if she breaks his heart i will murder her

I don’t think a lot of people seem to realize that Kara’s family is actually just as bad if not worse then Lena’s. Her Aunt tried to enslave two worlds, her Uncle was a vicious murderer who not only tried to enslave two worlds but also tried to kill off humanity. Kara’s father created biological weapons and thought it was a noble pursuit worthy of praise. Her own mother used her to capture a loved one

Kara knows very well that the House of El was just as bad and misguided as the Luthors. And deep down inside she knows that if she wasn’t lucky enough to be considered “one of the good ones” they would treat her with the same prejudice, the same hatred and judgment people treat Lena. It would probably be even worse since she is an alien. She would have probably been killed outright or locked up to rot in a cell.

So I don’t think that Kara is just angry about the fact that her friends have no faith in her judgment or the fact that they are going after her friend. I think that  every time James or Winn or Maggie or J’onn attack Lena  Kara feels like this is an attack on herself as well.

And the worst part is that nobody seems to understand where Kara is coming from.Not even Winn who should really know better considering his father’s history . Not James who was framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Not J’onn who was unfairly hunted down just because he was an alien. They should all know better and yet they are just as judgmental as Snapper. Kara considers her friends the best people on the planet and this must be such a huge disappointment to her. It must break her heart and make her absolutely furious at the same time

I think the only one who understands to some degree was Alex. I think that’s why she didn’t join the witch hunt against Lena

Wait For Me

     AU where Jughead gets arrested for Jason’s murder instead of FP and takes the fall to save Betty and his father.

    “You’re gonna plead guilty or your father and that blonde Cooper girl will face the same fate as my son.” Clifford spat out over the table, slamming him hands on the white metal surface. A glint of evil ignited in his eyes, a sickening grin cutting along his face. Jughead’s heart started to race, no one could save him now. 

     “Stay away from them.” Jughead cried uselessly, his voice soaked with pain. He tried escaping the locked cuffs around his wrists but it was no use. His whole life he’d never felt wanted. Always used and discarded like a piece of trash. His mother hated him, his friends didn’t trust him, no one did. Except Betty.

      Betty was the only good thing in Jughead’s life. The only thing that made him think that maybe his life was worth living. She made him open up to her, she warmed the coldness of his heart. He could’ve spent hours just listening to her rambling on about new theories or her mother’s ridiculous behaviour. He could watch her sleep soundly for hours, seeming more angelic than even possible. Betty was the first thing he can remember loving. 

       With a waste of space father and a mother who abandoned him, clearly loving was no easy task. But with Betty it was like the feeling was always there and it was never pushed away. She was the only one who listened to him and stuck around to fix him. When he found it hard and thought she deserved better, she pushed back with just as much force until he landed in her arms. She was his entire world. And in no universe would he ever let her walk into any harm. How could he protect her?

        “Goodbye Mr.Jones.” Clifford stood up and went to the door. He cracked it open slightly before turning around and saying “I hope you accept my offer. Too many innocent souls have been taken.” and with that he walked away. Deep down, Jughead knew what he had to do. Even if it meant never seeing her again, he wanted to to be safe. He’d rather have her alive and hating him than dead and loving him. He’d confess.

         Sheriff Keller pressed stop on the video camera, clearing his throat and sitting down. He had a disappointed look on his face when he met the gaze of the criminal sat before him. Who would’ve thought a kid like this would kill? The answer was everyone, no one trusted the outcast.

         “Jughead, you do realise this is set in stone now? There’s no going back. Not now, not ever. Did you kill the kid?” Keller begged, a small strand of him knowing this wasn’t the truth. Jughead looked distraught and in inner conflict. That’s not the face of a murderer. 

         His beanie-less black hair was tousled in all directions, heavy bags outlined his eyes making it clear he had no sleep. He wore the same clothes as the night before, a black suit with an untied baby blue tie that matched Betty Cooper’s dress. He must’ve been uncomfortable.

         “Does it really matter? You’re gonna arrest me anyways. Why not plead guilty and make the sentence shorter.” Jughead nonchalantly stated, playing with his fingers to find any distraction that’ll take him away from this reality. All that played in his mind was the face Betty made when he was being crammed into the back of a cop car. It was as if she lost all hope.

         “I’m sorry, Jughead. We’ll hold you in a cell until the court decide what to do. But it’s not looking good.” The Sheriff sighed before leading himself and Jughead out of the room, through the lobby and into a cell. Although, on the way, they both noticed some commotion in the hallway.

          “What do you mean he confessed? I stole the files! I have them right here!” Shouted the voice of a man familiar to both Jughead and the Sheriff. They continued walking hastily, eager to find out what was going on. Approaching the scene, Jughead stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her.

           “Please, just let me see him. I need to see him. He’s innocent!” Betty screamed, lunging for the officer but being held back by her father, Hal. Jughead noticed her hair wasn’t in her usual neat ponytail, instead it was scattered messily across her head, showing no signs of being sorted out since last night. Tears cascaded violently across her face, her eyes bloodshot and weighed down from lack of sleep. Instead of wearing the dress from the night before, she had changed into black jeans and one of Jughead’s many “S” shirts that Betty had “borrowed”. Before he could look anymore, he was being tugged past her and into a cell. 

           “I’m sorry Betts.” Was all he could get out before Keller dragged him away. Started to sob more and reach for him but it was too late. He was gone. No one was letting her see him, she had nothing to do.She felt nothing. Numbly, she got to her feet and stormed out of the station. Adamant to prove her boyfriend was innocent. She would never stop.

           “You have a visitor, Jones.” announce the cop stationed by Jughead’s cell. Jughead never bothered to learn their names, he had no care for anything anymore. He usually just sat and cried in his cell, waiting for the time to go around. The weeks passed and the time went around but it still wasn’t right. He was still alone. The court dates keep getting pushed which only extends his time away from Betty.

          “Juggie?” A soft voice broke through the silence. His heart skipped almost a thousand beats, shaking him from his deep thought. He raced to the bars of his cell, seeing the golden goddess before him. He pictured her face everyday, waiting for this moment to come. She looked a lot better than he last saw her, but still not the same. She noticed how frail and weak he looked, as if he’d not been eating. And he hadn’t. Heartbreak often does that to a boy.

         “Betts. What’re you doing here.” He masked his happiness with a face of worry and disappointment. She was going to get hurt if she came too close. He couldn’t have that. “I told you not to wait for me.” A tear slid down his face, this was more painful than before because she just kept coming back. 

        The day after he’d been put in the god forsaken cell, Betty had come. She begged for the truth and promised to get him out, his heart breaking more and more at the sight. He told her not to come back, not the wait for him. He told her the murder board was all lies to hide the truth. That he, Jughead Jones, killed Jason Blossom. She knew he was lying. She could always tell. So she masked hurt and left, swearing to never step a foot near him again.

        What he didn’t know was that she could hear his raspy voice breathe a small “wait for me” as she left the room. His voice was thick with emotion and cracked slightly. She knew he was crying. Which made her more sure he was innocent. So she carried on trying to prove that. And when she found the tape of Clifford shooting Jason. She went straight to Keller with a smile on her face. 

        “Clifford Blossom killed himself. He wrote a note, admitting to threatening you, setting you up and admitting to killing his son.” Betty stepped closer to the bars, setting her hand on one. She silently hoped to touch Jughead just once, she had missed everything about him. Though, right now, he was frozen in shock. Was he really free? 

        “Nancy Drew strikes again.” Kevin emerged from the hallway with a grin. Sheriff Keller following behind with a key to Jughead’s cell. He was still frozen in shock,  but all he could focus on was Betty. She saved him. She never gave up on him. 

       When the cell opened, both teens flew at each other, craving even the smallest touch. They were wrapped up in each others arms and Betty swore as soon as his arms wrapped around her she found her home. There were consequences to come with Jughead’s actions, but at the moment nothing felt safer.

        “I will always wait for you Jug. Always.” Betty breathed into the crook of his neck, inhaling the scent she had missed for all of this time. Jughead let the flood gates open, sobbing violently into his girlfriend’s shoulders. He knew now that this was all life had been preparing him for. Truly appreciating that someone out there could believe in him.

       “I love you.” He choked between sobs into the fabric of Betty’s shirt. Without any hesitation, she embraced the sides of his face, wiping away the tears before joining their lips. The kiss didn’t last long but it was full of raw emotion. Emotion they’d been having to lock up for weeks. 

       “I love you too.” She whispered against his lips, quickly pecking them once more before leading him into the lobby. His father waited there, looking cleaned up and sober? Jughead couldn’t believe the world he had walked out to. 

      “Dad!” He breathed, running to his father and hugging him tighter than ever. Had Betty just single-handedly saved the entire town? In this moment, Jughead made a promise to himself. He would do everything he could, for the rest of his life, to make Betty Cooper happy. He would marry her one day. That’s what he was sure of. And he did.

I hope you enjoyed that little prompt I was given! My asks are open if anyone wants to send in some ideas or feedback! Also if anyone just wants some advice or wants to talk! :) much love x

Dancing in the Dark

Here is a little fic I wrote post 1x11 to help myself find closure. (Also this might be my favorite thing I have ever written)

Betty ran out of Pop’s, her mind racing with the new information about F.P. But the first thing on her mind was finding Jughead, she had to make sure he was okay. She had to let him know that she did believe him and trust him and that she hadn’t had a part in their friends’ plan. Mostly, she had to tell him that she loved him. Betty decided to check the trailer next.

She practically sprinted the whole way, finally arriving with her lungs burning. She was sweaty and disheveled, but she didn’t care. Her only concern was Jughead. Betty hesitantly pushed open the trailer door. Her heart dropped when she found it dark inside. She had been so sure this was where Jughead would come. She started to leave when she heard a noise come from somewhere in the darkness. Turning on the flashlight on her phone, Betty found the light switch and flicked the lights on. She gasped softly at the state of the trailer. Everything had been torn apart, she guessed it had happened during the police search.

Betty’s eyes scanned desperately around the small space until she finally found the boy she was looking for. Her heart dropped again at the sight of him. He was curled up in the corner, hands covering his face, and shoulders shaking with quiet sobs.

“Jug…” Betty rushed over and sat next to him, she found herself suddenly unable to say any of the things she had wanted to say to him. What words could possibly make his pain go away? To her surprise, no words ended up being necessary. At her voice, Jughead looked up, tears staining his face. Pain was evident in his expression, but also something that looked like relief. When she sat down, he threw his arms around her and buried his face into her neck. Betty immediately wrapped her arms around her distraught boyfriend and started stroking his back. She didn’t shush him or tell him that it was going to be alright, she just let him cry.

Jughead’s sobs grew louder as he finally let out all of the pain he had been feeling recently. Betty knew he wasn’t just crying about the events of that night. He was crying for his family. For the family that he had thought he was getting back. For the family that he might never get. He was crying because his father had let him down again and he couldn’t handle it. Betty found herself crying with him, unable to bear listening to his raw pain.

Finally, when Jughead had cried himself dry, he pulled slightly away but kept his arms wrapped around Betty. She reached up and brushed the remaining tears off of his cheeks, searching his expression for any hint that he was upset at her.

“Juggie,” Betty started to explain, but he shook his head to quiet her and reached a hand up to stroke her cheek.

“I’m sorry Bets, I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. You aren’t responsible for their actions, and I know you had good intentions.” Jughead’s voice was raspy from all of the crying.

“I did, but I still shouldn’t have lied to you. You were just so happy and I didn’t want to be the one to take that away from you.” Betty’s eyes filled up with more tears, remember his happy smile when talking about it being important for their families to get to know one another. That moment seemed worlds away.

“We have to be honest with one another Betty, this town is filled with so much deceit and lies. We have to be able to count on one another.” Jughead dropped his hands and looked away from her, sadness filling his expression once again. Betty knew what the unsaid rest of that sentence was. They had to be able to count on one another, because they couldn’t trust anyone else in their lives. Betty rushed to tell Jughead what Archie and Veronica had told him.

“Jughead, your dad was framed. I ran into Archie and Veronica when I was looking for you, they told me that there was no lock box in the closet when they searched this place. It was planted after they left. Someone is framing your dad for Jason’s murder, he’s innocent and we are going to make damn sure everyone knows that.” Betty watched a series of emotions flash across Jughead’s face as he absorbed the information.

“He was framed?” Jughead said slowly

“Yes Juggie” Betty nodded and grabbed his hands. “You were right to believe in him.”

“I knew it, I knew he wasn’t lying when he told me he had nothing to do with Jason’s murder.” Jughead looked back at her, a small bit of light returning to his eyes.

“That’s what I tried to tell my mom and Veronica. I told them that I trusted you and believed you…but I couldn’t convince them” Betty felt ashamed once more because she hadn’t told Jughead what was going on. She should’ve trusted her instincts and told him, but she had once again let her mom get into her head. She had listened when Alice had told her that it would break Jughead’s heart to know her real motivations behind the dinner. Although that had been true, Betty should’ve seen that her betrayal would hurt him more.

“I’m pretty sure there is no convincing Alice Cooper or Veronica Lodge of anything ever” Jughead said with the tiniest of smiles.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what was going on the moment I knew…” Betty angrily brushed away a fresh tear.

“It’s done, you’re forgiven.” Jughead waved it away with his hand, “I trust you Betty, it’s just hard for me to accept that there is someone in my life that will keep fighting for me no matter what. I’m not used to that. I shouldn’t have doubted you so quickly.”

“You’re forgiven” Betty gave him forgiveness as fast as he had given it to her. “I think this is new territory for both of us, opening up, trusting, being vulnerable. We are both likely to make mistakes, but the important thing is that we forgive each other and grow stronger because of them.” She leaned in to give him a kiss. She cupped his face as their lips pressed together in a sweet, soft kiss.

When they separated, Jughead wrapped his hands lightly around her wrists and pulled them off of his face. On instinct, Betty’s hands curled into fists. It was a habit she had developed to hide her scars. Jughead looked up at her and with a sigh, she slowly relaxed her hands, revealing fresh cuts on her palms.

“I didn’t even realize I was doing it” Betty said softly “I know I promised to stop, but it’s just a reaction now, every time I find myself getting upset and overwhelmed I do it. I barely even felt the pain this time, I was so focused on finding you…” Betty trailed off, the three words she’d wanted to say to him all night on the tip of her tongue. She took a deep breath and jumped right in, “…because I love you.” Jughead, who’d been focused on her hands, looked up at her in shock. His eyes widened and a slow smile spread across his face.

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me” Betty bit her lip, anxious to hear him say it back.

“Say it again.”

“I love you. I was talking to my mom and she thought that I was done with you and I said that I loved you and that you were my family.” Betty found herself smiling to match his.

“I feel the same way, I love you, Betty Cooper.” Jughead’s expression changed to something more intense. “I’m sorry I threw Toledo at you like that. I didn’t mean what I said. Even if that were still to happen, there is no way I’d leave you. You mean way too much to me.” Betty felt a wave of happiness wash over her. His words, the way he was looking at her, it was more than she could’ve possibly hoped for.

“If your family does get back together and move to Toledo, then I guess I’m just going to have to come with you.” She said with a grin.


“Of course” They both knew that even if his father was cleared, he probably wouldn’t be allowed to leave town anytime soon. But for the moment, they were both enjoying the fantasy of moving far far away from that crazy town filled with crazy people.

“You know, with all of the insanity going on at the dance, I never did get to slow dance with you. I was prepared too, I’d even asked my dad to teach me.” Jughead said with a soft smile. Betty felt another wave of happiness at the thought of him learning how to dance for you. Jughead stood up and walked over to the corner of the trailer, where an old record player was on its side. Jughead righted it and put a record on, then he pushed aside some of the rubble to clear a small area. “May I have this dance?” He asked, coming over to Betty and extending his hand.

“Oh, I suppose so” She teased, taking his hand and allowing him to pull her to her feet. She put her other hand on his shoulder and leaned her head on his chest. Jughead’s free hand wrapped tightly around her waist, pulling her close against him. They didn’t really dance as much as sway to the beat of the soft jazz coming from the record player. Betty was slightly surprised that FP would have a record like that until she realized that maybe it was Jughead. She wouldn’t be at all surprised if Jughead liked to listen to jazz as he wrote.

The two held each other and swayed gently to the music amongst the ruins of the trailer. Betty hated the word perfect, but she couldn’t think of another word that better described the moment.

“Say it again” She whispered

“I love you,” Jughead said, leaning his cheek against her hair.

Yes, at that moment, everything was perfect.

Don’t Let Me Go

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 856
warning : angst (you may want to grab a chocolate bar before reading this)
summary : Kai and Reader break up and Reader tried to go on with her life even tho she is hurting. Months later she goes out on a date with someone who she thinks is the ideal guy , but things do not work out quite as she had hoped …
*gif by lightwoodxalec

Y/N ran upstairs to their bedroom hearing Kai’s angry footsteps following her.
“What are you doing?” Kai asked , grabbing her wrists forcing her to look at him.
They had had their worst fight yet. At first everything got started because Kai was jealous of a random guy at the bar who had had the nerve to talk to Y/N and now somehow the fight had turned into how she wants him to be something he is not. It was completely ridiculous because that was not the case. Ever since Kai turned into a vampire all his emotions were heightened and he was on edge constantly. It wasn’t just this time … whenever someone looked at her in a way Kai didn’t like , things got ugly. He had broken a guy’s nose , nearly broken another’s jaw…
“I am moving out. What do you think I’m doing?” she yelled , pulling away from him. “You said you don’t want me here , remember ?”
Y/N tossed a few pairs of jeans  and a couple of shirts in her bag not even bothering to fold them , looking around the room picking up a pair of high heels from under the bed , going back into the walk in closet taking out the last of her clothes.
Kai rested against the wall , watching her throw things in her bag. He didn’t want her to leave , he loved her and regretted the fight already. When they had first started dating she had promised him that she will love him forever , that he will never be alone again… Now she was packing… and his pride was standing in the way of him admitting his mistake.
“Fine , leave. What do I care… ” he said. “You probably have been waiting for me to screw up , haven’t you , so you can leave me ? What a fool I’ve been to care and love you and to think that you cared and loved me too. You are just like everyone else. All you see when you look at me is a murderous sociopath who killed his own family , maimed your friends and put your best friend into a sleeping curse ! I can’t believe I waisted a second being in love with you !”
Y/N stared at him , her heart breaking to pieces at his words. She couldn’t believe what he was saying , it was as if he was a completely different person… There was no trace of the Kai she had fallen in love with. They had been so in sync ever since they had met , and now …
“It goes both ways.” she said angrily , closing the zipper on her bag , taking it in her hand heading for the bedroom door. She walked past him , stopping a step behind him , fighting back the tears. The last thing she wanted to do was leave , she loved him and cared about him more than she could ever put into words… but it was starting to get clear to her their relationship was doomed. “I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again. ” she said going through the door , running down the stairs and out the door slamming it with a loud bang.
Y/N walked to her car blinking back tears , tossed her bag in the back seat and got in. She wanted to leave as soon as possible before the tears started , but it was too late … she broke into sobs , tears streaming down her face , her hands balled into fists hitting the steering wheel.
It was as if her entire world had come crashing down , the pain in her chest growing with every passing second remembering Kai’s face , his last words to her echoing in her mind breaking her heart all over again until there was nothing left.

Y/N woke up suddenly , shooting up straight in her bed , sweat covering her forehead and tears streaming down her face. It had been the 3rd time the past few days she had had that dream …the moment she and Kai broke up. Whatever people said about pain getting easier with time , it was a lie. She had tried for months to move on and was still trying , but it was harder than ever. Back when they had been together she hadn’t realised how many things actually remind her of him … until their relationship had ended. All the little things - someone would walk by wearing the same cologne as him or would order the same drink as him. Literally everything reminded her of Kai…
She wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand , her gaze falling on a shadow in the hallway. There was someone inside the house , she got up fast trying to catch whoever it was but the person was long gone by the time she got up.
“Great. Now I am hallucinating.” she muttered , walking downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. Y/N looked around trying to figure out if someone had actually been inside the house or not , but everything was just as she had left it before going to bed. In the end she didn’t want to go back upstairs and just crashed on the couch for the rest of the night.


Kai couldn’t stay away from Y/N , no matter how much he tried. He still loved her… and knew he’d never stop loving her. The only thing that kept him semi sane was that he got to see her … He’d sneak into her house at night , watch her sleep. Sometimes he’d take a peek into her head to see what she was dreaming about. Usually it was school stuff , but that night when he had peeked into her subconscience it had broken  his heart all over again. Tears were streaming down her face and he gently wiped a few of them away. Y/N was dreaming about their break up ,tossing and turning in her sleep. He wanted to wake her up , wrap his arms around her and comfort her like he’d usually do when she had bad dreams … but it wasn’t possible. She started to wake up and he ran out of the house before she had had the chance to see him and kick him out.  What he had seen and felt while peeking inside her dream that night had brought back the memory of that night for him too…

It took him less than an hour to realise what a huge mistake he had made letting her leave. He used his vampire hearing , listening to her sobs in her car , wishing things hadn’t gone the way they had. Y/N had said she didn’t want anything to do with him … and it had all been his fault.
“AARHHHH .!!!!” he screamed , grabbing the lamp from the night stand tossing it across the room at the wall  smashing it to bits, turning around and picking up the next thing he could find which turned out to be a picture of them together. Kai looked at it for a few moments , touching her face on the photo.
“I’m so sorry…” he whispered , crumbling on the ground still holding the picture in his hand as tears started streaming down his cheeks. He wiped them away as quickly as they were falling , giving up a few minutes later. Kai hated the tears , they always made him feel like some sort of an alien creature. He had felt pain before , but none of it compared to what he felt in that moment  when she had left their home , slamming the door shut behind her - like the air was being pulled out of his lungs , his heart being torn away from his chest.

*  *  *

The next day Y/N woke up from her phone ringing - ZACK said the called ID. She couldn’t help but smile for a moment. Zack was a british guy she had met a few weeks ago at Whitmore. He was sweet , kind and as far as she gotten to know him , he was absolutely perfect. When she was with him the pain vanished for a few hours and she had started liking him so when he had asked her out on a date a week ago she had said yes. Zack had taken her out for a dinner and a movie and tonight was their second date.
“Hey.” she picked up the phone. “What’s up ?”
“Morning gorgeous.” he said in his perfect accent. “Just checking in to see if we are still on for tonight ? I can’t wait to see you.”
Y/N giggled. “Yes , we are and … I can’t wait to see you too.” she said smiling. “What do you have planned ?”
“It’s a surprise.” Zack said , Y/N heard voices around Zack calling for him. He was at work. “Hey , I gotta go love .. see you tonight.”
Y/N hang up the phone starring at her screen saver for a moment - a picture of her and Zack making funny faces behind the teacher’s back.
Maybe this is it. she thought. My chance to be happy again…
She walked upstairs , opening her closet looking for the perfect outfit for the evening , rummaging through her dresses pulling one after another.
“And as usual .. I have nothing to wear.” she laughed nervously after trying a few outfits. Somehow none of them seemed to work to her liking. Y/N sighed and walked back to the closet , looking through her things and that’s when she saw it…. one of Kai’s t-shirts. She froze on the spot , unsure what to do at first.
When they had broken up , she had packed all Kai’s things in a box and left them in his house along with the key to their house … his house. Somehow his shirt had stayed in her closet this whole time. Carefully she picked it up , holding it in her hands as if it’s the biggest treasure , a small smile spread across her face. Y/N brought it up  to her face , feeling the soft material and taking in the scent.
It still smells like him. she thought.
She sat on the bed , holding Kai’s shirt close to her chest , closing her eyes.
Y/N remembered when he had left it here … it was one of the first times he had stayed the night. In the morning she hadn’t been able to find where her clothes had fallen the night before , she hadn’t even been sure they were still in one piece …and then her gaze had stopped on his shirt , she had put it on walking downstairs where Kai had already started making breakfast. He always made breakfast. Y/N remembered clearly the look on his face when he saw her in his shirt , how he had pulled her close softly whispering in her ear how sexy she looked in it before leaning in to kiss her and tossing her over his shoulders…
A few tears rolled down her cheeks at the memory. She wiped them away quickly , holding onto the shirt tighly as if it might disappear. They had been so happy together , every moment felt like magic. How did it all fall apart in the end?  
Y/N took off the dress she had been wearing tossing it onto the floor and put on Kai’s shirt , looking at her reflection in the mirror , wrapping her hands around her drowning in the memory of that day. Whatever happened in the future , whoever she got to spend her life with … she knew one thing for sure - she’ll never stop loving him.
“I miss you …” she whispered.

The first few weeks after the break up Y/N spent mostly crying. There was no way to stop the pain or the tears. She went to sleep at night haunted by nightmares reliving their breakup, except when she woke up in the morning the nightmares never ended. Each day was worse than the previous. Her life had turned into an endless ocean of pain and she was drowning in it. She didn’t want to eat , to sleep or to go on in general.. Life without Kai didn’t exist for her.
A few times she had found herself wandering the streets in the middle of the night , her heart pulling her towards Kai until she ended up in front of his house. She’d get there around 3-4am , sit on the porch for a while glancing at the windows which were always dark , as if no one was inside. For all she knew Kai had left town and gone back to Portland and it was breaking her on the inside knowing she had lost him. One time she fell asleep on the porch and woken up back in her house unsure how she had gotten there.
About a month and a half later after the break up, Y/N decided it is time she pulled herself together and start moving on.. so she went out with her friends , ending up making out with some guy who had been an absolute stranger to her. Instead of moving on , she felt worse than before … like she had cheated on Kai , which was ridiculous considering they had broken up.
Later on her friends had set her up on a date with one of Tyler’s old high school friends from the football team who had rolled back into town. Things had been going well up until the point Kai had walked into the Grill. It had been the first time she had seen him since their break up and he looked wrecked. Kai looked paler than usual with dark spots under his eyes , his hair was messy , his shirt untucked and he even had grown some facial hair. The moment his eyes had fallen on Y/N and her date he visibly crumbled on the inside. He sat at the far end of the Grill not looking at them , Y/N glancing a few times in his direction trying to catch his eye … All her feelings had come rushing back and her only wish was to run into his arms. She hadn’t even realised her date had been talking for a few minutes but she hadn’t heard a word , all her thoughts consumed by Kai.
“Hey , are you OK?” the guy said , reaching across the table to touch her hand.
“Yeah … yeah , I’m … I’ll be right back.” she said getting up , heading towards the restrooms. Y/N looked at her reflection in the mirror , the hole in her chest opening again causing her pain so strong she nearly fell on the ground. It took her more than 10 minutes to recover enough to walk back outside only to find her date gone. She looked around for a few moments , searching for him but there was no trace of him so she grabbed her bag and jacket , heading outside and that’s when she heard the screams. Y/N ran to the small alley behind the Grill , finding Kai punching and kicking the guy she had been on a date with , before pulling him up and feeding on him until the guy stopped fighting.  Kai turned towards her , his eyes filled with anger and pain , before disappearing.

Y/N had no idea how much time had passed until the doorbell returned her back to reality. She pulled over her head Kai’s shirt and quickly got dressed in her PJ’s , carefully tucking in under her pillow before rushing downstairs to open the door.
“Zack ! Hi ! W-what are you doing here ?” she asked surprised , noticing the flowers in his hand. “Oh God … ” she muttered.
Zack laughed nervously. “You are not ready yet ? I can go wait in the car if you need some extra time…” he said looking at her wearing her PJ’s , licking his lower lip.
Y/N smiled awkwardly. Somehow she had completely forgotten about Zack’s existance , not to mention their date.
“Yeah sorry. Um … something came up. Come on in , you can wait inside…” she said , as Zack gave her the flowers. “Thank you , those are beautiful.”
“Not as beautiful as you.” he said leaning in to kiss her , wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her close. Suddenly his kiss felt wrong to her , his lips on hers felt wrong. Y/N pulled away giving him a small smile.
“I better find them a vase.” she said tiptoeing into the kitchen , Zach following her closely behind. She looked through the kitchen cabinets for a vase and in a few minutes she found one and filled it with water , placing the flowers in leaving them on the table. “How did you know I like white roses ?”
Zack took a few steps towards her , backing her against the kitchen counter.
“I know a lot of things.” he said , his lips smashing against hers as his hands found their way down her waist , squeezing her ass pulling her closer to him. Y/N had wrapped her hands around his neck tugging on his hair. He didn’t seem to want to pull away or let go off her. Her phone rang and she tried to wiggle her way out but Zack grabbed her wrists holding them tight together behind her back. She looked up and his expression scared the hell out of her. His eyes were black and he had this crazy look on his face - the same look a predator has looking at his pray. Zach’s other hand pushed down her PJ’ bottoms along with her underwear.
“What are you doing?” she asked trying to get herself free. In all the time she had known him , he had never done anything like it. “Sto-”
He smashed his lips against hers again , shutting her up. Y/N managed to kick him between the legs with her knee , giving her a few seconds to pull away from him.
“What is wrong with you?!” she asked raising her voice. “Whatever has crawled up your pants - watch it. THIS is not going to happen. Not tonight and definitely NOT like this.”
Zach took a step towards her. “Why not , Y/N? I want this , you want this … I see the way you look at me , you want it…” he said , his voice completely different than the sweet sound she was used to.
“I-I think you should go.” she said stepping aside , pointing towards the door. “Go before I call the cops or worse - one of my friends.”
Zach laughed and took another step towards her. “Your friends? What are they going to do to me ? Report me to the dean ?”
“Trust me , you do not want to find out.” she said , her voice trembling , taking a step back from him trying to get to her phone.
He pushed her onto the couch pinning her wrists over her head , kissing her neck while his other hand pushed down inside her underwear.
“Stop ! I don’t want to do this … Zack , get off me!” she cried out trying to push him off , tears started streaming down her face. “Get off me , please…”
It didn’t matter what she said , he kept going .. pulling down her PJ’s and undoing the buttons on his jeans.
Y/N felt so helpless in that moment , unable to do anything but wait for it to be over. Every attempt to fight him off failed , all her words went poof in the air… She had thought Zack was this nice guy and it had turned out that he was anything but.
“Stop please ..” she begged him again in between sobs , trying to pull herself away from him.
There was a loud bang coming from the front door and suddenly Zack started choking , his body lifting up in the air a few steps off the ground , his legs kicking at nothing while his hands tried to free the invisible grip on his neck.
Y/N looked around , her eyes falling on Kai who looked ready to tear Zack apart, his eyes burning with anger.
“I believe she said she wants you to stop. You should’ve listened.” Kai said , fury in his voice. “How should I end you ? Should I break your neck or rip out your heart?” he paused for a moment thinking. “Maybe first I will break every bone in your body as a punishment for laying a finger on her.”
Y/N stood frozen for a moment before pulling back up her PJ’s and running into Kai’s arms.
Kai pulled her close , tearing his eyes away from Zack , who’s face was already purple / blueish , looking at her with tears in his eyes. The girl he loved , who had nearly been raped by someone she had trusted. Kai didn’t even dare thinking what would’ve happened to her if he hadn’t decided to come to her house that evening and try to talk to her. His heart broke all over again looking at Y/N. She looked so scared and shaken to the core.

A few days after their break up , Kai came home finding a box with all things he had left in Y/N’s house - t-shirts , pictures …and the key he had given her so she could walk in at any time , even if he wasn’t home. He sat on the floor unable to bring himself to look through the things in the box. He had expected to find a ‘surprise’ like this one at some point but not this soon. Part of him had hoped they’d be able to repair their relationship , that this wasn’t the end …
Kai sat alone in the darkness , unable to fall asleep or even close his eyes because every time he did , Y/N’s face showed up behind his eyelids … The moment he had told her he regretted every second spent loving her ,the cracks in her heart visible through her eyes… He couldn’t believe how stupid he had been in that moment , talking without thinking not realising the consequences of his actions.
His days were mostly spent trying not to go looking for her ,except he failed miserably at it. A few times he had used a cloaking spell , sneaking up into her house or following her around town. It hurt him seeing her like this - she looked like a ghost , walking down the street or sitting on the couch curled up into a ball crying. She’d look in his direction or walk past him , he’d reach out to touch her before stopping himself.
A few times he had seen her come to his house in the middle of the night , just sitting on the porch… Kai would sit by the window in the dark , looking at her trying to work up the nerve to open the door and talk to her. To apologise for all the pain he had caused. One time she fell asleep and he carried her home. He didn’t think Y/N would be happy if when she wakes up finds herself in their old bedroom with him leaning over her.
None of those moments compared to the ones when he saw her with other guys. He liked seeing her smile , but hated that it was someone else making her smile and not him. His jealousy always won in the end.
Y/N had been the light in his life … and now he was living in literal and metaphorical darkness. He barely fed , not unless it was on one of the guys trying to take her away from him forever.

Kai flicked his wrist , breaking one of Zack’s legs , then the other not once but twice. He loosened the grip enough for Zack  to take a breath before breaking one of his ribs. Y/N reached for his hand , lowering it down.
“No … don’t.” she said , her voice trembling. “He will get what’s coming …Let him go.”
Kai looked at her as if she were insane. “That guy just tried to … ” he swallowed hard, unable to even say the word. “.. he deserves to suffer and bleed out for what he did.”
“No , he will stain the carpet.” she said , a small smile on her face. “It will be hell to clean up afterwards.”
Kai laughed , a genuine laugh for the first time in months. Y/N brushed away a tear rolling down his cheek , her fingers tracing every inch of his face as if seeing him for the first time. Kai let Zack down on the ground watching him squirming in pain. Y/N walked over to him , kneeling down.
“You wanted to know what’s so scary about my friends…? Compared to my boyfriend ,” she motioned to Kai ,“ my friends are harmless fluffy kittens.”
Kai’s eyes lit up when she said ‘my boyfriend’ and he smiled for a moment. He loved hearing her say those words.
“What are we going to do with you now , Zack? … ” she muttered more to herself than to anyone else.
“What kind of a freak is that guy ?” Zack spit out , pointing at Kai. “I’ll report you to -”
“To who ?” Kai interrupted. “The cops ? I think they’d be more interested in what you tried to do to her. Be grateful she stopped me or you would’ve been 2 meters under ground right now…” he knelt down next to Y/N , grabbing Zack’s shoulders. “Listen to me very carefully you little piece of … … You were in a car accident on your way to Y/N’s house to tell her you are not interested in her. You will forget all about me and what I did to you .. and you will move so far away from here , you’ll fall off the edge of the map. Got it?”

*   *   *

“I’m going to burn that couch.” Y/N muttered after they had dealt with Zack and he was sent on his 'marry way’ in an ambulance with compelled doctors. “Are you going to help me or what?” she said glancing at Kai who laughed at her comment.
“It’s not the couch’s fault this happened …. It’s mine.” he said taking a step towards her. “I … I never should’ve let you leave that night. If my pride hadn’t gotten the worst out of me , none of this would’ve happened.” His gaze fell on the ground.
Y/N took his hand in hers. “You can’t blame yourself for this… it was my fault too.” she said , Kai lifting his gaze to meet hers.
“No! No , it wasn’t. It was all me.” he raised his voice. “I said so many things I didn’t mean that night , pushed you away and didn’t follow you after. I should have followed you , I … I should’ve done everything I could to get you back and I didn’t… and then when I saw you with all those guys , it felt like I was losing you all over again… and then you met this idiot. I saw you happy with him and I knew I had lost you forever.”
Y/N looked into his eyes , seeing her pain reflected in them. Now that she saw him up close , there were dark circles under his eyes , his skin was grayish. She ran her fingers through his hair , watching him close his eyes for a moment enjoying her touch. Her hand resting on his cheek , Kai’s hand reaching for it to hold it. He opened his eyes , blinking back tears. It broke her heart seeing him like this. Kai never liked tears , not in her eyes and definitely not in his eyes.
“I am so so sorry for everything , Y/N. I’m sorry for causing you all this pain , putting you through hell … I …”
“Stop talking.” she said suddenly.
“No , you need to know. … and then you’ll never see or hear from me again , just like you wanted. Y/N , I -”
Y/N shut him up with a kiss , wrapping her hands around his neck , running her fingers through his hair tugging on it , pulling him closer.. Kai looked surprised for a second and then pulled her closer to him too , his lips hungrily wanting more. In that moment all the pain from the past few months disappeared as if it had never happened. It felt like two pieces of the same heart had finally connected and everything in the world seemed right again. Their lips perfect match for each other , their bodies perfectly fitting together.
“I never stopped loving you… ” he said softly , pulling away from the kiss with a wide smile on his face. “I love you … I .. I always will.”
Y/N smiled widely back at him pressing her lips to his again before speaking.
“I never stopped loving you either , Malachai.” she said. He didn’t even wince hearing his full name like he usually did… She pressed her lips against his again. “I love you! Always and forever.” she said smiling.
He let out a small laugh. “I missed hearing you say my name.” he said cupping her face , his thumbs gently rubbing her cheeks and resting his forehead on hers. “I missed seeing the spark in your eyes , your lips .. everything. I missed you.”
Kai kissed her deeply , wrapping his arms around her tighter than ever.
“I am never letting you go again.”
“I wouldn’t let you even if you wanted me to.” she said smiling.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


for persephone: i bring her an ensemble of butterflies. her eyes widen. when she reaches out to touch a wing, they perish. before she leaves i sneak a bag of pomegranate seeds into her hand. she pulls one out, puts it on her left canine tooth. the message is clear: “you don’t get to choose to be a villain or a woman. by nature they’ve indoctrinated you to be both.” she puts another seed on her right tooth. “give them what they want. rip their throat out.”

for hades: i bring a globe of the world painted black with red freckles scattered on it. the red paint hasn’t dried when he arrives, he places his index finger on them and smears the paint. on our monthly visits i always bring a cup of red paint. put a new red dot, instruct him to place his finger and spin the globe. before i leave he offers me a glove so the paint won’t stain next time. this is my first lesson on how to get away with murder.

for aphrodite: i try to cut a paper heart out of red construction paper. glue glitter onto it. she snarls and rolls her eyes. she wants something with a pulse. i try to explain that i can’t just rip somebody’s heart out of their chest. she tells me to break their heart instead because it’s all the same in the end.

for chronos: i bring him clocks of all shapes and sizes. he breaks the glass, rips out the hands. when i return home it’s nine months ago and you’re still here. i send a silent thank you. the clock starts ticking again. he said this would be my last chance to get it right.

for dionysus: i smuggle in the highest price wine i can find the first time i meet him. he sucks it down, tells me next time to just bring the cheap stuff because it gives the same buzz. i know there’s a lesson to be learned from his reckless nature. i still haven’t figured it out. i still keep letting you reach out to me like i’m the next bottle.

for erebus: i invite him at twilight, take the god of darkness too literal. he arrives an hour before dawn. the sky is a deep blue. he stares off into the distance, wary of the rising sun. tells me to make it quick. my offer was the whole night sky so now i’m empty handed. for the first time i realize nobody wants the darkness. nobody wants what’s already promised to them. i’m trying to find a way to let him see the sun.
—  life lessons with the gods and goddesses pt. 1, a.l.

Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: SUPRISE! Hahaha I know I said I was going to post it tomorrow, but I realized that it doesn’t matter because I still won’t like it regardless the day I post. Not my best work, so I’ll leave up to you guys. If y'all want a part 4, I’ll do it gladly. So let me know ;) 

Update: thank you Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, for rewriting it beautifully. I’m so grateful for having you to help me!

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 4.

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"Admit it, you missed me."

“I will admit no such thing.”

The Petrova doppelganger pouted. “Bonnie.”


“Admit it.” The witch continued reading her book. “Admit it, Bon Bon.” She continues ignoring her as she sips her tea. “Damn it, Bonnie!”

“What?” Bonnie sighed leaning back into her husband’s favorite green chair. “What do you want?”

“I want you to admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“That you missed me. It’s been two years since I left New Orleans. Admit it, Bon~nnie.”

“Ooooh my goddess.” Bonnie rolled her eyes up to the ceiling. “Why do I deal with you?”

Katherine crawled over from the lit fireplace to Bonnie, sitting by her feet. “Because you love me. And -” She slithered her way up into Bonnie’s lap, lying her head on her friend’s shoulder. “You wouldn’t have pried open the gates of hell to get me out, if you didn’t care.”

“Which you never thanked me for by the way. I bust you out of there ten years ago and no thanks. Not once but twice.”

“Thank the woman that put me there in the first place?”

“You tried to kill me and my fiance.”

“I wasn’t going to kill you. Klaus maybe, because he was hunting me like the rabid dog he is for centuries, but I wouldn’t have killed you. Hurt you, sure. Not kill.”

“It didn’t seem like it from where I was standing.” Bonnie sighed as she tried to continue reading her book. It was so peaceful and quiet before Katherine burst through the door screaming for Bonnie, almost waking up her children. She had to talk Klaus out of giving the loud vampire her final death.

“Besides, the first time shouldn’t count. You only got me out because you needed doppelganger blood. Then you sent me back to hell.”

“And then I got you out again and you’d stayed out. So, hush.”

“Had a change of heart?” The vampire made a display of batting her long eyelashes up at Bonnie.

“I regret my decision everyday.”

“Liar.” Katherine snuggled deeper into the Bennett-Milaelson’s neck taking in her floral aroma. “You cared.”

“I did.”


“Because…” Bonnie answered plainly then flipped the page of her book.

Katherine leaned away from Bonnie to stare down at her. “Because?”

“Katherine, can I please enjoy reading my book?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she continues to read Songs for Anninho.

The vampire snatched the away, finally getting the undivided attention she wanted from Bonnie. “Tell me.“


“Tell me. Was it pity? You thought hearing my life story and you decide to show me mercy. Was that it?”


“To keep an eye on me?”


“Then why?”

“Because I thought you deserved a chance, Katherine. Geez, are you happy now?” Bonnie snatched her book back from the vampire highly irritated that she lost her page.

Katherine paid her any mind. Her frown turned into a smug grin hearing her witch’s words. “Go on.” She swung her feet over the arm of the green cushioned chair over Bonnie’s lap. “Tell me more.”

“There’s nothing else. I thought you deserved a chance. I seen you when you were here helping me -”

“Against my will -”

“HELPING ME…with a spell to stop the Raven Coven. You just seemed…lonely. You needed someone. When I sent you back to hell, it didn’t feel right.” Bonnie’s lips quirked into a half smile. “It was the next day, an hour before my wedding maybe even less. I was looking in the mirror…I was ready. I had on this beautiful wedding gown, hair done, shoes on. I was ready to march down the isle to be Mrs. Niklaus Mikaelson.” The witch shook her head. “But I didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel right at all.”

Katherine nodded her head for Bonnie to continue.

“I knew I wasn’t getting cold feet. I’ve been ready to marry that hybrid the second he placed that ring on my finger in Siena. Nope, it was you.” Bonnie sucked her teeth remembering the deep scowl on her face on her wedding day. “I knew I was going to do something stupid… And I did it.”

Katherine snickered into Bonnie’s hair smelling the lavender scent of her shampoo. “You were pissed. You were barreling your way through hell with this huge gown -”

“- It was hot in there. Like thousand degrees hot. I was baking in satan’s oven, hot.”

“Stepping over everyone to get to me. Cade was out of sorts with himself. He was upset you broke your deal.” Katherine looked up at Bonnie. “What deal did you make to have him let me go?”

“I didn’t make any deals with him. I simply took you.”

“Cade wouldn’t just let me go, Bonnie.”

“He wouldn’t. Not at first.” Bonnie admitted. “Cade is a stubborn man and certainly doesn’t like to lose.” Katherine watches the green in her friend’s eyes turn darker as she stared into nothing. “However, Cade knows not to mess with little ol’ me.”

Katherine pinched her eyesbrows together. “Why’s that?”

Bonnie only shrugged. “You don’t fuck with the Bennett witches.” Bonnie smiled as she felt Katherine grin against her neck. “We are the eldest living line of witches. If our power doesn’t frighten them, our connections will. I have a lot powerful friends on my side. Even more since my ancestors had aided a lot of…associates from their time. Names that haven’t been spoken from anyone’s mouth on any plane. They’re too scared. Especially on the other side.”

“What name did you use to spook the devil?”

Bonnie snorted. “He’s not the devil.” She sneered. “I’ve met satan and he’s as manipulative and slimy as the good book described him. Maybe even worse. Crafty bastard.”

“Sam and Dean?”

“Sam and Dean Winchester. I helped them with something some time ago. By helping them I met the devil himself and a few others I never want to meet again. Ever.” Bonnie shook the horrid memories from her head. “It’s a long story and before you even utter to ask, no I don’t want to talk about it and no I will not change my mind.”

Katherine huffed. “I wasn’t going to ask.”

“Yes you were.”

The doppelganger rolled her eyes. “So, what name did you say to have Cade let me go.”

“Shades.” Bonnie whispered softly. “I said Shades.”

“Who’s that?”

“Someone I hope you never have to meet.”

“Then how do you know him?”

Bonnie felt her heart slam hard against her rib repeatedly. A rush of images came to the forefront of her mind. Innocent times of laughter and love. A time when she didn’t know about the supernatural world. She only knew the life she had behind the stainless glass. It was a time of light and happiness. Three friends. One lover. The other a sister. She had everything…until she had nothing. They’ve separated and everything changed.

“It’s complicated.” Bonnie swallowed the large lump in her throat. Now was not the time.

Katherine heard the hesitance in her friend’s voice. It was unsettling to the vampire. “Did he hurt you…this Shades?” Protectiveness and possessiveness clawed at Katherine insides. If he hurt Bonnie in some way, she would -

“No…no he didn’t.” Bonnie interrupted Katherine’s murderous thoughts. “I’m the one that did the hurting.” Somber green eyes watched the fire dance and flicker to and fro as she thought about Hernan. She felt her heart break again. “But that’s in the past.” She pushed the unsettling emotions aside, tucking her memories in the far recesses of her mind. “Though we have our…complications…he and his…group, I should say, make good allies.” Bonnie stares down at Katherine. “Cade had a run in with Shades some time ago and he would be a fool to get on his bad side…again.”

“You threatened him.”

“I don’t make threats. I make promises. A promise that my next visit wouldn’t be so pleasant. He was lucky I asked first.”

“Then you rescued me.”

“I rescued you…fifteen minutes before my wedding started.”

Katherine cackled. “Your wedding dress was so dirty and singed from the hell fire.” Bonnie giggled along with her. “The look on Klaus’ sister and Gia’s face spoke volumes.”

“They were so angry. They was looking all over for me. I felt so bad. I left without a word.” Bonnie wiped her laughing tears away. “I was a mess but it was nothing with little magic to clean the dress and spruce up my hairdo. I looked good as new.“ She kissed the top of Katherine head and sat her crooked chin above her. “Besides, it was worth it.”

“We made it to the church just in time.”

“You cleaned up nice.”

“I told you sunglow was my color. I was the best maid of honor you ever had.”

“You were my only maid of honor, Kat. You and Lucy wear almost the same size. It was her dress in the first place.”

“And I will forever be your only maid of honor. Lucy can’t have it. She didn’t show up the first time. No take backs.”

“She didn’t agree to me marrying Klaus…or Grams.” A hint of sadness melted into her words

“Well, it’s a good thing you had me. Who else was going to walk you down the isle to your dog?” Bonnie pinched the vampire’s side playful. “The look Klaus’ face was gorgeous. His face would forever be branded into my memories as long as I walk this earth.”

“He. Was. Liv.Id. Livid, Kitty.” She heared the muffled laughter below her. “Mad with rage when he seen me with you walking me to him. In a bridesmaid dress. He tore me a new one during the drive to our reception.”

“Yeah. Him and his family wasn’t happy I was back. They still don’t like me.”

“They don’t have to like you. I like you.” Bonnie kissed her button nose. “And the children adore you, especially Alek.”

“My little prince.” Katherine smiled at the thought of the little chubby hybrid. “I missed him. I can’t wait to hold him.”

“Don’t wake him up, Kat. Let him wake up by himself. He needs sleep. I need sleep.”

“I give you until seven in the morning.”

“Too early. Eight.”



“Come on, Bon! I haven’t seen him since I moved in with Lucy and her husband.”

“Aren’t you three together?”

“No. I’m with Lucy. He’s just, I don’t know, there.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Yes. Her husband of five years is just there.”


“I hate to interrupt this reunion.” Both Katherine and Bonnie turned toward the door seeing Klaus walking into his study. “But I would like to have my wife.”

Before Bonnie could move, Katherine wrapped her arms around the witch’s side, snuggling her body into her comfortable warmth. “She’s with me, dog.”

“Katherine, I rather not tear your arms from their sockets. I just got these floors waxed today. I’m here to retrieve Bonnie.”

Katherine kissed along the side of Bonnie’s neck up to her slanted jaw to the side of her lips earning a giggle from her witch. “Well, your wife wants to stay with me.” She claimed seductively.

A flicker of something glimmered in the Original’s eyes and a searing emotion lodge in his chest. He refused to acknowledge the sensation as jealousy. He was a thousand plus year old. He was the Original Hybrid for heaven’s sake. There was no need to be jealous of a child. He had Bonnie to himself. Bonnie only wanted him. He knew this…but that didn’t stop the urge to rip the putrid doppelganger’s arms from around his wife.

“Bonnie.” Klaus called out to her managing to keep his voice leveled.

“Okay, Kitty Kat.” Bonnie stretched her arms and arched her back to get the lazy kinks out from sitting in the comfy green chair for too long. “Leave my hubby alone. Come on, now. Get up.” She slapped Katherine’s thigh.

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She muttered as she stood from Bonnie’s lap.

Bonnie stood from her seat and wrapped her arms around Katherine’s waist. “See you in the morning? I’ll make a breakfast feast in your honor.”

“Yes you will.” Katherine moved from Bonnie embrace to sit in her seat. “Right after I wake my prince.”

“At eight o'clock.” Bonnie warned.

“Seven.” Katherine reached over to the wet bar grabbing the bourbon. “Eight is too late.”

“Eight, Katherine I mean it. I’m the mother and I say eight.”




Both Bonnie and Katherine stared at Klaus dumbly. “Bonnie needs her rest.” He stepped towards Katherine. “She’s entering into her third trimester.” Klaus warned. “She gets tired easily and her magic drains her while carrying the child as it nears the due date. You know this.” And she did. “She needs all the rest she can get before starting her day.”

“She can speak for herself.” Bonnie said hotly folding her arms tightly over her chest.

“Do as I say.” Klaus pulled his wife into his arms and kisses her soundly on her lips. “Your husband knows best. Now come on. I know your feet are tired and your back is achey. It’s why you sat in that damn chair for almost the whole day.”

“It’s comfy and don’t get all wolfy and possessive and controlling on me. I know my body.” Bonnie pouted cutely then kissed her husband luscious red lips. “I’ll be fine.”

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Get a room.” She muttered into the bottle of bourbon.

“Shut it.” Bonnie said against Klaus’ kisses. She gave her hybrid a few more pecks before she pulled away from his embrace. “Wait for me by the stairs. I’ll be right there.”

Klaus frowned but did as his little witch said, but not before he leaned in for another kiss. A kiss that promised her more when they reach their bedroom and have her naked on their silk blood red sheets.

Bonnie watched her husband walk away from her before she turned around towards Katherine. “I’ll see you in the morning?”


Bonnie walked behind the green chair leaning over her vampire. “I missed you, Katherine.” She smiled happily seeing the knowing grin on her face. She then leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Welcome home.”

“Thanks, Bon Bon.” Katherine leaned her forehead against Bonnie’s. This was her best friend. She loved Bonnie with every fiber of her being. She would fight for her and fight for her children.

She was loyal to the Mother of New Orleans and she forever would be. The witch gave her a second chance at life and Katherine Pierce would not screw it up, final death be damned. The fire cat was here to stay.

Katherine kissed Bonnie’s head before she pulled away. “Night.”

“Night.” Bonnie tapped her shoulder then went to leave to meet her husband.

“Oh and Bonnie…” Katherine called out to her. Bonnie stopped at the doorway. “How’s Kai?”

Bonnie stiffened. Katherine wasn’t the only person she saved from hell. Malachai Parker, former leader of the Gemini Coven was also saved by the Bennett’s hand.

“You didn’t think I would notice?”

Bonnie shrugged her shoulder. “I knew you would…I just didn’t care if you did or not. That goes for anyone else.”

“Where is he?”

Bonnie eyes changed from her regular green hue to a eerie glow lighting the dark. “He’s safe. I put him in a hold, a dimension made by me.” She stepped toward Katherine seeing the worry in her friend’s eyes. “He’s safe. I won’t let the hounds touch him.”

“How?” Katherine swallowed. “How do you know for sure?”

“Because he’s mine.” Bonnie declared strongly. “I won’t let anyone hurt what is mine. Not Kai. Not you. Not Marcel. Not Stefan. Not Damon. No one. Touches. My. Vampires. Ever.” The eerie neon glow in the witch’s eyes grew softer. “Nothing will happen to any of you. You’re family.”

Katherine snorted. “Says the queen.”

“Says the Bennett.” Bonnie corrected her. “A Bennett keeps her word. You know that.” And she did. Katherine truly did. She have seen it time and time again throughout their ten years of friendship. It was the reason why the Petrova doppelganger would stand by Bonnie and no one else.

“Fine. Get some sleep.”

Bonnie nodded and left the study leaving Katherine to her lonesome. She took another pull of bourbon as she kicks her feet up on Klaus’ desk. She leaned back into the famous green comfy chair staring up at the white ceiling. She closed her eyes and relaxed as she took solace listening to her little prince’s heart beat thump above her as the bourbon warms her belly.

She truly was enjoying this whole second chance of life thing.

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Unpopular opinion/rant:

Chaol. Westfall. Did. Nothing. Wrong. I shall explain for all of the people that I can hear gasping. Celaena Sardothien, the assassin who is notorious for being blood-thirsty and terrifying, gets LET OUT OF SLAVERY. Chaol probably lost a lot of friends in the castle guard force to Celaena and the rest of Arobynn’s assassins. And his best friend promises to liberate her and let her live in the castle with him. You can see what he might be thinking. He’s sworn to protect the prince and he tries to do that with everything he’s got because he is the most loyal friend ever. That’s the problem everybody had with him. That he was loyal to the King in Crown of Midnight when Nehemia’s death threat came. But I believe that nothing that happened that night was his fault. If you were in his shoes, who would you trust: The King, whose son is your best friend for over a decade, and who has given you a home, a job and a family when your own kicked you out and disowned you. Who gave him a position of power and trusts you with his life, and the life of his son. Who provided you a chanc to be someone you were proud of. OR The most famous assassin in the country, who has murdered people you knew and has never apologised or been anything but salty at best towards you. Then, she started flirting with your best friend and when you try to protect him from her, the deadly assassin, he pushes you away. She causes you to split further and further away from your best friend. She then breaks his heart in two and makes a move on you, and you fall in love, ostricising you from Dorian completely. After you’ve slept with her once, she then expects you to hand over the county’s secrets and everything. I know who you would pick. And that means I’ve proven my point. But I’m not done yet. Celaena then BLAMES YOU for the death of her best friend and scars you for life for being loyal to the man who gave you a chance. Not only that, but she then stomps on your heart and breaks it into pieces. Then you find out that Celaena is fae - a species you’ve been taught to fear and despise your whole life. And because you are a good person, a good friend, you then BETRAY the man you were once loyal to just to protect this girl who is fae, who has maimed your face, destroyed your heart and taken your friend from you. You sacrifice your dreams, your job and your pride just to send her to Doranelle. And after the terror and horror of Heir of Fire, of watching Sorscha die and Dorian be possessed, Celaena returns as Aelin, blaming you for Dorian and demanding to be a part of the plans. You don’t even know her anymore - she’s become a different person. And she’s replaced you. So I’m not saying that everyone should hate on Celaena/Aelin. I love her. So much. I’m just saying, don’t hate on Chaol. And no one should be comparing him to the sexist, dominating and uncaring male that Tamlin was and is.

Let Me Hold You part 7

Alright I’m sorry it took long but I’M FINALLY FREE OF COLLEGE :D NO MORE MANDATORY PAPERS!!!  There isn’t much Juice but I felt like this needed to be written.  more juice in next chapter most likely :)

Let me know if you like it :):)

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warning:character death

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Harley walked into the bar and waved to Gemma as she dropped Potato’s leash.

“I heard I can officially call you family.”  Gemma said.

Harley tilted her head at her while walking behind the bar.  “What do you mean?” 

“You’re Juice’s old lady, means you’re family sweetheart.  Really family.”  Gemma smiled and came towards Harley, wrapping her arms around Harley’s shoulders and kissing her on the head.  She pulled back to look at Harley, “that also means, you break his heart, I break your nose.”  She patted Harley on the head and let go of her.

“He’s a good guy.  Just gets too far into his head sometimes.”  Harley smiled and started to wipe down the counters.  “I haven’t really heard anything from him about the club lately though.”  She leaned against the counter and looked at Gemma.

“Bobby got arrested.”  Gemma said.

“What?”  Harley put down the rag and stared at her.

“Got IDed for murdering someone.”  Gemma shrugged and sat on a barstool.

“WHAT?”  Harley yelled.

“Abel’s comin home today.” Gemma smiled again.

Harley scrubbed at her face with her hands and sighed.

“I was gone for just a day, right?”  Harley asked.  Her eyes landed on the new blender and giggled.

“Juice brought it in.”  Gemma said, “I’m assuming it was for you with the puppy love eyes you’ve got going on now.”

“I like Margaritas.”  Harley answered.

“Cute.”  Gemma rolled her eyes but smiled.

“So Abel is coming home today?”  Harley asked.

“Yeah.  There’s a party tonight at Jax’s.”

“You need help setting up?”  Harley asked.

“No, sweetheart.  And you’re coming as a guest tonight.  Everyone can make their own drinks tonight.”  Gemma patted Harley’s cheek.

“Oh I don’t mind.”  Harley started to protest but Gemma raised her eyebrows and Harley stopped talking.  She smiled at her and Gemma smiled back.

Harley was leaning against Juice when she heard a scream from a room down the hall and Tara stormed down the hall, Jax following her.  Harley’s eyes widened as Tara slammed the door and Jax looked to Juice.

“Do me a favor, make sure Tara gets home ok?”  Jax asked.

Harley and Juice both narrow their eyes at Jax’s cheek and he shakes his head.

“Ok.”  Juice sighed and handed Harley his beer.  “I’ll be right back, ok?”  He kissed the side of her head and headed out the door to follow after Tara.

“You good?”  Harley asked Jax.  He smiled and nodded.  Harley took a sip from Juice’s beer and found Tig, sitting down next to him.  She threw her legs over his right leg to keep from being in the way of Chibs and his crow eater of the night.

“Hey, where’s your girl?” Harley joked.  Tig ignored her, moved her legs off of him, drank the rest of his drink and left after Opie and Donna.

“You alright, Love?”  Chibs poked her shoulder from over the brunette between them.

“He ok?”  Harley scooted into Tig’s vacated spot and looked at Chibs.  He shrugged his shoulders and was quickly distracted with the woman beside her by him placing her hand on his lap.  Harley smirked at his jump and rolled her eyes.

Clay walked outside after Unser knocked on the door and Gemma came and sat next to Harley.

“Wanna hold him, baby?”  Gemma motioned to place Abel in Harley’s arms.

“Oh god no.  Sorry they’re too fragile.”  Harley kept her arms in her lap.

“I’ll take him Gem.”  Wendy came over and picked up Abel.  Gemma went to the kitchen.  Jax picked up his phone and his face went white.

“Jackie boy, what?”  Chibs slapped his shoulder.

“Donna’s dead.”  Jax shut his phone and ran outside, Chibs and Clay quickly following.  Harley’s heart dropped when she looked over to see Gemma and Wendy’s face.

Harley was sitting on the front porch when Juice pulled up right behind Jax.  Jax walked inside and Juice sat next to Harley.

“You ok?”  Harley choked out.  She hadn’t known Donna well, but she was a good person.  Hell, she was Opie’s white light in this shitty life and everyone could see it.

“Me and Chibs are going back to the clubhouse.  I can drop you off at your apartment.”  Juice said.  He began chewing on his thumb and Harley threaded her fingers through his to pull his hand back down.

“Let’s go back to the clubhouse then, huh?  You’re going to need a bartender.”  Harley hit her shoulder against his as he sighed and nodded his head.  She stood up and pulled him up to his feet.  Once he was up, she slid her hands around his waist and rested her head on his chest.

“Thank you.”  He whispered against the top of her head and she tightened her grip.

“Of course.  How’s Opie?”  Harley pulled back to look at Juice as he shook his head no.  Harley bit her lip and nodded.  “Alright.  Can’t let Chibs get drunk without us.  Let’s go.”  Harley began pulling on Juice’s hand until he stumbled along with her and settled on his bike, pulling out into the street when she was settled behind him. 

amethystmoongoddesscat  asked:

Adrinette 8 then 18 & 19. Prompt: Nino hosts a party and they play 7 minutes in heaven. Marinette and Adrien get chosen. After they just cuddle the rest of the time and seem in seperable (can be ladynoir if you want near the end)

Hope you enjoy this one! It took me some time and wound up being longer than I expected!

“You’re seriously telling me you’ve never played seven minutes in heaven?” Alya asked, a bit incredulous as she stared at Adrien.

“Not really,” he said, shrugging. “What is it?”

“You don’t even know what it is?!”

Nino sighed. “Come on, cut him some slack. It’s not his fault his dad is super controlling.”

Alya grimaced. “Right. I always forget you’re just a few missed haircuts away from becoming a real life Rapunzel.”

Rose chimed in to explain to Adrien. “We pick two people to go into a dark room together for seven minutes, and they can do whatever they want.”

“They get locked in,” Alix corrected her, “And they have to make out.”

“Wait.” Adrien glanced over at Alya with wide eyes. “Make out?” It wouldn’t exactly be his first kiss, but given that he didn’t really remember his first kiss, it almost felt like it would be. Besides, he’d always hoped his second first kiss would come from Ladybug.

“That depends on the rules,” Juleka said. “You don’t always have to do anything.”

“Okay, for sweet, innocent Adrien’s first time-” Alya began, reaching over to pat his shoulder.

Adrien grimaced, “Really?”

Alya continued as though she hadn’t been interrupted in the first place, “We’ll go easy on him. You just get locked in the dark room. No kissing required.”

Kim and Alix booed, which earned them a sharp glare from Alya.

“After the first few rounds, we can negotiate some stricter terms,” Alya said, glancing over at Marinette. “Fair?”

“W-What do you mean stricter?” Marinette asked, already worried by the way Alya was smirking at her.

“We’ll see when we get there. Now!” She grinned and looked around the room. “To kick off this party, let’s vote on who goes into the room with Adrien first!”

Adrien frowned, “Hey, why am I first?”

“Because you’ve never played before,” Alya explained, though Nino had to admit he was sure it was because she’d sensed a new matchmaking opportunity. “I propose we send in Marinette.” Nino chuckled. Of course it was another attempt to bring their two best friends together.

Marinette blushed and squeaked, “Alya!” Sure, she’d love to kiss Adrien, given the opportunity, but not like this. She wasn’t ready, and judging by the way he was blushing and looking at her, he wasn’t either.

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Words: 3,170
Sam x Reader
Warnings: scary situations, mild language, blood
A/N: This part was a long time coming! Hold onto your pants because shit is getting crazy up in here!
This is part of a series! Read the other parts here! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Your name: submit What is this?

”Rowena?” Dean stared back at the witch, perplexed.

”No need to keep those weapons pointed at me, boys. You know they’re useless,” she said. She leaned casually against the doorframe, her glossy red nails relaxed against the wood frame.

”Yeah, well maybe I’ll shoot you just to piss you off,” Dean growled.

Rowena ignored him and turned her eyes to study Sam. “How are you holding up?” she said, the slightest hint of a knowing smile on her lips. It was impossible not to notice how Sam’s hand was now shaking as he gripped his gun.

He gulped, hoping it would clear the lump in his throat. “What?” he said, trying to play dumb. It didn’t sound convincing. Rowena’s smile grew.

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do you ever stop and realise that hundreds of years down the line, keyleth’s going to be the only one of vox machina left alive? she’ll be the only one left to know how everything really happened

but the thing that also fucks me up is that despite that, people are still going to remember who they were. they’re the heroes that saved emon, then freed whitestone, then took down four ancient dragons in the span of a few months.

sure, people will be singing the song of vox machina for years to come: the twins, the bard, the barbarian, the druid, the cleric, the tinkerer, even their fallen friend, the sorcerer taken too soon… but they won’t remember the lone cleric to a goddess of murder, forced into a role he never wanted, spending his entire life bound to something dark and evil

do you think that breaks keyleth’s heart? do you think she ever wonders if he would prefer it that way? to let the memory of vesh die with him, so that nobody will ever worship her again… but in doing so, nobody will remember someone who was so important to her

idk i think about that a lot

alright yall I think it’s time to talk about that headcanon where dorian is feyre and rhysand’s son so I can finally shut up about it forever:

1. magic ability

the first point basically boils down to the fact that Dorian’s raw magic echos feyre’s power of having all of the power the High Lords posses. In the beginning of ACOMAF she overhears Ianthe pointing out that her offspring would possess the same ability.

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Future Tense

Reid x Reader.
Warning: contains spoilers for season 8!


The shout shatters the silence, and she bolts upright in bed. Y/N takes quick inventory of the room – the door is still closed, as is the window. No strange intruders, nothing out of place. Only then does she notice that beside her, Spencer is tossing and turning between the sheets, his face screwed up in pain. When her breathing slows enough to be considered calm, she shakes his shoulder. His eyes fly open and looks wildly around him.

“Spencer, it’s okay. It’s just a dream.” Three months of sharing an apartment, and she’s come to recognize the signs of a nightmare. They come without warning, terrorizing his sleep, and waking them both.

His forehead is drenched in sweat, and when she offers her hand, he squeezes it tight. “I’m sorry,” he pants. “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” They sit in quiet for a moment, and she tries to find the words to ask him just what is going on. It’s not the first time she’s heard him yell out that same sentiment, though it’s one of the only dreams he refuses to explain. “What’s that nightmare about?”


“The nightmare,” repeats Y/N. “You’ve been having the same one for a month straight. And you never explain it. When it’s a case or something you’ve seen in the field, you talk to me about it. So what’s this one?”

No answer. She knows it’s silly, but she’s hurt that he feels he has to hide this from her. How terrible can it be? Doesn’t he trust her? Apparently not. Not wanting to argue, she tells him not to worry about it, and rolls over to go back to sleep, facing away from him.

Just as weariness is starting to wash over her again: “Three years.” The words are soft from his lips, and she hesitantly sits back up. “It’s been almost three years since I lost her.”

Her. The pronoun doesn’t reveal much, but it’s enough for her to take a guess. When they started dating, he never mentioned this person by name, only said that he hadn’t been in a relationship since he lost his girlfriend, nearly three years ago. Further elaboration was never given; he never said just how he lost her. A breakup or a death? The latter seems more likely now.

“Her name was Maeve.” The name is familiar, she’s heard it from time to time in the whispered echoes of conversations he shares with Derek or JJ. “We were together for ten months. It was sort of unconventional, because she was being stalked. I couldn’t see her, but I called her every week from a payphone.”

Already she has a sinking feeling about where this conversation is going to lead. “Hey, if you’re not ready to talk about this-”

“No,” he insists. “No, I need to tell you. You deserve to know. If I’m going to keep having nightmares about this, you deserve to know. Maeve was eventually abducted by her stalker. I tried to help find her, the whole team did, but I was… I was too close to it. I couldn’t think clearly, and I missed the obvious signs. When we finally realized who the unsub was, it was too late. The woman – Diane – already had Maeve. Still I tried to save her, but everything depended upon my ability to convince this other woman I was in love with her. And I’m a horrible liar. Because of me, because of my failings, she died. A murder-suicide. Rather than have Diane hurt me, she sacrificed herself. I was right there, just feet away from her, and I couldn’t do anything.”

His voice shakes, he clenches his jaw, and she can tell he’s fighting back tears. “It was the first and last time I saw her. She was the first person I ever loved, and her death was my fault.” Y/N’s heart breaks three ways in that moment. For Maeve, for Spencer, and for the relationship she has with him now. Because it’s very clear that he’s still very much in love with this person.

“I’m sorry.” Not knowing what else to do, she holds tight to his hand, and lets him get this out. This is something she can’t fix, and she knows that she can’t possibly imagine what it must feel like, but she can’t bear to see him so distraught. “I’m so sorry. It’s not your fault, dear. It’s not your fault. I know you, you always blame yourself. But you loved her. You tried to save her. And she tried to save you. That’s what love is.”

So much makes sense now. The apprehension on his part when they started seeing each other, the book he keeps in his bag and won’t ever let her read, the distant look in his eyes from time to time. Three years have gone by, and it still affects him that deeply. Spencer isn’t even looking at her now. “Sometimes,” he says, “you remind me of her.”

It shouldn’t sting, that sentence, but it does. Is that the only reason he’s kept her around? Because she reminds him of the person he can’t have? Y/N panics, starts out of bed away from him. “Um, maybe I should go. Give you some space.”

There is a split second pause as he reacts, stumbling in confusion after her. “Wait, Y/N, what?”

Complying, she stops, but doesn’t look at him. It’s petty and it’s selfish, but the weight of his confession leaves her with the burden of doubt that what they have, what she thought they had, may have been only one-sided. “Is that why you agreed to go out with me? Because I remind you of her? I – I can’t compete with a ghost, Spencer.”

“Compete? Oh.” Understanding hits him, and he backpedals. “You’re not competing with anyone.”

“I’m not trying to be mean, but if you’re still in love with someone else, I really need you to tell me. If you only want me because I’m like her, I can’t stay.”

Floorboards squeak behind her, and suddenly his arms are wrapping around her waist, pulling her to him. Her breath catches as he rests his chin on the top of her head, as she waits for him to say something. If he doesn’t want her, she’ll go. That much she has resolved herself to. The man holding her is the greatest love she’s known, but if he doesn’t feel the same, she needs to walk away.

“I didn’t mean that. It’s not that you’re just like her. You never could be her. And she could never be you. It’s what you do. The way you always manage to make me smile. How my day is better just because I get to talk to you. The kindness that you have. The way you make me feel, it reminds me of the way I felt about her. I didn’t realize I could love a person so much, before Maeve. And I never thought I would love someone that much again until I met you. Don’t go. Please, come back to bed, Y/N.”

In an instant, she turns around to return the embrace, holding tight to him. Comforting him as best as she can. If they are not the same in his mind, not two interchangeable people in his heart, she has permission to stay. And he’s right, he can’t lie. What he tells her is true, and she only wants him to know that she’s not angry. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to go through that,” she tells him. “And I’m sorry it’s still hard for you. But you know you can talk to me about anything, right? Even nightmares. Even her.”

“Thank you,” he whispers. Y/N stretches up on her toes to kiss him sweetly, to try and mend the surface of his wounds, scars that mark his heart in all the places life has burned him before. It’s patchwork, their relationship, healing what has been broken and restoring the things they both have lost. But she’s always thought that imperfect things are all the more beautiful for their flaws. More life to them, more stories in their fabric. The two of them are no different.

Curling back under the blankets, guarded against the cold January air, Y/N takes his hand once more. “Thanks for opening up to me. I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions.”

“It’s okay. I should’ve chosen my words more carefully. Listen, with Maeve, I had all of these plans. I built a whole future around her, and when that fell apart I didn’t know what to do. It still hurts, to know that I’ll never get to see what could have been. But that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for what is. There’s a whole future I never even imagined could exist, and I get to share it with the person I love. Maeve was my first love, and a huge part of my past. And you,” he adds. “You’re my future.”

Dreams of a brighter future are exactly what she wants to leave him with. It is better by far to think of the beautiful things to come than the monsters that lay behind them. She can tell that this is only the beginning, the first in a long line of conversations they’ll have about love, about Maeve, about the demons they both have. Spencer doesn’t share himself easily; that he has confessed this is a big deal. Momentous. She won’t take it lightly, won’t overlook it.

Fourteen months she has shared with him, three months she has shared a home with him, and finally he feels that he can hand her these sorts of heavy things. To unpack them means to give a part of himself away, and too many people have left him for him to trust that he won’t be left empty-handed, searching for someone else to bare his soul to.

“I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend the future with,” Y/N murmurs. Every dream and every nightmare, she vows to face with patience. The demons are worth withstanding for every grin he gives her, each deep discussion and long embrace, for the moment when he walks through the door after a lengthy case, and the way he makes her feel. Incredibly lucky. Incredibly loved. And how incredible it is, to be able to love him.

She isn’t the first. But when he’s relaxed enough to fall back asleep, and she drapes an arm over his shoulders, drifting back off in sync, she hopes that she’ll be the last. The one who has the chance to stay, for all that the future will bring.

for @thepackwantsthed because this is fantastic and I’m dying:

“So I love fics that do Baltimore from Andrew’s perspective as much as the next person….but where are my fics about Aaron giving Andrew the choice between him and Neil????”

here you go!!

Aaron is leaning against the counter in the kitchenette with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face when Andrew returns from his morning class. Andrew slides a glance at Aaron and frowns. He dumps his bag by his desk and then returns to the kitchen, digging the chocolate milk out of the fridge and filling up a small glass.

The silence only lasts until the milk is gone.

“You’re going to break your promise to me,” Aaron says, and his voice is so confident that Andrew wonders if Aaron is drunk. Aaron should no better than to demand such things with a sober mind.

Andrew turns a quick, sharp, cold smile on his brother. “Am I now? Why is that?”

“Because I want to be with Katelyn more than I want to be with you.”

Andrew’s smile vanishes. He stares Aaron down with a flat gaze that Aaron almost succeeds in returning. They are identical in so many ways, but Aaron doesn’t have the horrors of Andrew’s past to back up his icy glare. Aaron doesn’t know how to shut out his emotions.

“Why do you think I care? I made a promise to you, and I’m not going to break it. We’ve been over this before, quite recently, actually. Is your memory so poor?”

Aaron wisely doesn’t take the bait. Andrew isn’t surprised; Aaron is too focused on something that he wants to resort to being petty.

“I don’t think you care,” Aaron says. Then he smiles, a smirk of a war won before the first battle has begun. “But if I can’t have Katelyn, then you can’t have Neil.”

Not expecting a bold move like that from Aaron, Andrew freezes, back and shoulders stiffening with a rage he doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to.

But Aaron isn’t waiting for him. “Neil is just as much of a violation of our deal as Katelyn is. Kevin was pushing it, but I let him pass because you weren’t fucking him.” Andrew bares his teeth in a snarled warning, but Aaron isn’t finished yet. “Either you break your deal with me, or you break things off with Neil.”

Andrew curls his shaking fingers into fists. The last deal he let go of was Neil’s, and that had backfired on him in the worst of ways. He isn’t ready or willing to do that again. 

Across from Andrew, Aaron’s eyes flash in triumph. Andrew wants to punch him, but he realizes that his anger comes from knowing that Aaron has won. Aaron isn’t a murder magnet like Neil. Neil needs Andrew more. 

Andrew needs Neil more than he needs Aaron.

“If she breaks your heart, I don’t want to hear a single word about it. I don’t want anything to do with her, and I don’t want her near me. She’s not part of my world, and she’s definitely not my family.”

“You have to tell her,” Aaron says. “She won’t believe it from me.”

Andrew shoves past Aaron instead of answering and slams the door behind him on the way out. He almost goes straight to the library, where he knows Katelyn is studying with friends, but he changes his mind at the last minute and heads to Neil’s class, which will be over soon. Andrew doesn’t trust himself not to murder Katelyn, and Neil is the only one that Andrew would allow to stop him.

If You Go Chasing Rabbits


UchihSaku WeekDay 5 Silk & Lace
Pairing: ShiSaku

The Unseelie Court’s Black Rabbit is a boy locked up inside the flesh and bone of a man, wild and wicked in ways only the young of heart can be. He greets the front of the Seelie Court with eyes dismissive of all but the one who is his paradox, his paragon opposite. She’s a girl faced beauty with the eyes of a crone. It will be a miracle to see her race.

The glittering fairies nominate their White Rabbit for the game and sit back on their high thrones to watch the tradition unfold once more. She is a trouping fairy while he is solitary. She is kind to all but one, he is cruel to all but her.

True to the rules of the game, their attraction is inevitable.

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.... And Throw Away the Key

The is for the SSJJ Challenge by @teamfreewill-imagines and @latinenglishfandomblog

My job was prison guard

Character: prisonguard! Sam Winchester and Reader

A/N: Mentions of a history of physical abuse. If this is triggering for you, please skip!

Sam Winchester had worked at Winfield Correctional Facility for the past two years.  Being a prison guard in a women’s prison was a good job for a guy his size. It was rare that any of the “girls” as he called them gave him any trouble.  He was always respectful and as kind to them as he could be.  He was one of the more well liked guards.

Sam was putting his stuff in his locker when Murdock, who was in charge of the guards, told him he needed to go to county to pick up a new inmate.  He sighed.  He hated these trips. These were girls who had recently received a guilty verdict, and they were shell shocked and hysterical and spent the whole ride crying. Usually two of them went, but they were short handed because Diaz called out sick so he would have to go alone.

It was really cold and the heat in the van was on the fritz again, so he rubbed his hands together to warm them on the long ride to county.  When he got there, he collected the paperwork, and the guard went to get the new inmate. She came shuffling along in that weird walk someone whose legs are shackled does.

Sam took her arm and led her out to the van.  He opened the back seat and she climbed in. He handcuffed her right wrist to the seat and her right foot to the floor and hopped in the drivers seat.  They drove in silence for awhile. He happened to glance up in the rear view mirror and caught her looking at him. It was his eyes that she recognized.  They were the same.

“What’s your name?” he asked her.

“Y/F/N, Y/L/N” she replied. “What’s yours?”

“Winchester.” He replied.

“Is your first name Sam, by chance?” she asked softly.

He straightened at that. “How did you know that?”

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Secret Desire

Secret Desire :

Shawn paced around his apartment unsure of what to do, If he told y/n how he truly felt she would most likely never want to see him again. But if he kept his feelings a secret he would break. He wanted her in a way that he wasn’t permitted. His hand where allowed to roam her body in any way he pleased, he was allowed to feel her and touch her all he wanted, he could listen to her whimper his name in pleasure or scream it out, he could have control of her until she came undone then she was gone. What he craved was more, he no longer longed to feel her touch on his skin, he wanted to hear her whisper sweet nothings into his ear after a hard day as they cuddled in bed, he wanted to remind her how beautiful she is every morning, he wanted to see her cheering him on from the side of the stage as he preformed and have her wrap her arms around him once he finished a show. But none of this was even the slightest bit possible. Y/n had made it clear that this would be nothing more than a little distraction yet here he was constantly distracted by the thought that she would never be his in the way he truly desired. If he could go back in time he would go back to six months ago when all this started to warn himself not to get into this mess, describe how y/n would affect him so badly that he wouldn’t be able to eat, sleep, or even think because y/n had conquered his mind. Six months ago had become his biggest regret.

Six months ago

A hesitant y/n rapped at the door. She didn’t want to disturb Shawn with the drama that was her relationship life but she had nowhere else to go. Guilt took over her at the sight of a half asleep Shawn with untidy bed hair and only sweat pants covering his body, opened the door. She had been selfish to think that she wasn’t disturbing him and made to turn away only to be gently tugged back by Shawn who looked down at her concerned examining her tear stained face that was messy with the smudged makeup yet she still looked beautiful to him.

“I just came to say that you where right” Y/n’s voice came out croaky due to the fact that she had been sobbing. “You where right, he was cheating on me.” Shawn had caught y/n’s boyfriend, who was his friend, cheating on her. He didn’t feel right to keep it from her and told her only she hadn’t believed him at the time. The two were never really friends only having exchanged a few words here and there. They had only met when y/n started dating her boyfriend yet Shawn felt the sudden need to bring y/n inside and comfort her which he did. Opening the door to his apartment widely he led her towards the couch where she pulled her legs to her chest and cried to herself.

She didn’t know what was wrong with her, she always went for the worst guys only to end up heartbroken. She didn’t mean to choose the assholes it just so happened that she always seemed to fall for them only to end up regretting it in the end.

Unaware on how to comfort y/n, Shawn went to the kitchen and made two cups of tea. That’s what his mother did when he was sad and it helped him relax, why not try it for someone else? He was thankful to see that when he returned y/n had managed to calm herself down unaware of how he would have reacted if she was still sobbing hopelessly, the two had never really gotten to know each other.

However the tea was pushed to the side and replaced with a bottle of Vodka that led to the two drunkenly pouring there heart’s out to one another when out of nowhere y/n lunged at Shawn. Connecting their lips instantly. The alcohol hadn’t been enough of a distraction for y/n she needed more and planned on getting it from Shawn. She took it as an okay when Shawn didn’t push her away and leaned in closer to him pressing her chest against his. Shawn’s hands began roaming up and down her sides before he picked y/n up and took her into his bedroom placing her on the bed. He crawled over hovering above her before reattaching their lips. Y/n pulled away causing Shawn to stare down at her confused at the abrupt stop.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just to be clear, this means nothing.” Y/n wanted to make sure Shawn knew that she wanted nothing more than sex. She had decided that she was done with heart breaks and pointless relationships. “Only a little fun.”

“Perfect” Shawn smirked down at her. “I love fun.” And with that he took of her shirt before reattaching their lips.

*Present time*

A knock came from the door causing Shawn to stop dead in his tracks as if expecting an axe murderer to barge through the door and attack him. But of course it was only y/n coming as she had said she would.

“Hey handsome.” She smiled broadly up at him once he had finally opened the door. At the sight of her smile Shawn felt himself break down more inside. He didn’t want her to be excited about a good fuck. He wanted her to be happy about seeing him after a long day in hopes he’d comfort her.

Y/n kicked off her heels and dropped her bag to the floor before looking up at Shawn. Her hands made their way to the back of his neck pulling him down enough for her lips to come in contact with his. Shawn scrunched his eyes closed. Just pretend she loves you back, he told himself and with that he pushed y/n’s body against the door and with all his might kissed her as though she where his and this would be the last time he would get her.

His hands found their way to her thighs and without being told to she jumped. Shawn pulled her so he was now no longer bending down as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist grinding against him as he began harshly sucking on her neck knowing that she preferred it rough.

 *Back to flash back*

“Your pretty good.” She told Shawn a little surprised as she now laid beside him breathless. In all honesty y/n hadn’t expected the gentleman Shawn Mendes that she thought she knew to be that skilled.

“Your not to be yourself.” Shawn responded also surprised that he had enjoyed himself. He had never thought much of y/n even though they had only met a few times but suddenly she didn’t seem so bad. “We should do this more often.” Shawn added breaking the silence of only there heavy breathing.

“Just as long as you promise not to fall for me. I’ve heard I have that affect on people.” Y/n joked now sitting up looking down on Shawn. All signs of the heart break she was feeling caused by her cheating, soon to be ex-, Boyfriend gone.

Shawn smiled glad that he had helped her in some way.  "Don’t worry I’ll contain myself.“ He promised.

*Present time*

How that had been a lie. He hadn’t contained himself in the slightest way. Y/n had gained full control of him without even realising she had done so. She was completely unaware of the hold she know had over him.

Shawn watched Y/n whimper in pleasure beneath him on his bed. He listened intently at the way she stretched out his name when he hit a good spot. The way she moaned his name so effortlessly was enough to send him overboard but he contained himself knowing that once they were done she would be gone. He watched her beautiful features as he thrust into her. Her eyes closed embracing the pleasure, her forehead crinkled lightly as she stayed in her daze of pure bliss, her lips parted lightly to allow soft whimpers and moans to fall out effortlessly, her head digging back slightly into the pillow when Shawn occasionally went deeper. He couldn’t bring himself to pick up the pace, go deeper or even touch her the way he knew she wanted him to because he knew that would send her overboard. Selfishly he was putting himself before just so he could admire her and have her company for a little longer.

“Deeper Shawn” She told him after Shawn had thrust deep enough for her to scream out his name. He was stuck in between the choice of seeing her arch her back yet again as she screamed his name or keeping slow imagining that she was all his not only now but whenever he pleased.

Y/n was growing impatient dying to feel him deep into her. Tacking control of the situation she bucked her hips high allowing Shawn deep inside her letting out a loud moan that Shawn mimicked surprised by the action.

“Shawn.” Y/n yelled out loudly after Shawn had thrust harder into her making sure to give her what she wanted. He wanted to be the cause of her pleasure, he wanted to make sure that she was enjoying herself, he wanted to be the reason that she screamed out his name, and he was. Watching Y/n’s eyes scrunch up and the profanities to leave her lips along with his name sent him over board. He was the reason she was wilting before him.

She’s all mine

He let himself out as he groaned lowly in her ear causing shivers to run down her spine. And with all his might he pushed himself off of her, he didn’t want her to go but he knew that he had no reason to make her stay. Once Y/n had calmed down she sat up smiling at Shawn but he couldn’t mirror he actions feeling nothing but gloom at the fact that she would be leaving him with only thoughts of her and how he couldn’t have her.

As y/n rushed around the room retrieving her items of clothing Shawn couldn’t bring himself to watch he knew that she was leaving him with no trace of remorse. It didn’t affect her the way it affected him when she left through the front door only to come back a few days later for limited time.

She’s no longer mine

“Come back tomorrow.” Shawn found himself saying. He wasn’t asking y/n he was telling her. He needed her back here as though he wouldn’t be able to survive without her if she was gone longer than that.

“Someone’s eager” She laughed as she made her way to the doorway of the room that would lead her to her exit. How Shawn wished he could bolt up that exit and trap her here with him although it wouldn’t be the same. He wanted her with him willingly. “but okay” and with that she left. Not knowing that she had taken another piece of the boy that had grown to love her with her as she always did without being aware of it, now leaving him with very little of himself but the dwelling of how she wasn’t his.

You will be mine he promised himself.

Captive chapter 11

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No smut warning this time, quite a bit of feels and angst though!


Captive chapter 11

Loki was still pacing the room that night, trying to block out what he saw in her diary. The city was her home, New York was her home.

Or maybe it was just familiar to her as it was to many citizens of earth, he was holding on with his last hope that it would be just that but he couldn’t be sure.

Whatever he tried he couldn’t stop thinking about her, he had sent her out there, alone, in a world that she knew nothing about, a world that had no place for her.
She must be scared and helpless and…

‘No, stop!’ he urged himself, he would not give into this, she was not his problem anymore.

Mia walked through the gardens, she could see the trees of the forest in front of her, she had no idea where she was going or what she should be doing, part of her just wanted to turn around and run back to the castle, back to Loki.

She didn’t feel safe out here all alone, but after his outburst she wasn’t sure if she would feel safe in his presence either now.

She reached the forest and stopped walking, her feet were tired after walking for several hours. She sank down against the tree, it was uncomfortable but it wasn’t worse than her cell. If she managed to find sleep for a few hours maybe her mind would be clearer, she closed her eyes and it didn’t take long for her to drift off.

He appeared from behind one of the trees and walked closer to her very carefully, he had tried but he couldn’t stay in the castle knowing she might be in danger.

Loki kneeled beside her, looking at her as her chest heaved up and down slowly while she slept. He ran his hand over her arm and rested on her leg as he let out a deep sigh.

Go back to the castle, forget about her, he knew that’s what he should be doing right now.
Trusting people and allowing them in never worked out well for him, or for them.
He had no reason to believe this time would be any different.

But as he sat here looking at her he also realised it was too late, he had already let her in and she had claimed her spot in his heart with ease.

He let out a deep sigh and carefully pulled her into his arms to lift her off the ground.


Mia woke up and it took her a moment to realise she was not on the ground in the forest but in a comfortable bed, Loki’s bed.

When she sat up straight she could see him sitting at the end of the bed, she couldn’t read his expression but his face was calm and his eyes had a soft expression. T
he fear that she felt for him earlier was gone in an instant.

‘You brought me back?’ she asked carefully.
He just nodded his head.

‘I made a mistake sending you away,’ he confessed,’ I’m sorry…if you still want to leave you’re free to go but…’
‘I don’t want to go,’ she interrupted him.

He stood at the end of the bed, staring at her but not making any move to come closer so Mia stood up and looked at him.

‘I’m not out to hurt you Loki,’ she then said,’ I don’t know what you think I want from you but…’
‘What DO you want from me?’ he asked her.

‘What do YOU want from me?’ she returned the question, making him turn away from her.

‘You know nothing about me, Astrid,’ he sighed,’ you don’t know what I did, what I am. ’
She walked around him to force him to look at her.

‘Then tell me,’ she said softly,’ tell me everything.’

He let out a little chuckle, there was no way he could tell her everything.

‘Tell me something then at least,’ she asked him.

He looked at her, her dark eyes begging him to open up to her.

‘Last year I found out I wasn’t who I always believed I was,’ he confessed,’ and my family wasn’t really my family. I don’t belong here, but it’s all I’ve ever known, I was the rightful king, that throne would have been mine without question.’

She walked closer to him.

‘But now it’s not?’ she asked carefully.
‘Now…I don’t think it ever was,’ he said, she could see the pain in his eyes.

‘Why do you need the throne to be happy Loki?’ she asked him bluntly.
‘It’s all I have left, what else is my purpose?’
‘Who says you need a purpose?’
He shook his head in disbelief.

‘You’re not Asgardian, you don’t understand,’ he then said, she had no answer to that and looked away from him.

‘Tell me more,’ she asked.

‘I started a war,’ he continued,’ a war that wasn’t mine to start, I wanted to prove to my father that I was still the rightful king, that I was a leader and a warrior and that I deserved to be on that throne.’
Mia looked at him, this was prince Loki talking and she could see the passion on his face, his longing for that power.

‘My father did not agree,’ he continued,’ he chose my brother over me, a peaceful but weak man who has no interest in being king but he is blood, and I’m not.’
He stood right in front of her now.

‘More,’ she said, following her instinct that told her there was a lot more he hadn’t told her yet.
He nodded his head.

‘After what I did I lost all claim to ever rule Asgard, the only reason I am still allowed to be here is my family’s guilt and the fact that they can use me in battle.’
‘I’m sorry,’ Mia said.

‘Sorry?!’ he said shocked,’ no, do not feel sorry for me! I’m a murderer, do you understand?’

His voice was angry but also drowned in sadness and that was the only thing Mia could see.
There was no hate or anger in his eyes, only sadness, pain and disappointment and her heart broke for him.
She could feel no fear for him now, only compassion and…love.

‘I’ve killed…many,’ he said softly, afraid to say more,’ I see it in my father’s eyes when he looks at me now, I’m a monster.’
She could see the tears in his eyes.

‘Is there more?’ she asked.
‘No,’ he lied.

She stood right in front of him and looked up into his eyes.

‘I don’t see a monster,’ she then said, her voice soft and full of affection,’ all I see is the man that saved my life, more than once, that protected me and kept me safe and took care of me.’

She put her hand on his cheek and brushed away his tears, he leaned against her hand and closed his eyes.
‘A monster would not shed a tear,’ she then said.

‘You have no idea what I did,’ he whispered.
‘I don’t care,’ she realised to her own surprise that she meant every word of it.

She didn’t care if he was a murderer, all she could feel was her heart breaking for him,’ I know what you did for me, that is all I need to know.’

His eyes found hers and she leaned in and kissed his lips very softly, feeling her heart melt when he kissed her back and pulled her into his arms.

‘Never leave me,’ he whispered into her ear as he held her close.
‘I won’t,’ she smiled and she hugged him and buried her head against his chest.

It was a promise she intended to keep.