if only she were made of cookies

The first thing Marinette did after finding out that Chat was Adrien was, in fact, not take the posters and pictures off her walls.

Oh, she thought about it (because, seriously, it was embarrassing, and the second he realized that Marinette was Ladybug and that Marinette was a shameless fangirl he would never let her live it down), but, in the end, she had to stop and just… look at them.

Because that was her silly kitty striking all those ridiculous poses, her silly kitty working hard — her silly kitty working for Gabriel Agreste, and whether he was his child or not, that was impressive as hell.

Looking at them didn’t give her that little punch in the gut anymore, she found. They didn’t make her feel giddy or lightheaded of anything of that sort anymore.

They just made her feel warm.

Hey, she wanted to say — not that she could, or that anyone would listen, but still, look at what my partner did! Isn’t he good?

It also kind of made her want to know what was going through his head in some of them, because she knew him, and knew there was no way he’d be able to pull off some of those expressions without thinking something utterly ridiculous.

On the other hand, there were some that were just so him she couldn’t believe she’d never seen it before. Casual elegance with warm humor and soft smiles — the only expressions she couldn’t seem to find was those absurd(ly charmin— nope, nope, nope, not going there) — absurd grins she loved so much.


Did she say loved? She meant hated, obviously; they were so annoying! He was annoying. No amount of model-level looks could change that. Obviously. She didn’t know what she was thinking!


She found herself going through her collection, a little ache making itself known in the pit of her heart as it became more and more obvious that ‘reserved’ and 'elegant’ were the only sorts of pictures she had.

It hadn’t bothered her before she’d known he was Chat — back when he was more of an unattainable dream than anyone in particular — and to be sure, Chat could be elegant anytime he wanted, but…

It was a little like a cookie without real butter. Still a cookie, no doubt about that, but… something was missing.

Maybe it wasn’t quite so surprising that she’d never made the connection after all.

But, well, missing parts or no, she still had pictures of her dumb kitty all over her walls, intentionally or otherwise, and…


It was embarrassing, but her walls felt almost unbearably lonely as soon as she tried taking them down.

There were worse things to cover one’s space with, she figured.

And then she put them back up.

“A couple of weeks ago I saw an episode of Sofia the First, and to my luck, it was the one with Tiana’s appearance on it. She is not only my favorite princess, but what she told Sofia really spoke to me. I am not able to afford gift for every family member because I am from a huge family, and when Tiana said that her cooking was her gift gave me an idea; I recently learn to bake at school, so I made cookies for my family. Turns out they were good because they want me to do more for New Year.”


In This World
And The Next
And All The Ones Before


“Why did you come here?” Nesta asked as he placed his head in her lap. There were a million other places he could’ve gone. Either of his brother’s, his best friend who thought she was stuck-up… And yet, he showed up at her door past midnight with a request.

“Hold me,” he had asked her, leading her to the couch he had once made fun of for being purely decorative and unreasonably stiff. He was stone cold sober, she could tell, and wasn’t sure whether to be surprised or concerned that that couldn’t be his excuse to have appeared at such an ungodly hour. Especially after not hearing from him for over a week.

“I couldn’t stay away,” he murmured. “I know you don’t mind.” He boldly and correctly assumed, then noted, “You’re wearing my shirt.” The one he had dropped off at her office when she felt like she was suffocating in her tight blouse. It was his favorite shirt, but he thought it looked better on her anyway.

“So what if I am?” She was wearing the watch he had given her, too. It was nothing too fancy, but he had grown tired of her losing track of time and using “no watch” as an excuse when she showed up late to dinner and apologized with a kiss. He never minded the apology kisses, though.

“And you’re about to run your fingers through my hair because I’m so irresistible to you.” He teased, but she could hear the exhaustion that coated his already husky voice.

Cassian had found her and it took a lot of courage and pride-swallowing to do it. No one ever cared enough to do that for her. No one.

Tentatively, Nesta placed her hand on his back as he made himself at home on her thighs.


Nesta ran her fingers through his thick ebony locks. Though still long, he had cut it since she saw him last. As though he had freshened up just for her.

Again, she felt like utter shit for yelling at him, saying that he was both scared or incapable of change of any kind. She didn’t want him to change. Not his personality, not his appearance, not his life, not his friends nor his job. Cassian was the best thing she ever had.

She thought herself a hypocrite… Cassian had come into her life- or more accurately she into his- And what? Showed her what honor was? Reminded her of how suffocating her life in the town is? How much potential she has in life…and love? He shook her, woke her up.

Cassian was an old soul, but it was Nesta who truly didn’t like change.

In her experience, change was bad. Change meant her mother dying. Change meant her father losing their money before joining her mother in death. Change meant her baby sister resenting her and fighting with her.


Change with Cassian meant warmth…unconditional warmth. This was unfamiliar territory.

“What are you doing awake?” He relaxed his body, nearly purring at the affection she was giving him. “Your lights were on.”

She didn’t want to lie. She didn’t want to snap. Not when she had shown that he could be vulnerable with her- in his way. “I missed you.” Truth, as she had barely slept since their fight. “I was writing about it.”

“About me?” His belly rumbled with a laugh for a moment. He quickly became serious, not wanting to ruin the moment. “I missed you too, Nes. I drive past here every day when I take the logs to town… I park at the end of your drive before convincing myself that you don’t want to see me.”


Nesta’s hand slid down his back as she leaned down to kiss his shoulder and inhale the pine scent she had so desperately missed. “I did want to see you,” she whispered. “I always want to see you. Even when I’m mad. Even when I’m sad. Especially then.”

“I’ll keep that in mind next time I lose my patience and let you walk out the door.” He meant it. She knew he meant it. In a small voice he asked, “Can we be okay now, Nes?”

In an equally quiet voice she whispered, “I’d like that.” More than anything she wanted him, wanted them. Wanted their present and future.


It only felt natural when Nesta folded herself onto him, covering his body with her own. As if they had done it in a million worlds before, and she hoped they would in the next million.

Silently, she thought of why and how she had fallen in love with him…

He challenged her, though was never condescending. And he let her challenge him without running away scared. People always thought she was a bitch…maybe she was… But he would ride out a conversation with her till the very end.

When they first met, they thought they could hardly stand one another. She secretly liked that he didn't​ treat her like glass. Like she was worth the breath it took to volley an argument or discussion. No matter how angry, he always listened to her, always saw her.

On the anniversary of her broken engagement and one of the worst nights of her life, she had gone out alone and got utterly shitfaced and was unable to reach a cab service.
She didn’t want Feyre to know or Elain to be worried, and she didn’t have much in the way of friends, so she called him. The person whose opinion she thought she didn’t care for…
Staggering out of the bar, he picked her up and carried her to his truck. Didn’t even complain when they pulled over twice so she could vomit.
That was the first night he stayed over. He got the vomit out of her hair and braided it back before tucking her into bed. He slept on the sofa and left her an omelette and smoothie in the fridge before sneaking out, writing her a note with his home number to call in case she needed or wanted a decent drinking buddy, and that she wouldn’t have to go to some dive that scared even him.

On their first date, he held his hand out for her to take. “In case you get nervous,” he said as she interlaced her fingers with his. “You can hold onto me and hide your face in my chest, too if you get scared.” She did get scared, but he didn’t push it. Though he didn’t have the decency to hide his smug grin when she yelped and clutched his bicep during the big jump-scare scene.
She surprised him by later admitting, “I knew I was safe the whole time.”
He raised an eyebrow, “Because of me? I’m flattered, sweetheart.”
“Because of me, actually.“ She played with the buttons of her coat. “Rules of horror.”
He stopped in his tracks and folded his arms. “I’m not following.”
She felt safe with him, and wanted to let him in. But she wasn't​ used to being vulnerable, so she closed her eyes when she uttered, “I’m a virgin.”
Eyes still closed, Nesta heard Cassian’s soft intake of breath before she felt him.
He put his hands on her shoulders and whispered, “That’s okay.” She opened her eyes and couldn’t stop herself from hugging him. The smug bastard, ex-fighter, lumberjack with a heart of gold. He assured her that there was no shame in her sexual status. “Promise to shield me? I’m definitely not a virgin and I’m not white, so my life expectancy is fucking abysmal. Plus, I probably make too many jokes.“ He shrugged. “I’d outlive Rhys, though, which is a consolation…”
She laughed at him. He made her laugh. She never laughed before him. Not like this, not genuinely.

He made her laugh harder than she ever had before when he karaoked, “I’m the Only One,” by Melissa Etheridge to cheer her up after a long work week. His shamelessness and big heart were the most attractive qualities about this ruggedly handsome man.

When all the trees had been sold because she waited last minute, she went home to find him waiting at her door with the most beautiful Christmas tree she had ever seen in her life. He helped her put the star on top and made his famous eggnog while she baked the only thing she knew how: chocolate gingerbread cookies.

When she needed to talk, he would drive. Even in the middle of the night. Driving until she was ready to open up.
One night he drove to the cliffs just outside of town and they got out. Sobbing and slamming her fists at his chest, she recounted something she never told anyone.
She and Elain had been kidnapped. They had been saved, but not after they had nearly drowned.
A year later, he found them again. Elain stabbed him on sight. Nesta, not wanting her sister to have blood on her hands, finished the job so he could never hurt them or anyone else again.
Screaming in anguish, he held her close. Reminding her that nothing could harm her here, with him. She asked if he was scared of her and he told her he wasn’t, he never could be. He took her hand and placed it on his heart, vowing to protect her and those she loves until his heart stopped beating.
She kissed him that night and she hadn’t been able to stop since.

They took it fast. They took it slow.
She knew he wanted to have sex with her from the first moment they had been introduced. Cassian was passionate, and he let that passion flow into any aspect of their relationship that he could.
For her birthday, he had half-jokingly offered to go down on her. She dragged him away from the party and to his room, telling him that they could both give birthday spankings… They did. Cassian thoroughly enjoyed getting spanked by his birthday girl.
When she lifted her skirt up and removed her underwear she hoped he wouldn’t notice the few and small opalescent marks above her knee, on her inner thigh. But he did. Of course he did. He noticed everything.
“That’s what happens when your adolescent growth spurt mercilessly hits you like a ton of bricks,” she said as he used the tip of his fingers to graze the slight dips in her otherwise perfect skin.
He tried and failed to imagine a time in which Nesta was gangly or awkward, so he pressed his lips on each of the marks before hitching her legs over his shoulders.
And he went down on her. Making sure she was comfortable before he quickly darted his tongue on her bundle of nerves. It was amazing, and she wanted more. So he gave her more. Inserting two fingers and massaging her insides slowly, dragging the tips along the ceiling of her temple.
When he finished her off, she moaned his name and nearly ripped his hair out.
Before rejoining the party, he held her until she stopped shaking. Whispering phrases in Spanish that she didn’t find out the meaning of until much later…
“Eso fue hermoso. Eres hermosa…”
“Eres incluso más dulce de lo que imaginé. Como la miel…”
“Si me lo pidieras, enviaría a todos a casa y te lamería toda la noche.”

Sighing aloud, she continued reminiscing on the reasons she loved him, then and now. Right now it was because he was warming her heart and body with his own.

Unbeknownst to Nesta, Cassian was also thinking of the reasons why he loved her, why he couldn’t stay away.

Nesta was as tenacious as she was magnificent. Quick witted and scrappy. He knew many fantastic women, but Nesta was on a completely different level.

He could be all of the sides of himself with her. It terrified him, to be like an exposed nerve, but he knew Nesta would settle for no less and would not open up otherwise. Nor should she, after all she had been put through in her life. He could be happy with her. He could let his weaknesses be known. He could talk with her when he needed to, or be quiet and contemplative.

He talked about his childhood. His early childhood. He said he was likely “smuggled over the border with bricks of cocaine” and tossed away. Rhys’s mother fostered him, though he didn’t make it easy on them, and then legally adopted him. A few years later, Azriel showed up and everything changed. He never forgot the kindness and generosity she showed him. He mourned her and Rhys’s sister every day and never again wanted to take for granted any good thing that came into his life.
He counted Nesta on the list of good things.

When he hugged her, even in public, she would let him hold her for as long as he wanted. What a sight they must be, he thought, the prim postured princess and the grass stained flannel and bomber jacket clad behemoth with permanently dirt crusted boots.
Goodie Two-Shoes and The Filthy Beast.

He thought about the time he helped her move out of her shithole and into this new place…

He found a box of old CD’s. He couldn’t help himself pulling out a worn copy of “From Under the Cork Tree” and waving it in her face, her eyes bulging.
“Those are a friend’s.” Nesta flinched at her transparent lie. “I don’t even know how they ended up here.”
“Hmm..” Cassian tapped the CD case and bellowed off-key, “CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES! THIS IS MY-”
He was cut off by Nesta screeching and fighting to cover his mouth. “THAT SONG ISN’T EVEN BY THEM, YOU UNCULTURED MOUNTAIN MAN!”
Throwing his head back, he howled with laughter as she crossed her arms and asked, “So, Mr. Rompe Will Be My Wedding Song, how do you even know this music?”
“Well, Miss Season Six Buffy Was My Aesthetic,” his eyes gleamed with amusement. “Little sunshine Amren went through an emo phase in her youth as well.” Nesta wasn’t terribly surprised at all by that reveal, but bit her cheek to keep from smiling.
“Do you have mix CDs? What was your profile song? I know you had one.” This was just too good to be true. His mind reeled as he gave a lopsided grin.
“Yes and get over it. I’ll never tell.” Nesta surprised him. She was constantly surprising him. He loved that. He loved her.
He looked at her in a way in which his hazel eyes said, “I love you. I am so in love with you. I am yours and you are mine, and we both know it.” Tilting her chin up with his forefinger and thumb, he kissed her. Slow and steady, but sinking into her completely.
They had passionately kissed before, they had hungrily made out whilst groping each other. When she had gotten comfortable enough, she asked to see his cock that she had raised and made throb. With her permission, he guided her soft hand to it. Experimentally, she pumped it once…twice…It was her first time and she wanted to do it properly for him, so he instructed her through the beginnings…“Lick your thumb and rub it on the tip…FUCK!…Good girl…Tighter!…That’s it…” He hadn’t expected her to finish him and definitely didn’t expect it when she didn’t pull her hand away in disgust as he spilled onto his jeans.
This sort of kissing, the kind they did right there in her emptied house she was soon to be free of, a different kind of electricity sparked when their tongues danced and she pulled herself closer to him by reaching under his shirt to his warm back and fisting the collar of his paint splattered t-shirt.
Toying with the waistband of her skirt for a moment, he proceeded to squeeze her ass with his permanently calloused hands.
They both moaned into each other’s mouths before Nesta broke away. Wiping her mouth and fixing her shirt so that it wasn’t so obvious as to how erect her nipples were, she said, “So are you going to help me move these boxes, or are those tree trunk thick arms of yours just for show?”
Cassian wanted so badly to pick up the bait, but he didn’t. “Sweetheart, I could load all these boxes up within five minutes and still have the strength and stamina to carry you to the truck. Then unload everything without breaking a sweat.“
Though he did accomplish the tasks within the time limits he set for himself, he did break a sweat. Not that Nesta minded.
After unloading the last of the boxes, Nesta led him to the mattress that she had yet to find a frame or box spring for, and slowly removed all her clothing. Then she removed his, kissing each of his tattoos as they became uncovered. Taking his hands in her own with complete trust in her eyes, she laid them down on the bed together.
That night, they christened her new home. It was her first time and she loved that it was with him. He felt honored to be the one she chose. As cliche as it was, they exchanged “I love you’s” before, during, and after.

Nesta had trusted him that night. And again she put her trust in him tonight. One of the many things he loved about her.

Their relationship was constantly evolving and he wanted it to evolve again, so he took a chance. “Move in with me, Nes.”

Not a second later, she responded. “Yes.”



“Take me to bed soon?”


“Love me?”

Again, she kissed his shoulder blade- his “wings”- and assured him, “In this world and the next, sweetheart. And all the ones before.”

Steve's baby girl

(A/N): I LOVE THIS SO MUCH *sobs violently*

Request: Can I request a Steve x Reader where they have a child together and it’s a toddler. The baby has Steve wrapped around her fingers but mom doesn’t play no shit and she acts completely different because mom doesn’t let anything slide? lol

Warnings: probably just some swearing

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

   From the minute (Y/N) told Steve that she was pregnant he had fallen in love. Their child was only a small little mass within (Y/N) but he already loved them more than anything. There wasn’t a day that went by where Steve would hike (Y/N)’s shirt up and kiss her belly for minutes. There wasn’t a day that went by where Steve would whisper to (Y/N)’s stomach when he thought she wasn’t listening. There wasn’t a day that went by without Steve mentioning how the baby’s room was going to look, or what their name would be, or what color of eyes they’d have. It was obvious that when (Y/N) had the baby Steve was going to be the most loving, caring father there ever was.

   His dotting attitude towards (Y/N) only became worse when the two found out the gender of their baby; a girl. Steve was going to be having a sweet baby girl. Steve had always wanted to have a girl, he’d always dreamed of being able to hold a little blonde haired, blue eyed baby in his clutches, he’d dreamed of singing songs to her every night, he’d dreamed of painting the walls of her nursery in a soft yellow color and adding all sorts of painting to the walls over the years, he’d dreamed of someday being able to walk His daughter down the isle, to see her grow old and have her own children and now suddenly all his dreams were coming true. 

    Steve had been at (Y/N)’s beck and call the entire pregnancy, if she wanted chocolate dipped pickles at 3 in the morning then Steve sure as hell was going to get up and make chocolate covered pickles for her. If she wanted to watch some shitty rom com and cry into Steve’s shoulder the entire time then so be it. But Steve truly began to dote on (Y/N) when she finally gave birth. There wasn’t a moment in the hospital when he wasn’t by her side. Hell, after the delivery he laid in the bed with her as she panted and cried into his neck. In that moment Steve didn’t think it was possible to love anyone more than he did but as soon as his baby girl, Charolette, was placed in his arms he swore his heart damn near combusted with the amount of love within him. 

   The first time he looked down at that sweet little face he knew he was in love. Charlie had blue eyes just like her father and her hair resembled her mothers. Luckily she also seemed to be in good health so she hadn’t inherited all of Steve’s ailments. Her little mouth opened and closed as she yawned and tucked herself against Steve’s warm chest, and her eyes slipped back close as sleep overtook her worn out body. 

   "Hmm, looks like she’s gonna be daddy’s spoiled princess,“ (Y/N) hummed beside him, her voice hoarse from crying in pain and relief.

    "Oh hush,” Steve whispered as he turned his head, pressing a gentle kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead. “She’s gonna be a mommas girl-” (Y/N) chuckled softly as she reached out, running her finger as gently as possible along Charlie’s cute little nose. “Just wait a few years, I’ll be right,” Steve had scoffed at the time but now as he sat in some too tiny chair with a crown upon his head and a plastic teacup in his hand he realized (Y/N) had been correct. 

  “Daddy! Daddy! Can we make cookies now?” Steve sighed as he looked towards the kitchen; the for once clean kitchen. (Y/N) had a day off and decided to clean and she’d done a damn good job too and he knew that if he and Charlie made cookies it would be a mess all over again. “Daddy pwease?” Charlie pouted, giving her father the same puppy dog eyes he often gave (Y/N). Steve sighed but smiled; there was no way he could say no to Charlie, it’s be nearly impossible for him to. 

   "Okay sweetheart but we have to pick up afterwards, okay?“

    "Thank you daddy!” Charlie squealed as she jumped up from her small table, rushing into the kitchen as she waited for Steve. Steve chuckled as he stood up, meandering into the kitchen where Charlie was looking up at him expectantly, a sweet little smile on her face. How could a sweet little kid cause any damage? It wasnt too risky to cook with her…was it?

    “Steven Grant Rogers!” (Y/N) nearly yelled at her husband. Steve flinched, nearly dropping the pan he’d been holding as he turned to sheepishly face (Y/N). “What- what happened?” Steve winced, looking around the kitchen in shame. So apparently a four year old and a grown man could cause a lot of damage. Dough caked the counter and cabinets, all sorts of ingredients covered the floor, not to mention both he and Charlie were caked in everything. 

   "We were just making cookies-“ 

   "Steve, I spent the entire day cleaning that,”

    “I know doll but Charlie wanted-”

    “Mommy!” Charlie squealed as she crawled off the chair she’d been sitting in. “Mommy I made you cookies!” Charlie raised her hands up to (Y/N), showing her the doughy mess she’d created.

    “Thank you baby girl,” (Y/N) smiled softly. “How about we eat some cookies together after I give you a bath you messy little monster?” Charlie’s squealed as (Y/N) picked her up, tickling her sides gently. Charlie cackled as (Y/N) marched off towards the bathroom only after she turned on her heel and mouthed the words “You’re cleaning this mess,” To Steve. He nodded immediately, swallowing around the lump in his throat. 

   As soon as (Y/N) turned the corner he set to work, cleaning the kitchen so well it looked better than when (Y/N) had cleaned it.

    He set the dirtied rag he been using on the counter, sighing as (Y/N) entered the kitchen, a wet haired Charlie in her clutches.

    “Cookies are done,” Steve smiled as (Y/N) pecked his cheek, their free hand patting his chest gently. 

   "Good job honey,“ She gave him a small wink as he grabbed a cookie for both her and Charlie. Steve sat down in one of their chairs, smiling softly as his wife and child ate together.

    "Daddy, will you read me a bedtime story tonight?” Charlie asked as she nibbled on her cookie, smearing chocolate all over her face in the process. Steve chuckled as he reached out, ruffling his daughters hair gently.

    “Of course princess,” Charlie smiled as she finished off her cookie, showcasing her chocolate stained teeth. “After we brush our teeth first,” Steve chuckled as he picked Charlie up, setting her on his hip as he made his way towards their bathroom. He set her down on their sink and grabbed her Disney themed toothbrush all the while piling the child’s toothpaste on the bristles. 

   "Okay, open wide baby,“ Steve whispered and Charlie complied. Her mouth slid open and Steve placed the brush on her small teeth, slowly rubbing it along in smooth circles. It took a few minutes due to her constantly squirming but finally Steve got it done. "Okay Princess, what story do you wanna hear?" 

   "Tell me more about captain america!” Charlie latched her tiny arms around her fathers neck as he laid her down in her pink bed. Steve chuckled as he laid beside her, pulling yet another Disney themed accessory over her, an obnoxiously bright pink blanket with all the princesses.

    Charlie didn’t know about Steve yet, she was too young to understand at this age, maybe when she got a bit older Steve would tell her but for now he contented himself with telling his war stories to his daughter (the pg, toned down versions of course).

    “Captain america was stuck in Austria, he was surrounded-" 

   "She’s got you wrapped around her finger,” (Y/N) smiled as she looked into the room only to find Charlie’s perched atop Steve’s chest, sleeping soundly. “I always knew she was going to be Daddy’s little princess,” Steve smiled tiredly as he patted the spot next to him, a slim bit of bed, just enough for (Y/N) to sit comfortably. 

   "You wanna come join?“ (Y/N) smiled as she tiptoed in, settling down onto the small bed with some difficulty. With his free arm Steve reached over and wrapped it around (Y/N)’s shoulder, pulling her even closer.

    "You’re the best dad ever,” (Y/N) yawned against him, quieting themselves rather quickly afterwards.

    “And you’re the best mom,” (Y/N) smiles softly as she kisses Steve’s neck, making the usually tense man melt into a puddle.

    “I love you Stevie," 

   "I love you too (Y/N),”

    “We make a pretty good team,” (Y/N) whispers as she reaches out brush one of Charlie’s curls away from her eyes. Steve’s heart swelled with pride, not only for his sweet baby girl but for his wife as well, the woman who took his hand in marriage, loved him unconditionally, had given birth to their child. 

   Steve pressed another kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead, letting his lips linger there before pulling back slightly, just enough to rest his cheek against the area he had just kissed. 

   "Yeah we do,“

but your eyes will lead me straight back home;


“we’re both youtubers and you sent me an email asking me to do a duet cover with you but you don’t realise i’m having a heart attack bc your my fave youtuber au“ for jily. 

james potter to sirius black: sirius 

james potter: sir 

james potter: pads

james potter: paddy

james potter: paddington 

sirius black: wtf what do u wa n t 

james potter: what should i cover next 

sirius black: u mean song right 

james potter: ya 

sirius black: arctic monkeys

james potter: dude 

james potter: how many songs is that now 

sirius black:does it matter 

sirius black: am is life my man 

james potter: ur an idiot 

sirius black: jim bob i’m offended 

james potter: jim bob? 

sirius black: better than jimmy fleamont 


sirius black: 🤷🏻‍♂️

sirius black: fine 

sirius black: ed sheeran potentially 

sirius black: might finally get you some girls 

james potter: stfu black 

james potter: just cuz i don’t have macdonald in the palm of my hand

sirius black: ur just jealous 

james potter: anyway 

 james potter: which song 

 sirius black: idk 

 sirius black: listen to him and pick one

 @prongspotter_: what ed sheeran cover do u guys wanna hear next? let me know in the replies! 

 – @petepettigrew: is there one abt sleep 

 – @padfoot_: r u mine by arctic monkeys 

 – @remuslupine: for real because i’m the only mature one, sing is a jam

 –@prongspotter_: @petepettigrew @padfoot_ @remuslupine i hate u all except remus — 

–@remuslupine: hAh suck shit sirius 

—@padfoot_ jim bob HOW DARE U 

–@lilyflowers: id love to do a cover w u, ill email u the details if u want? 

—@prongspotter_: @lilyflowers ya ofc 

remus lupin to james potter: are you ok 

james potter: never been better y 

remus lupin: your favourite youtuber and musician 

remus lupin: who you also think is really hot and who you stalk everyday

remus lupin: just tweeted at you and asked to collaborate with her 

james potter: u right

james potter: i’m ded. 

remus lupin: right 

remus lupin: so now isn’t the right time to say i’ve been talking to her for a while about booktube huh 

james potter: MOONY I FEEL BETRAYED !!! 

To: jimmypotter@gmail.com 

From: lilyevans_@gmail.com 

Subject: Collab 

hey james, 

if you’re still willing to do a collab, we could do a ed sheeran song still. i’d be happy to come round and record with you for a little bit, i’m not fussed on which song. do you need me to bring my keyboard? also, your music is pretty good. i see your original content going somewhere. shame you’re egotistical and think taylor swift is overrated though. 

best, lily.

To: lilyevans_@gmail.com 

From: jimmypotter@gmail.com 

Subject: Re: Collab 

thanks evans. 

my number is 035828381 if you want to text me any extra details, and i’ll send the address of my flat from there. i was thinking of thinking out loud or perfect, so if you could learn both of them just in case that’d be cool. also bringing your keyboard would be good. also, i’m right. taylor swift is overrated. she’s repetitive as fuck. also i’m not egotistical. 

best, james. 

james potter to assholes with feelings: IM GOING TO DIE 

peter pettigrew: what now 

sirius black: apparently she’s hella sassy 

remus lupin: yea, she told me she thinks james comes off as a little egotistical


peter pettigrew: jim she’s kinda right 

james potter: PETE 

james potter: TRAITOR 

remus lupin: yea, you literally tweeted to all your followers about your cover of toxic being better than the original 

peter pettigrew: and repeatedly argued when ppl said u were wrong

james potter: IM RIGHT 


peter pettigrew: r u just mad bc the girl you’ve had a celeb crush on for years isn’t falling for ur act 

james potter: ……. 

james potter: YES 

remus lupin to james potter: so are you still gonna collab with her

james potter: OFC

james potter to peter pettigrew: can u pls get some food on the way home 

james potter: she’s coming over at noon tomorrow 

james potter: we need cookies 

peter pettigrew: on it 

peter pettigrew: choc chip? 

james potter: always

remus lupin to sirius black: he does know about the fact she has over 1mil subscribers 

remus lupin: and somehow manages to be a book/beauty/music/vlog channel 

sirius black: ya

sirius black: but like u said

sirius black: he an egomaniac 

remus lupin: hypocrite

sirius black: M O O N Y 

james potter to sirius black: be nice

sirius black: ur an asshole 

sirius black: she already knows this 

sirius black: we’ll get on gr8 

sirius black: it’s u i’m worried abt 

james potter: stfu

lily evans to james potter: i’m here 

lily evans: why does it sound like a stadium is in ur flat 

james potter: ….. sirius is watching the football 

james potter: come up 

lily evans to remus lupin: don’t tell him i said this 

lily evans: but i had a lot of fun today 

lily evans: we harmonise together really well 

remus lupin: my lips are sealed 

remus lupin: so you don’t think he’s egotistical 

lily evans: no i still think he’s egotistical 

lily evans: but he’s a nice egotist 

lily evans: and he has nice hair 

remus lupin: oh my god 

lily evans: u tell him any of this and i will burn ur copy of oliver twist 

remus lupin: …. 

remus lupin: got it 

lily evans to james potter: i left my keyboard pedal at urs 

lily evans: also can u upload perfect and ill upload thinking out loud 

lily evans: also did chelsea win 

james potter: ok come get it tomorrow if ur free

james potter: and yes ill send u the footage  

james potter: and yes unfortunately

lily evans: damn 

lily evans: also tell pete those cookies were good

james potter: will do 

lily evans: see u tomorrow

james potter:

peter pettigrew to remus lupin: he’s smitten w her isn’t he 

remus lupin: always has been 

peter pettigrew: but even more now 

remus lupin: yea

remus lupin: god help us all 

james potter to Ladz™: did she rlly think that pete made those cookies 

peter pettigrew: i did make those cookies

james potter: uh huh 

james potter: sure 

remus lupin: no he actually did make them 

sirius black: that’s the only reason we keep him around 

peter pettigrew: STFU 

james potter changed the group name to peter thinks he can bake cookies 

peter pettigrew changed the group name to I ACTUALLY CAN BAKE 

sirius black changed the group name to why do even keep peter around these days honestly

remus lupin: i’m done 

remus lupin has left the chat. 

sirius black: M O O N Y

remus lupin added lily evans to musicians w gr8 hair and pete 

peter pettigrew: why is it called that honestly

lily evans: i was thinkin the same thing 


sirius black: U COME INTO MY HOME 

lily evans: oh shut it black

sirius black: M O O N Y 

sirius black: TAKE HER BACK 

remus lupin: nope

lily evans has changed the group name to the egomaniacs and the decent human beings

james potter: WHICH ONES WHICH

lily evans: have fun figuring that out  

sirius black: one of the egomaniacs is u 

james potter: LIES 

lily evans: oh btw i’m outside ur flat 

sirius black: W O T 

lily evans: ….. 

lily evans: i need my keyboard pedal back

james potter to lily evans: u were only supposed to be here for five mins

james potter: hoW did u end up staying the night

lily evans: 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

lily evans: i woke up on ur floor idk

lily evans: did u hand me a beer some point during the night 

james potter: probs 

lily evans: ya that’s y 

james potter: … 

james potter: my followers won’t stop talkin about that collab we did 

lily evans: mine too 

lily evans: but they’re cute 

james potter: question 

james potter: what is shipping? 

lily evans: oh no

james potter to YOUTUBE IS A REAL JOB OK: guys 

james potter: what is shipping 

james potter: lily won’t tell me  

sirius black: moony imma let u deal w this one  

remus lupin: nah pete all yours 

peter pettigrew: a thing ur subscribers used to do w u and pads 

sirius black: U S E D T O O ???? 

lily evans: guys don’t tell him 

james potter: EVANS WHY

lily evans: bc watching u tryna figure it out is hilarious 

james potter: WAIT 

james potter: I GOOGLED IT 

james potter: THOSE PERVS

[drafted message] lily evans to james potter: i ship us too. 

lily evans to james potter: jsmea 

lily evans: jim l

lily evans: jim jams 

lily evans: jimmmyfleaamint 

james potter: HE TOLD U 

james potter: THAT ASS

james potter: wait r u drunk 

lily evans: eys 

lily evans: n smad 

lily evans: csn u cime ovr 

james potter: ok 

james potter: over in 10

@lilyflowers: @prongspotter_ isn’t a total ass

–@padfoot_: did he hack ur phone

–@lilyflowers: @padfoot_ surprisingly no

–@randomfan90210: u should date him !!! ur hella cute !!! 

–@remuslupine: @prongspotter_ what did u do 

@prongspotter_: @remuslupine IDK 

[drafted message] james potter to lily evans: i hope u know the sun shines for u and that i’ll always be there when ur drunk and sad. but i want the next time we kiss to be when ur sober. pls.

lily evans to james potter: thank u for last night 

lily evans: i never said that before 

james potter: don’t mention it 

james potter: … 

lily evans: wanna come over again 

lily evans: i think i like how ur lips tasted 

james potter: sure 

[instagram caption:] @prongspotter​: hey guess who has the best gf in the world? me. look at how hoT she is!

[comments:]  @lilyflowers: suck up 

@prongspotter: @lilyflowers u know it 

@p_pettigrew: WELL THIS IS NEW 

@remuslupin: called it 


@siriusly: @remuslupin U KNEW?????? 

@remuslupin: @siriusly it wasn’t exactly hard 

@lilyflowers: @sirusly stfu 

@prongspotter: @lilyflowers i may be a suck up but taylor swift is still overrated

@lilyflowers: ur wrong.

hope you enjoyed. 

percy's sister headcanons

• when percy found put sally was pregnant, he made the sink explode.

• because of this, sally, paul and percy agreed that percy would be at camp for a few days when sally was in the hospital, so no sinks would explode.

• sally asks nico, hazel, and frank their mother’s name. sally and paul consider the names anna, elizabeth, marie, maria, laura, or emily.

• when she’s born, percy swears on the river styx to protect her for along he is alive.

• every demigod, hades, every person who meets her loves her and promises to protect her.

• she has everyone whipped.

• poseidon meets her and tells sally and paul the sea will always have her back. then percy appears in the doorway, saying darn right! sally shakes her head and sighs, while paul and poseidon laugh.

• she’s the only one who can call annabeth annie.

• she can see through the mist (this headcanon belongs to mortal-apollo )

• when percy teaches her how to swim, he wears floaties with her so she doesn’t feel weird.

• no one is immune to her puppy dog eyes.

• percy reads her stories, but it’s hard for him bc dyslexia. (now, this belongs to @spooky-apollo )

• she loves the blue food sally makes.

• percy and her were home alone one night, and they decided to make blue chocolate chip cookies. they made a huge mess but the cookies were amazing.

• percy would downright murderous if he found out someone was bullying his little sister.

• people at both camps know better than to point out that she’s only percy’s half sister.

• she sees the seven, reyna, and solangelo as her own siblings.

• tyson makes cute little gifts for her.

• as she gets older, percy and her start to have prank wars.

• she’s spoiled but not too spoiled.

The one with Charlie's herbal tea

Summary: Reader gets injured after a hunt and isn’t handling it very well. Neither is Dean. Charlie tries to help but should really have brushed up on her Latin skills before doing so.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam and Charlie are there too. Cas is only mentioned (sad!Boxy)

Word Count: 3 692 (and here I thought it would be a drabble)

Warnings: Angry!Dean swears a lot, Reader almost dies (somewhat graphic description), Reader gets drugged by Charlie (not sure if that should be a warning?), Reader vomits (somewhat graphic description)

Beta’d by Mardi (aka @soopranatural). Go follow her, bitches! She’s awesome ;) Don’t miss reading her amazingly funny beta comments at the bottom.

A/N: I think I did a flangsty thing? I swear, it started out as the fluffiest of crack drabbles and then BAM! I accidentally took the exit to Angstville… Let me know what you think, and if you want to be tagged in any future fics!

Originally posted by delusionaldean

Entirely in Dean’s POV

I decided to leave the bar earlier than usual. Sam had already gone home with some brunette that had been eyeing him all evening, and I didn’t feel like staying just to find someone for myself.

Besides, I would be lying if I said that you hadn’t constantly been on my mind since our last hunt together. What that witch had done to you still haunted my nightmares. And I fucking hate witches.

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daxx04  asked:

Impossible eh, Emma is attracted to her dashing neighbor but he is completely disinterested. lol as if.

Bless! I’ve actually had an incomplete fic like this prompt sitting in a dusty folder for the best part of two years so I decided to go back and revisit it lol. i hope this is to your liking, I decided to role reverse a little and have Killian be the closed off one and Emma the one pursuing of sorts. 
It’s also 2am now and i’m knackered so there is a chance of some serious mistakes lol. Apologies!

Emma needed to let it go. Ever since she’d moved into apartment C she’d become infatuated with Mr Jones next door. Her first encounter had been when he’d almost tripped over the two large boxes marked ‘Henry’s stuff’ she’d left in the hall eight months ago. She’d run out to scoot them out of the way and babbled off sincere apologies in the most friendliest way she could. But he hadn’t spoke, just nodded at her stiffly before disappearing behind the door marked with a simple D.

Since then she’d passed him multiple times, always offered him a simple smile or a ‘hey’ yet the man had never once spoken back. He simply gave her a nod with no warmth to it, barely acknowledged her at all.

Now Emma wasn’t naive. She’d met her fair share of rude people and knew how to spot an asshole. While many would have put Mr Jones into that category, she knew better. He wasn’t an arrogant man, although she could admit he was certainly an attractive guy, he wasn’t egotistical, nor was he harsh or dismissive.

No, Emma recognised that the man had walls.

Sky high walls that towered above him, wrapped in barbed wire and probably encased in steel. She should know, she’d had them herself.

That’s what baffled her the most about her obsession with her neighbour. Emma had never been one to start conversations or make friends. She’d always been closed off, defensive, alone… that was until she’d met the lovely Mary Margaret and David. They’d swooped in and changed Emma and Henry’s lives for the better and shown her that there were still good people in the world. And for some unfathomable reason, she felt the urge to do the same for him.

Emma had only managed to figure out three things about the mystery man she shared a balcony with.

Firstly, he was British. While he’d never spoken to her, he had no problem offering a response to her son. The split balcony was safe enough for her four year old to play on without fear of him slipping through bars or climbing off thanks to the modernised structure of the thing, which meant she could cook dinner while he played peacefully, only having to keep one eye on the glass door rather than two. Henry had been babbling away and it had taken a moment to realise that he was actually talking to someone when her ears had picked up a few low rumbles in return.

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“Oh, come on, Shawn…“ she giggled, stretching out the syllables of his name, handing him the Tequila shot. He shook his head vigorously.

 “No, Jo! No more shots,” he replied, raising his eyebrows at her and she just shrugged and licked the skin between her thumb and index finger.

 Shawn bit his lip, looking on as she put a little bit of salt on her moisturized skin, her pinkish tongue poking out cheekily.

 He shook his head slightly, mesmerized by her beauty.

 There were only a few things that could leave Shawn speechless.

 When the crowd would sing back at him.

 When he found that line that fit the song perfectly.

 And her.

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“Troop Leader” Epilogue

Summary: How will your father handle the fact that James Buchanan Barnes is the one mending your broken heart?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: Fluff central, Dad!Bucky

Word Count: 944

A/N: This is the end! I will move anyone from the series tags to my permanent if they send me an ask! I have a few series ideas that i will write out summaries for and have you guys choose! 

Troop Leader Masterlist

Originally posted by andcrcassian

Seven Years Later

“Babe, please just five more minutes.”

“Nu uh, Mommy. Today’s the first day of troop meetings! Daddy said he would meet us there!” your little six-year-old shouted at you.

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Going to the Chapel - Derek Hale x Reader

This is part of @fillthevoid-stilinski writing challenge, my prompt was ‘I never imagined you in a suit before’ I had so much fun with this, thanks for letting me take part! 

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

(All credit for the mood board goes to @agirlwithpointlessideas go show her some love!)

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Gone But Not Forgotten (Part 1)

Originally posted by whattthehellisastiles

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Requested: Nope

Summary: Isaac comes back from France to see you but when he gets there no one remembers you

GIF Not Mine

Part 1 - Part 2

Isaac hated the fact he had to leave you but he couldn’t stay in Beacon Hills any longer. It only brought him pain being there. Before Allison died, what you and Isaac had was undefined. You never spoke of your true feelings for each other, you were just there for each other. You understood why he left but that didn’t mean it hurt any less. After a while of being in France, Isaac realised that something was missing and that something was you. He decided to go back to Beacon Hills and admit his feelings for you.

When Isaac got there he went straight to your house but no one was home. The door was open though so he went inside and was met with an eerie atmosphere. The previous warm and cosy home he was used to became cold and desolate. There was no furniture about, no photos of you, no personal belongings, nothing. “Y/N!” He kept calling out whilst checking every room. They were all empty. It wasn’t like you just moved house, it’s like you didn’t live in it at all. He even called your phone but it says the number isn’t in service. He decided to leave it for tonight and ask Scott about it tomorrow.

The next day Isaac went to school and confronted the group of friends who were standing by their lockers. “Hey, guys.” He greeted them.

“Isaac, when did you come back?” Scott asked.

“Oh, err yesterday.”

“Why did you come back?” Lydia wondered.

“I came back to see Y/N.” When Isaac said that he was met with confusion from everyone as if they’ve never heard the name before, they have no memories associated with that name. “What’s going on? Where’s Y/N? Is she okay?”

“Isaac, we don’t know anyone by the name of Y/N. I think you must be confused with someone else.” Scott told him gently with caution.

“You’re joking right?” He was confused why they were acting like that. He scanned everyone’s mannerisms to see if this was a joke but they shook their heads still looking at him like he’s lost it. “You know, Y/N Y/L/N. She’s about this tall.” He gestured to your height. “Has Y/H/C. She’s fun to be around with. Also, the only human besides Stiles in your pack.” He looked around again at everyone but they still looked at him like they had no clue. “Guys…”

“I’m sorry Isaac but there has never been anyone by the name of Y/N in the pack. The only humans are Stiles and Mason.” Lydia spoke up.

“No, no, no. I’m not crazy. You’re all looking at me like I’m crazy but I’m not. Y/N exists, okay. She also goes by Y/N/N. Scott, do you remember the first time you showed her you are werewolf? She freaked out and ran away but whilst running away she took off her shoes and turned around to throw them at you.” He turned from Scott, who was now trying to remember that memory of you, to Lydia. “Or, Lydia, what about the time at pack movie night where it was her turn to pick the movie and we all thought she was going to pick some chick flick, you were the only one excited about it everyone else was dreading it but in the end she chose some superhero movie. Everyone was happy but you even though at the end you secretly loved the film. What about the time she made you, Scott, and Stiles drive all the way across town because she wanted the late night snack of cookie dough and they were the only place open who did it. By the time you got back she was asleep.” Isaac was desperately trying to make them remember you, racking his brain for every memory of you.

“Isaac… like we said before we don’t know anyone by the name of Y/N. We’re sorry.” Scott gave him a sympathetic smile before heading to class with Lydia.

Whilst he was trying to get Scott and Lydia to remember you he remembered to time he was teaching you how to play lacrosse. You were trying to get the ball into the net but every time you kept missing so Isaac came behind you and helped you by positioning your hands on the stick correctly. You were both in close proximity to each other and Isaac felt his heart rate rise as well as hearing yours rise. When you made the goal you turned around to face him not realising how close you were. You kept looking from his eyes back to his lips and he did the same. It was the first time you almost kissed each other and ever since then Isaac has been wanting nothing but to kiss you. He smiled at the memory of the two of you and promised that he will not give up.

Later on that evening Isaac was trying to figure out how to get them to remember you by looking through books on mythology and the supernatural when the wind picked up making a tree branch scrape against a window. He thought nothing of it until he heard horses and boots with spurs walking. Isaac got up off of the couch and opened the door to three people standing in the rain, one carrying a whip and another a gun which was cocked at Isaac. He went to go and run away but was shot and turned into green mist.

He woke up on a cold floor and got up noticing he was in a train station. Isaac looked around and saw everyone sat down staring at the timetable on the wall opposite them. He kept looking between everyone and noticed a few people he went to school with when he heard the one voice he’s been longing to hear. “Isaac?” You asked.

“Y/N…” He breathed before running up to you and pulling you into a hug which you complied with. “I thought you were gone. I came back and you were gone and no one remembered you but I did. I remembered you and now I’ve found you.”

“You remembered me?”

“Of course I remembered you. How could I ever forget you.”

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|| Easier ||

[inspiration || @kirbyshay11: “It’s nice to be told you’re beautiful or hot or whatever, but I’d love to hear some say that I make things easier, that they’re happy that I exist, they don’t know what they’d do without me, I’m strong, that they hope we never lose each other, that they’re proud of me, that I have something to offer. Compliments don’t always have to be about appearance.”]

{post source: https://kirbyshay11.tumblr.com/post/137982171348/its-nice-to-be-told-youre-beautiful-or-hot-or}

here’s something sweet for draco, because despite his checkered past and flawed character, i still love him enough to give him at least a semblance of a happy ending with this au-ish type story.

warnings: none

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


Draco knew that his life would never be easy again when he resumed his seventh and final year at Hogwarts after the events that transpired during the Battle of Hogwarts.

The young wizard was actually surprised that he was allowed to attend at all. If it wasn’t for his status as a pureblood coupled along with the power of absolute authority that was known with his surname, Draco was sure that he wouldn’t have been allowed to return.

His parents were too proud to simply let Draco drop out of Hogwarts, choosing instead to completely ignore their actions last year. With the Dark Lord gone, admittedly, there was a peace that settled across the famous wizarding school. Everyone knew that their futures were no longer uncertain and riddled with the constant threat of Voldemort looming over them.

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I Understand

This is for @the-strangest-th11ngs - here you go, you nugget!! 

It was happening again.

This strange, unexplained phenomenon was making her feel ill. Constantly, and usually around his presence, she found herself worrying about it — because it was constant with him.

And so she decided to look at it ‘scientifically’, as Dustin might say. First, the hypothesis: When she was around Mike, close to Mike, thinking about Mike, she felt… like everything all at once; like ocean waves in her stomach and flurries of birds beating their wings against the walls of her heart. Like there was a whole world inside of her that only woke up when he was around.

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The Maiden and the Scoundrel

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Prompt: #63 Historical AU: Katniss has been engaged to Peeta’s older brother since they were children, but upon meeting a Capitolite, the groom-to-be breaks the engagement, leaving Katniss devastated and feeling rejected. To avoid more scandal and losing K’s dowry, the Mellark’s hurry to offer a new betrothal to their youngest son. Neither P or K are very happy about the new arrangement, P is a known womanizer and K is too puritanical. They gradually fall in love… make it as smutty as you like :) (submitted by @alliswell21)

Rating: M

Trigger warnings: arranged marriage, mentions of slavery, heavy drinking (drunk!Peeta)

A/N: I had the absolute best intentions to get this story done by the EFE deadline, but alas, it’s not finished. This is the first chapter, more to come. This was an amazing prompt and I have loved revisiting some of my favorite Jane Austen stories for inspiration. I have more in store for these two.

Betaing magic and much needed moral support by the incomparable @xerxia31. @alliswell21, thanks for this wonderfuul prompt, I hope I do it justice. @javistg, thanks so much for this fantastic challenge and opportunity to collaborate!

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anonymous asked:

Can you when you have enough time write an imagine for Remus x Reader (dating? maybe? up to you) where the reader overworks themselves and Remus gets annoyed/ tries to help? Love your writing btw xxxx

A/N: Please please remember that requests are closed! I wrote a short imagine from that because I feel myself inspirated lately, and have enough time on this week, but I still have some other request to finish.
Thank you, and hope you’ll like this. :)

They were halfway through their dinner, but Y/N didn’t show up. Remus put down his fork angrily and jumped up from his seat, leaving the Great Hall and his friends. He didn’t have to think much about where his girlfriend probably was; he headed straight to the library, and wasn’t surprised at all when he saw her, standing between the shelves.

She almost dropped the books that were in her hands, scanning the top shelf with her eyes when she felt a hand on her lower back. Slowly, she turned around, seeing Remus’ upset face.

“Remus? What are you doing here?” – She asked, her voice husky from tiredness.

He sighed, but her features softened, seeing her weary eyes. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I didn’t know I need a special reason to see my girlfriend, who disappeared after our last class and missed dinner.”

She quickly raised his wrist and glanced at his watch. “Oh, I haven’t realized… well, it doesn’t matter, I still have a lot to catch up.” – She’d already step away, but Remus’ closed his arms around her waist.

“No, what you need is some rest. You’re working too hard, it isn’t good for you, love.” – He took the books out from her hand and put them down on the nearest table.

Y/N ran her fingers through her messy hair. “Listen, I really appreciate you’re trying to help, but…”

“Just give me an hour.” – He said, cupping her cheek. – “Trust me, a little break will help you to study more affectively later.”

She pressed her forehead against his chest for a second with a quiet growl. “One hour. Then I have to study.”

“Okay. I’ll even help you.” – Remus replied with a grin, though he had no intention to letting her back into the library.

He took her hand and walked down with her into the dimly lit dungeons, stopping in front of the painting with the pearl. Y/N looked at him with a tired smile after he tickled it. “I’m not hungry.”

“You will be.” – He said, leading her into the kitchen, full of house elves. It seemed they all know Remus very well, and she wasn’t surprised. If Remus loved something more than sleeping that was food.

He quickly made her a coffee, flavoured exactly how she loved it before walked into the back of the room with a playful grin on his lips. She followed him, sipping the strong but sweet drink, stopping next to a huge sink. She leaned against it, watching Remus as he was searching for something in a cupboard. “What are you doing?”

“Well, you said you’re not hungry.” – He straightened up with some bowls in his hands. – “But I’m sure you won’t say no for my cookies.”

She bit her lower lip to hide a chuckle. “You can bake?”

He shrugged with a smile. “I can. You can help me, though.”

She sighed and put her mug down, searching for the ingredients in the large kitchen – with the help of the elves. Every bit of her moves were strained at the start, but more and more minutes that she spent with Remus, the more and more she started to feel herself calmer and brighter. His little jokes, his compliments, every of his attempt as he tried to make her laugh. He wiped a bit of flour away from her nose, only to smearing the melted chocolate on her cheek a moment later. He made her dance while they waited for the cookies to be done, stopping and just hugging each other in silence for long minutes too.

The kitchen was much quieter when they came in; there were only a few house-elves on the part of the room when Remus took the cookies out from the oven. They sat down next to a small table in the corner, eating them in silence; he only smiled on that she eagerly ate one after the other.

They left the dungeon soon, stopping only on the first floor. “So I guess my time came to its end.”

She chuckled softly. “I guess I can give you one more hour. Or two. Or… the rest of the day.” – He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, pressing a short, soft kiss on her lips. – “Thank you, Remus. I don’t know where I would be without you.”

“Probably in the Hospital Wing, suffering with severe exhaustion.” – He said, her hands resting against his chest. – “Promise me you won’t do this to yourself again.”

She put her hands around his neck, smiling up at him. “I promise.” – She answered honestly, buying her face into his chest.

Of Matches and Midriffs

Daryl Dixon Imagine

This imagine is brought to you by @love2rhyme’s autocorrect. :D I’m very happpy you made this story happen, it was so much fun to write :D

You’re spending a day with everyone at the pool.

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

word count: 1389

It was a day in June when we finally had what came closest to a normal day since all this started. I was lying on a lounger near the pool, a cold drink in my hand and sunglasses on my nose watching the scenery in front of me. The deep blue water, the smoke from the other side of the pool where Abraham tried to make the best barbecue we had ever tasted, the smell of burned meat in the air as Abraham had to admit that he was a bit out of shape when it came to barbecueing. He was cursing like a sailor while Sasha tried to calm him down and save what was left to save. Fortunately, we had prepared salads and other side dishes to go with the steaks. Side dishes that had been just now upgraded to main dishes as it seemed. I smiled to myself as I took a sip from my drink.
“Watcha smilin’ ‘bout?” Daryl appeared next to my lounger almost out of thin air. His hair was dripping wet. A few drops fell on my bare skin as he bend down to breathe a kiss on my lips. A shiver ran down my spine and I couldn’t quite tell if it was caused by his kiss or the cold water on my warm skin. Either way, I didn’t mind.
“So, who won?”, I asked as Daryl sat down at the end of the lounger. Carol had convinced him to play a round of water polo against Rick and Michonne and Carl and Enid had happily joined them.  
“With Enid in our team, the others didn’t stand a chance”, he said with a big grin on his face.
“So, basically Carl was too distracted by Enid to concentrate on the game?”, I said smiling.

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The past, the present... the future.  - Part 6

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 6: Aleksei

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: PTSD, eating disorders, torture.

Word count: Ehhh…

A/N: Ok, Ok, I know. I’ve taken ages to upload this. I’m so sorry!!! I had a huge writer’s block, but now I’m over it. This part is a little (too) dramatic… I got carried away. Sorry, I know, I’m a monster. I promise fluff when the series end! Enjoy reading!

Previously: Part 1 - Part 5

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“I… realized something. I guess I always knew it, but I had never seen it in such a real… reality. I’ve seen… the twisted, dark, painful story HYDRA turned, not just my life, but many others, into. You could say… I’ve meet Bucky Barnes for the first time. I… Only knew The Soldier, the shadow of a monster. But… It wasn’t the shadow of Bucky, it was the shadow of HYDRA. I feared the man, when I should fear the organization. Its true, in a way, he will always be him to me, he will always be The Soldier. I will always associate my time at HYDRA with him, I will always associate him with the terrible things The Soldier did to me. But every single time, I will have to remind myself that it wasn’t him, and them I’ll keep going. Because its true. He will be the monster that haunts my nightmares, but he doesn’t need to know that, because he never chose to be in that position. This is something I have to protect him about: the nightmare he was forced into.”

Daisy nods and stays quiet, looking at the park. After some time, she turns to me. “So what do we do now?”

Now, we fight.

Y/N’s POV:

I look at Daisy’s sleeping form from the sofa. It has taken me a while to convince her to take the bed, but she finally gave in, out of exhaustion.

When we came back from our walk, Coulson had called to ask why exactly was the missing mission jet in the compound. I don’t know how that went, because Tony and Daisy took care of it, but my friend got permission to stay here for the night before leaving first thing in the morning.

While they were talking, Natasha informed me of the current situation. As always, she had my back and had told the team (including Bucky) that I had gone to the training room to cool off after a fight with her and that, given that I was on edge, Barnes had scared me and that had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. It didn’t sound realistic to me, but Nat can be really convincing if she wants to. In any case, they didn’t ask questions. Nearly.

When we finished supper, Tony called me aside to his lab with the excuse of wanting to run through my results with me to make sure everything was correct. When we got there, he locked the lab door and started running through some files in his computer, but it was really obvious that he had no intention of asking me anything related to my results.

“What do you want, Tony?” I leaned against one of the tables.

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Femme Glissante Chapter 2

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: violence and mild language.

Words: A lot. I’m a wordy and descriptive writer. Sorry, not sorry.

Description: You are a “freelance acquisitions specialist,” basically a thief for hire and a master of misdirection and disguise. But what happens when a metal armed man crosses your path during a job? Can you escape? Will you ever see him again?

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Chapter 1

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