if she even looks at her during that song

She looked down at the cassette tape in her hands. Reading the list, she noticed the songs held meaning in their relationship. Black by Pearl Jam, Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground -Heck, even Kath Bloom’s Come Here, the song that was playing quietly during their first kiss, was even included!

“No one’s ever done this for me,” she said, holding the tape strongly in her hands. “You are so pathetic.”

“I’m sorry,” he replied, “You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to, I can-”

“-No, no,” she replied, bringing the cassette tape close to her heart. “I love pathetic.”

“Then call me pathetic all you want.”

—  d.d
Waiting Game (Jimin, Smut)

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K BUT THANKS TO THIS SEXUAL VINE OF JIMIN AND @unpretty-writer MAKING ME LISTEN TO WAITING GAME THIS SMUT HAPPENED BYEE. @taehovah-witness,  HONESTLY I GOT LIKE HALF OF THESE SUGGESTIONS FROM T.H.I.R.S.T because I suck at writing sub apparently lmaoo. I dedicate this to my dad @jinhyong because it’s her birthday and she deserves pizza and to be warm all day.

Words: 2768

You watched him move on the stage, eyes wide and body still as a board while he thrust his movements fell into the rhythm of the song. Jimin continuously moistened his lips whenever possible during the songs, looking out at the crowd with a mischievous smile.

He was driving you crazy.

He had no idea you were even there, only getting into the concert to see him. Many times Jimin had told you it would be free to attend a concert, but you wanted to save up and pay for yourself, to have the thrill of holding the ticket and being able to see for yourself everything the fans got to see.

And it was enthralling.

You’d been dating Jimin a fair amount of time, but he’d begun travelling with the rest of BTS and despite missing him you knew it was his job, passion and something he couldn’t just stop doing for you. You didn’t want him too, anyway.

The thrill of watching him perform on stage, voice shooting through speakers on all sides of the packed stadium with the rest of the band had you in a trance. Your eyes glued to his dancing the whole time, gracefully moving despite the bass of the different songs and the true way he was supposed to be moving wasn’t meant to be taken as graceful at all, but instead sexy.

He was so different on stage, willingly shooting playful winks and putting his whole body into the sexual steps of each dance. Jimin loved to flash his body in some sort of way, it seemed, even if nobody knew it was on purpose. The grins sticking to his face told you he knew exactly what he was doing to the crowd, maybe even better than the other boys.

He was having fun torturing you, wasn’t he?

Nearing the end of the concert you pushed yourself out of the crowd, getting as close to the back stage as you could. You’d called their manager earlier, asking if you could surprise Jimin once they finished on stage. He’d agreed willingly, thinking it was a good idea and he allowed you into the back.

You were going to make Jimin pay for the teasing appearances. Even if he didn’t know you were in the crowd, you still wanted him to feel how you’d felt throughout the whole length of the concert. You’d have to tease him back ten fold, until he was begging you to stop.

Standing in their waiting room, you fidgeted, deciding sitting down would make you look a little too casual when in fact that was not the case. At all. 

You could hear the boys fussing as soon as they walked down the steps into the room, and you turned your body to see where they were coming from. Straining to see them, you could see Jimin in the back, wiping his brow free of the beads of sweat as he uncomfortably shifted his loose shirt on his shining body.

“Oh, (Y/N)!” A voice caught your attention first. Namjoon greeting you with a dimpled smile, and it caught everyone else’s attention to you. You merely smiled, slowly picking up your hand to wave at the half confused, more tired boys.

“(Y/N)?” A voice thundered, and the sound of feet pattering on the pale white linoleum floor caught your attention. Jimin’s body slapped against yours, but his arms steadied your shoulders before holding you tightly against him.

“Oh my god, what are you doing here? Why didn’t you text me? I’m so happy!”

“I wanted to surprise you…” You pushed him away, hands gripping the straps of his top. Jimin laid his hands gently on your hips, grinning from ear to ear.

“You surprised me! Did you watch the show?”

“I paid for a ticket…You guys were really amazing.”

“Paid for a ticket? (Y/N), I said you could get in free whenever you wanted.” Jimin frowned, leaning down to peck your lips.

“I know, I know.” You sighed, needing more than just a simple kiss to suffice. “I just thought that paying for it was proper.”

He kissed you again, just another small flush of lips together before pulling away. You were trying to keep from rubbing your legs together in annoyance, because Jimin just wouldn’t understand the eyes you were giving him.

“Will you show me around? I want to be alone with you.” You attempted secrecy, and Jimin furrowed his brows a moment in suspicion. Cocking his head to one side, Jimin ran his hands down your shoulders, before catching your hands in his own.

And then his eyes flickered in realization.

“Alone? You…yeah, yes, sure, totally.”

He let go of one hand, holding the other tightly in his grip as he began dragging you toward the door. The hall was relatively empty, so you turned Jimin to you.

“You being like that on stage…Why such a tease?” You bit down on your bottom lip, pushing Jimin harshly against the wall. It made a loud thump, but neither of you seemed to notice or care.

“A tease, really? The room beside us is empty.” Jimin didn’t lose eye contact with you as he held out a hand for you to take. Instead of taking it, you pushed open the door to said empty room.

Once the both of you were inside, you closed and locked the door, feeling around for the light to click it on. It was a rather small room, but still had chairs and a table inside. No windows, no nothing to catch peoples attention. Perfect.

“What was that about me being a tease?” Jimin’s hands wrapped around the front of your body, pushing you against the edge of the table.

“Don’t touch.” You snapped, pushing him away before whirling around. He held up both hands halfheartedly, knowing exactly the tone of voice you used when wanting to be in charge.

“You look really nice today, is that shirt new?” He smiled, cheeks still lightly flushed from the stage.

“Don’t talk, Jimin.” You smiled sweetly, striding toward him. Jimin backed up against the wall, allowing you to slam both of his wrists above his head.

“Did you miss me a lot?” His voice came out as a breath, hands balling to fists in obvious anticipation.

“Very, very much.” You murmured, pressing your lips to his. Jimin didn’t need to struggle to free himself from your grip, but he just chose not too. Your kissing was rough, while he tried to keep up. He took the initiative to deepen the kiss, tongue trailing messily along your bottom lip. You opened your mouth, allowing entrance to him.

You bit down on Jimin’s lip, pulling it with you before letting him free. He let out a sigh, opening his heavy lidded eyes to glare at you.

Backing up, you jerked a thumb towards a chair, before kicking it out in front of you. “Sit down.”

“Babe…” Jimin murmured, reaching out for you. When his hands moved around you, you turned with him.

“I said,” your voice dropped to a whisper. “sit the fuck down.”

You pressed hard on his shoulders, watching him slump into the seat before you. Jimin looked up at you, reaching for your thighs.

“Jimin.” You warned. “If you touch me I’ll have punish you.”

He leaned back in the chair, sucking a harsh breath. “Punish me?”

“Punish you.” You nodded, running your hands up his chest to tug his shirt off. Jimin hung both hands off the chair, leaning his head back.

“Mm, wouldn’t want that.” He agreed, moistening his upper lip with his tongue and running his lips together. In front of him, you began to strip your clothes, one piece at a time at an agonizingly slow pace. He watched with furrowed brows, hand laying over the growing bulge in his tight jeans.

You dropped to your knee’s in front of him, letting your fingers trickle up his thighs and land on his belt.

You got his belt and jeans off, and gently began to palm his half hard bulge over the boxers he was wearing. Jimin sat up straighter, reaching out to place a hand on your hair.

“No,” you snapped, pushing him away. He stopped, thinking twice before letting it lay on his thigh limply. Reaching into his boxers, you pulled his length free and began to pump him in a melodic rhythm, gently turning your hand to add to the friction.

Leaning closer to him, you flatly brought your tongue against his head.

“Shit.” He cursed, mouth agape as he watched you take him into your mouth. Jimin was already throbbing, and every time you looked up he had a hand ready to push him deeper between your lips. If he did, though, he knew he’d be in big trouble.

Using your hand for whatever was left that you couldn’t take into your mouth, you began to bob your head and pump at the same time. Every few bobs you would stop movement, sliding your tongue across Jimin’s slit and swallowing the ongoing pre-cum flow. He groaned quietly, running his hand through his hair.

Jimin’s hand seized your hair, and pushed your head farther down his length. You pulled your mouth away with a pop, looking up at him. “What did I say, Jimin?”

He dropped his hand away from you, groaning. “Don’t stop…No-”

You stood up, leaning over him. “I told you not to touch me.”

“I- I’m sorry, I-”

You yanked down on his hair at the back of his head, forcing him to look up at you. “You never listen… I told you I’d punish you.”

“Hey, (Y/N).” He grumbled, holding up both hands. “Let’s just hurry…What if someone catches us?”

“Mm, don’t worry…” You murmured, spreading your legs to straddle him. Jimin hissed quietly, attempting to place his hands on your hips. You got his shirt off the floor, and it was thin enough to use to tie around his wrists.

“Don’t do this…” He whined, freezing at the feel of you gently moving your lower body in a rhythm similar to before as you pumped him. The feel of him rubbing against your clit had you tipping your head back, but the sounds Jimin made gave you the feeling there was a possibility you two could be getting caught.

“Jimin, be quiet…” You hushed him, placing a hand over his mouth.

“Please?” He suddenly said, voice muddled against your hand and even breathless. “Can you please just fuck me?”

You moved your lips to his shoulder, peppering kisses and sometimes even biting, but not hard enough to leave marks. “Beg harder…”

“I need you…please…” He whined louder, bucking his hips to meet your body. “Don’t you want me inside of you?”

“Do I, Jimin? Even after you were so rude on stage? You’ve made me wait so long, so why can’t you wait a little longer?” You did want to feel him, but Jimin could wait a few more minutes. Your hands trailed down his arms, reaching toward the shirt that could easily be undone, but Jimin had no idea.

“I won’t be rude to you!” He tipped his head back further, breath hitting your ear as he exhaled long, shallow breaths. “I promise, just let me feel you.”

Hearing him being so needy had your stomach knotting, and heat being brought to your middle. You pressed harder on his length, breath coming out in a shallow whoosh as Jimin twitched under you.

“Untie me,” He commanded, but you didn’t. “please.”

“I’ll untie you when I’m done.” You promised, voice overflowing with lust. You raised your body, picking up his length and running his head over your middle.

You began to lower yourself onto Jimin, both of you trying to keep as quiet as possible so you wouldn’t  get caught. He bit his lip so hard you were sure he’d break the skin, luckily he didn’t.

Jimin bucked his hips to get fully inside of you. Whimpering at the feeling of him, you clamped a hand over your mouth.

“J-Jimin, don’t-” You moaned, leaning closer into him. The shirt would be easy to untie from his wrists, and you could already hear the soft tears of Jimin attempting to get himself out of it.

You began to rock back and forth slowly, lips latching onto Jimin’s shoulder as he careened away from you in the chair, deep groans burning his throat.

“Babe…babe! Just untie me now…Stop making me wait.”

You couldn’t even move without feeling every inch of him inside of you. Leaning back you began to press into him a little harder. Both of you had shaky breathing, but Jimin was the only one moaning at how gentle the feeling was.

“Fuck, why are you so tight?” He cursed, head lulling back and forth. “If you make me rip myself out of my shirt, you’re in trouble.”

You paused, taking hold of his hair and pulling back harshly enough to make him whimper. “Park Jimin, did you just threaten me?”

“I mean it…” He moistened his lips, panting as he watched you. There were more tearing sounds as he struggled against the thin tank top, and then-

-and then his hands were on you, pressing your whole body down onto him as his lips attacked your throat with such a force you had to hold onto Jimin tightly. Jimin groaned against your flushed skin, his fingers digging into your hips angrily.

“Oh my god-” You choked out, the feeling of him much more intense than before.

“I told you to untie me of else you were in trouble.”

His mouth was ravaging your breasts, arms holding you close to him as he slowly buried himself in you as deep as possible. Your movements were harder than before as well by the pressure no longer being enough for you. Jimin’s thumb found your clit, rubbing circles into it as he looked up at your face.

Your stomach was knotting tighter at the feeling of him, and you had to do your best to keep the moaning concealed as your walls tightened around Jimin’s length. His fingers on his free hand were stabbing into your body painfully, but you couldn’t focus on that.

Jimin’s quiet moans were music to your ears and his thumb gently massaging your clit was stimulation enough to make you finish faster than expected. His teeth stung a tad bit as he nipped at your hardened nipple, sucking it and leaving delicious bruising all along your chest.

“Harder, Jimin…” You whimpered fingers dragging over his shoulders and reddening the pale, supple flesh. He tipped his head back, groaning a little too loudly for nobody to notice. Yet, neither of you were bothered by it.

Your orgasm neared and you clenched harder on him, pushing his hands off enough to rock in quick thrusts to contrast his hard ones, that had both of you moaning each others names in hushed tones.

Jimin was the first to finish, but he still worked until you were shuddering, clenching around him so tightly everything he did felt good. Jimin’s lips were already gently pecking your stinging chest, as you finally came full force.

As you came down from your high, Jimin’s lips pressed to yours, soothing you as he helped you off his lap to dress again.

“Look at your shirt, it’s ripped.” You picked it up from the floor, revealing the thin strap of it torn apart. Jimin shrugged, tightening the belt around his jeans. “It’s fine, I’ll just say I was hot.”

“The boys will make fun of you after seeing it ripped.” You teased, sliding your clothes back on with ease. After fixing your hair, you went toward the door.

“(Y/N),” Jimin pleaded. “don’t tell the boys we had sex in a conference room…”

“It’s fine, I’m sure everyone already knows.” You rolled your eyes, opening up the door. Relieved, Jimin allowed you to leave. He came out a few seconds after you as a precautionary, but nobody noticed the two of you together, until you walked toward the boys dressing room and opened it up.

“Jimin, where’s your shirt?” Seokjin asked, looking up from his phone. He’d changed into casual clothes by then, and his brows furrowed as Jimin made his way toward the rack of clothing.

“I was too hot.” He attempted to say, but laughed in between. Sighing, you closed the door as the boys began to teasingly laugh at the two of you.

What it would be like to date Park Jimin/ CHIMCHIM;

**anon, i hope you like this and it is what you were expecting. I had a little help from my best friendsince chimchim is her bias so enjoy!! ANYONE FEEL FREE TO REQUEST STUFF**

“you like me, OHH! GUYS SHE LIKES ME!!!”
“Pabo! Y/N is your girlfriend”

• Couple items

“Looks better on me ;)”

• Beautiful self-confidence.
• 95 liner sleep overs.
• Movie nights.
• You always fangirl about his thighs when he wears shorts or just walks around in is boxers.
• Singing along to songs even if you don’t know the words.
• Protecting jimin from the golden maknae.
• Even though he works so many late nights, he always makes sure to make time during practice to see if you have eaten etc.
• Couch cuddles
• Jimin preferring you cuddling him from behind.
• When getting ready for bed, he undresses you and then dresses you in his clothes because “you would be warmer”.
• He would video call you while he is at practice to show you his dancing.
• You would bring him his favourite food to practice to make sure he eats properly, even though he makes you feed him it because his head is on your lap.
• He would bring you to the practice room to slow dance with you and teach you his dances.
• Dance battles
• Sexy dance battles
• His plump lips, jawline. Just jimin.
• Whipping but with a slight change, hip thrusts.
• Body rolls. He body rolls to the fridge, to the bathroom, he basically body rolls to anywhere.
• Beanies
Glasses, major glasses game.
• Weekly face mask with each other and occasionally taetae and kookie.
• He would let you read to him because he knows that you love reading, even though he isn’t a big fan of reading, neither does he take in what you say but he loves the way your mouth moves forming the words, the way the words fall beautifully out of your mouth and how angelic and mesmerising your voice is softly and how it caresses his skin. He wants nothing more than you letting him rest his back against your front with your arms around him, one hand playing with his hair with the other one holds the book and you soft voice calmly speaking in his ears, making him shudder visibly.
• Video calling with Tony (AHL)
• Obsession over jungkook;

“Kookie he’s so perfect”
“You can definitely see why he is called the golden maknae”

• When you’re feeling down, jimin will pull you to the couch or the bed and just cuddle you, whispering sweet words in your ear.
• Makes you your favourite hot beverage for when you come home.
• Snapchats you while in the shower, telling you that you’re missing out even though you are at work.
• Boobs
• You love his annoying (according to the memebers) antics that are not annoying to you.
• Always make pancakes together.
• Tickle fights. He would tickle you until you’re finally out of breath from laughing too hard. This would make him laugh too, the delicious melodic laugh.
• Constantly talking about you to the members to the point where the members text you to tell him to calm down.
• He adores the Fallen Dominos cuddling position.
• He would wake you up on a morning by pecking kisses across your face and then your lips.
• Gets flustered easy when you do something incredibly innocent but to him, it was a whole new level to be tested out later.
• You lost a bet so you would have to do what he says; this is includes dressing as jimin for a day or cooking for him, washing his hair.
• He nearly screams down the flat when he heard you swear for the first time.


Rachel Joy Scott’s funeral took place at the Trinity Christian Center on April 24, 1999. More than 2,500 people attended and it was televised worldwide on CNN, as well as multiple other TV channels. Millions watched across the world. Up to that day, it was the most watched event on CNN, even surpassing the funeral of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

An excerpt from “No Easy Answers” by Brooks Brown about Rachel’s funeral.

“Just a few days ago, Steve and I had driven around looking for Rachel, hoping to find her alive. Now she was here, in a closed casket at the front of the church. It still didn’t seem real.

There were several moments during that funeral that truly were beautiful. Rachel’s sister did an exact recreation of the Christian dance Rachel had performed at the talent show the year before, accompanied by the song “Watch the Lamb and Who Nailed Him There.” When it came time for Rachel’s friends to speak, Nick Baumgart gave a genuine, from-the-heart speech that focused on the positive memories we had of her. “Her trueness to herself was amazing,” Nick said. “She didn’t let anybody affect who she was. She didn’t let anybody tell her that what she believed and who she was wasn’t okay. She was true to herself, and because of that, she was true to everybody else. In a sense, she is still here. She always will be, and that smile will still be here … I’m lucky to have known her. I’m fortunate to have been her friend, and I’m fortunate to have called her my Prom date. But I’m truly blessed to have had her in my life.”

At the end of the funeral, as people were getting ready to file out, they asked the family to leave. No one was expecting what happened next.
They opened Rachel’s casket. There was Rachel. Dead. Her body, right there, in the casket for all to see. I don’t know what they were trying to show people by doing this, but in order to exit, you had no choice but to walk right by it. As we filed out, Doug was the first of our group to see her. He started crying. It was hard to watch. Steve (Rachel’s ex-boyfriend) was next. He saw Rachel’s body and collapsed on the floor in tears. Here was his former girlfriend, who still meant the world to him, and his body just failed him. Doug and I had to pick him back up and help him out of there. Of course, when I saw Steve lose it, I was right behind him. All the tears I hadn’t cried up to that point came gushing out, just like everybody else, as I saw Rachel lying there in that coffin.  As we walked out, holding Steve, there was a literal wall of cameras and reporters waiting for us. Taking pictures of us, looking at us, video-taping us.
We just wanted it to be over.”

Some videos from her funeral:

Part 1 

Part 2 (Tribute Video)

News footage

Nick Baumgart speaking at 1:06

  • Who worries about how they will look when they’re older
    • Neither.  Patty knows she’s always going to look fabulous and Holtzmann can always make it work. 
  • Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s
    • On their first anniversary Holtzmann makes what looks like an actual mix tape - hand written slightly peeling label and all - and gives it to Patty with a classic walkman.  But instead of just a few songs it turns out she’d repurposed the whole damn thing to be an MP3 player that has every single song they’ve ever rocked out to in the car together, that they’ve shaked their asses to after a successful hunt, and that Holtzmann has heard that made her think of Patty even the tiniest bit.
      There are a LOT of songs on the thing….
  • Clings to the other during scary movies
    • They are ghostbusters…. they don’t get scared during movies….  (At least, that’s what Holtmann insists on reminding Patty even as Patty’s giving her that LOOK and trying to make the feeling come back to her hand.  “Look, I wasn’t scared it was just… it’s made to make you jump!”)
  • Gets into the shower with the other randomly
    • Holtzy is always sneaking into the shower when she looks up from her work for a moment to realize Patty is in there.  Patty loves it and over the first few months of their co-habitation her shows slowly get a little longer just to wait to see if she’ll have a guest.
  • Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone
    • Patty is an air dryer.  She’ll pat down with a towel and then wander back to their bedroom until she actually FEELS dry (because there’s a difference, damn it) The second bedroom is used as a home workshop for Jillian and she has to pass it on the way to their bedroom.  And if she didn’t join Patty in the shower, she almost NEVER misses the drive by.
Camren theory (pls take time to read it)

So here’s my theory. I definitely think that Camren is real because ever since their XFactor days, they’ve been so close. Like not just like bff close, like something more. There’s even a gif where when they were sent to the next round, the girls like hug each other out of joy and Lauren first turns to Camila behind her and Camila grabs Lauren’s face like going for a kiss but I think she purposely slipped her hand and the thing ended up as a hug. There are definitely tons of Camren moments during their XFactor days, we just haven’t noticed it before.

Moving on to their life after XFactor. They started doing covers of songs and posted it on YouTube and got thousands of views. If you look closely, their stares are like very different, not the one you give your bff. And there was a time when the secretly held hands behind Ally during a cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking about you’.

Moving on to their tour with Demi and tons of other artist from the music industry. Camren started to get close in public. And by that I mean even in interviews they have those passionate stares at each other, getting jealous, you get the point. Then Lauren stated once in her tweet saying “its camren yo”. Then people started to support this shipping. They continued to be really sweet and passionate towards each other, continued giving those stares. Their tweets and reblogs are somewhat related to one another, its like they’re tweeting and reblogging about each other.

Then the time came when Lauren and Camila started to get annoyed and irritated of the insane Camren shipping. They kept on denying it on interviews but the shippers just grew stronger and bigger. And then Camila started dating Austin Mahone, moved on and started dating Shawn Mendez, both of which are in the music industry btw. In one of HollywireTV’s interview with Shawn Mendez, you can see Camila on the background together with the 5H girls. A guy, who I think to be their manager or something, talks to Camila and points toward Shawn. Camila nods and puts on a fake smile and proceeds to approach the interview and interrupt, getting the attention of Shawn and the interviewer. They began talking and in the background you can see Lauren look past her shoulder towards the interview. A few moments later, the other 5H girls except for Lauren, joins the interview. Then Lauren joins them while looking at Shawn with a jealous look in her face. At that point I started to think that their management doesn’t like the whole Camren thing or they don’t want the group to be lesbian or gay. After that there were still Camren moments but then 2015 came.

I bet Lauren and Camila started to get really annoyed of all the camren related questions. The stares slowly faded, the sweet smiles, laughs, everything we loved about Camren. Their friendship cracked because of overboard and over-reacting shippers. I’m not saying that Camren shippers aren’t awesome, but sometimes people get overboard. Then there was an interview where both of them were seated by each other but a noticeable gap was separating them. It was like my hand could fit there! And the other girls were really seated close, no gap at all. And that’s what we call the infamous ‘Camren gap’. My heart ached at the sight. And in the interview there were no signs of any interaction between them. My little Camren heart stopped beating. I began to think that Camren was over, as a matter of fact many people did. And then in October or something, they started to talk again. That single action revived my once dead Camren heart. And their interviews this October had interaction. They were freaking interacting finally! I leaped in joy. I was and am glad that they started to comfortably talk in public again. And now they are in Madrid, on tour.

My theory is that Camren is real, ever since their XFactor days. This continued until they started their first tour. I think they started to open up about their ‘secret relationship’ in public, specifically twitter and then other social medias as well. The management Camren shippers began to grow in number rapidly, and things started to go overboard. Both got annoyed and the management does not approve. Both started to date guys but only lasted for a short amount of time. Maybe to give the Camren shippers a reason to stop shipping them. I think it was an attempt to stop the Camren fanbase. But nothing could stop us, we supported them, but some got overboard. Now they are starting to open up. I’m happy for that.

I also think the other 5H girls know the real thing behind Camren because sometimes they give away things, hints, clues, to us. I don’t think it’s on purpose but they definitely couldn’t control themselves, not in a bad way of course.

What I would really like to address to everyone is that we should tone down our Camren shipping. Like what I mean is let’s not rub it to their faces. Let’s keep things on a low key because maybe they’re just uncomfortable. Respect is key guys. I definitely know that one day, they’ll come out and we will be most definitely happy for them. Let’s patiently wait for that moment. We, and them, don’t need to rush things. Camila is still 18 and Lauren is 19. They’re still young I mean guys come on. Let’s wait and let them take their time.

Please don’t take this too seriously. This is just a theory. If I have written something wrong pls correct me :3 also to have more idea, look up 'What is behind Camren’ on youtube then you’ll get my point, well part of it. Mostly the management one.

Camren’s Tumblr 2016

i mada some collage bout their indirect blog to each other, call it delusional but how you ignore when one person reblog something and the other reblogged the other thing which i believe suspicous LOL

“i consume your light” … it clearly that was a moon.

even on instagram Camila post this

moon and stars, STARS coz she was a SUN

do you guys remember when Camila posted 

and couple days later Lauren reblogged

i’m pretty sure that Lauren wnat camila stay and never give up on her.. while she is on denial, deny of Camren thing, maybe she is confusing of herself.

and would add this post 

coincidence? naaaaaah….. they totally send a message to each other.

and how my camren heart jumped out by looking this 

i’m pretty sure both of them rebloged this during Europe tour, when they go to Eiffel, i was sure Camila want sing a song with Lauren in Eiffel or Lauren want see a Luna on Eiffel Tower with her.

I wonder if Kaneki ever thought of Touka after he regained his memories. I wonder if he ever had the desire to see her again, if she came to his mind during chilly nights before going to sleep (or when sleeping was too tiring for his shattered mind). Did he ever thought of how many years had passed since they saw each other? Did he ever thought of her new look, how beautiful she looks now? It was shown that Haise thought of her many times without even knowing who she was, did Kaneki did the same now that he remembers? Did he felt relieved to see that she was still alive and safe and hated Arima for lying about it? Did he missed her? Did he tasted the flavor of her last coffee inside his mouth? Did he ever thought of all the pain she went through and the happy moments they shared together and the way she looked at Haise when she offered him some books? Does he know that, even after all these years, she still loves him? 

… does he love her too?

Title: You are the music in me

Pairing: Adrien / Marinette (Adrinette)

Words: 941

A/N: This short drabble is dedicated to @availe. Happy Birthday! :)

You can also read this fanfiction on: Ao3

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Today was a terrible day for Marinette.

Not only did she have a blackout during her physics test but also forgot her history homework at home and, during lunch break in the cafeteria, tripped and fell onto her own dinner tray. Her t-shirt was covered in mashed potato and spinach. To make things even worse Chloé, her rival, giggled arrogantly and said snarky: “Mashed potatoes look very good on you, Marinette. You should wear them more often.”

Marinette looked at her mirror reflection and sighed. She stood alone in the girl’s restroom, ashamed of herself for not being quick on comeback earlier.

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Girl in the War

Summary: There’s no real way to tell someone, she imagines, that their daughter is probably dead and never coming back. But there’s an emptiness in her heart, a hollowness that has taken over her entire body since the moment they realized what had happened to Jemma. She’s starting to get the impression that nothing is going to help fill it, even being there to help Coulson break the news to her parents. 

A/N: So I came up with this idea during 3x01 when Coulson talked about going to see Jemma’s parents and I couldn’t resist the feels. Also this is the first time I’ve written a fic with Skye as “Daisy” so…brave new world. The title is from/inspired by the song of the same name by Josh Ritter.

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Selena had been so excited to get back onstage after what seemed like forever. It was her hometown, which only made her happier. She thought it’d be fun to perform there for a special show and was even more excited that her family would be there; this including Eden and Nick. During her performance, she hardly looked anywhere else but her daughter and soon to be husband. She was beaming up on stage and giving it her all, she couldn’t wait to get off stage and celebrate with Nick. When her last song was over, she said her goodbyes then quickly left the stage and hoped that Nick and Eden would be waiting for her. 

First Day Back || Quinntana

Santana waved goodbye to Quinn before Kurt rolled her down onto the street. She had told Gunther she would do late morning to afternoon shifts to start. That she didn’t feel comfortable doing night or early mornings, which he understood. He even let her do a shift to start with Kurt, which made her feel better about going in. The start of her day went well, she took orders, smiled as regulars welcomed her back and even enjoyed when it was time to break into song. During her break she found herself looking at that table, her chest tightening as she remembered the man’s eyes.
“San,” She nearly jumped a mile as Kurt’s hand went to her shoulder. “Don’t forget to call Quinn.” He smiled as she nodded, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m okay,” she wasn’t but she smiled and rolled herself outside to get some air. They had never caught the guy, she was scared he would come back for her one day. Getting all the worry out of her voice she called Quinn and waited for her to pick up.

I find it funny that Jessica Ho thinks she’s all that. She’s not even a good rapper. Did she not listen to herself rapping during the Bang Bang stage with Hyorin and Ailee? She’s supposed to be fluent in English, yet she still screwed up that rap really badly, and Nicki’s rap in that song is actually really easy. I could understand if she didn’t know a spot of English (like Hyorin, who’s English is still better), but she knows how to speak it. Her going off on Unpretty Rapstar makes her look like even more of a joke, too.

I try to ignore these things...

Allow me to see if I have this correct…

  • Z and T were dating or had a relationship
  • They both denied it which is normal in the business … THEY ARE ALLOWED PRIVACY
  • T did something and fucked up the relationship
  • He tried to “win” her back by exposing the relationship and Z more or less confirmed something happened by her social media responses/likes.
  • A few weeks of fairly calm and than T releases a song blasting the relationship and Z
  • Making himself look like the “best one ever” and her a “damn fool” for letting him go
  • Z defriends him on all accounts and stays quiet not give him any satisfaction
  • Meanwhile this entire time even during the periods she likely was involved with T Val has always been there. She drops everything when she can to be with him. And vice-versa. Val doesn’t exploit their relationship or do anything to hurt her. And hell their body language and expressions together say a thousand times more than when she’s with T.
  • And yet T and Z are the better couple?
  • And yet every interaction and connect Val and Z have is fake?
  • I can’t speak for all shippers but the majority support them even if just friends and friends only; sure more would be nice and it’s clear they are a wonderful match; but we’ll take just the friendship over the shit T/Z fans are drooling over.