if santa was arab

Santa Fe from Newsies

Translated with google translate
Languages: Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, and Filipino all back to English.

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The man finally got our owners
“Newswise Crushed Like Paul Attack”
Crow invited me
Silence is too slow

Boys fighting, bleeding,
Thanks to a good start “Captain Jack”
Captain Jack just wanted to close his eyes and leave!

leave me alone
Sometimes you will not find me tomorrow you will not remember me now
And the latter Slipin “
The moon looks old and crying
Driving a train goes to Santa Fe

He left
I’ve done
No more work. He has not lied
No adult takes his pay
Only the moon is too big and yellow to turn around at night
Dream comes true. If they do. In Santa Fe

Where you say you must live and die here?
Where he says he can not relax?
Why would you just take what you get?
Why would you spend to trap all of your life with no future?
So 17!
Kick your back on one!
If life does not look good on you, how do you change the scene?
Many bad title, between deadlines

My old friend Santa Fe, can not dream of my whole life
Although I know that everyone is ready to do so
I junior
I want to start a new

I need space. And fresh air
We laugh. I do not care
Save your place, I want to be there
What I really am is all I want.
Have no bearing on my head
Because I’m dead if I do not trust you now
I have nothing if you do not have a stain.