if ryan comes near her she's going to yell at him

Golden Days - Ryan Haywood GTA!AU Part 1/?

Pairing / The Vagabond x Reader

Prompt / “Her, he’d kill for. If she ever wanted him too, but she never would; she doesn’t burn inside like he does.” - @promptsonpaper

Word Count / 1,055

Warnings / swearing, violence 


A/N: its here! chapter one, i hope you enjoy it and please please let me know what you think/give feed back bc it is really helpful. Also i will try to get a chapter out a week or so but sometimes it might be a bit longer or shorter idk i just wanna make sure im giving you guys the best that i can do 

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The Date & The Confession

Jace Wayland/Herondale imagine

Summary: While Jace and you are dating in secret, Izzy tries to set you up on a blind date for Valentine’s Day, much to the dislike of Jace. Follows ‘Fake Dating & Stealing Cookies’, but could be understood without reading that one.

A/N: So imagine… I don’t suck and this was actually posted on or before the 14th? Or just imagine it’s the 14th.

Prompts: “Hmm, check and mate.” – “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” – “I should’ve handcuffed you when I had the chance.”


During the couple of weeks you had been seeing each other in secret, you couldn’t believe how close Jace and you had become. From 2 people who disliked each other so much, to people who actually really liked each other and possibly more.

Currently, you were both seated on your bed, trying to decide which movie to watch.

“I’m feeling like watching ‘The Notebook’ tonight.” You smiled at him, knowing he wouldn’t want to watch it.

“I am not watching ‘The Notebook’ again.” He sternly said.

5 minutes later you were gazing at Ryan Gosling’s beautiful face.

When the movie ended, you turned towards Jace. “That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” Jace didn’t respond, so you nudged him. “Hmm, what?” He shot awake.

“At least you tried.” You murmured, and went in to give him a kiss, when you heard a knock on your door.

Out of panic, you pushed Jace out of your bed, making him fall on the ground with a loud noise.

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Do I Wanna Know (part 2)

Alex Standall x Reader

Do I Wanna Know part 1

A/N: Hello guys! I finally gave in and wrote a part 2 of this. I’m going to stick to one shots from now on though since I don’t want to leave stories hanging, especially now that I’m back at uni. Speaking of school, I apologize in advance if updates are slow. If I haven’t replied to your requests, I’m either working on it already or it’s included in my list so please bear with me. Also, thank you for reading my imagines.Much love! I had to use this gif of Madelaine just because she is gorgeous and that dress is so beautiful. It’s also relevant with most of the scene in this imagine since winter formal hehe

Bolded and Italicized sentences are lyrics from Jason Mraz’s I won’t give up.

Originally posted by atparadise

On weekends, you and Alex meet up to rehearse the song at his house. Other times, you do it after class when both of you are free. It had been like that for the past three weeks and now, tonight is the night. A night to remember, to make impressions, and to sing your heart out to a song contradicting the desolation you feel. Winter formal and events like it are allegedly the highlight of high school, which is not surprising at all. Tonight, after all, is a night of slow dances, taking risks, and of firsts. However, for you it is a night you dread for the closure you yearn. You were already parked near the gym of the Liberty high and yet, you can’t help but sit still and anxiously tug on the flower on your wrist. The idea of entering the venue and getting closer to your moment of embarrassment is not too enticing just yet.

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Making Up

Here’s a MCxZig fic for Round 4 the #ChoicesCreates Carnival with the prompt the song ‘From You’ by Ryan K.  This occurs after the latest chapter because I couldn’t wait till next week for them to work things out. ;)

Warnings: Spoilers from Chapter 14, Mature themes, language, sexually suggestive, wee bit NSFW near the end (just to be safe)
1400+ Words.

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Until now, Zig hadn’t realized how much he relied on Paige’s coffee habit. Aside from their chilly reunion earlier he hadn’t seen her since the concert and while mad, he mostly missed her. Being around Chris only reminded him of the fight so he’d been avoiding both him and prepping for the initiative. Wallowing in the solitude, he volunteered to take a spilt shift and cover closing.

The bell over the door jingled. Damn. He thought he’d already locked it. “We’re closed.” He froze at the sight of Paige standing angrily by the door. Zig’s heart jumped into his throat. He hadn’t done himself any favours this morning and his most recent text wasn’t one she’d be happy with. “Oh…Hey.”

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Making an Effort (Zack Sabre Jr. x Reader)

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

You’re rounding the corner just as you hear Zack say, “Yeah, but you’d never catch (Y/N) in a dress.”

You stop when you hear your name, and turn slowly. Zack has his back turned to you as he speaks with Marty and Adam. The former of the two sees you, but doesn’t let on. “What do you mean by that, mate?” Marty eggs him on mischievously, his lips pressed together tight.

“Yeah I mean, (Y/N)’s way hot. Would totally hit that,” Adam says incredulously.

“You’d shag a chair if it had tits,” Zack retorts, rolling his eyes. “I’m just saying lads, I like my women a little more feminine. I’ve never seen (Y/N) dress up or do her face. It’s always tank tops, hoodies, and sweatpants.” He laughs. “She’s a lovely person, but unless she makes some sort of effort she’s not about to take anyone’s breath away.”

“How will I ever go on,” you drawl loudly. All three men look towards you, Marty smirking, Adam sheepish, and Zack not even a little bit ashamed. “You have a hell of a lot of nerve, Sabre.”

Surprised, but unrepentant, Zack stands his ground. “Don’t be cross. It’s not more than an observation. Constructive criticism, if you will.”

You slap your hand on your chest in mockery. “Gosh, thank you so much, I really wanted to improve myself so that little ol’ me could attract someone as handsome and sharp-eyed as you. No wait, you know what? “Fuck you,” you tell the cocky Englishman, baring your teeth at him as you walk off, Marty and Adam’s laughter ringing in your ears.

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#141 - For Haileigh & anonymous

Filling the prompts “something where the protagonist also has a stutter?” and “Van met the reader waiting in a Merch line at a streets concert before he buys that one hoodie that we’ve seen him in.”

Note: You guys know that I don’t write what I don’t know. I don’t have a stutter, but my little brother did for a long time before he had speech therapy. So, I’m going to draw on that experience for this fic. If even a single person finds it misrepresentative, or offense, I will delete it. Also, Van got that hoodie when he was, like, very smol very young. But let’s pretend it happened when he was about 21 or so, yeah?

You pointed at the merch table after Jocelyn said she was going to the bathroom. “Yep. Meet at our spot on the corner?” she asked. You nodded, and walked off to join the line. 

The Streets had performed, and it was fucking mayhem. They’re a divisive type of band; you either love them with all your heart, or think they’re a load of untalented wank. Obviously everyone at the show thought the former, therefore the gig erupted in alcohol-fuelled sing alongs and weird mosh-dance hybrid movements. People were drenched in sweat, and still yelling lyrics in accents that either were completely put on or were an exaggeration of their own. 

The boy in front of you in the line bounced from foot to foot. A bottle was smashed somewhere near the bar, and everyone in line turned to look. After assessing the situation, they went back to their post-show conversations. All but the bouncing boy returned to face the merch table. He grinned at you and you smiled back. He was happiness personified. He was bright eyes and dimples and sweaty, glowy skin.

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Pairing: FakeAH!Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,823

Warnings: Violence, swearing

Part One (Two) (Three)

You woke up disoriented, head spinning, stomach churning, and surrounded by a complete darkness. At first, you thought maybe this was a nasty hangover, and the duvet was tangled around your body; but then you went to throw it off, and you realized you couldn’t move your arm. Why couldn’t you move? You began struggling, pulling and tugging, only to find you couldn’t move any of your limbs. You were tied down, rope burning your skin.

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Stay with Me

Part 2

Prompt; Spencer’s fiancé, the Reader, is abducted by the unsub on the case Spencer and the team are working on.
Warnings; abduction, swearing, abuse, near-death, spencer crying ;(


You awoke as your body jumped up with force. The lump in your throat had builded and the dryness in your mouth was almost painful.

You lied on a ripped leather in the backseat of a musty truck. The unsub was driving at the highest speed his car could take him and you could hear the sirens following him. Every turn he made caused you to recklessly hit every inch of the backseat, inflicting more pain on you. Your mind was hazy and every ounce of energy you once had was gone.

All you could think of was Spencer and how he had found you.

He’s here, you think.

The unsub makes another sharp turn and slams his foot harder onto the gas. The sirens that were so close, began to fade into the distance.

You felt like crying, but you couldn’t.

The truck began to bounce and you could see from outside the window he was driving into the woods. The green leaves of the trees rustling in the wind somewhat calmed you. The truck abruptly halts and the unsub looks at you through the rear view mirror.

“Ready for your big departure?” He asks as a smile creeps up on his lips. He gets out the car and opens the door next to your bare feet. He wraps his hands around your ankles and slides you out of the car and into his arms.

He reeks of alcohol, nicotine, and missed showers.

If you had the strength, you’d be able to punch him and make a run for it, but you can’t. There’s no fight left in you and the gun he has in his hands made you nervous.

All of a sudden, red and blue lights fill your blurry vision and several police cars with black SUV’s following. Police officers piled out of their cars and you search for Spencer in the mess of officers. You see the team and finally your gaze lands on him and he worriedly looks back at you. His eyes were rimmed with red as if he’d been crying. Dark purple bags formed under his porcelain skin from lack of sleep. You frowned at the sight of him. You didn’t want him to let himself go like that.

“Ah, ah, watch out,” the unsub lifts his finger, a blade underneath his hand. “If you want her, you have to comply to my wishes.”

All guns were trained on him and other worried eyes were watching you.

“Let her go, Ryan,” Emily orders, never lowering her gun from being pointed at his face. “We know why you’re killing all these women, put an end to it, you don’t want to do this.”

“You have no idea how I feel,” Ryan spits. “Once I let this pretty girl go, you’ll all shoot me.”

Ryan presses the blade against your neck and lifts his gun at the officers. He treads lightly backwards until his feet are at the edge of the cliff. You had no choice but to follow.

“Please don’t do this. She can’t swim, I know you don’t want her to die,” Spencer steps forward and carefully stalks toward the two of you and drops his gun in front of him.

“Oh really?” Ryan tests. He removes the knife from your neck and holds you over the edge. Your feet were still planted onto the ground but you leaned over the edge and the only thing keeping you from falling was the death tight grip Ryan had on your arm. You could see Spencer lurch forward but Morgan pulls him back.

“Follow protocol, Reid,” Morgan whispers.

“Let her go!” Spencer demands in anger.

“You know, for someone so smart, Doctor,” Ryan teases. “You really should pick your words more carefully.”

The grip on your arm was gone and you feel the pit of your stomach in your mouth.

“No!” Spencer yells. You could hear Ryan laughing sinisterly as officers pin him to the ground.

Your hair was whipping around you in all different directions. You felt weightless as the tip of the cliff began to appear further and further away. And as your body fell into the freezing and crashing waves of water, you see Spencer reaching towards you.


Spencer had jumped off the cliff after Y/N as soon as he broke out of Morgan’s grip. He had no hesitation as he pulled off his FBI vest and kicked off his shoes and without waiting another second, he flung himself in after her. He saw her almost lifeless body get swallowed in by the waves and he mentally prayed that this wasn’t the last thing she’d ever see.

Once his body hit the water, he quickly felt around him for her body.

That’s when he sees her, floating towards the bottom, dark/light hair floating around her. His hand wraps around her wrist and he’s pulling her towards him as he swims up to the surface of the icy waters.

“You’re going to be okay,” he whispers. He wraps his arm around her waist in order to swim faster to the shore. He had no idea where this strength and intense bravery came from. He was way out of comfort zone but he knew nothing would have stopped him from jumping in to save you.

His hand finally touches the dry sand on the shore and he pulls the two both of you to the safety of land. As he lies you onto the ground, he feels an abrasion wound on the back of your head. He feels himself begin to panic as the possibility of you already being dead fills his mind.

He puts his hands over your chest and begins pumping to rid you of the water in your system. Every couple pumps, he’ll bend down and attempt mouth to mouth CPR.

“Come on, stay with me, Y/N.”

After what feels like forever, you finally take a sharp inhale of breath and cough up the water that had been stuck in your system. Spencer envelopes you in his arms and presses his lips to the top of your matted hair.

“I got you, Y/N, you’re safe now,” he whispers to you. You nod silently and lean into his embrace as an ambulance and police card drive down the path and onto the beach where the two of you are sat.

You sighed contently at the feeling of being in his arms. You felt safe. You were still shaken and afraid and everything remained hazy, but you felt a sliver of security whenever you were with him.

Picking Names

Note: Y/N/N is your nickname in case you didn’t know.

Summary: You and your husband Roman struggle to come up with a name for your baby girl.

The feeling of stuffing your swollen feet into a pair of shoes rather than the slippers you had been living in for the past week was not at the top of the list of things you wanted to be doing. However supporting Roman at his match was, so you sucked it up and jammed your foot into the shoe. You rested a hand on your protruding bump taking a few breaths before standing and grabbing your coat. As you were pulling the jacket on you felt a familiar hand make its way across your stomach gently. “You ready honey?” Roman asked you as he grabbed the car keys. You nodded and gave him a bright smile before stepping outside into the hotel hallway, waiting for him to lock the door then grabbing his hand in yours. The ride to the stadium was uneventful, filled with mindless chatter about anything and everything. Once you had made it backstage Roman was being pulled in 10 different directions and only after your reassurance did he hesitantly move away from you. “I’ll be fine. Look there’s Brie, I’ll sit with her.” You pointed out your close friend sitting at a table. “Okay… I’ll see you later.” Your husband kissed your forehead and then headed down the hallway away from you.

You and Brie had been talking for around 15 minutes when the topic of baby names was brought up. The also pregnant woman couldn’t do anything but agree with your complaints about the decision. “Have you and Bryan thought of any?” You asked as you placed a hand on your round bump. “I mean we have a few, but even picking from those is difficult. We really like Braden or Branch or Brynn or… ugh there’s too many.” Brie groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Well at least you guys have some options. Roman and I don’t really have any. And I’m getting sick of Nikki suggesting her name.” You laughed out the last part making Brie giggle as well. Nodding her head in agreement “Tell me about it.” Once the laughter had died down Brie looked at you with a strange look in her eyes. “What?” You smiled at her making her shake her head. “Nothing..it’s just I can’t believe you two don’t have any names yet. You’re like 7 months along.” You knew that your baby girl was due soon and the pressure of a name loomed over yours and Romans heads. “Well I mean we have a couple but we’re not in love with them.” The Bella gave you a look that told you to tell her your options. “Well there’s Raleigh, Robin, Rory, and Reece.“ Brie nodded at your choices and immediately offered to help. “It’s different when it’s not my baby girls name. It’s easier in some way.”

Roman had ended up winning and you had waddled out onto the ramp to congratulate him. The crowd cheered wildly when they caught sight of you and your large stomach and the fans near you reached their hands out, asking for high fives. You got to some of them before Roman had made his way to you and when he did he wrapped a sweaty arm around you, making you scrunch up your face but smile nonetheless. Together you walked backstage towards the locker room passing multiple people who congratulated roman and smiled at you. You had opted for waiting outside while Roman changed and you leaned against the wall alone until a certain Bella walked up to you. “Hey Y/N/N.” Nikki smiled and stood next to you. “Hi Nikki.” You grinned at your friend and already had an idea of what she was gonna say. “So how’s Nikki Jr.” she asked and gently placed her hands on your bump and smiled widely when she felt a kick. “Not happening Nikki.” You patted her shoulder making her frown and pout at you. “But Y/N it’d be soooo cute.” You laughed at her face “Nicole when you have kids, you can name them after you.” You assured her. “But then people think I’m self absorbed. It’s different if you name your daughter after me.” Nikki argued her case making you shake your head with a small grin on your face. The two of you continued talking and only after promising her that Nikki would be considered for a middle name did she drop that topic. “So Brie helped me come up with a possibility.” You told the younger Bella making her raise her eyebrows in curiosity. When Roman walked out the door the first thing he heard was Nikki’s voice “Awe Y/N that’s super adorable.” He looked at the two of you and said hello to Nicole before asking you if you were ready. Nodding at him you said goodbye to Nikki, promising to text her later. Then together the two of you walked to the car, waving goodbye to people as you went. “So how was she today?” Roman asked letting his fingertips brush gently against your tummy before going back to your side. “She was good. Kicked a bit for Nicole but otherwise was pretty quiet.” Roman nodded and smiled at what you said.

In the car you played with Roman’s fingers and told him about how your day had been. When you told him about you and Brie talking names his interest was peaked. “Did you two come up with anything good?” He risked a quick glance at your face trying to read you before going back to the road. “Brie actually thought of something pretty good.” You bit your lip wondering if he’d like the name as much as you did. “Alright, lay it on me.” He squeezed your hand gently, encouraging you to tell him. “Ryan.” There was a pause of silence while Roman thought about the name, then a smile slowly started to grow on his face. “Ryan… I like it.” You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. “Yeah me too. Ryan Nicole Reigns.” You teased him by insinuating that you already had her middle picked out. Roman scoffed and laughed a bit “Nicole?” He asked in slight disbelief. “I’m just kidding babe don’t worry.” You chuckled making him laugh as well. “Thank god.”

The next day you decided to go with Roman again, mainly just to tell the girls what name you had decided on. Once Roman left you alone backstage you immediately began seeking out one of the divas. You found Brie with Bryan and waddled up to them as quickly as you could “Woah someone’s in a hurry.” Bryan laughed out making both you and Brie chuckle as well. “Well, we have a name.” You drawled out making Bries eyes widen and her hands grab your shoulders. “Well?!” The Bella asked excitedly. “Ryan Elizabeth Reigns.” You watched Brie’s reaction closely and when her eyes lit up you knew she approved. “That’s cute.” Bryan said with a small smile. “It’s amazing!” Brie just about yelled and started shaking you by your shoulders that she still had a hold of. “We have to go tell Nicole and the others.” Brie paused abruptly and then you both looked each other in the eyes and started off down the hallway, as quickly as two pregnant women could. After minutes of searching you saw Nikki sitting with some of the other divas, grabbing Brie’s had the two of you walked towards them. You both stopped and stood at the front of the table without saying anything making all the girls look at you confused. “Baby Reigns has been named!” Brie exploded making all of them light up and start demanding you tell them your little girls name. “Okay. Her name is Ryan Elizabeth.” You let out and watched as Nattie lead the group in a freak out. Nicole was the first one up and then other girls soon followed, all pulling you into a group hug. Once you pulled away you noticed a presence beside you. Roman was standing next to you, looking at you with a loving smile “So I take it they liked it?” He joked making you nod and push yourself into him, the only space between you caused by your baby girl. “I can’t wait for her.” You mumbled into his shirt. “I can’t wait to have a family with you.” Roman whispered back to you as he embraced you gently.

au where youre showering and he accidentally walks in

“Look, we mean no harm. We have an injured person with us, all we need is some medical assistance.” Warren said, her hands up in the air as a gesture of surrender.

“Well, we did just save your life, so… I believe that if we wanted to kill you, we had plenty of opportunities to make that happen.” Murphy sarcastically said, making you clenche your jaw.

You hesited. Were you really supposed to let strangers in? You shouldn’t trust people like this. The last time it almost got you and the whole camp killed. But those people seemed… loyal. Ah, what the hell.

“Okay.” You huffed, lowering your rifle. “We have doctors in here. Tonight, you can all have a room. We have showers, food and water. Don’t do anything stupid.“

“Wait… showers?!” Doc gasped.


“No way.” Doc laughed, looking at the group. “This is heaven.”

Warren chuckled slightly.


“And this is where we keep our food.” Your group leader, Dan, said to them.

“That’s impressive. How did you manage to get all these?” Warren frowned, looking at the large bags of food.

“We got from a couple of stores.”

“That’s a hell of a big store.”

“I agree, but,” Doc continued. “Are we going to take a bath?”

“Oh, of course.” Dan chuckled. “I believe you are tired. Each room has a different bathroom. You can shower there. If Y/N took you guys here, you must be trustworthy. She’s a tough girl.”

“Y/N?” 10K furrowed his eyebrows.

“She’s the girl that brought you here. She’s one of our bests. Pretty quiet. Y/N was really young when all of this happened. She had to mercy her own family. She’s been through a lot.” Dan sighed.

“Oh.” The boy looked at his feet.

“Anyway, enough of this. Go take a shower, we can take care of your friend.”

Warren nodded, not fully trusting those people, but what else was she supposed to do? They were desperate. Vasquez got hurt and he needed help. Warren just didn’t know what she was going to do if he was gone.


10K huffed as he entered the room Dan told him to. He said he could use that room to take a bath. Well, how could he say no?

“Finally.” He said to himself, stripping out of his jacket and shirt.

He stopped walking when he heard the shower on. Maybe someone got in before he did? 10K softly knocked on the door, but got no response. So he opened it, after hesitating.

As soon as he opened the door, he froze. You were there. You were taking a bath at his room. Tommy didn’t know how to react. He had practically seen all of your curves as you washed your hair, your eyes closed, enjoying the rare moment.

It wasn’t like he was taking advantage of that moment, he just couldn’t move. It was the first time he has ever seen a woman’s body and he couldn’t react. He wanted to leave out of respect for you, but before he could, you turned around and saw him.

At first, you didn’t hear him come in and just continued to wash yourself. But when you opened your eyes, looking at the boy’s direction, he swore he literally wanted to die at that moment.

“Shi- Oh, my God. I’m so sorry. I-” 10K stuttered, still not taking his eyes off your chest.

Your eyes widened and your cheeks flushed as you tried to cover yourself.

“You can leave now.” You murmured as you noticed that he still hasn’t left.

“Uh- Yes, of course!” He quickly closed the door, still shocked at what just happened. “Crap.”


“So you walked in on her showering?” Addy raised her eyebrows.

“Nice one, kid.” Doc laughed and held his hand up as 10K awkwadly high-fived him.

“10K!” Addy slapped his shoulder. “That is so wrong, did you even apologized to her?”

“Uh… I don’t remember.” He shrugged.

“He was too focused on another things, you know.” Doc said, making Murphy laugh.

“That must have been so embarassing for her.” Addy groaned. “You have to talk to her.”

“Good news, everyone.” Warren said, walking up to them. “We will be staying here until Vasquez fully recovers. Each one will have it’s room. And when I say each one,” She looked at 10K. “I mean that it’s one person for one room. Copy?”

10K nodded furiously as Doc laughed.

“You heard of it too?” The older man asked.

“Apparently you guys can’t speak any louder.”

“Sorry.” Doc rubbed his neck. “Oh, wait, there she is!”

10K’s eyes widened as he saw you walking by, your rifle in your hands.

“What do I do?” He asked desperately.

“You go there and apologize to her.” Addy said.

“Okay.” He breathed heavily. “Alright.”


“Hey, Y/N.” 10K smiled awkwardly as he got near you.


“Uh… I just wanted to say I’m sorry. For, you know, walk-”

“I know.” You stopped him.


“Okay.” You avoided eye contact.

"Y/N, come on, we have to go!” Ryan yelled, holding his gun.

“Well, then,” You sighed. “I guess next time I’ll have to walk in on you.”

10K blushed. What was that supposed to mean? He watched as you left with your friend for a supply run as his cheeks were pink.

“What happened?” Doc asked, holding his laughter.

“I’m not really sure.” He frowned.

“Well, what did she say?” Addy asked next.

“She said she’d walk in on me next.”

Doc suddenly opened his mouth, shocked.

“Wait, what?”

10K shrugged, blushing and looking away.

“Dude!” Doc playfully punched his arm. “Still got the condoms Addy gave you?”


“Oh, Jesus.” Addy groaned.

through the years

I just really love this idea: it takes you through the ages you’ve been together and it’s just sooooo aww worthy :))))


c/l/n = crush’s last name 

m/n = your mom’s name 

d/n = your dad’s name 

c/m/n = crush’s mom’s name 

c/d/n = crush’s dad’s name


4 years old:
today we moved into a new house. the yard is fun, the house is big, and I have my family, but it’s still not that yellow house back in California. I sit down at the at the window seat and look outside at the afternoon sun.
“wanna go for a bike ride?” dad asks, setting down a box he was holding.
I nod, a grin growing on my face.
we head out to the garage where mom and s/n are, and grab our bikes.
“y/n, aren’t you glad you don’t have training wheels anymore?” dad asks.
“of course!” I giggle, kicking back the kickstand.
we head out down the road and turn at the corner, gliding down the next street when we see a family at the corner house.
“hi!” the mom says when we’re in front of their house, “are you guys new here?”
“yeah, we actually just moved in today.” my mom replies with a smile. “I’m m/n l/n.”
“it’s so nice to meet you, m/n! I’m c/m/n c/l/n. and this is my husband, c/d/n.”
“I’m d/n.” my dad smiles, and they all shake hands.
“oh and here’s c/n and c/s/n.” mrs. c/l/n says as they run over to us.
“I’m y/n!” I tell her with a huge smile on my face. “and that’s my big sister, s/n.”
“y/n, how old are you?” mrs. c/l/n asks.
“well isn’t that perfect.” she smiles, turning to c/d/n, then back to me. “c/n is 4 as well! say hi c/n.”
c/n waves to me from his dad’s side.
“hiiiiiiiiii.” he smiles. “do you know how to play tag?”
“yeah! you’re it!” I giggle, and run into his yard with him behind me. eventually he tags me, then I tag him back, and so on, until we stop and crawl up into his treehouse. almost immediately, I hear my mom call me.
“y/n! we’re leaving!”
I look at c/n sitting criss cross apple sauce near me.
“bye, c/n!” I say, and crawl back down. he peaks his head out the window once I’m on the ground.
“bye!” he waves, and I run back to my family.

age 6:
“mom can c/n and I have our birthday party together?” I ask eagerly, running up to her while making dinner.
“does c/n want to or just you?” she asks.
“no, he wants to, too.” I assure her. “maybe you can call his mom and we can have a party together! we’re only a couple days apart.”
“let’s do it.” she smiles, wiping her hands off on a towel.

“alright, y/n, you have the cake and present for c/n?” mom asks as we get into the car.
“yep!” I say, nodding my head with my pigtails bouncing.
we get to the trampoline park and I run inside.
“hey y/n!” c/n says as he sees me enter.
“happy birthday!” I say, handing him the wrapped Lego set we got.
“thanks! you too!” he laughs, and runs over to the table to get my present.
“here ya go.” he says, and tosses it to me.
“thaaaaaanks. can we go on the trampolines yet?”
“it’s our birthdays we can do whatever we want.” he shrugs, and we bound over to the main area.
“hey look! Joey and Jack and Lily are here!” he says, and we dart over to the door.
after a while, once all our friends have arrived and we’ve bounced enough times, mrs. c/l/n calls us over to have our dinner and cake and open presents. she sits us both at the head of the table and puts a party hat on c/n.
“come on, mom.” he says, taking it off. I blush a little when she puts one on me, too.
“oh, it’s just a picture, it’ll take one second. put it back on.”
“ok, one is done.” he jokes, and she takes the picture as we’re laughing.

if being with 17 hyper 5 and 6 year olds isn’t already enough, add some cake and it will be. Jake and Olivia get *a little* crazy but eventually calm down once we open presents. and as everyone leaves, c/n and I take one more bounce.
“I bet I can bounce you higher than you can do to me.” he says.
“noooo!” I say. “you lie.”
it turns out that he could, in fact, bounce me much higher than I could bounce him.
“you’re taller!” I say, “that’s why.”
he shrugs and laughs, “still better!”

age 10:
“do you have the s'mores stuff, y/n?” mom asks as we walk outside.
“yeah. graham crackers - check. chocolate - check. marshmallows - check. skewers - check.” I say.
“ok, let’s go!” she says, and we walk to c/n’s house for a neighborhood campfire.
“S/N, YOU COMING?” I yell.
“yeah I’m right here!” she laughs, and I turn around.
“oh.” I giggle, and we walk over.
“and dad’s meeting us over there when he gets home?” I ask.
“you got it.” mom says.

once we get to c/n’s house I see Emmy and Ryan.
“hey!” I say.
“y/n, convince Emmy to play ghost in the graveyard. pleeeeeeease.” he begs. “she’s so stupid and doesn’t want to.”
“Ryan!” Emmy yells, “I never said that!”
I laugh as the twins argue. we make our way over to the fire where zach and c/n are already sitting.
“who wants s'mores!?!?” I ask, setting the tray down.
instantaneously we’re all huddled around the fire with our marshmallows roasting perfectly.
“DARN IT!” c/n yells as his starts burning.
“SAVE IT SAVE IT TWIST IT BLOW IT OUT S-” we all scream as he desperately tries to revive his marshmallow. then it drops into the fire and we burst out in laughter.
“here.” I say, tossing him the bag. “just don’t waste all of them.”

“alright, 2 people are the ghosts, everybody else looks for them.” Ryan says. “are the little kids playing too?”
“nah…” c/n says, “they’re inside.”
“ok! nose goes!” Emmy says.
“y/n, c/n, you’re the ghosts.” zach laughs.
“come on that was cheap.” c/n complains.
“nope, we’re counting now.” zach laughs, and
we go to hide.
“where should we go?” I whisper.
“wait! up in a tree! not the treehouse because that would be hard to get down quickly but like climb a tree and then jump out of it.” I say eagerly.
“ok!” he whisper-shouts, and we run to the nearest tree.
“12 o'clock, midnight, hope we see a ghost tonight!” we hear the others chant, and then set out.
“Emmy open your eyes!!” I hear Ryan say, followed by laughing.
“do you think they’ll find is or should we just like hop out and scare them?” c/n asks with a devilish look.
“let’s see when they get over here.” I smile, and we wait until they’re right beneath us.
“3, 2, 1…” I mouth, and we hop down.
“boo!” we giggle, getting a scream from Emmy and award winning jumps from both Ryan and zach. we tag all of them.
“no fair!” zach laughs.
“how… what… where… wha-?” Ryan starts.
“in the trees!” I whisper, and run back over to the campfire.
“I think that deserves another s'more.” Emmy smiles, and we settle back down.

15 years old:
because I’m crazy, I love running. running in the morning is best because there’s hardly anyone out - just the few people walking their dogs or the women obsessed with their gardens who water their flowers multiple times a day. but besides that, it’s just peaceful and relaxing. and since today it’s 62 degrees, it’s literally THE best running weather. I turn on my music and head out. my watch gets the signals and I press start. after 20 or so minutes, I hear something behind me. I whip my head around quickly to see c/n on his bike.
“y/n, I’m faster than you are! pick up the pace!” he jokes, gliding next to me.
“why are you out so early? and why are you riding your bike this early? shouldn’t you be sleeping?” I huff out.
“I could ask the same to you.” he smirks. “but I have practice in like a half hour so I woke up and saw you run past. I don’t understand how you like running, anyways.”
I smile and shake my head.
“it’s fun, that’s why!”
“I’m sure it’s better with me here.” he says, smirk still plastered on his face.
“actually I slowed down.” I laugh.
“…more enjoyable I should say.”
“nah, it’s better when I go faster.” I say, playing it out.
“well then, y/n, I’ll make you go faster.” he speeds up a few feet ahead of me.
“stay with me then!” he smiles, and I speed up to run alongside him.
“h-” he starts.
“shhhhhhhh… it’s hard to talk when I run.” I tell him.
“ok, miss drama queen.”
I laugh and trip, but regain my balance.
“well that was fucking embarrassing.” I giggle.
“no it was cute.” he smiles, “you didn’t fall!”
I blush a bit. oh, how I hope how sweaty and hot I am covers it up. we’re silent for a minute before he says,
“ok, well I gotta go to practice now. see ya later, y/n.”
I wave as he turns back around.
“fuck.” I whisper. I actually do like him.

“I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE!” I say, running over to c/n holding the piece of paper.
“woah there,” c/n chuckles, “slow down, crazy.”
“sorry I’m just so excited.” I breathe out, bouncing a bit.
“I get mine tomorrow.” he says. “let’s make it a game.”
“how so?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.
“whoever gets more points has to pay for the other one’s ice cream. and the one who gets less points gets to drive there.”
“are you asking me out on a date, c/n?” I wink.
“no, simply starting a challenge.” he winks back.
“deal.” I say, sticking out my hand.
he grabs my hand and we shake.

“I hope you passed.” I say as he walks up to me. “I’m really looking forward to that ice cream.”
“well…” he starts, “if you consider this” he holds up his paper, “passing, then yes I did.” a grin spreads on his lips.
“good job! that’s so exciting!” I say, a grin just as big as his on my face.
“how many points?” I ask.
he frowns. “well say it on 3.”
“1, 2, 3!” we both say.
simultaneously we say our score.
“22!” I whisper.
“wait.” I say. “21?”
“yeah I literally almost failed.”
“I feel ya, I got 22!” I giggle.
“well it looks like I’m the one who scored.” he winks.

we go over to the table by the window.
“wanna try mine?” I ask.
“sure, thanks!” he smiles.
“you can try mine, too.”
“no thanks, I don’t like chocolate ice cream.” I smile.
“you don’t know what you’re missing.” he winks. “oh, and the winner also gets one more thing.” he says.
“and what would that be?”
he leans over and places his lips on mine, then pulls away. I must have a weird face on because he says,
“I am so sorry, y/n. I , I didn’t-”
“no it’s not you! it’s the chocolate!” I giggle. “I, the… I loved everything else.” I smile.
“oh thank god.” he sighs, a smile growing on his lips.
“so…” I say, taking a spoonful.
“so…?” he asks.
“is this a one time thing or…?”
“I’d say more than that…”
I glance up at him. “that works for me…” I wink.
“and next time I promise I won’t get chocolate so we can share.”
“stahhhhhhp!” I laugh, “you don’t have to be perfect.”
he winks, “but it’s my specialty.”

18 years
as I toss my cap into the air, I catch sight of c/n, rows ahead of me. even though we’re going to different colleges, it doesn’t mean we have to separate in all factors. yeah, we won’t see each other as often. we’ll have more friends and different friends. we’ll go to different parties and meet other girls and guys, but we’ll still have each other, and nothing can break our bond. everyone says we should break up, we should start fresh in college. but it doesn’t feel right. we’re just so compatible, like adjacent puzzle pieces just fitting together perfectly.
time passes and we head out for pictures. I find my family but catch c/n in the corner of my eye. he sees me and smiles. I smile back like the first day we met.
“y/n, smile!” mom says as she snaps a picture of me.
“go find c/n, he’s part of this family too!”
we meet in the middle. his hands find my waist, my hands find his neck. our kiss is captured on camera by not only both our families, but by everyone’s eyes. I stick my foot up like in the movies, and we part.
“y/n, I love you.” he whispers for the first time.
“I love you, too, c/n.” I say without hesitation.
we finish our pictures and head to our cars.

“so when’s the wedding?” my grandma asks as c/n weaves his fingers between mine.
“still a few years down the road.” he winks, causing me to giggle.
“y/n, he’s a keeper.” grandma says with a smile.
“oh grandma, I know.” I smile, and at that moment I’ve found happiness.

Wrong Number

[Annabeth Chase’s phone]

Saturday, April 26 

2:37 am [to 673729225]

Annabeth Chase (6266223842): lisen jerkfac answet you dam phoe im tryig to screm at yo
Annabeth Chase: do yu kmpw how hasrd id too typr rifht now?
Annabeth Chase: aND A Small DICK
Annabeth Chase: youuARE A FCKING ASDHOLES

9:46 am

673729225:  so, um, hey, you kind of left me a voice message yesterday?
673729225:  Weeeell, maybe a few and some texts but i think you got the wrong number, you see unless i have been living a lie my whole life my name is not ryan?
673729225: so yeah, wrong number

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Learn your place.

Imagine you’re Opie’s sister and he wants you away from the club; but Jax drives you to a club party while your brother was on a run; and the club gets shooted up. 

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You were Gemma Teller in a smaller, younger package. You were fierce and you loved your family and the club more than anything else in the whole wide world. It made sense; she raised you when Mary decided it was too much to handle, an original 9 and two kids growing up was too much for her, and she bailed on her family; coming back every few months, but it wasn’t the same. You grew surrounded by mans in kuttes and knowing that wherever the Reaper was, you were safe. 

Your brother was involved in the whole life of SAMCRO since he was born, of course, him being the boy. Opie was, no doubt, born to be a Son. Your father did his best raising you and him to believe that you could give up your life to be free; SAMCRO’S philosophy. You loved that club and the club loved you; that’s why you were so happy when Opie walked in, wearing the SAMCRO Prospect kutte, you felt like your life was finally going to be exactly what you wanted. 

Only it wasn’t. 

A few after weeks after Opie started prospecting, he became stricter with you. Piney never spent time on the house anyway, so for a really long time, it was you and Opie. But one day, he came home, serious expression on his face, sitting down in your bed, making you take off your headphones and pause the Elvis album you were playing. 

“Who got your panties in a bunch?” You asked, arching an eyebrow and looking at him. He caressed his short, still growing beard and took a deep breath; He was red with rage, you knew it, but you could take care of that. “Harry?” 

“Tig told me you were hanging around the TM yesterday.” You  nodded. “Well,don’t.” He said, as if it was obvious. 

“Excuse me?” you scoffed. 

“Cut the bullshit,(Y/N). I don’t want you in the clubhouse.” You got up, hands in a jar and looked at him, without believing what he was asking you. “You’re not a member.”

“You aren’t one either.”

“I’m on…my way.” He raised his voice a little. “I want you as far of club business as you can.” You crossed your arms on your chest and scanned  him. 

“I grew up with the Sons, Harry. They’re my family too, you can’t…expect me to cut them from my life.” You walked over to your make up table, sitting down. “Plus, i was seeing Gemma.”

“You can visit her at her place,but last night was the last time you were on TM.” He got up ready to leave. “Learn your place (Y/N), i mean it.” You got up, throwing him a brush, him, avoiding it without a flinch. 

“Bite me, Harry.” He shook his head and rolled his eyes, as he closed the door, leaving you alone in your room. Seconds later, you heard the bike riding away from your house. 

For a few months, Piney agreeing, you were locked down in your house. You weren’t studying at the moment, having just finished high school and you assembled a princess in a castle; You worked out at home, hanged out at the mall with your old school friends a.k.a the most boring place you’ve ever been, and you only talked, SAMCRO related with Piney, and Opie, when he wasn’t being a pain in the ass, and Gemma, when she came down to visit. 

That week, Opie was on the run, up to Oakland with some member, Piney said it will help him get a grip on what the club life would be. You were reading your book sitting on the front porch, wearing baggy jeans and a football t-shirt when you saw the one and only, Jax Teller park, in his beautiful motorbike right in front of your nose. You closed the book and got up, forgetting you had your reading glasses, took the few steps down and smiled when Jax hugged you.

You knew he was sensitive since that goody two shoes Tara left Charming a couple of months ago, but Jax was still like  a brother to you and one of your closest friends.

“Woah, (Y/N), you look like shit.” If not the closest. 

“Ha-Ha.” You mocked a laugh and sat down on his bike. “Opie’s not here, you knew that.” 

“Mom asked me to pick up some weed for your old man. She says Piney is smoking her personal,so…” You laughed and nodded, walking inside, Jax following close and closing the door. The first thing Jax noticed was that the whole was was clean and everything was in it’s place. “Place looks tidy..”

You nodded, sighing. “Well…” You grabbed one of your Dad’s special kush and handed it to Jax. “There’s no much to do; I’m not hanging out with the club anymore, i spend my days here…” Jax frowned. “I’m miserable.” You admited.

“Aww shit.” He said leaning on the arm of the couch. “You do look miserable, man.” You smiled down. “Doll up. There’s a party going on, something chill, just the club…”

“Piney will…” You started.

“Piney is high off his ass. Wouldn’t notice. Opie is on the run, and my mom will love having you.” You bit your lip, contemplating the idea. It didn’t seemed a bad one, though. You smiled and kissed Jax cheek, running up and dolling yourself up.

It felt good to be back at your tight jeans and your biker boots. Jax smiled, throwing his cigarette away and oferring you his helmet. You jumped on the back of his bike and your ride off to TM, for a night out, Cinderella, back at home at midnight. 

Everyone was so damn happy of seeing you. Tig picked you up and made you twirl in the air, even though you had laughed and slapped his shoulder, demanding to put you down. Juice, another Prospect,  kept offering you drink after drink, demanding it was your welcome home party and Jax was just so happy to see you enjoying yourself.

He was right, though. Piney was so high he didn’t even sticked around, he was already asleep in his dorm room by the time you got into the party. Gemma hugged you like there wasn’t a tomorrow and you had a long, lovely talk with her, at the heat of a few couple of beers. This night was everything you needed to get your spirit up, and you were enjoying yourself.

You watched Juice lift from his seat, in front of the computer and no time, running towards Jax but the ruffle outside was too damn loud to ignore; bullets, and you knew the sound quite well, started going off. 

“Everybody down!” Tig yelled, as Gemma grabbed your hand and pulled you to the ground, screaming for you to cover your ears. Jax and the rest of the prospects as well as the other members started back firing the assault, as you cried curled up next to Gemma and some crow eaters who were near. 

“Jax!” You heard Tig yell. “Take them out of here!” Jax nodded and grabbed his mothers hand who grabbed you, but you weren’t quick enough, fear paralyzing you. 

“Fuck!” You yelled falling to the ground as you felt a  shocking pain sting your right leg. You fell to the ground when you saw the red blood pouring out of you, your eyes going wide. “Oh my god…” you sucked in a breath just to start screaming, everyone alarmed.

“(Y/N)!” Jax asked, running towards you. 

“(Y/N)” Gemma yelled, kneeling next to you. Everything outside was quiet now, whatever that was going on coming to an end; The real drama would start right now, as Tig came running to you, am cloth on his hands to wrap it around your wound.

You fainted as you felt everyone’s hands around you.

The loud beeps of the hospital machine woke you up. Dazed and confused, you took a good look around, watching Gemma falling asleep on the near couch of the St. Thomas room and your father, next to you in a chair too small of him. You blinked and looked down; you seemed fine, but your leg was killing you. You tried to stand up straight, only causing you to grunt in pain, waking Piney up; Gemma following.

“God, Jesus.” She said, getting up and calling the doctor with the button assigned. “Honey, how are you feeling?” You blinked again and cleared your throat. 

“Everyone’s alright?” You asked. Gemma nodded as Piney caressed your cheek, making you smile at his warm touch. “Lucky one, huh?” You said looking at the cast on your leg. 

“Filthy few.” Piney joked. The door cracked open, showing a very upset Opie and Jax following. Pink roses on his hands. You became mute as you saw him, knowing damn well he wasn’t going to like this at all. 

“And where the hell were you?” Was the first thing Opie said when he saw Piney. Your old man looked at you with an apologetic look that made you smile and made your heart flutter. “High off your ass, i guess.” Opie looked at you and caressed your hair. “How are you feeling?”

“Good. My leg hurts a little…” Harry nodded.

“You got shot, (Y/N) It’s meant to hurt.” You smiled a little; but your eyes locked with Jax, face all bruised and dark eye.

“Oh my god. What happened to you?” Gemma puckered his lips when she heard your question but remained silent. Jax shrugged it off.

“They got me in the shooting, beat me up a little. I’m fine.” He said. You lifted your eyebrows, as Opie crossed his arms on top of his chest. 

“We’ll get you something to eat.” Opie said, motioning for Jax and him. “Anything special?”

“Donuts.” You said, smiling a little as Piney caressed your head. Opie nodded and both him and Jax walked out of the hospital room.

Outside, the sun was shinning down on the best friend’s bikes. Opie lighted up a cigarette handing it to Jax.

“If she ever finds out i beat the shit out of you, she’s gonna be mad…” Opie said, leaning against his bike. 

“Look, man, -” Jax started. “I’m so-”

“Don’t.” Opie said walking closer to Jax. “First thing i asked you was to take care of her while i was gone, i come back, she has a bullet hole on her leg, what the fuck?” Opie said. Jax denied.

“She looked miserable, Ope. She’s SAMCRO all the way., she’s part of us.”

“I don’t want her in any of this club business, okay?” Opie raised his voice. “Piney has been high since i was 2, drunk since i was 3, and Mary left, okay? Mary bailed.(Y/N) is all i got left pure and untouched. I don’t want her to be poisoned with this whole club shit.” He said stepping on his cigarette. “She gets hurt again because of you and more Mayans are coming after you in a shooting.” He motioned to the wounds on Jax’s face. The blonde man nodded; Understanding Opie’s point of view. “I love you man, and you’re my best friend…but she’s my little sister.” 

“Yeah, man, i get it.” Jax said. “I’m sorry.” 

Opie nodded. “Let’s go…” he said. “Let’s get her her donuts.” 

✨Squad Goals Episode 7: Once Upon A Time✨

New Jersey, 2011, Justin

She has that granny grey hair going on and unlike the rest of my fans she’s clothed in a long black cutout jumpsuit a drastic change from the tiny shorts and bra ensembles that I’d seen all night. It’s refreshing, classy, even. But, also unlike my fans she’s on her cellphone, texting away as if she isn’t in the middle of thousands of screaming girls and as if I’m not reaching my hand out to her. She gives me a quick, confident smile, before turning back to her phone and my hand is yanked by a twelve year old with an old purple Belieber shirt. I sing to the twelve year old, and after  a few verses, she’s sobbing and yanking on her pigtails.

My routine is far from finished but I don’t want the grey haired girl out of my sight so I stay as close as I can to the crowd and for a moment I stare at her and as if she can feel my gaze she stares right back and even raises a perfectly arched eyebrow.

“How’s it going New Jersey?” I boom into the microphone and the arena erupts into frantic, girlish screams and even a few enthusiastic manly yells. Grey haired girl claps distractedly and my ego takes a major blow.

“As you guys know I just released Believe,” the screams are deafening and I’m thankful for the fan’s enthusiasm as well as my earplugs.  

“But tonight I want to choose one of you to sing an acoustic song of your choice from the album” I glance off stage and see the concert manager with a ‘what the hell are you doing?’ Look and I send him a wink. I’ve got you grey haired girl, I think in triumph but she’s back on her phone. I pretend to scope out the whole venue pointing at sections to see who can scream the loudest but finally I get onto my knees and lean forward into the pit and with the help of some security guards I walk towards grey.

The commotion I caused startles her and she finally puts away her damn phone as the girl next to her punches her in the arm repeatedly once I gesture at her to come here. ‘Me?’ She mouths and I nod with a smile that thankfully, she returns. I reach for her hand and she takes it and I grow more and more thankful for my security detail because without it grey would’ve been torn to pieces.

“What’s your name?” I ask her as I sit on one of the two wooden stools that had been placed on the stage and she takes a seat on the one opposite of me crossing her legs expertly her posture impossibly great. She leans into my microphone and the moment her voice echoes across the arena I’m sure that I’ve fallen in love,

“Rhiannon St. John” she says and her voice is the cutest thing to have ever graced my ears. The crowd realizes it too and a series of ‘awws’ falls over the crowd.

“Hi, I’m Justin,” I tell her and I’m freaking out because my palms are sweaty as fuck just looking at her under the stage lights she looks like a goddess. She grins brightly and fluffs her grey hair

“Justin…?” She asks and that gets a laugh from myself and the audience I speak into the microphone once more just to humor her,

“Bieber” and she laughs and I’m 99.9 percent sure that this is the future mother of my children. I pick up my guitar and she looks at me with a childlike eagerness,

“what song do you want me to sing for you?” I ask her and the fans begin to shout out different songs and plead with her to choose wisely. Rhiannon taps her chin and reaches for my guitar,

“may I?” She asks and I hand it over. The body of the guitar is so much bigger than her so she struggles a bit to position her hands just right but when she does the loud, crisp, chords of Take you are played. I’m not sure who’s more impressed me or the crowd.

“You wanna sing with me?” She asks and I’m a little shell shocked at this grey haired- at Rhiannon, her name is Rhiannon I remember and then I’m obsessing over those three syllables again. I nod and she laughs and the sound caresses my ears and for a moment I can’t hear the thunderous chatter of the audience.

“Yeah. Hell yeah I wanna sing with you” I say and I motion for one of the stage hands to come over,

“can I have another guitar? She took mine!” Rhiannon smiles and sticks out her tongue. Once I get my guitar she begins to strum again and I join in our chords creating the perfect symphony. The stage hand had also brought out another mic and placed it in front of her.

“Do you know the lyrics?” I expect her to say something snarky but instead she opens her mouth and the stadium damn near goes silent when her voice flows through the mic

“this isn’t your first rodeo is it?” I ask over the strum of our guitars she shakes her head never missing a chord,

“I thought you were from Canada not Texas” she says and that cracks me the fuck up.

“Baby, señorita, ma chérie, please be my little lady, my little lady” I sing and I can tell it that moment that she’s starting to feel me almost as much as I’m feeling her because her pretty hazel eyes darken considerably and she leans closer so we can finish the song.

California, 2016, Justin

“What’s on your mind baby?” Rhiannon asks from my bed she’s sitting criss cross with a guitar in her lap beneath the guitar she’s in a lacy pink lingerie set. I slip on a wife beater and sit on the edge of the bed careful not to mess up her open song journal and pen that she’s been twiddling with all morning.

“Just thinking about how I first met you,” I tell her because it was probably one of the best days of my goddamn life.

“You are a hopeless romantic JB” she says and her eyes light up before she scribbles something into her journal I reach for it sneakily but she hits my hand

“uh uh uh” she tuts and pulls the journal closer to her

“I wanna see what you’re working on Nonnie please?”  She bites her lip in the way that drives me insane and shakes her head teasingly I can only sigh and fall back against my pillows.

New York City , 2012, Justin

“You look nervous JB what’s good?” My buddy Chaz asks as he continuously beats up my player on the playstation. I shake my head and try to redeem my high score but I’ve already fallen too far. The game ends with me as the loser and Chaz high fiving Ryan like he’s won a damn Heisman.

“Uh, I gotta go,” I say after a quick look at my watch Chaz and Ryan look at me like I’m a crazy person but I ignore them and pull on my hoodie.

“You want us to come with?” Chaz asks and I shake my head and try not to seem overly eager.

“Yeah I’m fucking starving dude” Ryan adds and I hold up my hands

“ get room service and put it on my tab alright? I’m out” I ignore their protests and leave shooting a text to Kenny to let him know that they should send out my decoy. I walk about five doors down from my room and knock five times.

“Password?” My favorite voice answers with a hint of a smile and I whisper it to her with a dumbass grin,

“Take you” and with a few click the door opens slowly and Rhiannon St. John is standing there. Her hair is brown now as when I’d seen her a few months before it had been a pastel shade of lavender.

“Won’t you come in sir?” She asks and pulls me into the hotel room by the collar of my hoodie. Once the door is locked and shut behind me she jumps onto me and wraps her legs around my waist.

“I missed you so much” she whispers placing a lingering kiss on my cheek. I take a moment and inhale the smell of her hair, a faint mix of vanilla and lemon verbena. Rhiannon had won the tickets to my 2011 concert off of some radio show and she’d taken her cousin as a birthday surprise. But after she and I sang together on stage we really connected and now we met up every few months to hang out .

“So I took your advice,” she says leading me to her open laptop where a paused video of her singing and strumming a guitar sits, she presses play and I notice the view count on the video.

“Holy shit 8 million views in-” she grins up at me

“ in three days” she finishes pointing at the likes that far outnumber the dislikes.

“I’ve gotten emails from so many label heads but I wanted to show you because this is new to me and I-” during her rant I had become focused on how pretty and soft her lips look in the velvety shade of red she had dressed them in. So I decide to kiss her, and though taken by surprise, she kisses back eagerly.

“I have a question” I say seriously her eyes are still closed and her lips are still puckered but she nods,

“would you maybe consider being my girlfriend? It’s one hell of a struggle but I think you’ve got what it takes” she opens her eyes in shock

“I’m going to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend?” She asks with a grin and I’m so shocked by her words that when she kisses me I forget to move my lips.

“That’s a yes?” I ask stupidly and she nods before engaging me in another kiss,

“it’s a hell yes.”

California, 2016, Justin

“ You would be shocked at how many people still think I’m a ‘gold digging whore after your money’” Rhiannon tells me scrolling through her twitter feed with an incredulous smile.

“Wait you aren’t with him for his money?” Kylie asks from her seat with a raised brow and I flick her injured leg that’s propped upon a coffee table. We’d come over to Rhiannon’s house so she could change clothes but Kylie had somehow conned us into staying the night because Kendall, and Gigi were jetting off for some gig and A$ap was preparing for his tour.

“I’m just saying if it ain’t his money what is it?” Kylie probes flinching when I threaten to move her leg again.

“That dick” Rhiannon says nonchalantly pointing at my crotch I’m pretty sure I hear the cameraman choke on laughter but we ignore it and Rhiannon continues scrolling through her feed while  I smile at Kylie’s look of disgust. I throw Kylie a wink and she pretends to vomit. I get up and to a little grind and Kylie covers her face with a throw pillow.

“I changed my mind you two go to his place and do the nasty shit you usually do and I’ll be fine here by myself” I glance at her and give a too sweet smile,

“ aw don’t worry Ky. We’ll still do nasty shit here too!” She throws the pillow at my face but I catch it.

“Too slow Jenner”

“kill me.” Rhiannon sighs and places her phone on the table, eyeing Kylie and I before running a hand through her hair.

“To answer your question Kylie, I’m with Justin for that dick, and because I love this idiot and we’ve been through alot together.”  I grin like an idiot

California, 2013, Justin

Scooter loves Rhiannon. He can’t get enough of her and before this day is done she’ll officially be managed by him and signed to our label.

“So are you two going to go public?” Scooter asks Rhiannon who glances at me for a moment before answering,

“I don’t want my relationship with Justin to influence my career. I would never use Justin for ratings or whatever. That’s all me” I give her a smile and reach for her hand because every girl before her had used me for publicity stunts, and exposure.

“So after your first single goes platinum, and believe me, it will. You two can come out and Rhiannon from then we’ll work on your album how’s that sound?” Rhiannon’s mouth drops and she glances to her parents who are grinning happily.

“Our baby the superstar” Laura St. John says as she and her husband Carson reach towards her for a hug.

“I’m gonna be signed?” She asks from her parent’s arms and Scooter nods with a laugh.

“Welcome to Interscope” he says offering her a hug to which she runs and nearly tackles him to the floor.

“Congrats Nonnie” I say before embracing her and placing an innocent kiss on her cheek for her parent’s sake. She raises an eyebrow and smiles at me,

“Nonnie?” She asks and I wait for her reaction she bites her lip and smiles.

“Nonnie. I like it.”

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Max Green (fluff)

Request: Can you do a Max Green imagine where Y/N is Ronnie’s other best friend. And Y/N & Max don’t get along very well he always calls her names & tells hurtful things. She doesn’t think about any of it. Then one day a fan starts making fun of her really bad & she’s already had a bad day & she ends up running onto the bus. Max is there & she starts to have an panic attack & he comforts her & calms her down & apologizes for everything he’s said and says he actually likes her & fluffy fluff please! Thx!
A/N: hope you enjoy. I love this plot so thank you for sending it in. Sorry it took so long. xx

“Jesus, Max! Can you cut it out?!” I heard Ronnie yell. It was a typical day for me; being Falling in Reverses’ merchant girl and Ronnie’s other best friend besides Max and the rest of the guys, of course. “It’s okay, Ronnie. It doesn’t bother me.” I faked smiled over at him. It was better to admit that it didn’t hurt when it really did, but always brush it off. One person telling me how fat, ugly, and useless I am won’t stop me.

“No, she’s being a bitch, tell her to stop!” He yelled even louder than before. I looked around the room and noticed all the other guys looking at me with sad eyes. “Shut the fuck up, Max!” Jacky all of a sudden yelled. Usually he’s always the quiet one, but his outburst surprised everyone in the room. I heard Max grumble, stomping passed me. “Nice going, you stupid bitch. Now everyone’s mad at me.” He sulked, kicking my leg on purpose.

“Thank you for sticking up for me guys. I’m just gonna head to bed and listen to music. I’ll see you all in the morning.” I said quietly. “Okay. Just know that we all love you. See you in the morning.” Derek smiled softly.

Once I headed back the bunk area, and happened to pass max, since he was in his bunk; which happens to be head level with me. “Hey, bitch. Why are you back here?” He grumbles. “I have a name, you know. It’s y/n.” I smiled at him. He turned around and grumbled some more.

Once I got into my bunk, I pulled out my iPod and headphones, going to my playlist that consisted of Falling in Reverse, of course, Breathe Carolina, Glamour of the Kill, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more. Voodoo Doll by 5SOS came on, and was going through tumblr, signing softly and tapping to the beat. “Dude, will you shut the fuck up?! You suck ass at singing and you’re off beat. Stop embarrassing yourself.” He snapped, ripping my curtain open. “Max! What did I say earlier?! Leave her the fuck alone!” Ronnie snapped back at him, storming up to him pushing him away from my bunk. “Don’t listen to him, babe. He’s just a douche bag. You have a beautiful voice and had a good beat going.” He smiled, giving me a small hug and a kiss on my head. “Jenna is coming tomorrow. How about you girls go out shopping? You know, just to get away from him and she misses you a lot.” “Of course! How could I say no to Jenna? I love her like she’s my sister.” He smiled brightly and said, “well, it’s settled! I’ll call her tonight and let her know. Night kiddo, I’ll see you in the morning.” And with that, the curtain to my bunk was closed. And I was finally at peace, no more getting yelled at and how horrible I am.

“Y/N! Jenna is here!” I heard Ronnie yell back at the bunks. I quickly ran through and crushed her into a big hug. I could everyone do “aw” and laugh at us gripping on each other for dear life. “God damn, y/n, don’t kill her with all her with all of your fat.” I heard Max snap at me like always. Jenna pulled away and looked at him. “The fuck is wrong with you?” She growled. “Y/n’s has been so nice to you and all you do is say stuff like that to her! What, are you upset that Ronnie is closer with her than you?” She growled. He turned and mumbled “I don’t need this.”

“Let’s not have him ruin our day. Let’s go girl!” She exclaimed grabbing my hand.

After three hours of shopping, getting our nails done, getting our hair cut, we here finally leaving the mall. While we were heading to the exit, we noticed a group if girls with Falling In Reverse shirts on. “Jenna! Oh my god, Jenna!” Some of them yelled. They all ran over and was asking for pictures. After her talking with them and getting pictures, some of them turned to me and have me a dirty look. “Who the fuck are you?” One of them asked me. “Oh, I’m the merch girl for Falling in Reverse.” I smiled. Most of them laughed and still had the dirty looks on. “They chose someone like you?” Another girl called out. “Someone like me?” I asked, giving a confused looked to all of them.

“Fat, ugly. Just hideous. Who could like you anyway? Seriously Jenna, why are you friends with her?” I could feel my heart drop in my stomach. My knees started to feel weak, my face felt red and hot, and i started feeling anxious. I could tell my anxiety attack was near, so I ran. I ran all the way to the bus. Luckily it was about a ten minuets drive so I got there faster than plan because of running.

I could hear Jenna yelling my name over and over again, trying to get me to slow down. I ran all the way to the venue and passed Jacky, Ronnie, Ryan, and Derek. “Y/n! Why are you running? Where’s Jenna?!” Ronnie yelled as I passed by him, darting towards the bus.

I got to the door and pulled it open, running up the stairs and falling onto the floor. I could feel my chest tightening and hot tears going down my face. I heard foot steps coming into the lounge and continued to try to calm myself down. “Y/n? Is everything okay?” I heard Max ask, lowering down to the floor. I started shaking my head, gasping for air and tearing at my throat. “Woah, you need to calm down. Listen to my voice okay? Y/n, look at me. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.” He said, connecting eye contact with me. After a short time of taking deep breathes, I finally calmed down and my crying started to slowly fade away.

Max was leaned against the couch, with my head on his chest. “Are you okay now? If you want, we can talk about it. I’ll listen, I promise.” He said quietly, running his fingers through my hair. “Why? You always tell me how horrible I am at stuff, how useless I am, and plenty ore things.” I sighed looking down at my hands. Once I looked up, I noticed how sad his eyes were and how tired he looked. “No, baby- no. You are so precious. I love you, I’m so scared of falling in love, so I did what I thought was right, treating you horribly which was so wrong of me. You are so beautiful, smart, hilarious, I love everything about you.” He sighed looking down. I could see a few tears falling down his face as he sighed heavily.

I’ve always liked Max, maybe even loved, but with how mean he was, I figured nothing would happen between us. “I love you too Max, but please don’t say those things again. It hurt so much.” I sighed, grabbing his hand. “I won’t ever think about it. Now that I have you, I’m never letting you go.” He smiled, pulling me to him.

"oops" muttered cupid

summary: cupid didn’t mean to hit the british guy, but a one degree shift can make miles of difference when you’re shooting love arrows from a cloud.

a/n: this is the first chapter. i’m having fun so there will be more. by the way, cupid’s greek name is eros, but no one knows that so i’m just calling him cupid. 

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No Limit….Pt. 4

After my mother visited a few weeks back, she reminded me of a problem I’ve always struggled with…my image. Growing up I was extremely insecure. Even though I was considered the “Beauty”  in school, I never believed it myself. I was good at hiding it, so much so, that I had a great social life and no problems dating. On the outside I was well-dressed and appeared confident and happy, on the inside, I was a wreck. I hated my hair, look, all of it. Practically everything about me was “hideous” compared to girls I thought to be better-looking. Although it was tough, by the end of high school I finally learned to love myself and my true beauty, regardless of what anybody else thought. Even though I was able to overcome all that, it still lingered and was heavily brought out during my marriage. Ryan practically viewed me as his trophy, constantly trying to morph me into what he thought his wife should be. He controlled damn near every aspect of my social life, checked to make sure I was wearing what he deemed appropriate, and most importantly, humph, make sure my hair was always covered with weave. 

Once I moved in with Moses those insecurities resurfaced and I grew weary of how he would possibly view me. His actions at first didn’t help and even when we got it together, all the gifts he showered me with made it worse. I tried to embrace his ways but after speaking to my mother I realized that I was becoming someone I’m not…Changing into the “wife” I thought fit his lifestyle. Being that he never had a problem with my clothes, hair, or really any way I looked, I decided to go sort of the, “Alicia Keys”, route and just focus on my natural looks and wear what was comfortable for me. I didn’t mean for it to go on that long, especially with us starting to get out of the house more. So tonight I’m definitely making an effort. My girl Dana and her fiance Sean are in town from Lucky Palms so were going out with them. Right now Dana and her sister Deanna, are in my shop while Sean and Moses are expected later. After I finished styling Dana, she pulled me aside to talk, claiming she had a “bone to pick with me”.       

“Leah…You know you’re my girl right?”


“Ok…So don’t take this the wrong way but…What the in the hell is going on with you?? Girl you look hit as fuck!…And to be out with Mogul like that?? You got people all over Simstagram calling you basic.” 

“I know, I know!” I said, shaking my head. “I was having a moment and now it’s over. Trust me, when we go out later, I’m going to be in six inch heels like your ass is now.” 

“Well good….Shit. You know, I’m surprised Mo let you out like that. Sean has a heart attack if I’m not done up.”

“I mean Moses isn’t really like that. He’s never had a problem with anything I have on or how my hair is. As a matter of fact he claims he likes it when it’s not covered, since that’s the only time I’ll let him pull it, ha.” I said, causing us both to laugh. 

“Oh lord…I forgot ya’ll some nasty asses.” She said, shaking her head. “Well damn speaking of our men…they’re here now and early for a change…but hold up, who the hell is this with them?” She said, whipping her head around fast as hell.

“Oh…It’s probably his new assistant/PR rep. I forgot she wanted to come by and meet me.” I said, casually, trying to brush off the panic in her voice.

“Humph…I’m not to sure if I would let this bitch around my man, especially while I was looking rough.” She said, smirking as she walked over to greet Sean.

“Oh whatever bitch…” I said, jokingly as I walked towards the front to meet Asia. 

I was pretty sure that Dana was exaggerating so I wasn’t concerned. Humph, that shit changed real quick the second I caught a glimpse of this girl. She was fucking gorgeous! Hell, she could’ve been mistaken for a model and honestly dressed rather raunchy to be an assistant…My man’s assistant at that. I began to panic a little, as she wasn’t anything close to the description Moses gave me. He knew damn well what he was doing when he failed to accurately tell me about her ass. I asked him and he bullshited me? Now I’m over here wondering why? Shit, the chick did start working for him after I toned down my looks. At this point I was pissed. I couldn’t think clearly and the smirk he had on his face after he saw my reaction, only added to it. As I was about to address him, she started walking over. Trying to pretend I had no problems with this, I put on my nicest voice and greeted her. While she was annoyingly talking my ear off, I zoned out and somewhat tuned into what was going on between Dana and Sean.   

Sean: “Damn Lady, you look good enough to eat…Shit.” He said, making her giggle. “Lemme get a closer look.” 

Dana: “You know I gotta look right for you boo…Aye stop it.” She said still giggling as his hands went up her thigh. 

Deanna: “Can ya’ll stop…Don’t nobody wanna see that shit.” She said, letting out a huge sigh. 

Dana: “You know you’ve had an attitude all day…Stop being so aggy and get a grip sis.”  

Sean: “She probably got an attitude because she ain’t with that corny dude anymore…Maybe you’ll find one if you put some more clothes on…No man wants his woman to look like that.” He said, staring dead at her.

Deanna: “You know what! Fuck you Sean!…I don’t know why she puts up with your shit!” She yelled, storming downstairs, clearly embarrassed.

As we looked on silent and very confused, ha, Dana told Sean that he needed to find Deanna or Dee as she called her, and apologize. He refused at first and claimed that she needed to hear that with the way she was dressed. He stood his ground until she threatened to take away his night cap, hauling his ass downstairs. Something about their interaction seemed off, so I asked Dana what was up with that. She said he treats her like his sister and that they bicker like this all the time. She assured me that Deanna will be fine and then proceeded to take a few selfies for her social media accounts. 

Meanwhile Downstairs……

“Why the hell did you do that to me??” *Voice cracking*

“Fuck you mean!? look at the shit you got on. Your titties and ass is out! I told you about that shit.” *locking the bathroom door*

“I been dressing like this since I graduated from the University so I don’t see what the problem is!”

“The problem is that you’re mine now and I don’t want any other mothafucka lookin at you.” *Walking over*

“You keep sayin that but I can’t be yours if your marrying my sister, Sean…You claim you love me but you’re marrying my sister!!!” *Starting to cry* 

“Don’t do that” *wiping her tears* “You know I don’t have a choice. We in it way too deep. If I broke it off, do you know what that would do to my rep? My endorsements? I’m a star athlete and in this world you can’t have shit like that. I gotta appear perfect, baby.” 

“I know…I just hate this.”

“Me too, but you know you’re my number one…that ain’t gonna change. Plus Dana fit right in with the other players’ wives. It’s just for appearances Dee.” *starts kissing her cheek* “Why don’t you let me make you feel better?”

“Bae you crazy…the only thing you’re gettin is a kiss.”

“Trust, ain’t nobody comin down here. Her shop closed and Moses is lookin out for me.”

“Wait he knows????”

“Yeah…He’s like my brother, we grew up together. He’s not gonna say shit. Since we live in Lucky Palms, it may not seem like we’re that close but once we link up, it’s like old times. Plus I’m not beat…I know he ain’t been super clean. We one in the same, there’s no way his ass changed. Shit, the secrets that him and his family have, go on for days. And don’t say shit, but the last time that Asia chick was around, Moses got into some shit with a thot and had to get it swept under the rug. Ain’t no coincidence that she here now.” *pulling her close*

“Damn…I feel bad for his girl…she seems nice.”  

“Yeah well, I’m sure he’s goin through lengths to make sure she don’t find out….See that’s what I love about you, always thinkin of other people.” *Kissing her neck*

“Bae….Stop…We gonna get caught.”

“Come on now, you know I got you. I already sent Moses a text, asking him to make sure nobody comes down here till we come up. Besides, your sister is too concerned about all them clothes and shoes to pay attention to us.” *unbuckling his pants*

Meanwhile back upstairs…..

While Sean and Deanna were MIA, Asia went over to talk to Dana. I still had a few questions for Moses, so I took the opportunity to ask. 

“So why didn’t you tell me the truth about her? You said she was below basic Moses…She’s beautiful and you know it.”

“This right here is why I did’t tell you the truth. You can’t get all bent outta shape, just because you think she’s pretty, Leah. What does that have to do with me and what I’m doing? What happened to trust?”  

“I know…I’m sorry. I guess I just got a little jealous.”

“I don’t see why…You’re the most beautiful person in the world to me. Even like this…” He said, as he rubbed his hands in my hair. “Nobody will ever top you, baby.”

As he kissed me, gently pulling my hair in the process, his text tone went off for the second time. He quickly read it and smirked in his usual way before he turned his attention back on me. 

“This is the last time I’m going to say this…You, Teeleah Renee White, don’t have to worry about shit. I never have and never will cheat on you…ok???”  He said, kissing my forehead. 

“Ok…but for the record I’m not concerned about you…Women can be real trifling.”

“Well if she does try anything, which I’m sure will never happen, you, me and her girlfriend will be pissed.” 


“Yup…Shit, I’m not even trying to put us in that situation. You feel me?”

“Ok…I’ll take that L.” I said, as we both laughed.

“Before I forget, why don’t you take Dana in the back and show her some of the bags you only pull out for top clients. That was Sean texting me to ask you to hook her up, he’s payin of course” 

“Alright…Let me hurry up then…But wait, what about Deanna?”

“Oh she’s downstairs talking his ear off…He said she’s okay though.”

Moses gave me one last kiss before I headed over to Dana. As a measure of good faith to him, I invited Asia to go to dinner with us. I felt a like an ass for jumping the gun, and wanted to make it up to him. Hopefully all goes well and we can enjoy our night out.  




A/N: This one’s for notwit ;) You’re minding your own business when suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a heist, run by the AH Crew. When cops swarm the place, you’re forced to help them escape. You and Ryan get separated from the rest of the group and form an unlikely alliance. Masterpost.

Pairing: GTA Ryan/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Language, Violence, Smut

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