if only they would have kept the camera on her face


An impromptu fic I wrote on Facebook last night. I’m just posting this here now because I was really sleepy. x) ENJOY!

Short and simple. That was how the wedding went, and how they liked it really. Surrounded only by their family. They’re finally married, in the sunset.

As Martha began to lead Jim, the minister, and Alexis towards the small champagne table, Jim took out his camera and snapped a photo of the newlyweds. The joy and elated look at his daughter’s face, along with her new husband’s ecstatic look, captured in a single moment. Oh! How he wished Johanna was here; she would have been very proud and very happy that her only daughter married the love of her life. But he knew that his wife is tremendously happy that the man her only child married is the one who kept up with her stubbornness, the one who loves her no matter what her flaws are, the man who stayed with her even if she tried pushing him away, the man who saved her in more ways than one, he who treats her with utmost respect. He wiped the few tears that dropped on his cheeks, happy that his, their daughter found this man.

“Dad?” Kate asked, approaching him. “Is something the matter?”

“Just dust,” he replied, smiling. “Martha’s calling. I must go.”

He walked away from them towards the champagne table, not that he was going to drink a lot. Just a toast to the newlyweds.

“Is something wrong with Jim?” Castle asked his new wife.

“I think he’s being nostalgic,” Beckett said. “He may have remembered mum.”

“I wish she was here and I could have known her,” Castle said.

“She really would have loved you,” Kate replied, smiling wistfully.

They looked at their loved ones for a moment, toasting them, toasting their happy ending, that they finally did it.

“Mrs Castle,” Rick whispered.

“Hm,” Beckett hummed, savouring her new name.

“May I have this dance?”

She looks at him, a little confused. “There’s no music.”

Castle whips out his iPhone, smiling as he presses play and their song starts. She smiles at him and takes his proffered hand. Together they sway to their song, their first dance as husband and wife.

After a few minutes, Kate whispers into his ear, “It’s perfect.”

Rick smiles and pulls her closer, still swaying to the music, oblivious to the world around them. They made it. She’s his and he’s hers. Mr and Mrs Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle.

A few feet from them, Jim took out his camera and captured that moment.