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Anonymous asked: Prompt: “It’s not gay if it’s practice…” … “but shit that was actually really nice wanna practice some more?" 

Author’s note: I haven’t written a High School AU in ages, and this prompt just screamed HS!AU, so here you go. ;)

“I’ve made up my mind, I won’t do it.” Castiel stated determinedly as he dropped his pencil and forcefully closed his biology book. “I don’t care what Anna says, I’m not going on that date.”

Castiel’s best friend Dean, who was sitting across from him, glanced up from his notes at Castiel’s sudden outburst.

“Your choice, I guess. But your sister means well, ya know… You’re almost eighteen, Cas. She just wants you to get some action.” He said, shooting Castiel one of his trademark winks.

They were in Castiel’s backyard, sitting on the grass, doing homework while at the same time soaking up some sun.

The two of them had discussed this topic before, several times in fact. Apparently Anna deemed it necessary to set her brother up for a date with a friend of hers, but Castiel had no intentions of taking this Meg girl out, even though he’d never met her and for all he knew she could be his perfect match. The reason that he was so opposed to giving the girl a simple chance? That very reason was currently staring at Castiel with bright green eyes that turned a special shade of emerald in the afternoon sun, wearing a lopsided grin that compelled Castiel to stare at a pair of full pink lips. Lips that were constantly beckoning to Castiel, as if they wanted nothing more than to be kissed.

If only… Castiel didn’t stand a chance, he was sadly aware of it. Regardless, that knowledge didn’t magically make his crush disappear, and what was the point in dating when you were already in love with someone else? Even if that someone else was your straighter-than-straight best friend. Castiel suppressed a dejected sigh, then forced himself to look away from Dean Winchester’s glorious face, staring at a nearby flowerbed instead, observing the bugs that buzzed around it.

“I understand that she’s merely trying to help, but Meg is not my type.” He gave Dean his default excuse for whenever the subject of dating was brought up.

“Yeah, because you can totally know when you haven’t even met the chick.” Dean scoffed.

Castiel didn’t have to turn and look to know that his friend was mockingly rolling those pretty green eyes.

“Believe me, I know.” Castiel insisted.

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I'm Not Fine At All | ONE SHOT ft. Luhan |

Anonymous asked: Luhan scenario where he broke up with you because he wanted your hs life to be a normal as possible. As a goodbye gift, he sang Miracles In December in their concert standing where you’re supposed to be sitting. You blew him a flying kiss while tearing up and he catched it slowly. The fans caught it on cam and even made a gif. Cause your relationship was public, he was asked in an interview about the breakup and he told them the reason why. THANKYOU (:


Winter break was almost over and before you knew it, you’d be back finishing up your college exams and your boyfriend Luhan would be straight into schedules, especially their national tour; leaving neither of you any time to see each other once again.

EXO’s China line had organised a winter getaway, including you, to a little town up north, and it was the last day here before returning back to Seoul. After an afternoon spent in the snow, building snow men and what not, everyone had decided to watch the sun from the rooftop.

The sun was setting as Luhan wrapped an arm around you, a light scent of cocoa lingering from him.

“Thanks for everything…” He mentioned, soft enough for only you to hear, 

“You’re saying it like its over” You teased, unaware of what was to come, “The snow will come back soon enough”

“..I..I know that” Luhan answered  before giving a sigh, “It’s just.. I.. We.. We have to break up”

You really didn’t want to go. But you knew that you had to.

Sure, the of you had broken up. But deep down inside you know that neither of you knew it was true. Luhan didn’t even give a reason and that was more than enough to convince you that nothing wrong was done, but it was just for the better; for both of you.

You were a few minutes late to the Seoul Leg of EXO’s national tour. You had been to enough of their concerts to know that you weren’t missing out on much. They were probably already done with all the songs from the debut album, along with the first performance of Growl; leaving the ballad stages.

Realising that there was no way you would be able to get to your seat without disturbing any other fans, you decided to stay towards the back of the ground floor seats. It was still closer to the stage than to the seats up in the balconies.

A familiar piano melody began to play as you spotted Lay by the grand piano, playing ‘Miracles in December’, with Baekhyun and Chen standing on platforms on the stage. You knew Luhan was part of the performance but you couldn’t spot him anyway on the stage till you drifted your gaze towards the seated area, finding him sitting in what appeared to be your seat; focused solely in your direction.

You bit your lip, hoping that it would stop the tears that began to brim by your eyes, with no choice but to wipe them on the sleeves of the sweater that Luhan himself had bought for you that Christmas.

He continued to sing, looking no where but towards you. He had meant for you to be there and you thankful that you had came.

Blowing a gentle air kiss in his direction, Luhan could only give a faint smile as he caught it, neither of you realising that you were surrounded by so many people.

'DISPATCH: EXO’s Luhan caught during Seoul Concert, with his girlfriend?’

1. [+127, -6] I think it was sweet.. even if I wish it was me

2. [+290, -123] Who does he think he is?! Poor fans… Their heartbreak matches the song… kkkk

3. [+422, -253] Don’t you people know that they’ve already broken up? I thought dispatch was quick with these things…

You spotted a group of girls huddled in the corner of the library, looking up every article about Luhan and his girlfriend, whilst another group were on the public computers, bringing up pictures, fan cams and even GIF’s of the moment from the concert.

Thankfully, none of them had captured your identity completely. But it still hurt overhearing their comments, especially when they spoke so loudly, not knowing you were there, or that you were the girlfriend too.

“Yah yah yah!” One girl waved her arms around, catching everyone’s attention, specifically all the girls, “There’s a live interview! Luhan-oppa is on it. Shhh!”

Pretending to blend in with all the other fangirls you quickly joined the crowd forming around the one computer, catching glimpse of the live EXO interview.

“Let’s get straight to the point” The Controversial program host directed to Luhan, “Is she your girlfriend or not?”

The rest of the EXO members began to share worried looks amongst themselves, wondering when their Manager would intervene, not realising that Luhan would actually answer,

“..Girlfriend” He numbly replied, fiddling with his hands, “She’s my girlfriend”

Half the live audience gasped, whereas the other half began to murmur, already aware of the situation but curious as to whether the two of you were still together.

Still staring into the computer screen, you swatted away one girls arm that was in the way, she gave a cold hard look as if she had seen you before, but failed to question you as Luhan continued to answer questions.

“There’s rumours going around that she is your ex-girlfriend” The host inquired, “So is this true or not”

“It’s true that we broke up.. I broke up with her actually” He admitted, “But it wasn’t her fault, it was mine”

“Please continue” The host grinned, 

“I didn’t want her to go through.. well, this. I could never let her be thrown into my world; especially if it would harm her. I love her that much” Luhan forced a smile,

“She’s probably listening right now. Maybe.” He looked straight into the camera, as if looking right towards you, “But she’s probably studying. Another reason why I let her go”

“If she’s watching, would you like to send her a video message?" 

Luhan took a deep breath, giving a nod to signal that he would go through with it. The message was just for you, and you weren’t sure if your heart could take it.

"I.. I won’t say your name” He stuttered, “Just in case this isn’t what you want. But this much is what I want for you, for the both of us”

The audience began to 'aw’ at his message, whilst the girls surrounding the computers even began to tear up, as if it were for them.

“Finish your studies and I’ll finish this tour… Winter is ours. It’s just for us two, and I hope we can watch the snow again and be able to thank you for everything without saying goodbye…  If you think I’m fine without you, I’m not really fine at all..”

He wasn’t at the brink of tears, rather Luhan braved it all, standing strong for the both of you,

“But I hold onto knowing that winter will be back again. And hopefully, so will you”


tadahhhh. ahh~ another longish scenario! hope you liked it! thanks for the detailed request :D and thanks for reading. ooo this was also inspired by 5SOS 'Amnesia’ hahahaha (shoutout to one of the members of 5sos that grew up in the same town as me lol) ok bye.