if she hit someone with that they would have collapsed xd

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Self indulgent Moddy! When Obi-Wan falls: what fears? Why falling? TELL ME ABOUT THIS THING!! All about this thing!!!!

They don’t want to admit it but they are concerned.

The Rako Hardeen incident hit harder with more consequences then the Council expected…and the consequences seem to only be on Obi-Wan’s shoulders.

He seems hollow almost.

Mace would swear he’s grown gaunt but can’t quite tell for the beard and the fact that Obi-Wan wears his robes and his tunics as he should. But the circles beneath his eyes have certainly grown larger, as if the other no longer sleeps.

Their fears, not something they will admit to, all comes to conclusion about three weeks after Obi-Wan has returned from the disastrous mission.

He gets up from his council seat, sways and falls so quickly not even Jedi reflexes can catch him, hitting the floor with a sickening crack.

“Sith spit!” Mace cursed and knelt down by the other man, hissing as he turned him onto the side. “He’s cracked his skull open, he’s bleeding.” He carefully cradled the others head in his hands, turning it to get a good look at the split in the mans hairline.

Adi moved to his side too and rested her hand over the head wound, healing it. “We best get him to the Halls, a healer needs to take a look over him after such a collapse. He was out before he even hit the ground.” She murmured.

“Take him you will Mace.” Yoda sighed, wondering if they had asked too much of the young master.

Mace nodded and shifted Obi-Wan, getting ready to lift him. “Come along Kenobi, princess lift it i-is!” He stared down into his arms. He had suspected the other had grown gaunt but this…


“If he weighs more then fifty five kilos, I’m a banthas uncle.” Mace hissed. “Someone contact Skywalker, send him straight to the Halls.” He marched out, Obi-Wan tucked in his arms, a slender and broken weight.


“Would you like to explain or should I start making assumptions?” Mace growled out as they both stared at the much too slender form on the medical bed.

Anakin swallowed, mech hand clenching so hard the leather was creaking. “…I don’t know. I…Obi-Wan has been losing weight with the war, he forgets to eat at times but this is… I honestly don’t know Master Windu.”

They stared a bit more as the healer finished setting up the IV drip connected to Obi-Wan’s hand.

Underneath the thin blanket and medical gown, they could both spot how Obi-Wan’s stomach caved in.

Over the blanket his arms rested, only muscle and bone visible with the jut of his wrist poking out. His collarbone also jutted out and Anakin had the horrible feeling that if he could see more of the other, he would be able to count Obi-Wan’s ribs.

Had…had he done this?

By ignoring Obi-Wan?

He was just so angry. He had needed time to think and to try and release his betrayal and emotions into the Force but Force! If he had been the catalyst of this behavior…

“We have always known that he was too attached to you Skywalker, this just proves it. He can’t even remain objective after a mission when you cut him off.”

“If your master had faked his death, you wouldn’t have been happy either.” Anakin wanted to sound more convincing then he was. But all he came across as was angry.

“I would have been very angry.” Mace agreed, eyes on Obi-Wan.

Anakin blinked, surprised that Mace agreed with him.

“But in the end we are Jedi. Yes it hurts, yes its painful, yes we make sacrifices. But we do not belong to ourselves or our friends or even our lineages. In the end, we serve the Light, the Republic and the Order.” Mace shoulders slumped a bit. “…It would have hurt if my master had done what Obi-Wan did to you. But that’s just it…in the end we are Jedi.” He breathed. “…I would have needed so much guided meditation.” He snorted before looking at Anakin, raising his own brows at the blond’s surprise. “What?”

“…I didn’t expect you to admit to it.”

“We are in war, we are getting desperate Skywalker. Surely you must understand that. And the Chancellor…” Mace slumped a bit more. “The chancellor is more important then one Jedi. We all agreed.”

“…He still should have told me.” Anakin quietly argued.

“…If we’re being bluntly honest Skywalker, I think he was scared of your reaction.” The Korun murmured. “He knows you better then anyone. And I think Obi-Wan is…suspicious of the Senate.” He added.

“The se-why would that…I mean I’m friends with the Chancellor but…” Anakin looked between the unconscious man and Windu. “…Is that why he’s not telling me much anymore?”

“I don’t know. He’s been suspicious of the Senate since Dooku said the Sith was in it. I think he believes it even if the rest of us don’t.”

Anakin shifted a bit and then sighed. “…I’ll talk to him when he wakes, see if I can’t…I’m still angry at him but I’ll try.” He added.

“…And I will speak to the Council, we are all complicit in this. You by pushing him away and the Council by demanding too much from him. He is only one man.” Mace rubbed his face. “…Perhaps letting him on the council in war time was a bad idea, Obi-Wan has always pushed himself harder then he should.” He mumbled.

“…Will the council allow him recovery time?” Anakin questioned quietly. He knew how thin the Jedi were spread, had heard Obi-Wan muttering about it to himself while going over reports, his face a worn mask of…

He closed his eyes.

“…I’ll try. Force knows I can only try. Right now he’s not in any shape for any battle field as it is.” Mace sighed.

Unaware, Obi-Wan slept, Iv drip providing him with fluids to help with his dehydration as the Force cocooned him.

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Fluff Week: Wash accidentally adopts a flock of chickens.

I cackled like a hen for a good five minutes when I saw this. Steph knows me.

Agent Washington, Chick Magnet

  • Characters: Lavernius Tucker, Agent Washington,  Dr. Emily Grey
  • Rating: T for language, otherwise G
  • Word count: 1148
  • AO3

“Wash! Dude! Where the hell have you been?” Tucker snagged Wash’s elbow as they passed in the hallway. “You were due in hours ago!”

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What We Deserve

prompt: First off, I just wanted to say how much I love your writing. Especially Death Wish XD I kind of just have a basic idea for a drabble request. What if, when Steve found Bucky in Bucharest, Bucky was with someone in his apartment? Like, he was out at the market being all domestic and when Steve breaks in the reader is there making coffee or something. I just think that has the potential to be really cute/fluffy/angsty all at the same time <3

requested by: @reedsreadsreviews

warnings: swearing, a little fluff, a whole hell of a lot of angst, mentions of torture

length: 5,917 words

a/n: IT’S HER FAULT SHE PUT THIS IDEA IN MY HEAD AND IT TURNED INTO A MONSTER. this fic is also partially inspired by the song “way down we go” by kaleo. also @barnestans i’m tagging you just cause i like to torture you tbh. i could probs be convinced to do a part 2

Originally posted by virginbucky

father tell me, do we get what we deserve?
oh, we get what we deserve

The cool night last night had fogged up the windows. You had opened them this morning, even though Bucky protested. He complained about how cold it would get in the little apartment the two of you had been sharing for the past year. His words were true enough. It was hardly a place of high caliber; the walls were too thin, the insulation sucked, and anything that went wrong in the apartment maintenance wise Bucky had learned to fix himself. But despite his protests, you had opened them anyway, giving him an affectionate pat on the chest.

“You worry too much, old man,” you teased. “Besides, that’s what you’re for. To keep me warm.” You waggled your eyebrows at him suggestively, and you managed to get a smile out of him. It was such a rarity, that you always took the time to admire them when he did.

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Becoming Real

A/N: I got such Reidvez feels after the preview for episode 17 of this season, so I needed to do this request right meow lol. This was an anon request for a Spencer x Luke where they’ve been married for quite some time and are thinking of kids. They decide to go through a surrogate. Purely fluff. No ups and downs. Because that’s what I need after the last episode. XD @coveofmemories @hanny-bananny

P.S. I’ve got a little idea for a Spencer and Luke with baby follow-up, but I’m not gonna do it unless I have some interest in it.


“Your bedhead is absolutely ridiculous,” Luke said as his husband pushed up from the bed. Spencer’s hair had grown out again recently and it was sticking out all over the place. “You’re kind of rocking the Albert Einstein right now. Except sexier.”

The longtime BAU agent just grunted. He was not a morning person. Luke was though. How they made it work was a miracle. But when he looked over to see Luke smiling at his bedhead, he realized why - because that smile killed him every time. “So I’m a sexy Albert Einstein?” he laughed. “I’ll take it.”

The night before had been fraught with conversation about how they wanted to go about starting a family. Adoption was an option. Surrogacy was an option. Artificial insemination was an option. A combination of insemination and surrogacy was an option, but after a lengthy and heavy conversation, they decided to sleep on it, saying that in the morning they’d both blurt out the option they felt might work best for them. “So remember what we said last night?” Luke asked, watching as Spencer nodded his head.

“On the count of three,” Spencer replied.

“One…two…three… Surrogate…by insemination.”

“Well, I guess that’s one step in this process that we’ve gotten out of the way,” Luke said, collapsing back into the pillow and rubbing the back of his head with his hand. “Am I rocking the bedhead too?”

He was - massively.


A few days later, the men sat down at the table and started looking through surrogacy agencies. “This is so daunting,” Spencer said as his eyes combed through the plethora of possible agencies. “Where do we even start?”

“We take the plunge and pick an agency to look into,” his husband replied. It was the weekend, so they decided to dedicate the entire day to looking at agencies. 

Over the next few hours, they combed through agency after agency finding one reason or another not to go with them, until finally, Spencer pointed one out that might work. “What about this one?” he asked. “They are a national agency and they seem to have great reviews from people that have used them. They’re completely open to LGBT parents, and they can try and look local first before looking for someone across the country.”

As Luke looked over Spencer’s shoulder, his eyes glanced over the various web pages. Of course, Spencer was right. This agency looked like it would be perfect for them. “I like them. Now what?” he laughed.

“Now, we apply and then hopefully get to search through some files I guess.”

While Spencer pulled up the application, Luke found his mind wandering to what his husband had said early - this was going to be an insanely complicated process.


Within two weeks, their application had been accepted, so they were allowed to look through profiles of possible surrogate mothers. “There’s another question we haven’t actually discussed,” Luke said. “Which one of us would be the donor?”

Luke had always thought Spencer, but he wasn’t sure what Spencer thought. “I would be fine with either of us,” he said truthfully. “Were you thinking either one of us in particular?”

“You actually,” he replied, much to Spencer’s surprise. “Why do you look so stunned? You have the genius brain. I want our kid to be a genius like you.”

“But I have a pretty fucked up medical background,” he replied. Luke hadn’t actually thought about that. They’d have to discuss it further. But for now, they’d focus on the mother. They’d been filing through possible surrogate mothers, for four hours.

They hadn’t looked up from their prospective stacks of papers for hours, when all of a sudden Spencer heard Luke’s papers fall to the floor. “What about her?” The woman’s name was Kailanni Carter, age 28. She was African-American and lived right outside the city. She had a near perfect medical background, with the exception of an astigmatism, which was basically nothing; they wanted to make sure that whether or not Spencer or Luke was the father, the mother’s DNA was as healthy as possible. She had two kids of her own already, and was looking to supplement the family’s income, while she raised her two kids, both boys. Each mother had to answer a question as to why they wanted to pursue surrogacy, and Spencer and Luke had purposely looked past women who were purely doing it for the cash; they wanted someone that was truly open to the idea of surrogacy. Kailanni however said she’d been surrounded by friends that couldn’t have their own children, and she’d been lucky enough to have two, so being a surrogate would allow her to help someone else in the way she couldn’t do for her own friends. “I like her.”

“Me too,” Spencer said. “Do we want to see if the agency can match us?”



Another three weeks passed before the agency was able to get in contact with Kailanni Carter, but once they did, she and her husband Skyped with Spencer and Luke. They immediately hit it off. The only question they originally had for her, was whether or not she was truly okay with the baby being biologically hers. She said that preferably she’d be able to be introduced to the child at some point, but that if that wasn’t okay she was still fine with being the biological mother. Both Luke and Spencer had absolutely no problem with her being part of their child’s life.

“Oh my god, you guys are adorable,” she said, clapping her hands together as her husband sat beside her. “I would love to be a surrogate for you.”

“Yes!” Spencer said, turning into Luke and pressing a kiss to his lips. “Now where do we go from here?” This process seemed to be a never-ending line of achieving something and then going “now what,” but they were enjoying every stage of the journey. 

“Now, I start on some medications and then we’ll do the first insemination. Then hopefully I’ll be pregnant soon,” she responded. Apparently not all mothers hated being pregnant. Anyone they knew had started losing their minds being pregnant pretty early on, but Kailanni said she enjoyed each and every second she was pregnant with her boys. “Probably on account of the fact that I was never sick,” she laughed.

“We really can’t thank you enough.” Luke slunk his arm around Spencer’s shoulder and pulled him close. They’d been married for nearly four years now, and had been discussing a family since the very beginning. It was finally starting to become real. 


For nearly four weeks, Kailanni went on medications that would help the process along, until finally they were ready. After much deliberation, they’d decided that it was best for the biological father to be Luke. With schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s running in his background, he didn’t want to take the chance of passing that onto his child.

Neither Spencer nor Luke could make it to the original doctor’s appointment, but they both vowed that if this took, one of them would be there for every doctor’s appointment during the course of the pregnancy. “We have about two weeks until we’ll find out whether or not she’s pregnant,” Luke said to the rest of the team.

“I can’t believe someone is gonna have your kid, newbie,” Garcia laughed playfully.

He cut his eyes at her. They’d been working together for four years now, and yet somehow he was still newbie. “It’s gonna be a long two weeks.”


Spencer and Luke had nearly combusted with joy when Kailanni called 17 days later to tell them that she was pregnant. “I have my first appointment with the OBGYN in two days.”

“Well,” Luke started, throwing a balled up piece of paper towards his husband’s desk. “I guess since I’m the bio dad, it’s only fair that you get to go to the first doctor’s appointment.”

Kailanni’s husband was at work during the appointment, so it was only her and Spencer, but as soon as the little bean-like picture showed up on the screen, both burst into tears. “That’s my kid,” Spencer said as he wiped a tear from his eyes. “Thank you so much.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she said as she grabbed his hand. “Here’s hoping for smooth sailing from here on out.”


Over the next few months, Kailanni made a point to call every week and let them know how she was doing. “Baby’s fine,” she said, pointing to her stomach. “But I do have another appointment coming up in three days and I think both of you should be there. That is, if you plan on finding out the sex of the baby.”

“Oh definitely…right?” Spencer asked hopefully. He really didn’t want to wait, but he would if Luke really wanted to. “We’re going right?”

“Yes, we’ll be there.”

The following three days ground down to a snail’s pace. Everyone on the team noticed. “You get to find out the sex of the baby tomorrow, right?” JJ asked excitedly.

“Yup!” Luke replied. “I can’t wait.”

That morning was filled with nervous energy, both fathers tripping over their clothes in an attempt to make it the appointment early. They wanted to make sure the baby was healthy more than anything else - that nothing had changed over the past few months.

Both of them excitedly hugged Kailanni as they walked into the office together and back toward the examination room. As the OBGYN put the gel on her stomach, she asked if either of them were hoping for either sex in particular. Honestly, neither of them cared as long as the baby was healthy. Undoubtedly, boy or girl, both would elicit the same reaction - tears, kisses and hugs all around. “Alright everyone, everything looks perfectly healthy and if you want, I can tell you the sex of the baby.”

All three waited with bated breath. “It’s a girl!”

Kailanni screamed with just as much as excitement as Spencer and Luke did - she’d never had a girl.

“Oh my god,” Luke said, swallowing hard as he pushed his hair back. “We’re gonna have a little girl. That’s so…cool!”

Spencer snorted in the corner, the tears rolling down his face as he realized that he and Luke were finally going to have the family they’d always wanted. “We have to start thinking of names now,” he said to Luke.

“Oh man, we do,” he laughed. “That’s going to be really hard.”


After finding out they were going to have a girl, both fathers went to work crafting the perfect nursery. Neither of them was really into the traditional pink and white, so they went with white as a base and baby green and purple for the colors. Above the crib was her name, which they’d debated on for nearly a month, finally picking the perfect name, Diana Kailanni, after Spencer’s mother and their surrogate, who without none of this would be possible. 

She broke down when she visited and saw the nursery. “You’re naming the baby after me!?”

“We couldn’t do this without you,” Spencer said. “Literally.” She was just weeks away from delivering baby Diana. For the rest of the day, she spent time with both men, going over everything they might need to know as new parents.

“I’m telling you both right now,” she laughed, “when you first bring her home, you are going to have zero idea of what you’re doing. Don’t get scared. It comes to you more quickly than you think.”

Within two-to-three weeks, they were going to be a family.


It was barely 3:30 AM when Luke was woken up by his phone nearly two and a half weeks later. “Babe,” he said, waking up a sleeping Spencer, “Wake up. Baby’s coming.”

“Oh shit,” he said, popping up and tripping into the closet where his clothes were. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.”

They probably shouldn’t have abused their power as officers, but they did, ensuring that no one would get in their way, even at 3:30 AM, by putting the siren on top of the car. As they walked in, they were ushered into the room where Kailanni and her husband were. Having already had two kids, she was fairly far along, so Diana would be coming sooner rather than later. “How are you feeling?” Luke asked, feeling horrible as she experienced another contraction. 

“Not too bad actually,” she said through clenched teeth. “I felt worse with the boys, and she’s going to come much more quickly than they did.”

Spencer remembered her telling them that she had been in labor for nearly 36 hours with her first son and just under 24 with the second, so given that she was going to go from water breaking to delivering in about eight hours total, she counted her blessings. “Okay, let’s check and see how far along we are,” the OBGYN said as she walked in. While she was getting checked out, her husband held her one hand while Spencer and Luke took turns holding the other. “You are ready to go,” she said. “Are you all actually ready?”

“As ready as we’ll ever be,” Spencer laughed. The room was filled with screams and cries, but only for about 20 minutes. When she pushed for the last time, Spencer was holding her hand while Luke watched as their child was born.

“She’s here!” he said excitedly, pumping his fists in the air. “She’s beautiful.”

Kailanni and Spencer dissolved into tears and Luke soon followed, until everyone in the room, including the OBGYN, were flooded in tears. “You guys are very lucky,” the doctor said. “She’s gorgeous.”

“Thank you so much, Kailanni,” Luke said, placing the baby in her arms after kissing his husband. “As long as you want to be involved in her life, we want you to be there.”

With tears in her eyes, a mixture of both sad and happy, she cradled the little girl in her arms. She was so glad she was able to do this for someone, even though it would be hard to let her go. “I’d be honored to watch her grow up,” she said. “You’re both going to make great parents.”

AN: Ooooooooooookay so here we are, Part Two of “I’m Scared”. Man, I absolutely love writing angst, and apparently you like it when I do too XD Anyway, I’m shooting to have this one be even more teary-eyed than the first part. We’ll see. *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: (deceased) Reader X Father!Tony

Part One: ( XXXXX ) 

************Warnings: DEATH, Death of a child, guilt, depression, swearing, angst, angst, and more angst. It’s a fucking mess.


“I’m Scared” (Part Two)

“Daddy,” She whispered, just barely loud enough for Tony to hear. “I’m scared.”

And just like that, she was gone.

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Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 09 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02     Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02

-Scene: Dungeon-

Yuma: … …Nn… …

(… …What is this place? Looks like… …some prison… …)

Damn it! I knew Merz was up to something! That bastard slipped stuff into the food… …!

Right, where’s Yui… …!?

(… …She’s not here… …was she taken somewhere else then?)

Damn it. I shouldn’t be sitting around here doing nothing. I gotta get outta here and look for Yui… …!

*Shin Walks Up To The Cell*

Shin: Haha! You sure seem like a gorilla in there!

Yuma: Shin… …!!

I see. So Merz was on your guys’ side… …

Oi, where’d you put Yui!? You brought her along too, didn’t you!?

Shin: She’s with Nii-san.

Yuma: Nii-san? So she’s with Carla.

Shin: Pause. Don’t refer to my brother so familiarly like that, gorilla. It’s unpleasant.

Yuma: What was that!?

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Approve [NCT U Taeyong Oneshot]

REQUESTED: Taeyong scenario where you think you don’t deserve his perfect self because you have a lot of flaws thank you so much!!!!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“This is very risky,” I said. “It might ruin your entire career. Imagine what your fans would say.”

“Yes, but I don’t want to keep it a secret anymore,” Taeyong said. “I’m already busy with the schedules and we have to go on dates in secret. I don’t want that. I rather have the whole world know that I love you than tire myself out and worry you.”

“If going on dates for you is too tiring, we can always just take a break until you’re really ready,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind waiting.”

“No, I don’t want that,” Taeyong said with a shook. “I want you, and only you.”

I sigh and looked out at the city. “Taeyong, I hope you know what you’re doing,” I said to him with an uneasy feeling in my heart.


After SM Entertainment confirmed Taeyong’s relationship with me, many NCT fans were talking about it - especially in social medias.

Most of the fans were supportive - of course:

Oh, my god, I’m so happy that they’re together. I ship them so much!

I’m a little upset, but as long as Taeyong is happy, then I’m happy.


I’m so happy that Taeyong found someone that loves him just as much as we do.

They both look so good together <3

Another SM idol in a relationship, this year is definitely the year of love.

I ship TAETEN, but it they both look so good too.

But, of course, there are always people that did not approve of us together:

NO! Taeyong is mine! Go away you b*tch.

NOOOOO! Why did Taeyong choose her? She’s so ugly.

She’s ugly, untalented and fat. She doesn’t deserve him.

I bet she only loves him because he’s famous.

I thought he would have at least choose someone prettier than her.  

Does he like naturally like girls that are ugly? Eww…

Taeyong has been telling me not to read any hate comments on my social media - or any comments, but it’s hard not too.

First, I can barely go out right now because the paparazzi are constantly trying to take photos of me and an angry mob of fans probably called some kind of ninja assassin to assassinate me in my sleep. Which means I’m stuck indoors with nothing to do. I can’t even go out at night!

I don’t blame Taeyong for this, but I wish he didn’t tell everyone yet. Luckily, his fans didn’t affect him much - just me…

I’ll be honest, the comments have been affecting me a lot but I don’t show it in front of Taeyong because I don’t want him to worry about me. I’m already a burden to him anyway.

“Y/N-ah,” Taeyong said as he got dressed. “Let’s go on a date tonight after my practice, okay?”

“But won’t you be tired?” I asked and helped him touch up his hair.

“When I’m with you - never,” Taeyong said and kissed my cheeks - making me blush. “Are you going to go anywhere later?”

“Umm, I don’t think so,” I replied. “I’m a little too tired to go anywhere.”

“Oh, then never mind. I was about to ask you to help me do the groceries because we’re running out of food at home,” Taeyong said. “But, never mind.”

“I’ll go then, don’t worry. I’ll only take a while,” I said with a gentle smile and gave him his bottle. “Do your best in your practice, okay?”

“Okay,” Taeyong replied and gave a quick kiss on my lips before leaving. “Take care.”

“You too,” I replied and looked out the window with a sigh.

“The supermarket is only a few blocks away, what’s the worst that can happen right?” I said to myself and went to change.


“Stay away from our Taeyong!”

“You don’t deserve him!”

“He’s too perfect for you!”

“You have too many flaws to be with our perfect Taeyong!”

“Go and get some plastic surgery! I don’t want Taeyong to kiss an ugly face like you!”

“Your so fat, go and lose some weight!”

“She’s a slut!”

“She’s probably cheating on him with another NCT member!”

“She’s so stupid!”

“Why is she even here!?”

“Fake! Fake! Fake!”

“I don’t usually hate people, but people like you are worth hating on!”

As I entered the apartment, I collapsed onto the floor with tears following in my eyes. I can’t believe that I thought that nothing will happen. How much more stupid can I be?

I didn’t even bother to keep to groceries that I managed to buy before the fans saw me. I just laid on the floor of my apartment thinking about my life choices and the fans comments. They all keep following on my mine and they’re right - except for the slut part, though. I’ve never slept with any NCT member, not even Taeyong.

Taeyong is so precious and his heart has gotten fragile. His heart has already been torn apart by the netizens who keep commenting on his past, and with this…I feel like a burden for him. I don’t deserve to be with someone like him. He needs to be with someone that’s beautiful, smart, funny…someone perfect.

I’m not any of that. I’m ugly, stupid, not funny and not perfect. Even if I try to be, I’ll be nowhere near him. Taeyong’s the closest thing to perfection and I’m the closest thing to trash.

Why did he choose me? Why am I even dating him? Why did he even love me? Does he even love me? Why do I love him? Why did he have to be an idol? Why did I have to be with someone like him? Why is my life like this? I’ve been a good person all my life…even if I did steal my mother’s cupcakes when I was younger - I was still young! You can’t blame me for wanting to eat my mother’s cupcakes…they’re good. Actually, I kind of wish I can have them right now…

What am I thinking? Urgh! I need to stop crying - if Taeyong sees me like this…

“Y/N-ah! I’m home!” Taeyong said happily as he entered.

I looked up and saw his expressions changed drastically.

“W-what happened?” Taeyong asked and ran to hug me on the floor. “Who made my Y/N cry?”

“N-n-no one,” I struggled to say but tried to smile. “I-it’s n-nothing. I-I just miss my parents.”

I sat up straight, wiped my tears away and looked at Taeyong - who didn’t seem convinced. He stood up and walked out the window to see some NCT fans outside the apartment block and immediately understood why I was like this.

He sighed heavily and cuddled me as if I was a teddy bear. “I’m so sorry,” Taeyong said softly. “If I wasn’t so selfish, this wouldn’t happen. I’m sorry.”

“No, no, it’s not my fault,” I said immediately.

“It is, if I didn’t tell SM to confirm our relationship, this would have never happened,” Taeyong said.

“Maybe if I was prettier then maybe the fans would approve of me. Or maybe if I was smarter, or maybe if I was skinner, or maybe if I had no flaws - they would approve of me,” I said.

“No,” Taeyong said immediately.

“Yes, that’s what they all say,” I said. “They said that I’m not perfect enough for you.”

“Y/N, my dear, you’re not pretty, smart and definitely not skinny,” Taeyong said.

“What!?” I exclaimed in shock.

“Wait, wait, here me out first,” Taeyong said and I let him continue.

“You’re not pretty because you’re beautiful. You’re not smart because you’re a freaking genius. You’re not skinny because you’re just the right size for me to cuddle,” Taeyong said. “You’re the most perfect thing I have ever had in my entire life.”

I became speechless after hearing him say those words. Sure, Taeyong says that at some point, but this one feels a little bit more special.

“I made her speechless,” Taeyong said and blushed a little.

“Yah!” I said and hit him lightly - making him laugh.

“So, don’t ever think for a second that you’re not perfect for me, okay?” Taeyong said and I nod.

“But, the fans. Some of them won’t approve of me,” I said. “When you’re an idol, your fans’ opinions do matter too.”

“Yes, but it’s not all of them,” Taeyong said. “Besides, my members all approve of you and I definitely approve of you.”


Thank you for requesting a Taeyong scenario! <3 Finally, not a Jaehyun scenario xD But I do love writing about Jaehyun.  I hope you love reading this and don’t ever feel insecure about yourself or anything. <3 I decided to post two because I didn’t post anything yesterday and I feel so bad T-T Mianhae~

Haunting - Jimin - PT 1

Had this idea in my mind for a while but it was hard to present effectively, so hopefully it’s good enough! There will be a pt 2 on Tuesday :))

“I love laying like this with you.” you mumbled into Jimin’s hair as you held him to you. His arms were secure around your waist and his legs entangled with yours. You both felt warm as your body heat mingled together, and you couldn’t have been happier than right then, safe in his embrace after a flurry of hectic classes and even a death. A car crash had recently killed one of your classmates, and as you were very close the stress was getting to you. You weren’t sure what to think anymore, you felt empty, and so you chose to spend as much time as possible with Jimin. Even though time spent together was time generally spent sleeping.

“Then stay here with me forever.” he mumbled into your neck as he buried his face in it, hot breath tickling the skin and making you giggle. You kissed the top of his head, fingers busying themselves with absentminded strokes of the red strands. You honestly wanted to and wished you could.

“You know that isn’t an option.” you laughed, feeling him relax even more against you as you stroked his hair. “But I wish it was.”

Your alarm clock shocked you, bringing you into the morning you didn’t want to face. Another day of classes, being there only in body but never in spirit. Your mind was forever drifting, and you felt like sleep, and dreams you had so often were reality. Your perception of reality was way off. You didn’t bother with makeup, throwing on a hoodie, a pair of jeans and a beanie before grabbing your backpack and wandering off to your first class. You avoided everyone, thinking only of one guy as you walked into the room and sat in your seat, away from all your classmates. The professor’s voice went straight through you as usual, and you soon found yourself with your forehead on your crossed arms and sleep taking over you. Eyes closed and breath steadying, you felt yourself drifting. However the effect was lessened by the way you went through life in this dream like state. Time seemed to fly, and before you knew it, you and Jimin were a tangle of limbs on the bed again.

“Classes were boring, right?” Jimin asked quietly as you rested your head on his chest, listening to his steady yet soft heart beat.

“Always.” You replied in a sigh, arms tightening their hold on his waist as if afraid he’d leave suddenly and cheek nuzzling further into the soft cloth of his tee. “But I’m okay now that I’m back with you.” You heard his low chuckle from above you, his hand reaching down and his thumb grazing your cheek as he brushed the hair from your face.

“I’m happy it makes you feel better, babe.” He smiled, reaching down to kiss your cheek.

“Y/N?” The voice of your best friend awoke you and you found yourself sat alone with her in the lecture hall. You frowned, looking up at her concerned face. “Sleeping again? You sleep practically all the time these days - is something wrong?” You shook your head with a small smile, rubbing your eyes and standing.

“I’m fine. Just a bit tired as all.” You yawned and sighed, wanting to return to the bed and be with Jimin. All you could think about was him - the way he smelled, the way he looked so perfect no matter what time of day it was, the way cuddling with him just made you feel so good - he could cheer you up even on your saddest days. Yet he wasn’t there. You followed your friend to the next class, not really paying attention to your surroundings as your mind wandered. You spent the day like that; none of your classes provided information you retained as your brain was in a completely different place. It seemed like all of your friends and professors were used to it and no longer cared that you went home and slept at 4, barely taking care of yourself as you were so desperate to enter the dream world in which everything was okay. You collapsed onto the fresh white sheets, shutting your eyes with a small smile as you felt your body relax.

“I’m sorry, were you sleeping?” Jimin sounded guilty as he climbed into the bed with you, giving up his attempt to be quiet when he saw your eyes open and your weary smile upon seeing him.

“It’s fine. I’m glad you’re back.” You whispered, still half asleep as you curled into his side. He pulled the blanket over you both and wrapped his arms around your shoulders, kissing your forehead as he entangled your legs like he usually did. You felt his warmth that fended off the growing night cold and smiled, inhaling his addictive scent before drifting off again. “I love you, Jimin.” You murmured into the crook of his neck, kissing the skin there lazily. You felt his slight chuckle and his slightly tightened grip.

“You’re so cute. I love you too, Y/N.”

You were disturbed by the perpetual ringing of your doorbell, a frustrated groan leaving your lips as you heaved yourself off the bed and opened the door.

“Thank God you’re awake! Can I stay here for a week or so, Y/N?” Your best friend stood before you, looking slightly shaken and panicked. She carried a duffle bag, presumably containing her things, and looked ready to cry. You nodded, not saying anything and slightly taken aback by her state.

“What’s wrong?” You asked quietly, sitting on your bed and gesturing for her to join you.

“Remember that bastard I was dating?”


“Yeah. The asshole set my fucking house on fire.” She said angrily, fists balling themselves into fists. “I wanted to break up with him and he tried to kill me.” She looked as if she herself couldn’t quite believe it, frustrated and angry tears starting in her eyes.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry.” You whispered, pulling her into a hug. “At least you’re alive! You can have my spare mattress for as long as you need. My place is yours.” You smiled reassuringly before getting up to set her bed up. You were slightly reluctant, as you generally liked being alone or with Jimin, but she looked so helpless you couldn’t refuse. You bade her goodnight before falling asleep yourself, however you didn’t realise your best friend was lying awake as you slept, and she could hear every little mumble and groan that left your mouth.

“I’m sorry, Jimin.”

“I love you, Jimin.”

“Please don’t leave me.”

“Please stay with me.”

She gasped, sitting up on her knees and kneeling by your bed. You were still asleep, limbs tangled in the blankets as you muttered his name.


“Why do you leave every day?”

“Let’s just stay this way forever.”

She shook you awake, unable to listen to anymore. Now it made sense. Now she knew why you spent so much of your time asleep, why you didn’t really communicate with people, why your mind was barely with the real world anymore.

Because in your dreams, you had Jimin.

In your dreams, you could turn things back to the way they used to be.

In your dreams, everything was fine.

“Y/N, wake up!” She yelled, shaking your shoulder violently. Your eyes snapped open as you were shocked awake, frowning at your best friend.

“Why did you wake me?”

“Have you heard yourself? Jimin this, Jimin that. I can’t-”

“What are you talking about?”

“Y/N, Jimin is dead. It’s been a year already. Don’t you think he’d have wanted you to move on?!” She shouted, taking your hands in hers and sitting on your bed opposite you.

It had been a year since Jimin was in a car crash that took his life, and of course his girlfriend would have a hard time dealing with it. His girlfriend saw him everywhere she went, hallucinations becoming daydreams and daydreams becoming actual dreams. You’d sleep every chance you got because you wanted to be with him. But the fact still remained - Jimin was gone. Jimin was over. Jimin was dead.

“No. No. Jimin isn’t dead. I was just with him.” You felt tears building and shook your head, sighing heavily. “Jimin can’t be dead.”

“Y/N please. I thought you were already over this.” Your best friend whispered, gripping your hands a little tighter. “Let him go. He’d have wanted you to.” You shook your head again, tears falling onto the sheets below you.

“I can’t. No matter what, I see him. He won’t leave me alone. He doesn’t want to.” You cried, leaning forward and burying your face in your friend’s shoulder. She rubbed your back soothingly and smiled slightly, pulling you back and laughing at her tear stained shirt a little.

“You need to move on. Let’s go for a walk.”

“It’s 3 in the morning.” You pointed out, gesturing to the dark sky outside the window. She stood, pulling on a coat and throwing you your jacket.

“Exactly. It’s peaceful. Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone out?” She winked and took your wrist, pulling you up. “Until I’m sure you’re over this, I’m not leaving your side.” She reassured you, opening the door and leading you out into the cool night air. You rejoiced as the cold wind hit your face, refreshing you and making you feel more awake. You began walking in silence, until suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder. You looked at your friend to find hers in her pockets, frowning and turning around to be faced with a rather handsome man. He was quite tall, had dark hair, and he looked just as much a mess as you. He smiled weakly, his hand remaining on your shoulder as he looked down at you.

“Hi. Weren’t you Park Jimin’s girlfriend?” He asked in a soft voice, cocking his head to the side as his eyes scanned your face. You nodded wordlessly and waited for an introduction. “I’m Jungkook. Jimin was my best friend.”

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Idk it was hard to write XD Hope you all liked regardless! <3

-Admin Belle

Hi guys! So, I’ve decided I’m going to make this a 4 parter. I hope you enjoy part 2! Thank you for all the likes/reblogs and comments on the first part, y’all are too wonderful! xD

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Part 1

Tea and Records Part 2

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{FANACC} 140817 Taemin - Mini Fanmeeting Event

compiled by: @almightykeybeom

Please Take out with full credits. Thank you :)


- The fanmeeting is at a park so we have curious random bystanders watching and trying to figure what this is XD
- I’m gonna touch Taemin’s hand how the fuck am I supposed to handle that?@!!!!!
- This brat actually opened the thing by saying today you are all my girlfriends ㅠ ㅠ
- My legendary first and last meeting with Taemin was me shaking before, bursting into tears during and forming the very meaningful “Hi”
- I forgot to hold his hands, couldn’t look him in the eye and I just froze and cried and he took my hands instead.
- I… I just stood there. Looking down. Crying.
- I don’t do shit like that, not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d do that but I just couldn’t do anything else
- Fuck this seriously.
- I need to get on the subway and I’m alone and I’m still crying and I’m never gonna see him ever again so why did I fuck up like that?
- He looked shocked cuz I probably looked so scared. I mean there’s an idiot at a handshaking event who isn’t even touching him…
- But he just smiled and took both my hands and said Hi and then I said Hi and then I started sobbing so I had to leave.
- I had this whole thing planned, I was gonna tell him just how proud I am to be his fan and thank him but nope. Hi. Fucking Hi. With tears.
- Didn’t help that as soon as the handshaking part started after a few people Taemin himself burst into tears.
- He, this beautiful person inside and out got too emotional and had to go away and he just sobbed for a while. Everyone was crying by then. I mean there you are shaking cause you’re about to hold his hand, instead he is the one who gets overwhelmed by all the love he’s getting.
- We were talking about his hair. The colouring process and it was painful getting that shade etc does it suit him etc etc and someone in the audience shouted “you look like a prince” and then Taemin was like “aren’t you being too much?” Everyone lols. But then he took it further by saying “If I’m the prince then all of you are princesses” at which point everyone was like Taemin please, no.
- Fans asked about Cry for Me and he was like ehm… well… that song… and then he said he was shy and someone asked if he could sing a little and he did. But then in the 2nd verse he burst into laughter XD
- Because we were at a park there were ppl with dogs and the dogs would bark at the worst moments lmao. Over and over again.
- Taemin said that after the MV came out he received a drunk kakao text from Jonghyun. He actually said you know kakao right? I got one from Jonghyun hyung and I knew he was drunk and he was crying and was talking about how proud he was of him and Taemin stopped for a sec and he said after getting the text he also started crying. Him and Jjong just cried like that for a while. Said he saved Jonghyuns number on his phone as jjongmanie? Hyung 
- I’m not sure how to write it actually but he mentioned how jjong is saved on his phone.
- Fans asked about an encore concert & he kinda talked around the subject at first but mentioned they have to consider their physical conditions.
- During the Q&A section a fan asked if he had seen the Shawol section on the 3rd floor at SMTOWN and Taemin said aren’t you being too much? How can I not? Of course. He said the fans were too supportive and he felt very emotional and he said they took pics and he was just very happy from the amount of support he and the group got.
- He was very talkative,open,witty.When that fan got cheesy&called him a prince he was like this gurl has never seen a prince in her life XD
- During cry for me and experience he burst into laughter. I burst into tears.
- Taemin couldn’t help but laugh when singing. Crying came after.
- He sang I think 3 songs.Play me-his favourite, experience and fan request-cry for me. Burst into laughter during both cry for me&experience.
- He talked about the recording process of ACE a lot. I honestly didn’t get all of it because the sound system sucked and it was a little complicated for me. What I got was that it was difficult because he had problems hitting the notes, made for a different type of vocal and there was a lot of technique involved so it was very difficult - technique was in english XD.
- They told us it would be a handshake event in the end AFTER we got there. It was a mess after that. I received hand sanitizers and wet wipes from Korean girls all over me and I passed around some hand cream so our hands weren’t too rough and the Korean girl was so surprised I gave her something in return she told her friends lmao. Everyone brought out their cellphones to use the front cam as a mirror. It was like the nerves before going on a date ._.
- Its been raining on and off the whole day basically and during the handshake event a few drops of rain fell and everyone panicked and chanted for the staff to find an umbrella for our Taeminnie. Taemin heard it and put his hand over his head to check but it was literally just a few drops, so he kept going on shaking hads but fans were insistent and after a while one of the staff came with a giant black umbrella and stood next to Taemin holding the umbrella for him while he shook hands.
- He talked about his SMTOWN stages, thanked for the incredible support he received. Fans asked about his body and he talked about ripping his top off.. He said he’d it was difficult because he’d hated working out before and he said he worked out for 3 weeks. And the SMTOWN stage was very burdensome ♡
- There was a long haired older girl right before our line. When she tried to get up she just collapsed. Her legs would not work and they kept giving out under her. Her friends were trying to hold her up but her legs looked like jelly. She kept going down. SM supporters called the security guys and they tried to hold her up. Tried talking to her. Once she’d calmed down they took her to her place in the line but she never got better even when she made it to Taemin =(

Source: @MelodyMeritamon 


- Taemin you reduced some 600 girls to tears.
- Taemin, you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- At the end of the fanmeet was imprompt to handshake event. Everyone got to go up and shake Taemin’s hand and everyone ended up in tears.
- Even Taemin broke down in tears quickly with all the support. Manager had to run and get him a tissue and see if he was okay. That got teaes.
- He mentioned being happy that the other members came to visit him at Inkigayo today.
- Fans asked Taemin about Shinee’s comeback but he wouldn’t really say anything concrete about it.
- He spoke a little about each song and even sang a bit from each. Except ‘Pretty Boy’….
- A dog kept barking at Taemin and what was going on so he laughed and said sorry!
- The manager brought out a cake for congradulations for Taemin then sprayed him with snow confetti. Even messed up Taemin’s hair after.
- Fans were asking him to take off his shirt/show his abs but he peaked under and said no. He was really shy about it too.
- He was doing the gun shot move of the dance again as fans really like that part.
- I told Taemin congradulations in Korean. K-Fans helped make sure I could say it right. He told me in English 'Thank youx3’ and 'I love you’.
- When Taemin first came down into the park everyone was chanting his name so he raised his hands up and was dancing all excited.
- Taemin broke down, like we had to stop for 5min. He tired to hold it in but just couldn’t and had to take a break. He never ever cries.
- No one expected the handshaking. When it was announced girls started wiping out mirrors and makeup. Hand wipes to clean their hands too.
- One girl had to be helped up by two people and when she got there she collapsed again and couldnt do it. Taemin was so shocked.
- I am so proud of you Taemin. Keep working hard and we will all keep supporting you and making sure that your light shines bright.
- We ended with a group picture. Taemin asked we make the triangle with our lightsticks so fans borrowed or teamed up to do it.
- Shawols help each other a lot… a lot of hand wipes and tissues got passed around..
- I do have to add, Taemin really does have lovely hands. His fingers are so long and delicate but have a strength to them.

Source: @MissEzri 


- Shawols have been here from 4am this morning until 7pm at night so far. Danger & Ace pre-recording, Danger post-recording for next week and now fanmeet.
- Taemin-ah…thank you, thank you, thank you. 영원히 고마워요. 영원히 응원할께요. 영원히 사랑할께요. ♡
- Shawols collapsed in a public park and clutching at each other in tears after Taemin left. I hugged and comforted people I’ve never met.
- Every Shawol began passing around wet tissues to wipe their hands before approaching Taemin. Sharing wet tissues so everyone had clean hands.
- Taemin has been holding back tears all weekend. Whenever we chanted his name you could see it but he was strong until he offered us his hand.
- We never expected to be allowed to greet Taemin personally. It was such an unexpected gift. So thankful to Taemin and the staff and SHINee.
- The fanstaff were helping crying Shawols back to their seats, handing out tissues and getting emotional themselves.
- The managers crowded Taemin when he was crying, rubbing his back and smiling like proud dads. Thank you so much for caring for him managers!
- We took a huge group photo at the end and Taemin was directing people and making sure everyone moved into the shot safely.
- We used SHINee lightsticks to make the Ace triangle and two Korean girls behind me encouraged me to join them and make the triangle together.

Source: @locketmin0923 
Please respect our hard work by taking out with full credits. Thank you so much :)

Turpentine Chaser (1/?)

A/N: Written for gallifreyslostson, who asked for Rose getting trashed after GitF and then make up. This will either be two or three parts…depends on how long the next part actually ends up being. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! Rated Teen…for now. XD

Rose sloshed the dark blue liquid around in her clear glass. She couldn’t quite remember the name of it at the moment, and she didn’t right care what it was called either. All she needed to remember was that this alien liqueur would get her properly pissed in record time.

Exactly what she needed.

The Doctor had clearly wanted to be alone after he had returned from France. The word left a nasty taste in her mouth and gave her a sickening feeling that mixed violently with the alcohol already churning in her stomach. He wanted to be alone. Fine. Well, so did she. After growling at Mickey to go find himself a room and leave her the bloody hell alone, she had marched straight to the TARDIS kitchen. A part of her knew she would have to apologize to him tomorrow, he didn’t deserve to be treated that way. But she didn’t need his I told you so’s or worse, his pity. Not so soon after Sarah Jane.

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