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What would ya’ll like to see next in Don’t Shtup the Babysitter?

Recap: Jensen, JJ, Jared, and Reader all saw Daneel and Ryan Philippe doing the nasty on skype.  JJ will become quite attached to reader and will regress.  

What should happen between Jensen x Daneel?

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What should happen between Jensen x Reader?

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Does Jared approach Reader with concerns of their infidelity?

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I can only see this going down the angst road with some smut.  

All ideas are welcome, may or may not be used.  Send in an ASK on what you’d like to see happen.  

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What really happened between Sinbad & David in Magi 325
  • Elder David: I can see the future, you know. And the futures I see are set in stone. It's the same as a math formula. I know the numbers. There is no altering the answer. I haven't had what you'd call personal will in nearly 1,800 years.
  • Sinbad: You don't need those eyes. They don't see anything.
  • Elder David: Why did the future I saw change?
  • Sinbad: It didn't change. There never was such a thing as "the future." You can't interfere with something that doesn't exist. The future is invincible because it is formless. Give it form, and it's only natural that it will be broken.
  • Elder David: ...
  • Elder David: Can I have a job?
Song to my otp:

*read in melody of what makes you beautiful by one direction*


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Your art is adorable!! You know it's so funny, I only really draw guys bc I can't draw girls for my LIFE 😭 we should share tips with each other honestly 😂

what… I finished this and then I saw your icon … this might be my 
subconscious mind lol

okay… so… this is my fem!Lance you can see that I use all the list from above to Lance so …now she is a cute(?) girl!

but… if Lance is a girl. I think she’ll be super insecure girl for sure. And might be shiro’s fangirl admirer.

“…there must have been something we did in the series that provokes all these questions…In terms of your questions–what you saw was what we did. That’s the best answer I can give you.” Leonard Nimoy on slash fiction

Did Kirk have any relationships with aliens during TOS? “Only one, but it was continuous.” William Shatner at FedCon

“Certainly we all thought the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century.” Gene Roddenberry on whether Kirk and Spock could have been lovers

“T’hy’la–brother, friend or lover.” The infamous footnote about how Spock sees Kirk, on p. 22 of Roddenberry’s movie novelization.

“But what, exactly, do I look like?”

Curio gazed into the reflective surface of the cabinet, but only saw the contours of the dim room behind him. His eyes darted to the hazy figure in the kitchen chair beyond where his reflection ought to have been. “Draw me again. It isn’t fair that you get to see me, but I can’t even see myself.”

The girl ran a hand through her tousled hair, disturbing the halo of cold moonlight being cast upon it through the window above the sink. 

She sighed and took in the odd figure before her. Curio had never been particularly well groomed, though she admitted inwardly that it’d be hard to keep oneself tidy without the ability to use a mirror. “I’ve drawn your portrait nearly every night for the past 3 months, and you always reject it. I’m also starting to run out of graphite,” she added, weakly.

Curio spun fluidly, trapping her with a pale glare. “I reject your portraits because they aren’t very good. Though I supposed they’re getting better.” His nostrils flared slightly as if his small compliment had taken a great amount of effort.

“Fine! Fine. But you’re letting me go back to sleep after this.” She rose to fetch her sketchbook, fully aware that she wouldn’t be allowed to return to bed until dawn chased the shadows away.

  • <p> <b>What she says :</b> i'm fine<p/><b>What she means :</b> can you believe that even saw isak the first day of school he basically had a crush on him and it's only two months after that he started to talk to him and he ended up being the boyfriend of the cutest smol bean i've ever seen it hurts me so bad to think that season 3 is over i want to see them cuddle again and kiss in the kitchen oh this kitchen have seen so much i wish i could be one of the walls of this room to spy them kissing listening to gabrielle and saying cute things to each other even if i don't speak a word of norwegian please bring evak in season 4<p/></p>
BTS Reaction to You Dancing to Hyuna’s ‘How’s This?’

Jin: “Yah! Jagi, you can’t dance like that when you’re here at the dorm! What if the perverted maknae line saw you dancing like that? Thank God it was only me. You dancing like that is for my eyes only, okay?” *possessive mama Jin activated*

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Suga: “God, babe, when did you learn to dance like that? You should really show me your dancing more often, it’s not like I’m not used to seeing your body move in that type of way.”

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J-Hope: “Jagiya~ Did you prepare this just for lil’ ol’ me? No! No! Don’t stop! You’re good! So, so, good…what?! No I was not imagining you moving like that on top of me! But…now that you gave me the idea-”

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Rap Monster: “Damn babe, look at you go! But you know that nothing can compare to my legendary dancing. You’re a close second though.”

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Jimin: “Wow…jagi you look so sexy dancing like that. How come I’ve never seen this before? Why would you even think of hiding this hidden talent from me? Can you do SISTAR’s ‘Touch My Body’ for me jagi? I swear I’ll give you something nice in return~”

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V: “Aish, jagiya, why do you do this to me? Are you trying to make the beast in me come out? You’re too sexy for your own good. Its not fair! I have dance practice tomorrow so I can’t have any fun with you…but maybe you can have fun with me?~”

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Jungkook: *is shocked speechless* *he’s to mesmerized by the way you’re dancing*

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I was at the end of my first of three years of acting school in London, and one day for no reason I lost the ability to speak. For three months, I couldn’t talk. For three months I couldn’t say one miserable sentence. And neither doctors nor electroencephalograms have ever been able to explain to me what really happened. What I can tell you is that I arrived at a moment of such great frustration and desperation that it led me to want to take my own life. […] But this pain began to feel a bit less heavy when I saw my pain, the exact same type of pain, reflected in the works of art of others. In plays, movies, paintings. Little by little, I began to see my pain and read it in poems. The words of the poets began to fill my silence. It became the only form in which I felt like I could express my emotions. Art became something alive.  

Karla Souza, Tedx Talk

First Kiss (2) Masterlist

part one

At The End Of The Day - fiction-phan

Summary: Dan had been waiting for months to finally meet the person he had started considering his best friend. Skype conversations just weren’t enough anymore and he was craving the real thing. He just hoped that he hadn’t read Phil’s flirting in the wrong way.

Books And Adventure - washedoutgay

Summary: Dan takes an interest in a new boy who is always reading near him, and for some reason doesn’t wear shoes.

Communications - cafephan

Summary: Phil convinces Dan to investigate a haunted house with him on Halloween.

give me at shot at the night (ao3) - goldfishsunglasses

Summary: “and then you kissed me…”

If I Was Your Boyfriend - phan-panda

Summary: Phil has sprained his ankle and his medication has him acting very silly. What will Dan do when his loopy best friend tries to kiss him?

If Only You Saw What I Can See - cafephan

Summary: It’s Dan and Phil’s first night together, but things haven’t exactly gone to plan. Until the morning after.

New Demons - phansdick

Summary: Punk!Phil is forced to go to a church youth group where he meets Pastel!Dan.

On A Rainy Day - kawaii-kanai

Summary: Dan finally admits his feelings to Phil but it doesn’t quite go as planned.

Thanks To Tyler - dilisinlove

Summary: Tyler finds out that Dan likes Phil and that Phil likes Dan. Tyler then plays matchmaker, kinda.

The Boy Who Was A Virgin And The Boy With The Snake Tattoo - xdesolation-rowx

Summary: “Listen, zodiacs are bullshit.” He says, as I shuffle the deck of cards in my trembling hands, passing a seven of hearts trough my bruised knuckles. “You say that ‘cause your a gemini. Cancers, geminis, scorpios and sagittarius tend to be skeptical” I argue. “Also, not my fault your trousers ripped.”

The Rooftop - jilliancares

Summary: Phil’s been best friends with Dan all his life, and it seems like every night they were up to another adventure. Just when did that platonic, best friend love, turn into something more?

Winter Wishes - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Christmas is without a doubt Phil’s favorite time of year, and he’s convinced there’s something purely magical about the season. His festive feelings are only amplified when a little bit of Christmas magic brings he and Dan a little closer.

Young Hearts - placingglaciers

Summary: In which it is the last day of the fair and Dan is alone and needs someone to go on rides with. What transpires does not go according to plan, but that’s alright as Dan doesn’t mind falling in love, even if it is just for one night.

Zapped! (ao3) - RebelAtHeart

Summary: Dan and Phil invite Louise, PJ and Chris over for a visit. While Dan is getting ready, his hair straightener gives him a painful shock, and another unexpected gift.

chicken exposed: meet the artist

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it’s okay not to do it anyway haha lol X”D damn man exam is not yet finished

People see pictures of my wife and tell me, “She’s gorgeous! I can’t imagine how beautiful she looks without her hijab.” And they’re right; the first time I saw her without her hijab the consequent shock of her beauty prevented me from even being able to string together a complete sentence. I believe my exact words were: “Oh my… MashAllah.” However, they’ve only got the portrait half painted. Yes, she is breathtaking without her hijab. But you know what’s even more awe-inspiring? Even more beautiful? Her with her hijab. People often think that hijab is hiding a girl’s true beauty, and her most beautiful form is a secret treasure only to be witnessed by those privileged enough to see her in that state. It’s actually the opposite– you’re already seeing the polished diamond. As she ventures into the world, wearing her hijab, she is a reflection of the strength and beauty of God. She is not hidden, but a manifest sign of His splendor for the whole world to see. And what can be more beautiful than His signs?

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when the show is almost over and Klance is (of course) canon, I want the team to go back to Earth and Lance to introduce Keith to his family (i mean, we for sure are gonna meet them cuz why would animators bother to design every member of Lance's family if we never saw them again, right? so yea, meeting Lance's bf seems like a good way to finally see them in the show) (god that scene would be so emotional and cute, i can only imagine)

yesss but honestly though you know what would be funnier?? if they went back to earth and they weren’t together and lance’s mom just went up to keith like “aw lance is this your boyfriend?? is he the guy you had a crush on back at the garrison??” and lance is dying

Sherlock x reader: What if Sherrinford had been actually a brother?

And played by Hiddleston.

Summary: You and Sherlock are friends. One day, you show up to 221B like usual and find a strange man sitting on Sherlock’s chair. Sherrinford shows an interest in you, which annoys Sherlock. And he doesn’t know why that happens. 

You opened the door and climbed up the stairs to go to see your friends Sherlock and John. It had been a long and boring day at work. You suddenly stopped when you saw a strange man sitting on Sherlock’s chair. Was he a client? Clients don’t sit there. And where were Sherlock and John?

The man looked at you from head to toes. He liked what he saw. 

“Are you a client?” you asked innocently.

The man laughed softly.

“No, dear. My little brother can only dream of the cases I couldn’t be able to solve on my own.”

“Brother?” You turned to see Sherlock who had just stepped into the room. “You have a secret brother you never told me about?” 

“Not so secret now” Sherlock whispered. 

“Where are your manners, little brother? Won’t you introduce me?” the man teased.

Sherlock rolled his eyes.

“Stay away from her, Sherrinford. Mycroft will be here any minute.”

Sherrinford?” you questioned “Someone with that name has to be a Holmes”

Sherrinford laughed softly. His laugh was perfect for your ears.

“Funny and pretty” he told you. 

You felt your cheeks turned red. 

You knew that if Sherlock didn’t like him, you probable wouldn’t like him either. But you did. Maybe it was his perfect face. Or those cheekbones. You never thought someone could have better cheekbones than Sherlock’s. It was a family thing apparently. 

“Tell me something I don’t know” you answered confidently. Sherrinford smirked. He was probably expecting that you felt intimidated by his “compliments”.

Sherlock looked at you wide-eyed. Why weren’t you being rude to him? You were always rude to people Sherlock didn’t like.

Sherrinford had his eyes set on you only. His brother was such an idiot. You were clearly so in love with Sherlock, but he hadn’t made any move. And he loved you back, in his way. Sherrinford could see through everyone. He always knew both of his brothers were stupid, they both have rejected human contact or emotions in order to focus on their brains and knowledge. Sherrinford was even better than them, but he also knew how to use his charms. He could play with people’s feelings and minds in order to get what he wanted. 

And now he wanted you. Only to tease Sherlock.

You’ve always been a very flirty girl, you’ve even flirted with Sherlock thousand of times, or at Sherlock, to better say it. You just loved the way he got uncomfortable, it made him look so adorable.

But now you were flirting with Sherrinford. He was saying things that were only meant to make you answer in a more intimate manner. However, you were tough to conquer. Sherrinford accepted the challenge. He smirked.

Sherlock couldn’t stand it. Why was he feeling like that? Was it because everyone, absolutely everyone that met his brother always felt like that? Like if they were all under his spell? Sherlock expected you not to be one of those. 

Mycroft finally arrived. You knew it was your time to leave as this would probably become pure family drama. You said bye and gave Sherrinford a last glance and a smile. Both Sherlock and Mycroft were in shock. For God’s sake, not her too.

Sherlock stopped you just when you were at the door.

“(Y/N)!” he called. You looked at him. “I’ve never been able to read you, but I have noticed you were quite interested in Sherrinford,

“He seems…nice” you responded.

“He’s not” Sherlock replied inmediately “Just don’t fall for whatever-it-is he does to people. He can seem very… interesting

“He’s not bad” you whispered. Sherlock furrowed his eyebrows.

“Do you like him?” Sherlock sounded disgusted.

“Are you jealous?” you giggled.

“Of course not. Answer me.”

“Why? Has he told you anything?” you sounded curious now. 

“No. What would he tell me?”

“You just tell me if he says anything about me” you smirked at Sherlock, waved goodbye and then left.

Sherlock sighed. What was he going to do now? Was he going to lose you too to his brother’s charms? 

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Hi there! So I read your reactions for Jimin and Yoongi about their girlfriend calling them 'baby' for the first time and I was wondering if you could do the same for Taekook? Thank you!


I think Taehyung would be super cute about it.

“Tae, baby, can you pass me my sunglasses?” you pointed to the table to his right and through the corner of your eye you saw him freeze.

You turned to him, only to see his infamous blank expression on his face.



“You alright?” you asked, sighing and leaning over him to get your sunglasses yourself.

“Did you just…”

“Did I…?”

“Call me…”

“Oh,” you smiled when you realised what he was talking about and pecked his cheek.

You loved it when he just looked confused and his face was lacking any kind of emotion.

So cute.

“What’s wrong with calling you baby, baby?”

He blinked and turned to you, his expression not changing and that only made you giggle.

He’s so cute.

Your fingers rushed to his sides as you tickled him, loving the smile that immediately graced his lips, just as rectangular as ever.

“Don’t ever stop calling me that,” you heard his breathy voice let out and you laughed, continuing to tickle him.

“Whatever you say, baby.”


I feel like Jungkook would be the type to be calling you the nicknames from day one, ‘baby’, ‘noona’, ‘sunshine’, everything really.

So it would probably be a surprise the day his girlfriend calls him that.

“Babe, do you know where I left my phone?” you asked, looking over at him on the couch.

“Oh it’s on the night stand,” he replied, his eyes trained on his phone, but after a while, when your words had settled in, and he realised what you said, he turned around, confused. Standing up off the sofa and following you into the bedroom, a smile playing on his lips.

“Woah,” you turned around to see him standing right there, catching your waist in his arms.

“Say that again,” he asked and you blinked.

“What?” you were breathless, the way he stared into your eyes which such excitement was amazing.

“Call me that again,” he repeated and you gave him a tired sigh.

“Babe, I don’t know what you’re talking abo-”

“Finally,” he smiled, looking into your eyes, “That sure took you long enough.”

“What did?”

“Oh I don’t know… you starting to call me nicknames and not just ‘Jungkook’,” his eyes trailed to the ceiling.

You laughed, “I’m so used to hearing you call me that, I guess it just slipped out without me even realising.”

He pecked your lips, “You better keep calling me that.”

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  darkly dreaming dexter ( book ) sentence meme
        inc. nsfw, violence, swearing, slurs, etc.

‘ you are mine now. ’
‘ be good and you will live longer. ’
‘ i could never do this to children. ’
‘ i don’t know anything with you. ’
‘ how does the killer get rid of the blood? ’
‘ he cut the victim into pieces and then wrapped up each one like it was a christmas present. did you ever see anything like that before? ’
‘ nobody saw anything, heard anything. nothing. ’      
‘ they are only putas. ’
‘ you’re different. ’  
‘ i think people understand things different when they get older. ’
‘ you can channel it. control it. choose what… or who… you kill. ’
‘ you’re going to sprain a frontal lobe. it’s too early to be this clever. ’
‘ what fun would that be? ’
‘ how can you joke about it? ’
‘ the fuck you doing here? ’
‘ i’m sorry. but now we have to wait. ’
‘ bastard! ’
‘ attitude may be all he is. ’
‘ imagine how i would have felt if he had killed you. ’
‘ what the hell is that about? ’
‘ i didn’t recognise you with clothes on. ’
‘ this isn’t some kind of game here. ’
‘ i think i’m going to be sick. ’
‘ my professional reputation is shit. ’
‘ he’s going to stay right here and he’s going to kill again. ’
‘ this guy’s a butcher. ’        
‘ i would really like to talk to you. ’
‘ what are you, a cop or something? ’
‘ i can’t stop you from… being who you are. ’
‘ she’s a killer. ’
‘ my finely tuned body needs coffee to function. ’
‘ human beings are so resilient, aren’t they? ’
‘ there’s lots of bad guys out there. i can’t catch them all. ’
‘ you don’t have time for chasing pussy. ’
‘ — that means i’m dead and fucked. ’
‘ i know what you did, and i can do it too. better. ’  
‘ maybe i’m not as smart about it as you are, but i know they’re all gonna be busy covering their own asses for a while. ’
‘ you’re right for all the wrong reasons. ’
‘ don’t fuck with me. ’
‘ i think you might have taken a picture of the killer. ’
‘ no one will blame you. ’
‘ something is wrong about you. ’
‘ either you did something bad, or you know about it. and you’re either hiding it, or you wanna find it by yourself. ’
‘ how did you know i would want to? ’
‘ have you done any reading on monsters like us? ’
‘ we’ve both spent our lives playing a part. ’
‘ stop acting like a fucking lunatic. ’
‘ cut the shit! ’  


You didn’t knew how long you were already here. Maybe Days, maybe only hours. It doesn’t mattered at all.

Since Valentine captured you all you knew was pain.You couldn’t say what they wanted to reach with it. They didn’t asked you anything, just keep going on with the torture. Maybe they only wanted to see when you break and you couldn’t say how much longer you could go.
Right now you only wanted it to stop, even when this meant to die.

When the door opened again you were sure it would be Valentine again, checking on how you’re doing. But it was Alec, looking shocked at he saw in what stadium you were.

Only for a second he was frozen before he moved to action, freeing you and picking you up in his arms.

“I’ll get you home, (y/n)”, Alec whispered.

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hope you like it

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Hey, it’s Emily here from MEA3Gaming. After reading through the game theory and matpat tag recently, I decided enough was enough and I was going to finally speak what’s on my mind instead of keeping my mouth shut.

When I saw the Gaster video yesterday, I knew the hate (or what you people call ‘Jokes’) to come was inevitable. It broke my heart before I even clicked on the video to watch it as I knew that he was trying to do something he once loved again but it was only going encourage the people who made ‘memes’ or ‘jokes’ of him last time. However, seeing Mat look so helpless and upset just put the icing on the cake for me. I can already see the anons now raising their pitchforks screaming at me to ‘kys’ (real mature by the way) and that he was ‘being a pussy over the fact that people didn’t find his gift the best’. To the people who are saying this, have you even watched the video? Honestly have you? If not or have a hard job understanding it I can post everything he said in a different post and explain each and every sentence if that helps. For the Sans is Ness theory, do I think Sans is Ness? No, of course not, heck mat doesn’t himself! He made it as a joke, to try something new with his favourite games. In the most recent theory Mat even says ‘Did I in anyway think that this was cannon lure to the series, no. Of course not I didn’t think that Sans is actually Ness, but at the end of the day these are theories meant to get you to think about things from a different perspective.’. 

For the Pope video, I was actually extremely proud of Mat. He was asked to give the pope something that represents his community, which is of course games. I’m glad he didn’t just give the pope a flag or something that just have no deep meaning for what he stands for, but something a lot of people within the indie gaming community can relate to. (Before everyone jumps on my back saying ‘It was just a meme!!!’, “Don’t be butt hurt!!!’ just read the rest of the post, even though most of you won’t and will just jump to conclusions like you do with the theories.) For years gamers have been linked to violence (heck as I kid I wasn’t allowed to play any games unless my parents have made sure there was nothing in it) but this game is just a breath of fresh air. Don’t get my wrong I’m not a huge fan of the game in anyway, I understand why people like it its just not for me, but for a lot of people in the undertale community the game are their lives! So why are you all so upset that he gave the pope your favourite game? If someone gave something to the man who I have grown up to loving and being a huge deal within my family, I would be ecstatic. A game no less that breaks the mold of what people stereotypically think of us. But of course some of you find something to gang up on him with. He actually did not talk about game with the pope but rather online bullying, I actually can send you the link if you still don’t believe me or even type out everything he said in a different post from when he spoke to the Pope!

Lastly, the reason why I am so mad about this is the fact that I have experienced bullying, in fact at a young age. I’m not looking for pity, heck it was years ago and I take that experience with me to help others, but I know how crushing it feels. I won’t give details just as it’s personal to me but I was told to grow up and that it was ‘just a joke’. That the names, the taunts, the pushing was just ‘playground banter’, that it was ‘just what happens’ but it’s not. A joke is to make someone laugh, not cry. A joke is to make someone happy, not that they feel like they are useless. So to the people who are still calling it a ‘joke’ just stop for a moment, think about everything you have said and think to yourself what if that was me who was receiving this? What if I woke up everyday to messages saying that I am useless, that I am am unloved. And just grow up and be mature for once, as for people like me who have experienced this first hand, it is something you honestly wouldn’t wish on ANYONE. Sorry it’s so long, I had a lot on my mind and if any of you guys have been bullied or are being bullied, or if you just want to ever talk, you are always welcome to message me.

Emily xx

Has anyone else noticed this?

Remember the night watchman way back in the very beginning of Season 5? Remember how he was possessed by Morro before Morro possessed Lloyd? Did we ever see him again?


Now you might just wave this off as “oh he wasn’t important to the story anymore so they just never showed him again.” That’s what I thought. Until I realized something.

Many of the minor characters that only have a big role in one or two episodes are actually seen again. Two examples are Mother Doomsday and the tea lady. Even extras can be seen more than once.

But we never see the night watchman again. Last time we saw him he was shut inside a room with a possessed and highly dangerous green ninja. And in a situation like that, where the night watchman was an eyewitness who knew too much and wasn’t useful anymore…

What do you think Morro would do in that situation? I think I know. He’d simply eliminate the problem in the quickest way possible.

Morro killed the night watchman.