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Where do you find like your paper or canvas textures for your pieces? I've tried asking other artists such as Ph***bs but they ignore anyone who asks about that stuff (not brushes but I guess techniques can't be shared) Is it a secret? Do artists not like to share resources because...? It will? I'm not sure what's wrong with sharing knowledge..

Most of the ones I use come from DeviantArt. I only use textures where the creators give permission to use with or without credit, as I’d rather not run into any legal trouble. One pack I’m fond of is this “Vintage Paper Texture Pack”, that I apply as a “linear burn” or “multiply” layer on top of my paintings. 

Even when I don’t want to overlay a texture, I still like to have some grain. So I’ll add it myself using brushes. I really like the “Advanced Painter’s Brush" set by Marc Brunet, the “Dry Oil” set by Istebrak and Grzegorz Rutkowski’s brushes (the only set out of the three that is free and that I found through Nipuni). I also swear by Kyle.T.Webster’s “Supreme Splatter” brush, which is included in his Megapack.

As for sharing resources, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’ve never really cared about that sort of thing, but I understand and respect those that do. It’s ultimately their choice, and I’m sure they have their reasons. Maybe they don’t have time, maybe they don’t want to run the risk of people copying them, maybe they’ve created their resources themselves… Who knows!

On a personal note, I’m not exactly a master of my craft and I don’t expect anyone to want to steal my style or techniques because of it. Even if they did, two artists using the same pencil could still have drastically different results.
So if I find something interesting, I don’t see any problem in sharing. I know that I would have loved for someone to recommend me stuff, when I first started… And I try to keep that in mind.


i just find it a little interesting

that a lot of the tech pryce has built

does a lot of the things the dear listeners can do.

faster than light communication. faster than light travel. artificial intelligence. tech that can read memories. tech that can change memories.

i might be wrong

but it’s just a little interesting.

and isn’t it convenient that earth’s remotest outposts juuuust reach the fringes of ‘civilized space.’









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God seriously every request you get you're like "sorry we don't do that hehe" Just disband the blog if y'all aren't gonna post real imagines

I’m sorry, but I was unaware that I had to conform to what you consider a “real” imagine. (: This is, first and foremost, a blog primarily being run for fun. Neither Mod Spookzz nor I owe you anything, so don’t act so entitled. In our rules it’s stated that we have a right to refuse anything we want, no questions asked: keep that in mind when requesting

I’m sorry if me turning you down or refusing to do repeat scenarios annoys you somehow, but I’m the one writing. The fact that you were too cowardly to say this off anon speaks volumes, too. Please, just unfollow this blog if you can’t understand that I’m a real human-being and not a writing machine. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

literally the part of my school that was supposed to be the sefety reunion spot was the part that collapsed what kind of fuckery also the earthquake alarm didn’t even go off?? my school needs to step up their game

yikes don’t look down on new fans/people who have been fans shorter than you

Yeah, you know. Out of context. Remember when Sam shot Dean with a round of rock salt and then tried to shoot him with a pistol that fortunately for Dean was not loaded?? That happened on the show! Sam was so tired of Dean ordering him around, he tried to kill him. Oh wait, but I’m taking that out of context. Sam’s mind had been altered by a psychotic brain-tampering ghost.

Likewise, Cas and Dean have both had their minds tampered with. In season 8, Cas beat up Dean only because Naomi had brainwashed him and was controlling his mind. In season 10, Dean only attacked Cas because he was under the curse of the Mark of Cain. Would you say Cain was abusive to Colette because the Mark made him kill her?

Dean doesn’t use Cas. Season 6 and season 7 were all about teaching Dean that Cas was an angel but also a sovereign entity and not a powerful weapon. Dean’s previous experience with supernatural beings and creatures was that he only tolerated them if they were a) not hurting anyone and/or b) helping him out, so those two seasons were dedicated to Dean learning otherwise, at least in regard to Castiel. In season 6, Cas still severely underestimates the fragility of humans, which is why his arc in season 7 was realizing how easily broken humans could be. After he learns this, he never intentionally hurts Sam or Dean again.

So that’s what I mean when I say out of context. Because you are conveniently glossing over the fact that they weren’t in control of their own bodies when they respectively beat each other up, and that they both mutually misunderstood each other as different species in earlier seasons.

But you’re right, in real life, abuse never has a context. Fortunately, this is a TV show where a lot of things get pretty fucking surreal and a person can end up trying to kill someone else because said person has a cursed tattoo that’s slowly making them completely homicidal :)


Taylor Swift on the media | January 2016 | Grammy Museum 

“it got pretty out of control there for a couple of years. Every article was like ‘taylor swift standing next to some guy– watch out guy!’. Every single article had these descriptions of my personality that were very different from my actual personality. My first reaction was ‘man that’s a bummer, this isn’t fun for me’. But my second reaction ended up being ‘hey, that’s actually an interesting character they’re writing about… like she jets sets around the world, collecting men and she can get any of them but she’s so clingy that they leave and then she cries in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls’”. X

ok i already wasn’t stoked on the chainsmokers collaborating with bts but the fact that they have the nerve to make a joke about people in china eating dogs and then try to play it off as though they’re “raising awareness” is absolute bullshit. (full video here.)

how are you going to sit there and laugh about a controversial issue in an asian country when you’re about to benefit from exposure that an asian group is going to stir up for you?? 

not to mention, their careless joke spreads the notion that all chinese people eat dog when, in reality, the majority of the general population, as well as the government, don’t support the yulin festival and the initial protests against the festival were started within the local chinese population. 

the stereotype of all asians eating dog has always been a harmful one and one that’s based in the idea that asian cultures are somehow “primitive” in comparison to western ideals. 

laughing over a tasteless joke is bad enough but using it as an excuse to pretend they’re activists is worse. honestly these white boys can peace the fuck out and i hope bts pulls the song they collaborated on together  👋🏼


RARE PHOTOS OF YANA TOBOSO APPEARING IN PUBLIC (2017/09/16, Black Label Pop-up Store in Osaka, Japan)

According to YANA’s tweet, she was the person inside this giant Bitter Rabbit costume suit. Of course, she didn’t tell her fans about it in advance, so all these people who went to the the Black Label store thought it’s just a random staff wearing an animal suit, when in fact they were shaking hands and taking photos with Yana! xD

Yana’s tweet from 2017/09/16

Today, when I was shopping at LUCUA at about 3PM, I suddenly got swallowed by Bitter Rabbit who probably mistook me for his afternoon snack and ended up spending half a day in his stomach. After the persuasion by the staff (they were like “Haven’t I told you not to pick up and eat everything? Spit it out now!”), he eventually spitted me out in the evening though. - Toboso

When I was in Bitter Rabbit’s stomach, I could faintly hear the [visitors’] voices outside. Everyone seemed to have fun, and this made me really happy. Thank you, Bitter Rabbit! Everyone, please come visit Bitter Rabbit, too. However, this rabbit is full of curiosity, so please be careful not to get gnawed [and eaten] by him like me!  - Toboso