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Home at Heart (Lafayette X Reader + Hamilsquad + HostFather!Gwash)

(Anon) modern au where Laf introduces his smol french reader girlfriend to the hamilsquad (or gwash, who is probably laf’s host dad) and they’re just that sweet, playful couple everybody loves? tyty xx

Notes: why not e v e r y o n e,,,  

Hehe i forgot if this was anon or not oh whale

enjoy a lot of google translate and everyone roasting alex

((i did not put the translation for some French words due to their simplicity and how oblivious their meaning is in the sentence)) sorry for not making it as fluffy or took many paraenthese pls forgive its 4 am i have to wake up in 3 hours

Je suis un peu nerveux .” (I’m a little nervous.) you uttered to your boyfriend. He looked down (literally) at you and gave one of his wide, charming smiles. Ever since you had arrived from France, Lafayette was yearning to introduce you to his dad and his friends. You were quite acquainted with the group through social media, but you have never seen them in real life, thus your stomach full of butterflies. The two of you were driving to his friend Alexander’s house, where everyone agreed to meet.

Il n'y a pas de quoi s'inquiéter. Mon père et les amis sont assez faciles à se familiariser à .” (There is nothing to worry about. My father and friends are quite easy to get acquainted to.) he responded soothingly. You groaned and covered your face in your arms, leaning on the dashboard.

Mais je ne les ai jamais rencontrés auparavant ! Que faire si je semble comme un perdant pour eux, et ils ne vous aime plus ? Que faire si je viens tout gâcher en face d'eux , et-” (But I have never met them before! What if I seem like a loser to them, and then they won’t like you anymore? What if I just totally mess up in front of them, and-) Lafayette stopped you before you can go on.

Tu sais, tu es mignon quand vous êtes énervé .” (You know, you’re cute when you’re flustered.) You playfully glared at your boyfriend and looked out the window with your arms crossed.

Je ne suis pas mignon.” (I’m not cute.) you muttered under your breath. Lafayette’s smile only widened more as he got off of the freeway, driving into the neighborhood of his dad and friends.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

It wasn’t long until you both made it to Alexander’s home. You quickly got out of the car and stretched your arms and legs, doing a little jogging in place to get your blood awake. Lafayette watched you with amusement and got out of the car himself, slamming the car door shut and locking it with his key. You seemed to bounce on each foot towards your boyfriend, looking up at him with a nervous smile.

Ce fut un long trajet en voiture .” (It was a long car ride.) you explained after seeing his expression. Lafayette rubbed the top of your head affectionately and ruffled your hair in the process.

Oi!” you exclaimed, trying to comb and pat down your now disarranged hair with your hands. Lafayette chuckled and started to walk up the path to the house.

Vous souvenez-vous que tout le monde ressemble ?” (Do you remember what everyone looks like?) your boyfriend asked you. You waved your hand in the air at his statement, as if you were swatting a fly.

Je mets tout de cette confiance en vous.” (I’m putting all of that trust into you.) Truth be told you had a faint memory of everyone’s faces. “Winging it” was your speciality anyways.

The two of you stopped at the door, which had a nicely decorated porch. You looked around at the many potted plants while your boyfriend rang the doorbell. You politely held your hands together behind your back and examined the many flowers, until the door opened.

The man who unlocked the door exclaimed when he saw Lafayette and said something in English, which was a little too fast for you to understand. Your boyfriend responded with the same amount of excitement and bro-hugged the man, you not knowing what to do. You suddenly felt a little shy when the man laid eyes on you and began conversing in French.

Salut! Vous devez être (Name) . Je suis Alexander , si vous vous souvenez de moi.” (Hello! You must be (Name). I am Alexander, if you remember me.) Your face settled in a kind smile when you heard some familiarity, and you sheepishly waved at Alexander.

Oui, oui.” Time to try out some English, here it goes. “It is, uh,  wonderful to finally see you, um, in person.” English wasn’t your first language, and you always felt embarrassed when you tried to talk in it. You knew you had an extremely thick accent, and it made you self-conscious when other native English-speakers couldn’t understand what you were trying to say. How your boyfriend could understand and talk quickly in the dialect was a mystery to you. (This is what you get for not listening during English class in grade school.)

Luckily, Alexander seemed to notice your awkwardness and tension while speaking in his more familiar tongue, and put one hand up in defense.

Oh , vous n'êtes pas obligé de parler en anglais si elle est trop difficile. Lafayette m'a dit que vous préférez communiquer en français , et je trouve que ça va .” (Oh, you don’t have to talk in English if it’s too difficult. Lafayette told me you prefer to communicate in French, and I find that okay.) You gave an exaggerated sigh and pretended to wipe sweat from your forehead. The international sign of faked exhaustion amused the other two, and the three of you shared a short laugh.

Je vous remercie. J'espère que les autres ne me dérange pas mon choix de parler.” (Thank you. I hope the others do not mind my choice of speaking.) Alexander waved a hand in the air and Lafayette butted in.

De cette façon, nous pouvons se moquer de tout le monde alors qu'ils ne savent pas une seule chose .” (This way we can make fun of everyone else while they don’t know a single thing.) Alexander and Lafayette laughed again, while you playfully punched your boyfriend in the arm, laughing along as well.

Comment avez-vous abordé avec lui alors qu'il était dans les «États ?” (How did you deal with him while he was in the ‘States? ) you joked to Alexander. Lafayette yelped in defense while Alexander played along. He leaned in towards you.

Ne vous inquiétez pas , j'ai l'expérience de Laurens et Herc . Les trois d'entre eux partagent les mêmes traits .” (Don’t worry, I have experience from Laurens and Herc. The three of them share the same traits.) he said in a serious tone, giving several hand movements and breaking into a smile when Lafayette tried to defend himself once more.

“You know, I can hear what you are saying, and we are nothing alike” he switched in English, and you giggled. There was suddenly a sound of a number of footsteps inside the household, and you saw another man appear behind Alexander. He was a couple of inches taller than Alex, and he wore a stern expression.

“Son, who’s at the door? And what’s talking you so long.” You recognized the man to be George Washington, Lafayette and Alexander’s non-biological father. You definitely remembered him from the many pictures Lafayette sent to you on social media, and you felt shy once more. You had to make a good impression on your boyfriend’s father, or else it was going to be way awkward in the long run. Luckily, Lafayette explained that his “American father” was quite nice, and was kindhearted towards new and shy people (a.k.a. you in the current situation.)

Mr. Washington’s face changed when he saw the two of you, and he pushed Alexander out of the way. The both of them exchanged a few loud words in English which you couldn’t fully understand, probably about keeping you and Lafayette outside too long and not welcoming them inside sooner, yadda yadda. Mr. Washington beckoned the two of you inside, Alexander behind him and muttering something under his breath. A firm glance from his father shut him up quickly, and you quietly giggled.

After politely talking your shoes off near the door, you followed Lafayette into the surprisingly and nicely furnished house, and Mr. Washington called to two others lounging on the couch. You noticed that the both of them were playing on an individual 3DS, concentrated on a race in Mario Kart. Great to know that you weren’t the only nerd in the house.

The two looked up from their now paused game and jumped off the sofa with smiles on their faces. “Hi (Y/N)! If you couldn’t tell, I’m John and that’s the second place cup holder sulking behind me.” You giggled when who assumed was Hercules lightly smacked John on the head. Hercules took your hand and shook it, pointing at John who was know greeting Lafayette.

“Nice to finally meet you, (Y/N). My real name is Hercules, and his real name is cheater.” You playfully scoffed and gave a small flip of your hair. “I think my real name will be first place cup holder pretty soon.” Hercules gave a loud chuckle and high-fived you.

“Well, I’m excited to see that actually happen.” From the corner of your eye, you could see Lafayette smiling at your interaction with his friends. A small swell of pride came upon you. Human interaction has not been a failure yet!

“We made a dinner, if you are hungry from your trip.” Mr. Washington said, and the three boys cheered.

“Awesome, because I have not eaten all day!” Alexander proclaimed as he made his way to the dining room. You giggled and followed everyone, a little relieved at the sound of a meal.

Alexander , Comment survivre si longtemps sans nourriture ? Est-il pas presque le coucher du soleil ici?” (Alexander, how do you survive that long without any food? Isn’t it almost sundown here?) you said with curiosity and amusement. Your boyfriend waved his hand in the air (there was quite a lot of that gesture) and smiled lazily. Golly, what a nice smile.

“Alexander will work himself to death if someone doesn’t distract him long enough.” Lafayette said, in English once more so the others could understand. Alexander flipped Lafayette off with a hand over his head when Mr. Washington wasn’t looking, and everyone except the older chuckled.

The dinner was delightful. The food wasn’t too overwhelming, and you had a cheerful talk with everyone. You began warming to everyone and being less shy. You made jokes about Alexander, who seemed to put himself there in the first place.

“You’re shorter in real life.” Alexander playfully bantered with you over the table. You gave a charming smile that seemed to always wow everyone in the room and shrugged. “I can say the same for you, Alexander.” John snickered and almost choked on his food, with Alexander putting a hand to his chest, pretending to be hurt by your harmful statement. Dinner continued on like this, with the little playful remarks and Mr. Washington calling out Alexander for being playfully rude, though you were not offended in any way.

“You know, if we ever have a son in the future, I would like to name him after you, Father.” Both you and Mr. Washington were taken aback by this sudden comment from Lafayette, you giving a surprised look at your boyfriend.

QUELLE.” (WHAT.) you exclaimed, the three onlookers giggling at your reaction as they ate their food.

“‘George Washington de La Fayette’ does have a nice ring to it.” Mr. Washington agreed, and you pointed at your boyfriend with a flat hand teasingly. ((mmm boi))

“First, we meet ta famille, next, you talk about avoir un enfant?!” As you said this, you made a number of hand gestures towards yourself and the air around you, finally ending at your chest as you continued in a thick accent. “Next we are going to talk about our midlife crisis and watch le gris grow in our hair!” (… the gray.) Everyone laughed at your response, including you.

After dinner, you held Hercules up for that karting race. With a little skill of drifting and calling out John’s many attempts of cheating, you cheered when the golden fire flower cup circled on your screen with confetti.

After the whole day, you settled in a spare room with your significant other, who was currently knocked out from all of the events that day. An arm was around your waist as you laid on your side, facing Lafayette who was facing the ceiling. You could tell that he was contently asleep, and you have already given up trying to take a picture of his slumbering face. Your own eyes fluttered closed, knowing despite being thousands of miles from France, you felt right at home.

anonymous asked:

Can you pls do ao blurb for each boy where your're best friends but you turn him on and he gets a boner and its like a cute awkward if that makes sense haha

oh gosh this is gonna kill me

calum idk i have a feeling sometimes he’d be really hard to turn on if you’re not actually rubbing his dick or something he just doesn’t seem the type to get random boners so you guys would be play fighting because he said something stupid and you hit him gently so he tackled you to the floor and that’s what happened but you’d be trying to get away from him and pry his hands away but your ass was grinding into his dick and you were groaning and just being sexy without realising it so he’d sort of say to you ‘babe you better stop before i get a boner’ and you’d blush and stand up and walk out of the room apologising becuase you were so embarassed

i think michael would be so cute in this situation like you would be sick so he’d come over and you’re only in pyjama shorts and a sports bra because you have a fever or something so once you’ve both had a nap you’d decide to spend the rest of the day playing video games so you put mario kart in and lets be real everybody gets passionate over mario kart so you’d be swearing at the screen and getting fucking angry and after a while michael would give up playing and just watch you get so heated up over this game and he’d start to imagine what you’d be like in bed and how dominant and sexy you’d be whilst riding him so he gets a boner and you can hear him shifting around and just acting like he was uncomfortable so you turn around and glance at the tent in his jeans and be like ‘shit sorry omg did i do that’ and he’d nod and you’d go to leave but he’d just pull you on top of him so you’re cuddling but you’d shift around and he’d groan again and be like ‘y/n your tits aren’t helping’ so you’d just blush even more and bury your face in his neck while he chuckles at you aww aodrable i want a michael

luke would probably always get boners around you but you’d never think it was because of you because you’re on the larger side and luke normally is attracted to thinner girls but one day you’d be wearing leggings and a band top and just messing around with michael like you always do making sexual innuendos bc immaturity is key so you’d say something like ‘michael, luke is making me wet’ and his mind would automatically go to the image of you guys in bed and you moaning like crazy and your soft skin beneath his and he’d get up and walk away but ashton who was sitting next to luke would be like ‘y/n you gave him a boner’ and you’d hear luke groan from wherever he was and be like ‘shut the fuck up ashton’ and you’d tear up bc insecure and you thought they were all teasing you but then you’d get up and walk out and luke would grab your wrist and be like ‘its so hard to control myself around you’ asnaifnOTE NOOOOOOOO

ashton would be because you guys had been friends for so long so you were just really comfortable around eachother so it probably wouldn’t be that awkward the only problem being that you’d have to pretend you didn’t realise so he’d be teaching you how to play the drums and you’d make a comment like ‘do i look as hot as you when i play?’ and he’d nod becuase yes you always look fucking hot ugh but anyways you’d keep on teasing him and you’d feel his dick getting harder and harder with every comment you made until he just stood up and walked out of the room bc so done with u right now

send me blurb requests