if only it were a crown

Warning! An awful English language below!

My sister and me went, a few weeks ago, at a comics/movies/videogames big fair in Milan, Italy called “Cartoomics”.Unfortunately here in Italy, “Hannibal” is not popular and well known but we go anyway wearing flower crowns , me the deer antlers too and we held and shown these signs.My sister the left one and me the one on the right, where I written: “ Don’t be rude with me… I’m a fannibal!” and both in small “ #SaveHannibal”.We were surprised to be photographed and recognized, though the audience here I repeat is really, very small ( Only ten have recognized us, in a crowd of one thousand people) .FANNIBALS PRIDE, YEAH! <3

Song of the day #321

You were my collection.
You were my collection, an addiction out of style.

You have the crown my only beautiful
Cause tonight we dance on dead men’s stones, oh.
You have the crown my only beautiful
(only beautiful)
Cause tonight we dance on dead men’s stones.
(“You have the crown so beautifully placed.
And we can’t be stopped by this alone,
And we’ll stop at nothing for you
Because tonight we dance on dead men’s stone

the other day I was taking a walk when I saw this old guy trapped under a cart. people were trying to help him but it was too heavy so I stepped forward and lifted it off him (I work out a lot.) then, this old police inspector told me I had to be a convict because of how strong I was. I looked him straight in the eye and said, “it’s 1815. anyone can be strong, including non felons, women, and gay people. the only person who’s weak here is you.” he started crying and gave me fifty crowns while everyone clapped, even the nuns

Haven’t you learned that girls like me will destroy you. Just as we destroy ourselves. We love to hard and care to deeply to be tethered down.
We are the ones who spend hours in museums, lost in the echoes of ages gone by. We are the ones wishing for knights and kings and beautiful dresses. We wish to be crowned a queen of love and beauty

We are the ones with ink-stained hands and bruised thighs. We are wild and we run forever, chasing after glory, chasing after fame and fortune. We were told we could be everything so that’s what we seek.

We are the ones who smile strangers, who talk to nearly everyone we meet. We are kind and generous and thoughtful but our kindness masks the belief that we will never be enough. We want to make the world a better place but we only know how to do that by scattering pieces of ourselves.

We are the girls in stories you dream to save. But this, this is reality and the world is a dragon and the knights have faded

—  So we are bleeding while trying to save ourselves by Abby S 

June 27, 2017 

Chaol Westfall has always defined himself by his unwavering loyalty, his strength, and his position as the Captain of the Guard. But all of that has changed since the glass castle shattered, since his men were slaughtered, since the King of Adarlan spared him from a killing blow, but left his body broken.

His only shot at recovery lies with the legendary healers of the Torre Cesme in Antica-the stronghold of the southern continent’s mighty empire. And with war looming over Dorian and Aelin back home, their survival might lie with Chaol and Nesryn convincing its rulers to ally with them.

But what they discover in Antica will change them both-and be more vital to saving Erilea than they could have imagined.

So … can I just say “THEY DISCOVER IN ANTICA WILL CHANGE THEM BOTH-AND BE MORE VITAL TO SAVING ERILEA THAN THEY COULD HAVE IMAGINED” !!!!!!! What the what !!!!!!! The Southern Continent. Who is there? Who will be vital? What !!!!


Voters at a Brooklyn polling site were delayed because they were issued the wrong ballots

On Tuesday, voters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, faced delays at the neighborhood’s P.S. 91 polling site due to issues with ballots. Twitter user @TheQnBee wrote around 6:30 a.m. local time that P.S. 91 had the “wrong voter registrations or ballots.” She went on to quote someone at the polling station as saying, “We do not have the correct ballots.” And that wasn’t the only issue there.


Ma'am, you say you don’t have what it takes to do battle with these people. You do. You were drilled for years in the finer points of our Constitution. You know it better than me, better than all of us. You have the only education that matters. So what would you have me do? Summon them and give them a good dressing down like children. Why would they stand for that? Because they’re English, male and upper class. A good dressing down from Nanny is what they most want in life.

Scientia Potentia Est

Signs in ACOMAF that Feyre would be the High Lady of the Night Court before it was revealed to us

That I will bow before no one and nothing but my crown” - Rhys


Obvi he can’t bow to himself, so it has to be his equal/high lady of the night court. And he did it:

Bow, he once ordered Tamlin. And now here he was, on his knees before me.”

“His words were a lethal caress as he said, ”Did you enjoy the sight of me kneeling before you?””

PLUS, Feyre was wearing a crown when she visited her sisters and meet the queens.

“Near the fireplace, I stood beside Rhys, who was clad in his usual black, his wings gone, his face a calm mask. Only the dark crown atop his head-the metal shaped like raven’s feathers - was different. The crown that was the sibling to my gold diadem.”

“Amber eyes slid to me. To my crown. Then Rhys’s. “An emissary wears a golden crown. Is that a tradition in Prythian?” “No,” Rhysand said smoothly, “but she certainly looks good enough in one that I can’t resist.””


On January 15, 1559 Elizabeth I was crowned Queen at Westminster Abbey during a grand coronation.  Although only 25, Elizabeth’s early years and surprising ascension to the throne were fraught with political perils. The youngest daughter of Henry VIII was third in line for the crown after being restored to the line of succession near the end father’s life. Like Mary before her, Parliament declared Elizabeth illegitimate to clear Jane Seymour’s path to the throne. In 1554, the outbreak of Wyatt’s Rebellion nearly led to Elizabeth’s execution at the Tower, the same death her mother, Anne Boleyn, faced as Mary suspected Elizabeth’s involvement in the plot. Edward and Mary’s tumultuous reigns had led England to the edges of radical Protestantism only for the nation to be violently reunited with Rome. A court in conflict, economic instability, and the painful upheaval of the Reformation was the new Queen’s inheritance. What followed Elizabeth’s coronation was an unprecedented time in British history some refer to as England’s ‘Golden Age’.

I’m seeing people play the blame game re: Hansung’s death, so heres the truth:

Hansung died protecting Sun Woo because Dan Se was told to kill the King by his grandfather who thought that Sun Woo was the King because Young Sil sent assassins to kill Sun Woo because Sun Woo said he was King when they were in Baekje. But Sun Woo only said he was King because the Crown Prince of Baekje heard that the King was one of them, and threatened to kill Ah Ro, and because Ji Dwi wasn’t coming out, he had no choice. But the Crown Prince only knew the King was there because Ban Ryu gave him the message from Young Sil, who sent the message to confirm/kill the King who he thought was Sun Woo because Ji So was protecting him when Young Sil initially had his guard almost kill Sun Woo. But Ji So only did so to protect Ji Dwi and take the spotlight off of him, because Young Sil made it known that the King was in Hwarang. But Young Sil only knew because Sun Woo dropped the bracelet, but Sun Woo only had the bracelet because Ji Dwi dropped it. But Ji Dwi dropped it in a fight with Sun Woo who was trying to find the person who killed Mak Moon, but Mak Moon died because he saw the King’s face and he only saw the King’s face because he entered the capital to find his family. But he was only looking for his family because they were separated most likely as a result of Ji So who was in love with Ahn Ji Gong  and was rejected by him and made to marry the previous King 

so, to conclude, Hansung died because Ji So was forced into marriage.


“Each of the scars, the chipped teeth and broken claws, the mutilated tail–they weren’t the markings of a victim. oh, no. They were the trophies of a survivor. Abraxos was a warrior who had all the odds stacked against him and survived. Learned from it. Triumphed.” –Sarah J. Maas, Heir of Fire

Am I the only one that watches Game of Thrones and thinks Drogon and Daenarys looks kinda like Manon and Abraxos…

“This isn’t me. I don’t normally do this.”

“Instead of gawking, maybe you should help me before I float through the floor again.”

“I don’t deserve this crown. I’m not being humble. I truly don’t deserve it.”

“I didn’t expect anyone to flirt back.”

“You’ve got to get back. You were gone for too long.”

“Hey now, only I get to joke about my tragedy.”

Hey Princes (phanfiction)

Hi guys this is my first proper fanfic, so it’s pretty shit plus I wrote it on my phone in the car, but anyways, enjoy, tags are at the bottom :) 1.8k of pure sin

Hey princes
Chapter 1
Phil Lester.
Ugh Phil. Phil and his tattoos, Phil and his piercings, Phil and his perfect hair, Phil and his stunning blue eyes.
Dan wouldn’t admit to his crush, Phil was a prick and nobody wanted a prick, well that was apart from dan.

Dan really didn’t understand how phil was so popular, yes he was a year older, but, he had only just moved to this town and dan had been here his whole life! Maybe it was his pastel clothing or his flower crowns, maybe people just don’t like that he was gay. But he knew one thing most people didn’t like him.

Dan was walking through the shopping centre; the last of his shopping done at last. He had his face downwards, looking at the floor and his head phones were plugged in blaring fall out boy.
He tucked his hands further into the pockets of his white skinny jeans and his bags bundled around his wrists.
His steady rhythm of steps were disputed when he walked face first into someone, nearly tripping over and dropping his bags.
He pulled out his headphones and started picking up his stuff.
“I’m so sorry” he said to the stranger.
He looked up apologetically and his chocolate brown eyes connected with bright blue. Out of everyone in the world, of course it had to be Phil.
“Go careful princess” he said with a smirk.
“Don’t want to damage that pretty little face of yours now do we?”
A rosey red glow spread across dans face and he picked up his bags and ran home.

That night dan was lying on his bed re-playing that moment in his head. He should have said something, maybe have told Phil to piss off. But he knew why he hadn’t. Phil had called him princess.

Dan awoke the next day still in his clothes from yesterday, he must’ve fallen asleep fantasising about his brief moment with Phil. He had to get those thoughts out of his head.

Dan got ready and left the house, his pastel blue jumper matching perfectly to his gold butterfly and baby blue flower crown. He ran his hand through his brown, curly hair and placed it on top of his head.

When he arrived at school he went to find his only friend, Chris. Chris and dan had been friends a long time before Dan’s style changed and he came out. He was the only person who stuck with dan after as well, the others had joined the gang of bullies who had always picked on dan and still did.
Dan and Chris walked through the entrance and went their separate ways to their lessons.

Dan’s morning was fairly uneventful, just the average amount of insults, shoves and teachers picking on him become they knew he wasn’t concentrating. The bell finally rang for lunch and dan left for the cafeteria to find Chris. He found him sitting at their normal table in the back corner, the social outcasts, as they liked to call themselves. The only things wrong with its placement was that it was right next to the door where Phil and his gang entered from.
When they came in Dan felt a hand caressing his arm. And as quickly as it has came, it had gone. Dans head shot up and he looked around. Instantly recognising the person looking at him. Phil bit one of his snake bites and winked at him. Dan glared, but on the inside, his heart was fluttering.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Chris
“Lester,” muttered dan, his face trying to look pissed off, but failing miserably.
“You sound in love”
“No I fucking don’t! I hate him” dan partially yelled, trying not to gather attention.
“Sure thing” said Chris, his lips curled into a smirk.

The next day at school, Dan had just said bye to Chris and was walking to geography when a hand grabbed him and yanked him behind a bookshelf. He nearly screamed before he realised who it was. For the third time in 3 days he has properly locked eyes with Phil Lester.
Phil’s hand rested against the wall above Dan’s head.
“Hey princes” he breathed, whilst passing Dan a piece of paper.
“Friday night. Be there. You can bring that Chris if you want, Louise is coming.”
And his arm slid down from above Dan’s head and down his arm, a familiar touch from the day before.
And he was gone.

Chapter 2

The rest of the week went by painfully slow, and Dan had been counting down the days to Phil’s party. He had managed to convince Chris to come, and the fact that he would see his friend Louise again after all these years filled him with joy. But the best part was that it had been Phil himself who had invited him.

Friday evening finally came and dan had dressed up in his tightest white jeans, a white shirt and a baby pink sweater, accessorised with a silver flower crown, rosebud earrings and pastel pink converse.

A honk of a horn signalled his ride was there and he ran down to meet Chris.

As they arrived they were instantly met by a girl with bright green eyes and pink hair,
“LOUISE!” They yelled.
And ran forwards to meet with their old friend. After catching up, Louise brought up a different subject.
“They are playing truth or dare upstairs, want to go and join in?”
Dan wanted to protest against it but Chris has already said yes. As they walked towards the stairs Louise grabbed them all a drink,
“Something strong” she said “To get you through this, it could get intense” and she giggled. If dan wasn’t regretting this before he definitely did now.

They entered the room, it was full of people from school who Dan barely knew, most of them were older. But one person stood out.
“Okay” said Phil “I’d say there is enough of us, let’s get started!”

As the game continued the dares and questions slowly became more and more sexual.

Marcus, take 3 shots at the same time.
Amy, drink a whole tube of ketchup.
Louise, make a mystery shot and drink it.
Ray,Who would you most likely date here?
Mikey, go and get a girl and convince her to play.
Hazel, sit on Olivers lap.
Cara, who is guy you’ve been messaging?
Chris, are you gay?
Rob, give Louise a lap dance.
By the time Dan’s go had come around everything was getting quite sexual, so he started to worry.
“Dan,” said Phil. “Truth or dare?”
“Are you a virgin?” He asked, with an evil smirk.
Dan felt so embarrassed, they would probably laugh at him. He knew he couldn’t lie, these people seemed to see right through you. And if he passed he would have to streak down the road, and that wasn’t happening.
“Yes” he said
Phil looked him in the eye, an expression of lust in his eyes. Dan just blushed harder at this and looked at the floor.
Finally the attention was shifted away from him as Jenny, a girl who was a few years older than dan spoke up.
“Phil, truth or dare?” The way she spoke made dan worry about what she was about to say.
“Dare” replied Phil.
“If you’re so interested in Dan’s virginity” she said “Why don’t you help him loose it” the whole room started chanting and laughing, Phil was not a sore enough looser to deal with this, he wasn’t going to run down the street naked, loads of old people lived here. Dan couldn’t help feeling both scared and overwhelmed at the same time, was this going to reveal his crush?
“Sure” said Phil looking at Dan and winking.
Everyone was pushing Dan towards Phil as Jenny spoke up again.
“You have to do it in the room, now, in front of all of us.” Now Dan was properly blushing, but Phil still went along with it. Pervs, he thought.
“Give us a blanket though, at least”
A blanket was tossed over and Phil pulled Dan onto his lap.
Phil’s hand went down to Dan’s crotch and started massaging, Dan let out a quiet moan. “Come on princess,” whispered Phil “Let daddy hear your pretty noises.”
This made dan intake a sharp breath, he has practically forgotten they were being watched.

Phil quickly unbuttoned Dan’s jeans and chucked them out of the blanket. Next came his jumper and shirt. Now Dan was practically naked underneath the blanket. “Hmm, what are these,” muttered Phil, as he pulled the elastic around Dan’s lacy panties, before letting it slap back against Dan’s skin “are you wearing these for daddy, waiting for him to fuck you like the whore you are?” He asked
“Yes daddy, please touch me” moaned dan, rutting against Phil’s hand, which Phil instantly removed and slapped against Dan’s thigh. “Good boys are patient” he said into Dans ear.

Phil slipped his fingers beneath the panties and slid them off of Dan before throwing them out of the blanket too.

Dan heard the crack of a bottle opening and suddenly, Phil’s lubed up fingers were pressing against his rim.
He slipped his finger in, curling it around, trying to find the area that would make dan moan loud enough for everyone to hear.
He brought his other hand up to play with his nipples as he added a second finger.

Dan’s eyes were squeezed tight shut and he was letting out breathy moans, Phil added a third finger and curled them upwards, instantly hitting Dan’s prostate. Dan moaned loudly and shuddered against Phil.
A sudden emptiness occurred and Phil had removed his fingers, just as Dan was about to turn around to complain, he felt Phil removing his own jeans and was quickly overwhelmed by an even fuller sensation.

“Does that feel good baby? Do you like it when daddy fills you up?”
“Yes daddy, so big” Dan moaned, as Phil’s lips started attacking his neck, licking and sucking, all while he was trusting into Dan. Dan’s neck was he sweet spot he has just discovered, it sent Dan into a void of complete bliss. Just when Dan thought the sensations couldn’t get any better Phil wrapped his hand around Dan’s dick, he stroked and twisted his hand, his thumb flicking against the slit, lathering his length in precome.
“Phil, I’m close” Dan moaned
“What did you just call me?” Phil said sharply
“Sorry daddy, please can I come?” Dan pleaded.
“Beg for it”
Dan tipped his head backwards, and let out another moan.
“Please please please can I come daddy, I’ve been a good little slut for you!” He cried looking at Phil with huge pupils and his hair stuck to his forehead in with sweat.
“Okay baby, you can come” replied Phil. And with a few more tugs and thrusts Dan had came all over Phil’s hand. He was shuddering and moaning, as Phil continued to thrust into him until he came too.

He finally pulled out of dan and hugged him against his chest, before leaning down and whispering in his ear.
“I think they enjoyed the show, maybe now you aren’t a virgin, daddy can show you the other things that he can do” he said with his signature smirk.
Dan looked up “I think I would like that daddy.”

Birth and Bloodletting: A Feysand Pregnancy: Part Two


Rhysand’s power filled the cavernous space, letting his home know just who he was. His onyx tunic swallowing the light in the room, his head adorned with the crown of stars meant for the rightful High Lord, not a half breed Illyrian with a whore for a mate, for a High Lady.

Keir trained his eyes to the floor as the High Lord strolled past him, the only sound was Rhysand’s footsteps ascending to the throne.

“Well,” Rhysand said, his voice a tendril of darkness “It looks like we’re all here. Let’s get started.”

The Bastard born and his own…grandson, if he called him such a sentiment, knelt before Rhysand, each bearing seven siphons. But where the Bastard’s were red, his grandsons were blue, just like his father’s. Keir reigned in his disgust.

He was not expecting his halfbred grandson in the court. It didn’t matter, perhaps his death would help purify his bloodline.  Then the only thing standing between his bloodline and purity would be his traitorous daughter and her pregancy and his other grandsons, Nathaniel and Adrien. Adrien too weak to make his own way out of the Blood Rite and Nathaniel…gay and a half-bred Illyrian at that, they both needed to be eliminated.

They each lifted their heads, their mouths slid into a brutal grins, ready to slaughter on Rhysand’s mere wims. His own face was an aloof disinterested mask.

“Keir,” Rhysand said, his voice a cool blade.

He bowed again, his eyes snagging on Azriel’s blade at Blake’s hip. The male must have leant it to his son while he babysat Rhysand. He kept himself from flinching under the cool promise of death in Blake’s eyes, his daughter’s eyes. A child was what he was, but it would be a mistake to not think he could kill him. Not after what he had done to his own daughter, to Nathaniel.



She forced herself to stay calm. It was just a routine visit to the Court of Nightmares, that was what she kept telling herself. The words sounded false in her head. She kept her focus on the bond.

Feyre positioned herself on the floor. Crossing her legs, she tilted her head as Aysel’s small hands gripped her stomach, pulling herself up to stand. Her golden brown hair feathered around her head in soft curls, those eyes, her own eyes, were bright.

Aysel’s lips flattened against Feyre’s stomach in attempt to kiss her cousins. Her niece looked up at her, raising her hands, wanting to be picked up.

“Careful,” Bay said, his head in Nate’s lap, an arm over his eyes. “Once you pick her up, it isn’t so easy to put her down. She won’t let you, not without a wave of psychic pain rattling through your head.’

Nate’s fingers laced through Bay’s hair, his eyes assessing Aysel with an amused efficiency. “Baylor gets grumpy when he gets woken up at three in the morning. The Princess likes waking him to play with her.”

Amren took a sip of her wine, “Cunning little thing, isn’t she?”

Feyre lifted Aysel to her lap, “Cassian said she’s already showing signs of Nesta’s fire magic.”

Bay lifted his arm, displaying the faint burn mark on his skin. “This is what happens when she decides to fight sleep. The Princess is going to end up burning down Hybern.”

Mor smiled faintly, “Nesta would be proud of her.”

Bay’s shoulders tightened, his voice soft, “Yes she would be.”

Ayse’s hands got lost in Feyre’s hair, a soft squeal came out of her mouth, then her lips started to quiver. The Princess tugged on her hair, the temperature in the room started to rise.

“Here we go,” Bay groaned, his hands to his ears.


Cassian smiled viciously at Keir before turning his eyes to Blake. The kid was grinning at a female. Her face a beautifully carved nightmare, her hair shifted from a deep red to an ebony black. But her eyes…

Kier gave the report. Cassian’s eyes went to Blake’s. His eyes were filled with a burning hatred for Kier despite the brutal grin on his face. After what happened with Nate, Blake winnowed to the Court of Nightmares and shattered Keir’s arm. It was the first and last warning Blake gave the male. If he so much as breathed wrong at his brothers, Blake would kill him.

The female smiled at him, whispering in his ear. His face blanked for half a second before he took her hand and she led him to dance.

Cassian narrowed his eyes, his hand on his sword. Blake wouldn’t be dancing with the female if he was in love with Aurora. The Dawn Court Heir would not be thrilled with this.

Blake’s hands slid around the female waist, pulling her close to him.  her arms snaked around his neck, her lips to his ear.

Something wasn’t right.


The temperature in the room was ridiculously warm. Aysel was crying, Azriel’s shadows picked up grief from the Princess. Despite not knowing her mother, Aysel still grieved her. Being an infant, not able to control her magic she grieved in the way most infants do. They cried and lashed out.

Amren waved her hand, the temperature starting to settle. Azriel helped Mor stand, her hand resting on her stomach. His mate was only a month behind Feyre. She took Aysel from Feyre, resting the princess on her hip. “It’s okay, Baby.”

Mor smoothed down the Princess’s hair and kissed her forehead. “You still got us, no need to cry.”  Mor squeezed Feyre’s hand, giving the High lady a sympathetic smile. “It’ll be okay, Feyre. Rhys will be back before you know it. Blake and Cassian will be there. And if they fail, Rhys will kill every last person in that mountain to get to you.”

Objectively, Blake and Cassian should be okay. They were both highly trained, Cassian had five hundred years of training, Blake was ranked top in his generation. But he still worried for Blake’s safety in that place. If something happened to his son, he would slaughter every last one of those monsters in that mountain. As he should have done when he found Mor bleeding in the woods.

Feyre sighed, “I know that. I know but…this feeling.”


His grandson was distracted by his benefactor, a female with a voice of velvet and cultivated persuasion abilities of more than one kind. The female had her own reasons for wanting Rhysand and his whore dead.

With a bow of his head, Keir retreated to his rooms. He needed to nullify Rhysand’s magic, needed to lure the High Lady to them, needed to terminate the…children in her womb.


The bond went quiet. Feyre tried to reach down it, nothing but shadow was at the end of it. She swallowed her panic and stood. Azriel’s eyes met hers.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Her heart was pounding through every inch of her.  “I can’t feel him. I can’t feel Rhys. I need you to take me to him.”

Azriel narrowed his eyes. His voice was a lethal calm. “Absolutely not.”

“Fuck no you aren’t going!” Nate shouted. She ignored her nephew, her eyes still on Azriel.

“If you don’t I’ll find my way there myself.” She knew it was terribly unfair of her to give this ultimatum, but still she did it. To get to her mate, she would do anything.

“Feyre, you are pregnant,” Mor exclaimed.

“Not to mention this is most likely a trap meant for you,” Amren added.

“I am well aware that I am pregnant. But I am High Lady, these monsters are my responsibility, Rhys is my mate.” She was Feyre Cursebreaker, High Lady of the most terrifying Court in all of Prthyian. Spells couldn’t stop her, nothing could.  “I’ll bring Azriel and Nate and Bay with me.” She didn’t want to seperate Az and Mor but Mor was also pregnant. If something happened in Velaris, Amren could hold the line until reinforcements came. “The babies and I will be safe.”

“I don’t suppose we could change your mind?” Azriel asked.


With a sigh, Azriel nodded.

Wrapping Darkness around herself, Feyre winnowed to the Court of Nightmares, ready to burn them all down.


Here is part two, please, leave a comment :)


let’s take a breather from the nightmare that is going on in the USA to look at some upd8 sprites!

I know I’m kinda late to the party but I had other things to do. anyways, check it. i’m proud of some things in these sprites

most important to me are Dirk and Jake’s “flower” crowns are entirely from scratch and I’m so proud of them. 

I used canon crowns as a base for the carapace kingdom’s crowns, but it was only black and white and I had to recolor it entirely on my own.

both the human and the troll kingdoms’ crowns were also built on a base. I made an effort to make the troll crowns look like they did in the original content, not just copy&paste the same crown.

the exception to the above statement is Jade’s crown, which I also did entirely from scratch. And though the crown is really fugly, it looks very much like the original fugly crown (seriously, why that, Jade? it looks like trash)

I also made an effort to make their expressions the same as the original!

I talked a lot but I’m really proud so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well!


Saint  Thérèse of Lisieux portraying Joan of Arc in a play written by Thérèse herself.  She also wrote several poems in honor of The Maid of Orleans.

To Joan of Arc
by Saint  Thérèse of Lisieux 

When the Lord God of hosts gave you the victory,
You drove out the foreigner and had the king crowned.
Joan, your name became renowned in history.
Our greatest conquerors paled before you.

But that was only a fleeting glory.
Your name needed a Saint’s halo.
So the Beloved offered you His bitter cup,
And, like Him, you were spurned by men.

At the bottom of a black dungeon, laden with heavy chains,
The cruel foreigner filled you with grief.
Not one of your friends took part in your pain.
Not one came forward to wipe your tears.

Joan, in your dark prison you seem to me
More radiant, more beautiful than at your King’s coronation.
This heavenly reflection of eternal glory,
Who then brought it upon you? It was betrayal.

Ah! If the God of love in this valley of tears
Had not come to seek betrayal and death,
Suffering would hold no attraction for us.
Now we love it; it is our treasure. 

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us.

Saint  Thérèse of Lisieux, pray for us

Drabble Inspired by ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Anderson.

Deep in the seas of a planet with forest and ocean lived a mermaid prince. He had the largest, darkest tail of all, with ebony fins and scales that glistened crimson when exposed to light. His chest was adorned with pieces on his shoulders and wrists that only royalty could wear. Upon his mane sat a great crown.

In his hands, he was always holding a trident with red horns. This weapon was a gift made for him personally, and there were no others of it in the entire galaxy. This weapon could slice through rocks like a knife through paper. It was the perfect weapon to keep him in power and his enemies at bay,

His name was Kylo Ren.

Predators several times bigger than his black coral castle would swish out of his way when he came by. In his presence, the bravest man would tremble.

He had everything he could ever want, and he could do whatever he wanted.

Being the king, he was able to swim up to the surface to study the above world. The forests, buildings, and cliffs did not interest him in the least. If you asked him what the surface was like, he would tell you that you might as well stay in the water because the surface is bland.

Until he saw her.

She was always sitting by the shore at night, looking at the stars, daydreaming. 

He was never able to get close enough to her without the risk of being seen. Even with his blending skills, she would still hear him. 

Just from seeing her once, he believed she to be more beautiful and fascinating than anything in the deep. Whenever he had the chance, he would come up to the surface while she sat on the shore. She was always there at night, and sometimes, in afternoons.

Kylo Ren was a king, yet he couldn’t persuade himself to speak to her. What if he frightened her? He could have cared less if his species was exposed. He’d let the merfolk go extinct if it meant getting one close look at her. 

Living under the same waters but claiming different floors were the crolutes. Unlike merfolk, crolutes were able to walk among the surface, as they had legs. But they were dastardly and ugly. While they looked thin when wet, their bodies would inflate as they dried, making them look like walking blobs.

Unkar Plutt was their king, if anybody could call him that. In his society, money determined who was in power, and he was the richest of them all. He too always got what he wanted.

And he too had eyes for the girl, and since he saw her first, he believed she was his to claim. Unlike Kylo, he made himself known to her. She was repulsed and disgusted by him, turning him away each time with threats. One day, Unkar had enough.

It was a good thing Kylo was near the last time Unkar faced the girl. When he surfaced, Kylo didn’t see the girl in her usual spot, but he swore he could hear her. 

She was swearing and spitting and threatening whoever she was with. He heard her mention Unkar. The merman propelled himself to where her voice was louder.

Looking up, he saw she was on top a cliff, locked in Unkars grasp.

“I’m not asking you anymore!” Kylo heard him yell. “I’m tired of waiting for you to say yes on your own!”

Grasping her tightly, he backed away, then hurled himself forward to shove the girl off the cliff. Had she not been falling from a height so great, she’d still be cursing him.

Her body slammed into the water.

The sea king wasted no time, diving under the water and propelling towards her. As she sunk down, he realized she couldn’t swim. When he saw the blobfish jumping in after her, he flicked his tail faster.

No, he would not let him have her. The girl was too enchanting and astonishing to be taken by a nasty crolute.

As Unkar was about to grasp her, Kylo used his trident and fired at him. Since the weapon could easily cut through rocks, it had no trouble ripping through Unkar, splitting him in two.

By the time Kylo reached her, her eyes had closed. He enclosed her in his arms and jetted to the surface at light speed.

Once there, he looked down at her as he held her close. Her pulse still beat though her eyes remained closed. Sweeping her towards the shore, Kylo placed her gently over the sand.

This would probably be the closest he had ever gotten to her. After they parted, he would think of her every day, not even knowing her name.

His fingers gently brushed against her cheek and neck. She was even more beautiful up close. Why did she have to be human? Why was it, that the only time he ever showed interest in someone, they were of a different species?

Before saying goodbye, Kylo kissed the womans wet forehead, slicking back some hair strands that stuck to her face. Reaching for his tail, he picked off a scale to give to her. Maybe, if she had seen him for a moment, it would remind her of him.

Once he looked upon the girls face, her eyes opened. Kylo thought she would scream, but she was still. Probably still weak from before. But her eyes, oh, those eyes. He had never seen hazel until that moment.

“If only you were a mermaid,” he said. “I’d make you my queen and be your devoted servant. You would live in my grand palace with me and sit on my throne. You will have the most beautiful pearls and gems to wear and a tail like no other, so the other mermaids may envy you. I would place a crown of gold upon your hair and let the entire ocean know that you’re mine.”

She looked at him as if nobody ever spoke to her that way before, like she wasn’t used to being charmed. Then he realized right there that no one ever had. The girl was confused, as if she didn’t know how to respond.

“What would I call you?” 


Kylo looked up as he heard a mans voice. No, two mens voices. 

Not wanting to be seen by human men, Kylo slithered back into the water and took off. 

So her name was Rey, like a drop of golden sun. He liked it.

Hiding behind a rock, he saw two men help her up. Before they were able to carry her off, Rey looked back at the water, as if she were looking for somebody. 

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Cowane’s Hospital Stirling 

I’d never been inside here before and as I was nosing around saw some people go in so after I had taken a few shots decided to have a peek. I didn’t get far only into the meeting hall, it seems it was closed and some people were just dropping things off so only got a few from inside, the lady said they were just leaving but the building will be open to the public in April. 

Cowane’s Hospital is a 17th century almshouse in the historic city of Stirling. It is also known as The Guildhall, as the Stirling Guildry have held their meetings here for several centuries.  

 Cowane’s is in the area known as Top o’ the Town, just below the castle and next to the Church of the Holy Rude where King James VI was crowned.

Sadly the building is in state of disrepair but the good news is work will start next year on restoring the build with help of donations and a lottery funded grant. 

Cowane’s Hospital was built by in 1637 by rich local merchant John Cowane, that’s him with the hat on the front of the building and in the stained glass window, it was an Almshouse for ‘decayed members of the Guild of Merchants’.

After its time acting as a Guildhall, Cowane’s served as a school and a hospital during epidemics.   

According to local myth, people say the statue of ‘Auld Staney Breeks’, as he was known,  comes to life on Hogmanay and does a jig.

I posted picture of his house earlier. 


Of course, it was hated, and hidden. You, were the princess of Midgard, and him, the Prince of Asgard. It was after a ball, one of which only happened every thousand years, that you found one another, and instant love had been portrayed. 

It wasn’t meant to be, but Loki wanted it, oh so much. He would secretly travel back to Midgard, every time he could, to come and find you. Today, it was sitting in front of your vanity, placing your crown upon your head.

Loki: You know my dear, you don’t need a crown, you’re already a princess, and my queen.

Y/N: *Turns around,* Oh my god Loki, what are you doing here?

Loki: I wanted to see you-

Y/N: But our families, Loki, it’s just not meant to be…

Loki: I would stop, refuse to be a prince, for you, I swear it on my life. I would die for you, I would-

Y/N: Don’t swear on your life. Swear on your family name, and I am all yours.

Loki: Y/N, my love, my…Juliet. 

Y/N: My Loki, My Romeo.