if only you were my mates too

Top 10 times my heart broke for Rhysand

#1 When she never smiled at him

I waited for you at breakfast, but you slept in. Or avoided me, apparently. And I tried to catch your eye this afternoon, but you were so good at shutting me out completely.” “Is that what got under your skin? That I shut you out, or that it was so easy for Tarquin to get in?” “What got under my skin,” Rhys said, his breathing a bit uneven, “is that you smiled at him.” The rest of the world faded to mist as the words sank in. “You are jealous.”

and that one time she finally did

His fingers tightened on mine, and I looked up. He was smiling at me. And looked so un-High-Lord-like with the glowing dust on the side of his face that I grinned back. I hadn’t even realized what I’d done until his own smile faded, and his mouth parted slightly. “Smile again,” he whispered. I hadn’t smiled for him. Ever. Or laughed. Under the Mountain, I had never grinned, never chuckled. And afterward … And this male before me … my friend … For all that he had done, I had never given him either. Even when I had just … I had just painted something. On him. For him. I’d—painted again. So I smiled at him, broad and without restraint. “You’re exquisite,” he breathed.

#2 When Rhys confessed to having his wishes unfulfilled

“Isn’t that what High Lords do?” My breath clouded in front of me in the brisk night. “Whatever they please?” He studied my face. “There are a great many things that I wish to do, and don’t get to.”

#3 When we find out what his nightmares were about

“I’m sorry I didn’t find a way to spare you from what happened Under the Mountain,” Rhys said with equal quiet. “From dying. From wanting to die.” I began to shake my head, but he said, “I have two kinds of nightmares: the ones where I’m again Amarantha’s whore or my friends are … And the ones where I hear your neck snap and see the light leave your eyes.”

#4 When the High Lord of Night Court physically flinched from an emotional wound

“What is it that you want, Feyre?” I had no answer. I didn’t know. Not anymore. “What is it that you want, Feyre?” I stayed silent. His laugh was bitter, soft. “I thought so. Perhaps you should take some time to figure that out one of these days.” “Perhaps I don’t know what I want, but at least I don’t hide what I am behind a mask,” I seethed. “At least I let them see who I am, broken bits and all. Yes—it’s to save your people. But what about the other masks, Rhys? What about letting your friends see your real face? But maybe it’s easier not to. Because what if you did let someone in? And what if they saw everything, and still walked away? Who could blame them—who would want to bother with that sort of mess?” He flinched. The most powerful High Lord in history flinched. And I knew I’d hit hard—and deep. Too hard. Too deep.

and when we learned how deep that wound went

“Why didn’t you tell me?” “You were in love with him; you were going to marry him. And then you… you were enduring everything and it didn’t feel right to tell you.” “I deserved to know.” “The other night you told me you wanted a distraction, you wanted fun. Not a mating bond. And not to someone like me - a mess.” So the words I’d spat after the Court of Nightmares had haunted him

#5 When he considered settling for ‘whatever pieces she offered him’

“You think I didn’t want to tell you? You think I liked hearing you wanted me only for amusement and release? You think it didn’t drive me out of my mind so completely that those bastards shot me out of the sky because I was too busy wondering if I should tell you, or wait - or maybe take whatever pieces that you offered me and be happy with it? Or that maybe I should let you go so you don’t have a lifetime of assassins and High Lords hunting you down for being with me?”

#6 When he cried…

“But then she snapped your neck.” Tears rolled down his face. “And I felt you die,” he whispered.

But I was being ripped apart from the inside out, and I thrashed, unable to out-scream the pain. “Feyre!” someone roared. No, not someone—Rhysand. Rhysand yelled my name again - yelled it as though he cared 

-A Court of Thornes and Roses

#7 When he spent 3 months thinking she hated him

“And for three months… for three months I tried to convince myself that you were better off without me. I tried to convince myself that everything I’d done had made you hate me.”

#8 When he put her happiness above his own

“I heard you were going to marry him, and I told myself you were happy. I should let you be happy, even if it killed me. Even if you were my mate, you’d earned that happiness.”

#9 When he thought he wasn’t that type of person for her

“I heard what you told him,” he said. “That you thought it would be easy to fall in love with him. You meant it, too.” “So?” It was the only thing I could think of to say. “I was jealous—of that. That I’m not … that sort of person. For anyone.“

#10 When we found out that all this time he had been in love with Feyre

“It killed me, Feyre, to send you back. To see you waste away, month by month. It killed me to know he was sharing your bed. Not just because you were my mate, but because I … ” He glanced down, then up at me again. “I knew … I knew I was in love with you that moment I picked up the knife to kill Amarantha.”

Quotes from ACOMAF and ACOTAR

On a happier note: Another Top 10 for Rhys

okay but

when rowan finally gets to aelin, and she’s probably locked inside the coffin without any hope of ever getting out, so completely battered and broken physically but content because she knows she did everything possible to give her people, her court, her family a chance, 
and then suddenly she hears some kind of inhuman roar through the iron box that muffles almost all noise, but somehow this sound is loud enough to still hurt her ears even through the box,
and screeching as someone physically rips open the box, and she can smell copious amounts of blood in the air and the entire cadre is there, summoned by Rowan for the break in a day earlier and using all of their strength to save the queen they want to serve from the one they deplore,
and they shakily lift her out of the coffin but she can’t even be grateful because Rowan’s not  t h e r e, and if he’s not with them he must be hurt and oh  g o d s what if he’s dead, and she’s starting to lose it because she can handle whippings and beatings and torture but she can’t handle her mate being gone, not having been able to save him–
and then there’s a shriek nearby and suddenly he’s there, her mate is there, in the same room as her, cut and bruised and limping but alive, and with him is Maeve, but something is different and–oh gods, her neck is broken, her mate killed the woman who has starred in every one of her nightmares for the last year, the ones that didn’t end when she woke up, when the pain from the bone deep injuries pulled her out of brief unconsciousness, her magic unable to heal so many extensive injuries, and not in an iron box, iron shavings sprinkled onto her tattered skin after her session every day before she could be returned to the coffin, Maeve is DEAD she’s finally gone, and aelin lets out the smallest sound of relief,
and then rowan is next to her, snatching her out of his brothers’ arms quickly, but so carefully, tears building up in his eyes at the sight of her in so much pain, shaking with rage at quite how much blood and muscle is visible,
and her mouth starts to move, and she wants to apologize for not telling him about the mating bond and for sacrificing herself and not telling him, but he can see it in her face and cocks his head in the way she knows means don’t you dare apologize, Fireheart and gods she has missed this effortless communication, and Rowan, everything about Rowan, her husband and consort and mate,
and they’re both grasping each other tightly to assure that they’re real, because Rowan has seen his mate’s face day in and day out in battle strategy discussions next to Aedion and in the nightmares that never seem to end, and Aelin never thought this suffering would end but he’s here, he came for her even though they both knew he shouldn’t have, and she can’t stop looking at him, at that face she loves, and then he turns to face her directly and for a moment she thinks she’s seeing double–but no, there’s that scar above his left eyebrow, so the only thing that makes sense is–
“You got a new tattoo.” her voice is quiet and hoarse, but still so unequivocally Aelin, and he wants to both laugh and sob into her because of course, of course that’s the first thing she notices, the first thing she says to him, the first thing his mate says to him after being apart for a year, so he nods and clears his throat,
“I–our story needed to be represented there too. I mentioned the idea to Fenrys the morning you–the morning after our ceremony. And then you were gone, and…” his throat felt swollen shut, but he continued speaking. “and then it seemed only right that you had a place next to Lyria’s, even though I hadn’t learned my lesson and…” he trails off, but she can read the “failed you, failed you both but here again Maeve went right by me and I failed you
“Buzzard,” she says, and she could tell him all the same with her eyes and her face but after so long of nothing escaping her mouth but screams, it feels so good to talk, “I can’t have you taking credit for my abduction when we both know I’m simply too clever of a mastermind for you to have realized what was happening. And you’re here now, and that…I could never have asked it of anyone. You came.”
“Of course I came,” he can’t stop looking at her, hands still wrapped gingerly around her emaciated frame, and if he hadn’t already rutting killed Maeve and Carn he would lose it right now at feeling her ribs poking at skin where there used to be layers of muscle. “I’m not just anyone.” his voice cracks, and he so so hates displays of emotion and mushiness but he needs her to hear it, to know. “I love you, Fireheart. You’re going to have to get used to the idea that I’m never going to let you go if we’re going to be mated for the rest of both of our fae lifespans.”
and she’s laughing and crying, because of course she is, and this arrogant, territorial male is hers for all of that time, and she wants to ask after Aedion and Lysandra and Elide and Dorian and Chaol and Nesryn and the thirteen, but she knows he wouldn’t leave them defenseless for anything, and her mate is here and he knows he’s her mate and gods is she so glad to have the ridiculous buzzard in her life.
He gets her out of the dungeon, out of the palace and she can feel him tense when they get into the sunlight and the iron in her wounds is visible, and he starts to growl but restrains himself when the sound makes her cower the tiniest bit, and he presses his lips to her temple but she can feel the wind delicately removing the tiny metal bits from her back, and her magic slowly, slowly starts to knit the skin back together, cell by cell, and then she’s in a featherbed sleeping finally because she knows there’s no way in hell he will take his eyes off of her for the next century, and a few hours later she opens her eyes because something thumps onto the deck of the ship, and she startles and clenches her fists because they must have found her, but then her door is thrown open and Lysandra is there, running to her with tremendous sobs, and she can smell the cadre in the hallway, and Chaol runs in too, but they’re both thrown out of the way by a volatile Aedion, and she knows something must be wrong because Dorian and Manon and Elide aren’t there, oh gods not Dorian, and she knows well enough that war comes with sacrifices, but it was supposed to be her, not her book loving best friend, and of her a moment they’re all crying together before Lysandra pulls a sealed envelope from her pocket, addressed to her in that regal script, and she bursts out laughing because of course he left her a note, of course he’s going to tell her he chose this, it’s so very Dorian, 
and she spends days like this, crying and laughing and healing and trying not to flinch at every noise and voice, wrapped in Rowan’s arms and catching up on hundreds of hours of sleep deprivation, until one morning he’s shaking her and she groans in opposition, but he pulls her to her feet and helps her to the deck, and her breath catches because she can smell it already–pine and snow and love and happiness and oh gods, they’re finally–
“Home,” Rowan breathes in her ear. “We’re home, Fireheart.”

Stefan Salvatore

Imagine : Liking Stefan, but him not liking you back. Then when Klaus takes a liking to you, Stefan realizes the chance he missed out on.

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You liked Stefan Salvatore. You couldn’t deny it. He was the perfect man, and you hadn’t wanted anything more than him. Yet, he was too caught up in Elena.

Even though Elena was one of your best friends, you hated how she had to play with both Salvatore’s like she was, especially since you liked Stefan. It hurt you to watch him hurt.

But you would never tell him that you liked him. No, that wasn’t ever a possibility. Stefan Salvatore would never like you back, and you had accepted that, no matter what. So you held your tongue like a good girl, and kept quite, suffering silently.

However, this enraged Bonnie. Bonnie hated watching you suffer from Elena, mostly because you were too sweet of a person to ever stand up to Elena and tell her off.

Bonnie, however, was not afraid.

So one day after school, when she was sure only Stefan was home, Bonnie went to the Salvatore home, knocking confidently on the door. Stefan answered it quickly.

“Bonnie,” he said. “I’m afraid that Elena is not here.”

“Not looking for Elena,” Bonnie said, stepping inside. “I’m here to talk to you.”

“I’m all ears,” Stefan said. “What did you want to talk about, Bonnie?”

“What are your thoughts on Y/N?” she asked, not even bothering to beat around the bush.

“My thoughts on, oh,” Stefan said, pausing slightly. “She’s a nice girl and all, Bonnie, but that’s sort of where it ends.”

“No romantic feelings for her at all?”


When Bonnie had broken the news to you, you were heartbroken. And you had to admit, heartbroken over a man you had never even been able to call yours was extremely disappointing on your part.

You tried to go on with your days, smiling through the pain, laughing as if you weren’t broken, and joking around with your friends. Including Stefan.

But that night, as you sat in the Mystic Grill, you were approached by someone. You were getting drinks for you and your friends, yes one being Stefan. You were sat on a stool as you waited, your expression blank. It was these rare moments alone that you actually allowed yourself to become sad.

“A lovely woman like you should not be sad,” A voice said from behind you.

You shivered as you turned your head. This new stranger had a beautiful, British accent. He had bright blue eyes, pink, plump lips, a stubble around his jaw and a smile to absolutely die for.

You blushed under his gaze. He was beautiful, more beautiful than you had ever thought Stefan to be. “I’m not- I, I’m not sad,” you tried, failing miserably to make it believable, causing you to blush more.

He smiled at you, a genuine smile,before sitting next to you. “I’m sure that’s just what you want your friends to believe, right? Tell me dear, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t even know you,” you countered. “Why should I tell you?”

“Klaus Mikaelson, love,” he told you, grasping your free hand and kissing it gently. “May I know your name?”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you whispered.

“Very beautiful name, dear,” he told you honestly. “Tell me of your troubles then, Y/N. I promise that I am good at listening.”

So you told him. Even after your drinks had come, you continued to pour your heart out to this man. And when you were done, he bought you a drink and you two continued to have an earnest conversation. You couldn’t deny that every second you spent with Klaus that afternoon, the more you forgot about Stefan Salvatore.

Then, as it drew later, Klaus walked you home, seeing as you had gotten a ride with Stefan, who you no longer wanted to talk to.


It had been weeks since you had met Klaus, and he had made it his goal to speak to you at least once a day, in person. Sometimes he would show up at your home unexpectedly, giving you a bouquet of flowers, kissing your forehead and wishing you a wonderful day before disappearing again. Sometimes he took you out, and the two of you would go anywhere and talk about anything. Sometimes, you would invite him in and you two would sit on your couch and enjoy each others company.

The more you learned about Klaus, the more you forgot about Stefan. But the more you hung out with Klaus, the more Stefan grew feelings for you, and became jealous when he saw you around with Klaus, laughing and smiling more than you ever had with him.

Since you had told Klaus all about your past feelings for Stefan, he grew painfully aware of his growing feelings for you. However, Klaus also had feelings for you, and he knew just how to sweep you off your feet.

You two were at the Grill that evening, talking over the most expensive wine available at the Grill. You had never been one for wine, but as Klaus sat beside you in the booth, laughing and letting you take sips from his glass, you began to love it.

Stefan was at the bar, watching the two of you. He had wished he had noticed his feelings before you met Klaus. He thought he might’ve had a chance when you’re heart wasn’t being spoken for by another.

But, he had waited too long, and it was too late.

You excused yourself from the table for a moment, Klaus nodded and smiling as you made your way to the restroom. Stefan took his chance, and approached Klaus.

Sitting opposite of him in the booth, Stefan began talking. “What are you doing with Y/N?”

“What ever do you mean, Stefan?” Klaus asked, a grin already on his lips. “I’m enjoying her company, as she is enjoying mine.”

Stefan nearly growled. “You’re only going to hurt her.”

“Like you did?”

That statement stunned him. He had no idea he had ever hurt Y/N, always trying to be the best friend he could possibly be for her.

“She’s told me all about it, mate. You were too in love with Elena, blinded by jealousy over her and Damon to notice our precious Y/N did, in fact, have feelings for you.”

Stefan began to stutter over his words now. “I, I never-”

“Never knew, I know. But, not to worry mate, I’m not as daft as you. I realize my feelings for her, and I also realize her feelings for me. I won’t hurt her, if that’s what your worried about. Not like you did.”

With that, Klaus shooed Stefan away, smirking as the younger vampire walked away.

Before he left the Grill, he looked back at the table. You had returned, and Klaus was gently holding your chin in his hand, talking to you. Stefan listened as you giggled, the sound like music to his ears.

However, he had to look away when  Klaus kissed you, you easily kissing back, just as passionate.

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Birth and Bloodletting: A Feysand Pregnancy

This insult had gone on long enough. Kier would not allow this to go on. It was one thing to let a halfbreed be his High Lord. It was one thing to let a former human be his high lady, but  these…children, these abominations that would grow and one day rule over his home, they needed to be taken care of before they grew into their power, they needed to be taken care of before they were born.


Her mate knelt to his knees, his lips brushing her stomach before kissing her, “I’ll be back, Feyre, darling. I promise, just a quick visit and then I’ll come back to you and Bartholomew and Biela. I’ve been gone for too long, they’ll start to think they are brazen enough to stage some kind of rebellion.”

She knew that, she knew that her people were growing restless and reckless. But that didn’t stop her from wanting Rhys by her side, not when she was due to give birth in less than a month. She wiped the tear from her eye, “Damned hormones.” She paused at the familiar name. “Biela? As in your sister?”


She tilted her head in thought. The sister that was taken so savagely from her mate and his family so long ago. The fierce female that she, herself, had grieved despite not knowing her. “It’s beautiful. What about Bartholomew? Why that name?”

He shrugged, “I just like it.”

She snorted, “You just like the nickname we both know you would give him.”

Rhys’s lips curled up into a smirk, his starry eyes alit with anticipation. “That may be a factor.”

“Lucky for you, that name is beautiful. Our poor son is going to be teased so much.”

He squeezed her hand, “But he will be feared and strong and cunning. Most important, he will be loved. They both will be.”

Feyre kissed him, “Take Cassian and Azriel with you. I will stay with Mor and Amren. Me and the babies will be safe.”

“I’ll take Cassian but I’m not taking Azriel. Mor is so close to giving birth, I don’t want to separate him from her, not if I don’t have to.” Mor was only a few months behind her, the pregnancy has been a bit difficult for her. Her nightmares making it hard for her to relax. “I’ll take Blake and have Nate sit with you and the others. He’ll bring Bay and Az wont feel so outnumbered.”

Of all her nephews and nieces, Nate was the one she was closest to. He shared her passion for art. His talent was true and good. Many years of perfecting his craft, Nate was magnificent in his ability to create.

“Be careful, Rhys.” She wiped away the tear on her face, these damned hormones were getting on her nerves. “I already lost Nesta and my nephew. I can’t lose my mate too.”

“You won’t,” he swore. “I promise. You will still feel me through the bond. You won’t lose me, not anytime soon.” Why did it feel like those words were a direct challenge to the Mother?


Cassian lowered to his hanches, only for Aysel’s hands to rest on his face. He took one and kissed her palm. “Be a good girl for Aunty Amren. Daddy will be back sooner than you know.”

His daughter’s lip wobbled, a sure sign he was going to get a cry sounding through his head. “Don’t cry, Baby Girl. Bay will be here too.”

Her face lit up at her brother’s name. Her arms reached up, ready for him to pick her up. Pulling her up to his hip, Cassian whispered his last goodbye before handing her to Amren. “Take care of my daughter.”

She sniffed, “No one is getting their hands on the Princess.’


Azriel surveyed his sons, Blake just came from the cabin. His shadows told him that he was there with Aurora and that Nate almost got his head bit off for retrieving him. “I would go but I need to stay with your mother and the High Lady.”

Blake’s face was smooth, the only lie to his irritation was the darkness of his son’s shadows slithering around him. “Yes sir.”

“Protect Rhys. There is something brewing in the Hewn City. I just haven’t been able to pinpoint what exactly. Protect him and protect yourself.”

“Yes sir.”


Keir turned to the others, “This will work. In order to end this insult, the High Lord needs dealt with first. He needs to be taken out of the equation. Lucky for us, we have had a benefactor who has taught us a few things about weakening his magic.” Keir’s lips stretched into a beautifully terrible smile. “Then we take out the Illyrians. They may be great, but our numbers even the odds. The whore won’t be able to help herself. She’s feel that bond go quiet and she’ll make her way to us. When she comes, I’ll cut those abominations from her stomach myself. This insult will not stand.”

The cavern of males and females of the purest blood grinned at him, thier smiles ready for the bloodletting that will finally come. Ridding their court of the half bred High Lord, the whore of a High Lady and those abominations in her womb.

It was his turn to rule.


Here’s part one, IDK how many parts there will be, I’ve been daydreaming this fic for…awhile. Please leave a comment! XO

Fever // Taehyung

Drabble game request: Taehyung + “I wish I could hate you” + Supernatural/Werewolf AU | for @lovelast95

Word count: 1,091 words

Character: Taehyung x reader

Warning: This is smut.

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One Time..., LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin is an upbeat theater camp counselor. You are anything but.

Words: 1,350

Author’s Note: I love anything to do with a young Lin, so this fic was basically a #dream. (One time, at theater camp…) In researching this I found out Lin and Bradley Whitford (Josh from West Wing) went to the same college. Wesleyan is breeding my favorite people, apparently. Technically not Sunday for me yet but everyone else is posting so let me jump on this train.

Warnings: Nah.

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“Y/N, look at my mask!” Ashley, an eight year old first year camper, skipped up to you to show off her sloppy painting job, beaming with pride.

“Wow! Interesting color choices!” You smiled back, which was enough praise for her to return to her seat.

“What, not a fan of Commedia dell’arte?” A fellow counselor questioned, sliding up next to you after finishing his rounds around the room. You’d never caught his name before then, but your mind labeled him Mr. Sunshine.

Simply because it seemed the Sun shined out of his ass.

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You Brute

Nessian, 2.5K, Rated T

A/N: There seems to be a general consensus that if Nessian were mates, Cassian would find out first. I wanted to have a little fun and have dear Nesta feel it. 


“And then—“ Cassian’s arm flew into the air, almost hitting Nesta in the face.

His scent overcame her, and she felt a snap within herself. Her eyes widened, and her knee hit the table. The words almost slipped right between her teeth, but she pressed her lips tightly together to keep the secret. Sitting next to him became almost unbearable, and she just wanted to be excused. She was overly aware of every feeling in the brute’s brain, and his insufferable need to leave the dinner table to take her home.

Her blood raced with that word. Mate. Mate. Mate Mate.

Scanning the table, Nesta checked to see if anyone noticed the outburst, but they were completely invested in Cassian’s story. A bead of sweat rolled down her back as she slumped slightly, relieved that no one saw her. Or so she thought. She caught eyes with Feyre sitting across from her. Her sister’s grin was filled with wicked delight.

Feyre definitely knew that Nesta’s mate bond snapped into place.

Nesta excused herself to use the restroom and practically stumbled to the hallway door. She leaned against the rough stone wall letting the cool rock calm her as she took slow breaths. They had been dating for the past thirteen months, fucking for the past eleven, and living together for the past seven. With how long they’d been with each other, both accepted that they definitely weren’t mates, and ignored any notion that they had to be. So it was certainly a shock when it felt like lightening struck her during their family dinner. She finally understood why Lucien couldn’t keep quiet for more than three seconds. The initial rush of it was overwhelming, and even now in the darkened hallway, she was keenly aware of Cassian’s subtle worry that she left. Rhys really deserved more credit for hiding it from Feyre for as long as he did.

With her forehead still on the wall, she heard the door open and scented her sister’s approach.


Nesta rolled her head around towards her sister. “It does not feel like a congratulations are in order. Do you think he knows?”

Feyre walked over and put a hand on Nesta’s shoulder. “Probably not. Rhys fell off a cliff when he felt it, and I still didn’t know for months.”

“I’m pretty sure you were literally the only person who didn’t know. Even I had suspicions, and I didn’t even know what a mate was.” Feyre gave Nesta a small glare and removed her hand.

“What I’m saying is Cassian’s probably blind to it. The only reason I sensed it was because for the first time since I’ve become a daemati, I could see into your mind. Without shields, you were practically screaming that he was your mate.”

“Get out of my head.” Panic flooded Nesta. “Does Rhys know?”

“My guess is no. I asked him if he sensed anything strange from you, keeping it very vague. He only said that he heard your knee hit the table, but he wanted to leave you with a little bit of pride so he pretended not to notice.”

Nesta felt her head nod. The only thing she wanted right now was to be alone and settle herself. However, if she left now, that’d raise too many questions. And if she went home, Cassian would be there, and she couldn’t tell him. Not right now.

“Nesta. What are you thinking?”

She could just stay at Rhys and Feyre’s tonight. Then, she wouldn’t see him at home. The only issue was that she needed an excuse. A verbal brawl could constitute grounds for her leaving. She could start a fight at the table. “I think I’m going to yell at him.”

A pause. “Why, in all the courts of Prythian, would you do that?”

“So that I can stay at your townhouse tonight. I wouldn’t have to feel at all inclined about confronting him.”

Feyre’s eyes practically sent Nesta six feet under. “No. You are definitely not doing that.”

“But Rhys waited months before you ever knew. And he didn’t even tell you.”

“And look how well that turned out.” Nesta remembered the story of how Feyre left Rhys in the mud, not seeing him for a week before accepting the bond.

“I know that I probably will never understand this hiding of mate bonds,” Feyre began, waving her arms, “but I do know that Rhys does. If you want to talk to him about it, he probably has much better advice.”

“I really don’t think I want more people to know about this then there minimally has to be.”

“Eventually, Nesta, everyone would know. Rhys wanted to wait because of Tamlin and for our bond built on love. Clearly, you two don’t have a Tamlin, and you’re already in love. I do not see the problem.”

The problem was that Cassian wouldn’t want this level of commitment with her. The problem was that she might not want this level of commitment. The problem was that they’re bond may say that they’re equals, but they could still not be right for each other. They play fought often enough that it could be a possibility. The main problem, though, was that she did not trust anyone enough to share this grapple with, save for the male himself, and he was definitely not an option to talk to.

Thus, Nesta said, “I don’t know.”

Feyre huffed a sigh and turned to return to dinner.
“Can you at least create an excuse for me to spend the night at your place? If you’re so wary of me starting a fight.”

Looking back over her shoulder, Feyre eyed her sister. “Only if you agree to talk with Rhys.”

Nesta wanted to call her sister something vulgar, but refrained. “Fine.”

On the roof of the townhouse, Nesta took another shot. She wasn’t quite sure how much she’d had. Only that these damn fae senses made it far too difficult to become drunk. She heard Rhys come up about a minute ago. “Do you want to join me or are we both going to pretend that we talked to please my sister?”

Rhys approached and dropped his legs over the side of the roof. “To be honest with you, Nesta, your sister never told me what we were to talk about.”

Nesta just stared at the Sidra. This whole situation happened too fast, and she never even said the words aloud yet. She could feel that Cassian was sleeping and contented by the story of how Nesta and Feyre were going to have some sisterly bonding time. Maybe it was better to just rip off the bandage. Or maybe it was better to try pulling her shields down again, to see if Rhys could hear it. Eventually, she went with a combination.

“Cassian is my—“ There was a long pause.

His violet eyes forged into her, as if he could see the bond pulling her insides. She was certain the idiot of a High Lord was going to make her say it until he quietly suggested, “Mate?”

Nesta just nodded her head.

“At dinner?”

“You’re a bigger brute than Cassian, you know that?”

Rhys chuckled. “He doesn’t know, and you don’t want to tell him?”

Again, Nesta nodded.

The pair sat in silence for a long amount of time after that. Nesta never particularly cared for her either of her sisters’ mates, mainly because neither of the males were good enough for her sisters. She knew that both Rhys and Lucien were fine people but that did not change a thing. Ironically, she never thought herself good enough for Cassian.

“It’s quite terrifying. To share it. It may be the one thing that Feyre will never completely understand about me, “ Rhys said.

“What if—“

Rhys raised his hand. “But it is also the greatest thing to ever happen in my 500 years of existence.”

“He’ll probably say no. Or he might leave,”

“I can’t say he won’t, but I do know that he is the most loyal bastard I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I understand that you think he might leave given his…history. But, Nesta, Feyre proved to be very loyal to her lovers, or at least Tamlin, in the past and I was still scared. On the day she found out, I had wasted the entire day in my own head trying to encourage myself to tell her.”

“You’re an incredibly dopey male.”

“That makes you an incredibly dopey female.”

“It has been a few hours. Not months. I don’t think you can constitute me as incredibly anything yet.”

“Then, you’re just a dopey female.”

Nesta bared her teeth at him.

Rhys borrowed her amber liquid and took a small swig. “Do you know what my greatest regret is?”

“That you’re incredibly brooding? That your mate can beat you up? That you told those queens about Velaris? That Elain and I are high fae? Not that I blame you anymore.”

“No and no. The last two were for a long time, but I’ve recently reevaluated everything. Velaris healed, and you two…adjusted. But now my greatest regret is that I never told Feyre earlier. I could live with a decimated city. I could live with the Archerons as fae as long as they could. But, I could not live with either of those things without knowing Feyre was mine.”

Nesta sighed. “I don’t think that ‘incredibly dopey’ covered it well enough.”

Rhys paused for a second, looking contemplative about the insult, before gesturing for her to proceed.

“You’re absolutely sure he doesn’t know?”

“I can’t be absolutely sure about anything, but if you’re asking if he’s ever lost his shield and screamed it to me, no. Nor have we had a liquor aided heart to heart about it.”

The two sat in silence on the roof, passing the bottle back and forth until the sun rose up over the horizon. Rhys sent her home in the morning.

“Nesta, you don’t have to tell him today, or even tomorrow. But I would tell him as soon as you can.”

She barely heard him as she walked down the stairs.

Nesta still hadn’t said anything. It had been three weeks, and Feyre and Rhys were growing so impatient that Feyre threatened to put Nesta in a near death situation just to drag Cassian out to the Suriel, so it could tell Cassian for her. It was becoming particularly overwhelming to exist in the same space as him.

Even now, while he just sat there with a book, Nesta could not bear to read hers. She was turning the pages of her novel every few seconds after Cassian. His legs were thrown over the arms of the chair, and he sat sideways in it like a child. It was not the way the chair was supposed to accommodate wings. However, it did wonders for his legs as the chair pushed his muscles out into a relaxed, though still prominent, position. His left arm bent up to hold his novel making his muscles flex slightly. Their chandelier above them made the shadows under his jaw—

She shook her head. This was the issue with the mate bond. Before, Nesta could snap herself out of these sort of situations. But now, it was unbearable not to think of Cassian, or what she wanted to do to him. It made her a simpering female and far too territorial.

Cassian turned his page, and as Nesta was about to turn hers, he called, “Sweetheart, you could at least skim your eyes over your book to pretend you’re reading over there.”

Nesta hissed. “Maybe this book is boring, and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Cassian just gave her a suggestive look that welcomed her disruptions anytime, and she could feel through the bond that he was very serious. She must have been staring.

“What’s on you mind, sweetheart? Because that look does not say you want to take me or that you want to kill me.”

She should just say it. Tell him. Get it off her chest. But instead she spit out. “What would you do if you found your mate?”

“And it wasn’t you?”

Nesta looked back with an almost vicious smile, “Well, yeah. We’ve already established that you and I aren’t.” Liar. She was a cauldron damned liar, but she was very curious to see how Cassian would treat his mate.

He looked off, clearly trying to find a nice way to let Nesta down. “I’d imagine that it’d be a fairly intense feeling, but I’d still try to make this,” he gestured between the two of them, “ work. I know Rhys’s parents are the classic case of mates gone wrong. And I do know that our relationship has definitely yet to go wrong. So I’d probably stay with you Nesta, for fear of something going wrong in the other relationship.”

“What if you fell straight on your ass in love for them, though?”

Cassian completely stilled. “Nesta. Are you asking because you found your mate? If you did, I’ll be very happy for you. It may take me some time, but I can adjust.” He looked away while still shifting in his chair so his body faced her. “You can still live here for the time being if he, or she, is looking for a house for the two of you. However, if I found my mate, I’d probably let you down a little gentler than this. I wouldn’t make you spell it out for me.”

He took a deep breath, and as she was about to respond, he interrupted. “So I’m going to ask you one more time. Did you find your mate?”

In his panic, he answered the question of whether or not he knew about the bond. She felt him try to reign in his anger and jealousy.

She took a dramatic, deep breath. “Yeah. Yeah, I did.”

Cassian nodded his head as if he suspected as much. “Would I know them?”

“You probably wouldn’t recognize them now. They used to be fairly cocky, much like your self, but recently they are fairly skittish.”

“Did they go through a taxing experience?” Cassian asked as his brows furrowed.

“I mean he found out I’m his mate, which seems pretty dramatic. He’s also just trying to process it all.” She slipped and used a gender pronoun.

“Do you love him?”

She looked him straight in the eye. “I haven’t said anything yet, but I do. He’s said it countless times.”

“Have you slept with him?”

“He’s the best lover a girl could ask for.”

Cassian just sat there, mulling over her words. “He sounds an awful lot like me.”

“Does he?”

If Nesta thought Cassian was still before, it was nothing compared to now. He sat there with that immortal stillness as he stared at her. She heard his heart pounding in his chest and his heavy breathing. “Nesta. Are we….Am I… Are you…Are we mates?”

Rather than answering immediately, she pulled an apple out from under her and chucked it at his face. He barely caught it.

“Yeah, you brute. You’re my mate.”

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Hey mate, may seem like an odd question but if Alutegra wasn't your main thing, would you like AxAA? I haven't seen much shippers of this pairing, and I was wondering what you thought about it. Weird ask, but I love you Mel!

OOOH GOSH, my answer would have to be yes I think?? But the thing is, even though AxI is my love, I already really, really like AxAA /)w(\ hating each other and fighting to the death only to realize how alike they were once it was too late…so tragic, I absolutely adore it QQ I also am fond of the thought of Anderson’s grumpiness clashing with Alucard’s playful and flirtatious nature pffffft–

so alike yet still finding ways to surprise each other; a big aesthetic of mine 👌

{I LOVE YOU TOO, thank you for the ask nonny! ♡}

EXO WOLF: Their Mate Being Pregnant

note: this was requested by around three people or so, so i decided to just get it out of the way (again, this is brief, but if you want more in depth headcanons, feel free to request a specific member.)


Minseok would be so much more protective of you, once you were pregnant with his puppies. I see him being glued to you to the extent that it felt like having a second–much younger–father watching over you. Of course, this was all done with good intentions, which he would huff and explain reluctantly, should you ever bring it to conversation. “I only want the best for my jagiya and our baby together,” he would mumble with his hand palming your stomach.

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I don’t see too many changes in Luhan’s attitude toward you, besides the given that he’d be so much happier. The thought of having his own child with his mate was enough to put the biggest smile on his face, even when he was asked to do things he despised. Keeping this in mind, when you were to complain about aches, he would give you gentle massages and make comments about how “well you were doing with everything,” but aside from that, I don’t see a giant difference in how he treats you.

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Like Minseok, Yifan would also be protective, but not as suffocating in doing so. He knew that the other clans opposed a great threat (especially due to his rank as one of the two alphas), so he would make sure to keep a close eye on you when he could. He would do this very subtly, by suggesting you go on out of town trips with him–when he was required to go himself. When he wasn’t, he would suggest that someone tag along with you when you go places (should he not be going). Junmyeon would be his first suggestion, as “his awful jokes were a real mood-maker,” with his second choice as Baekhyun, “because what’s the point in going out if your best friend can’t tag along?” It’s a given that Baekhyun had let the cat out of the bag not to long into your first trimester, but that you decided to entertain your mate’s wishes and go along with it.

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While juggling tending to the needs of his pack, Junmyeon would make sure to be very prepared for anything while you were expecting. Despite his claims that “he’d already gotten enough parental experience, thanks to Tao,” he constantly worried that something may go wrong. Because of this, he tried to be ready for whatever mother nature could possibly throw at the both of you. You found it ridiculous how he already had a go bag packed and always sitting next to his bed by the second month of your pregnancy, but you always tried to remind yourself that he had good reason to worry.

Originally posted by daenso


From the moment you announced your pregnancy to him, Yixing would be very doting. Anything you needed was yours–everything you wanted as well. Your mate would do for you without question, wanting nothing other than an easy pregnancy on your end. Expect random things like chocolates, or the occasional flowers–which were “just because he thought you needed something as lovely as your future child would be.” His favorite thing to do by far, though, would be singing soft melodies while you laid together, because he thought the baby could hear him and “needed a lullaby to help him fall asleep.”

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This hyper pup would try to be much gentler once he knew you were pregnant with his child. His constant rough housing would cease temporarily, as he was afraid of harming you and your unborn child, “I’d be the last person to hurt our little baby girl,” he would casually say as he helped you out of bed, rather than carelessly tossing you over his shoulder. When you cooed in adoration at this, he would flush a light pink shade (as he often did when you–only you–complimented him). Maybe it’s just me, but I also think that at some point, he would attempt to make you a special dinner for being kind to him despite everything. This would result in the burning of two steaks–the smoke of which would set off the fire alarm–and the reluctant calling of a delivery pizza.

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Jongdae would be much quieter during your pregnancy, since he read somewhere online that continuous loud noises weren’t good for a fetus. It got as far as you snapping at him, claiming that as much as you loved the thought, you enjoyed his loudness tons more. Aside from this, he would definitely be taking notes from Junmyeon’s gentle demeanor toward his own children. Being the best father he could possibly be would be his main goal, and that was evident in the choices he had begun to make.

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He may be gleeful usually, but ever since your pregnancy confession, Chanyeol would be in a new bubble of happiness that would be nearly impossible to burst. Throughout the entirety of your nine months, he would be so, so excited, constantly bringing up names that he enjoyed or what color he wanted to paint the nursery. Even if you wished he would calm down a bit, he wouldn’t be able to. “I’m going to be a father!” He’d proclaim every so often, like he couldn’t get over hearing it. Everyone new he met would be hearing it too, as soon as they were on a name-to-name basis.

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Kyungsoo would be exceptionally understanding during this time. Usually, when you woke him up late at night in need of a meal, he gave a groggy “maybe in the morning.” Now, however, he thought of the little fetus growing inside your stomach and did nothing but nod whenever you placed him in this scenario. In addition to this, he would make whatever you asked without anything more than a joking comment about how “the baby had weird taste.”

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Zitao would be carelessly spoiling you, even if you protested against his many, many gifts. They would range from needed things, like baby outfits (albeit a much more extravagant take), to things that you didn’t think you needed at all, like at-home foot spas. He would make claims that “he saw these things and thought you needed them,” but whenever you asked what for, he would silence himself. Also, he would be hellbent that you were carrying a little girl, and it had gone as far as the both of you placing bets against each other (Sehun joined in, claiming he really, really wanted to win your foot spa).

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Jongin would be so much more free for these nine months. I mean this in the sense that whenever it was an option, he would clear his schedule to be by your side while decorating the nursery or picking out baby clothing because he didn’t want to miss a single thing.” I’m not sure why, but I feel as though he wouldn’t be as worried as his hyungs in this time. Gentle and caring, yes, but worried, not as much. He trusted you and himself to be good parents, and to make good choices for this baby.

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Despite his usual sassy nature, Sehun would be thoughtful to be especially kind during your pregnancy. Though it would take nearly everything in him not to snap back a snarky remark when you became agitated over something small, he would make the greatest effort to do so. He is very prideful, so if you ever asked–or snapped–why he wasn’t being his usual self, he would mutter, Suho hyung said you would like it if I were a lot nicer to you right now.” (ps. please be nice n shower him with kisses for this hes deserving)

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SNSD Reaction - Dating Scandal

blackpink version : here


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She hadn’t heard anything about it until they were all on a variety show. One of the MC’s had been talking about the recent pictures of you and Irene that were floating around the internet.

“What do you guys think?” The MC asked, “I kinda hope they are together, they’d be pretty cute.”

All the girls laughed politely, a few of them looked at Taeyeon to make sure she was okay with what they were saying.

“You guys are pretty good friends with both of them aren’t you? Being label mates and all.” The other MC added in, earning an unsure laugh from a few members.

“Yeah, Y/N and I are pretty close.” Taeyeon agreed, “They’re not dating Irene.” she added politely.

The MC laughed a bit and nodded, “Alright, sorry about that tangent there, let’s move to the next question.”

After the show, Taeyeon walked backstage and was surprised to find that you had been watching the whole thing. When she saw you she walked over to you and wrapped her arms around your waist, resting her head against your shoulder. You hugged her and leaned your head against hers.

“I guess you and Irene are a thing now huh?” She asked looking at you.

“Yeah.” You agreed, laughing lightly, “don’t tell her, but I kind of have a thing for someone else.” You whispered, rubbing her back gently.  

The MC who had been teasing about yours and Irene’s relationship walked past, “I guess I was wrong about you and Irene huh?” she asked you with a laugh.

“Yup, Y/N’s all mine.” Taeyeon joked, hugging you a bit tighter.


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“So is Y/N dating Solar?” Krystal asked her, handing Jessica her phone which was opened up to a picture of you and Solar when the two of you had been working on a photoshoot. Jessica scrolled through the pictures, not quite sure how she felt about it.

“On and off camera romance?” Jessica read aloud, showing her sister the caption under one photo that captured you and Solar talking off set.

You walked through the door, your hair still messed up from the photoshoot. You set your bag on the table and walked into the living room, flopping onto the couch next to Jessica. You leaned against her and looked at what she was looking at.

“The photo’s already got out?” You asked, “How? I just did the shoot today.”

“You and your girlfriend are so cute.” Jessica said, showing you all the pictures. “Where’s this Y/N during date nights?”

You lightly hit her leg, and shook your head, “I’ll be there next time you pay me to go on a date.” This time it was her turn to gently push you away from her for a moment before pulling you against her again. She handed the phone back to Krystal, and pulled out her own. You rested your head on her shoulder and watched her take a selfie of the two of you before posting it to snapchat, which earned a questioning look from you and Krystal.

“The cutest couple photos are the ones of real couples.” She explained, proceeding to flop back against the couch and continue to play on her phone.


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She had been looking on your phone, playing a game as notifications kept popping up. She finally gave in and pressed on one of them, leading her to a swarm of comments under one of your Instagram posts. She looked through the comments and saw a bunch of hashtags of ship names. She read a few of the comments, trying to figure out who the ship names of. She nodded a bit with a smile before looking at the picture of you and Victoria.

When you walked into the room, she smiled a bit and walked over to you, “You never told me you were dating someone.”

You looked through the fridge and pulled out a soda, you turned back to her and raised your eyebrows. You took a sip of the drink before responding, “I didn’t think I’d have to tell you that I’m dating you.”

“No dummy, I thought you would’ve told me that you’re dating my label mate.” She said waving the picture in front of you.

“Ah yeah, totally slipped my mind.” You said jokingly, “We’ve only been on a few dates, nothing too serious.”

“Next time you should tell me, I could help you plan something.” Sunny said, leaning against you, “I think you could use my help.”

You smiled and kissed the top of her head, “Ouch. Maybe I should just stick to planning dates for my girlfriend, I think I’m pretty good at that.”

“You’re okay.” She said lightly, pulling you into a gentle hug.


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“Hey did you see this, people think you’re dating Chanyeol.” Tiffany said, showing you an article with a picture of you and Chanyeol.

You nodded a bit and cuddled closer to her, “I thought I was too.”

Tiffany laughed and hit your arm lightly, “Shut up.” she said shaking her head lightly. “I’m being serious, look you two even have a ship name.”

You turned a bit and looked at her, “Are you okay?” You asked her, the joking tone in your voice gone now. “If this is bugging you, you’d tell me about it right?”

“I want to be able to go on dates with you,” she pouted cutely and looked through the photo’s. “Look how cute these are, I want to go on dates as cute as this.”

“Me too, but we don’t really have an option. Not unless we go public.” You said, lightly kissing her, her pouty face too cute to resist.

“Go public.” Tiffany said, nodding a bit, “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Do you want to?” You asked, slightly taken back by her nonchalant attitude. She smiled a bit and nodded, giving you all the confirmation you needed. “Let’s talk to your manager.” you said happily. You paused for a moment and looked back at her with a grin, “Maybe I should thank Chanyeol.”


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She ended up being in a similar situation as Taeyeon, the two of you had decided to go on a show together. After a few questions, the conversation had turned to relationships.

“So, as I’m sure you’re aware.” The interviewer began, looking directly at you as he spoke. “There have been some pictures going around of you and Taeyang that have kind of been plastered everywhere. With all these pictures, come some, well, rumors. About the two of dating. I was hoping for you to clear up everything, are you and Taeyang dating?”

You laughed a bit, “No, he’s just a close friend of mine.”

“Aw, are you sure? Some of these pictures kind of make me want to date you. You seem like a cute partner.” He said showing the two of you a few of the pictures going around.

“Y/N is an adorable partner.” Hyoyeon agreed, gently squeezing your hand. A signal that the two of you had previously agreed on, a sign that she was going to do the thing that made you two choose to do an interview in the first place. “Yeah, we’re dating and they have the most adorable habits in the morning.” she finished, earning a curious look from you. The rest of the interview was spent sharing embarrassing stories between the two of you.


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She wasn’t really sure how to feel, she knew that there was no way you would do anything to hurt her, but those pictures were not something people easily overlooked. You weren’t even aware that the pictures had even been taken, definitely not that they were plastered all over the internet. So your girlfriends oddly quiet demeanor when you got home felt weird. She had barely said anything to you since the moment you got home. In fact, she had barely been in the room with you, you swore that every time you walked into the room she left. Finally, you had had enough. She had hidden herself in your shared bedroom, and was refusing to come out, so instead you went to her. You had a plate of her favorite food balanced in one hand a a cup of tea in the other, you doing your best not to spoil the stupidly warm drink over your hand. You set the plate and the glass down on the table next to the bed before climbing in next to her. The two of you sat in an air of silence for a few moments before she looked over to you, and finally you spoke.

“You’re mad at me.”

“I don’t know.” Her voice was soft and she lifted her phone to show you all the pictures that had been taken. You looked through them thoughtfully and sighed before putting down the phone.

“You know that I didn’t do anything right? We went out for lunch, but that’s it. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” You said softly.

She didn’t speak, just offering a nod as an answer. “I think I could forgive you.” She said, a small smile playing at her lips.


“I dunno, you may have to earn it.”

You smiled, and put your arms around her waist, pulling her closer. “If I have to, I guess I could be nicer.”


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She wasn’t upset with you, this was part of your job. You only did the video because it was your job, not because you had feelings for Eric Nam. That’s what she told herself whenever she watched the video, or heard the song, or saw you and Eric talking off screen. Which, whenever that happened, she became pretty clingy. She’d come up and hug you when you were talking to him, resting her head on your shoulder when you and Eric were talking about more song ideas.

You had noticed her slightly odd behavior earlier, but it was most obvious when the two of you had gone home. The ride was nearly silent and she pretty much disappeared when you both got home. You waited outside for awhile, not sure what was bothering her. After awhile you got up and walked to the bedroom, where she was looking through her computer just like she had been for the past few hours.

“What’s bothering you?” You asked, sitting next to her and nudging her gently. “You’ve been acting weird lately.”

You waited for a few moments, not getting a response. You sighed a bit and shook your head, offering her a smile before moving her laptop and tackling her in a hug. You cuddled her tightly.

“I’m not letting go until you’re not mad at me anymore.”

“I’m not mad!” Sooyoung said, giggling a bit when you tickled her. “I just don’t want to lose you to Eric.” she admitted, her voice quieting as she spoke.

You frowned and pulled away, “You’re not gonna lose me to him.” you promised quietly, “I don’t want to be with him. I actually kind of have someone else I’m into."you finished by kissing her head and cuddling her close to you.


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She hadn’t mentioned anything about the articles that were popping up after your on screen kiss with Lee Sung Kyung in your new drama. She didn’t want to bug you about it, knowing that it was just your drama. Honestly, had it not been for the articles with your co-star talking about how you were her ideal type none of this would have been a problem, but after all of these articles coming out the kiss went viral. Everyone loved you and her, and the whole thing made her feel uncomfortable, especially when she posted couple pictures with you and there were loads of comments with yours and Sungkyung’s ship name.

After one time where there were a particularly large amount of comments, you had noticed that Yoona seemed kind of down.

"What do you want for dinner?” You asked, looking through the fridge, “We have almost no food, but I think I can make something.”

“I’m not really hungry.” She murmured from the living room.

You turned around and walked over to her, sitting on the couch next to her, “What’s going on? You seem upset.”

“You’re not going to leave me right?” Yoona asked after a few moments of silence, “For Sungkyung?”

You frowned and pulled her into a tight hug, rubbing her back gently, “Of course not. I love you.”

Yoona nodded a bit, cuddled against you gently. “I love you too.”


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Pictures of your previous relationship with Amber had resurfaced recently, a lot of people thinking that the two of you are still together since you and Seohyun hadn’t talked about your relationship publicly yet.

“So, you’ve seen the pictures right?” You asked, sitting next to her. “‘Cause otherwise, forget I said anything.”

She lightly hit your shoulder and nodded a bit, “I’ve seen them.”

“Okay.” You paused for a moment and an awkward silence fell between the two of you for a few moments.

She looked over grinned at you before nudging you gently, “You guys are so cute!”  she gushed, taking your phone and looking through the pictures. She cuddled closer to you and found one of them, “These are cute, but we have ones that are much cuter.”

You wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her head softly, “Yeah we do.”

She went to your camera roll and picked out a few of the pictures, “I think we should post one of these ones, they’re the cutest ones. What do you think?”

“I like the second, you look the cutest in that one.”

She nodded a bit and went on Instagram, setting everything up before looking at you, “Are you sure you’ll be okay with this?”

“I’m more worried about you, will your manager be okay with that?” You asked quietly.

“Already asked, its a yes.” She murmured before posting the picture.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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10, Feysand

10: “i don’t want to go to bed angry.” 

 “I am not a toy, Rhysand,” Feyre said, spitting his name out like it was poisonous. “You can boast about how much freedom you give me, how many chances, but as long as you keep parading me around on your arm, no one is going to take me seriously!”

“I understand that you feel that way,” Rhysand’s words were careful, coated in tranquility and so soft that Feyre almost wanted to forget that she was angry with him, “but it’s simply too dangerous for you to be there alone. You don’t— It has only been a short time and those people, my people, are not forgiving. They’re malicious and cruel and they will take any chance they get to diminish you.” 

“If you think I would let them diminish me, then you don’t know me as well as I thought you did. You are my mate, Rhysand. Not my keeper. I understand you wanting to protect me, but I can damn well do that myself. I will be going to the Court of Nightmares,” she said decisively. She’d let an aura of darkness creep around her, both soothing her and showing Rhysand (for the billionth time) her might. She knew he was doing his best to keep her safe, and he worried about her, but the situation felt too much like her time with Tamlin to be comfortable in any way. 

“I cannot bare to see you hurt, Feyre.” Rhys sounded so fragile. His hands kept clenching and unclenching, a nervous habit she’d noticed once or twice before. He’d taken a seat in the chair by his desk, his wings flaring behind him. “Not after last time,” he mumbled. Feyre’s gaze darkened. 

“Grow up, Rhysand. I am my own being. You’re damn confused if you think otherwise. I will get hurt. I’m a warrior, same as you.” Rhys sighed and stood from his chair, moving to stand in front of Feyre. He placed his hands on either of her arms, rubbing them up and down. 

“I’m sorry,” he said. “We can talk about this in the morning. I don’t want to go to bed angry.” She set one hand on his. 

“You won’t have to,” she mumbled before pulling sharply away from him. “You’re sleeping on the couch.” 

no more please!

#121 - For fucking-loco

Filling the prompt “Would you write a fic where Van is alone in a Strokes show and he finds out the reader is on her own as well so he kinda approaches her and they end up having the best night ever?”

The Strokes were hands down your favourite band, so when your friend called an hour before she was meant to be at yours, you knew you’d be spending the night alone. Not going to the concert was not an option. She was sick and sorry, and you were forgiving. To try to make the impact less, you skipped the opening band and arrived late to blend into the crowd. The venue was small and The Strokes had opted to play a string of shows over a week in the small bar rather than one big venue on one big night. It was a cool idea, but it did mean standing around awkwardly in a bar rather than an entertainment centre, arena or theatre. 

When you walked in, the room was buzzing with anticipation. People were excited, and when you saw the line for the bar you decided against drinking. You slinked around the edges of the room, waiting for The Strokes to start. They opened with The Modern Age, and it was perfect. You could feel the music in your soul, in your blood, in the very air you were breathing. The second song, Soma, was cut short when an amp blew. The band apologised, promised to return as soon as physically possible. The lights came on, and people suddenly felt exposed. It was an opportunity, though. You dashed to the bar.

The bartender gave you that quick look that said ‘What will you have?’ You stood on tippy toes, ordered, then watched as the bartender gave the same look to the guy next to you. He ordered the same. You made eye contact with him, and swapped polite smiles. His dimples were beautiful, and you wanted to run your hand along the sleeve of his velvet jacket. But, that would be weird.

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Dirty Little Secret - Theo Raeken and Brett Talbot Smut

Request: Rough smut with Brett and Theo for anon

Warnings: SMUT, threesomes, dominant werewolves 

A/N: With exams this took me a while but I’m proud of the smut in this. Requests are open and remember to have holy water before, while or after reading this.

Hands roamed all over your body. Feeling each finger run down your curves, carving out a path that soon delicate lips would follow. Your whole body felt like it was on fire. Your body was switched on to breeding mode and you were in heat. An hour ago Scott could only tell you what your body was going through and Malia wasn’t human when she went through this, so you went to the other werewolf you knew. Brett Talbot.

Seeing as the werewolf gene was passed down and not forcefully given to him. You’d expect that he knew more about his supernatural side than Scott but the poor boy was a clueless as you were. There was something off about your body but paying little attention you continued on with your quest on trying to find more information about your “state”.  You were oblivious to the fact that Brett took a deep breath in, holding the air to slowly release after his lungs burned with the need for fresh air. A grumble too low for your busy mind to comprehend bubbled up in his chest while his eyes shined yellow.

Images of cocky blue eyes filled your mind clouding your usual rational thinking, urging you to find the body they belonged to. Blue boys transforming into a mischievous smirk broke through the walls of doubt Stiles had you build. Though you saw nothing wrong with Theo, nor did your alpha but Stiles being Stiles made you built walls higher than the Empire State building, you know just incase. The thought of Theo’s eyes trailing down your body did it for you. Without your brain truly processing the thought, you found yourself walking out of Brett’s house, mind still buzzing with the thought of Theo only for a large hand to pull you back.

“Y/N, What are you doing” Brett asked, pulling you back until your back was flat against his chest.

His husky voice filled your ears as his lips though not near any skin sent shivers down your spine. Inhaling deeply to clear your thoughts backfired as the smell of a freshly rained afternoon filled your senses, heat travelling through your body gently warming you up.

“Brett, can you call Theo” you gently whispered not being able to find any strength in your voice.

Brett not understanding why you suddenly wanted Theo immediately denied your request, wrapping his arm tighter around your body.

“Brett, please call Theo” you pleaded again, your eyes flickering from it’s original colour to yellow.

Heeding your request, he gently lead you to the couch laying you down before calling Theo only for the warm, comforting feeling to turn painful.

Letting out a slow moan of pain you closed your eyes trying to block out your now enhanced senses. Crying out loudly, you arched your back off the couch as you skin had suddenly exploded into flames. Brett being startled with your outburst dropped the phone with Theo shouting out questions before hanging up, picked you up carrying you into his room. Huddling closer to his chest, finding the tiniest amount of relief as the heat shot through your body once again. Brett feeling helpless to your pain slowly ran his fingers through your hair trying to keep in control of himself until help came. Focusing on staying human proved to be extremely difficult as the pheromones escaping your body was driving his wolf insane with desire.

Brett’s ears caught the sound of his door slamming shut as hurried footsteps climbed up the stairs saving him from the brink of insanity. The door surged open as Theo’s face masked with a facade came into view. Your breeding scent assaulted his senses and the facade altered for a second as he drunk up the call of your body before putting it back up.

“Where’s Scott, where is her alpha when she is in heat?” Theo’s voice rose with the thought of an alpha leaving his unmated beta to fend for herself during her most vulnerable time.

“He’s not here. She wanted me to call you” Brett replied. Hearing the unmasked power in Theo’s voice, sent waves of heat throughout your body, pooling in between your legs. Greedy for the attention of both the boys, you let out a high pitch whine signalling your discomfort and your need for relief. Losing the fight with your primal instincts, you let the she wolf take over your body with the need to mate, though as the shewolf examined the two for a potential mate, the need for both came into play as she looked up at both and smirked.

“Scott can’t give me what I want” the shewolf stated with eyes glowing bright yellow and husk deep in her voice. ” The she wolf stood up from Brett’s bed and slowly made her way to the boys with a glint of mischief sparkling in her eyes.

“Scott’s too weak to be my mate, to give the aggression my body needs, that my body deserves.” The she wolf purred into Theo’s ear while her fingertips lightly moved across his toned body. Closing his eyes, Theo unsuccessfully tried to keep control of the situation by breathing in only to succumb to the arousal radiating off you. Slowly while keeping a firm gaze with Brett, you left a shadow of kisses down Theo’s front until you were kneeling in front of him. Breaking the gaze with Brett, you up looked up at Theo to find his eyes shut and his breathing shallow.

Bringing your hands up, you slowly unbuttoned his pants with your eyes focused still on his face for any reactions. Disappointed with the lack of reaction, you brought your hands to his boxers, palming him slowly until he let out a long needed moan. Brett watching you both walked behind you, pulling the hair away from your face, making a ponytail in his hands. Roughly pulling your head back as you looked at him through hooded eyes.

“Scott can’t give it to you rough is what your saying?” Brett stated pulling your hair back even more. Your eyes rolled back, letting out a low moan as the pain slowly turned into pleasure. A hand curled around your exposed throat causing you to grip onto Theo’s pants to tighten. Creeping up to your chin the hand firmly pulled your head down until your yellow eyes were parallel with Theo’s.

“And what will Scott do when he finds out his innocence little beta fucked two guys, one being his rival?” Theo questioned with a smirk littering his face.

“Who says Scott needs to know.”  You said with your eyes big as innocent as can be. “You said it yourself, he left me by myself when I’m most vulnerable so why should he care who I fuck or in this case how many guys I fuck”. Leaning body back onto Brett’s, you wrapped your hand around Theo’s excited member slowly stroking him to heaven and back.

“Tell me Theo, you’re not afraid of Scott are you?” you egged him on, turning to Brett to give him your attention.

“What makes you think that Y/N?” Theo drawled in annoyance as he held his hand on top of your own guiding the pace of your sweet torture.

Licking a drop of precum from Brett’s member, you looked up and replied “You seem to be very reluctant to fuck me and do I dare say it’s because you’re scared of Scott finding out?”

With his eyes fully changing into yellow, Theo spread your mouth open with his fingers only for Brett to thrust himself choking you completely. Theo pulled you hair painfully with the makeshift ponytail Brett had made in the beginning as a sign for Brett to start his assault to your mouth.

“Talbot, I think our little slut needs to show her who really owns every inch of her body” Theo said as his remaining hand gripped onto one of your breasts, pinching the nipple hard. Moaning out in pain you shut your eyes to gain the full experience of the sweet torture. Theo lifting you up off your kneeling position, laid you across his lap while Brett filled your mouth with himself again. Theo caressed your cheeks softly preparing you for your punishment for egging him on. Distracted with pleasuring Brett, the unexpected pain of Theo’s hand striking you, your body jumped up with surprise and pain to feel Theo rubbing the spot he striked. Laughing at your reaction, Theo continued on and every moan of pain brought Brett closer to his own release. Flattening your tongue across his length, you rocked your head back and forth as your confidence built up with the moans and growls cascading from him. Using the vibration from your moans to send him over the brink, Brett’s member twitched and your mouth was filled with his salty essence. Brett took himself out of our mouth and you swallowed his cum, smiling at him when you were finished.

Throwing you onto the bed, Theo spread your legs wide to admire the cause of both his and Brett’s loss of control. Looking at the petal like lips dripping with sweet cream he and Brett would soon feast from. Meeting your gaze, he lowered his head and took a hefty lick from your heat. Throwing your head back, Brett attached his lips to a puffy rosebud while his hands attended to the other one. Moan after moan spilled out of your lips as Theo circled your clit with his tongue will one of his fingers slipped into your entrance adding to the pleasure you felt. A shock of pain travelled through your nerves as Brett nibbled on your nipple, alternating when he felt necessary. Both boys working together to bring you to the brink of your climax before stopping completely.

Whining out at the loss of contact, Brett laid on the bed ready for you to lay on top of him and Theo turning you on to your stomach ready for you to accommodate both boys. The heat had turned all eyes yellow and claws replaced nails. You were dripping with anticipation, reading yourself for the mating of a lifetime. Both boys dipping their members into your cream, then slowly entering into to you as you let out a howl. Grumbles from the chests of both the boys became louder and louder as the entered into you inch by inch. Feeling completely full both physically and mentally, your claws dug into Brett’s skin as he latched on to your neck.

Without any adjustment, Theo pulled himself out, teasing you with the tip to only slam himself back into your warm body. Sandwiched in between the two dominant males, you had no choice but to let them both work you from their different positions into insanity. Crying out loud when Brett found your g spot to only hit it over and over again as Theo’s hands reached under finding your clit to start tormenting it. With both boys working in sync to bring you closer and closer to your high, they both could feel your body clenching on to them, milking them of their cum. As Theo pinched your clit, you threw your head back as euphoria took over every inch of your body.

Slumped onto Brett, the boys made you ride out your orgasm and continued thrusting as their growls got louder and louder. Theo’s claws dug into your hips and Brett bit into your neck as their thrusts got sloppier filling you further than ever before. Feeling the boys twitch, you aided with their efforts as you clenched around them over and over again until Brett released his teeth from your neck, letting out a moan while releasing himself inside of you only for Theo to release a few thrusts after.

The dark room was filled with panting and the smell of sweat and sex. Theo pulled himself out of you as you rolled of Brett laying exhausted next to him. Snuggling into Brett, you opened your eyes to see Theo dressing himself only to say “remember to keep this our dirty little secret” to Theo before sleep took you from consciousness.

One Shots

Gift and Sight

Sam x OFC (threesome) 

SUMMARY: Dean makes him angry and Sam finds a little solace in two young, inviting women.

WARNINGS: Threesome action, adult content and naughty Sam. This is 100% SMUT. There’s some explicit girl-on-girl stuff in here. Also the idea that Soulless!Sam has amazing stamina. You’ve been warned.

Life After Death

Sam x OFC

Summary: Angst - Sam attempts to go on with life while coping with Dean’s death and watching over the girlfriend Dean left behind.

Warnings: Depression, prescription medication abuse

Into That Great, Black Night

Sam x OFC

Summary  Angst - One Shot - Overview of Sam’s life long dream of becoming an astronaut.

She’s a Slow Fade

Sam x Reader

Summary:  A memory of a side trip you took with Sam. It’s full of fall leaves and fluff.

WARNINGS:  Story contains one profanity and lots of foliage.

This is Not Your Fairy Tale

Sam x Reader

Summary: What’s it’s like being with Sam. Includes a little Jealous!Sam. 

Warnings: Sex, Language and Violence 

Dessert Before Dinner

Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam’s in the mood for quickie before dinner. This is fast and dirty. Just smut.

Warnings: Explicit, unprotected sex.

Family is Everything

Sam x Reader

Summary: You’re scared to tell Sam you’re pregnant. Reader Request.

Warnings: Reference to sex, pregnancy and language.

Home for Christmas 

Sam x Reader

Summary: After year away you go for Christmas. 

Warnings:  Language, evil step-father & step-brother.

How It Was Before

Teen Sam x Teen Reader

Warnings: hippies, smut, unprotected sex, angst and a little fluff


Evil!Sam x Female Demon

Summary: Lucifer sends a demon to groom Sam, preparing him for his place in hell.

Warnings: Graphic sexual content, rough sex and mentions of sexual violence(it’s consensual), torture, murder and language.


Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader

Summary: You’re a bonded pair with three children and all Sam can think about is having more.

My twist on a/b/o dynamics. There’s a little fluff in here too, I swear it.

Kink Prompts: Mating/Breeding & Were-animal sex

Warnings: Breastfeeding(non-sexual, baby related), dominance, claiming, fingering, oral, unprotected sex (obvi), biting, dirty talk, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

The Derby

Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader

Summary: Sam finds himself in a sticky situation.

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: My twist on a/b/o dynamics. This is a companion piece to Moonlight (you should read that first).

Warnings: NSFW gif, jealously (reader), pregnant sex, unprotected sex, knotting, slight dom/sub, dirty talk


Sam x Female Reader

Summary: Sam’s going through the trials and you’re the only thing that gives him comfort. Set during season eight.  

Warning: smut, unprotected sex, angsty sex, depression (kind of), a smidge of painful sex


Broken Hearted: The Decision

Broken Hearted: The Decision
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1177
Warnings: Bones Soul mate AU, fluff, angst, cursing, pretty much the normal stuff.

A/N: I have read so many soul mate AU’s that I’m intrigued and want to try my hand at it. Just in case this idea that I have isn’t new, I’m not trying to copy anyone! This is part 2 of the series.

When people talked about soul mates, it was always with a wonder lust in their eyes. They wanted to meet their soul mate and live happily ever after. And for a while when you were a teenager, you felt that way too. But as an adult, the thought of the universe picking the person you were meant to be with using a possibly arbitrary symbol-on-skin system just didn’t seem quite right. You wanted to fall in love, sure. But you wanted to choose the person and have the person choose you.

So you and Dr. McCoy have the same tattoo. So what? Does that mean that you are automatically supposed to fall into his strong arms, stare into his handsome face and just BE in love? You wished it was that easy. But love is complicated and most of all, you wanted the choice.

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Nightmare (Feysand angst)

Inspired by a prompt by the lovely @sarahviehmann​ I present to you, the first non-elorcan fic I’ve ever written :P


I shook Rhysand awake, or desperately tried to. Darkness had flooded the room and it wasn’t the kind that had kissed my tears countless times, or enveloped me in a calming embrace. It was a cold, cruel darkness. The one that left you hopeless and confused, the one that you couldn’t find an end of.

“Rhys! It’s just a dream,” I yelled. “Wake UP!”

As if I had lit a candle, the darkness seemed to disappear immediately. Sucked into a vortex of no return. Rhys was now awake and lay panting while staring up at the ceiling, his eyes were unfocused and those great tattooed shoulders trembled what whatever nightmare he had just experienced.

I leaned over and laid a hand on his forehead, gently brushing back the hair that clung with cold sweat. The gesture seemed to snap him out of whatever trance he was in, he promptly snarled at me. Snarled.

He was still not fully awake then, if he was acting so animalistic towards his mate. “Rhys…” I began, reciting words that were unfortunately far too familiar, of how we were all safe and how it wasn’t real it was just a dream. Only he didn’t let me get that far.

A growl that seemed to translate to “Go away.” Greeted me. In my surprise, I simply stared back at him. Baffled by this alien response to my care.

“Unless you’ve suddenly gone hard of hearing darling, I believe I requested you to leave me alone.” That cool, serpentine voice. That mask of indifference and slight distaste. I’d seen both countless times when we dealt with the Court of Nightmares or Fae from the other courts of Prythian. But never once had they been directed towards me.

I couldn’t help but gape blindly as he simply rolled over and faced the wall of our room. As if he hadn’t just given his mate and wife the same treatment as some mere court dweller beneath him.


There was a tightness in my chest when I numbly walked towards my previous room in our townhouse. I knew this. This feeling of being pinched from the inside, right between my breasts. Thankfully I wasn’t too accustomed to it. But I remembered it clearly, since it presented itself whenever Rhysand and I fought. It didn’t matter which one of us was wrong, the feeling followed me around all day and through each task. Sometimes I had to remind myself to breathe and loosen up lest it become an actual physical ache in my chest.

I believed it was the bond having an adverse reaction towards the distance between me and him. The wrongness of us resenting each other, even for a few moments.

I curled up in my old bed, the familiarity calling and sickening me at the same time. I remembered how every time Rhys sensed the danger of me shutting him out, a wounded look crossed his features, consciously or not he would most certainly do it. And I would reassure him that it wasn’t what I was doing at all. But here I was, having the opposite done to me.

I could have been stubborn. I could have laid there and poked him right between his wings until he realized how ridiculous he was being. But somehow, I didn’t want to be playful or obstinate. I was hurt that he would do something like this. It wasn’t at all as if we denied each other personal space, or forced the other to talk about events when they weren’t ready to. But to actively (and aggressively) push me out? I had no words at all.

It was with these thoughts that I realized, my musings had led me to stay awake what was left of the night. As the sun turned the sky over Velaris a pale pink, that I always hoped to capture in my paintings, I felt a tentative tremor down the bond. A questioning brush, a hesitant nudge if you will.

I reinforced my mental shields, blocking the tiny silver in my mind I left open from him and completely detached myself from the bond.

Let’s see how he liked it.

This last month man...

So…I work in supermarket/convenience strore things where everything COOPerates
Most of the own brand we sell is UK grown or fairtrade or organic or free range or a combination of the lot, so prices are a little higher then other places, so that helps cut down on some of the worst costumer at least…or so I thought…

Been threatened twice because I looked at people…like, I watched someone while working then walked away and bwcause I saw them again while walking away they went off on one and threatened me

Stopped a repeat shoplifter who tried to plead saying he is an alcoholic, like I’m sorry mate but F off you cant steal this alcohol

Had someone get angry and start insulting me because I asked them “hey whatcha looking for mate?” To…ya know…be polite

Had SO many people try and buy fags without ID…then straight away ask their mate for them…like no he isnt buying them either

More shoplifters coming in and of course my company doesnt hire security because why would they…so much alcohol and food stolen

My store doesnt have a warehouse so all delievery cages off stock are kept on the floor…I had someone steal a whole box of Vodka (Roughly £100-150) from the cage but if course once he is outside theres nothing I can do

The UK has new tobacco laws on minimum sizes and uniform packaging coming in soon; and its infuriating when a customer asks for something thats in the new plain packs, I get it, and they go “oh are you sure these are the ones?” Or “oh you got the wrong ones” like no dorice you old cow I have this tobacco cupboard memorized I got you the right ones

I currently work in a student city…a UNI STUDENT CITY…so you can imagine how fun it was for us get an 8 cage delivery…at 8PM when we close at 11PM on a SATURDAY night….one of our busiest days, a BIG delievery, SUPER LATE…

I work tills…about 80% of the two years+ I have worked for this comoany has been manning the Kiosks…so I know what I am doing…a LOT of the other cashiers and hell even my supervisors and team leaders and rarely even managers ask me questions about “whats this code?” “Do we sell this brand cigs/tobacco?” “How do we process this?” So I know my job. So when we have an 8 cage delievery on a sat night and I am on tills and my manager is going on about me talking to the customers too much like…no mate…the only customers you seen me talking to more then necessary where the only customers I have.spoken to more then necessary…and that was because they were standing there for ages not knowing what to buy so I was helping them choose to get them out, leave me to tills I know what the fuck I am doing.

also fuck shoplifters

TL;DR I know what I am doing please f off and dont steal


(Gif not ours, but the picture and the text is.)

You were in Volterra with Alice and Bella because Edward thought Bella was dead so you guys had to save his sorry ass.
Bella had to run ahead of you and Alice considering Edward could hear your thoughts if you get too close. You and Alice watched from afar as Bella ran to him and hugged him, masking him from the sunlight.
A few minutes after Edward and Bella were inside, Alice carried you as she ran to the castle. She broke the lock after she set you down allowing the both of you to enter. You were frightened by the speed she ran at, it had been the first time that has happened to you and she didn’t give you a warning before hand, but once you did register what was happening, you were in an elevator with the people you assumed were Demetri, Felix, and Jane (Bella, Edward, and Alice as well, but that was a given.)
You had asked Carlisle if he could tell you a story about his past considering he was the oldest person you knew and he told you about the Volturi. He told you who they were and what their gifts were, but you weren’t afraid of them. You stopped being afraid of thing a while ago when you decided it was better to let things happen as they were supposed to.
When everyone exited the elevator, you were greeted by the secretary. She spoke in Italian, a language you don’t speak, so it left you clueless as to what she said. You could tell she was sucking up to the Volturi leaving you to think that she was a human, but wanted to be a vampire. Bella didn’t come to the same realization that you did.
“Is she human?” She asked Edward in a hushed voice.
“Yes.” He responded.
“Does she know?” Bella asked again. Edward gave the same answer that he did last time.
“Then why would… She wants to be.” Bella said, finally understanding what you had long before. You wanted to ask Bella why the hell she was trying to play 20 questions with Edward with 4 vampires and her little sister within earshot of them, but you were honestly used to Bella asking ridiculous questions so you kept your mouth shut and just rolled your eyes.
“And so she will be.” You heard Demetri say.
“Or dessert.” Jane added. She opened up the doors to the throne room and lets just say you weren’t impressed. You had seen far better throne rooms on TV.
“Sister,” You heard someone say, “They send you out to get one and you  bring back 2 and 2 halfs, such a clever girl.” The boy looked a lot like Jane and he did call her sister so you knew this was Alec, the boy who could take away your senses.
“2 halfs make a whole dipshit.” You unintentionally let slip out. You were sassy and sometimes you speak before you think causing things like this to slip out, but you had too much pride to apologize.
“Oh and what makes you better, human?” He snared. In the corner of your eye, you could see the one Carlisle called Marcus reach for the one called Aro’s hand. You were about to reply to the twin in a sarcastic manner when you were interrupted by Aro.
“Alec, that’s no way to talk to your mate.” Aro said. Alec’s jaw dropped and your’s did too, no doubt, but Aro continued speaking, “I suggest you apologize to her.” You didn’t expect Alec to apologize, but he did.
“I’m sorry, m'lady.” Alec muttered. ‘I guess since he apologized, I should too,’ you thought, ‘It’s only fair,’
“I’m sorry too, sometimes things just slip out of my mouth.” You told him sincerely.


Morning Musume 13th gen interview (UTB+ March 2017)

(Translator’s note: This is chronologically the first interview 13ki had ever done, so there is information now known (i.e. Yokoyama’s blood type) that was not known at this point.)

We’re the 13th generation of Morning Musume!

Kaga Kaede x Yokoyama Reina

The 13th generation members decided upon are these two from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei! There’s a stark contrast between Kaga-chan’s 4 years of Kenshuusei and Yokoyama-chan’s 3 months, but it seems that Yokoyama-chan has an aggressive personality (laugh). They’re beginning to act more and more like generation mates. 

The uncertainty of debuting during the Kenshuusei days

— What was the initial reason why you joined the Kenshuusei?

Kaga: I’ve been watching Morning Musume since I was little, but in particular, when I saw the performance of “One Two Three” (‘12), everybody’s dancing and singing was amazing, and Sayashi Riho-san, the center, was really cool and left an impact on me. I admired that a girl in the same age group as me could dance so well. I went for the 11th generation auditions, failed partway through, and joined the Kenshuusei.

Yokoyama: I’ve liked Morning Musume since I was in sixth grade. Back then, I still viewed them from the perspective of a fan and never thought about wanting to become a member. When I entered junior high, I saw Morning Musume ‘14 being pranked on a TV show. It was a wake-up prank where everyone had to wake up and start singing and dancing immediately. When I watched that, even though everyone had just woken up, they danced crisply, sang properly, and smiled brightly. I thought that it would definitely be fun to join them. I took the first 13th generation audition (no passed applicants) and joined then.

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I Need You (Wolf Smut Part 2)


          You held back a moan as Chanyeol’s hard member pressed against your core. He inhaled deeply again against your neck, taking in your aroused scent. Your whole body felt overheated, like you were suffocating. You had beads of sweat forming across your forehead as you tried to control your urges.

“Chanyeol, please, I feel like I am about to die of heat stroke. Move.”

You bring your hands up to push lightly at his shoulders, but he simply growled and grabbed your wrists. He pinned them down on either side of your head and looked up into your eyes.

“You smell so good. You have no idea how painful this is for me, babe.”

“We are not going to have sex right now, and you are not going to mark me.”

“You know what, if I did not have the morals that I have, I would have marked you a long time ago, but I did not. I understood how you felt about being marked, and I tried to get you to see that not every alpha male thinks of betas or omegas like that. I have pushed my feelings down for long enough, showed you that I would die for you, and yet you still do not want to open this new chapter in our relationship,” he huffed out angrily while staring deep into your eyes.

           You could feel your eyes water a little bit, but you blinked back the tears.

“Chan, I love you, and I know that you have sacrificed a lot in this relationship. I know that it seems like I am being selfish, but these are very real fears of mine.”

“Wait, fears, as in pleural? What else is bothering you?”

           You broke eye contact with your mate and closed your eyes, mentally cursing yourself for opening your mouth.

“Look at me,” he was stern with his voice, but when you kept your eyes closed he leaned down into the crook of your neck again and licked a long stripe up from the point where your shoulder meets your neck to behind your ear. His teeth graze and nip at a special spot on your neck that causes you to push your chest up to his. Your nipples most definitely erect, and he can feel them too.You let out a breathy whimper and your eyes shoot open. He is already looking down at you while biting his lip.

“You taste so good too, baby. Tell me what is wrong.”

           You let out a shaky breath to calm your nerves as you register the heat down south has created moisture in your panties. Chanyeol senses your wave of arousal as the aroma hits him in the face. He groans deeply from his chest, but still maintains eye contact with you. He would find out your other fear sooner or later. You had hoped later, but maybe the time was now to get this of your chest. It was something you had mentioned to your best friend who only laughed and called you crazy.

“I…I might have used my opinion on being marked as a way not to focus on this fear of mine for the past couple of years, but…I…please do not laugh at me…I am afraid of the knotting part of mating,” you turned your head to the side and huffed out a breather of air you did not realize you were holding.

           He was quiet above you. Too quiet. He released one of your wrists to grab the side of your face and turn you to look back at him. His eyes darted back and forth across your eyes to see if he could find any sign of joking. There was none.

“Are you serious? Knotting? Really?”

“Chanyeol, do not even start with me. I just opened up to you about why I have not gone all the way with you yet, and you think I am lying,” you grumble as you roll your eyes.

“Sorry, it is just that I have never heard of a mate who was scared of knotting before…or being marked…I wish you would have told me sooner, babe.”

“The only person that I have ever told about this is my best friend, and she just laughed and called me crazy for fearing the most intimate parts of our lifestyle. I know it is weird, but it all started years ago when my older sister told me these god awful mating horror stories. She is evil. I had just become of age to find a mate and she had yet to find hers, so I guess she just wanted to ruin it foe me. It worked.”

“She did not win. Here you are with me, and I want to show you just how much you mean to me…and how wrong your sister is,” his hand moved back to you wrists, and he gripped them a little tighter as to ensure that he would protect you.

           You thought for a moment and decided that you did need to grow up and move on. While the no-marking opinion is a valid point, you knew that Chanyeol loved you with his whole being. And while your sister plagued your knowledge about mating rituals, you could overcome it with your mate, who was willing to give up everything to make you happy and safe.

“Okay…I want this,” you whisper as you spread your legs out from under him and wrap them around his hips. His boner presses down harder on your clot and you lightly buck your hips up to his unconsciously.

“Really? Are you positive that you are ready?” He rasps out as the friction has him throwing his head back.

“Chanyeol, yes, I want you and I want to make things right between us. Now please… just fuck me already,” you pant as you grind against his groin again.