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I have written too much and too long about you hoping the words would bring you closer to me but they never did. I’m out of words now, I’m out of mind too. I forgot to think when the thoughts about you were coming to an end. Maybe loving you was the only thing I knew to do. Maybe writing about you was the only way I could continue breathing. Or maybe they were way to keep myself from moving on from you. I didn’t want to move on, to forget you but I did. I’m sorry but I don’t look for you anymore. I am finding myself now.
—  k.m

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Deamuussssss "Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?"

137. “Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?”

“Okay, next round’s on me.”

“Nonsense. We’re celebrating your and Harry’s engagement. The bride-to-be does not pay for drinks.”

“Fine, then everyone give me their money. I’m at least still fetching them.”

There was shuffling around the booth as everyone reached into their pockets for money, and after collecting the coins and everyones drink orders, Ginny went up to the bar.

“She’s a good blade, our Ginny,” Seamus said, draining the last of his pint.

“Yeah, she’s the best,” Harry replied dreamily, resting his chin on his arms as he looked over to where Ginny was trying to get the attention of the bartender.

“Yeh know, it’s a real good thing yeh called dibs on her,” Seamus continued, his words slurring slightly. “Otherwise I might be tryin’ teh marry her.”

At this, Dean snorted. “Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?”

“What?” replied Seamus, turning to his boyfriend and looking offended.

“You realize Ginny is a girl right?” Dean said, his voice amused. “And you’re bent as–”

“–a nine bob note, yeah yeah,” Seamus finished. “Listen, love can overcome all sorts of obstacles.”

“Is that right?”

“Just because yeh missed yehr shot with Ginny doesn’t mean there’s no hope for me.”

“You better consider yourself lucky I missed my shot with Ginny. Otherwise I wouldn’t have settled for your arse.”

Seamus grinned. “Yeah, that’s true.” He leaned over and gave Dean a kiss on the lips.

“Are you two done talking about stealing away my girlfriend?” Harry interjected. Dean broke away from Seamus.

“She’s your fiancée, mate. You better get used to saying it.”

“Hey, he’s got time,” Ron chimed in. Then, raising his voice so he could be heard across the room. “Oi, Gin! You gonna come back with those drinks before we have beards like Dumbledore?”

Ginny weaved her way through the crowd, levitating the drinks in front of her with her wand. “Careful, Ronald. Or these are going on your head.”

Despite her threat, Ginny simply lowered the drinks down on the table and everyone grabbed their orders.

“Speaking of beards,” said Neville casually, taking a sip of his Firewhisky, “would you like to hear about how Seamus wants you to be his?”


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So i decided to mix two requests for this, I hope you all like it! Also Im really stoned so I hope it makes sense lol and Snooki was the only short girl gif i could find lol. 

Request: Can you write an imagine where you are married to Jax and when Tara moves back she tries to sleep with Jax. You find out and beat her ass!! Which makes Gemma like and accept you finally.
And :  Jax had ending up with a short girl, like 5ft or so, she’d be such a cute little spitfire, fierce and loving and she’d totally put Tara in her place when she came back to charming

“Hey shawtay.” Tig called as you walked into the clubhouse.
You raised your middle finger at him, a smirk on your face.
“Hey darlin,” Jax said, a smirk on his face as he leant down to kiss you.
His lips sent fire through your body and you stood on your toes to reach his lips.
The boys laughed and you glared at them before breaking into a smile.
You were 5 foot two, a tiny girl with a huge attitude. The boys loved giving you shit for your height and you truly didn’t mind.
You had been married to Jax for two years now, dating for five. Things were good, he loved you and you loved him. You were happy.
The club loved you and you loved them too, you had embraced the life and even Gemma had been impressed. That didn’t mean she liked you, though. You were married to her son but she still had her opinions. It was Gemma, after all.
You were loyal and fierce, and you’d put plenty of the crow eaters in their place over the years.
They knew not to mess with you now. You might have been small, but you were definitely fierce and you always stood your ground.
“Will you be home for dinner?” You asked, looking up at your old man.
He smiled down at you and moved the loose strands of hair behind your ear.
“Yeah, babe.”
“Good,” You smiled, “Im making lasagne.” You said and he grinned.
Your lasagne was his favourite and Gemma had not been impressed when the boys had agreed on how good it was. She had made her own and started a lasagne war, both of you perfecting your recipes and cooking for the whole club. You had won, of course, maybe that was why she disapproved of you so much.
You squeezed Jax’s hand and he leant down to kiss your lips again before you turned on your heels and headed for the door.
“Bye boys.” You called, a smirk on your face.
“See you at dinner!” Tig called while the rest of them yelled their goodbyes.
You raised your finger at him again and left the clubhouse.

You spent the day cleaning the house and it was the early afternoon when you started making the lasagne.
You had just diced an onion when there was a knock on the door.
You frowned slightly, and wiped your hands on the towel.
You walked slowly into the hallway, grabbing your gun out of the drawer of the hall table and holding it down by your side.
You hands heard any bikes and Gemma always called before showing up.
You weren’t sure who else could be at your house mid day and Jax had taught you to be extra careful, at all times.
You sidled up to the door and peered out the peep hole.
A woman with brown shoulder length hair stood on the doorstep. You could tell she was nervous but you didn’t recognise her face. She was pretty, though.
You held the gun behind the door as you opened it.
She looked surprised when she saw you and she fumbled with her hands.
“Can I help?” You asked calmly, your voice cool.
“Is uh, is Jax here?” She asked nervously.
You slid the gun into your waistband and lent against the doorframe, crossing your arms across your chest.
“Whats it to you?” You asked coldly, running your eyes up and down her body.
She frowned slightly and looked down at you.
“Im an old friend. I didn’t realise he’d gotten a maid. Ill try catch him at the club house.” She said.
You raised an eyebrow and smirked.
“Oh honey, you think Im the maid?” You laughed and dropped your hands, standing tall- well as tall as you could- and straight in the doorway.
A confused look crossed her face and you smiled at her coldly.
“Whats your name?” You asked.
“Uh, Tara. Knowles.” She said slowly.
“You sure about that?” You asked, smirking at her awkward posture.
“Im sorry, who exactly are you?” She asked and you could tell she was annoyed now.
You leant against the doorway once more as a smile spread across your face.
“(y/n). Teller.” You dragged out the last name, watching her expression change into shock and you smirked.
“Ill tell my old man you dropped by.”
She turned abruptly and marched back to her car and you watched as the black cutlass drove down your street and you made sure to wave her off before slinking back inside.

A few days had passed and you had told Jax about your encounter with his ex. You knew the history between the two and he had assured you that there was nothing between them.
You believed him, but that didn’t stop the rage seething through your body when you pulled into the TM lot and saw that same black cutlass parked in your spot.
“Stupid mother fucking bitch.” You cursed as you pulled up in a spare spot and got out, slamming the door.
“Why are short girls always so angry?” Tig asked Juice as they watched you march across the lot.
“Cause their closer to hell.” Juice laughed and Tig joined them.
“Blow me!” You yelled as you neared them and swung the door of the clubhouse open.
You stopped in the doorway and scanned the room.
Tig and Juice walked up behind you and poked their heads over your shoulder, one on each side.
“Who ya looking for, shorty?” Tig asked playfully, enjoying seeing the anger in you.
“That plain-jane looking bitch.” You muttered and crossed your arms over your chest.
“The doctor.” Juice confirmed and the boys exchanged looks.
They rested their heads on your shoulders.
“You gonna fight her?” Tig urged in your ear.
“Naww, she’s too widdle.” Juice said, earning himself an elbow in the gut.
You eyes landed on Jax, who sat at the table with a bored look on his face.
And there she was, sitting with her back to you as she flung herself at your husband.
You watched with narrowed eyes as she leaned in closer and laid her hand on his knee.
He looked at her, his blue eyes full of coldness and pushed her hand of his leg.
“Oooh whatcha gonna do?” Tig said in your ear.
“Shes not gonna do a thing.” Juice responded.
They were like your own personal little devil and angel on your shoulders, guiding you through situations.
“You want me to hold your earrings? Your necklace?” Juice asked but you ignored him as you walked into the room, your eyes full of fire and your body full of rage.
“Get the popcorn, she’s going in.” You heard Tig say as you crossed the room.

Jax met your eye as your stormed across the room and you saw him gulp at the fire in your eyes.
You neared the table and she turned towards you.
The second you saw her face your fist collided with her jaw, sending her head snapping to the side.
She stood and tried to shove you off but your fist collided with her left breast and she gasped in shock, giving you enough time to roundhouse kick her right in the gut.
She doubled over and you grabbed her hair and yanked hard, dragging her to the floor.
She fell and rolled onto her back and you jumped on top of her, swinging your fists.
Each move collided with her face and you barely noticed the blood coating your knuckles.
She swung her fist and clocked you in the jaw, splitting your lip.
Your mouth filled with blood and you spat it at her face which was swollen and bloody.
Her nose was broken and you raised your fist and clocked her in the jaw one last time before Jax lifted you off her.
Tig dragged lifted her off the floor and you escaped your husbands arms, moving in front of Tig.
“You ever, try to hit on my old man again, I’ll kill you.” You muttered and she nodded slowly, avoiding your eyes as blood poured down her face.
You watched as Tig passed her to the prospect and told him to drive her home.
Jax came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you, turning you to face him and lifting you up.
He carried you to the bar and sat you on top, his hands brushing the hair out of your face as he examined your lip.
“God I love you.” He whispered, a smirk on his face.
You smiled back at him, leaning back on the bar as Tig and Juice approached.
“You punched her in the titty!” Tig said, disbelief on his face. “The goddamn titty!”
You all erupted in laughter and you caught Gemmas eye, standing at the doorway.
She raised an eyebrow before smiling at you and nodding approvingly.
“Looks like you got mommas approval.” Juice winked at you and you smiled up at your husband.
He grinned back at you.
“What the fuck did we miss?” Chibs asked as the rest of the club filed into the clubhouse, looking at the blood on the floor and your split lip.
“Its okay, brother, I videoed it.” Juice called and they all sat round the table.
Jax wrapped his arms around your waist.
“You know, its pretty hot when my wife fights over me.” He whispered in your ear and you smirked at him.
“Why don’t you show me how hot it is, Mr Teller.” You purred and he lifted you onto the ground.
“Lead the way, Mrs Teller.” He smirked and took your hand as he followed you to the dorms.
You had reached the hallway when you faintly heard Tig yell,
“Wait for the titty shot! It is unbelievable”

Questioning Mika's sexual orientation
  • Ferid: Krul, why don't you ever let Mika go outside by himself? He's old enough to take care of himself
  • Mika: ...
  • Krul: ...mind your own business, Bathory
  • Ferid: But, as his self-proclaimed father, Mika is also MY business... it pains me to see him closed in this palace all day long
  • Krul: I told you to mind your own business, for fuck's sake
  • Ferid: Aren't you bored, Mika, all day long in here?
  • Mika: ..a little
  • Ferid: See, Krul? The boy needs some fresh air!
  • Krul: ...
  • Ferid: Listen, if you want I can bring him around to show him the city a little... I'm sure that we would have a lot of fun together ♥
  • Ferid: Krul, he's my son too, I need some papa-son bonding time with him
  • Mika: ...fuck you, Ferid
  • Ferid: Oh, come on, Krul, there is no way that he could -
  • Mika: Yes. I prefer staying with Krul
  • Ferid: *gasps*
  • Mika: ...good
  • Krul: Obliviously, he learnt from the very best: me
  • Mika: *nods*
  • Krul: ...that was sarcastic, Mika. You weren't supposed to agree
  • Ferid: A-anyway, even if you hate me, I still care about you, Mika. I still want you to go out and have some fun, so-
  • Ferid: But why?
  • Krul: Because I don't trust you
  • Ferd: Okay then... What if I organised something with Lacus or René for him?
  • Krul: Ferid, do you want our son to become homosexual, perhaps?
  • Mika: What...?
  • Mika: ...
  • Krul: NO HE ISN'T
  • Ferid: YES HE IS
  • Mika: ...
  • Mika: *inhales*
  • Mika: I'm Yuu-sexual. I hate everyone apart from Yuu. I only want to be friends with Yuu, spend the rest of my life with Yuu. Sex? I don't give a fuck. Love? Love has many different ways to be expressed. I'm confused about what kind of love I want to share with him, but I know for sure that I care about him. Getting married? Who even thinks about that at my age? To be honest, I don't even know if I want to be in a relationship with someone, anyone at the moment. I'm not interested. So why should I think about marriage? Do I find him attractive? I don't care if Yuu is attractive or not, being Yuu is what makes him special to me. He'll always be amazing at my eyes. So call me whatever the fuck you want and let me be, you psychopaths
  • Mika: *leaves*
  • Ferid & Krul: ...
  • Ferid: *whispering* He's definitely gay
  • Krul: ...I will punch you in the fucking face, Bathory

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you know that one gif where zayn is sleeping in just a towel and liam gently tries to wake him up by caressing his cheek.. i always wondered what happened next.. (maybe zayn slowly blinking his open with a soft smile when he sees liam and pulling him on top of him to cuddle or more;)) only if u want to could you please write another canon drabble? yours are soooo good! (for inspiration: zayndrogynous*tumblr*com/post/157117474724)


Liam’s not sure how long he’d been there. He thinks maybe just a couple of minutes but it was probably longer than that. He must be in creeper territory by now considering this should have only taken a minute at the most but he couldn’t help himself. He was caught completely off guard by the surge of emotions that took over his body and mind the minute he laid eyes on Zayn.

At first he couldn’t understand why. He’d done this a hundred times before. It was deemed his job ever since they all discovered that Liam was the only one able to rouse Zayn from his precious slumber without having their heads bitten off. Secretly, Liam loved it. He loved knowing that this was another thing that made his relationship with Zayn special, that he was the only one able to coax a smile and a laugh from a sleepy Zayn despite his well known love affair with sleep.

Liam approached him slowly and quietly until he stood over his best friend’s sleeping form and just admired him for a moment. It was amazing, really, how beautiful Zayn was. He’s always known this of course, but he looked different when he slept. There was an innocence about him that only manifested itself when he was asleep. He loved watching him like this, looking so vulnerable and peaceful. It dawned on Liam that he was one of the few people that had the privilege of seeing Zayn in this state. Gratitude joined the heady mix of emotions already wreaking havoc inside him.

He leaned over and placed his palm on Zayn’s cheek. His skin was warm to the touch and Liam gently rubbed his thumb across the soft skin. He stroked his cheek and allowed his eyes to roam over Zayn’s face taking in its perfect symmetry, the flawless skin, those insanely long eyelashes, the fullness of his bottom lip.

His mind started conjuring up memories from their time together. His favorites were of the two of them alone, either on the bus or in a hotel room somewhere, talking about anything and everything, snuggling together, watching movies, playing video games and arguing over who was the better player. They’ve cried on each other’s shoulders more times than they care to admit and have found strength in their bond. Liam wondered if Zayn knew what an important part of his life he had become. 

His fingers glided across Zayn’s lips lightly, not wanting to wake him just yet. He fought the overwhelming desire to lean down and kiss him. He wanted to kiss those pink lips until Zayn woke up and kissed him back.

He suddenly realized that this wasn’t the first time he felt that urge.

Liam clenched his eyes shut tight and sighed as it finally sunk in. He knew now. He finally understood why today felt different. He opened his eyes again and allowed his hand to skate down Zayn’s arm studying the numerous tattoos adorning it while he came to terms with the realization.

He couldn’t deny it any longer. Today was the day he admitted to himself what he’d known all along: He was in love with Zayn.

He loved Zayn in a way that was different from the way he loved the other boys or the way he loved his family and friends. Liam had Zayn’s friendship already but he wanted so much more. He wanted his heart, his respect, his admiration, his time and yes, his body. He wanted to hold his hand whenever he wanted, share a home with him and celebrate anniversaries and all that sappy stuff. He wanted to come first for Zayn the way Zayn came first in all things for Liam. 

He wanted everything with Zayn. 

Liam’s eyes traveled back up towards his face and he froze. Zayn was awake and was looking right at him. Liam pulled his hand away instantly, dropping the water bottle he held in his other hand in his haste. He felt his face burn with embarrassment after being caught red-handed. He probably had a dopey smile on his face the entire time he had been daydreaming about happily ever afters with Zayn. He was mortified.

“I uh - sorry, um,” Liam stammered, completely tongue-tied and unable to come up with a good excuse for his behavior. He considered just running out of the room without any explanation and took a step back, about to do just that.

Zayn’s hand reached out and grabbed Liam’s before he could make his escape.

“It’s okay, Li,” Zayn said to him, no anger or judgment visible in his face. Just that same fond smile that Liam had seen time and time again. Zayn tugged his arm down forcing Liam to sink to his knees beside him. Zayn reached his other hand up and cupped the back of Liam’s neck in that all-too familiar way and pulled him closer.

Liam’s breath hitched when Zayn brought their foreheads together. Liam’s heart felt like it was going to burst through his chest it was beating so fast.

“I love you, too” Zayn whispered softly, his eyes shining and full of hope. Liam exhaled and smiled, his body sagging with relief after hearing Zayn’s confession.

“Uh, are you - really?” Liam asked. He needed to make sure he wasn’t still dreaming all of this.

Zayn didn’t answer but his smile grew bigger as he pulled Liam in the rest of the way and proceeded to kiss him. He kissed him long, slow and deep. It was better than anything Liam had imagined.

If only you could see yourself the way I see you-
Like you’re all the shades of a morning sky that’s never ending, and my eyes can’t begin to take in enough of you.
—  Nicole Torres// #16
I never thought someone could outshine the stars,
or make the moon seem obsolete,

But you change the tide of the waves crashing in my head;
you are more comfort than the distant pinpricks ever could be,

And I can’t look the sun in the eyes,
but you always let me see the light in yours
if only to remind me that I have my own.

Anonymous asked: 

I really want to read a book that will help improve my writing. If you could only recommend one, which would you choose and why?

This is a great but difficult question! I am honestly torn between three. I’m trying to choose between them, but I just can’t! So you’ll have to bear with me… I’m suggesting three. You should definitely read all three! :)

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is one of the first books about writing I ever read, and to this day it is still one of the best. It has a lot of great advice, but it’s also just an interesting book about being a writer.

Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively by Rebecca McClanahan is easily the best crash course in description you can find. I still find myself referring to her advice years after I read it, and sometimes I re-read parts of it for inspiration.

Reading Like a Writer: A Guide For People Who Love Books And For Those Who Want to Write Them by Francine Prose is great for writers who haven’t yet read widely, because she uses a lot of excerpts from novels and short stories as examples of different writing techniques. 

I hope you read them and enjoy them as much as I did!

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Insecure (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Heyy! Idk if you only write Bucky imagines but if not, could you write a Seb Stan imagine in which he is sad and insecure about something (you can chose) and Y/n comforts and helps him, please? Just a bunch of fluff :) I love your writing!!!

Word Count: 1018 words 

A/N: Even guys get insecure sometimes. I bet Seb does too- but we still love him. Thanks to @littlethin-gs for the prompt! Keep sending them in. 

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Some things you will never hear
    Some words you will never read
    I don’t mean them any less
I did love you
    So much it hurt
    It still hurts
Letting you go is the hardest thing I’ve ever done
    My hands shook
    My chest stopped
    I felt like an addict who would finally let go
    Even now I remember only how good you felt
    And how badly I want to relapse
I still think about you everyday
    Sometimes I think about if I’ve spent a day without thinking about you
    This only makes me think of you more
I secretly hope you keep my stuff
    Just so you can think of me sometimes
You scared me more than anything
    I was always afraid you would get bored of me
    Because I thought even watching you breathe was beautiful
I just want you to know how much of me you still have
   How much I’m never going to have again
   And that it’s yours to keep
—  Day 11/366
I Know - Rafe Adler/Reader

Title: I Know

Pairing: Rafe Adler/Reader

Warning(s): Injuries, Angst

Word Count: 1197

PROMPT: Rafe’s reaction to the Reader being injured while on a job.

Originally posted by feather-pauldrons

A/N: Well kids, it was only a matter of time before Sarah brought her angst to this fandom too. (Again, Hamilton’s “Stay Alive (Reprise)” greatly inspired this. I need to stop listening to musicals while writing.)

The only thing you could hear is Rafe shouting your name. Blood rushes through your ears, drowning out everything else into one silent moment. Your vision starts to haze over. Looking down at your hands, you frown. One is already holding on to your side. When you pull it away, there’s blood. A lot of blood.

You stagger back, trying to keep yourself upright. Your camp was attacked by another group of mercenaries. They fled as soon as Nadine’s men started outnumbering them, but they manged to take a few of the Shoreline men down with them. The gun that’s in your hand clatters to the ground.

You’re about to drop to the ground when you feel Rafe’s arms suddenly around you, gently bringing you both down to the ground. You can see his lips moving – he’s speaking to you, you think. You can’t hear him.

His hand cups the side of your face, making you look at him. It’s getting hard though. Your vision is blurring out.

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Fanfic trope: pretend relationship!

i want to write fake engaged to win a destination wedding bffs harry and louis where they have to participate in this competition/reality show. they would beg their friends and families to play along promising them a free vacation. sure, they’ll have to sit through a ‘fake’ wedding for show’s finale final montage, but what do they care? they’ll be in hawaii!

the show has ten episodes featuring lots of different types of challenges, everything from a swing dancing competition to a game where they have to identify which plain white sock their partner has worn by smell. 

they’d both be in denial of any romantic feelings at the beginning. but then somewhere between the how-well-do-you-know-your-partner’s family quiz and the wedding cake baking competition they start to wonder if there might be something there after all. 

by some miracle (or harry slyly sowing discord between their final competitors), they manage to pull out the win. but it’s not till they’re actually in hawaii, putting together the final preparations for their ‘fake’ wedding that they actually admit their feelings. 

put a trope in my inbox and i’ll tell you whether or not i’d write it

The Other Half of Me (A Seth Clearwater Imagine)

Request: could you write a Seth imagine? only if you have time, but thank you very much!

A/N: You’re very welcome! All requests are welcome and accepted, and I can definitely make time for all of them.


I sat on the piles of rocks that line First Beach as I watched Jake playing with Nessie, who now looked to be around 8 years old. She squealed and giggled as Jake tossed her onto his shoulders, a huge grin breaking out on his face.

I sighed and looked down at the sand that filled the cracks between the rocks, picking at a small plant that was trying to grow. It wasn’t fair. Everyone around me had been given the opportunity to be happy, except for me. Almost everyone in the pack had imprinted, which means they found their soul mate, aside from Leah, Embry, and myself. But what differed between me and my other two pack mates was the fact that Leah and Embry were both in promising relationships. Not me.

I was destined to be forever alone.

While I was lost in thought, Nessie had made her way over to me, and I felt her small hand touch my face. “Sethy, look what Jake did,” She said, before showing me with a pouted lip. She showed me Jake lightly tossing her into the cold water of the ocean, and his laughing face. She also showed herself getting out of the water and walking over to me, pouting.

I chuckled at what she showed me, and before I could say anything to her, Jake came up behind me and sat down. “I’m sorry, Ness,” He said, a frown on his face. “Please forgive me.”

Nessie tried to act angry, but she failed, a grin slowly spreading out across her face. “Okay, Jakey. I forgive you.” Jake picked her up and gave her a hug, swinging her into the air.  ‘Thank you for forgiving me,” He told Nessie, and I smiled at how adorable they were. While I was jealous of him, I was happy for him, because it was nice finally seeing him happy.

Jake walked off back to the water with Nessie, and left me alone with my thoughts, yet again. Before I could get even deeper into my self pity, I heard a small, beautiful voice behind me. “Hi,” The voice said, and it was the best sound I had ever heard. Turning around, I went to face the source of the voice, and was instantly frozen in my spot. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in the world, but that wasn’t it.

It was her. Time stopped and the earth stopped spinning as soon as my eyes met hers. All the strings that had attached me to the earth were snapped and the only thing that was keeping me on the ground was her. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I forgot where I was, my name, how to talk. I forgot everything. All there was in my mind was her.

While I was staring at her, Jake and Nessie stepped in to save me, before she thought I was insane. “Hello,” Jake said, approaching her. “I’m Jacob Black, and this amazing girl in my arms is renesmee, who we call Nessie, and over there,” He gestured towards me, “Is Seth Clearwater.” I then was snapped back into reality, as I scurried over to where they were.

“Hi,” I greeted breathlessly, sticking out my hand for her to shake. She took my hand quickly, a large smile on her face. “I’m (Y/N)” She said in her beautiful voice. I didn’t let go of her hand and she did not let go of mine. “As Jake already told you, I’m Seth Clearwater.” She nodded her head and at that point I noticed that Jake and Nessie were walking away, giving us some privacy.

“Would you like to walk down the beach?” I asked, still holding her hand. “Sure,” She said, walking along beside me, our hands still connected. “Tell me a bit about yourself,” I said, trying to figure out more and more about his mystery girl. “We just moved into Forks,” She said, “And my mom told me to come down to the beach to try to make friends. I’m not really social but I came down here to make her happy. I didn’t see anyone for a while until I stumbled across you, Jake, and Nessie. My mom will be happy to hear that the guy I met and befriended is super hot.” She immediately covered her mouth, her eyes wide. “Why did I just say that?” She whispered to herself, a dark blush sweeping across her cheeks.

To try to make her feel better, I leaned closer to her and whispered, “Well I was going to say that my mom would be happy because I met the most beautiful girl today on the beach.” She froze and a huge smile spread across her face. “You mean that?” She asked, and I nodded. She gave me a huge hug, and kissed my cheek.

“No one has ever told me that before,” She said, and I stood there, shocked.

“Well, (Y/N), I guess I’m going to have to change that,” I said to her, as we continued to walk down the beach, because my imprint needed to know that she was beautiful, and I was going to make sure that happened.

“Why am I already so drawn to you?” She asked softly, and I opened my mouth to spill everything. Right before I said anything, I paused, and instead decided to shrug my shoulders, a grin on my face. She seemed nervous all of a sudden and her heartbeat picked up quickly.

“Would it be weird if I asked you to kiss me right now, even though we just met?” She asked me quietly, coming to a stop behind a tall rock, so Jake and Nessie couldn’t see. Instead of answering, I leaned in and captured her lips with mine. We got a little carried away. After a few minutes, we stopped kissing and she pulled away, pulling a small phone out of her purse. “I have to go. My mom wants me to come home. But I want to see you again, a lot. So can I have your number?”

“You’ll definitely be seeing me again,” I said, and put my number in her phone. As she walked away, I watched her with a huge smile on my face.

This was it. She was the one.

I was in love. I was in more than love.

Finally, I was happy.

(Sorry if this sucks)

-Admin Kayla

8bittheatrics replied to your post: “I’m at Panera right now with my mom and there are 3 old white ladies…”:

I mean yeah it’s the end times, Edith. You’re old. Life is finite. How many years do you have left? Exorcise yourself a mimosa and relax. The end is nigh.



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