if only it was in black or a deep color

The signs’ angel wings

Aries: fluorescent bright blue, small, look like shooting stars in the dark

Taurus: pale pink, easily hidden, emit a soft star-like glow

Gemini: one wing is white and one is baby blue, both with silvery tips, little but powerful

Cancer: deep crimson, blazing with beautiful fire (but they aren’t harmful!!… unless you want them to be *wink*) >

Leo: dark green with white flecks, the softest feathers

Virgo: shimmery gold wings that create magic dust, when in flight the shimmery dust floats down softly over only the sweetest people and they are given lovely dreams

Libra: dark purple and extremely delicate with soft blue patterns that look like flowers

Scorpio: jet black with small silver streaks that resemble lightning bolts

Sagittarius: very long, soft white feathers, taper at the bottom, the tips are fairy-like and translucent

Capricorn: opaque silver, look like they’ve been dipped in stardust, long wingspan

Aquarius: the colors of a stormy sky, cold to the touch, they sometimes flash like lightning when in flight (only when it’s dark)

Pisces: lavender, fluffy feathers and very small

Peacock and Other Theories

I thought about it on my way home and so I’ve basically jumped off the turtle!Nino bandwagon and jumped on the peacock!Nino bandwagon.

I have a lot of reasons for doing so. 

One, as was stated in my previous post, Nino shares a color scheme with Duusu–that being red and blue–as well as the eye print theme - 

This is important because a majority of the other miraculous holders share color schemes and themes with their kwami - 

Pinks and blacks (cuz Tikki seems more like a deep pink than red), plus, Tikki has freckles like Mari if you look closely enough at the image above. Additionally, Marinette has spots on her clothes.  

Adrien only has a black shirt, but his eyes are green like Plagg’s and his shirt stripes, while also having yellow, are variations of green and purple (the inside of Plagg’s mouth is purple). 

Alya has oranges in her shirt and has a general warm color theme in her hair and eyes. Also, depending on Trixx’s final design, the kwami will either have matching yellow eyes to Alya’s (as it looks like it does above) or purple eyes as was in what was initially announced of the fox design. Either one works as Alya has purple accents in her shirt. Also, she has that beauty spot and Trixx has little spots above their eyes. 

Yellow and black, stripes, blue eyes. Pretty obvious I think. 

Furthermore, I had previously argued that Nino looks more like a turtle than a peacock as far as his facial features, but I’m not so sure anymore. Nino’s nose has always been rather exaggerated and I presumed to think he looked like a turtle because of how his smile turned out, but I think it would be silly not to admit that Nino’s nose is rather beak-ish. 

And while his hair could look rather shellish–in reference to a turtle–it could also be flat like a peacock’s. With the symbolic adornment of Nino’s hat in place of the sticky-up feathers. 

The other miraculous users look respectively like their “animals” too, as I’ve pointed out before. I don’t have comparison pictures of Mari and Chloe, because they don’t look like actual bugs, but their features are small and “buggy,” so that’s worth considering. Also - 

Cat. So much cat. 

Wide smile beneath a cute nose. Fox, fox, fox (I called this one WAY before the spoiler, just fyi. It’s so obvious). 

So yeah, anyway. Peacock!Nino. I know the peacock we’ve seen is clearly feminine, but if it is Mama Agreste, I don’t see her as being the active peacock miraculous holder. She doesn’t fit the age demographic for being a hero and the kids already have their teacher/guide in Master Fu. I would imagine that scan is of the past or a short time period of use, or is symbolic. Whether it’s through Adrien or Mama Agreste, I think Nino has a good chance of eventually getting the peacock, especially with that eye shirt he has as well as being Adrien’s best friend. 

Like usual, this is all speculation and really holds no basis in canon. It’s all based on my observations, as usual, which change depending on the info released, but as of now, this is just an idea I had floating around in my head. I also think it would be really cool to see Nino sporting something as flamboyant as the peacock. He’s so chill, I assume he would pull it off swimmingly, especially since he’s already a performer :D

Oh, also, since we were talking about color and design connections, I’d like to show you this guy - 

Next to this guy - 

Next to this guy - 

Next to this cutie - 

Next to this guy - 

Colors and designs sure are interesting, huh (and scarves sure do a good job of covering things up, hmm?)



anonymous-bush  asked:

Wing AU? Saru with dark, slim, beautiful wings. The Kings have the biggest, strongest wings. I imagine Munakata with dark wings with blue flame coming from the edges, and Mikoto has wings of fire. Nagare's wings are white, like Anna's, but they crackle with green electricity. Yata's wings look like bright orange fire and he loves to wrap Fushimi up in them~ Thoughts?

I’m imagining that say in this AU everyone is born with small white wings that then grow into something else as they get older and people are judged on the quality and size of their wings, like the most successful and talented people tend to have really huge wing spans and super impressive wings – and only those with larger wings can actually fly too so there’s like this unspoken caste system that tends to look down more on people whose wings are considered too small or deformed somehow. Niki probably has these terrible hellfire wings, all red feathers tinged in black and the feathers are really jagged and sharp looking but even so he can fly a little with them. When Fushimi’s little Niki plucks a bunch of feathers from his little baby white wings, leaving a bunch of bald spots where the feathers haven’t grown back, and due to the combination of stress and neglect some of Fushimi’s other feathers fall out entirely. By the time he reaches middle school his ‘true’ wings have started to come in but it’s no comfort, his wings are this really dark murky black (and having black wings is considered a bad sign, like if your pure white wings have gone black there must be something wrong with you) and there are spots where the feathers are mottled in white or red, places where his feathers originally fell out. His feathers are a mess too, all different sizes and angles and his wings are far too slim to allow him to fly. Fushimi pretty much doesn’t give a shit though because of course his wings would be the kind that he couldn’t fly with and anyway he’s not like all those other idiots walking around trying to show their wings off or brag about their wingspan.

That’s when he meets Yata, who has these red and orange wings that look like a fire, but they’re really fluffy and the feathers are soft. Yata can’t quite fly with them but when he’s on his skateboard if he extends them behind him he feels like he’s flying anyway (oh oh imagine the scene from LSW with Fushimi, Yata and Aya on the bike, Yata’s got his wings out and they’re like stretching on either side of Fushimi so it feels like he’s in a tunnel of flames but he’s not scared at all, and behind Fushimi there’s Aya with her slim pink swan-like wings outstretched and then Fushimi unconsciously starts to stretch his too, the wings he always keeps hunched close and never spreads fully and for the first time in his life he really feels like he’s flying, there on the back on Yata’s bike). Yata’s the first person who thinks Fushimi’s wings are really cool, like look at how sleek they are and the black is so striking and the feathers feel super smooth, Yata loves running his fingers through Fushimi’s wings. Fushimi acts like he doesn’t care what Yata thinks of his wings but it always makes his breath catch a little, when Yata tells him how amazing his wings are. When the two of them move in together sometimes they lie side by side on Yata’s bunk discussing their plans for all the great things they’re going to do and Yata wraps his wings around Fushimi so that it feels like they’re living in this small cozy world, just the two of them, and sometimes Fushimi’s wings stretch just a bit to touch Yata’s, connecting just a little bit.

So then the surprise party incident happens and that’s when they meet Mikoto who has the biggest wings Yata and Fushimi have ever seen, these huge red ones with real fire blossoming along the edges and when Mikoto uses his Red King powers to the full extent his wings burst entirely into flame and it’s like a fireball. The rest of Homra have wings that are touched by fire in some way too – maybe people don’t just have feathered wings in this AU too, imagine Totsuka with wings that look like they belong to one of his flame butterflies (Anna’s ‘true’ wings are just coming in, downy white mixed with hints of red, and when she awakens as King all the white feathers fall to the ground like rain as she extends her red burning wings wide, a wingspan even greater than Mikoto’s, a phoenix rising). Fushimi’s actually afraid of Mikoto’s wings especially, like he can’t help but flinch every time Mikoto opens his wings fully. He’s also secretly jealous because Yata is so impressed that Mikoto-san can fly, and of course Fushimi knows that he’ll never be able to match that.

Then Fushimi meets Munakata and Munakata’s the only one he’s seen whose wings can rival Mikoto’s except Munakata’s are these sleek cobalt blue ones, growing brighter around the edges, just this amazing gradient of blue upon blue and Munakata loves to spread them wide whenever he’s making grand pronouncements. When he’s not trying to be impressive though Munakata keeps his wings neatly folded and sometimes they almost look like part of his uniform. Fushimi can’t help but feel drawn to those wings somehow and when Munakata tries to recruit him maybe instead of Fushimi’s leg moving unconsciously to Munakata’s side one wing opens on that side instead. Fushimi breaks things off like in canon, burning his tattoo and all, but maybe after he and Yata part he spots a fallen feather from Yata’s wings and ends up keeping it despite himself. Meanwhile Yata goes to pack up their old apartment and he finds one of Fushimi’s feathers. He wants to burn it into nothing but he can’t bring himself to do it, keeping it with him like tucked in his hat somehow and maybe it was one of those mottled feathers, black and red, and the whole time Fushimi thinks Yata’s been keeping one of Mikoto’s feathers when it’s actually his.

Then jungle, imagine Hisui’s wings aren’t real ones at all but these giant electricity ones that the Slate kinda made for him because when Hisui 'died’ his real wings hadn’t come in yet and being technically dead he couldn’t grow his real ones anymore. But the desire for them is there and the shape remains rooted in Hisui’s soul, how they should look, and the Slate answers that desire by giving him a mock version of what he should have. When the undercover mission happens Fushimi and Munakata fight and maybe Munakata makes a comment about Fushimi’s wings, the black color and how they’re so small and thin and useless, he’ll never fly with them and they’re really almost malformed in a way, just like Fushimi’s own twisted loyalties. Fushimi tries not to take that to heart but of course he does, even as he intends to carry out Munakata’s plan to the end.

Yata of course shows up to save Fushimi and when they escape Yata’s having trouble keeping ahead of Sukuna, like he’s on his skateboard with Fushimi on his back and Sukuna’s so close to catching up, and there are holes in the floor that Yata’s worried he won’t be able to skateboard over. Yata finally yells at Fushimi that they need to fly, Fushimi clicks his tongue because neither one of them can fly, idiot, and Yata’s just like shut up, I can’t fly on my own but if you’re with me we can definitely do it. They reach like this giant gap in the floor and Yata stretches his wings out, speeding up, determined to fly over it and save Fushimi. Fushimi stares at Yata in surprise and he finds his own wings stretching out too, all the way, the two of them flapping in unison as they just soar over the gap, completely airborne and in control and breathless for just a moment. Afterward Fushimi tries to act like it was nothing but Yata’s not giving up that easily, saying this is why he’s not letting Fushimi push him away again – sure they aren’t Kings and they can’t fly alone, but that’s why they’re supposed to be together because the only way Yata can soar is if Fushimi’s by his side.

Stupid-Ass Steller’s Jay
This cocky mother-fucker. While the Steller’s jay does NOT have as prominent a crest as the Blue Jay, it is the only crested jay west of the Rocky Mountains, so it struts around the mountainous western forests like it’s hot shit. It has a black head and deep blue colored body, which you’d think would make it hard to hide in evergreen trees, but this jay is so full of itself it has probably never considered hiding. Don’t worry, though – if you do somehow manage to not see the arrogant little blue narcissist, you’ll be sure to get an earful of their harsh, scolding calls if there are any nearby.

HEY, YOU BROWN-EYED PEOPLE. This post is for you.

If you ever feel like you dislike your eye color (or wish you had a different one), here’s some things to remember:

  1. YA’LL BITCHES WERE HERE FIRST. All humans originally had brown eyes. Genetic mutation brought along the other colors
  3. If your eyes are light brown, they change to GOLD when the sun hits them. That’s really flippin’ cool if you ask me
  4. If your eyes are dark brown, they are rich, deep, and even mysterious. Not only that- People with eyes that are so dark brown, they sometimes appear black have one of the rarest eye colors!!
  5. Brown eyes have BLUE underneath the brown pigment. Dude. You have a secret undercover color. IN YOUR EYES.
  6. When someone ~loves~ you, they start noticing how beautiful/handsome brown eyes are :)
  7. Disney workers held a “Hot Man” meeting, where about 30 female employees were asked to imagine the most attractive male they could think of, and the women were /very specific/ about what they liked and what they didn’t like. Guess what this meeting was for? The character design of Flynn Rider. Guess what color his eyes are? That’s right, BROWN

Character: Madison X Reader
Prompt: (Soulmate AU) The reader can’t believe their luck when they finally find their Soulmate. But within the first minutes of meeting them, they don’t think they’re so lucky anymore.
Requested by Anon
Word Count: 1,536
W/T: Angst Y'all, I ain’t sorry
A/N: This Soulmate AU is like this; You only see in black and white until your Soulmate touches you, and then you can see in color, and you also gain a small mark in the place they touched you. But the catch is, you lose colored sight the farther away your soulmate gets from you. Hope y'all enjoy!


Taking a deep breath, you step out of your car and into the brisk winter air, shivering almost instantly. The white snow falling against the grey and black background of the other cars and buildings causes a sad smile to fall upon your face. Although this dull vision is still nice with how crisp it is, you can’t help but dream of what this scene would look like in color. What color would your car appear to you? Your parents had told you it was navy blue, but that still holds no meaning to you.

Colors have always been something you wished and dreamed to experience, ever since you had first heard about them when you were younger. You never could quite grasp the concept of it though. Teachers had tried to explain it to you, but never in a way you could ever wrap your head around. Family members have tried to explain how marvelous colors were. Your favorite aunt attempted to compare colors to food, and how everything has its own peculiar taste. Your parents would go on and on about how lovely the world looked from this new perspective. They would always tell you how they first met each other, and how your mother had accidentally elbowed your father in the throat when she was waitressing. Colors seemed so relevant in their life, that you just can’t possibly imagine what that kind of sensation would bring.

Sighing heavily, you pull the collar of your darker colored coat up over your mouth to help retain body heat and head to the front doors of the mall, the inside corridors teeming with ongoing shoppers. The gleaming white street lamp lights obscure the dark grey walls they sat in front of you as you pass them, out stretching your arm for the revolving door ahead of you. The chattering voices and small cries and screams from children bombard your ears, quickly adding a level of stress to your mindset. You slowly pull down your coat collar, revealing your collarbone a bit, the rapidly growing heat from inside the building warming you.

The holidays were always busy here, but you’ve never seen it this packed before. Hundreds and thousands of parents frantically rush between stores, hurriedly trying to get the best deals on gifts for the rest of their family. The people milling through the hallways blend together, their black or grey attire fading into the person pressing themselves past them. The decorations across the walls and above the store signs stood out only by the glittering white and grey lights flickering on and off in them. Giant advertisements loom from the ceiling, futilely trying to grab the attention of on goers.

A quick shove from the backside of your leg catches you off guard, forcing you forwards a couple of steps to regain your balance. A tiny blur blips in and out of your sight, it’s giggles filling the air as it disappears into the vast crowd of people. Another frantic shove pushes past you, this one much stronger, sending you into a group of teenagers passing by. You apologize profusely, unwilling to make eye contact with their black irises, and lower your head as you press on to the store you were needing to go to in the first place.

More people continue to push themselves up against you and press past you, determination to arrive at their next destination coursing through them. Biting your cheek to contain yourself from crying out in frustration, you shuffle through the open glass doors of your favorite clothing store, multiple associates greeting you as you enter. You awkwardly nod to them and find yourself searching through their signature items, picking up a couple of small gifts here and there, a pattern that seems to repeat itself within every store you find yourself waltzing into over the next few hours.

A wave of exhaustion washes over you, the multiple paper bags from various stores in differing shades of grey pulling on your hands like weights. Stepping back out into the madness of the hallway, you slide into the flow of the traffic, hoping that it leads you to the doors that you had come in originally. The dull black and white shapes whizzing by you don’t seem to help with your growing drowsiness, so you opt to find a bench in the middle of the way, praying that there is one.

You begin to weave between the oncoming people like a Frogger game, scrambling to an open space when it becomes available. A quick step there, and slide into here, and once more, ready to step out towards the break of people.

Well, almost step out of the traffic.

A strong hand pushes against your shoulder, the warmth of their fingers against your collarbone burning. The force from their shove simultaneously knocks you onto the cool tile floor, your bags spilling from your hands. The mysterious figure vanishes behind you, leaving you with the pounding headache that has all but suddenly overcome you. You squeeze your eyes shut for a moment, trying to shake the pain away.

And oh boy, does it.

As your eyes flutter back open, you jump back, shock quickly overcoming all of your senses. The black and white figures from moments ago are replaced with more vibrant versions of themselves, each a whirlwind of warmer and cooler shades of light. You instinctively reach up to brush away the heat from the stranger’s hand on your collarbone, but it only intensifies under your touch. Startled, you glance down to the source of the fiery prickling on your skin, the area pulsing slightly, making the rest of your body feel very warm and tingly. Slowly removing your hand from the pain, you shake at the sight of what lay upon your skin.

A small sailboat daffodil has begun to form itself, the black lines outlining it rearranging itself to bloom outward some more. The searing heat only adds to the growing pain of the morphing ink trails, leaving you only to stare in astonishment and wonder.

That stranger was your soulmate.

“I’m so sorry for his behavior, he never usually acts this way.” A sudden voice interrupts, it’s slightly southern accent catching your attention. Your head snaps upward to the voice, where a darker skinned man stares at you apologetically, his dark brown eyes and corkscrew curls contrasting against his warmer colored sweater. You attempt to answer him, but no words escape your mouth, unable to grasp the concept of the situation. “I’m Thomas, by the way.” He adds, offering you a hand to help you up. “Y-Y/N.” You rattle off, slowly taking his outstretched hand, noticing that the warmth from the oddly lit sweater is beginning to mute, transitioning back to the traditional grey.

But his smile quickly turns sour as he stops you, catching sight of your collarbone. Something clicks behind his eyes, because he takes your hand almost as fast as lightning and begins to drag you along behind him at a breakneck pace, his only explanation being, “Come with me.”

Very willingly, you oblige, allowing for Thomas to lead you down numerous convoluted hallways, each seemingly different from the last. Each corridor seems to grow brighter, gaining the odd lighting from before slowly. He continues to mumble something under his breath, but it sounds as if it were a different language. “Okay, just wait here for a split second, darlin’.” He demands, peeking around the corner of a tall, strong door. “James?” He calls into the room behind through the doorway, motioning for you to go in. You happily agree to it, your chest tightening itself every step. The vibrant lighting from before fills the room, and you’re eyes fall upon the man from earlier, the sight of him stopping your breath.

Although he has his back turned to you, you could still make him out. His dark lined jeans lays rumpled against stout legs, and the hood of his actually grey sweatshirt sits in a ball across the nape of his neck. His darker skin stands out prominently against his hoodie, but he doesn’t even bother to turn and look at you.

“No, get out. I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to see you. You’ve ruined my one chance at being happy.” He shouts, the anger in his voice scaring you instantly. “I could’ve been happy, you know that? I could’ve been goddamn happy! But no! You just had to get in the way, didn’t you? Hm?” He bellows, crossing his arms across his chest. You try to open your mouth to say something, but just like before, nothing comes out. Tears well in your eyes, only making the light blur.

“Fine. I’ll leave.” You muster, spinning around on your heels and bolting back down the hallway you came from. Thomas attempts to reach out and grab your coat sleeve, but you shrug him off as you blast by him. The mutated warm and cool lighting begins to mute itself again, returning to its original black and white state, leaving you with only the sight you had before and newfound tears.

Guess color isn’t as great as everyone makes it out to be.

Batch Request: The Color Black

“Where the whites of their eyes should, there was only black.”

“The sky is especially dark tonight. I wonder where the stars went.”

“These waters are deep. Do you dare swim here?”

“Claws tipped in ink is my sort of aesthetic. Don’t know ‘bout you.”

“It’s so hot outside. Why are you wearing all black?”

“Don’t tell me what color I can or can’t paint my house.”

“My assignment is to use a white crayon on a black piece of paper. I’m having troubles figuring out what I want to do.”

“I think if someone could find an example of what my soul might look like, it’d be an embodiment of the color black.” 

I’ve been back stabbed before, face deep into the dirt– it only hurts if you trusted them, they would never hurt you, right? I didn’t cry because of the bruises or the black eye, I cried because I thought I knew you, I thought that you’d back me up, I thought that we were family– bring color to my skies, he sings the saddest little song. I’ve been hurt before, heart asking to break once more– it only hurts if you used to love them, they would never break you, right? I thought that you were my brother, I thought we were closer than that– I guess I just didn’t know you at all, I guess trust meant nothing to you.

I literally wrote this in ten minutes and it,s probably going to get no notes lol,,,,,but here goes (-:

Ok so this is written from two different perspectives, the first one being Simon and the second being baz. Enjoy even though its terrible!((((;


           He breathed him in and out for he was everywhere like oxygen. He was a fucking galaxy, no a whole different dimension, and he knew he wasn’t worthy of him. He spoke pink-orange-yellow words, yet he knew that the galaxy (no, dimension) of a boy was black and dark blue, oh so black and dark blue. Love was the only thing he thought when he saw him, colors flying across his mind in a hurry. He was a contradictory mix of bright reds and oranges  and yellows and greens mixed with deep, dark blacks, blues, and greys. But he was everything, and everywhere. He was a walking contradiction actually, a mess of flames and soft spoken words, combined with snarls and sweet whispers only few knew. Of course he knew about it, the boy was everywhere and everything to him, yet he was absolutely nothing to the other.

          His eyes were so so blue, and he was made of constellations and planets, and he was a fucking mess, yet so was the other boy, therefore they matched and that’s why they were perfect.  He knew he could never have this ocean of a boy, no matter how hopelessly in love he was, for it was like chasing after a lost idea. You have a small piece of it before it eventually fades into nothing and flies away into other seas of more nothings. And that’s maybe why his heart was so heavy, because he loved the mess of a boy, and loving him was like being underwater, not being able to breathe while watching those from above the surface breathing around him.


This is an indictment of not just Yeezy but the entire fashion and beauty industry in which there is a racialized hierarchy of beauty which is a ubiquitous symptom of the legacy of colonialism. This is a protest of a pervasive and dangerously toxic Ideology not Individuals. Regardless of whether Yeezy does choose to include darkskinned women in the end, the coded language of the casting call was clear and a part of a broader problem of colorism in the fashion industry.

Beyond Yeezy’s casting there are hundreds of castings for this upcoming NYFW going on where thousands of models are all hoping for a chance to walk down a runaway and for Black girls, the chances of being one of these girls is alarmingly slim and those chances go down depending on the deepness of the color of your skin. This casting call for “Multiracial ONLY” (not MULTIETHNIC which would still be fetishization) asserts that Black can only be beautiful when “MIXED” with another RACE. There is a history of wanting to dilute the Blackness of one’s children because of the longstanding stigmatization of Blackness.

ADDITIONALLY–the fetishization of women who are more than one race is alarmingly similar to Hilter’s pseudoscience of eugenics; the desire to create human beings who have select features to create a particular IDEAL image. As our IDEALS of beauty, perfection, normality all come from mass media it follows that a European Ideals has become the norm. To understand how we come to frame beauty, studying history and the origins of media such as literature will lead you straight to the origins of conceiving of white as beautiful and dark as evil and ugly (for more info: Shakespeare, Race, and Colonialism by Ania Loomba). It is clear that language is racialized and  we can’t say it’s just words, or just write off the erasure and very targeted assault on Black women inside and outside of the fashion industry.

How often do you see a dark hued Black women on the cover or even inside a magazine, on television? This lack of representation is the reason the skin bleaching industry makes billions of dollars annually. The Dominicans will tell you, the Brazilians, Koreans, Filipinos, Jamaicans—the lighter you are the more beautiful you are considered. YET AT THE SAME TIME, now non-Black women are paying thousands to have full lips, hips, and asses like Black women in a brutal and corrupt form of irony. It’s just facts that Black women are constantly told they are too dark, lips too big, hair to ghetto for in all professions only to see these same features or styles on non-Black women receive praise-(braids, gap teeth)-obviously the problem isn’t the style but the color of the women wearing it.

I want a world where Black girls see themselves and their skin no matter how dark represented as beautiful so the entire skin bleaching industry goes up in flames, that women and men stop carving up their beautiful noses. The history of the world is written into Black features and we need to remind ourselves that beauty comes FROM our Blackness, NOT in spite of it.  

To those who are saying that DISCUSSING the very REALITY that colorism in the community exists “divides” the Black community…the divisions are already there. I know this because I am a woman who gets those privileges of looking “mixed” “Exotic” and these privileges have meant a matter of life and death for some Black people. IT’s not just about fashion it’s about understanding how racism, and white supremacy dictates our understanding of reality.  These are toxic ideologies need to be unlearned and #ITsAPROCESS

And as to why my titties were out–summer is ending and there aren’t going to be many more nice days like yesterday. That’s all.


(link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ_Px0EgyPr/?taken-by=365750) instagram.com/p/BJ_Px0EgyPr/… https://twitter.com/BBSCUMBAGNYC/status/772901429262610432

Have some cute roadrat headcanons:

  • Junkrat is the one behind the polish on Roadhog’s nails. It’s a sloppy job because he doesn’t have a steady hand, but no one ever comments on it. Most of the time, he goes with black because it just looks better. Other times, he experiments with a lot of different colors. Occasionally, D.Va will supply him with a page full of nail decals, and he’ll use them on Roadhog’s messy manicure. 
  • Roadhog affectionately grumbling a, “Jamie,” rather than the typical Junkrat he gets from everyone. He EMBRACES the nickname/callsign/alias, but it’s good to hear Roadhog call him that sometimes. Plus, he’s got a bit of a Thing for Roadhog’s deep and weirdly resonant voice.
  • Junkrat’s shitty posture means he can only really sleep comfortably curled up on his side. Laying flat out leaves his back aching. When he and Roadhog turn in for the night, he tucks right up against his side and falls asleep with his head on his shoulder. He wakes up in a totally different position with his pillows and bedding everywhere but the bed, but it’s cute while it lasts.
  • Roadhog has the biggest fucking dimples in the world, and the only person in Overwatch who knows about them is Junkrat. Every time he sees them, he just mutters this pissy little, “Fuckin’ adorable,” like it’s the worst thing in the world. (It isn’t.)
Tar black sky strewn about the horizon.
The moon lit only half its body.
A breeze chilling deep into my bones.
Stars dance in colorful sync
as my eyes attempt to catch them
before they sheepishly retreat
into the darkness of the night.
No gloves to warm my hands.
No love to warm my soul.
Isolated under the midnight sky
with only specs of light to keep me

Clouds blanket the only light of the night
Snow begins to fall
and melt against my rose-y cheeks.
The snow turns to chilling drops
rolling down my face
imitating the emotions I choose to suppress.
No shelter in sight.
No arms to keep me safe.
“Have I gone mad? I ask myself,
As if my whereabouts has not already answered for itself.”

All towards my own being.
This body
harboring my one soul
Is not a fitting place to reside.
Confined to my own mind.
Yet somehow I am so free
Free to be myself
Free to choose my own path
Free to determine wrong from right.
Perhaps my own morality has been

The snow seizes to fall
Clouds begin to roll
Stars resume their nightly performance
The moon still lit only half its body
Its potential hidden behind
The darkness of the atmosphere.

I am like the moon
Half my soul
Hidden by the
Of the unknown.
Consumed by the
embedded in my mind.

A spec of light,
Different from that of the stars,
Claws its way over mountains.
The sun begins to take its place
Overshadowing the half-lit moon
and all of its subjects.

I could be as the sun.
Bringing light to each day.
The sun is never shaded by the
Of the unknown.
The sun is never embarrassed to reveal the
Of its whole being.

I will be as the sun.
Rising each day
Bringing forth my whole being
Not searching for a reason
to hide my unknown.

I will be the sun
I will not be half-lit
I will no longer need gloves warm my hands
Because I will have found
To warm my heart.

But then again
I will not be as the sun
Maybe the sun isn’t what I’m looking for
Maybe I am just searching
For something to light
The other half of the moon.
—  26/02/2016, The Other Half of the Moon (via @faded-and-dreaming)

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name: emma

nickname: ?? i don’t really have one 

gender: female

star sign: aries

height: 5′5

sexual orientation: panromantic/asexual

hogwarts house: slytherin 🐍🐍

favorite color: UM wine red, fog gray, and black

favorite color to paint walls: white???

favorite lipstick color: i only wear lip tints but i love deep reds

favorite animal: bats!! and owls!!!

time rn: 1:14 pm

favorite fictional character: GEEZ okay i have a ton,, i’ll narrow it down to killua from hxh, jadzia from star trek ds9, and anders from dragon age 2

# of blankets i sleep with: 3 usually

favorite singer/band: DEPECHE MODE (unironically my fave band), exo, red velvet, bauhaus, the story so far

dream trip: tokyo omg i might be going this summer

dream job: astronomer/astrophysicist i’d love to work for nasa 

when did your blog peak: right now i guess? i keep gaining followers p steadily but there is one post i made like a yr ago when i was in my art ho phase that has like almost 10,000 notes so

what made you decide to use tumblr: LMAO ion wanna talk abt it but i used to be a superwholock and that’s what drew me here in like 2012

why did you pick your url: i’ve wanted the url loveletteremoji for SO long and i couldn’t think of a graceful way to mimic it until i thought of putting the 1 at the end

last movie you watched: hmmm i think it was split? i haven’t been to the movies in a while

last song you listened to: john wayne by lady gaga (a bop)

last book you read: the things they carried which i’m reading for school 

last thing you ate: some cantaloupe

if you could be anywhere rn, where would you be: lol idk… middle earth

what time period would you travel to if you could: 80′s lol i just wanna be an 80′s goth. either that or the far future

i’m tagging: @m9ri9 @fadingpunk @breadloaf @9snsd @gothicsuga @rosecarat @hormoane @me-lon 🌹

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Name: Sarah Nicola
Nickname: my colleague started calling me ‘my little goth’ years ago, it kinda stuck - but that’s it I think.
Zodiac sign: Aries
Height: 5'5″-5′6″ ???
Orientation: Only had straight relationships (cos I’m a huge wuss!)  I guess curious?  Hoping not to cause massive offense to anyone! (hides under rock)
Ethnicity: English
Favorite fruit: Raspberries
Favorite season: Winter/Autumn
Favorite book series: I suck at books - I love them, I just never seem to read!
Favorite flower: Cyclamen - they remind me of my Grandmother
Favorite scent: Lots of things!  I’ll say citrus fruit
Favorite color: Black, deep (blood) red and purple
Favorite animals: Hard to choose but I’ve wanted a ratty since I was about 11.
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Any.
Average sleep hours: 6-7
Cat or dog person?: Both - had a dog, my Aunt had cats, loved them all.
Favorite fictional characters: Oh so many… not enough room to list - Jacob Frye, Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, Edward Kenway, Mary Read, Anne Bonny…
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 Duvet.
Dream trip: Canada, Alaska - cold places!
Blog created: 2013 (holy cow!) but inactive for quite a while.
Number of followers: 46 - how!?!?!

I tag: I’ll tag @keplerverge @musicluver-9998 @gugle1980@flaminnips @apothecarious @sinend @therealredraven sorry if you’ve already been tagged! xxxx

How to: All Natural Black Hair Dye with Henna and Indigo 🌿

You may of heard of henna and indigo being used for body art or clothing dye, but did you know that these 100% natural plant pigments are great for the hair as well? In addition to providing lasting rich color, they also serve to clean, condition and strengthen the hair when combined. 

The henna plant, or Lawsonia Inermis is able to dye through it’s main pigment molecule, Lawsome. When applied as a pastethe lawsomein henna will bond to the keratin in your hair, leaving a red stain. The indigo plant, or Indigofera tinctoria is fermented and dried to produce the indoxol molecule, which when activated by warm water, will form a deep blue indigo color that also bonds to keratin molecules. Neither can lighten or bleach the hair, only deposit color. When used in conjunction, these 2 pigments will produce varying shades of brown to black, depending on the ratio of each used. 

* Note: Pure Henna and Indigo in their unoxidized form will always be in the form of a green, earthy smelling powder. This is natural and does not indicate that your hair will be dyed green. Make sure that what you purchase is of body art quality with no chemical additives. Jamila Henna is an example of such and can be found at local ethnic markets or online for around $1.99. Some companies such as HennaColorLab provide pre-mixed ratios of pure plant pigment powders. For this tutorial, I will be using their Natural Black mix with about 50 grams of extra Indigo powder mixed in. Henna and Indigo can also be purchased and applied separately if you’d prefer a 2-step process of dying the hair first with henna, then indigo. The two step process is a bit more intensive but may produce a deeper color and longer lasting results. Always perform a spot test on hair before full application, especially if hair has been previously dyed or chemically altered, as this may affect to resulting color.

Now, on to the fun part!

To begin, you will need : 

A non-metal bowl ( metal may cause pigment to alter)

A non-metal spoon or spatula 

A towel, or two ( this process could get messy!)

Gloves ( skin will be stained if left uncovered)

A Shower Cap

Pure Henna + Indigo ( 100g of powder is generally enough to cover shoulder length hair. Make sure you have enough for your specific hair length and thickness. I used about 150 grams for my hair.)


Step 1: Pour henna and indigo powder into a bowl, then gently stir while pouring warm water into the mix. Amount of water needed may vary, so monitor consistency until a smooth, yogurt-like texture is achieved. *Tip: Try your hand at experimenting with natural add-ins like coconut milk for extra conditioning or salt to bring out a deeper indigo dye release.

Step 2: Apply paste to freshly washed, damp hair from roots to ends, making sure it is evenly saturated all around. * Tip: if your hair is in a loose, unloc’d state, it may be easier to part hair and apply paste in separate sections, braiding or twisting each section as you go along.

Step 3: Cover hair with shower cap, letting the paste sit and oxidize for at least 2-4 hours for maximum dye release. Since leaving it in for longer will not harm your hair, feel free to experiment with time, taking note of how the color changes. The process can be sped up with gentle heat from a hair dryer or by simply wrapping a scarf or towel over the shower cap to trap in body heat.  *Tip: for large amounts of hair, try using 2 shower caps overlapped.

Step 4: Once the dye has gotten a chance to oxidize and penetrate, remove shower cap and rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear. A gentle, non-stripping shampoo may help with removal. * Be sure not to let any splattered dye sit on any surface for too long as it will stain. 

Step 5: Gently towel dry hair and admire your freshly colored mane, compliments of mother nature ;) Feel free to add a leave in conditioner if hair feels dry. I personally just use a small amount of coconut oil. * Note: hair color may continue to oxidize and darken slightly over the next couple of days, so try not to load it up with too much product as this may impede the process. 

In my experience, the black henndigo color will last for about 3 months before I notice any fading. Your results may vary based on hair care and products used. Since it will not harm your hair, you may repeat the dying process all over your hair as often as you’d like, or just stick to touching up the roots. 

* Note I will most likely do more posts in the future on how to achieve or enhance different hair colors with with plant based dyes, but feel free to message me in the mean time for more information and tips  👍

Check me out at: http://moderngoddess.co/

Thanks for reading  ☺️ ✌️

10 facts tag

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name/ nickname: Phantom/Pham/Ghost?

relationship status: Single

favorite colors: Shades of green (But tbh I love too many colours generally)

last song I listened to: Damaris by Patrick Wolf (Suggestion from my lovely friend, and I realise also the only song that I have listened to today, wow)

favorite tv shows: Right now? I am head deep in Elementary and finished watching Black Mirror today.

first fandom: Uhm. Naruto fandom, lmao, that was like 10-11 years ago.

hobbies: Drawing, writing, watching a fair amount of Netflix series lately, learning new things?

books I’m currently reading: Metro 2033 & Ready Player One

worst thing I’ve ever eaten: No idea, honestly? I am generally an open person to new food experiences and I can’t remember explicitly “worst” thing I’ve eaten.

favorite place(s): The bed, out in the nature somewhere, under the stars, next to a good friend

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Xycyggigufydyfu we were tagged by @blue-bird-of-two-faces to here goes a thing-

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better, each of them must (ONLY IF THEY WANT) answer these questions and tag another 9 people.

Relationship Status: Happily married (a joke, but still. Taken, most of us at least. We kinda consider the whole system to be in a relationship with the current SO because all the Shards but one are attracted and the rest either are taken in-system or are aro)

Favorite Color: Between all of us we like the whole rainbow prolly, but my favorites are pitch black, blood red, pure blue, and “deep” purple

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick, lipstick is… Eck. Tris is the only one that really likes it. Alice is closest next to that. (alsoRodneyNOIMKIDDING)

Last Song We Listened To: Uhhhhh…. I dunno for certain, but I think it was Send Them Off! by Bastille

Last Movie We Watched: Don’t Kill It. Pretty good horror movie

Top 3 Favorite TV Shows: Uh, we don’t really watch TV… But we seem to agree On Legion, Bones, and Steven Universe

Top 3 Favorite Characters: Er, yeah, this is hard, too. Temperance Brennan, definitely. Then, probably Karkat…. And finally, David, from Legion. (that’s really all we’ve got hhhggvhfvbb)

Top 3 Favorite Ships: Don’t really ship much, but the Arkos ship in RWBY was cute. Also Rosemary, from HomeStuck. And Davekat.

Book We’re Currently Reading: Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King. It’s a sequel to The Shining, and pretty good so far. One of the main characters’ names is Abra! Thought that was great

I'mma break the rules and let everyone tagged know that they don’t HAVE to do this, because? That’s just? Cruel? To make people? But, anyways, uhh, here goes (also I apologize for tagging aaa I don’t know who to tag I’m sorry): @1ff, @lb-lee, @thesorority, @patheronaetherson, @lichhands, @friendlypsychopathnextdoor (i’m soRRY), @multiverseofhex, @haunt-my-miles (hi friend!), aaannd…. Uh, @ridleykiller1994 bc reasons

Alright, off to regret life decisions because anxiety

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Name: Rechelle
Nicknames: Chell
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5′5
Orientation: Lesbian
Ethnicity: Non-traditionalists Cree (Aboriginal aka Native American) 
Favorite Fruit: Apples
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Book Series: Been so long since I read a book…
Favorite Flower: Roses
Favorite Scent: Idk. Coffee, campfires, lemon, cinnamon.
Favorite Color: Deep Red
Favorite Animal: Can I say all animals? If not Foxes.
Coffee Tea or Hot chocolate: Black coffee. I drink three or four cups a day.
Average sleep hours: Oh god. I have chronic insomnia so i don’t sleep much but when I do it’s only like 5 hours.
Favorite Fictional Characters: ME: Kaiden, Eric the slayer, FO4: Maccready, Infamous: Cole, Dead Rising: Chuck Green, DAI: Cole and Blackwall. Ect ect.
Dog or cat person: Dog person, I grew up with them. I even got yelled at for bring home strays. But that’s the Rez life for you.
Amount of blankets you sleep with: 2
Dream Trip: Too many to list…Panama is my current dream trip but I wanna go everywhere.
Blog Created: I can’t remember but recently tho.
Number of Followers: 11 (again I just started not to long ago) 

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Today, we finished an other design, Nyx is the character of one of our great backer Bess. Again a big thank for your huge support Bess!

She will be in the next episode of the series The Reward - Tales of Alethrion

Below it is her description :
Nys was born in a dark dense jungle. She belongs to a race of people who can shape-shift into leopards at will. No one remembers exactly how their race obtained this gift, but their legends tell of a heroic ancestor who made a great personal sacrifice to the gods so that his people would be able to survive more easily in their jungle home.

Most of the leopard folk have light or medium brown skin. Nyx, however, was born with deep dark coloring, and her leopard form is a black panther. While her family is proud of their rare and striking child, many of the leopard people reject Nyx for looking so different. She is the only dark individual of her generation, though hardly the first ever born.

When she reached adulthood, Nyx decided she would leave her mother and her people to travel the outside world. Originally she sought a place to “fit in”, but in time learned that meeting new people and seeing new places made her happiest with her life, and with herself. She’s not always on the move, but she usually doesn’t stay in one place very long. She’s like Amerath in that respect; they may even have passed each other on the road! One day Nyx hopes to reach the sea…

In appearance, Nyx has very dark skin, almost true black. Her hair is in black ring curls. Her eyes surprise everyone who doesn’t know she can shift to panther form; they are the same color in both forms, a very light green. She is lean and muscularly built, but not bulky. She “looks strong” but never carries a weapon. This seems odd for someone who travels all over what can be a dangerous world, but Nyx does any and all physical fighting in her panther form.