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Shadow [Tom Holland]

A/N I’m really happy with this imagine!! This idea came to me in school when I was daydreaming and I couldn’t stop thinking about it :D Hope you like it!!

Summary: Reader is married to Tom Holland, but she doesn’t feel like she is.

Word Count: 2, 585

Pairings: Tom Holland x reader

Warnings: none? a lil angst


She sat on the corner of the bed, clutching onto the phone for her dear life. Shaky breaths pierced the silence of the room. She prayed hard. Please. A call. A text. Anything. Her heart ached for some form of contact. She needed to know that he was fine. She needed to know that she was not forgotten. She didn’t realise the tears until the tickle on her cheeks seemed to bother her. Deep breaths. You can do this. For Rosie.

The door creaked open. The squeaking reverberating through the now silent room. She shot up, hoping that he would be at the doorway. Instead, she sees her six year old daughter poke her head through the doorway.

“Mummy…” The little girl looks at her mother. Worry was evident in her eyes. “Are you alright?” She ambled towards the adult. Her mothers lips curled up into a smiled as she wiped the tears away. She had to stay strong for her daughter.

“Mummy is fine. Don’t worry Rosie. It’s just a little itchy.” She rubbed her eyes. By then her daughter had found her way onto her lap. With her tiny hands placed firmly onto her mother’s shoulders, she gently blew air into her mothers eyes. After much inspection, she shrugged and pushed the adult backwards.

They giggled when they fell back onto the bed. Her fingers danced on little body, earning giggles and squeals from her daughter. They swung pillows about, danced to music and sang their hearts out. The laughter of the mother and daughter filled the house, something that hasn’t happened in months.

After a good thirty minutes, they were exhausted. Rosie laid down on the bed and huddled among the pillows and blankets. Rosie was ready to sleep. She tucked her daughter in, placed a kiss on her forehead, and watched.

She scrambled to her feet when your phone buzzed. Maybe it was a text from him. She turned the screen on. It was a text from her mother, asking how they were coping. She let out a soft sigh, hoping that Rosie wouldn’t hear the disappointment.

“Do you miss him?” A soft voice spoke. The phone was placed down onto the bedside table. She hopped into bed and made herself comfortable.

“Mummy misses him so much Rosie…” Don’t cry. Don’t feel. Don’t. She inhaled deeply. She wanted to ask if she missed him, but he was rarely home for her to even know much about him. He was overseas for the first three years. He was busy with projects and films. He never had time to come home, and when he did, it was for a maximum of five days. He didn’t get to spend much time with Rosie. She thought that he was a friend of her mother. Rosie didn’t remember much about him, so much so that when he turned up for Christmas three years ago, she asked “Who are you?”. It disheartened him, so he made effort to calling home whenever he could. But after a year, work start to pile up, and she knew that she couldn’t blame him for not having enough time for her and Rosie.

“But it’s okay darling…” She flashed a smiled at her daughter. She wanted this to end. She wanted to forget. She wanted to put this behind her and move on.

“What do you think of moving?”

He groaned when no one answered the door. He rang it for the umpteenth time, hoping that someone would answer. He frowned. She was home most of the time, so he’d expect her to answer the door. He fished for his keys in his bag, and found them after what seemed eternity. He fiddled with the keys. He attempted to push one key into the keyhole, but it didn’t fit. He had forgotten which key was the one for the door, which key was the one for the shed, or the one that was for the mailbox.

He opened the door, expecting to hear the pitter pattering of feet, but instead, he finds himself standing in dead silence. He scans the house. It’s devoid of any signs of life. No more flowers that she loved, no toys strewn on the floor, no blankets piling up on the couch. It seemed as if no one was living in the house anymore.

He furrowed his brows. Where was she? Where was Rosie? He shut the door behind him, and walked around the living room unhurriedly. His hands ran on the couch, recalling every bit of memory he had of this place. There were few, but they came flooding back into his head. He could almost hear her laughter, her cries, her giggling, and their child.

His eyes stopped at the coffee table. A ring, a bracelet and an envelope sat neatly on the table. He quirked a brow. He picked up the ring, the diamond glistened in the now setting sun. It was the same as his wedding ring. The bracelet. The one he gave to his daughter on her fifth birthday. Or the one he sent. He ripped the envelop open to see a letter written in pencil. It was from Rosie.

Hello Daddy. We’re leaving today. Mummy says that she wants to move out. She says that she wants to leave everything behind. I don’t know why. Sometimes, I hear mummy crying at night. I think it’s because she misses you. She is in a lot of pain, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to leave this house, but I want mummy to be happy. So that’s why I’m going with her. I’m going to miss this house, and I think I’ll miss you. I hope that I can see you soon.


He was shocked. He never thought that she’d be in so much pain to leave. He always saw her as a strong and independent woman. He didn’t understand why she decided to leave. How could she miss me that much that she’s willing to leave?

He thought about the last time he came back. It was nine months ago. He thought about the last time he called home. It had been seven months. He thought about the last time he celebrated her birthday with her. It was four years ago. Reality slapped him hard on the cheek. He realised that he had been such a terrible father and husband.

He picked up his phone and dialed the once familiar number. All that was heard was ringing. He dashed out of the house. He had to find her. He called his mother, his brothers, her mother and even her friends. No one knew that she moved. No one knew where she went. He sighed and thought hard of who she’d tell. Harrison. He dialed Harrison. He was right. Harrison knew where you moved to.

He made his way to her house.

He stopped in his tracks in front of the door. He didn’t know what he was going to do. Embrace her with his warm arms? Dot her face with kisses? Pick her up and twirl her around? His was snapped out of his trance when the door opened. He didn’t recall knocking.

“Come on Rosie! Let’s g-” she stopped when she saw him. She didn’t think that he would find out where she was. She thought that he was going to be out of town for another month. She thought that she would never see him again.

She stared into his eyes, she bit her lip. Emotions stared to flood in as if the floodgates had opened. Her hand flew to her mouth, holding in the sobs that threatened to slip out of her mouth. She attempted to close the door, but he stuck his foot out, preventing it from closing.

“Y/N.” Was all he said.

She flashed a small smile before she tried to shut the door again.

“Why’d you move?” He pushed the door open, allowing him to step into the house. She called out for her daughter again, ignoring the questions that came from him.

“Just answer me. Why did you leave?” He raised his voice a little. He was mad. He wanted an answer. He wanted to know why she had left the house they once shared.

“Do you really not know why?” She asked coldly. He looked at her expectantly, awaiting the truth.

“Do you not realise what has happened? Do you not understand the situation? I don’t feel like I am your wife. I don’t feel like you want me. I don’t feel loved by you anymore. Every day, I wait. I wait for a call or a text. I wait for you to show up at the door. Every day, my hope diminishes. Every day, I tell myself that you’re just too busy for your wife and daughter. I find out what you’re doing or where you are through the media. I read articles. I see Instagram posts. I see tweets. It is as if I’m not your wife Tom. It is as if I’m living hidden in the shadows. It is as if I’m just another fan. I don’t want to live as if I am not married to you. I don’t want to live in that house, holding onto the love that may not even exist anymore.” Her voice went weak. She was now crying. Hot tears flowing out like a running tap. She was letting go of all the pent up emotions from the past year. They were finally out.

“I don’t even know if you love me anymore. Every night I lay awake for hours wondering what you’re doing, who you’re with, and maybe even which woman you might have beside you. It pains me to think that way, but it’s all I can do. I can’t be hopeful that you remember me or you love me because I never hear from you. No calls or texts. What used to be surprises became skype calls. Skype calls became phone calls. Phone calls became texts. And it’s reduced to nothing. I haven’t heard anything from you for the past seven months Tom. Don’t you know how hard it is?” She let out a shaky breath.

“I want to call you everyday but every time I pick up the phone, I remember how you haven’t called in ages. I remember how I haven’t seen you in months. I remember the rumours I hear of you dating other people. It makes me think twice. It makes me think that you’ve moved on, and maybe forgot the woman you married.” Her voice was laced with bitterness and sadness. She was broken. She lacked so much love and care that she had fallen into pieces.

Tom stood in front of her, shocked at what he had heard. He never realised his actions would have had such a great impact on her. He thought that by working and earning money, he would supply you with everything you needed. He never realised that what you needed was him. Only now, after hearing her heart, he realises. He realised how their love was built on more than just the cash and gifts.

She turned away from him. She couldn’t bear to reveal any more of her brokenness. She wiped her tears, even though they seemed like a never ending stream. She felt something wrap around her legs. Her daughter embraced her legs into a hug. She laughed a little.

“Mummy is fine… don’t worry dear.” She said, squatting down so that she was at her daughter’s eye level. Her little hands caressed the crying woman’s cheeks, whispering ‘it’s okay’ over and over into her ear, and rubbed her back.

“Rosie…” He said. He watched in amazement as his daughter cared for her. He watched how she whispered ear, how she wiped away the tears, how she reassuring she was towards her mother. All theses things, he did for Y/N before. But now, he finds his daughter doing what he should be doing for his wife.

He bents down and takes his wife’s hand. She mutters something to her daughter before turning to him, standing up again. The little girl ran into another room, maybe to to give them some space.

“I am so sorry.” He starts. “There is no excuse for what I’ve done. I’ve been a terrible husband. A terrible father. And I know that I should’ve done so much more. I should’ve called. I should’ve made more time for you. I am so sorry. Forgive me love. Forgive me. Give me another chance. I love you. I love you so so much, and I will be here for you from now on. Please Y/N.” He slips the ring into her hand. “Please love. Let me show you how much I love you again.”

She looked at the ring in her palm. She admired the details on the ring. She saw the diamond. It was worth thousands, but their love was worth so much more. So much more than this little ring. She used her finger to outline the ring, touching the cold hard metal. She sighed. How could she let go of the love he gave her? But how could she forgive him for abandoning her? She looked up at him. His brown eyes pleaded with her. They begged for forgiveness. They begged for another chance to prove how much he can love. He took her other hand, his warmth now seemed familiar. She looked at the ring, then at their interlocked hands.

“I… can’t.”

His eyes showed it all. It showed the pain he felt. He could feel what you felt.

“I can’t let go of the love you gave me. I can’t let go of the only man I’ve ever loved. I can’t let go of you Tom. I love you too much that it hurts sometimes. I love you so so much.” She smiled at him. He could see the sparkle in her eyes, the ones he fell in love with every time he looked at her.

He was overjoyed. Excitement coursed through his veins. He picked her up, causing a squeal to escape her lips. She pressed her lips on his, savouring the sweet taste of them. He smiled into the kiss and silently thanking God for blessing him with another chance.

A giggled from behind them made them pull apart. There stood their daughter by the stairway, her smile is as a thankful hymn. She was ecstatic. Her mother was finally happy again. She was no longer in pain because of her dad. And she was elated to have her father back, to finally be with him after so long.

“Let’s go for dinner.” Tom gestured towards the door. He knew that they were heading out for dinner when he arrived. Rosie ran up to him, embracing him with her short arms. He picked his daughter up, and peppered kisses on her face. She giggled.

Y/N had opened the door and was ready to leave. She took his hand and smiled. The warmth she felt in her heart now was indescribable. She felt as if her heart was going to burst.

As she walked on the sidewalk, she thought about her situation. It was dumb for her to run away. It was dumb for her to not try even harder. But it was all alright. It always turns out alright in the end.



“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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The things you need to know about Charlene.

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"So you have a photo of me with a prostitute. So what". For whatever pairing you want

I DID NOT FORGET THIS. I got stuck real bad and it took a while to get back to writing; sorry to keep you waiting. So, here; Schnee family drama with Monochrome mention.

Weiss watched the way her father paced in front of the fireplace, never once allowing her posture to falter. The study’s walls once felt stifling and oppressive, the eyes in the paintings all looking down upon her, the busts judging her as well- mental tricks she’d outgrown, but ones he still wished to play, hoping that setting the field in his favor would improve the outcome. She’d only seen him this incensed once before, and that was back when he still worried about being caught raising a hand to his children; she doubted this fiasco would turn out any better. A stab of phantom pain attempted to close her left eye but she muscled through it, tilting her chin up when his furious gaze fell on her, the folder in his hand held up between them.

They’d done this song and dance far too many times. Ever since he assumed the office of Governor after her grandfather’s term ended, the man had done everything in his power to portray the family exactly as he wanted them to appear to the press. Every movement was measured, every faltering step remarked upon endlessly, and she’d grown up fully expecting that she had no other choice but to walk the path he’d mapped out for her, to one day assume the office herself and continue the Schnees’ impressive hold over the state. That meant she could be nothing short of perfect, entirely scandal free, and beyond reproach on every front. The whole routine exhausted her but she kept up appearances well enough, though his irrational barking occurred more frequently now. He had to know she was faking it by this point and he was purposely pushing her, seeing if she’d break and allow him to remold her into the image he desired for her.

But she was never quite as brittle as he thought.

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The Day Spider-Man Dies

Originally posted by spiderwing

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader/OC
Word Count: 3,617
Warnings: Major character death. Blood. Angst.
Summary: She’s got his last words replaying in her head, his mask in her pocket, a ghost haunting her awake and sleeping, and a doctor she might hate. The day Spider-Man dies, someone else gets to live and that’s not always an easy thing to do.
A/N: I really liked this idea and I hope that I did it justice. I am not proofreading because if I do I might end up deleting half of it and rewriting it (again). I would really appreciate feedback because I do have a sequel idea brewing… :)

“You’re going to be okay!” He yells, and these are his last words.

Even though Spider-Man is here, she’s still scared. He has to know this, because he wraps his arms around her in a tight hug and sort of cradles her against his chest. She can hear his heart thumping, the loudest sound in the world, and then there is the roar that precedes everything going up in flames. She shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath.

You’re going to be okay!

Remembering is hard–it comes to her in bits and pieces. She remembers Spider-Man and the roar and then there’s a silence where she’s not even sure she exists anymore. Her next coherent memory is of the heat creating a haze over the world–and the smoke. Her eyes are open and the world is on fire.

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Enouement- 10

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 889

Warnings: Mentions of death of a child. A very sad Bucky.

Author’s Note: Hey guys! Now that Macbeth is over, I’m going to be able to *hopefully* update a lot more often. Woohoo!

Master  Part 9

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

A sharp knock on the door roused Bucky from his half-asleep state at the kitchen table. Blinking, his brows tugged together and he realized that he had been staring into his coffee cup, drifting between consciousness. The coffee had gone cold, and he sat it beside the kitchen sink as he crossed to the front door and answered.

He was mildly surprised to see both Steve and Natasha standing on the other side, wearing matching sympathetic smiles. Steve was holding a take-out bag, while Natasha cradled a drink carrier ladened with coffees in her arms.

“Sorry we didn’t call first,” Steve said, passing through the threshold after Natasha. “We didn’t think you guys would mind.”

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All This Time

Title: All This Time
When Mycroft’s daughter can’t cope with his unbearable behaviour anymore, she decides to make him and everyone believe she’s dead. She goes, after six years, to live with her uncle Sherlock, trying to keep it from Mycroft and to start a new life back in London. But a new case calls for Sherlock’s help, and Mycroft himself is bringing the news to 221B…
Niky (@waiting-for-orchestra​)
Words: 2013 (hehe)
Mycroft x daughter!reader, Sherlock x platonic!reader, John x platonic!reader
some cursing, ANGST, character (fake) death

Request: Could u do a one shot where the reader is mycrofts daughter and he thinks she died years ago but in reality she faked her death because her and her father hated each other and she couldn’t stand being around him, Sherlock her uncle (who is more of a father figure to her) also thought she was dead up until about a year ago when she came to live with him and they are hiding it from Mycroft but he eventually finds out??????
– anonymous

A/N: I fell in love with this request!! This is how I’m introducing myself as the new writer in the team, and also a suggestion to the readers: listen to Tchaikovsky while reading this! I was listening to his music while writing, sooo… Hope you like it, and special thanks to the anon who requested this!

“Daddy! Daddy, look at this! Look, I made it for you! You received a lot of phone calls today and were always saying thank you, I thought it were a special day. Do you like it?” shouted little Y/N, a messy muffin in her chocolate-stained hands.
“I’m busy for these things, Y/N. If you had paid more attention, you would have noticed I ended every phone call in five seconds.”
“Is it your birthday, Daddy?”
“Get out, please.” Mycroft’s tone was cold but calm.
“At least tell me how it tastes-”
“Get the hell out!” Mycroft shouted, looking only for a second at the little kid running out of his office and going back to his paperwork.

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I have di Angelo children feels. Nico hallucinates that Bianco sits with him during his death-sleep-coma thing, even though he knows full well that she doesn’t exist anymore because she was reborn. That not even her ghost can keep him company anymore. 

“Fratellino” is little brother in Italian, of course. Listened to thisKokopelli choir’s take on Fix You by Coldplay.

my mom: *being abusive*

me: why are you so mean to me

my mom: oh you think thats mean huh?? well your father *proceeds to recount various traumatic and abusive incidents that happened to me as a kid all extremely violent* and im so great for never bringing this up because i was trying to protect you!!!

Rhysand's New Sisters

Do you ever just imagine Rhys silently wanting to care for Feyre’s sisters? Because by marriage they are now his own sisters. A position that has long been empty and a void in his heart. Nesta and Elain could never replace his sister, but at least he finally has a sister again. Do you imagine how hurt Rhys felt when Nesta would snap at him, ignore him, be unkind in anyway towards him or Feyre? That his new sister-in-law wanted nothing to do with him after she was first turned and Elain was so distant is was like she didn’t even exist anymore? His two new sisters, a family bond he had not had in many, many painful years now filled by Feyre’s through marriage and silently wishing, hoping they would open up to him so he could have his sister again?

First Family Vacation

It was a beautiful, warm September day without a cloud in the sky. Aria and Ezra had been married for about a week. Hand-in-hand, they leisurely walked along a pathway next to a waterfall at Yosemite National Park, their honeymoon destination.

It wasn’t what most would picture when imagining a honeymoon, but it was what they wanted. Lowkey, relaxing, beautiful landscapes, and most importantly—it was just the two of them. A quaint cabin nestled amongst the mountains with a private hot tub and breathtaking views. It was perfect. Exciting international adventures full of stress and confusion could wait for another day.

It was already noon and they’d only just decided to venture outside of their little cabin sanctuary where they spent the morning in their king-sized bed and enjoying a large homemade brunch they cooked together.

The walkway in front of the waterfall consisted of a couple families and a dozen retired couples wearing fanny packs, visors, and New Balance sneakers. The newlyweds stuck out like a sore thumb, but they didn’t care. They continued walking along the path. Ezra squeezed Aria’s hand. It was just a little reminder that he loved her.

“That’ll be us in forty years,” Aria joked, looking up at her husband.

“Aria, that’s already us,” he told her, readjusting the binoculars around his neck. “Minus some wrinkles and a few decades of marriage.”

Aria laughed softly. It was true. Even though they were relatively young, and only married for a handful of days, they already felt like an old married couple—especially since their interests involved visiting national parks, playing checkers, and watching old black and white movies.

They stopped and turned to look at the view. An older woman tapped Aria on the shoulder. “Excuse me, Miss, but would you mind taking a picture of my husband and me?”

Aria turned and smiled. “Of course not,” she said, accepting a disposable camera from the woman. She wasn’t sure these things even existed anymore with the invention of camera phones.

The woman, wearing a purple fanny pack, put her arm around her husband. The couple smiled while Aria snapped a photo. The woman retrieved her camera and thanked Aria.

“Would you like me to take a picture of you and your…” she trailed off, not sure the relationship between her and Ezra.

“Husband,” Aria finished for her. “We’re on our honeymoon.”

The woman’s eyes lit up. “Oh! That’s so lovely. I should’ve guessed by how happy you seem. When are you having babies?”

“Norma, don’t scare the poor kids,” her husband chimed in from behind her. “Just take their picture and let them go.” Like Ezra, he also had a pair of binoculars around his neck.

Aria wasn’t too put off by the question. In Norma’s generation, getting married was synonymous with starting a family. She didn’t blame her for jumping to such a question, and it wouldn’t have made her stomach feel this way, if, well, she wasn’t being reminded that their first child was probably already growing inside of her and she was trying to push this thought aside so she could enjoy their honeymoon. She and Ezra had talked about having kids on multiple occasions, and they’ve always concluded that they weren’t ready to share their love with another person. They wanted to enjoy their time together before they could embark on parenthood. She was terrified to tell him her suspicions she’d had for the past few days, worried to ruin her marriage before it had even started.

“It’ll happen when it’s meant to happen, and we’ll be happy whenever that is,” Ezra replied, looking at Aria when he said this. To a stranger, she appeared perfectly content, but he knew when she wasn’t feeling well. He also had the same suspicions that she had, but didn’t want to force her to tell him anything she wasn’t ready to say out loud.

Aria handed the woman her camera and instructed her how to use it. Ezra wrapped his arms around Aria, and after a few attempts, the woman took a photo.

They continued walking along the path for a few minutes. “How did you know?” she finally asked.

“How did you know that I knew?”

Aria smiled. “How did you know that I knew that you know?”

“Because you asked me ‘how did you know?’”

Aria laughed and squeezed his arm tight while they strolled further down the path, past many families and couples taking advantage of photo opportunities. “This might be our first family vacation,” she said.

“I think that makes it even better,” he told her.

That’s all she wanted to hear.

anonymous asked:

Fic 'I Never' trope: Arranged/accidental marriage or trapped together. You're choice or both! Illustrations optional. ;) <3

I have written a fic sort of like an arranged marriage (they don’t really know each other but agree to marry for convenience): Good Opinion 

As for trapped together…hmmm…

She felt him before she saw him, regaining consciousness to find her face crushed against his broad chest. When she opened her eyes, black filled her field of vision. 

Rey groaned, wriggling in an attempt to bring her palm up to her pounding head, only to realize her arm was pinned. All of her was pinned.

By Kylo-fucking-Ren.

“Stop that,” he growled, shifting to release her hand. “I’ll get us out, just keep still.”

She leaned away from him as far as she could. Like animals, they had been thrown into a cage together. The bars dug into her shoulders but she refused to get any closer to him than she had to be. Damn that bounty hunter for using a ysalamir to sneak up on them–Luke had said he wasn’t sure they even existed anymore and she had been unprepared.

She supposed she shouldn’t feel too badly since Kylo Ren was evidently just as unprepared.

Rey shifted her hips, trying to find a position that was at least somewhat comfortable.

“I told you to stop–”

Her gaze found his, narrowed in indignant fury. “Who are you to tell me what to do?”

Kylo Ren exhaled through his nose, she felt his warm breath brush over her cheeks.

“Do you know how to get us out of this?”

Rey didn’t think. She acted, shoving his chest hard. His head hit the top of the cage, disorienting him so that he fell back onto her. 

She could feel him.

Rey screeched. “Are you seriously turned on by this?”

They were trapped with little chance of escape, being transported to maker-knows-where, and he had time to think about sex?

“It’s an automatic response,” he seethed. “Trust me, I’m not interested.”

She scoffed. “What are you, a virgin? Can’t even handle being within a foot of a woman?”

Kylo Ren was silent. His face slowly flushed bright red, his eyes fixed on a point in the distance far from her as his dark brows drew together.

He was. 

Downfall [04]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,962

Genre: Assassin AU

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21

As a mere child, there was no way you could have known what you had gotten yourself into.

You knew that your life wouldn’t be the same, but you could have never predicted the magnitude of the decision you had made. Even after the resonating speech from Mr. Shin, the one you felt a surge of empowerment from, you were only left with a vague idea of what you were agreeing to be a part of, but that only served as fuel for your acute curiosity.

The first few weeks at the orphanage served as a transitionary period for you, not only in order to settle into your current surroundings, but to prepare you for the change that would soon follow in the coming years.

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Every Golden Light Hides a Shadow Ch 1-3

So I randomly decided to post my fanfiction here, cuz why not! These are also posted on fanfic and AOW

Chapter 1:

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in the fiction, all rights to the owners. Blah blah blah- all the usual stuffz.

Marinette sat disheveled in the cell, here eyes blank and emotionless. No matter how hard she tried she was just a girl and those steel bars were not something easy to break, especially since they were made of such fine quality. Her clothes were tattered and she had no idea how long she had been in there. More that just a few days. She was no longer Ladybug, she wasn’t even Marinette anymore. She was a doll that barely had an existence. The fire in her soul was extinguished just like Tikki. The door at the top of the steep stair case squeaked and quickly shut behind the shadow. The person came into the sunlight that peaked from the opposite side of the room. Adrien Agreste. No, she refused to accept this person as Adrien. His hair was black and his eyes were hard, and stern. Unlike they had ever been before.

He was akumatized by Hawk Moth while he was still Chat Noir. It was the first time Ladybug had to fight two people who were akumatized at once, in fact she didn’t know Hawk Moth could do that. She simple thought her black cat had dyed his hair to match his name, or something like that. She did not expect him to rip her Miraculous off of her in the middle of battle like that. But, something snapped in Chat Noir while he was an akuma… or maybe something happened to Hawk Moth, she couldn’t figure it out. Hawk Moth wanted the Miraculous but Chat Noir threw them on the ground and stomped them. Marinette heard Tikki scream in agony as the Miraculous shattered. The other akumatized civilian suddenly lost their akuma and Chat Noir grabbed the sobbing Marinette and ran off with her. She was thrown into a prison-like cell, but she had been too busy fighting to realize where he had taken her.

“Chat Noir! Why! No… Hawk Moth!” She sobbed against the bars. A flash a green entered her sight and she knew Chat transformed back to himself. She looked up to see the face of who killed Tikki. Tikki must have been dead, Marinette thought. There was no other alternative that she could think of. Her sobbing halted from pure shock when she saw the face behind the mask. Adrien Agrests, but his hair was now black, but his face was the same. Next to him a Kwami that resembled a black cat floated, looking as shocked as she was.

“Adrein! What’s wrong with the!” The Kwami shouted, not sure of what had happened.

“What’s wrong bug-a-boo?” the familiar voice questioned, but his face completely blank. Not like the soft expression Adrien often wore, or the gleeful smile Chat always had. Though the face was the same the person himself was now. Was he still akumatized? This was far too drastic for something of that sort… Marinette couldn’t bare it and screamed for him to tell her what had happened. He didn’t answer, just watched as she shook the steel bars that showed no sign of giving way.

“Adrien! Answer me!” she screamed. The kawmi also tried to get answers but all they achieved was putting an annoyed face on Adrien.

“Plagg! Shut up!” He shouted and grabbed the kwami roughly. “I’ll be back… Marinette.”

That had been several days ago and she still received no answers. She was sure that Adrien had not been going to school because he made sure to visit her everyday, several times a day. He would bring her meals and tell her stories. She quickly became broken with this development. He refused to answer any of her questions. Why was he doing this? Are her parents okay? Are people searching for her? How long is he going to confine her?

“Why do you do this?” he asked, much to her confusion. “Every time I hear your voice you only ask questions. Mostly about other people. You used to like me so much!” Tears streamed down his face as he became hysterical. “WHY IS THE ME RIGHT NOW NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!” He grabbed her wrists through the bars as he screamed. She couldn’t respond, just what had happened to him. An akuma could not make him this psychotic, usually people akumatized had a purpose but Adrien seemed to have none. Besides confining Marinette he did nothing else.

“Are you okay?” Marinette finally spoke.

“Me? You finally want to know about me?” he grabbed her chin and kissed her gently through the gap between the bars. “You should’ve done this in the first place. Only think about me. Only love me. No one else, you don’t need anyone else. EVER.” he giggled a little bit and released her. “Oh, I see. It is pretty dull in here… I shouldn’t leave you like this should I? A TV maybe? Books? What would you like Marinette?”

“A TV!” she replied. Then she could get information about the outside world. He looked a little alarmed at her eager answer but let it pass. He left on a quest for entertainment. If she responded the way her wanted he gave in a little to her, but how far would she have to go? It didn’t take him long to return. He stumbled as he carried the medium size, flat screen TV down the stairs. He walked to the far end of the cell.

“Here.” He pointed, his voice very authoritative. He had a pair a handcuffs. “I can’t have you try anything stupid.” he stated. She complied and let him handcuff her to the bar. He set the TV in the room, with an orange extension cord attached. There was an outlet outside of the cell that it could be attached to. “Oh.. Marinette.” He quietly stepped over to her, his eyes shone with a weird sparkle. “I have been longing to touch you.” He stroked her face and tilted her head like he was about to kiss her again. “I really shouldn’t have been surprised that you were ladybug. Your eyes are so gorgeous.” He traced his fingers of his left hand down her side. “And your body is the same too. Though that spandex was so revealing I wonder what it looks like beneath it too.”

“NO!” she slapped his hand away frightened. “Don’t touch me with the same hands that did that to Tikki!”

“Tsk.” He slammed the bared door behind him with a click. “Disobedient” he muttered as he unlocked her handcuffs.

The first channel Marinette checked was the local news. After just a few minutes she saw a missing notice for her. She teared up as she saw her parents crying, pleading for her safe return. It was also all over the news that she was Ladybug, the news cameras captured that exact moment and aired it live. When she finally escaped she would have that joy to deal with… not like she could ever be Ladybug again. Tikki… Her poor friend… It seemed like she spent the last few days crying, she was surprised that she wasn’t out of tears yet.

“Tikki isn’t dead yet.” Plagg whispered. Marinette spun around, scared at the random voice. “Shhh” he warned.

“Adrien’s kwami… Plagg? What do you mean Tikki isn’t dead? And how can I trust you?” She tried to keep her voice down.

“Shhh I don’t have long. Adrien is taking a shower. Something is wrong, deeply wrong… I think the akuma polluted his heart. Anyway I don’t have time for that! Kwami can’t die that easily, I’m sure she will be revived… we just have to wait. I have to go now!” He disappeared through the wall after he gave his brief, broken explanation. So Tikki was alive! She smiled to herself a little, that bit of news glued her heard back together, but the cracks remained. Could Adrien be saved? They just had to clean him of the pollution right? Also assuming Plagg was able to get here and leave in the time-span of a shower, even that of an idol, she must be on the Agreste residence. Now she just needed to know how to save Adrien. But that outburst of his from before. Could this Adrien be the deepest darkest parts of Adrien personified? That thought hurt her deeply as she thought of how much that boy must have suffered in silence. She had to rely on Master Fu and Wayzz to rescue her, even in his old age.

“Why are you pacing like that?” Adrien asked as he walked in on her, deep in thought.

“I-I just need to exercise, Adrien!”

“You finally called my name!” He blushed slightly and touched his head. She noticed he had a huge bag to accompany him.

“What’s that?”

“Ah!” He dumped the bag out to reveal a sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. “Sleepover.” he stated and pushed some of it through the bars. That night he had insisted sleeping while holding hands, and she had complied due to the new information and speculations. She couldn’t deny this part of Adrien. She didn’t sleep right away though, she watched Adrien’s sleeping face. His hair changed back to the gorgeous blonde it was before in the matter of seconds once he was asleep. It was possible to save him.

“Adrien.” She called out teary eyed. “It’s really you.”

“I’m sorry Bug-a-boo. I’m sorry, Marinette.” He called out in his sleep, his eyebrows scrunched together. He squeezed her hand harder, like a child having a cruel nightmare.

“Please save him, Marinette.” Plagg whispered from behind Adrien. “Please.”

Chapter 2:

Adrien woke up and his hair instantly turned black. Marinette had been watching his sleeping face all night, making sure she captured his regular radiance while she could. He blinked his eyes a few times before locking her in his sight. Their eyes maintained contact for a while before he uttered her name and she composed herself. She pulled her hand out of his, his face dropping at the action.

“You do not look well.” His cold voice stated as he sat up. “Did you not sleep? Because of me?” He looked hurt. This new Adrien was always moody, hurt, and scared. But she could see now that this was in fact Adrien. Well an extreme personification of his hidden emotions. She had concluded that since Chat Noir was so in love with Ladybug that when he turned on her this personality surfaced. In fact it could be viewed as he killed Ladybug, since she couldn’t become the superhero without Tikki. Would Tikki be able to find her once she was healed, or would there have to be a signal of sorts. Plagg wouldn’t be able to help since he was plastered to Adrien’s side. Plagg pretended to sleep so that Adrien would hopefully leave him when he left, and the plan was a success. Marinette grabbed the black kwami and shut herself into the small little toilet room, afraid of being seen.

“What now?” she whispered.

“You act like I know! We just have to wait.”

“You obviously know, since you know to wait.” she shook the cat kwami lightly as he looked guilty.

“You can say… that it is my fault… not the akuma.” his ears drooped as he teared up. “I am a black cat. Black cats are cursed you see? Ladybugs have good luck, black cats have bad luck. They balance each other out. With the ladybug destroyed the balance was destroyed too, hypothetically speaking. Black cat and Ladybug are always a pair and it helps keep the balance. With the balance broken it makes it easier for the curse to be fought, or more specifically almost not exist entirely. In that moment when he crushed you miraculous the curse expanded and took over his heart. This has happened only once before, the curse taking over that is. And we couldn’t save him. We just need to wait for Master Fu and Wayazz.”

“How will they find us though?”

“Wayazz might be able to sense our location. If not Master Fu knows that Adrien holds my miraculous and will have to use his judgment to figure it out.” After his explanation Plagg swiftly disappeared through the walls to find where Adrien was. Marinette felt sick. Was there hope of saving Adrien? To return him to normal? What would happen if she couldn’t? She refused to think about it, she would save Adrien. She curled up in a ball under the soft blankets and fell asleep. Even if she was locked up Adrien still treated her right.

Adrien paced around his room. His hands held tuffs of his dark black hair as he cussed his agitation. Plagg entered through the wall and sat on his bed. There was nothing her could do but let Adrien have his tantrum, something that was common now. If Marinette did not abide by his rules he would have panic attacks. He wanted her to love him. He wanted her to listen to him and always be with him. He didn’t want to control her. He didn’t want to force her. But he wanted her. He didn’t know what to do. He contradicted himself. He fought with himself. The real Adrien was still in there and was always fighting for dominance. He acted as the voice of reason. This was a supernatural split personality that introduced a whole new form of psychosis. After he had his freak out for about two hours he returned to where Marionette was to see he curled up into a small, defenseless ball. He quietly entered into the cell and locked the door behind him. He hid the keys inside his shirt so that she would not have easy access to them. He softly crawled next to her and wrapped his arms around her, feeling the entirety of her warmth. When he was with her his clouded eyes shined a beautiful green, which showed Plagg that there was still hope. Adrien always loved Ladybug. A very innocent boyish love. With the curse that innocent boyish love was contaminated by his desire to have her and he became psychotic. But all the same, his love had always been this great, it was just expressed differently now.

Chapter 3

What had caused Adrien to akumatize in the first place? Marinette couldn’t think of a reason for him to get akumatized, aside from that time on Valentines day. That was different though, he was directly akumatized this time. She paced around the cell as she wracked her brain. Did she do something that day or was she un-involved. This ‘pollution’ seemed to be directly linked to her, but that could have also been because she was the broken link. If she could just figure out the source then it was possible that she could be able to help fix the situation without her miraculous. Plagg had told her to wait but it had already been three days since he gave her that advise. She believed that if Tikki was okay she would have reunited with her by now. Her pacing was interrupted by the loud clunk of the door at the top of the staircase. Adrien happily walked down the stairs with Plagg floating behind with a despairing look. She had not been able to meet Plagg alone after the last time and he always had a sad look plastered on his face. She scurried close to the bars as to reach him sooner. She had decided to become an obedient little pup in order to get his trust, it was the easiest way to get information. It still hurt though, to betray him. She clung to the cold bars as he got closer and called his name.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, mildly surprised. He no longer kept up the neat appearance that the model Adrien had. He looked much more like Chat Noir with his unkempt hair and comfortable clothes.

“I was lonely… thought it would be nice to talk.” she said as she fought back the cracks in her voice. He pulled his chair in front on the bars, just close enough to touch her hand as they talked. She didn’t know if it was his instincts or what but he was definitely being very cautious around her. He rubbed his thumb against the back of her hand lovingly and it gave her awkward butterflies, she wanted HER Adrien to be caring for her like this. “Can we talk? About that day?” She jumped to the point, not sure how to naturally start the conversation and trick answers out of him. His gentle caressing turned into a rough grip instantly. His green eyes grew hazy as he looked up at her.

“What do you mean?” He growled as he stood.

“Well… I just.. want to know what happened. What upset you so much to lead to this?” Marinette’s posture shrunk as he intimidated her. His face grew dark and twisted as he contemplated his answer. What made the situation more frightening was when a sinister smile spread across his face. He cocked his head to the side before he thrust his arms through the bars. He grabbed her in a painful hug against the metal. She gasped and fought against it out of confusion but that only succeeded in making his grip stronger.

“So you do care?” He chuckled in her ear. His hot breath caught her off guard and ended her thrashing. “Why do you care?” He suddenly violently pushed her away and she fell against the hard floor. His smile was still painted on his face, she had never seen such a scary expression. She shivered as he looked down at her. “Answer me. Why-Do-You-Care?” Plagg tried to calm the angered boy down but almost got injured as Adrien threw his arm towards the poor kwami. He kicked the bars to 'encourage’ the terrified girl to finally answer him.

“B-b-because.. I love you.” Normally when someone confessed their love they shone a cute cherry hue, but in this situation there was a complete lack of color in Marinette’s face.

“Who do you love?” He seemed to calm down a little but his demeanor didn’t change and kept her terrified. The question confused her but she felt too afraid to not answer.

“You.” She gulped as she hoped the simple answer was satisfactory.

“Who? What is his name?” He insisted.

“Adrien?” she answered confused. He began to chuckle softly before breaking out into an insane laughter. Her eyes grew wide as she watched the odd display in front of her and she crawled as far back as she possibly could. Plagg was silently shushing her in the background and she gladly took the advice. Plagg probably knew more about the situation, it was too bad that Adrien seemed to have him on lock down.

“Everyone loves Adrien! Adrien Agreste! The model. The perfect son of a powerful man. A good student. Rich, good looking, smart, and well-behaved. That is who you love right? That is what you said right?” He continued laughing as he sang his praises. “My Lady of course you love someone like that, he is perfect right?” Then his face suddenly dropped, his smile finally disappeared into a twisted, pained expression. “But you didn’t love Chat Noir. I confessed so so so so so many times. But I was not good enough. Why did you have to think the fake was better than the real? Chat Noir risked his life for you so many times. Loved you so many times. Gave so much for you. But you loved a man that did nothing for you.” Adrien at some point stopped talking to Marinette and just repeated himself over and over with unfocused eyes. That was when it clicked, what she did that day.

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About Lancer Arturia- It was to my knowledge that the one in Camelot and the one we summoned were inherently different The one in Camelot can't even be called Arturia. Its more Rhon has overwritten both her personality and existence. She isn't even a Heroic Spirit anymore. At least, that's how I heard it

the lion king being different from the lancer arturia you summon would’ve been acceptable had the summonable version not been completely devoid of personality and only been there to have boobs and nothing else

Someone I know died last night.
I didn’t know her well, but I still knew her

It’s just odd. This is the third person in that graduating class that has died, the second one from a car crash.
She’s someone that seemed like she’s never go away. Like she’d always be around. And now she’s just… gone. She won’t show up on my social media, she won’t be the subject of any of my friends’ new stories, she won’t come to our shows. She won’t be here.

We’re not mortal. Even the most *god like* of us don’t last forever. We’re easily damaged. Don’t drink or text while you drive and know that you’re not alone. I’m not a huge Evan Hansen fan, but you will be found.

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To be honest I don't think Betty became annoying because she's dating jughead, as much as I hate bughead, I don't think she even exists as An individual character anymore, they made her just a love interest character even when she decided to make a speech it was to defend her boyfriend jughead they could've given her a powerful scene with Cheryl for example but they gave her a sex scene for all the horny cole stans out there They're using her character to give jughead's character a storyline

I completely agree