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My husbands test strips have been a complete clusterfuck.

They are supposed to be free with a prescription, but getting them at the pharmacy means a $50 co-pay. I don’t understand it either. We set it up on mail-order which was great. Until he didn’t use as many as he usually does, and the prescriptions expired.

So you’d think, okay, that’s easy, just get a new prescription.

We did, leaving the doctor with instructions on how to set it up for mail order. And we wait. A month passes without anything. Husband figures he’ll ask about it at his next appointment. Which is canceled twice due to the doc being sick, and then he misses the third because he was dealing with a low blood sugar and can’t really drive.

He calls to reschedule and finds out “Oh, we haven’t processed that prescription yet.”

WTF. That is literally your job as a diabetes clinic. So we give the instructions again.

Caremark calls us the next day because they need authorization. Why they called us and not the doctors office, we have no idea. But the Doc’s office gives us grief about “We shouldn’t have to do this if you had filled your prescription on time”


we are not happy with the doctors office.

So it gets dealt with, and I go to check on the order status today because husband has had to switch to an old meter and is soon only going to have expired strips to test with.


Not even our last apartment. no. the fucking house with the amazing bathtub and kitchen. 

My husband is raging mad at this point, but this at least, I can handle because it’s my insurance. I call Caremark and I’m like “Uh…how did this happen and how can we get this fixed.”

A very nice man named Ted is helping us. The order hadn’t been picked up so there’s a stop placed to try to change the address, and if that doesn’t work, he’s going to get an override so that we can pick them up at the CVS instead without the co-pay. He’s going to call me and tell me what we need to do. 

And if I wasn’t married already I would pick a man like Ted.  Of course, if I wasn’t married, I wouldn’t have to deal with this mess.

 I’ll settle for asking to speak to his supervisor and then just gush at how wonderful it was just to deal with someone kind and thoughtful, who identified the problem and attempted to fix it right away and followed up with what needed to be done.

@toreachpoise said: could u expand on this a little please? I’m kind of interested and I’ve been thinking about this recently but I feel like I don’t have a sufficient economic marxist perspective to know how to think about the whole circular economy idea

well for marx, capitalist (re)production is cyclical in a sense (a “bad infinity” which perpetually expands in a spiral, rather than being a closed circuit), and in this he is influenced by quesnay’s tableau économique, which is what that reference was to in my other post. for some visual representation, heres the process of surplus value production and realization:

or, to use an interesting visualization from harvey’s recent lectures, which he compares this process to the water cycle:

so for marx the idea of the economy as some sort of cycle is obvious. what we do with that is another issue, and for a lot of people pushing for cyclical theories today, it serves more of a prescriptive rather than descriptive purpose (not that marx was unwilling to prescribe, obviously) in that the emphasis is placed on creating a cycle of resources by using and reusing materials (hence, the term “recycle”). we see this all around us and it has even managed to become an “environmental” issue, but it really boils down to companies wanting to cut costs by reusing the materials that we would normally throw away. this isnt “green” capitalist production, its a matter of profit margins, which is pretty useless, especially since it individualizes the issue and assumes that you and i are personally responsible for the upkeep of the planet, as if it isnt the profit-seeking businesses which produce in environmentally disastrous ways which are really to blame in the first place. the problem boils down to capital and we should acknowledge that, rather than prop up a sort of left-liberal green politics around an emphasis on how we should have more of a resource cycle in order to help businesses out and save the planet or something. 

at the orthopedic brace place the doctor clearly read me as male at first (greeted me with “hey man!”) and then he was like “what’s your name?” and i kind of just wordlessly slid him my prescription with my birth name on it, and he did a double take and said, “oh, you’re–” and then asked me how to pronounce my birth name lol

I genuinely laughed out loud right now thinking about something that happened at work last Friday. So I’m filling out some prescriptions when I got something for Absorica. I’ve never really interacted with this drug before but whatever fuck it, all I have to do is stick a label on the box and make sure the pharmacist checks it. 

Anyways I grab the box and all I see on the side is this “DO NOT GET PREGNANT” and I’m jus so tired, all I said to myself was “That’s not nice, how you gonna tell someone they can’t get pregnant” and then I checked the fine print “Causes birth defects”. I find it so funny that this whole thing ran through my mind before I remembered yeah they know what they’re talking about. 

canon facts #10: The only thing that makes sense for Red’s disappearance is that he disappeared on Russian Orthodox Christmas Eve: January 6th, 1990

Russian Christian Orthodox celebrate Christmas on January 6, because they go by the Gregorian Calendar.

  • we know Red disappeared on his way to see his wife and daughter on Christmas Even 1990
  • we know Carla and Jennifer were put in protective Custody in 1990.
  • We know that when Lord Baltimore is looking for Carla her markers are:

he’s looking for someone (a woman) who lived in D.C. before 1990, has a prescription for Lipitor through Medco, downloads World War II documentaries on Netflix not Amazon and has a digital subscription to both the Wall Street Journal and Cat Fanatic.

since Netflix was paying $1 million per episode I think it is fair to dismiss that as product placement, as is Lipitor. (since Amazon offers it as well)   So we are left with:

  • a woman who lived in D.C. before 1990
  • who loves World War II documentaries 
  • has a digital subscription to both the Wall Street Journal and Cat Fanatic.

So Carla lived in DC BEFORE 1990, not until 1991.  if she relocated from DC in December 1990 that would not be a correct parameter, but if she relocated in January of 1990, then it makes sense.

then there is no school in the US between December 25th and January 1st. So how could Jennifer be in school on a Wednesday after December 25th? Now if this is January, sure she would be.

And this allows time so that 

  1. the disappearance is notified,
  2. a search is made, (usually searches last 3 days weather permitting)
  3. the car located, 
  4. Carla is interrogated, 
  5. her assets are frozen, her calls and charges investigated (this is 1990, so not the ubiquity and ease of data as nowadays),  until she is consider innocent, 
  6. and then when her daughter is still at school, on a Wednesday, told she has to relocate and change her name and 
  7. by next day, Thursday,  both are in Philadelphia.  

All this has to happen between December 25th and December 31st, 1990 so that Carla and Jennifer are in placed protective custody in 1990, not 1991.

The inescapable conclusion is that Red and/or Carla is Russian Orthodox Christian, which makes sense since a good knowledge of Russian would make his job easier, and Red is going home for Christmas , which for them would be January 7th.  He disappears in January of 1990, but if in the report the only thing put was that he disappeared on his way home to see his wife and daughter for Christmas, the next person transcribing the records would likely write December 24th, 1990.

And we get confused  by how many bad Christmas can the man have?  the fire, the next Christmas, etc.

Now if the fire was in late December 1989 to January 6th, 1990, and Red disappears then, suddenly this conflicting and confusing dates seem to make sense.

anonymous asked:

had my first visit to a gender clinic about starting T on Friday! The doctor said that it's generally healthier and has more effect when testosterone is started at a healthy weight. I'm a little chubby and personally ok with my weight, but figured Ill working out bc I've got nothing to lose. The problem is I've got hypo thyroid and it makes it almost impossible to lose weight. Is it possible for my prescription to take longer because of this? (I understand ur no doctor, just wondering if u knew)

Kii says:

If you’re talking about whether it will take longer for you to obtain the prescription, then no, you should be fine unless your health prevents you from safely taking T. If you’re talking about whether the prescription will be effective as quickly as someone who is a lower weight, that is something you should discuss with your doctor, because they can give you the most medically accurate advice.

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After a long time of waiting I was approved by a doctor for hrt and get my prescription in the next few days!

Woooh, that’s amazing news! Bet you’re eager to begin. It’s quite a ride I tell you! 😁