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I know you don’t like what you see
But I’m not going back to how I used to be

Tumblr gothic

-“There have been no updates. The site has always been like this.” The new staff post says. You agree, but something feels off.

-“These posts are gonna look weird when the format changes back,” you say, though you do not know why. Later, you receive an email. Your account has been deleted.

-You cry for the xkit guy to save you. “You know what you did to the xkit guy!” They scream. You stare at your bloody hands. You know what you did to the xkit guy.

-There’s another meme. You chuckle as the same picture of a glass shard in a toilet bowl shows up on your dash. You don’t get it. You reblog it anyway.

-“If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for queue.” Something screams, and leaps out of your computer. This always happens, at the scheduled times.

-“We’re always willing to listen to our users!” Staff says. It is a lie. Your friend sends them a message and disappears.

-You look in your purse. There are breadsticks there. You do not remember grabbing them.

-It’s Halloween again. It’s been Halloween as long as you can remember. The skeleton that runs past your house at exactly 4:39 PM every day waves at you. You wave back.

Of Nosebleeds and Soulmates

Soulmate AU where your clock starts counting from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate.  

As Castiel looks down at his favourite sweater, now partially soaked in his blood, he can’t believe he waited  22 years, 29 days, 18 hours, 56 minutes and 37 seconds for this.

Based on this post by @silentpeaches that I’m sure everyone and their grandma has seen by now.


“Cas.” Anna looks at him sweetly as she takes a seat opposite him. “Can you get me chicken nuggets?”

“You literally just ordered your food,” Cas says, nodding his head at the tray she’d set down between them.

“I know, but I got stuff from the Chinese place and the McDonald’s queue is too long,” she replies, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. “Pretty please with a cherry on top?”

Cas rolls his eyes, pushing away from the table. “Fine.”

“You’re the bestest little bro in the world!” Anna grins, handing over some money.  

“Bestest isn’t even a word,” Cas mutters as he dodges people left and right.

Castiel hasn’t been standing in line for more than a few minutes when the man in front of him - gesturing wildly to the redhead next to him - hits him in the face. Hard.

Cas’ head snaps back and he hears an “oh fuck!” but he doesn’t know if it’s him who says it or someone else.

“Shit, shit, I am so sorry,” the man says, bringing his arms up but then dropping them to his sides like he doesn’t know what to do with them. “Fuck, you’re bleeding.”

Castiel can feel blood trickling down his neck and can taste it on his tongue and it’s the most unpleasant thing in the world right now. He wrinkles his nose in disgust but that just sends a wave a pain through it and he winces.

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or “the college au where lily is a single mom struggling with finishing school and raising a child, and james discovers he quite likes babysitting” (AO3)

(p.s.: thank you to @gxldentrio for being a lovely beta reader!)

Chapter: ½

She’s just another face in the crowd.

But she stands out.

She’s battling her way through the waves of I’m late-s, I should have gone to bed earlier-s and Why haven’t I started that bloody paper yet-s entangling themselves in people’s legs. They trip, but she bears on.

Her hair is made of flames; they lick their way through the sea of people, turning them to ashes, burning a path for her - James is entranced. Her brow is furrowed with decision, and she doesn’t hesitate to nudge someone out of her way with her shoulder, or to make herself bigger with the size of her backpack which looks like it could make her topple over. She parts the flood with sheer determination in her eyes.

She’s unstoppable.


He goes unnoticed.

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Youtuber Whispers |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Can you do an imagine where Jack proposes to the reader whilst doing a youtuber whispers with the rest of the guys?

Word Count - 1,787

Warnings - N/A

“Right, so you guys know the plan?” Jack asked, letting out a deep sigh.

Joe rolled his eyes and nodded. “Yes, you’ve told us a million times what we’re doing Jack, will you just calm down?”

Jack glared at Joe and shook his head. “When you get a girlfriend, and you’re planning to do this, if I tell you to calm down do you actually think it’s going to work?”

Joe stayed quiet for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay, point taken.”

Jack chuckled quietly to himself and sat down on the sofa next to Joe and Oli.

“Are you nervous?” Caspar asked, looking up from his phone.

“Shitting myself to be honest.” Jack chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. The nerves were showing to be honest and Jack knew that his friends knew him well enough to know that there was no point of him trying to hide how nervous he was.

“What if she says no?” Mikey asked, looking over at Jack as Josh nudged him hard in the ribs.

“What was that for?” Mikey whined, rubbing his side.

“Y/N isn’t going to say no Jack, just ignore Mikey. What does he know about relationships anyway?” Caspar chuckled, smiling encouragingly at Jack whose mind was now wondering about Mikey’s question.

What if the answer was no? How would Jack even react? What would he say, and how embarrassing would that be infront of all of his friends, and his brother?

Jack tried his very hardest to push that thought to the back of his mind but it stayed where it was, stuck in the front of his mind as if it was a grey cloud on a sunny day.

“Anyway,” Joe started, knowing that what Mikey had said was starting to bug Jack. “Should we start getting the camera and lights set up before Y/N gets here?”

Jack simply nodded and said nothing, standing up as Josh started to move the table in the middle of the room, to the side of the room against the wall so they would have more room.

Jack and Conor didn’t exactly have a box room as a living room, but they obviously needed a bit more space when there were 8 people filming in one room.

Jack moved a few things around, mainly picking up Conor’s clothes that he had left around the room while Joe was kind enough to set his camera up.

“When is Y/N getting here then?” Caspar asked Jack, snapping him out of his daydream.

“Conor has just gone to pick her up from the station.” Jack smiled half heartedly.

Mikey’s comment was still pestering Jack, and it wasn’t the fact that Mikey had said it. It was just about if he was right, what if the answer was no?

Shaking his head, once again Jack tried to shove the thought out of his mind and focus on the question in mind.

“Right, I’ve set everything up. Just gotta move one more thing out of the room.” Joe informed everyone, looking straight at Jack.

“What’s that?” Jack asked, slightly confused as he glanced around the living room.

He had moved all of Conor’s clothes and all of the open, but unfinished, water bottles were hidden out of sight.

“Him.” Joe chuckled, nodding over to Mikey.

Looking at Mikey for the first time since his question, Jack noticed he had a guilty expression on his face.

“Hey come on mate.” Jack chuckled, knowing that he shouldn’t have taken Mikey’s comment to heart. “Don’t worry about it.”

Mikey smiled uncertainly but nodded as the door opened, and in walked you and Conor.

“Hey.” Jack grinned, virtually skipping over to you and picking you up in his arms.

Conor rolled his eyes as he placed your bag down on the floor but chuckled quietly to himself as he noticed the tiny square box in the back pocket of Jack’s jeans.

“Hey you.” You smiled, kissing Jack gently as his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Come on guys.” Joe chuckled, shaking his head as he looked over at you both.

“He’s just jealous because he’s still single.” Jack whispered in your ear, moving his hand from your waist and taking your hand in his.

“I heard that.” Joe rolled his eyes as he sat on the sofa next to Caspar.

Taking your place next to Jack, you smiled as Conor, Josh, Mikey and Oli sat infront of you all on the floor.

Who would actually buy a sofa big enough for 8 people though?

One Jack had checked that the camera was actually recording and the audio was working, he explained the rules to everyone. However, this took quite a few attempts as Caspar kept interrupting him and it confused Mikey a little bit.

Everyone left the room except two people, those two being Jack and Conor.

Conor put on a pair of headphones that were currently blasting a Calvin Harris song and Jack chuckled to himself.

Earlier in the week, he had gone onto twitter and told his followers that he was doing a youtuber whispers game and to send weird ones in.

“Rumour has it, that Jack Maynard is the most talented out of the two brothers!” Jack shouted, feeling a bit stupid as he felt as if he was speaking to himself.

Calling Oli back into the room, Conor shouted to him once Oli had put on a pair of headphones as well.

“Rumour has it, neither of the Maynard brothers have any talent!” Conor shouted to his friend as Oli glanced at the camera with a blank expression on his face.

Conor sat next to Oli and they all repeated it back to each other, until Jack asked Joe to repeat what he had heard as Joe was the last one to receive the message.

“I heard that Jack Maynard is jealous because his brother is more talented.” Joe chuckled, shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah that sounds about right to be fair.” Conor laughed, teasing his brother.

Jack chuckled to himself and passed you a set of headphones. “Put these on a second babe.”

You quickly put them on and started nodding your head along to the song that Jack had chosen even though you had no idea what it was.

“Right, the next one is gonna be the one when I ask her so everyone just has to say ‘Y/N, Jack wants to know if you’ll marry him.’ Okay?” Jack told everyone, glancing over at you as you sat there completely oblivious to what he was telling everyone.

The other boys nodded and put a pair of headphones on for show, but they didn’t see the point of playing any music through them.

Jack would edit the bit out of the video where he told the boys what to say later on. A proposal half way through a video would be a shock for his subscribers as well.

Each of them pretended to pass the message along until you were last in the queue and everyone but Joe and you had taken your headphones off.

Jack sat at the other end of the sofa, his heart rate increasing with every passing second as he gripped his laptop in his hands as they started to clam up.

“Y/N, Jack wants to know if you’ll marry him?!” Joe shouted, practically deafening himself with how loud he needed his voce to be so that you could hopefully hear him though the music blaring through the headphones.

Jack put his thumb up to signal that it was fine for you to take the headphones off.

Sliding the headphones off, you put them on the sofa and looked at Joe confused.

“You’re absolute shit at this game.” You chuckled; shaking your head as Joe playfully shoved your arm.

“What was the message you heard babe?” Jack asked with a smile on his face as he tried to hide his nerves.

Jack felt his face heating up as the anxiety was eating away at his insides, that tiny little box was now digging into his backside.

“I heard 'Jack wants to know if I’ll play a game with him’. I don’t think that’s right though.” You chuckled to yourself, not even taking any notice of the heat that had risen to Jack’s face.

“Let me do it again.” Joe laughed; passing the headphones back to you and Joe very quickly turned the volume down on your phone slightly so you could hear him a little better.

All of the boys had their eyes fixed on you as Jack put his laptop on the floor infront of him as the table was still over the other side of the room.

“Y/N, Jack wants to know if you’ll marry him!” Joe shouted, just as loudly as before as a ringing started in his ears.

You looked over at Jack who now had the box hidden in his fist so you still couldn’t see it.

You took the headphones off once again and kept your eyes on Jack, your heart rate picking up instantly as your throat went dry.

“I heard 'Y/N, Jack wants to know if you’ll marry him’.”

All eyes now converted from you to Jack as the entire room fell silent. Even Caspar was silent for a change.

“Well?” Jack asked, his knees shaking as he stood up and walked over to you.

You stared up at him, not quite bringing yourself to stand up incase you ended up on Oli who was still sat on the floor.

“Are you serious or is this Joe playing one of his pranks on me again?” You asked, your voice quiet and your eyes wide.

“I am deadly serious.” Jack chuckled, his voice shaking with nerves as he got down on one knee infront of you, opening his fist to show the tiny black box that he flipped open.

The silence was killing Jack, as well as the others until you finally opened your mouth and said that one little word that made Jack’s heart swell with happiness.


Jack grinned as he slid the ring onto your finger on your left hand and quickly stood up, picking you up from the sofa and lifting you off the floor as the boys stood up and cheered loudly.

Crashing his lips against yours, the grin still spread across Jack’s face as tears brimmed your eyes.

“That’s a new way to propose I guess.” You giggled as you loose wrapped your legs around Jack’s waist.

“Well you know me, I like to be different.” Jack smirked proudly to himself as he leant his forehead against yours, staring into your eyes.

This was very true, and you wouldn’t have your fiancé any other way.


Request from anon: Can you do a story where you (a muggle-born Hufflepuff) go to dinner with the Malfoys, but they’re a little rude and snarky and Draco defends you?

Thanks for requesting anon, may I please note to you all that requests are in fact closed and I am writing requests from the queue. I hope you all enjoy:)

Originally posted by potters-broomstick

It was one of those summer nights, the ones where it doesn’t get dark until 9pm and everything feels light and happy and infinite. You were smiling as you were walking with Draco hand in hand; you didn’t think anything could ruin the light feeling of the soft wind rustling your hair as the gentle sun glittered down. That was, until you stepped inside the manor. 

To say you weren’t what Draco’s parents were expecting would be an understatement. You’d finally convinced Draco to let you meet his parents after nearly a year and a half of dating; he said he didn’t want you to get hurt and over the course of the dinner you understood. 

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"Are you mad?"

There was uncomfortable silence within the car, your hands tightly gripping the steering wheel and Harry in the front seat with all signs of his drunkenness gone once you picked him up.

“Are you mad?”

Harry knew it was a risky question, himself being completely sober.

He knew he fucked up when he saw you marching into the club, a cold look fixed on your face while you were still dressed in the floor-length silk red gown since one of the boys called you since they knew that you were the only one that could get him home without any drunken complaints.

That was when he knew he fucked up, forgetting to show up to the dinner that was beyond importang for you and for him to be there was extremely special.

“I’ll take it that you are.”

You didn’t spare a single look at Harry since you started driving, dress hiked up to your knees so that it wouldn’t get caught in between your heels and the pedals, jaw still clenched.

Harry fiddled with the rings adorning his fingers before looking at you, eyes looking down on his shoes.

“I didn’t mean it. Wasn’t my intention. Lost track of time.”

He remembered clearly when Jeff invited him to the club with others right after a studio recording, deciding to go on with ut since it was four hours before the eveng.

He now realizes to never do that again.


There’s still no response, not even a single twitch coming from you.

“Love, I-…”

“I waited there for hours, thought you were running late. I stood by the door, even told some that you were coming.

“And goddamn it I was wrong.”

The harshness of your voice added to both your hands slamming on the steering wheel made Harry flinch and close his eyes, swallowing the lump in his throat.

You took the key off the ignition and your heels in a hurry, stoming into the house so quickly that made him blink twice.


Harry’s voice was laced with frustration in himself and concern for you, his actions now being a lot more frantic than what used to be, taking off his shoes and looking back and forth on where he should go.

He figured that maybe you were in the master’s bedroom, going up the stairs going three steps at a time and peering his head after slightly opening the door, comfirming his assumptions that you were there.

You bit your lip as you felt the familiar stinging sensation in your eyes, genuinely hating that your anger turns into tears, now changed into pajamas with your dress chucked across the room, a clean face and your hair put down from the intricate hairstyle you sported awhile ago, one that you spent hard work on.

He felt his heart sink, lips coming together and his hand dropping from the door, shaky breaths coming from himself.

Harry found himself crying before even his mind can process that he’s already doing it, lips trembling and his fingers shaking.

“I’m sorry.”

He opened the door altogether and stood beside your lying figure, opting to kneel beside that made his heart break to see you in this state, all just because of him.

The both of you very well know that sorry wouldn’t bring back the dinner nor your effort that you put in trying to make all this happen.

Harry wants to see it one more time, to take it all in. He wants to see what you were wearing, what you acted like, and most importantly you awhile ago. He wants to enjoy it. But he couldn’t, know that he fucked it up.

You’re now wearing a shirt and a pajama, feeling a little hot from what you’re feeling and the switching of the areas you were in.

“I — ’m gonna be honest. I don’t want you being mad at me.”

He sniffled, fiddling with his fingers once again as he looked at you that was looking up the ceiling, the scowl gone but was replaced by a straight face and a frown.

“But I would be mad at me too if I were you. Well, ’m actually mad at myself right now.”

He rubbed his eyes, breathing so shakingly that it added the hurt to his heart.

“I don’t want the both of us to sleep mad at each other. Believe me, I really don’t,” he said in between sniffles and hiccups, noticing that you swallowed the lump on your throat, a sign that you’re very well aware of what he’s saying.

“Don’t want to carry this up ‘til tomorrow. ’S gonna be a two-day fight, and I don’t want that.”

“I — I can’t find the words to say but please, please believe me when I say sorry to you, love.”

This made your heart hurt, fully knowing that Harry’s a genuine person and would pain him to say things that he didn’t mean.

Harry looked at you expectantly, finding what he was praying for.

You simply looked at him, your pursed lips ever so slightly curling up and your eyes looking a bit more expressive.

He let out a sound of relief, jumping up to hug you tightly, tears still pouring down as he kissed you over and over again, his hand going through your hair.

“Can’t promise you this, but I’m trying not to fuck up, just because you’re way too important to me.”

Liam Dunbar Imagine- Nervous

Anon- Hello love! Don’t know if you’re taking requests but I really loved your last Liam imagine so I was wondering if you could please write a Liam imagine where he once saved the reader who is a werewolf too, so she starts being protective with him and then he’s starts to act weird in front of her because he likes her. like, she wonders why his heart raises when she’s around, thanks! 

Author’s Note- Hope you enjoy. You can find some of my other imagines here x

One Week Ago

“Y/n move!” Liam shouted, after noticing Tracy was coming up from behind you. You didn’t hear in time. You turned around and felt sharp claws penetrate your side, making your eyes glow bright gold. You fell to the ground paralysed after the Kanima venom worked its way into your bloodstream. You couldn't do anything but stare above you, seeing Tracy’s face as she towered above you, her hand stretched ready to make her final move. You then saw as a figure pushed her to the ground with an animalistic growl, after hearing more cuts, punches and tables being broken, you felt someone lift you up to carry you bridal style. He tilted your head up so you could see him. You smiled weakly and let out a sigh of relief, with the limited movement in your neck you put your head into his chest and slowly let your eyes close, knowing you’d soon be fine. Thank god for Liam Dunbar.


Liam picked up a tray and examined the food options in the dinner queue. “Move Dunbar” one of his team mates said playfully, pushing in front of him. “Come on dude, that’s the third time this week” Liam complained like a kid. “Fuck you” you said picking up a tray and positing yourself next to Liam. “It’s only a joke, tell your girl to chill” his team mate brushed off, shaking his head. “She’s not my-” Liam began to explain awkwardly, before you interrupted. “Apologise and go to the back of the queue before I shove this tray so far up your arse that you start seeing-” you began to threaten, until Liam covered your mouth with his hand. “Okay man chill, I’m sorry and I’ll see you at practice” he said as he backed away, slightly scared. You simply turned away and began to look at the food, as if nothing had happened. “What was that?” he asked, with a grin on his face. “He was treating you as inferior, to which I disagree” you stated, pouting at the sight of the dreadful food your school was serving. “Y/n” he said, trying not to laugh. “Huh?” your cheeks began to flush, at the thought of you having something on your face or something in your hair to make him laugh at you. “You do realise, you just also pushed in the queue” he said, looking at all the students that were complaining to one another. “Oh right” you realised, looking a bit hypocritical. “I’m just going to go” you began to back away before he quickly grabbed your wrist before you could. You both couldn’t help but listen as both of your heart beats slowed down to the same rate and beat loudly for a split second. He assumed that yours was purely because he shocked you, you on the other hand was confused as to why his did too. You looked as him quizzically, before he quickly let go with a really anxious look on his face. “Oh erm sorry, I was just going to say you may as well stay now, we’re almost at the front” he mumbled. “Oh okay, I guess so” you shrugged. Neither of you spoke another word while In the queue together and you barely talked while at the lunch table, which caused a few quizzical looks among the pack. I guess both of you were too busy over analysing what had just happened.

Later on, you all met up at Scott’s house for your weekly pack meeting. Liam had made an excuse not to walk with you like you usually did, he instead had already arranged for Stiles to come and pick you up. “Hey” Stiles beamed as you got into the front seat of his jeep. “Heyy” you retuned the energy. “Let’s roll out” he said, putting it into reverse. “How many coffees have you had?” you asked with wide eyes, looking down to see all the empty Starbucks cups scattered around. “Today? Only like three” he shrugged, speaking a little too quick. “I better not die in this piece of scrap metal” you whined. “Never insult Roscoe like that!” he said pointing at you, while still looking at the road. “And you’ve named it” you laughed. “Don’t listen to her, I love you just the way you are” he claimed, kissing his steering wheel as you pulled up at Scott’s. When you arrived, everyone else was already there and waiting for the pair of you. You sat next to Liam, once again hearing his heart beat out of his chest. You turned to look at him with furrowed brows but he stared straight ahead of him and Scott began to speak before you could say anything about his shady behaviour. There wasn’t long left of the meeting thankfully, it was one of the most awkward things you’d experienced when there was no need for it to be. Liam’s heart would randomly race whenever yours and his shoulders brushed or every time he felt you look at him. Normally he would make groans when he got bored but he sat there like a statue the whole time. With about ten minutes left Stiles got a call from his dad and he had to leave early, so unfortunately for Liam, that meant walking home with you, considering you lived literally a few houses away from one another it seemed only rational.

“Liam will you slow down?” you whined, walking ten steps behind him. “You’re a werewolf now Y/n, you cant use the ‘I’m not into sport’ excuse anymore” he called back to you, referring to how lazy you used to be before you received the bite. He stopped suddenly, after he could no longer hear the noise of you walking and sighing loudly. He turned around to see you were no longer there and feeling scared was an understatement, he swiftly turned back around to look for you and practically screamed when he saw you in front of him. “Wow Liam, who knew you had lungs like that” you teased jokingly. “It’s not funny, I thought you were kidnapped” he breathed half in relief, half in annoyance. “I’m a werewolf, remember?” you said, your eyes then widened at the sight of a flashing neon sign. You skipped merely and opened the doors into the diner. That was a thing you loved about small towns, the old school diners with good and cheap food. Liam groaned but hesitantly followed behind you. You sat in your usual booth and he sat opposite you with a grumpy expression. “What are we doing here?” he asked, crossing his arms. “I’m hungry” you said innocently. He looked relieved for a second, until you continued. “And also to find out why you’re avoiding me” you also crossed your arms. “Usual?” the waitress asked, while Liam sunk into his chair. “Yes please” you smiled. She then looked over at him. “Just a coke please” he mumbled. She looked surprised, normally Liam ordered half of the menu but she simply nod and walked off to the kitchen. “You’re being weird, tell me what’s up” you said straight forwardly after a few minutes of watching him pretend to read the menu he was holding, that was upside down. “I’m not being weird” he scoffed, looking anywhere but at you. “I know when you’re lying” you claimed, leaning forward. His eyes flickered for a minute, while he raised his hand to bite his fingernails. “Why are you doing that?” you asked with a slight look of disgust. “Nervous” he replied simply. “There’s no reason for you to be nervous” you said, focusing on the food that the waitress placed in front of you. “There is when you’re trying to tell your best friend you’re in love with her” he accidently blurted out. Your eyes widened in shock as you quickly looked from your plate to him. The waitress awkwardly backed away after hearing that, trying to supress the smile on her face. “Oh god” he suddenly said in horror, realising what he just said. You sat there with your mouth parted open looking at him. “It just slipped out” he added, rubbing the back of his neck. “Please say something” he squeaked, after you didn’t reply. “You love me” you simply repeated. “As a friend-” he tried to lie, “As more than a friend” he admitted straight after. “I-I-” you began to stutter. Liam waited in anticipation for your response, not sure if he had just made the biggest mistake of his life. “I cant do this right now” you said, picking up your bag and exiting the diner in a matter of seconds. He sat there, his head in his hands in the booth that was once his safe place. Your safe place.

“Y/n you fucking idiot” you said out loud to yourself in your bedroom. You had been pacing back and forth for like half an hour. “Why didn’t you tell him that you feel the same” you complained. “Oh god” you sighed in frustration, running your hands through your hair. You heard your phone buzz from on your bed, you picked it up to see a message from Liam; ‘I’m sorry, just forget I said anything. I didn’t want to ruin us’. You exhaled and gave a brief thought. “Fuck this” you said, locking your phone, shoving it into your jean pocket and grabbing your coat from the back of your door. You didn’t slowly approach the situation like any normal human being would, in fact you stormed from your house back to the diner impulsively. You knew he would still be there, you saw him through the window, clouded with condensation. His head was on the table and it was practically empty in there. You burst into the doors and walked over to your booth, it didn’t take long for him to recognise the smell of your perfume or the sound of your heartbeat. He lifted himself up, but before either of you could say anything, you scooted to sit beside him and pressed your lips to his harshly but longingly. He was surprised at first, to say the least but he soon opened up and deepened the kiss. The only reason you pulled away from one another was to catch your breath. You stared at each other, examining every detail. “I owe you ten bucks” the chef whispered to the waitress. Both of your werewolf hearings picked up on that from across the room. “I told you, they were meant to be together from the first time they came here” the waitress smiled reminiscently. You and Liam smiled upon hearing that. “I guess this means you like me back?” he asked. “I don’t like you- I love you” you corrected, putting your head on your shoulder as he wrapped his arm around you. He stroked your hair and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “I’m hungry” you claimed. “Yeah me too” he agreed. You both glanced over to the waitress and chef. “Its on the house” they spoke at the same time, accidently giving away that they were listening to your conversation. Y/F/N and Liam Dunbar, who’d have thought you’d ever be more than best friends? Well everyone apart from the pair of you, but regardless the feelings you had for him were mutual. That was the day you realised you’d already found your soulmate and everything else stemmed from there.

Requests are closed ATM sorry, I have too many and so I wont be doing any that are sent as I have too many that I’m currently working on. I’ll let you know when they’re open x

Calling Your Name

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader (before OotP)
Warning(s): Draco’s seriously sick
Requested: No

“I am sorry to bother your potions class, Professor Snape, but I am in need of one of your students.” Professor McGonagall spoke from the doorway.

“I’m already missing one, why do you feel the need to take another from my class?” Snape answered with the same annoyed voice he always used. Y/N rolled her eyes as she added a few shavings of a silvery leaf into her potion.

“It’s because of the student that you’re missing. I am sorry, Professor Snape, but I need this student.” she replied sternly. “Miss Y/L/N, I need you to come with me.”

“Me?” Y/N looked up at the two professors in shock.

"Yes, take your things except for your cauldron and potion supplies. I doubt you will be back to any of your classes today.” The woman waited while Y/N packed up her things, leaving the potion for her desk mate to finish.

"Am I in trouble, Professor?” Y/N asked nervously. She hoisted her bag higher onto her shoulders as they left the classroom in the dungeons.

"No, my dear, you are not. Come with me.” Professor McGonagall smiled at the girl beside her. “You’re just needed in the hospital wing.”

Y/N was confused, but Professor McGonagall said no more about it. They soon reached the huge double doors that led to the wing and the woman opened them for the two of them to enter.

"Minerva! Did you find her?” Madam Pomfrey asked.

"I did indeed. Y/N, Madam Pomfrey will explain everything to you.” Professor McGonagall pushed the girl further into the wing slightly, then left.

"Why am I here? I’m not sick.” Y/N said. Madam Pomfrey laughed.

"Of course not, dear. You’re here to see one of my patients, Draco Malfoy.” she explained. “He’s been calling out your name in his sleep all day while he’s been feverish. I understand that you two are very good friends?”

"Yes, he’s my best friend. Can I see him?” Y/N asked.

"Of course.” The woman led her over to a bed surrounded by a curtain and opened it a bit to allow Y/N to get inside. She gasped once she saw him.

"Oh, Draco.” she murmured. He had mentioned feeling sick the day before, but she had told him to sleep. He looked awful today, his almost white hair matted and sticking to his pale face with sweat. He moaned something unintelligible in his sleep and Madam Pomfrey smiled wistfully.

"You can stay, if you’d like. His brow needs mopping and his neck and chest if he gets too hot. I don’t think he’d mind if you helped. I’ll just be right back with a bowl of water and a couple rags.”

"Yes, of course I’ll stay. Thank you for getting me.” Y/N mumbled as she sat down on the edge of his bed. He mumbled something else that sounded suspiciously like her name and she smiled. “Yes, Draco, I’m here.”

She took his hand while she waited for Madam Pomfrey to come back with the things.

Draco was breathing heavily, his hands cold and clammy. Madam Pomfrey appeared again with the bowl and a small pile of rags and handed them to Y/N. “Thank you.” she murmured.

Then she picked up a rag, dipped it in the cool water, and started dabbing his sweaty head and neck with it. She didn’t know how long she’d sat there, just tending to him and listening to his feverish ramblings, but she didn’t care how long she sat there. His fever hadn’t gone down, and Madam Pomfrey had come in to check on him and cast spells to try to break it, but it wasn’t helping.

"Y/N,” Draco mumbled a bit more coherently, and Y/N took his hand again.

"I’m here, darling.” she murmured.

"Love you, Y/N.” he mumbled again, his eyes opening for a second and closing. Y/N looked at him in shock, but continued cleaning his forehead and neck. “Y/N.”

She hardly listened anymore, focusing on getting his fever to go down. Then she fell asleep, the cold rag resting on his chest through the unbuttoned section of his pajamas, her body leaning on his side as she collapsed on the side of his bed.

She woke to someone petting her hair, and opened her eyes weakly to see Draco’s eyes staring at her.

"Draco,” she mumbled as she sat up with a smile, “you’re awake. How are you feeling?”

"Like crap.” he croaked. Y/N stretched out her hand to test his temperature on his forehead.

"No fever.” she breathed out. “You were scaring me, you know. I’ve never seen you that sick before.”

"I’m sorry.” he mumbled as he tried to sit up a bit more. “How long have you been here?”

"Since yesterday morning. You were talking, calling out for me. That’s why they called me here. If you were wondering.” Y/N murmured, fiddling with her fingers.

Draco looked at her carefully, attempting to gauge her reaction for anything strange he might have said while half-conscious.

"What else did I say?” he asked quietly.

"You said you loved me.” she finally answered. "Is that—”

“What?” he asked when she cut herself off.

"Is that true?” Draco looked at her and nodded before taking her hand.

"Yeah, yeah it is.”

Y/N smiled softly and kissed the palm of his clammy hand. “I love you too.”

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Selfless Love - part 9

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A journey toward recovery and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.

Word Count: 429

Warnings: None - cheesy Bucky (y’all know me)

A/N: This part is so short, but it was kinda necessary. Now, let’s fluff this fic up

Selfless Love - Masterpage

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Bucky groaned as he searched his bag for his glove and came up empty. It had been designed by Bruce and Tony to resemble flesh. Crossing the bedroom, he yanked the top drawer out and spilled the contents onto the floor

“I can’t leave if I don’t have my glove,” Bucky complained, scratching his head. “I could have sworn I left it on the bed.”

He turned around and scanned the room. His shoulders dropped when he saw you sitting cross-legged on the bed, his precious glove in your lap. He sat next to you and threw it aside.

“Look at me,” he demanded.

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“The only reason I’m here is because of them. The only reason that I still get jobs is because of those people out there who are hanging out in the street waiting to get something signed or say ‘hi’ and shake your hand. So if they want me to come and say 'hi’, I am more than happy to say 'hi’ and I’ll do it for as long as they want me to do it. They’re keeping me alive. They’re keeping my kiddies fed so they’re the boss as far as I’m concerned.”

Happy 54th birthday John ‘Johnny’ Christopher Depp II (° June 9, 1963)



• thanks for requesting!!! and also double thanks because i haven’t written about taeyong in a while and i love him

• also idk if this is what you wanted because it accidentally turned to fluff but feel free to request again if it isn’t!

• basically this is the au where his actions (mostly) match his looks because we all know he’s as soft as his hair

• let’s gooooo

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The Bookshop That Has (Almost) Everything

fun fact this is loosely based on a real bookshop I once found somewhere in greenwich idk exactly where it is but if ever find urself around the area look out for it its v cute and v tiny

summary: Phil works at a bookshop. Dan buys a book one day, and, in a ploy to see Phil, keeps returning with more and more obscure requests so Phil has to spend more time searching. After Dan leaves with ‘cactus maintenance: a memoir’, Phil starts to suspect something’s up.

words: 7.3k


“Look,” Phil sighs when he catches sight of the book Dan’s clutching today. “I know there’s a very good chance you keep cacti and you just wanna maintain them and it’s probably wrong of me to assume otherwise, but-…can I ask you something?”

Dan gulps, putting the book titled “Cactus Maintenance: A Memoir” down on the counter.

“Do you actually need half of the books you come in here for?” he asks softly. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s a good chance you might actually ride motorcycles, study bricklaying, want to know more about frogspawn or- you know, wanna look after your cacti, but…” he shrugs. “I don’t know. It’s just- um, you’re the first person I’ve met that, you know, buys one book every single day. When do you get time to read them all?”



Graveland’s Books is the kind of place you’d only come across if you were either very bored, very desperate, or very lost.

It hides on the tail end of an alleyway just behind the village market, and the gnarled wooden beams, the glass oil lanterns lining either side of the aged brickwork and the rusty bronze bell hanging above the door would fool anyone into thinking they’d just stepped out of 2016 and into the 18th century. If it wasn’t for the mobile phone shop sitting directly opposite, of course.

It’s not big in size, with a staff room and an office the size of a postage stamp upstairs and just about enough room to fit two free standing bookshelves in the middle of the shop, but books spill into every single crack. Stacks and stacks of fiction and history and travel and biographies narrow the aisles between the shelves, and it’s all too easy to trip over a random pile of books in the middle of the floor when you’re not concentrating properly.

But, for a job running along the sidelines of university, Phil enjoys it. He’d certainly rather spend his time flicking through a story about a cursed mushroom than stack supermarket shelves and deal with obnoxious co-workers, anyway.

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Paring: Changkyun x reader

Genre: fluff

Word count: 1,299

Originally posted by changkyunho

It’s not very easy to understand Changkyun. He’s an introvert. He’d rather spend his free time indoors than go out like this friends. His brain works in the strangest ways. Don’t get this the wrong way. Changkyun is smart. A lot smarter than most people and he thinks of stuff most people wouldn’t. Also, Changkyun is never good with words. He can’t speak his emotions. It’s just very difficult for him to show people how he really feels. If he’s upset with someone, he won’t tell him off and just keep it to himself. And if he has feelings for someone…well that’ll be very hard for him to convey. But the only way only he can convey what he feels is through words that he writes on his sheets and combines them with the amazing music that he creates.

Besides Changkyun there’s another person that’s not very easy to understand and that’s his girlfriend. Your case is not as bad as Changkyun’s. You aren’t that bad with expressing your feelings. You’re just not very affectionate..in a touchy way. You don’t hate skinship. You just prefer not being touched (if that made any sense). It doesn’t exactly bother you, but to a certain degree, it does make you uncomfortable.

But that’s not how you feel with Changkyun. You want to get affectionate with him, you just didn’t know how to initiate it. At times it baffles you how effortlessly Minhyuk does it. He just throws himself on people and hugs them all the time. Sometimes it’s a little too much but no one complains.

It’s not like you went 7 months of your relationship without touching each other. You two hold hands all the time, hug and kiss each other and cuddle with each other at every chance you get because they are times when you hardly ever get see him. It’s Changkyun that initiates them almost every time. And when he doesn’t initiate, you just look at him lost and confused with a million thoughts running through your mind. Although Changkyun has never admitted it, he does like that look on your face. He just likes teasing you.

You feel awful that it’s always Changkyun that hugs you first or kisses your first. And you really want to be the one to do it first and take him by surprise but every time you try, you get nervous, your hands start to sweat and eventually you end up looking like a tomato. You really just don’t know what to do.

Eyebrows furrowed cutely, lips in a small pout and hands fidgeting in your lap, you stare at your idol boyfriend leaning forward on the table with his face buried in his hands. You can tell he’s stressed. Changkyun has been trying to finish his song for hours now but his brain does not want to cooperate. He has to finish his song to perfection in less than four days and he hasn’t even come up with a tune let alone lyrics (I have absolutely no idea how long it takes to write a song).

You wish you could help but don’t know anything about composting. You tried to take him out to his favourite restaurant but he refuses to leave his studio. You release a small sigh as you stare mindlessly at the deep green walls of the tiny room. Trying to come up with million ideas to help your very stressed boyfriend, you remember Kihyun telling you that the best stress reliever for a guy is kisses from his love. But you wouldn’t want to listen to Kihyun, he likes his girlfriends clingy and who showers him with tons of attention. He’s fancy like that.

But when you watch Changkyun slump back into his chair with a groan escaping his lips, you have a mental debate. Should you take Kihyun’s advice? Or throw yourself at changkyun and give him a bear hug like Minhyuk does? The latter sounds a bit dangerous actually. Sometimes Changkyun suffocates when Minhyuk does that and it takes him some time to even his breathing. You wouldn’t want to kill you boyfriend in an attempt to help him.

Changkyun plays a tune on his keyboard then grumbles while disheveling his hair. He stomps his feet and slumps back into his chair again, mumbling something under his breath. He’s been doing this for hours now. You pout a sad pout. What kind of a terrible girlfriend are you? Changkyun is troubled and stress and all you can do is watch him? No! You get to your feet and wipe your palms on your shorts. They weren’t sweaty but just in case y’know.

“Changkyun?” You call out in a small voice. You can feel the heat reaching to your cheeks already. ‘Don’t be weak now’ you tell yourself as you tug a loose strand of your hair behind your ears. Changkyun replies you with a simple hum.  

“Do you want me to smother you with kisses?”


You took a few steps towards him while playing with the hem of your shirt “Okay. If you insist”

“I didn’t say anything-” Changkyun raises his eyebrows in confusion as he blinks you.

“Alright! Alright! I’ll do it! You don’t have to force me” You very carefully climb onto his lap with each leg on either side of his thighs and your small hands placed on his chest.

Changkyun gives you puzzled look “Baby. What are you doing?”

A smile tugs on the corner of your lips “Shush. Don’t talk” you whisper as you bit onto your lower lip. Taking his hands and placing them on your hips, you cup his face in your small hands. Changkyun blinks at you a few time but doesn’t say anything. You take that as queue and lean forward. You place a gentle kiss on his left cheek, then the right cheek and then you kiss his forehead, the tip of his nose, and his temples. You kiss each of his eyelids and you can feel the hold on your hips tighten when you moved lower to the side of his face. You take the soft fabric of his shirt between your fingers as you trail kisses down from his jaw to his neck. Changkyun moaned when you bit and nibbled on his sensitive spot.

You move back a bit to admire your little artwork and giggled when Changkyun whines. His hand travels to the back of your neck and pulled you down to him again but this time capturing your lips with his. The kiss started off gentle but became rough and hungry in a matter of seconds. He bit your lip causing you to open your mouth so he could slip his tongue in. Your hands were in his soft hair as you moaned into the kiss.

Changkyun pecked your lips one last time before breaking the kiss. With a wide grin, he stares at your now red face and swollen lips. You give him your own version of a wide smile and giggle shyly. Leaning down you wrap your hands around his chest and nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck. His arms travel down and wrapped around your torso, hugging you closer to him.

“Do  you feel less stressed now?” You ask, breathing his scent in.

When he releases why did you become so affectionate all of the sudden, a deep chuckle leaves his lips “Yes. I feel less stressed now” he returns with his fingers combing gently through your hair. You hummed softly and smiled in satisfaction “I’m glad. Kihyun told me kisses are the best stress reliever” you tell him innocently.

Changkyun chuckles again “Baby. I don’t think this is what Kihyun meant”

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Is Mads as nice as everyone says?


At signings he’s always chatty (not quite as chatty as Bryan Fuller, but at RDC1 his queue was taking a long time!) and sweet. But equally he’s always humble, when you compliment him he’s always surprised you even thought he was any good! So mad for someone so talented.

A wonderful touch is that he always shakes your hand. By Sunday at LFCC he seemed to have a cold, I would bet money this is from shaking a thousand hands over the weekend, but he didn’t stop shaking people’s hands. At LFCC last year and this, there were guests who specifically requested that no attendees were to touch them, at signings or during photos but Mads couldn’t be more at the opposite end of the scale!

Every single member of crew I spoke to and said “I’m meeting Mads” raved about how much of a gent and how professional he is. Including the guy who organises the conventions!

The restrictions at LFCC were nothing to do with him, he didn’t request the “no posed photos” sign and we suspect his auto desk was moved to keep him on his side of the desk rather than ignoring the sign as he’d done last year.

I think I only heard two people have issues (pretty good ratios) but I believe both of these were caused by a language barrier. Basically people asked him to do something pose wise in their photo op and he didn’t understand what they wanted. The first time I think he said something like “I’m Danish, I don’t get it” but the second he just suggested they do the standard hug pose. But it just reminded me of that season 3 bts thing where he said when getting the role of Hannibal he lied about how good his english was. Bless him.

Anyway, he’s a delight, if you can meet him, do!

When The Boys Are Away, Girls Get To Play

Request:  If it doesn’t bother you too much, I would love to have a smut with Sarah Urie! She’s my beautiful queen and I’m so gay for her. I’m not really sure what I want, maybe like a cute date or something and it’s your first time together? Or a threesome with Brendon? Idk man I just need Sarah smut and you’re amazing at gay smut

A/n: First of all, thank you for the compliment! Secondly, I love Sarah and I had no problem writing this

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thezerogomez13  asked:

Could I request a drabble where while on a mission the new Overwatch recruit (that Hanzo dislikes for whatever reason) takes a bullet for him and saves his life but almost legitimately dies. So while they're passed out recovering in the med bay Hanzo stays by their side until they're awake to thank them for saving his life and he slowly start falling for them after. Sorry if it's too specific hun.

Not too specific at all! I love this prompt, it’s a long one, so strap yourself in. I loved writing this

You didn’t understand why he gave you so many dirty looks. Had you offended him? The others told him he was just a strange guy who didn’t adapt well to new people but something told you it was more than that. Every time you saw Hanzo in the corridors, you’d give him a small and kind smile to show you weren’t hostile. However, when you did so, he would just roll his eyes and scoff.

During your time at Overwatch, you’d grown close to people like McCree and Genji – two of Hanzo’s closest companions. It was often McCree who picked up on your bad days [most of which were due to Hanzo’s negative behaviour to you] and he’d reassure you that Hanzo was like a grumpy pet in that you can give him all the love and attention in the world, but he’ll still fight back and hate you regardless of how you treat him.

Things didn’t exactly help when Genji got involved thinking he could convince Hanzo that you weren’t so bad.
 “Brother- “, Genji would begin, but Hanzo would be quick to cut him off.
 “If you wish to talk to me of the new recruit, do not bother me.”

Upon hearing this, it only filled you with more determination to win his acceptance. The other heroes thought you were mad for trying. Then again, it was that kind of determination that earned you a place at Overwatch in the first place.

Soon enough, your first mission with Hanzo rolled around. You’d been on plenty before but there was something about being teamed up with him made your stomach churn. Sure enough, the minute he lay eyes on you dressed in your uniform, he scoffed as per usual and continued to prepare. You saw this as your opportunity to catch up to him and talk to him.

The minute he could tell you were looming over him in anticipation, he gave you the most deadpan look, crossing his arms over his chest and tapping his foot impatiently,
 “Can I help you?” He sneered.

His harshness threw you off slightly and you spoke with an embarrassing stutter. He laughed at you and smirked, “How about you learn to talk before engaging in conversation, fool.”

You stood there paralysed. McCree watched him walk away from your shaken figure. Shaking his head, Jesse approached the archer from behind and gave him a classic slap around the back of the head.

Furious, Hanzo turned and looked up at the taller man. “Do not test me, cowboy.” He spat.

McCree chuckled and tipped his hat, “I’ll stop testin’ ya when it stops amusing me.”

With that, Hanzo turned around in a blazing fury and stormed off onto the plane, ready to depart for the mission. Jesse turned back to you, a proud smile plastered on his face. “That oughta keep him off you for now.”

The battle was soon underway, getting hot and heavy. You’d managed to wipe out the agents of Talon on your post without any help and you were beginning to long for some company and action.

In the back of your mind, you realised you hadn’t seen Hanzo since disembarking the ship. Your curious and caring persona caused you to go and search for him.

It wasn’t long before you found him under a swarm of Talon agents. He was fast. Dealing arrows out like it was no big deal; wall climbing and scrambling to reach an advantage… but it was a trap. You had the higher ground on him and you could foresee how the enemies plan would unfold.

Your reflexes kicked in as you dived down, joining him in battle. You heard him shout, “You should know your place.”

Together the two of you stood back to back, taking out every agent h

When the heat of the battle was over, he turned to you and sighed. “You should know I can handle taking on Talon, I’ve survived for this long without- “

“Look out!” You shouted, shoving Hanzo aside. As he was talking, you’d notice the enemy approaching fast behind him with a loaded gun. You pushed him to go ground. There was a loud shot and you felt something cold pierce through your abdomen. This had given Hanzo enough time to come to his senses and shoot said agent through the neck.

You dropped to your knees, a blinding pain shot through your stomach. A hand on your body was enough to feel the warm sensation of the sticky liquid. You felt lightheaded. This was it – the end. You’d risked it all for a man who wouldn’t even spare you a second thought.

As you fell again, this time you felt two arms wrap around your body. Hanzo grunted and began to shout for your healer. You heard distant footsteps but they seemed to grow quieter.

You awoke when you felt the warm sun playing across your face. All you could see was white so you just assumed you were already dead. But you felt the feelings return across your body as you grew more aware of your surroundings.

Sitting up, you saw McCree passed out in a chair next to you with his hat over his face. And you saw Genji, stood there at the foot of the bed comforting an anxious… Hanzo? It wasn’t long before the pain returned to your stomach, you hissed and winced and noticed the tight bandage around your torso.

It was Genji who first noticed you. Nudging Hanzo who turned to you wide eyed. Then Genji looked to McCree, he sighed and spoke of his name, “McCree.” No answer. “Jesse.” But still nothing.

Jesse McCree!” He threw two shurikens that narrowly missed Jesse’s head. At this point, McCree snorted and jumped to attention. He began to curse and swore at Genji but the cyborg just pointed at you.

Well both of them had you carefully wrapped in their arms in a split second. They were fountains of admiration for you but then they’d go into full parental mode on you, scolding you for doing such a dangerous thing. They filled you in on the mission report, it was a success but the team looked past that out of fear for your health.

Meanwhile, Hanzo had slid off into the shadows, waiting for his moment to approach you. He’d had merely hours to prepare what he wanted to say to you; his mind was still racing. He awaited his queue when Genji looked over to him. McCree was still blabbing on about how worried he was when Genji placed a hand on his shoulder and nodded towards Hanzo.

Jesse managed to take the hint, leaving the two of you alone for Hanzo to clear his head. He didn’t say anything at first, he just stayed there resting on the end of the bed. It was a long and painful silence but it was the first time you could genuinely get a good look at Hanzo. At last he spoke, you jumped a little at the sound of his voice.

“I owe you the deepest of apologies.” He began. “I didn’t quite expect you to pull an act like that and I never thought you could be quite so courageous.”

You lay there in silence nodding your head. Hanzo continued to talk for quite some time, you felt relaxed listening to the sound of his voice and you could tell from his tone just how deeply he was talking from his heart. “… and I’m just glad your safe.” He finished, his last words were spoken as he looked at you. You saw his glossy eyes shimmer as the light played upon them softly.

Your eyes locked with his and you felt your heart quake. You forced yourself to look away out of fear. He rose and moved closer to you. “I’m sorry.”

You couldn’t stop smiling, in fact there might’ve been a few tears welling up in your eyes as you looked at him once more, your faces no more than a few inches apart. You sniffed and threw your arms around his neck and hugged him.

Hanzo gasped, he hoped you couldn’t feel how hot his cheeks were in the crook of your neck as the sound of his heartbeat picked up in his ears. He moved his hands and placed them on the small of you back. He closed his eyes and for the first time in a long time, he broke into a secret smile.

That was cold (Bruce Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Bruce and Batmom are nominated for the Ice bucket challenge, and Bruce just plans to donate a shit ton of money, but Batmom and the kids devise a plan to make him take the challenge with her. Fluffy Batfam and maybe it gets a little steamy between Bruce and Batmom at one point?
Summary: Forcing Bruce to do the Ice Bucket Challenge with you.
Word count: 430
Warning(s): none, A swear word I think ? 

“That looks so fun! We should totally do it!” You exclaim to your husband Bruce as you finish watching your friends Ice bucket challenge, in which you were nominated.  

“How about I just donate a couple hundred thousand.” He sighs, obviously not fond of the idea.

Honey, you can do that anyway,” You persuade.

Y/n No.” He answers and you knew you had no chance of willingly getting him to do it.

Over the next week you attempt to get him to change his mind, to no avail of course. So you devise a plan and get your children involved. Tim was doing the logistics, calculating how much ice and water you needed and making sure you wouldn’t get hurt in the process. Dick and Damian were the lifting and pouring power, and well god knows where Jason was so he was of no help.

It was the morning of the day that the plan was supposed to take place, and everything was going to plan. You ate breakfast as usual and then Bruce hid himself in the office as usual.

The boys had just finished filling the buckets when you walk in Bruce’s office. “Darling, can you come with me for a sec, I need to show you something.” You ask, causing Bruce to look up at you curiously. “Can’t it wait?” He sighs. “No,” You excitedly smile, Bruce can’t resist your smile for shit.  

Pulling his hand excitedly. Making your way out the front door he quirks his eyebrow, “What do you want to show me, love?” He asks, “Wait and see,” you say excitedly clapping your hands ,quite hard, twice. And as if on queue, freezing cold water is dumped over both of you from the roof, causing you to screech at first but then go into a fit of laughter.

Bruce wipes the excess water off his face, brushing his hair back. Glaring at where the water came from the boys were long gone. “Oh come on Bruce, don’t be such a sourpuss.” 

Bruce smiles, and pulls you into a kiss, which is quickly ruined when you lose your footing on the wet stone. You fall towards Bruce, his large frame breaking your fall. You continue laughing on top of him, him still smirking. “Well that was cold!” You say leaning in to a heated kiss.

That was soon ruined by Jason’s loud laughter, you both looked at him. “Man, you should have seen your faces! I’m putting it on youtube!” He chuckles, a loud array of Boys cheers of agreement sounding from the front door.


With love,

get under the car.

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Fluff / Humour.

Summary: Today is supposed to be a peaceful day off, but when you find a pair of hands sticking out from underneath your car, it becomes all the more interesting.

Count: 2,400+ words.

Note: Adapted from my old story of the same name. Not much has changed, I just liked this piece and wished to repost it!

A day off is well needed after six shifts straight, alongside a whole lot of homework from lectures that have kept you up until the late hours of the evening. Or more so, into the earliest minutes of the morning. So when you notice that your Thursday is completely free of absolutely anything at all, the sight of the blank space on your calendar nearly brings a tear to your eye, and you decide it can be the perfect twenty-four hours to treat yourself, to at long last, kick back and relax. 

And what a lovely day it has been so far! You sleep in without any concern of an alarm, briefly waking only to roll over and drape yourself back into your sheets, welcoming another hour and a half of dreams. The sound of your roommate slamming the front door on her way out to one of her own tutorials has you decidedly getting up, taking your time to make toast, switching the kettle on to boil until you open the coffee jar and realise the dreaded fact that less than half a teaspoon of grains is found stuck to the bottom.

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