late by the fumes of wine and rants of nonbelievers.”

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Chapter 7.

You woke up, Still wrapped in Calum’s arms, You could feel his breath on the back of your neck and you smiled to yourself, Remembering last night and how great you felt, You jumped at the sudden noise of a slamming door, Waking Calum up as well, You look at him, still half asleep and you tell him to just stay in bed and you’ll go check it out, You notice Ashton and Bry outside the front of the house, You could hear them but it was obvious that they were fighting, It was unlike them and you felt a bit concerned about it. You left it alone, it was better for them to work out what was going on and if they didn’t you would step in and help, They were a great couple, The cutest couple and sweetest couple you had ever seen so it made you genuinely upset to see them yelling and pointing fingers at each other.
“What’s going on?” Luke asks, in his groggy voice, You jumped at the sound of his voice and surprised that he even said anything to you.
“You may want to back away slowly and pretend you didn’t just talk to me before your girl freaks.” You say, Still watching Ash and Bry through the window.
“Please don’t be like that.” He says, you missed him but you didn’t want anymore drama, so you just walked away from him.

“What was that all about?” Calum says with a stretch and groan, Sitting up in the bed.
“Ash and Bry.” You simply say as you gather up clothes to put on. Calum gave you a weird look and you nodded.
“I know weird right?” You say and he nodded back.
“So uh…. You ever gonna put this on?” Calum says as he hold up the ring that was sat on the bedside table, You smiled at him, jumping on the bed next o him, you sat down and he positioned himself so he was sat in front of you.
“Are you sure i’m honorable to wear it?  I mean i was the one who technically proposed so i think you’re the one that has to wear the engagement ring.” You say, He shakes his head with a smile upon his face.
“Something tells me it might not fit.” He says with a fake concerned look making you laugh.
You watched as he slid the ring on your finger, He kisses the back of your hand and smiles up at you.
“Beautiful.” He says.
You smile and give him a kiss.

The boys had decided to go and spend the day together, leaving us girls here at the house, you all didn’t mind though, The boys should have a day out just them, and you didn’t mind spending time with the girls, It also gave you a chance to check in on Bry. Arzaylea on the other hand refused to stay here with us and the boys refused to bring her along so she went off on her own adventure.

You has just gotten out of the shower and you sat on the bed to charge your phone, You being the type that gets distracted easily decided to go through twitter.
“I am NOT in a relationship with anyone.” You read. it was Bry, You looked at your phone screen in confusion. Did they break up? Was that why they were fighting? You contemplated on asking but you knew it wasn’t your business besides you knew that if Ashton or Bry wanted to talk about it to anyone they would come up and talk to someone about it on their own.
The second thing you see on twitter is a link to an article.
“Calum Hood of 5sos engaged?”
You stared at your phone once again in confusion, You and Calum both said you weren’t going to announce the engagement until you were back In Australia, Where you were going to tell His family and friends in person. But like always, somehow things get out. You felt a bit frustrated because you knew that the announcement was now out there and everyone knew, But you hoped that Mama and Papa Hood didn’t.
“You’re getting married?!?!” A text says flashing up on your phone, From Mom.
You let out a sigh. You weren’t even planning to tell her. She was never interested in yours and Calum’s relationship and to be fair you didn’t care for all you knew Calum was your family and your only family. You were an only child and your parents had been devorced since you were an infant, You still talk to you father but only ocassionally since he has a new family of his own now. Your mother on the other hand, You rarely talk to you, You had never really gotten along with her do to her addictions and rude comments she would make toward you, So as soon as you were old enough you were gone. And even though she has no right to tell you what to do she still feels like she does. You looked at the text for a bit and decided just to ignore it for now. You were better off ignoring everything right now, The brashton situation, The engagement anouncement on twitter and your mother. You were over the drama and you just wanted one day of peace so you decided to just keep it from Calum..

6:00 PM

You were sat in the kitchen cooking dinner for everyone, when you heard all the boys walking through the front door, they were smiling and laughing and you smiled, glad that they all seemed to have a great day, Arzaylea hopped up from the couch and ran straight to Luke giving him a kiss, Ash walked over and sat with Bry who was in the dining area where she was at on the computer, Working on something, Calum came up behind you, Wrapping his arms around your waist, You turned your head and gave him a quick kiss he set chin on your shoulder as he watched you cook.
“Where’s your ring?” He asked
“Oh i uh just took it off so i didn’t get it dirty while cooking.” You lied, To be honest you didn’t want to wear it until you had officially announced the engagement to everyone personally, You didn’t what people to see it while you were here and then make a huge deal out of it online or in the media, especially since you wanted to keep it a surprise for Calum’s parents.
Everyone sat down at the table and ate, You weren’t feeling very well so you didn’t have much of an appetite so you just sat back enjoying everyone’s company. The boys talked about the adventure they had that day and what a blast it was, Talking about how they saw monkeys and met really cool people who showed them all around these amazing parts of Bali, They all passed around their phones showing off the pictures they had taken that day. Ashton bragged about this guitar he found at a small shop and how he wants to have a jam session with the boys later, Bry seemed a bit happier, Her and Ash had talked a bit before dinner, so you hoped they worked out whatever they were fighting about earlier that day, You loved them both so much and you loved them together and you hated to see them fight, So you were glad they were somewhat happy again.

After dinner everyone hung out in the back yard, Swimming and playing games, Ashton was strumming on his new guitar You were sat in the pool with Calum, Your legs wrapped around his waist as you both just floated in the pool.
“Hey Cal! Smalz is on the phone, He wants to ask you about something.” Michael says, Referring to Kent Small, The radio host back in Australia. Cal pulled you off him and climbed out of the pool to grab his phone from Mikey.
“Hey mates what’s up?” Calum says, He sits down on one of the pool chairs drying off with a towel as he talks to Smallz on the phone.
“Uh, I mean yeah it’s true but we haven’t said anything.” He says as he looks over at you.
“No. We kinda wanted it to be secret until we got home.” He adds.
“My parents don’t even know…..” He continues.
“Yeah i mean if you could just hold off until we say something to them that would be great mate..” He says
“I don’t know who would have told those people but just act like it’s not true until i say it is alright?..” He adds.
“Yeah, Cheers mate. Yeah alright we’ll see you soon! Bye.” He says.
“Have you said anything about the engagement to anyone?” Cal asks Micheal as he hands him the phone back, Michael shakes his head no.
“Have you any of you?” He asks everyone and they all shake their heads no.
Calum grabs his phone and begins scrolling through his social media and the latest news section on google, You climbed out of the pool and sat next to him as you watched him look through every possible article he could find. Fans were freaking out, Most of them supportive some not so supportive Some believing that it’s all fake and some believing it’s true, But you knew that wasn’t the problem Cal had, He was more concerned with how the story got out.
“Such bullshit. We can never have anything to ourselves.” He says as he clicks on another link to an article.
“Calum Hood engaged to girlfriend of two years, Are they too young?” Was the headline.
You read along in your head as Calum read out loud to everyone

Everyone was a bit shocked at the article and looked around at each other as if to say ‘were you the one that talked to the press’ but everyone was quick to deny it and you and Calum both knew no one here would say anything you trusted everyone too much and you told Calum that no one here would go behind out backs to say anything.

“Except for one person…” He says as he looks at Arzaylea.