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Summary: You’re the student body president. Your boyfriend is the school’s notorious bad boy and an underground performer. There’s no way the two of you do anything sexual… right?

Warnings: language, fingering, penetration (idk man it’s smut and it’s not as wild as some I’ve written)

Word Count: 2133

“You’re watching me perform tonight, right baby?” Jaebum asked, snaking his arms around your waist as his chest pressed against your back.

He placed a small kiss on the back of your neck then one behind your ear. You leaned back against him, temporarily stopping what you were doing.

“Help me finish taping this poster up and I’ll consider it,” you replied.

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Animal - Jack Maynard Smut

Summary: “So grab me by the neck and don’t you ever let go, mess me up so good until I’m begging for more”

Word Count: 5317

Warnings: Sex, Oral Sex, Dirty Talk, Swearing

Requested: Yes!

Author’s note: This is the first time I’ve ever written smut, besides that tiny thing in the Conor imagine I posted last night, so please please please let me know how you like it. Also this is the longest imagine I’ve ever posted whoops.

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“You’re going to shatter that fucking thing if you’re not careful.”

You whipped your head around at the sound of your best friend’s voice, having not even realised that your grip on your glass had become worryingly tight. You gave him a sheepish smile as you looked up at Conor’s face, so different to that of his brother’s, and yet with the same piercing eyes that seemed to draw you in every god damn time. “Dunno what you’re on about,” you mumbled as you turned back to where you had been looking before, unsurprised at the lack of change in the scene in front of you.

“Just go and bloody talk to him,” Conor groaned as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders comfortingly. He had watched you and his little brother dance around your feelings for each other for the better part of two years now and he was getting right sick of it. All those secret glances when you thought nobody was looking and avoiding each other when the other had someone of the opposite sex around, it was beyond ridiculous. He had thought that after you and Jack had kissed at the Christmas party last month, that things would finally improve but they hadn’t, your relationship had merely shifted from ‘just friends’ to ‘just friends with benefits’ and as much as he was thankful that you were finally getting laid and working out some of that aggression, he could see how much it was hurting you, and he wasn’t okay with that.

“And cock block the master? I don’t think so,” you scoffed bitterly, your fingers tightening around the base of your glass again. You knew that the situation you had going at the moment wasn’t ideal, but it was Jack.  You had waited so long for him to see you as more than his brother’s best mate and now he did but it was non-exclusive. You knew that you should respect yourself enough to get out but you couldn’t, if this was all that you could have with him, then that was what you would have. It hurt though, being with him between the sheets and then seeing him with pretty girls in the streets.

“Alright that’s enough!” Conor’s voice almost shocked you into dropping your glass, you looked up at him with wide eyes as he pried the glass out from between your fingertips and placed in on the table behind you before offering you his hand. “Come on,” he urges you, wriggling his own fingers teasingly, “You and I are gonna go get a drink, and then we’re gonna go and dance, and you’re gonna forget all about my little brother and his tiny dick,” he smirked at you, making you laugh slightly before placing your hand in his and letting him tug you back towards the bar.

Truthfully, you had often wondered whether you were chasing the wrong Maynard. Conor had been your best friend for the better part of the past three years and you spent a lot of time together. He was handsome and charming and hilarious and sweet when he wanted to be, and you had drunkenly hooked up before so you knew he was a good kisser. Somehow though, you knew it just would be right. Because every single time the thought crossed your mind, you thought of Jack and you just couldn’t fathom being with anyone else.

Conor led you to the opposite side of the bar, far away from where Jack was currently chatting up some pretty blonde with double d’s who would plaster the news of their hook up across twitter/Instagram/snapchat/etc tomorrow. You could never take your eyes off of him, and especially not when he looked as unfairly gorgeous as he did tonight. It wasn’t until his eyes flickered to yours and that signature smirk spread across his face that you looked away, refocusing on your best friend and the alcohol in front of him.

You let out a loud groan when you noticed that Conor had ordered a round of tequila shots each for the both of you. Tequila had always been the one alcohol that would send you under the table, having been your university room mates poison of choice; any other alcohol and you could generally hold your own but Tequila was the one which would have you yelling drunkenly at Jack within the hour. “Conor, really?” you whined at your best friend, “You know Tequila is my weakness, I’ll be all over you in an hour,” you joked, having already accepted your fate as you picked up the shot.

Conor shrugged, “If that’s what happens, then it happens, no regrets,” he winked at you before picking up his own shot, the both of you throwing the shots back before slamming the glasses down on the bar. You grinned at him as you noticed his face twisting into a grimace at the taste of the tequila, knowing full well that he had only chosen the liquor in order to get you drunk. You could already feel yourself lightening up at the alcohol pumping through your veins. “Feel better now?” he asked you as he chugged back the vodka and soda in his hand, obviously keen to rid his mouth of the foul taste.

You let out a small giggle as  you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning up to kiss his cheek lightly, “Thank you,” you whispered to him, before holding out your hands, “Come on then!” you said loudly, “Thought you promised me a dance, Maynard?” you grinned at him, your smile growing as he slipped his hands into yours, tugging you into him for a tight hug before pulling you in the direction of the dance floor.

You refused to look behind you to where you could feel Jack’s eyes burning into your backside; if he wanted to use you and then throw you away then fine, he wasn’t the only one who could draw attention on the dance floor, and you were going to make sure of it, besides, was it just you, or was Conor looking particularly good tonight?


Across the bar, Jack could barely believe his eyes. You never drank tequila when you went out, you always skipped out on it when the boys organised shots, so why on earth would you down four shots with Conor? And why the hell were you letting him drag you onto the dance floor right now? The only person who you ever dance with when you went out was him, he was the only one who you let put their hands on you.

Had you looked that good when they had gotten there? Had that dress always hugged your frame that fantastically? He gulped down the remainder of his joke and tried focusing on the girl in front of him, she had caught his eye when he’d come up here before, with her large chest and long curvy legs, but the longer he looked at her, the more he noticed the flaws in her appearance. Her eyes were dull and surrounded by too much eyeliner, they didn’t sparkle like yours did, he couldn’t see the emotions flash through them like he did in yours when you would lay in bed with him and tell him stories about from before you’d met him and the boys. Her lips were flat and looked sticky with lip gloss, they weren’t plump and red like yours always seemed to be, even more so after he had been kissing you.

He tried to pay attention to her, tried to focus on the way her lips moved, tried to imagine the way they would wrap around his cock like yours had this morning when he’d had you in the shower, but he merely cringed at the thought of her touching him like that. His eyes flitted over to where he could see you and Conor on the dance floor and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head, rage pumping through his blood stream and making him nearly blind with unadulterated fury.

You had your back to Conor’s chest as you guys danced to the overly loud EDM song which was pumping out of the speakers, your head was thrown back against his shoulder as you giggled at something that he was saying into your ear. Jack had no clue what his brother was saying, but he was pretty sure that whatever it was, wasn’t innocent. He clenched his fists together at his side as he watched Conor’s hands slide down to your hips, knowing god damn well that you didn’t wear proper underwear under that particular dress because of visible panty lines.

He snapped when he saw Conor’s head drop down and press to the crook of your neck, right where Jack knew that special spot was, the one that would drive you absolutely wild when Jack latched onto it. He was ditching the girl and surging across the bar towards the dance floor before he could second guess himself; all he knew was that he needed to get between the two of you before you ended up in Conor’s bed by the end of the night, because you were his.

It was a reasonably small and cosy club that the gang had found themselves in tonight, as opposed to some of the bigger ones that they frequented, so it didn’t take long until Jack was in front of you, and wanting to knock that dumb smirk right off of his older brothers face. You didn’t notice that Jack was there until he was right in front of your face, but as soon as he was, you barely registered that Conor was even there. A smile lit up your entire face that had Jack’s stomach doing backflips, you were so happy all of the time, how on earth could he even consider someone else?

“Jack!” You squealed as you wrapped your arms around his neck tightly, having to stand on your tip toes to wrap them around him properly. You could feel the warmth of him seeping in through your clothes as you buried your face into his neck like you always did. “Conor was just telling me the funniest story!” you giggled as you pulled back, whipping your head around to confirm the story, only to find that Conor was nowhere to be seen, “Hey where’d he go?” you pouted as you turned back to face Jack, only to find he had a peculiar look in his eye that you couldn’t quite decifer.

You also realised for the first time how close you were to him, “What happened to that girl?” You asked him curiously as he pulled you into his body, his arms wrapped tightly around your lower waist, “Looked like you two were really hitting it off,” you commented as your arms wrapped around his neck loosely, one hand tangling in his blonde strands as the other lingered around the hem of his shirt, the very shirt you had torn off of him this time last week.

Jack chuckled slightly as he bent his head down to be closer to you, “Why? Is someone jealous?” he asked, his mouth hot against your ear as his warm breath washed over your neck, making you subconsciously press yourself closer to him. You bit back a moan as he tugged on your ear lobe with his teeth gently before pressing a kiss to the spot behind your ear. He pulled back to gauge your reaction and wasn’t surprised when he noticed you rolling your eyes, despite the deep and dark blush on your face.

He brushed his lips against your jaw bone softly, barely even a whisper of a kiss against your skin, “You know you’re the only girl for me,” he murmured against your skin, dragging his mouth across your jaw and down your neck slowly, occasionally using his teeth to nip at the spots he knew were sure to set you off. He smirked against your skin when he felt your breath hitch, latching his mouth onto the special spot and giving in a particularly hard suck.

You chuckled breathlessly, using the hand that was in his hair to pull him away from you, “Last time I checked, this,” you gestured between the two of you, “was non-exclusive, that’s what you wanted, right?” you asked innocently. You were riling him up and you knew it, for some reason, he was being all weird and possessive and you were gonna revel in it for as long as you possibly could. You let out a squeak when he used his arms around your waist to haul you into him, your hips pressed together tightly as he growled into your ear.

“Don’t pretend that this is just sex, you know it and I know it, so don’t give me that shit,” he hissed against you before sinking his teeth into that special spot and making you throw your head back, your nails digging into the exposed skin of his shoulder as you pressed the whole length of your body against him, feeling his hardness press into your stomach firmly as he rutted against you.

Letting out a frustrated huff, you used your hands to tug his head up harshly, both of you breathing heavily as you looked at each other, his cheeks already red with the arousal that was pressed against your stomach, as well as the dampness that you could feel pooling in between your legs. “So are you just gonna talk shit or are you gonna actually do something about it?” you challenged him with a raised eyebrow. You knew exactly how to bait him, the same way he knew how to drive you insane.

He let out a low growl as he yanked you into him, his hands caged around your face as he kissed you harshly. You moaned into his mouth softly as you gripped his shirt in your hands, nipping at his bottom lip playfully as he kissed you with a bruising intensity. You let out a soft gasp as one of his hands slid from the back of your neck, down to your ass, squeezing you roughly. You felt him smirk against your mouth as your mouth fell open slightly, slipping his tongue in between your lips and deepening the kiss.

There was no denying it, the boy knew how to use his mouth, he was a phenomenal kisser, and was even better at using his mouth on other areas of your body. Right now you weren’t concerned about his mouth though, you were more interested with the rather hard appendage that he was currently grinding into your hip. The boy was hung as hell, and there was no getting around it. Memories of this morning came flashing through you like a flood, the memory of waking up with his head between your thighs making you whimper into his mouth, that boy knew all of you secret spots and was not shy about any of it.

Smirking, he pulled back from you, biting his lip at the sight of you looking up at him with pupils blown wide and lips swollen and bright red, the memory of you looking up at him from between his legs this morning making him swallow back a groan. He pressed his mouth against your ear again, “C’mon, let me take you home, you know I’ll make it worth your while,” he groaned into your ear, sending a sharp surge of pleasure shooting down your spine. Pulling back to see your reaction, he let out a relieved breath of hot air as you nodded quickly, his hand latching onto yours and tugging you behind him as you both made your way out of the sweltering hot club.

The tight grip that he had on your hand did not escape your notice as he pulled you out of the club and into a cab outside, letting out a deep breath as he slumped against the seat on one side. “What in the hell has gotten into you?” you demanded, crossing your arms over your chest as you turned your body to look at him, furrowing your eyebrows together tightly as you moved your eyes over his physique. You didn’t want to stay on one part too long, otherwise you’d become distracted by the different parts of his body that reminded you how beautiful he was.

You let out a squeak as he wrapped hand around your waist, hauling you over to his side of the cab abruptly and burying his face in the crook of your neck, “Didn’t like it,” he mumbled into your neck, humming contently as your hand reached up to run through his hair softly, your nails scratching against his scalp softly as he nuzzles his nose against the juncture of your neck and shoulder. “Didn’t like seeing Conor with his hands all over you,” he mumbled again, lifting his head up to look into your eyes that were wide in shock as you listened to him intently, your heart bashing against his chest. “You’re mine,” he whispered, his mouth pressing against your jaw again as you nodded blindly.

“Yours,” you mumbled hoarsely as his mouth moved down your neck again.





You didn’t remember how you made it from the cab to Jack’s apartment, partly because it happened so fast that you could barely blink, and partly because you had spent most of it with your mouth glued to Jack’s neck. As soon as you crossed the threshold into the apartment, both of your clothes were flying off, leaving a trail behind you both of your heels, Jack’s shirt and belt, with his shoes ending up somewhere near the kitchen. Before you knew it, you were flat on your back on Jack’s extremely plush bed, with Jack kneeling at the bottom of the bed and smirking at you.

Rolling your eyes, you propped yourself up on your elbows on the bed, balancing your weight on them as you cocked your head to the side slightly, “I’m not gonna magically transform into a perfect ten, y’know,” you chuckled softly, “This is as good as it’s gonna get, Maynard” you smirked. He simply shook his head at you before pushing your legs apart, your tight dress moving up and over your hips as he settled his body between your thighs, much like he had this morning.

He kissed a line across the top of your panties as his hands hooked behind your knees and dragged them over his shoulders, opening you up to him. You collapsed onto your back as he placed open mouthed kisses to you through the thin lace of your panties, your hands weaved into his hair as his mouth continued on it’s way down, placing kisses down your upper thighs before switching sides and kissing up the other thigh, just avoiding the place where you needed him the most.

Using his teeth, he dragged down your panties slowly, his nose brushing against you softly and causing you to let out the most pornographic sound you had ever heard in your life. He smirked up at you from between your thighs, discarding your panties behind him as he spread his hands out over your hips, holding you open to him as he physically licked his lips, oh this boy was going to be the absolute death of you.

Starting at your knee, he began placing feather light kisses to your inner thigh, slowly making his way up to the apex of your thighs where you laid bare and ready for him. “Such a good girl for me,” he murmured against your skin, “Always so ready for me,” he mumbled as he dug his fingertips into your hips, hard enough so that you were sure that you’d have matching bruises in the morning.

“Jaaaaack,” you whined, bucking your hips up in an attempt to create some friction, “Hurry U-ohhh,” a moan ripped out of your mouth as he suddenly licked a strip from top to bottom, the tip of his tongue flicking against your clit as he slid one finger inside of you.

You felt the pleasure began to build as he latched his mouth onto your bundle of nerves, sucking and flicking his tongue against your clit as he set a steady rhythm of pumping his finger in and out of you.

You slapped a hand over your mouth as you moaned even louder, your nails digging into his scalp and causing him the hum against you, the vibrations going through you like shock waves. You whined and bucked your hips against his face, desperate to go over that edge, causing him to wrap his arm around your waist to hold you in place as he added another finger into the mix.

Curving his fingers up to brush against that specific spot inside of you, you tugged on his hair harshly, making his smirk against you as he picked up the pace, pumping his fingers into you faster and making sure to press firmly against that spot every single time.

Finally, you could feel the coil of pleasure in your stomach begin to tighten almost painfully, your thighs shaking around his head as you threw your head back, “Oh oh my god, Jack! I-I’m g-gonna, oh! I’m almost there!” You moaned out loudly, trying to buck your hips up. Jack curved his fingers again, focusing on just rubbing against that spot until you were coming like a tidal wave. Your back arched up off of the bed as you fell apart beneath him, riding out the last waves of your orgasm until you were shaking, pushing him back as you tried to catch your breath.

Once you managed to regain your breath, you pushed yourself up again, intent on returning the favour, only to find Jack having already discarded his tight jeans and crawling up towards you. You never got used to seeing him like this, he was big but not too big and perfectly thick, in other words, the boy was hung as hell and you drooled slightly every time you saw him naked.

He crawled up over you, pushing your dress up your body and peeling it over your head as he went, his mouth pressing a line of hot, open mouthed kisses as he went. You didn’t object when he pulled your dress over your head, nor when he unclasped your lace bra and latched his mouth onto your nipple, dragging his teeth over it gently as his hand tended to the other one.

Your hand reached down between you, wrapping around his girth and beginning to pump him up and down. Jack let out a grunt as he grabbed onto your wrist burying his face in your neck as he pulled you off of him; that was different, Jack never said no to a hand job or blowjob. He chuckled against your skin as he brought your hand up beside your head, lacing it with one of his as he brought his head up to look at you. “I’m not gonna last if you put your hands on me,” he chuckled softly, brushing his nose against yours with unfamiliar gentleness as he leaned down to kiss you, dragging the tip of his cock up to rub against your clit, and sending a jolt of pleasure through you.

Biting your lip, you lifted one of your legs to wrap around his hips, you pulled him forward until he was right against you. Smirking, he wrapped his hand around your thigh, hooking the other one around his hips as he entered you in one smooth thrust. Throwing your head back at the feeling of him fully inside of you, you let out a loud moan, arching your back and wriggling your hips in a silent plea for him to move. He seemed to catch on as he braced his hands next to your head in a push up position as he set a quick rhythm straight up.

You dug your nails into his back as you arched into him, dragging them down his taut skin as he attached his mouth to your sweet spot, working on leaving a sizable mark on your neck as he hiked your leg up even higher on his waist, scraping his teeth against your neck as he gave a particularly hard thrust, his fingers digging into your thigh harshly.

“Ugh you’re so fucking tight,” Jack groaned into your ear, his breath hot against your neck as he snapped his hips against you even harder than he had been before. He let out a strangled grunt when you tightened around him, your walls squeezing him tightly as he picked up the pace, his hand wriggling between you two as his thumb pressed against your clit again.

You let out a high pitched moan as he slammed into you, knowing from the way he was quivering inside you, that he was nearing the peak. “Come on, baby, I’m almost there, go over the edge with me,” he grunted in your ear, the wet sound of skin slapping together filling the room, both of you covered in a thin layer of sweat as you bit your lip.

Using a brief lapse in his attention, you flipped him onto his back, arching your spine as the new angle allowed him to slip in just that little bit deeper, pressing harder onto that specific spot inside of you. Bracing yourself with your hands on his chest, you began bouncing up and down, moaning at the new feelings surging through you.

You moved faster, feeling the ball of fire in your stomach coil up even tighter as you picked up the pace, all you needed was that little push, and you’d go off of the edge with him. You let out a loud high pitched scream as his thumb pressed against your clit for the third time, white spots exploding behind your eyes as your second orgasm of the night hit you like a freight train. It wasn’t long until Jack was following after you, his hips snapping like pistons into your own until he was letting out a guttural grunt and holding your hips to his as he exploded inside of you.

You collapsed forward onto his chest, covered in sweat and coated in the combined juices of you two as he slowly slipped out of you, softening against your thigh as he wrapped his arms around your tired and clammy body. You rested your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in and out softly as you attempting to recollect yourself. You traced patterns onto his chest with the tip of your nail as you felt his chest still heaving up and down underneath your hand.

You had heard once that, if you have absolutely mind blowing sex (like you’d had just then) then the best thing for you to do, was not talk to the guy afterwards, so as to let him get his bearings back. With that in mind, you crawled out of his arms and made your way into the bathroom to clean up.

As you looked at yourself in the mirror, your mind went back to earlier tonight, had he been jealous of you and Conor? If so, why? It had been his idea to keep the arrangement as no strings attached, friends with benefits only. Why was he suddenly being so boyfriend?

That thought remained on your mind as you tugged his thrasher shirt over your head, your favourite of all his shirts, and padded back into his room, expecting to see him zonked out on the bed. You were not expecting to see a fully coherent Jack Maynard sitting up in bed and twirling your panties around in his hands.

Blushing, you hurried over and pulled them out of his grasp, pulling them back up your legs quickly before taking a seat next to him on the bed. He smiled at you dopily, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear gently, “You look beautiful in my shirts,” he mumbled softly, his smile widening when you blushed deeply but leaned into his hand nonetheless.

Biting your lip, you looked up at him again, “Why didn’t you take that girl home with you tonight?” you blurted out before you could stop yourself, your curiosity getting the better of you.

“Why does it matter, Y/N?” he asked as he looking down at his lap, remembering when you had been on it fifteen minutes ago. He hadn’t expected you to ask him that, not after you guys had just had the best sex you’d ever had before.

“Because you were totally into her, and then you ditched just to make sure I wasn’t going to hook up with Conor!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air in exasperation. Jack was a master at avoiding direct questions and had been for as long as you’d known him, it was one of the things that made him so alluring to girls your age.

“Because he’s my brother!” He fired back, his expression twisting into a scowl at your persistence, “You have a club full of guys to choose from and you pick my brother?!” he sneered, crossing his arms across his chest in a huff.

“All I would have done is kiss him, and that shouldn’t even matter to you! You’re the one who chose this arrangement, not me!” you screeched, running a hand through your hair in agitation, “So tell me why you went home with me and not her? Because I’m easy? Because you don’t have to worry about me being a pain the next morning?” you badgered him, knowing that you were getting too worked up but being too far gone to stop it. Your words were spewing out of your mouth at an alarming rate and you couldn’t stop them.

“She wasn’t you, okay?!”

To say you were shocked at his words would have been a vast understatement.


He took a deep breath before looking at you again, “She wasn’t you, and the more I looked at her, I compared her to you and realised that I was being a fucking twat to you,” he sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair and making you bite your lip as his biceps tensed slightly. “You deserve the world, Y/N, you deserve a guy like Conor or Oli who can give it to you,” he muttered, avoiding your glance.

You let out a small laugh, unable to believe what was happening, Jack actually wanted you for more than sex.

After unsuccessfully trying to capture his gaze, you crawled into his lap, sitting back on his thighs as you hooked your hands around his jaw, dragging his head up to look at you and almost melting at the vulnerable look in his eyes. “Jack,” you said softly, your thumb rubbing against his jawbone gently, “You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted, I wouldn’t have agreed to any of this if it were any different,” you giggled. “So if you want to be with me, then I’m right here, but if you don’t, then I’m probably just gonna keep wanting you,” You told him in a soft voice, sure that your own vulnerability was shining through at that moment.

He let out a soft laugh before yanking you forwards and wrapping his arms around you tightly, “How could anyone possibly not want to be with you?” he grinned as he pressed kisses all over your face. You giggled loudly as he rolled you onto your side, tucking the blanket around you as he pressed a small kiss to your forehead.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face at the action, so this is what it felt like when the person you wanted, wanted you back.

Second Chances (m)

Word Count: 8,833

Warning: Yoongi smut

A/N: I decided to write something a little less serious for a change! The smut turned out a little longer than I expected it to, which is also why the story turned out so close to 9k :) I am so thankful for minyoongiish who proofread this entire piece <3 Hope you enjoy~

If you had the ability to turn back time, you wouldn’t even hesitate to use it in this moment.

“Y/N?” The voice on the other end of the telephone asks. “Something the matter?”

“Oh no,” you mumble. “Fuck.” With one finger, you frantically tap the screen, desperately clinging to the hope that this is still in your hands, that you can still turns this around for the better.

Jimin’s voice sounds both curious and irritated at the same time when he speaks again. “What did you do this time? Did you put your keys in the freezer again?”

You can’t even be mad at his terribly timed comment that you’d normally be very offended about. All you do is curse softly, reading the simple message you sent like it’s a death wish.

You: Hey :) [sent 11:27am]

“Jimin!“ you exclaim, and are rewarded with a startled gasp.

"Yeesh, don’t scare me like that!” He lets out a sigh. “Stop acting all mysterious and just tell me what’s going on.”

You tap the screen again, despite knowing that it won’t help now if it didn’t help last time. A nervous gasp leaves your mouth as you turn your attention to the call. “How the fuck do I delete a message?”

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More Like Her || Archie Andrews

Originally posted by jubillee

word count :

pairing : Archie Andrews x Reader

warnings : upset reader, bitchiness??

summary : You’ve been friends with the gang for all your life, even dating Archie, you thought you’d like Veronica like everyone else but you start to think Archie is cheating on you with her so that’s not okay.

a/n : thanks you all for requesting for being on my tag list, but for now i will not be adding more people. also, i was listening to this song, it might put a good mood setter for this imagine! 

posting schedule : wednesday, friday, sunday!

     You thought she was a nice girl. Everyone thought Veronica would make a nice addition to your group of friends, you thought that Ronnie was cool that she would fit in nicely. You thought that for a while before you started to pick up on some things that never would add up in a normal person’s mind.

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Request: I would love a bucky x reader fic where bucky and reader have to go under cover and things get steamy. Maybe reader has to be a stripper or something like that

Summary: You and Bucky have to go undercover at a strip club that’s a cover for a Hydra facility. 

Warnings: Smut.

A/N: I really like this idea and I’m kinda tempted to do a part 2.

(Part 2)

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Paper Hearts (Part 10)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 3.9k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1 ♡ 2  ♡ 3  4   5   6   7   8   9  ♡ 10  ♡ 11  

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Scream-Ethan Dolan *SMUT*

Author: grethansdolans

 Pairing: Ethan x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Can you do a really jealous Ethan smut please! 

Warnings: Smut, sex, over stimulation, Dom!Ethan, rough sex

Originally posted by doland1sturb1a

Music blasting from the speakers, the smell of weed and alcohol flooded your senses as you stepped through the door of Ethan’s house. Ethan and Grayson decided to throw a house party since their family was gone for the weekend.

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EXO Reaction

request: “… if you could do a exo reaction where you(s/o) are a dancer and get severely injured on stage but push through it and continue to dance til the end of the performance…” 

Sorry if this low key sucks, I don’t know a lot about Exo but I’ll do anything for you guys.<3 

Xiumin: He’d react as soon as you got hurt. He’d run back stage to try and help you but as soon as he got back there, he saw that you had gotten back up and we’re starting to dance again. He leaned against the wall and sort of gave you that look of disbelief. He let you finish dancing since there was only a couple more seconds of the song left, but as soon you got off stage you heard a mouth full. 

“you’ve gotta be more careful next time babe”

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Suho: I don’t know why but I honestly feel like he would low key laugh because of how you fell/ got injured thinking that it wasn’t serious and then he decided to go and see if you were okay. As soon as he sees how badly you were hurt, he tries to sue the company.

“Let me see your phone… I’m calling your boss and telling him I’m suing him”

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Lay: He would be worried but he has healing powers so no biggie.

“I’m the only medicine you need”

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Stefan danced with Elena! Why are the writers forcing Steroline!!!

First of all *sigh* he didn’t say “I never danced until you Caroline” he said

“…of all the ways that loving you has changed my life… you made me dance”

Stefan’s feelings towards dancing with Elena:

Stefan’s feelings towards dancing with Caroline:

No begging involved. In fact Stefan is the one who often asks Caroline to dance, whereas his girlfriend had to beg him to dance with her.

Here’s Stefan dancing with his other best friend Lexi

Lexi: Okay, I’m gonna need a little more foot movement.
Stefan: I’m not really interested in making a fool out of myself.

Even though…

Yet he’s only known Caroline a couple of years, but he’s about to be himself around her almost instantly. Like it changed his life #justsayin

Stefan not caring about making a fool of himself with Caroline

What’s the phrase oh yes RECEIPTS

Bonus Meta! - Does Stefan still Hate Dancing

*not my gifs*

14| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 4390

Masterlist | Prev | Next

You asked a group of second year girls where Madame Choi’s office was. After a few comments about your dining hall arguments, they directed you down towards a small corridor where most of the teachers had their offices. You went past the doors until you found the one with the plaque:

Madam Choi Soomin, Senior Ballet Mistress

Scholarship Coordinator

Biting back your excited nerves, you knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Came her voice.

You turned the handle and went in. Madam Choi’s office was not as nice as Mistress Hyejin’s. It was smaller, and windowless. But the walls were painted cream, and framed posters of various ballet productions hung from them, all signed by the casts. There were also photos of Madam Choi with a few other dancers all posing in their costumes. The lady herself sat at her desk, a big pile of papers in front of her. She looked studious with her black rimmed glasses and turtleneck jersey, but you could see the darkening circles under her eyes.

“Miss (Surname).” She regarded you wearily. “What can I do for you?”

“Ma'am I have something to show you.”

She raised her eyebrow, her fingers still intertwined in front of her. “And what would that be?” She asked.

You refrained from biting your lip and brought out your pointe shoes from behind your back. “I kind of have to show you in one of the studios.”

She pursed her lips, looking distastefully at the shoes. “Don’t you have a concussion and an order not to dance? Or have I changed my entire choreography on a lie?”

“Ma'am, the symptoms of my concussion have all gone.” You told her earnestly. “I can dance.”

She didn’t look convinced. “What is it you want to show me?”

“I changed the dance.” You said quietly. Judging by what she’d just said about changing the choreography, you doubted she’d give you a chance.

“By which you mean?”

You took a deep breath, suddenly feeling like you were coming in here to confess a crime. “I changed my solo dance last night.”

“And yet you injured yourself the day before, during Miss Yang’s accident?”

“I thought maybe Doctor Hill would forget to tell the teachers.”

She smiled at that. “My dear, Doctor Hill wouldn’t let you off for an injury even if it were a broken nail.”

“Exactly!” You cried out frustratedly, then snapped your mouth shut. Teacher, right. “I mean. Ma'am Doctor Hill is keeping me off much longer than necessary – it’s ridiculous, and I really want this solo.”

“The number of students I’ve lost because of him.” Madame Choi sighed and stood up. “Lead the way, Miss (Surname).” She said tiredly.

You nervously walked up to the second floor with her. Students were already coming down the stairs for dinner. Some of them gave you stares, remembering your little display at lunch. “What the hell is the bitch doing?” You heard Minjee’s voice. She was descending the stairs with Hyeun, Yuna and Seohyun. They all looked suspiciously at your leotard and dance bag with contempt.

“Miss Gwan, you will report to my office tomorrow morning.” Madam Choi said sharply, loud enough for the whole parade of people to hear. Minjee’s face turned pale. “This school is no place for your foul language.”

“Yes Ma'am.” She said quietly, swallowing. You tried to keep a satisfied smirk off you face.

Reaching the same studio as you’d used last time, you swiftly switched the bright strip lights on and quickly hooked your iPod up. Then you sat down and tied up your pointe shoes, feeling rushed because Madame Choi was standing at the door. At least she wasn’t tapping her foot. You did a few quick stretches – You did not need another injury, then you stood up, a bolt of nerves shooting up you body. You looked at Madame Choi. She gave a curt smile, telling you to begin.

You pressed play and then stepped back and rose onto pointe, lifting your leg up behind you. The music began. You felt the stirring in your belly as the familiar notes reached out for you and pulled you into a world that you had defined together.

As the notes went down, so did you, reaching forwards and raising your leg so that it made a straight line. You could still do it! You tried not to look for a reaction from Madame Choi as you rose back up and instead step turned downstage, and then spun in a slow pirouette.

You stepped a foot back, feeling as though you’d only just discovered you could do it and you stepped forward, as if a whole world – the world of ballet – was blossoming before you. You would join that world, you knew, and you curtsied, marking your entrance. And then the fast notes came, and the entrance was almost over. More notes joined the first until everything came together and then all tentativeness left, and you flew.

You remembered the whole dance easily – the music told you what you needed to do. Madam Choi became less of an individual and more of an anonymous observer as you leapt and spun. You were showing whoever was watching what you could do.

And as the final chorus lead you on once more, you delved into the music and brought it out with you, in the way that only dance could, and truly showed it to the world. You finished in arabesque. But once the last note had been played, you were cut loose, and Madam Choi’s presence was certainly there. You lowered your leg and turned to face her. Your breathing was heavier than usual, and sweat beaded on your back.

Madame Choi was looking at you with her chin raised high, making her even taller than usual. You couldn’t glean anything off her expression. She was simply studying you.

You felt the need to say something and break the horrible silence that she didn’t seem to notice. “It –” Your breathing was very heavy. “It’s not exactly polished.”

She nodded her head down slowly, then took a step towards you, looking you up and down. “Why did you dance like that?” She asked you. Her voice was the same blank calm as usual.

You frowned. You could hardly tell her it had something to do with Park Jimin. Wait, that wasn’t what she’d asked. “I don’t know.” You said. “I was thinking about why I started ballet. It was just, the music fit perfectly to describe it.”

She nodded. “Yes, you had that air of innocence about you.”

You stood there awkwardly. What was she saying? Were your moves too basic?

“I assume you would like me to put your choreography back into the piece?”

“Well I -Yes, Ma'am.”

Her eyes seemed to get sharper every second. “And I assume you would like to be the one to dance it.”

What? Suddenly, your protectiveness kicked in. No one else could dance this! The steps. They were all linked to you, even though you didn’t have the best technique, it was like giving away your favourite childhood toy. Yes, someone might actually use it or dance it better, but it was still your toy! What about all the memories? What about the connections the dance had to you?

Madame Choi was watching you closely. Your badly concealed disappointment answered her question. She sighed and took off her glasses. “When can you dance again?” She asked.

“Saturday, Ma'am.”

“You are one hundred percent healthy?”

“Yes, Ma'am.” You said, a little hope coming up inside.

“And if your symptoms were to return you will be responsible enough to stop?”

You hadn’t been before, but you didn’t think you ought to tell her that. They wouldn’t come back. “Yes Ma'am.”

“There is a lot of work to be done on it.” She said abruptly. “Your extensions ought to be better. An allegro is no reason to be sloppy, and your penche needs to face sideways to the audience, or no one will see the lines.” She put her hands behind her back, and looked at you with those powerful brown eyes. “This is a big risk you ask me and your class to take. If I change the choreography again then we lose another day of rehearsal. We have two rehearsals to go, Miss (Surname) one of which you can’t even attend.”

You held your breath. Oh God no. It was more than just Park Jimin – the reason why you wanted to dance this solo, it was because you really did love ballet, and the elation of dancing this particular piece.

“However.” Madam Choi continued. “I don’t believe either of the routines we have been rehearsing, nor the rest of your classmates can quite grasp the same, understanding you have just displayed.” You could hardly stop from smiling. She liked it! Did that mean you could perform?

“Thank you, Ma'am.” You said, trying not to sound as overjoyed as you were.

She pursed her lips. “You have a long way to go before performance standard, Miss (Surname). I would not tend to presume until you are standing behind that curtain with my absolute approval.”

You nodded quickly, feeling like a small, overexcited child who needed to calm down. She was letting you do it! You could do it, but she was right. There was still time for her to say no. Now you had to focus.

“Go over the first section.” She suddenly ordered. “I’d like to see that penche again. No music.”

You performed the introduction. The emotion was lost without the music, but you knew that you couldn’t let yourself get surrounded by the music until your technique was so habitual that you could trust yourself to perform with quality. Only then could you allow yourself to fully develop into the music. Apparently your penche was acceptable, considering your lack of experience, but it was badly postured. Madame Choi pressed down your back to it arched and pushed your leg even higher, saying it wasn’t quite one-eighty yet.

You went through the whole routine in painstaking detail. Without the support of the music, you sometimes forgot moves, but Madame Choi had the endless patience that all dancers needed to develop – three hours of plies and failed pirouettes weren’t meant to be exciting, and yet that’s how learning ballet is.

“I want you take your movements and make them larger.” She said as you rehearsed once again the middle chorus. “The introduction needs more as well. It all must be bigger on stage, Miss (Surname), or this story you have managed to create will be nonexistent for the audience. You do very nice subtle things – when you open your hand during the first bar after the gentlemen’s piece, it is ought to be a full opening of your entire arm. Subtle doesn’t work.”

You tried opening out, unbending your arm as your fingers spread. “Yes, better, and as you watch your arm or hand, particularly in the introduction, you want to make them head movements rather than just eyes, understand?”

The rain continued to beat against the windows as the sky slowly darkened. It was warm in the studio, though, and you hardly noticed as the minutes and hours passed, and the shrouded sun went down behind the hills. Having never properly watched yourself dance the piece in the mirrors, there was a lot to fix – and Madame Choi was a technique teacher, after all.

“I worked it out so that it wouldn’t affect the original choreography.” You told her at one point.

She shook her head, surveying the empty studio. “No, the class choreography will be changed. They will fit exactly to your solo. Go stage right at the end of that bar…you will lead them into a spiral shape for the climax, and then they’ll circle you. Break out for the final chorus. They will be in the background. Go to the front of the stage.”

You did so. If there was one thing you could let yourself predict about the coming days, it was that your class was not going to be happy, particularly about being in the background at the end. If they wanted credit just for ‘making you look pretty’ then it was at the end – one of the most memorable parts of the performance. However you couldn’t be bothered feeling any sympathy.

“What were you originally finishing in?” Madame Choi asked.

“An arabesque.” You told her.

She nodded. “Let me see your opening arabesque.”

You turned to the side and lifted your leg, your arms reaching out in front.

“And the one at the end?”

“It’s the same.” You replied.

“It shouldn’t be.” She said. “One would hope that you have changed from your childlike state at the beginning of the piece. You have now experienced ballet, but something must be different.”  She regarded your position. “Lift your leg above the ninety, arch your back up. Look proud, knowledgeable…yes, that’s it.”

You didn’t feel proud or knowledgeable, but you knew what she was getting at. You had to change from your discovery of ballet, to your joy at becoming a ballerina.

“Eight forty-eight.” Murmured Madame Choi, looking at her watch. “Once more time, Miss (Surname). And you will rehearse here tomorrow?”

“Yes Ma'am.” You nodded.

She sighed. “I don’t particularly like encouraging rule breaking, but Doctor Hill.” She trailed off, pursing her lips distastefully at the floor. Eventually she snapped out of it and looked at you. “Just try not to bring any attention to your rule breaking.”

You nodded, feeling kind of like you were co-conspirators, except she was your teacher.

“Alright, from the beginning, if you please.”

You flicked your iPod back to the start and began dancing once again. It was difficult remembering both the changes to the choreography and your general technique. Madam Choi, however, had managed to memorize your entire choreography, as well as the class’s in just two hours, and she called out when you got lost. With your concentration on technique and timing, there was little of the connection you’d felt when you’d first performed it tonight, but you didn’t mind.

There were only a few bars left, and you sautéed, jumping high, feeling the satisfying spring in your legs. You spun in your last pirouette, turning away from the windows.

Shinn Taeyeon was looking through the door window.

Shit! You stumbled in your landing.

“Control!” Madame Choi demanded. You frustratedly lifted your leg up in the final arabesque. Taeyeon was staring at your position contemptuously, her nostrils flared. The final note played, and you hurriedly went down. What the hell was she doing here? What if she told Jimin?

“That was good.” Madame Choi was saying. “Aside from the ending.”

“Yes Ma'am.” You murmured. Taeyeon finally made eye contact with you and smirked. Then she pushed the door open and walked in.

“Hey Ma'am!” She said, putting on a Barbie-fake smile.

Madame Choi’s usually scowling face brightened considerably. “Taeyeon! How are your classes going?” She asked, walking over to her.

“Good, thanks ma'am. I just saw you in here and thought I’d say hi.”

“Ah, yes, we were just rehearsing Miss (Surnames)’s solo for the review.” She gestured to you. “Have you met?”

Taeyeon gave you a horribly sweet smile. “Yeah, we’ve met. Hey, I thought you were sick or something?”

Yeah, coming to think of it, you did feel like vomiting. She was sickening.

Madame Choi leaned in conspiratorially. “Well, Doctor Hill’s given her one of those silly rest periods like he used to give Jimin. But Miss (Surname) really does have something to show everyone. You’ll be watching?” She inquired.

“Oh yes.” Taeyeon nodded. “Jimin and I are up against Master Jinho and Mistress Hyejin.”

Madam Choi laughed. “Evenly matched, I think. What are you dancing to?”

“Moonlight Sonata.” Taeyeon replied.

She nodded approvingly. “A good choice.”

“Yeah, we were going to go with Clair de Lune at first, but Jimin and I decided we’d have more chances to show our skill with Beethoven.” Thank God they weren’t doing Clair de Lune. Any remaining connection you had with that piece would have been crushed if you’d watch Jimin and Taeyeon dancing to it – no doubt, beautifully.

You knelt down and untied your pointe shoes. Madam Choi went on. “And how are your sisters? I heard Taeil’s got the solo for the Chinese Variation of the Nutcracker.”

“Yeah.” Said Taeyeon flatly. “It’s not very big, though. My Mom thought she could’ve aimed for better.”

“Ah, not everyone can be the Sugar Plum Fairy, though. I believe she’s just the right technique for the choreography.”

You quickly unplugged your iPod from the stereo. “Ma'am.” You said, slinging your bag over your shoulder. “I better go before its lights out.”

She turned round and gave you a pleasant smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then. You might care to take some time to write down the notes I gave you.”

“I will, Ma'am.” You quickly curtsied a thank you and left, brushing past Taeyeon, who gave you a quick sneer before turning back to being a sickly sweet student.

You huffed as the door shut behind you. You liked Madame Choi – she was a great teacher – however you childishly thought that Taeyeon had brainwashed her.

Before you got to your dorm, you stopped into one of the alcoves and slipped your hoodie and trackpants back on.

The others were still lounging around in their PJs, chatting and reading magazines on the couches. You tried to be inconspicuous as you put your pointe shoes away and got out of your leotard and tights. Minjee, who hadn’t noticed you yet, was sitting with Seohyun, Hyeun and a few other girls from your class, complaining loudly. “Seriously, she was only like, a Coryphée, and yet she walks around like she’s the best teacher in the school.”

“Madame Choi is better than Madame Zhang, Minjee.” Yuna said, who’d been lying on another couch reading a Ballet Magazine. You thought back to lunchtime. Yuna had been there, but at least she’d said things a little more graciously than the others.

“Whatever.” Snorted Minjee, not bothering to look at Yuna. “At least Zhang let me fool around with Jongsoo between combinations.” Yeah, you thought to yourself, thank God for that. “Besides, it’s not like she wasn’t royally pissed off with little drama queen as well.”

“She was so stuck-up on the stairs.” Said Hyeun. “What a teacher’s pet.” You remembered how Minjee had insulted you the other day, and how Hyeun had snapped at her to shut up. It was ridiculous the way she and some of the others had changed sides so quickly. What a bunch of fake bitches. However maybe you would have been one of them when you were fifteen, but even then, you’d been smart enough not to be on anyone’s side other than you own.

One of the other gossiping girls leaned in excitedly. “I know, right? When I offered to help her with her solo, she went all snobby and told me to piss off. I mean, I was just offering to help her.”

“I guess it goes against her code of conduct to actually accept help from a first year.” Minjee said. “That’s why she thinks she’s so great – getting in with Park Jimin, Shinn Taeyeon and that Dawon girl.”

“They didn’t even want to talk to her.” Seohyun said with a giggle. “I mean, did you see the way Jimin walked out? Even people her own age can’t stand her massive ego.”

“Bighead (Name).” Minjee said with a smug smile.

You rolled your eyes, deciding you’d really rather not remain inconspicuous. “Wow Minjee.” You said, walking down the aisle of beds to them. “You learnt how to alliterate. Well done!”

She looked at you and stood up, undeterred. “I don’t think we invited you into this conversation, (Name).” She said your name tauntingly.

“Why not?” You said, smiling. “It’s not like I don’t already know what you think of me.” You sat down on the edge of one of the couches. “Go, talk.” You looked at the other girls, who sat looking down uncomfortably. “Or is it not so much fun insulting someone when you’re scared they’ll hear you?”

“We’re just saying it like it is, (Name).” Hyeun mumbled.

You laughed. “Hyeun, you really know nothing about me. And until you do, please stop basing me on ridiculous clichés you got off the Disney Channel. You have no evidence.” You knew you were only making things worse for yourself, but you really couldn’t be bothered.

Hyeun leapt up from the floor. “You are such a bitch!”

“I think we’ve already established that.” You said drawlingly.

“Really funny, (Name).” Minjee rolled her eyes, folding her arms.

You raised your eyebrows. “How so?”

“Ugh.” She huffed. “You’re pathetic.”

“And you’ve just run out of comebacks.”

Minjee looked you up and down then took a step towards you. “You really think you’re something, don’t you?”

“Well you’re sure making a big deal out of me, Minjee.” You told her, standing up from the edge of the sofa. You were towering a great deal over her. She glared up at you, narrowing her mascara-laden eyes.

“You’re gonna pay for being such a bitch.” She said quietly.

You rolled your eyes. “Where’s that from? James Bond?”

“God you’re a bitch!” She took another step towards you. Suddenly you felt a sharp pain across your cheek.

“What the hell?” She’d just slapped you!

“You deserve it!” She yelled.

“Are you fucking crazy!” You roared, some of your control going up with the pain in your cheek.

“Maybe, but at least I aren’t so damn stuck-up!”

“Why! Because I work hard and get results?”

“You don’t work hard! You don’t even have any experience! You’re too old!”

“What the heck is – ”

“Excuse me!” Every head snapped to the doorway.

Madame Hyejin stood there, wearing a black pencil skirt and a white blouse. She looked frighteningly tall, and she began walking right towards you and Minjee. You’d both unconsciously stepped away from each other. “What on Earth is going on?” She demanded.

“We – ”

“I – ” Minjee and you began at the same time.

Madame Hyejin looked between the two of you, her hands on her hips. “How dare you both make such a racket! I should send you to Master Jinho right now! What happened?”

No one said anything.

Madame Hyejin looked at you and Minjee, studying you both closely. She looked carefully at your face. “She slapped you?”

You nodded tentatively. You hadn’t wanted to tell her. You didn’t need teachers to know about it – it was your fight.

“She led me on, Ma'am.” Minjee said hastily.

Madame Hyejin shook her head in disgust, her eyes on Minjee. “You know – I don’t care what you were arguing about! That behaviour is absolutely disgraceful!” She snapped back to you. “And for you to react by yelling! You could have walked away! This is absolutely appalling! Ballet Dancers pride themselves on having grace and manners no matter what the situation! By being at this school you adhere to those rules at all times!” She exclaimed, her hands flying up in the air. “I will think of a suitable punishment and you will both come to my office after classes tomorrow. Understand?”

You both nodded.

Madame Hyejin surveyed the rest of the dorm. “Everyone get to bed. And if anyone says a single word they will regret it. Miss (Surname), I would like to talk to you outside for a moment.” She spun on her heel and walked back out.

You followed her nervously.

Out in the cool corridor, Madame Hyejin sighed wearily. For the first time, you noticed the bags under her eyes.

“Miss (Surname) I understand how it must be hard for you to deal with little girls who are two years younger than you, however, you must have patience with them. God knows I do not need this after the past couple of days.” She said, putting two manicured fingers to her forehead.

You suddenly felt guilty, remembering where she must have been. “Ma'am. How is Jiwoo?” You asked.

She gave you a tired smile. “Miss Yang is recovering well. They expect only three more days in the hospital at most.”

“Will she be coming back?” You already knew the answer, but you had to get the confirmation.

Madame Hyejin was already shaking her head. “We don’t quite know how she well she will heal in the long-term, but certainly not this term.”

You nodded slowly. Your poor friend. You had been so consumed in your own drama for the past two days that you hadn’t though much about her.

“She is allowed to have visitors from Saturday on. She asked for you, would you like to go?”

“Of course.” You said nodding frantically.

“Good. Oh, and one last thing – Doctor Hill informed me of your concussion.”

You nodded, swallowing. You didn’t want to have to lie.

“I understand why you did not tell anyone sooner – Miss Yang’s injury was more severe, but I must stress the importance of reporting injuries. I certainly don’t want to have another student in hospital because she went to sleep and could not wake up again. Have you been taking your pills?”

“Yes Ma'am.” Well, you would take them in a minute…

“Good, now go and get some sleep.”

“Goodnight, Ma'am.” You curtsied and went back inside. Everyone else was obediently 'asleep’ and you got into bed quietly.

Madame Hyejin was right – you did have to have patience with your classmates. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t prove your worth on Sunday. To your class, to Taeyeon and to Jimin?

Now you understood – it wasn’t to prove him wrong about you. If what you guessed from your talk with Dawon was correct, then you would not be proving anything to him. You would just be reminding him.

Slowly you drifted of to sleep. The memory of strong hands on your waist, a warm, tall body close to yours…and brown eyes…staring into yours as you stared into them with no pretence, no nervousness…just discovery.

Hawaii part 2- Jimin

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Hawaii - Jimin Story

Parts; Masterlist, One, Two, Three, Four

Pairing; Jimin x Reader

Genre; Romance, Fluff

Word count; 5.232

At first, you just stared at him in shock because you couldn’t have heard that correct right? There was no way he could really mean it, I was just a random girl, a fan nothing more but the minute he cocked his head a bit to the side, you couldn’t help but think that he was actually waiting for your answer.

“Wait you are serious?” you asked insecurely and his eyes went all soft when you asked this in a wavering voice. “I really mean it, please have dinner with me tomorrow.” you nodded your head slowly but he was still waiting for you to say it out loud, so after a few second you finally had mustered up the courage to say the words. “What time?” the smile he gave you rocked your world and you knew you had fallen hard for him but you didn’t want to seem easy so you kept a straight face even though from the inside you were melting.

“I will pick you up at 7 pm, don’t dress to fancy.” you nodded and he quickly pulled you into a hug and held you for at least thirty seconds tightly pressed against his chest and yes you were actually counting the seconds because this just seemed so unreal. “I will see you tomorrow,” he whispered into your ear, giving you goosebumps and the smile that was on his face told you he knew exactly what he was doing to you.

He walked away waving and that’s when Mina returned with the biggest smile ever on her face. “Did Jimin really just hug you?” you nodded completely shocked. “He did and he asked me to have dinner with him,” you told her still in a hesitant voice because it just seemed so unbelievable.

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Could I get a fic for sombra, widowmaker, and mercy where they're at some kind formal event. They don't see their s/o anywhere, but when they eventually do they almost don't recognize them because of how good they look. Their usually quiet and shy s/o is acting pretty suavely and asks them for a dance? I always get super hyped when I see this blog post new stuff. Keep up the good work!


The young hacker was always talented in people-watching. Occasionally she’d go out and check up on her “pets,” which were basically the interesting people of society she kept tabs on. Sombra found formal parties were often the best ways to get info; everyone’s obligated to be polite no matter how nosy the questions, some are liquored up to answer anything, get to know others intimately through dance…But she hated them so much. She had to sit up straight, eat with good manners, and not swear (not even in Spanish). It was nothing like home where she got to sit slouched in her computer chair eating sloppy take-out and cursing at the internet. Plus she had to go through great lengths in cosmetics so nobody would recognize her.

Not to mention the tight dresses. She didn’t understand how her “pets” were able to wear such stuffy things so often! Luckily, her s/o was with her on this mission, so maybe things would be a little more bearable. That is, if her partner would even show. They were supposed to be here half an hour ago! Sombra sat on the edge of the dance floor, watching everyone waltz around and trying to remind herself to sit up straight. Then, through the crowd of people, she spotted someone making their way through the dancers. Narrowing her eyes, she saw that it was her s/o!

They looked stunning, not at all how they looked on regular jobs. Their hair was done up all nice, a pearl necklace/watch on their wrist and a choker necklace/bowtie wrapped around their neck. Her partner smiled a little at her expression–mouth slacked a little and eyes wide. When they reached her, Sombra cleared her throat and shook her head.

“Uh, you look…You don’t look like you normally do on missions,” she said quickly.

“Does that mean I look good?” they chuckled.

“Shut up…” she smirked with a slight blush.

“Why don’t we dance?” they offered, holding out a hand, “Find your pet?”

“Let’s,” she nodded, taking their hand and letting them pull her into the dance.


Amelie saw murder as artistry. But nothing could be so artful as murdering a woman at a ballet. The dramatic music, the expressive dancers, the sniper hidden in the shadows as their scope pointed at the unsuspecting target–the target who would be enjoying their last moments staring at beautiful men and women. She should have been smiling evilly to herself about the whole thing, but she couldn’t help but feel a strange sadness. She stood on the deserted catwalk over the stage, leaning against the railing and staring longingly at the ballerina in center stage.

Widow practiced some of her dance moves in her spare time, but missed performing for large crowds. Her last performance was as Odette in Swan Lake, although for previous performances, she and the Odette dancer would switch roles. She had to admit, there were times she missed being…normal.

“Amelie,” came a soft voice from the other end of the catwalk.

She perked up to see her s/o who was also her spotter. Widow hadn’t seen them all evening since they had been patrolling the crowds for their target to show up. But upon seeing them now, she realized how dressed up they were. In order to blend in, they had to dress up all formal-like in a nice dress/tux which hugged their body perfectly. Widow was in her normal Talon getup, though now she wished she had worn something nice as well.

“W…” her words died in her throat at first, surprised to see them looking so handsome, “What are you doing up here? Shouldn’t you be down zere?”

“I came to tell you the target is on their way,” they explained, “A little late, but she’ll be in her box seat in a few minutes,”

“Why not tell me over your comm?” she asked.

“Security was eyeing me up, and I didn’t want to risk anything, so I thought I’d move up here with you,”

She sighed, “Very well. As long as we still have a target,”

Going back to her sad staring, her s/o approached and asked, “Something wrong?”

Amelie was silent for a few moments, watching the star of the show tiptoe across the stage on point.

“I used to be in the ballet, you know,” she mumbled, her eyes still locked on the stage.

“I know,” they nodded.

“I miss it so…” she sighed.

The star twirled around on stage right, another girl joining her in a duet as the music picked up. It reminded her of all the friends she used to have in the ballet and all the strenuous exercises and warmups they would endure together. But Talon had told her she didn’t need that anymore, though she felt slightly entitled to be only a little nostalgic.

“We could dance with them if you want,” her s/o offered.

“How?” she grunted bluntly.

“From up here,” they shrugged, “No one will see, but…I mean, I know a few ballet moves, so…”

They trailed off awkwardly as Amelie slowly leaned back from the railing, giving them a curious look. She had always practiced solo and in private, lest another agent see and tattle. Carefully she moved into her s/o’s arms, letting them sway her about the catwalk, occasionally letting them lift her. It had been a long time since she danced a duet, and she missed the reassuring arms of someone around her. They danced until the music began to pick up, both the main star and Amelie dancing faster and faster. Suddenly, she pushed off from her lover, spinning away from them on perfect point, pulled out her rifle, and shot the target.

“Smooth as silk,” she purred, “Zat was wonderful, love. Let’s get out of here,”


Mercy had attended many charity balls in her time. Any mention of helping the helpless and she was there, even hosting some of them herself. But this was the first time she had been to one with her s/o, and she was a little nervous for how it would go over. A lot of important people would be there, and she wanted to make a good impression…for charity of course. But her partner was just so tense and shy normally—not at all up for the fancy party scene.

Angela taught them formal ballroom dancing, and they learned it very well. But when she tried to teach them to walk with composure in a dress/suit, they’d always have a self-conscious hunch to their back. She practiced handshaking and conversation-making with them, too, but their hands felt like limp fish and they couldn’t bring up an interesting topic around strangers at all. And holding a martini glass properly was a concept they could never grasp. In the end, Mercy just told them to stay by her side for most of the night, and only to speak unless spoken to.

Now she was just waiting for them to get over their nervous breakdown in the hallway and join her in the ballroom. One of the sponsors and his friends were beginning to ask about them, and Angela wasn’t sure what excuse to make.

“Oh, well they’re just out getting some fresh air before the next dance,” she lied, “It gets a little warm in here with all the guests,”

“They’ve missed about six dances now,” one of the patrons pointed out, “They really shouldn’t miss another and we’re dying to meet them,”


“Hello! Hi! Sorry to keep you waiting!” a chipper voice rang.

Angela turned to see her partner elbow their way into the conversation, their shoulders back and a big smile on their face.

“Ah, you must be Doctor Ziegler’s suitor,” one of the patrons smiled and extended a hand.

Mercy cringed as she watched her s/o take their hand and…give it a surprisingly good shake.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” her partner nodded, “I was just getting a drink when I heard this song. It’s Angie and I’s favorite, so if you’ll excuse us,”

The sponsors all gave them a puzzled look as they hurried off to the dancefloor. Meanwhile, Angela got into the dance with her s/o, one hand on their shoulder and one in their hand.

“That was amazing!” she praised them excitedly, “You really pulled through!”

“Yeah, well I’m screaming internally,” they giggled nervously.

“So long as you don’t scream out loud,” she laughed.

–Mod Sirana

“Fireflies” (ft. BTS’ Jungkook) - Preview

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Royalty!AU; Prince!Jungkook; Princess!Reader; Set in a fictional country, but in 50s-60s timeline; Angst; Fluff; Drama

Warning(s): None atm (since this is only a preview)

Words: 701 (for the preview) 

You hated these parties and you hated them more when they were thrown for you. You barely knew any of these people in your home and yet your mother insists that you should enjoy the ‘pleasantries’.

They were hardly pleasant for you.

During your 7th birthday, you were introduced to the world as the young and only princess of your kingdom. Your parents love you and the crown prince, your older brother, doted on you like you were his daughter, but you just hated the people who only came to these parties for their own ulterior motives.

People parted when you walked by, they showered you with compliments with hopes of gaining the King or the Crown Prince’s favor… They smiled and yet you could see that it hardly reached their eyes.

You hated it, so you escaped the party and went to your secret place—the forest behind the castle.

It was a warm summer night, dewy enough for fireflies to appear. You picked up your skirts and trudged down the muddy path leading to the swamp nearby. You were well aware that your new clothes were being ruined and would probably receive quite a scolding from your mother about palace etiquette.

You sat quietly, the hem of your gown dipping slightly in the water, and waited.

You suddenly heard rustling behind you and a million thoughts entered your head. Was it an intruder? Someone who wanted to abduct you and extort from your family? Was it a carnivorous beast who wanted to skin you to your bones?

You were prepared to run, but you slipped on the mossy pebbles and was falling face first into the water when you felt someone tug your skirt backwards. A boy, around your age, who you recognized as Prince Jungkook from the next kingdom stood before you. In your head, you wanted to berate him for touching you and tugging your clothes as if you were friends, but he already sat by your feet without even asking for your permission.

You were about to say something, but he said, “Ssshh… They’ll get scared.”

He pointed forward and you followed the line from his finger. Slowly, like they whispered amongst themselves and decided to appear one by one, fireflies floated over the untrimmed grass and other flora. You could only gaze in admiration as their reflection danced on the surface of the water.

“So pretty…” You cooed, trying your best not to ward them off with your voice. You tucked your knees against your chest and rested your chin on them. “I wish I could keep them in my pocket and see them all the time.”

“If you do that, they’re going to die.” He said too nonchalantly that you were almost offended. “…but if your mom… I mean, the Queen doesn’t allow you to go see them alone, I can go with you. I’m a prince too, you know. I can protect you.”

You briefly glanced at his face, his wide eyes were still on the fireflies, and maybe you had imagined it or maybe it was the fact that it was a warm summer night, but you could’ve sworn that his cheeks were tinged the right shade of pink.

And that was the catalyst of countless more summer nights, some too cold, some too warm and some just right.

Just as he had sat beside you all those years ago in the murky swamp, he has done so in countless other balls and formalities. He made you laugh with silly faces, completely unbefitting for a prince. Sometimes, when you two were alone, he’d hum a tune or sing a lullaby. He was the one who taught you how to ride a horse, how to shoot a bull’s eye and in turn, you pestered him by teaching him etiquette and cooking. During days that you didn’t feel like being your titles, Jungkook and Y/N had picnics in attic. You hadn’t meant to and hardly anyone expected it, but 10 years have passed and you were still friends.

You’ve never had anyone you can call your best friend before, but somehow, you were sure that he was yours.

And recently, maybe even more.

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How the turtles’ s/o would react to them singing “we are ninja’s”:


Requested by: @irondinosaurbread

How would their s/o react to hearing their boyfriends sing pentatonix’s we are ninjas


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Him and his brothers walked in from a long night, to find you curled up on the couch watching whatever was playing on the TV. You hadn’t really been paying it much attention, but rather waiting anxiously for your love and his brothers to return from the mission. The 4 turtles burst into the lair in a thunder of cheers and laughter, all bright grins and high-threes as they came home. You shot up from the couch, your eyes widening as you spotted your favourite blue clad turtle leading the group, with such a happy expression that your own smile grew twice as large because of it. “I trust it went successfully,” Splinter said with a proud grin, though Leo stalked straight past without answering his question. 

“Y/N!” He yelled with pure delight, and he sprinted to you quicker than you’d seen him move all year. 

“Hey! You’re back!” You laughed as he picked yo up off the ground and spun you around in the air. 

“The Krang won’t be bothering us again anytime soon,” Raphael said with a smile, celebrating with his brothers.

“Oh yeah, we are ninjas, we are turtles, we will save the day!” Leonardo began singing, and dancing wildly with you around the lair. You began laughing too, not entirely sure what had gotten into the leader but not entirely caring either. You were simply happy that he was so happy. “We are someday gonna be the ones to lead the way!” He continued to sing, slightly louder, as the others began to laugh along as well. 

“What the hell is he singing?” Raphael sniggered,watching the blue clad turtle dance and sing like an idiot.

“Who cares? We won!” Donatello cheered, grabbing his brother and beginning to spin him around as well, joining in whatever song Leonardo had made up on the spot.


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Raphael was in the process of beating up his boxing bag when you snuck into his room. He didn’t notice you enter, or hear you take a seat in the corner, and so he continued to practice his combat skills, completely oblivious to your presence. You chose not to say anything either, wanting to see how he would react upon finding you just sitting there and watching him train. 

You had expected to see him talk to himself, he often did that when in a foul mood, but instead you were exposed to something completely and utterly hilarious. And somewhat shocking. 

“We are ninjas, we are turtles, we will save the day.” He sand under his breath, to himself; mercilessly beating the boxing bag to a pulp, “We are someday gonna be the ones to lead the way.” The bag got pummelled a bit more, and then received a kick to the face. As he’d spun around, Raphael must have caught sight of you sitting there and smirking at him, as once his kick landed, he stumbled off balance and fell over. 

“Raphael,” You said flatly, trying not to let your laughter break your straight expression. “Were you singing?”

“What? No! Of course not! Why would you even think that I was? I don’t sing!” Raphael snapped, rambling off looking for anything to say that might make you drop the thought, but all the while his face turned as red as his mask. 

“Of course you weren’t…” You smirked, determine to catch him at it again later. 

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You were sat on the stool in the corner of Donnie’s lab, watching him work on his latest invention. Some special screwdriver thing - science wasn’t your strongest subject - so rather than questioning his latest creation you simply sat at the back of the lab and watched him work. It was the usual, muttering to himself in Japanese, or cursing a mistake he’d made, for the most part - until he started singing softly under his breath. 

“ We are ninjas, we are turtles, we will save the day.  We are someday gonna be the ones to lead the way. Who-oh-oh break out of your shell and let’s go-ooo-oh.” 

You began to giggle quietly to yourself, as Donatello hadn’t noticed that you’d heard him yet, and thus hadn’t looked up to see your reaction. 

“Rising up like steam from a sewer cap, so mean, so green you better watchya back. Slow and steady doesn’t win the race, so quick, so slick, the thrill of the chase.” 

You couldn’t conceal your laughter any longer, and breathing also proved to be a challenge while Donnie carried on with his little karaoke session. 

“Donnie what the hell are you singing?” You managed to ask through your laughter, tears flooding from your eyes as you lost control of your giggling again. 

“It’s uh - umm - a song I kinda - uh - wrote. Ya know, for the guys.” Donnie stuttered, dropping one of his tools upon realising you’d been listening to him all that time. 

Once your laughing had died down a bit, you looked at him with a cheesy smile, “Will you teach it to me?”

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Mikey’s hands shot up in the air, and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. As the controller hit the ground with an audible thud, the orange clad turtle sprung to his feet in a flash and began doing what you could only think of as his ‘happy dance’. Donatello sat beside him laughing - not quite reacting in the same way as his younger, more excitable brother. “OH YE-AH! WE DID IT! OH YE-AH!” Mikey continued to dance, retrieving his nunknucks from the loop on his belt so that he could wave them wildly in the air as he celebrated his victory. “WE ARE NINJAS! WE ARE TURTLES! WE WILL SAVE THE DAY!” He started singing aloud, causing you to burst into fits of laughter. “WE ARE SOMEDAY GONNA BE THE ONE TO LEAD THE WAY! WHO-OH-OH BREAK OUT OF YOUR SHELL AND LETS GO-OOO-OH!” He continued to sing, and dance around on the table like an idiot, while you and Donatello sat laughing your arses off at him.

 “What the hell are you singing, Mikey?” Donatello asked while gasping for air in the midst of his uncontrollable laughter. 

“DONATELLO NEEDS A MASTERPIECE OF PIZZA, FUELLING UP THE FOUR, SHREDDER TRIES TO BEAT YA!” He carried on, as though Donnie hadn’t said anything. “SPLINTER TEACH US HOW TO BRING THE THUNDER - KOWABUNGA!” At this the pair of you laugh even more. 

“If you can’t beat em, join em?” Donnie looked at you with a smile, and you knew what he meant. 

“WE ARE NINJAS! WE ARE TURTLES! WE WILL SAVE THE DAY!” You began to sing louder, standing up to join in with Mikey’s happy dance - and you all celebrated the victory together.

Spring Day

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Spring Day

Parts; One

Pairing; Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Fluff

Word Count; 3.090

Synopsis; Confessing whilst being drunk is not the best move especially when you forget about it.

You woke up to someone ringing your doorbell, which was really annoying and especially because it was still dark outside, You quickly glanced on your phone which said it was 5 am in the morning. This person who was ringing your doorbell better be ready to die did that person know what for a crazy week you had, with all those damn deadlines and taking care of your little niece.

You stepped out of bed and put a robe on before walking to the door. “Ya stop ringing that doorbell!” you shouted at the person behind the door through the speaker. You weren’t wearing your glasses so looking at the screen to see who it was, well that was not going to work, so hopefully, it wasn’t some lunatic. You made your way to the door and of course bumped into something hard. “AISH!” you were holding your knee when you were finally at the door. “Who is it?”

“Just open the door!” this sounded like Taehyung, it better not be Taehyung because it would be a shame to have to kill him, as he was the most adorable fool on this planet but then again why would he risk his life when he knows you don’t like to be disturbed whilst sleeping. You opened the door and met the smiling face of Taehyung, he didn’t give you time to yell as he quickly pushed you back inside. “Get dressed you babo.” he turned you around and pushed you to your bedroom and closed the door when you were in it. You could hear him going around in the kitchen and you were hoping he wasn’t trying to make you breakfast because the last time he tried that, your kitchen almost exploded.

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The Dance Floor Is Ours


When Alya broke her ankle chasing down a story, Nino knew his dream would have to be put on hold. He didn’t want to complain though, after all it was because Alya found out about his desire to competitively dance that they’d been going to lessons throughout the year, but here they were two months away from their first competition and there was no way that Alya would be able to dance.

“I’m just glad you’re alright,” Nino said in all honesty as he sat on the armrest of the couch.

“It was bound to happen one of these days, but I’m so sorry it happened now Nino. I feel terrible.” Alya said as she laid out on the couch.

Nino shook his head though, there was nothing for her to apologize for, but he still resented the situation. Alya’s expression went from remorseful to amused. “Maybe Marinette can be your partner?”

Marinette, who was sitting on the floor by the couch near Ayla’s head made a face. “I become Nino’s partner and you’re not going to be the only one injured!”

“Oh come on Marinette, I’m sure you could dance,” Adrien, who was sitting in the chair almost across from Marinette, said with confidence.

“This isn’t one of those with or without the mask scenarios thank you very much,” Marinette said, sticking her tongue out at the blond who only laughed.

Nino just shook his head at the two bickering. “Don’t worry about it Alya,” he repeated his words he’d said before. He was surprised when he felt a familiar pressure on his shoulder as a chin rested on it and arms wrapped loosely around him. Nino tilted his head to look into the green eyes of the literal model.

“How about this then,” Adrien said in a soft voice, which Nino would even say was sultry. “How about I dance with you?”

“Psh…” Nino smirked. “Thanks, that’s really sweet.”

Adrien stood up straight and shook his head. “No, I’m serious.”

“Adrien, do you know how much practice we’ve gone through all rea- what are you doing?” Nino was now turned around looking at Adrien who had his phone out.

“I’m clearing my scheduled,” Adrien explained simply.

“You’re what?” Nino looked at the man standing by him like he was crazy.

“Nino,” Adrien lowered his phone to look at him. “This is important to you and if there’s one good thing about having a large bank account is that I can afford to blow off things for a few months without any longer term consequences. Besides, I won’t cancel everything. But there’s a lot of things I don’t need to do, or other people are equally capable of doing.”

Nino’s jaw dropped. “You do realize how much work is involved, don’t you?”

“Probably not,” Adrien said with a smirk, “But I think it will be worth it regardless. Besides, I’m not completely new to dance. I’ve had lot of dance lessons over the years.”

“Great,” Alya grumbled. “I have to be indebted to you now!”

“What?” Adrien turned back to the woman lying on the couch. “No you don’t!”

“Yeah, yeah I do.” Alya said in an annoyed tone, but the on her face smirk told the truth that she wasn’t really angry.

“There goes Adrien, being partner of the year again,” Marinette said with an over dramatic sigh.

“Come over here,” Nino beckoned, his voice thick with emotion. Adrien complied and wrapped his arms around Nino once more before kissing him. Adrien leaned away after a moment to look at Nino. Tears were  running down Nino’s face, but he didn’t seem to care.  Adrien gently whipped them away with his thumbs then kissed both Nino’s cheeks.

“As long as this makes you happy I’ll sweat blood and be happy,” Adrien whispered.

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Don’t You Go- Calum Hood Imagine

Thanks to the anon for requesting this, hope you like it :)

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“Don’t you go and carry on with your life. It was a one night stand ‘til I woke up next to you. Don’t you go, saying all your goodbyes. I want a one night stand just one more time with you. So give me one more night with you” -Don’t You Go, All Time Low

“You know what? Fuck you Calum!” You scream, holding up both middle fingers.

“Fuck you Y/n! I can’t believe this!” Calum yelled back, returning the finger.

“Here they go again…” you hear Michael say.

“Can’t everyone just get along?” Ashton chimes in.

“Shut up!!” You and Calum simultaneously scream at the both of them.

“So sensitive gosh…what happened this time?” Luke’s asks, barely walking in the door, having missed tonight’s episode of the Calum and Y/n altercation.

So here’s the thing…you and Michael met at a party some time ago, instantly hit it off and now he’s basically your best friend. And there was nothing to complain about there, he was amazing. Who wouldn’t want him as a best friend? He was an amazing guitarist for one of your favorite bands, was super funny, and gave the best cuddles.

No the problem started when you met the rest of the band, or rather the infuriating bassist. You thought you’d get along with the band, which you did for the most part. You and Luke were cool, Ashton was always fun to be around, but Calum….Calum was a different story.

Since the day you met, you couldn’t help but feel as though he hated you, for what reason you had no idea. As far as you knew, you hadn’t done anything to him. Michael said just to ignore it, that he’ll come around eventually.

It’s been three months, and look where you are now. Would you believe that tonight’s argument began over you ordering vegetarian pizza instead of pepperoni? The mere bickering turned personal, then of course came the shouting.

“You have no consideration for anyone but yourself!”

“Are you kidding me Calum?! I’m not the one throwing a temper tantrum! You have to complain about everything!!”

“What are you even still doing here Y/n? Don’t you have some place to be or is your life that nonexistent?”

“Okkkkk….now I think is a good time for some fun” Michael said, standing between the two of you. “Who’s up for some drinks?”

Now here you were, already four drinks in, laughing and dancing with the guys. Honestly, the only time you could stand Calum was when you both had some alcohol in you. It was only then you both could sort of get along, at least far better than when you were sober.

Tonight was different than other nights. Calum was a really happy drunk, always the life of the party, and always making others laugh. Tonight he even turned his charm on you for a bit, coming to sit right next to you at the bar. It was attention you weren’t used to, but more than happy to receive.

At some point during the night, all the guys found some girl for the night, occupying their attention and leading them to the dance floor. All but Calum that is. That just left the two of you. With the way things were tonight, you were fine with that.

The club started playing “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers, a song you couldn’t help dancing to.  Calum noticed you dancing in your seat and smiled. “Wanna dance?” He asked, but before you could answer he grabbed your hand and led you to the dancefloor. The last thing you remembered was your bodies swaying to the music, his hands gripping your hips, your arms wrapping around his neck….

You woke the next morning with a horrible pounding in your head. “Ugghhh” you sighed, rubbing your hands across your face. That’s when you realized you were not in your own room, and that a strong arm was wrapped around your waist. Your stirring must have woken up the stranger next to you, because suddenly he was nuzzling your neck. “Mmmm…morning beautiful”

It was then that you looked down at the arm wrapped tightly around you, that golden skin and black tattoos you’d recognize anywhere.

“Holy shit! Fucking Calum??!!” You scream jumping up, looking everywhere but straight at him.

“Y/n?” He asks, slightly surprised, but then lightly scoffs to himself. “I can’t believe this…Y/n I-”

“You can’t believe this? Well imagine my surprise. Oh my god…tell me this isn’t happening….”

“You think this was a mistake?”

“You’re joking right? You fucking hate me! And I can’t say that I particularly love you either…”

“Well I can…” He said so softly you barely heard him.  It was then you actually turned to look at him. His hand running through his hair, eyes full of sadness.

“Calum?” He was looking away from you. “Calum…look at me?” After several moments, he finally did, his eyes showing a range of different emotions you couldn’t quite place. “Calum, what did you say?”

He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, he pulled you closer to him on the bed. One arm wrapped around your waist, the other cupping the side of your face. “Y/n…I love you”

“What? Calum-”

“I love you Y/n, there I said it. Y/n-”

“Calum, stop. I mean, you can’t, you hate me!”

“I don’t hate you, I never did.”


“Don’t shut me down now, just hear me out now. I love you Y/n, I think I have since that first time we met. I didn’t know how to act around you, and I thought you were interested in Michael, and I was just so flustered, I took out my frustration on you that night. After that, I couldn’t help but act like a complete dick around you, and for that I’m sorry. I never thought you could ever like me back, but here you are…with me.” He said, pulling you even closer to him. “So no Y/n, I don’t think this is a mistake, having you here makes me happier than anything else ever could. ”

“Calum…” You breathed, tears falling from your eyes.

“Look we’ll figure this out” He said, wiping your tears.

“No…I-I can’t do this Calum. I’m sorry…I just…I can’t” You moved your hands to his bare chest, and pushed him away.

You grabbed your things and rushed to his bathroom to get dressed. When you returned, you found the bed empty. For this you were grateful. You scrambled out of his apartment as quickly as possible.

Once you were back home, it wasn’t long until Michael made his daily visit.

“Y/n! Hey so what you want to do today? ‘Cuz I heard about this new game that-oh my god what happened?” He immediately ran towards you at the sight of tears in your eyes, and wrapped his arms around you.

“Michael…Michael I did something terrible…I don’t even know what to do…”

“Oh come on Y/n, it can’t be that bad”

“No it is…”

“What did you do? I promise I’ll try to understand; you know you can tell me anything”

There was no point in dragging this out any longer. You had to tell him.

“I slept with Calum”

“You what?” Michael asked, pulling away to see your face.

“I slept with Calum. We were both drunk, next thing I know I’m waking up at his place. But that’s not all Michael, he told me he loved me, and I walked away…”

He stared at you for what felt like an eternity. His eyes seeming to pierce your soul. You bit your lip, waiting for him to say something, anything… It was you who broke the silence first.

“Well? Are you just gonna stare at me or you gonna chew me out? Y/n, how did you make such a dumb mistake. Y/n how can you leave my best friend hanging like that? Michael….speak would you?!”

He stared at you a moment longer, then said, “I’ll be back ok?” He gave you one last hug then left.

It wasn’t until the next day that you heard from Michael again.

Your phone rang while eating breakfast, it was Michael nonetheless. “Hello?” You answered. “Be here in one hour” was the only response you got before he hung up.

You were nervous as hell walking up to Michael’s front door to his apartment. You had no idea what to expect, but you knew it couldn’t be good.  You took a deep breath, then knocked on the door. Michael came and opened it seconds later. He grabbed your arm and pulled you to the living room. Luke and Ashton were already on the couch waiting.

“Michael, what’s going on?” You said, really concerned now.

It was Ashton who spoke first.

“Y/n, we need to talk…” He said, standing up.

“It’s about Calum.” Luke added, standing up as well.

“Y/n, he's…well not himself right now. He needs you more than ever.” Michael finished.

“Woah…guys…if anything I’m the last person he wants to see. I’m sure you guys know everything by now, so you should know that.” You exclaimed, putting your hands up in defeat.

They all looked at each other, then back at you.

“What?” You asked, unsure of what was happening.

“Y/n, you haven’t talked to Calum have you?” Michael asked you.

“No…why would I? Even before this drama he’d never call me…” You were really getting worried now.

Luke sighed and pulled out his phone. You heard the familiar beep indicating he was making a face time call. Michael pulled you to the couch, sitting you next to Luke to where you could see the screen but the camera couldn’t see you. After a few seconds Calum answered.

“Hey Luke, what’s going on?” Calum said in a husky voice. He was lying in bed, hair a mess, dark circles under his red rimmed eyes, and eyes still full of the sadness you saw the last time you were with Calum.

“Hey man, how you doing?” Luke timidly asked.

Calum gave a low humorless chuckle. “Been better. You know this.” Calum sighed and closed his eyes. After several long moments he started talking again. “I just can’t believe what happened. I was such a douche bag to her, and I regret that every day. I never meant any of that stuff…and I know it was just the alcohol, and just some random one time thing, but I still want her here with me. Her face being the first thing I see when I open my eyes, that’s more than I could ever want. I had to tell her Luke, I couldn’t keep up the stupid act I put up to protect myself…I told her everything. I told her I loved her for fuck’s sake, and what do I get? She leaves…just like that. It’s what I deserve I guess…”

“Calum. Calum listen to me. You honestly and truly love her?”

“Fuck Luke, of course I do. Have I ever been this hung up on any girl?”

“If you truly love her, put yourself together mate. It’ll work out for the best.”

“She doesn’t love me Luke. She never will, not after how I treated her. I just have to accept that.”


“Look Luke I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later”

The phone when black, then returned to Luke’s home screen.

“See?” Michael asked.

“He needs you Y/n…now more than ever.” Luke added.

“You two haven’t always been on the best of terms. But we’ve seen the way you act with each other, errrrmmm, excluding the fighting. "Ashton said.

"Tell me Y/n, how do you feel about Calum?” Michael asked.

All three boys looked at you, concern in their expressions.

“Calum? I don’t know I….”

Memories of Calum flashed through your mind. Watching Calum play his instrument, the concentration in his expression, the skillfulness of his hands, the love he had for his instrument. You thought of his smile, how those white teeth contrasted so perfectly with his tan skin. His eyes, deep brown but always so cheery and bright. His laugh, how it could always bring a smile to your face. You thought of all the good moments between the two of you. The time you thought he was Michael and splashed a bucket of ice water on him, his sculpted muscles visible through his white t-shirt. He chased after you, laughing, until he caught you, pulling you in for a hug to get you wet too. You remembered the time you wore a short dress when you guys went out, and when you were freezing cold he gave you his jacket. You remembered the previous night, how although you blamed the alcohol, you craved his attention. You remembered the feeling of pulling him close, his lips on your lips, his hands wandering all over you, his body over yours, your nails digging into the broadness of his back…

Then you thought of the last time he saw you. How happy he was to see it was you beside him when he woke up. The sadness he had when he saw you didn’t share his happiness. Finally, you thought of the image of the boy on the screen…utterly heartbroken and devastated.  The mere thought of him brought tears to your eyes. You put your hand over your mouth, finally realizing what had been there all along.

“Y/n?” Michael asked, turning to the other boys. You looked up at them, expressions of worry, concern, and uncertainty on all their faces.

“I’m fine…I just know what I have to do” You said smiling through the tears. You ran towards the door. Stopping in the entrance, you turned towards your best friends. “Thank you…” you said, before leaving for someone else’s apartment…

You knocked on the door three times before he answered.

“Luke I said I didn’t-Y/n?” Calum was shocked to see you here, he was the last person he would ever expect to see right now. He wore only a pair of basketball shorts, his hair was a mess, and there were still circles under his eyes. Still, with one look at him, your heart pounded, and you couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you.

“I’m so sorry” You whispered in his ear, before pulling back a little bit, only to pull him back in for a kiss. He held you tightly, as if afraid you’d disappear if he didn’t. When the kiss finally ended, he put his forehead over yours, relishing in this moment.

After a moment, he broke the silence. “No, Y/n, I should be the one apologizing. After the way I treated you, after all this time. Then suddenly throwing my feelings at you like that…I don’t blame you for your reaction. Not in the slightest.”

“I realize now that I was wrong Calum, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it right away. I love you too Calum, so very much. You told me that you love me, is this still true?”

“Always” He smiled, pulling you into yet another kiss.

This was only the beginning of a beautiful relationship….


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