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March 27 - 20 years after the limited engagement tour of The Wall concept album, Pink Floyd released Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81 on this day in 2000.

The cover depicts the Floyd masks that were worn by the “surrogate band” in the concert’s opening number. Snowy White (1980 tour) or Andy Roberts (1981 tour) wore the David Gilmour mask, Andy Bown wore the Roger Waters mask, Willie Wilson wore the Nick Mason mask, and Peter Wood wore the Richard Wright mask.


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Top 6 harry fluffy blurbs/one shots?


1. Through their eyes (it’s sort of fluff) by @permanentcross

2. Little Love by @stylishmuser

3. Something about pet names by @stylishmuser

4. Hair or no hair by @permanentcross (I will forever hate you for hurting with this one)

5. Harry’s pain by @whoopsharrystyles

6. Pink Floyd Cinderella by me (it’s cute and I am quite proud of it so leave me alone)


I was tagged by my loooveee @everyone-is-gay to put my music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then tag ten people! 

 Thanks babe, ILY ❤ 

 - Wish you were here by Pink Floyd 

 - Even Flow by Pearl Jam 

 - Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison 

 - Sweet Emotion by The Kooks 

 - Radioactive by Imagine Dragons 

 - Black Flies by Ben Howard 

 - I’m so sorry by Imagine Dragons

 - Nevermind by Foster The People 

 - Nara by Alt-J 

 - 18 by One Direction 

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Just felt like sharing my daughter’s awesome hair (again)…her stylist entered the national Kenra neon competition with Guy Tang & Rebecca Taylor…my daughter was her model. She did a “dark side of the rainbow”/Pink Floyd-inspired look. The neon side glows under blacklights! Y'all may hate it, but we think it’s AMAZING and she is so talented. I hope she gets chosen to compete in LA!