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Genre :: Angst 
Pairing :: Taehyung x Reader
Warning(s) :: Strong Language, Violence, Drugs reference, Some Sexual Content (mostly later in the story)

Author here~~ I hope you enjoy this series TuT im working hard on it i swear, PT 1 is a little bit of a mess just bare with me <333 Ok ily all

12 years ago
Loud crashes and bangs rumbled in the lower area of a some what drab house. The creaking of floor boards was loud against the crash of plates and chairs being thrown about. This was your lullaby, your drunken mother throwing fits, combating your older sister as she struggled to get her to take her medicine and sleep.. Usually these fights lasted no more than an hour, but tonight it felt like an eternity.
You, 8 years old at the time, pulled your gray covers up to your nose, tear soaked cheeks burning with anger and sadness. The frantic sound of your creaking stair caught you by surprise. The door to your bedroom flung open before quickly slamming shut, the lock clicking. You pulled your covers over your eyes, closing them tightly as you heard your drunk mother screaming from the base of the stairs. Your sister stumbled towards your bed, taking you in her arms to embrace you, “Y/N, look at me” She pushed your hair from your face, looking at your doll like features, such a young child… “Just go to sleep ok, no matter what you hear just sleep” She kissed your forehead softly, tucking you in…
She stood, despite your begs for her to stay she opened the door, clicking the lock and shutting it once more…

“You bitch what did you tell her!”

“Nothing, go drink yourself to sleep!”

“Im not a drunk!”

You had enough, you pushed yourself from your bed grasping your school bag, slinging it over your shoulder, you took a blanket in arms… You quietly tiptoed to your window, opening it causing it to creak softly.. Lucky for you, your living room/kitchen area was more like a luxury basement (meaning it was underground) so you could carefully step out of the window.. Once you did you took off down the road, you didnt look back, not even for a moment.
You ran all night, sleeping on a bench near your school, the only place you knew in town besides the slums you lived in..
“Y/N-ah~ Wake up you cant nap outside silly!” a little boy’s voice echoed in your brain, prying you from your sobbing slumber. You linked your eyes open, wincing at the light in your eyes.. “Taehyungie?” you grumbled pushing yourself up, wiping the crust from your eyes.. “Come on Y/N-ah its time for school” He said gripping your wrist, pulling you towards the building.. Taehyung was too a boy of a not so good past, only having his sister and her shit bag of a boyfriend. Always pushing him around, hitting him, yelling at him… You two lived in the same ratty neighborhood and had been friends since you could remember…
You yanked your hand from his grasp “No Tae… I-I cant go to school..” You turned away heading towards town when you heard his bag jingling behind you-

“Well i guess ill just have to come with you- where are we going?”

“i dont know..”

Present Day-

The yell echoed from the bathroom of your apartment, you rolled your eyes at the call. You and Taehyung, ever since that day, had been together, when your sisters found you, when  you graduated, when you got jobs, met your bestfriends, entered college, and now in this apartment.. You werent dating, but you were very close, if that wasnt obvious enough-

“UNDER THE SINK TAEHYUNG I TELL YOU THIS EVERY TIME, I swear you shirt wayyyy to much”
You heard the cabinet door slam then the flush of the pipes, the door to the restroom creaking open. “I heard that you know” Taehyung huffed adjusting his belt. He wore a blue leather jacket, black jeans, and a white crew neck t-shirt. You only chuckled at him, the boy smirking at you as you walked closer to him.
You gripped his jacket at the collar, adjusting it so it folded evenly, moving your hands to smooth out the leather on his shoulders. “I know, you were meant too” you smirked up at him, he only offered a roll of his deep brown eyes as he playfully nudged you.
You chuckled turning on your heels heading for the kitchen. “Y/N-ah you should get dressed, we are meeting the boys for dinner rememberrrr?” he cooed to you from the doorway of the long horizontal hallway which had your bedrooms, bath, and a small closet.
You turned towards where is voice was, the small open area of your apartment was quite simple. A couch, small coffee table, a lamp, tv, and a large bean bag chair was all that took up the living area.
As for the kitchen it was simple, the counter covering the small wall near the entrance of your apartment, an L shaped bar area branching off along the wall the hallway entrance was located on. Of course you had your fridge, oven, sink, but other than that was a small fold-able table with 2 plastic chairs. You looked to where your balcony was located, a wall of windows with a rickety old sliding glass door. Out side the vertical shades was another small table and two chairs, just for when you too wanted to laze about.
The walls were a meek off white, faded in age, the floor scratched but still a deep brown…

“Hello? Y/N?”

“Oh yeah, i should change”

A few hours had pasted, you all had finished your dinners and you were now sitting at a long table just hanging around, 6 boys, not including Taehyung, were seated around you. Along with 2 girls, clung to the arms of Jungkook and Jimin. It hurt a little to see them laughing a kissing, that emptiness in the pit of your heart ached everytime. However, Taehyung was there to remind you he had your back…
You were seated close the wall, a close friend Yoongi sat on your right, Taehyung to your left, and in the three seats in front of you were Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok.. Leaving the love birds at the far left side. The boys were all talking and having fun, reminiscing about the old neighborhood you all lived in, the school you went to which was now shut down, even the old park you all played in… You were all so grown up now, but they all agreed the one that neer changed was you..

“Y/N is still as quiet as she was in school”

“Yah! She really still is”

You just smiled, resting a hand on Taehyung’s knee, he offered you a smile as you rested you head on his shoulder. The whole night you had been pretty quiet, the only thing crossing your brain was how many times you beat Tae in games of rock paper scissors you held under the table.

“so are you two a thing?” The girl linked to Jungkook asked, gesturing to you and Taehyung.. You just looked at each-other for a moment, smiles creeping onto your faces as you both busted into laughter. Your loud chuckles echoed in the drab and rather empty restaurant, the girl, Jennie, was rather new to the group, so this sparked a confused look on her features.
Through loud chuckles you spoke “Oh nooo, Taehyungie is my bestfriend” You wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly
“Yeah Y/N-ah and I are just friends”

“Shes too cute for Taehyung anyways” Yoongi said slyly, craning his head to smirk at Taehyung, they always teased eachother. Even when you all were younger, Yoongi was 2 grades ahead of you and some of the others. But him and Tae always playfully butt heads, especially over you.. You found it cute, even now, knowing they couldnt possibly be serious… right?

“Hey now” You said gently shouldering Yoongi as you settled back against Tae, you played with his long fingers, gently tugging them and moving them, in your own little world.

‘Tae youre drooling over there’
'am not’
'are too’

'stop fighting like children’
'youre not my mom Jin’
'might as well be’

You looked up at them all, heart strings being yanked in all directions as they all talked, “Joonie” you said softly, reaching your hand out to touch his. He looked at you a bit puzzled, smiling, cocking a brow. His dimpled tan cheeks a little red from your sudden touch, “Ah, Y/N what is it?” He asked leaning back in his seat, his gaze was always so seductive, even when just casually speaking, it was a quality about him no one could take away really-

“Why dont we go explore the old school or something, we havent really gone on an adventure and Jin’s truck has enough room”

“Ah that sounds fun!” the boys all rejoiced in agreement, however Jennie shifted a bit looking at Jungkook, then to Jimin and JiSoo, she seemed to whisper something to them before standing, “I-I think i might just go home”
You almost forgot, Jennie wasnt from around here, so she didnt go to school with all of you… You felt embarrassed, reaching across the table to grasp her wrist, “Hey, Im sorry, itll be fun we can show you around” You said smiling softly… It took a bit of convincing but before you knew it you all piled into the truck, You, Taehyung, and Hoseok sitting in the Bed of it while the others crammed into the cab.

As the car pulled into the abandoned parking lot and everyone made their way out of the truck, you yourself jumped out of the back, only to be confronted by a horrid scene. You felt your heart stop as a few figures came towards your group. The man in the middle of them stood with immense swagger, wearing a black crew neck, navy blue ripped jeans, and some sneakers… You knew exactly who he was by his slicked back blond hair which was under a backwards cap..

“Y/N, Hooligans, Fancy meeting you here~”

to be continued

It’s Complicated: Part Four Preview #2

                                      “ITS COMPLICATED”

SUMMARY: Shorter than most, your frame had shown a curve much different than a Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, glasses along your ears to match. Hired on as an assistant to the avengers - dealing mostly with the technology side, you werent keen on being surrounded by them. It wasnt until you realized, the moment you met Bucky Barnes - you knew your life was now going to become complicated, falling for a man you knew in your heart could never fall for a girl like you.

Notes: lil bit of leading up to sexy times happenin.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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Title: Oblivious

Word Count: 2364

Character: Sam x Reader

Request: could you do a sam oneshot where the reader is really shy and oblivious to sam’s flirting. She’s so naive when it cames to the topic of romance and flirting, she doesnt even had her first kiss. She is not a flirt and when she does flirts she isn’t even aware of it. And like she doesn’t wear dresses and doesn’t hunt but is a very common person among hunters who asks for help in cases like bobby :) could you make it like a long fic so i never have to go back to harsh reality :D thank you (ily btw)

If you’re taking one shot requests, can I please request one where the reader and Sammy are dating and she’s super snuggly. Like she lays on top of him and he loves it. Maybe one night he comes home really late from a hunt and sees her curled up in a ball of blankets and having bad dreams and as soon as he lays down she’s rolling over to snuggle her Sammy :)

can you do a Sam imagine where Sam is trying to get the reader to go out and do something but she won’t stop reading and in order to get her to listen to him he sits on her lap? idk I just think that would be really cute 

A/N: I decided to combine those three requests because they were all so super cute! A big thank’s to sam-winchester-imagines who helped me with connecting the requests with each other. I really hope you like it! Flashbacks are in italics!

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Your head was rested against Sam’s comfortable chest. His arm wrapped around your shoulder and his lips pressing a short kiss on top of your hair. You were able to inhale his scent and snuggled closer to his chest after he had wrapped one of his flannel shirts around you.

You just loved cuddling with the younger Winchester and watching a movie with him. He kind of was your personal blanket and always made sure that you were warm. Like he had done it just a few seconds ago with his flannel shirt.

He was your best friend. The one you could talk to about whatever was keeping you awake at night. He came running to your room when you had one of those terrible nightmares, he slept next to you in bed when there was a storm outside. He made you soup when you were ill and he told you that he loved you when you were upset. Sam was always there for you and treated you like the most gorgeous girl in the world, even though you werent. You never wore dresses or other girly stuff. You just loved your jeans and plaid shirts too much for it.

Although you were close to Dean as well, it was different with Sam. It always had been. Everytime he was around you felt butterflies in your stomach which you tried to ignore. You had stronger feelings for him, you knew that. but you were aware that to Sam you were only like a younger sister. You weren’t a flirt. You weren’t pretty. You didn’t even knew how to make the first step and hell, you didn’t even had your first kiss. What in the world would a guy like Sam want from a girl like you?

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Niall imagine for Zoe

“So, what time are we heading off? ” you asked niall as you padded through the ensuite, toothbrush hanging from your mouth and nialls old jumper hanging off your body, “about ten, I said we would be there for around eleven” he yawned, rolling over in the bed to get away from the light that was shining in from the bathroom.  You spat out the toothpaste into the sink and grabbed the towel to dry your face “Get up then lazy head! Its already gone nine!” You shouted through to niall. A loud moan sounded through into the bathroom and you giggled to yourself as you heard him curse after tripping over, “your shoes are a bit of a hazard zoe” he grumbled, “oh shhh! You should just watch where your going” you laughed back, walking back into the bedroom to see a very sleepy, slightly irritated, half dressed Niall. “Come on grumpy, breakfast” you rolled you eyes to him when his blue eyes lit up at the mention of food, “full english breakfast? ” he asked, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you back into him. You turned you head to see the cheeky irish boy eagerly watching you, “dont push it” you chuckled, tapping the end of his nose and walking away, leaving him and his puppy lip to sulk whilst you made your way to the kitchen to make some cereal.
Today you were going to see Nialls brother Greg, his wife Denise and their baby Theo and you were super excited.  You had been seeing Niall for a few months now but still hadn’t had the chance to meet Greg and his family because of niall being away so much but you were visiting ireland with niall so you finally had the chance.The drive to Gregs was just under an hour but you wanted to make sure you set off a little earlier just incase you got lost…
After breakfast,  you and niall got changed and set off to meet nialls brother. The drive wasnt long and no thanks to niall, who insisted you were he was driving in the complete opposite direction,  you didnt get lost.
“Well, this is it!” Niall drummed against the steering wheel after pulling up onto the drive, “you ready?” He asked you. You stared at the little house infront of you and for some reason, ypu couldnt help but feel a bit nervous.  It was silly really but you really wanted them to like you so desperately wanted to make a good impression.  “Your not scared are you?” Niall questioned after you hadnt replied,  amusement clear in his tone. “No, im not scared” you lied, “im just… im just preparing myself” you told him, taking in a deep breath and opening the car door, “its okay to be scared zoe” niall chuckled, completely ignoring your explanation and walking round the car to meet you. He took your small han din his large one and some of the nerves disappeared,  “after all, they are reeeealy scaring people” he whispered into your ear jokingly.  Your body stiffened for a fraction of a second but the low laughter vibrating from niall eased your muscles again. “Shut up” you groaned, if it wasnt for the fact that you needed nialls hand wrapped around yours to relax you, you would yank it from him and walk right into the house in your own just to prove you werent nervous.
But you were. And niall was the only one who could help that, unfortunately…
You reached the front door and just as niall reached out to knock, it opened and you were greeted with a smiley woman, dressed in jeans and a jumper with a baking pinni tied around her waist. Her blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail at the back of her head and she held a small, excited baby boy in her arms; Theo. “Niall! Zoe!” The woman sang, hugging you both with her free arm, “its so lovely to finally meet you! ” she beamed at you, “its great to finally meet you to!” You smiled back. “And niall!  Yoy get more handsome every time I see you!” She giggled, causing niall to blush and laugh it off.  “Come in, come in” she walked inside and you followed, closing the door behind you. The house was cosy and very homely and you began to feel much more comfortable,  “Greg!  Niall and Zoe are here!” Denise shouted up the stairs, “coming!” a deep voice shouted back.  Seconds later, you heard thuds comig from upstairs and greg appeared at the top of the staircase, “hey pal!” Niall walked towards the stairs, “long time no see” greg greeted his little brother with a huge hug and you watched in awe at the two brothers, they were so alike!
After talking with greg and Denise you had quickly gotten to know them and they were so lovely,  you dont know why you had been so nervous,  they were nialls family, of course they were going to be lovely!
“If you two want to go out tonight,  we will look after Theo” niall offered,  smiling down at the cute little boy that sat gurgling on his knee. “Oh no, we couldnt make you do that!” Denise laughed, “honest! Its fine!” Niall insisted, “well, its been a while” greg chimed in, looking to Denise, “are you sure you wouldnt mind? I dont want you to feel like we are just using you as a babysitter? ” denise looked to niall and me, “come on, I want to look after him, hes my nephew!” Niall laughed as theo tried to eat the corner of the cushion on the couch, “we can see that” greg laughed. “Okay, well if your sure?” Denise smiled, “we are sure” you assured her, “well then, greg, book us a table! Thankyou so much you two!” She beamed,  “i best go and get ready!” She quickly ran upstairs and greg left the room to call the restaurant and book a table. “Well, looks like its just us tonight!” Niall patted the seat beside him and you sat down happily next to him, “and this little man”.

You said your goodbyes to Greg and Denise and stood at the door to wave them off, “if you need anything, just give me a call, yiu have my number right? And remeber that if he wont sleep, you cam just give him his dummy” she called as she stood next to the car, the door open and geg waiting for her to get in, “we know, we know, get going, youll be late! We will be perfectly fine” niall shooed her away. Eventually after running through everything one more time, denise left for dinner with greg and you and niall walked back into the living room. “Jesh! Youd think id never held a baby before!” Niall laughed, “shes just stressed, this is her first time leaving him” you assured him, placing theo down to play on his mat. You walked over to niall and smoothed your hands across his broad chest, “so, what do you want to do?” You asked, “well… theo has to go to bed in half an hour so maybe we could play with him for a bit then watch a film later on?” He suggested,  caressing your cheek with his soft fingers, “sounds good” you grinned.
As you played with theo you felt niall watching you, “what?” You asked innocently,  looking up from theo to meet his shining blue eyes, “nothing” he smirked and continued to watch you. You felt your cheeks heat up  from his intense gaze but you tried to ignore the heat rising in the pit of your stomach. It soon came to theos bed time and niall insisted in taking him up so you followed close behind. He took him into his nursery and laid him down in his cot, soothing him with sweet words. You lent against the doorframe of the bedroom and watched as niall sat down next to the cot, completely unaware that you were standing in the doorway. “One day, little man” niall began saying, “one day, youll be all grown up like me and if your lucky enough, youll find a special girl like zoe and you will fall in love with and dont get me wrong little guy, there will be times when it will get hard and you might feel like giving up, but you will get through them because of her. She will help you through and you will need her just as much as she needs you. And when you find her, you cant let her go because youll soon realise, she is your everything” he seemed so sure about the words that fell effortlessly from his mouth. A warm tear rolled down your cheek and you took in a sharp breath to stop yourself from crying with happiness. The words niall spoke to the little boy who watched him curiously touched you in a way you had never known.  You knew niall loved you, but hearing him speak the words like he did left you feeling amazing, like a while zoo of butterflies were goung crazy in your stomach. Theo still wasnt sleeping so niall began to sing, “and youll never love yourself half as much as I love you,  and youll never treat yourself right darlin but I want you to. If I let you know im here for you…” nialls soft voice echoing through the room was enough to completely tip you over the edge and run into the room to smother him in kisses so you forced yourself back downstairs and sat down on the couch, waiting for him to return. Moments later, the door behind you sqeaked open and niall walked through, joining you on the couch. “Is he okay” you quietly asked, “yeah, hes fast asleep” niall replied,  pulling you into him as the two of you got comfortable, “I just gave him a little advice” he chuckled into your hair, gently kissing the top of your head. “What was it about? ” you sheepishly asked, “just some stuff, uncle to nephew kinda thing” he whispered into your ear. You smiled and the heat in your stomach returned but this time you didnt ignore it. You turned your head and met nialls soft lips, kissing him gently, completely catching him off guard. “What was that for?” He mumbled against your lips when you pulled away, “I heard you singing” you whispered, not completely answering his question but he didnt ask anymore, instead he brought his hand up to your hair, tugging on small strands before leaning back in to kiss you once more, passionately this time.  The warmth if his mouth against yours sent your pulse racing and you unwillingly pulled away before you lost complete control of yourself, theo was just upstairs and Denise and greg could come back at any time. “Ill put the dvd in” you whispered, your breathing uneven. Niall quickly nodded and you hurried to the tv to put the film in “looks like we are watching lady and the tramp” you giggled, “theo doesnt have a huge range to choose from” you held up the three dvd cases you had to choose from, “its either thomas the tank engine,  peppa pig or lady and the tramp” you told niall, “yeah lady and the tramp it is then!” He laughed back. You shoved the dvd into the tv and skipped back over to the couch, laying down infront of niall so he fit perfectly arounf your body, his arm drapped across your body and pulled you back closer. As the film began and the title Flashed up onto the screen, nialls liquid voice travelled to your ears, sending shivers down your spine, “some day, we will have a family of our own”. Goosebumps travelled across your skin at the dream of having a family with niall and your heart melted, “I love you” you murmured,  “I love you too, zoe” he spoke back, his words brimming with sincerity.  He really was perfect.

I hope you like it! :) xx
Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I didnt have time to check over it…