if only it really was a book

Kang Dongho Mafia AU
  • you work at a flower shop across the street from a tattoo shop
  • it’s the oldest cliche in the book, but to be fair, when your aunt opened up the shop, the tattoo place hadn’t been there
  • you’re only working there to help out your aunt, but you find that the flower shop is a really nice place to work
  • you enjoy the lush feeling of the damp air, and how relaxing and calming it is to water the flowers and care for the various potted plants
  • you’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to come to the tattoo shop
  • and there’s always this one guy who goes with them
  • he’s pretty tall, muscular, with dark brown hair gelled up
  • one time, you point him out to your aunt and she clicks her tongue
  • “ah, those punks almost made me want to move my shop” she sighed “dear, don’t get mixed up with them. they’re the mafia”
  • you were never one to listen to adult figures lol
  • one time, you were casually watering some tulips when you heard someone cough awkwardly
  • (you were in the shop by yourself, since your aunt was out running errands)
  • you turned around to see the guy standing there, eyebrows raised
  • “hi, welcome to ivy and rose, how can i help you?” you parroted, rushing forward to stand at the counter
  • “um, my friend wanted to buy a plant for someone,” he explained
  • you nodded, walking over to where the potted plants were kept
  • “what type of plant were you thinking?” you asked “we have different types of flowers, succulents, shrubs.”
  • he stares at you blankly
  • “i was thinking… something green?”
  • you laughed, “how familiar is this person with caring for plants?”
  • “to be honest, i’m not really sure,” he confessed, growing slightly embarrassed, “i’m not the one giving the gift”
  • “why don’t you go with a simple succulent, then,” you suggested, lifting a small pot of tiger tooth aloe “they’re easy to care for, water maybe one every few days, direct sunlight”
  • he nodded, picking the little plant up
  • after paying for it, he heads out, and you resume watering the tulips
  • he pauses at the door and glances at you
  • “hey, what did you say your name was again?”
  • you look up from the tulips
  • “i didn’t, actually.”
  • a couple days later, he’s back?
  • this time, he looks around the flowers and picks a random bunch and pays
  • he was wearing a tank top and you could clearly see the tattoos that decorated his arms and chest
  • “so, can i ask for your name?” he asked with a small smile, looking up at you as he pulled his wallet out to pay, the glance making your heart race
  • “(y/n),” you responded, giving him a smile
  • dongho stopping by the flower shop becomes a regular thing
  • he’ll buy a small potted flower plant or a boquet, always asking you how you’re doing
  • one day, you came back from running errands and dongho and your aunt were sitting at the cash register sipping tea
  • when he leaves, you’re like
  • “auntie, didn’t you say he was bad news?”
  • “ah, that’s before i learned what a gentleman he was!”
  • that night, an unknown number texted you
  • it was dongho?
  • apparently, your aunt gave him your phone number,,,
  • “you need to put yourself out there, (y/n),” your aunt advised wisely, watching you sweep up fallen petals and dead leaves
  • sometimes you had to stay at the shop really late and close up, since your aunt took care of your grandmother on friday nights over in the next town
  • the shop closed at 10pm, and you’d usually get out of there by eleven
  • it became a habit for dongho to call you and keep you company while you were cleaning up the shop
  • one night, you were in the back room, checking to make sure that the fridges that held cut flowers was on when you heard someone come into the shop
  • “sorry dongho, i gotta go, someone just came in,” you said to dongho on the other line
  • “the shop is closed currently,” you shouted to the front, putting down the roses in your hand and hurrying to the front of the store and shoving your phone into your back pocket
  • a group of guys, maybe five or six of them, stood there, dressed in all black and heavily tattooed
  • “gentlemen, the shop is closed for the night, we open again tomorrow at 9 am.”
  • “we’re not here for flowers, sweetheart,” one of them growled, and another leaned over to pull the shades to the shop closed
  • three of the guys pulled out guns, pointing them at you, and you felt like passing out, shakily raising your hands
  • “w-what’s going on?” you asked, heart racing, “why are there guns, do you need anything?”
  • “don’t play stupid,” one of them growled, “you know where the flashdrive is, tell us”
  • “i don’t know any flashdrive,” you said, panicked. you felt tears starting to stream down your face, scared by the situation
  • “like hell you don’t,” another guy hissed, “you really think we’d believe that baekho’s girlfriend doesn’t know where the fucking flashdrive is?”
  • “i don’t know a baekho,” you sobbed, tears clouding up your vision, “and i don’t have a boyfriend, i swear, you have the wrong person”
  • one of them growled again, kicking over a bucket of daisies that had been sitting in water. you whimpered as the flowers and water rushed all over the floor
  • “maybe it’s somewhere in here,” one of them commented dryly, knocking over three or four more buckets of flowers
  • “dumbass, they wouldn’t be there,” his companion groaned, “it’s fucking hardware, you can’t put that in water”
  • “why don’t you just call up your little boytoy baekho and this whole thing will be over for you,” the guy who had done the most talking said, waving his gun to where your phone was
  • behind you, you heard a gun click
  • “i don’t think that’ll be necessary,” you heard dongho snarl, before someone grabbed you by the back of your shirt, pulling you down
  • gunfire started almost immediately, and you were yanked behind the counter where the cash register was by dongho
  • above you, one of dongho’s friends squeezed the trigger of his gun, released a round of bullets
  • you whimpered, trying to cover your ears, the loud noise of the gunfire almost deafening
  • dongho pulled you towards him, wrapping his arms around you and firmly pressing his hands over your ears so that you couldn’t hear the noise
  • “are you okay?” he mouthed, quickly checking to make sure you weren’t injured anywhere
  • you nodded mutely, starting to cry again
  • he pulled you closer to him, engulfing you in a huge hug, and you closed your eyes, sniffling into his black collared shirt
  • slowly, the gunfire tapered off, and dongho grunted slightly as he got up, pulling you with him
  • the guys who had come into the shop were sitting on the ground in a circle, hands tied behind their backs with the twine you used to tie bouquets up
  • the rest of the night was kind of a blur for you– dongho brought you out to his car and buckled you into the passenger seat, covering your shoulders with a heavy, worn out leather jacket
  • he drove you to your aunt’s house where you were staying, carefully walking you inside
  • as you numbly brushed your teeth, you heard dongho talking to your aunt in a soft voice, explaining what had happened that night
  • your aunt made sure to check in with you, and stayed with you that night to make sure you were okay, insisting that you take a couple days off to rest
  • finally, after three days, you decided to return to work, and were surprised to find dongho carrying huge bags of mulch into the store
  • “good morning, dear,” your aunt greeted you cheerfully, “dongho here has been helping me around the shop, him and his little gang–”
  • “auntie, we’re not a little gang,” dongho sighed, obviously embarrased
  • “–have been helping me!”
  • you laughed at how excited she looked, a frail old lady patting dongho’s muscular shoulder
  • “dear, why don’t you go in the back and help dongho out with that mulch, yeah?”
  • you followed her into the back room, clearing a space to put the bags of mulch
  • when dongho had done so, you headed back to the front room, struggling to tie your green apron on
  • you felt dongho carefully take the strings from you, tying a bow with the apron strings
  • “(y/n), i’m sorry,” he said quietly, making you turn around to face him, “i feel really bad for getting you into this whole situation.”
  • “what are you talking about?” you frowned at him, “it wasn’t your fault, it was a mix-up.”
  • he sighed, taking a seat at the table, placed there for when you or your aunt took your lunch break
  • you sat as well, confused
  • “it,,, it wasn’t a mix-up.”
  • “but they were talking about a baekho,” you replied, confused, “you’re not baekho.”
  • “yeah, i am,” dongho replied, eyes never leaving your face, “that’s what people in 101 know me as, what people in the underground know me as. the flashdrive had some major extortion material on a high-up prosecutor, and svt needs that information as much as we do.”
  • you rubbed your face, still confused, “but i still don’t understand why they would think i was dating you.”
  • dongho smiled that same grin that never failed to make your heart pound
  • “well, i guess they mistook one person being in love for two people being in love.”
  • you stared at him in absolute horror, feeling your cheeks heat up, “did… did auntie tell you? that i like you?”
  • “what? no,” dongho started laughing, “(y/n), i was talking about myself.”
  • “wait, what?” you gaped at dongho, thoroughly confused. “you like me?”
  • “you like me,” dongho retorted, smirking at you
  • “you both like each other,” your aunt sighed, standing in the doorway to the back room with her arms cross, “and i won’t like you if you two keep dilly-dallying to avoid work.”
  • you traded an amused look with dongho, getting to your feet
  • as the two of you hurried to follow your aunt to the front of the store, you grabbed dongho’s hand and leaned up, pressing a quick kiss to your cheek
  • (auntie took a picture, cackling loudly)
  • (and it’s dongho’s lockscreen and wallpaper on literally any electronic device he uses)

yells “yes!” like mark from nct when he finally sneezed after 218948234 years bc suck it tumblr, i finished this scenario for the second time

My absolute favorite scene in Goblet of Fire is when the students sing the school song! It really brought the magic to the movie and I’m so pleased that we were able to witness it! And the fact that one of the bullies, Crabbe, was singing so proudly along made me think that wow—everyone there, good or bad, really does love Hogwarts! However, it only made me sad after, because I could never be a part of it in real life. While still amazing, I just wish they would’ve put that singing scene in the movie! It would’ve made it so much better.

(graphic by @dogandbooks!)




I think I’m gonna do it. 


I’ve tried having an IRL romance club twice (between 2 states no less) and they were epic fails for months. So I thought, “Screw it. I already have friends on Tumblr. IMMA DO IT THERE!”

But that’s a lie cause really I’m want to do a monthly video chat bookclub. (I think Google hangouts is a thing??? but I’ve never used it??? and apparently it’s complicated???) Skype too will be a big huh for me but I could learn! Plus with Skype I know you don’t have to enable video so it could be a voice only chat if that’s more your jam.


I just wanna have a place where we can chat about books in a more intimate setting and the video/audio option feels more immediate. We can hammer out what day/time would work best for everybody, we can vote on what books or nominate books, etc. at a later point. Right now I’m just trying to figure out if this is something anybody would like. 

Imma tag my romance squad to get their opinions, but if anybody else wants to respond to join or offer advice, please feel free!

@angelacolsin @ramblingromance @romancypants@thecrankyagnes@brenda-is-reading@thebooklrandtheduke@msfehrwight@romancingthebookworm@lettingthewaterholdmedown@romancetherapy@sunnysaysbookreviews@respectingromance@mariaslozak@romcomkdramafan@destinyspoon@mercilessgods​ 

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That new one gave me chills


I have this weird obsession with circuses, and it suddenly hit me today that the Egos would make awesome circus performers. If you haven’t read the book or didn’t catch the reference, this one shot is somewhat based off of “The Night Circus” which is a really cool book and gave me serious chills when reading it. It’s less of a book and more of a series of paintings in book form, which I know sounds weird, but that’s the only way I know how to describe it.

It’s not so much a story as an experience.

But yeah, rambling aside, I’m really glad you enjoyed that one. I really enjoyed writing it!

As someone doing an English degree, I know how hard it is to read efficiently when you have 50,000 books and only a few weeks to read them (i’m exaggerating a little ofc). I also know that not everyone enjoys reading and I know how easy it is to leave reading to the last minute because ‘it’s only a short novel’. Well, here are some tips to make the most of your time and read efficiently, when you don’t really want to, don’t have the time to or would rather be doing something else.

I regularly see tips that say to get the most from a book, you need to read it at least twice. Ignore that. If you’re like me and have 3 books a week (minimum), you don’t really have the time or the patience to read them twice. Instead, read them once, but slowly. Take your time with the first read and actually understand it, instead of reading it once as quickly as you can and trying to find time to read it again in a futile attempt at actually understanding what you’ve read.

A key part of reading efficiently is actually reading the book. So set yourself daily targets of how many pages or chapters you need or want to complete. Set a target that is manageable and set them to cater to the events that occur in your day. Say if the book is due Friday and you start reading on Monday, but you have a lunch date with your friends on Wednesday and you really need to study for your biology exam which you care about more - set yourself reasonable targets to accommodate those things rather than pushing the reading aside completely because you’re ‘too busy’.

These are good for remembering details of the book when you are finished. After each chapter, spend a couple of minutes writing a chapter overview. Note down any important events, characters, themes and settings. Lined post-it notes are good for this, but you can always put them in a notebook too. I usually put the post-it notes on the last page of the chapter, so I can flick through the book after and know which chapter it is for, but again - do whatever feels best for you. If your book doesn’t have chapters or very few, maybe do overviews every 20-50 pages, depending on the length of the book. These are just to make your life easier and so you don’t have to remember every single chapter. You’ll have the overviews to refresh your memory.

While you’re reading, highlight - or tab if you’re uncomfortable with or can’t highlight the book - in different colours the different things you need. Usually this is themes, characters, settings, literary devices etc, but also highlight or underline things that stand out to you. Even with highlighting, it’s good to tab the pages so you can find them again. If you aren’t comfortable with marking a book, you can do this in a notebook, but it might take a little longer writing out the quotes. Remember to make a key of these colours, because you will need remember what each colour is for.

It’s very easy to get comfortable when reading and not take in anything. You need to be on your game the whole time, no matter where you’re reading. Feel free to put on study or relaxing music, but don’t get comfy. Sit at your desk or on your bed with your back against the wall, so long as you tell your body that you’re studying and not just reading for pleasure. You don’t want to be reading and miss important things, not when you’re short of time. You can get comfy when you’ve finished!

You never truly realise how much you understand a book until you talk about it. When you’re finished reading, you’re not finished studying the book. Discuss the book with someone. Even if they haven’t read it themselves, talk to parents or friends. Tell them that you’ve been reading X and you found this, this and this interesting, but that one scene confused you. Discussing the book helps and sometimes people can help you grasp a clearer understanding of your text.

SparkNotes and Smoop are useful study aids and will be a life saver. Please don’t rely on them. Just using them instead of reading won’t work and your teacher will know. But they will help your understanding and will help you pick up bits you might’ve missed. They will also help with contextual information and they’re good for an overview when you’ve finished. Don’t use them before you’re done reading though. Trust me, it’s for the best.

I don’t mean re-read the book. Re-read your notes the day before the book is due so you can fill in any blanks in your notes and understanding. Anything that is missing can be filled in during that day before the book is due and you’ll feel super accomplished on the day. You can compile your notes into one notebook and prettify them now, if that’s what makes you happy or helps you. Make them useful for your understanding is the key part, of course. But just reading through everything will put it fresh in your mind.

You can choose to do this before or after reading, but don’t do it during. Contextual research is generally boring (at least for me) but it is super useful for understanding or just to sound clever in an essay. It can also fill in a lot of blanks and help you get knowledge of what is happening. Literature and history have a lot of connections and knowing the history of literature and of your novel is super useful. Always attempt some sort of contextual research, even if it’s just reading those little intro bits in the classics or whatever.

So you’ve finished reading, research and making notes? Relax! Reward yourself. Get a cup of tea, pat yourself on the back and get an early night. You deserve it! Reading can be exhausting and if you’re gonna remember anything in the morning, you need some good sleep and to feel good about yourself.

And with that - HAPPY READING!

I hope this was helpful for everyone and if you need any more advice, don’t be afraid to ask me, your teacher, your parents or even your friends!

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Hi ! Could you please do a trad of the relationship chart with Ban (the one with the sins, Jericho, Hawk and Zhivago) in the new pair book if possible ? Thank you !

Ban –> Hawk: “Master~ ♫ ”
Ban –> Ten Commandments: “I’ll kill them ♫ ”
Ban –> Zhivago: “Thanks dad ♫ ”
Ban –> Jericho: “She’s a troublesome one ♫ ”
Ban –> Elaine: “You’re the only one I love ♫ ”
Ban –> Merlin: “You’re really unfair ♫ ”
Ban –> Escanor: “Treat me to some booze next time ♫ ”
Ban –> Gowther: “Read the damn atmosphere”
Ban –> King: “I’ll leave the Fairy King’s Forest to you ♫ ”
Ban –> Diane: “Get along well with King ♫ ”
Ban –> Meliodas: “I believe in you Captain~ ♫ “

Elaine –> Fairies: “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you”
Elaine –> Gerharde: I’ll leave the forest to you”
Elaine –> Helbram: “Please stay by my brother’s side”
Elaine –> Jericho: “You’re my rival but I like you a lot!”
Elaine –> Oslow: “A cute friend”
Elaine –> Elizabeth: “Let’s talk about our love more! ♫ ”
Elaine –> Escanor: “Thank you so much for saving us”
Elaine –> Meliodas: “Please be such good friends with Ban from here on out too”
Elaine –> Ban: “I love you more than my own life”
Elaine –> Diane: “ I hope you will be happy with my brother”
Elaine –> King: “I want to get our close sibling relationship back”

Jericho –> Melascula: “I won’t forgive you for hurting Ban!”
Jericho –> Guila: “Live in peace with Zeal!”
Jericho –> Hendrickson: “It’s complicated but I don’t hate him”
Jericho –> Gustaf: “I wanted to be acknowledged by my brother…”
Jericho –> Hawk: “Who is a cod roe lips apprentice?!”
Jericho –> Elaine: “Don’t hurt the man you love a second time!”
Jericho –> Escanor: “Thanks for saving us, old man!!”
Jericho –> King: “How could he possibly know that I like Ban?!”
Jericho –> Ban: “I won’t give up!”
Jericho –> Gowther: “You can’t kill your comrades, no matter what!”

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Hey! I'm stuck in a bit of a rut here. I have a story where the MC is bisexual, and story-wise, it would make sense if she died at the end of the book. I do really hate the BYG trope though, so I'm wondering how to go about this while playing into the trope as little as possible (For reference, there's also a lesbian, gay guy, bi guy, and trans girl in the main cast). Thank you guys so much!

You’re good. BYG really doesn’t count when there are other LGBT characters in the story. It really only happens when the Gay death is FOR the advancement of the straight protagonist’s story.

~~Mod Scix

Gladiolus being an avid reader I see him at home having a book in each room.

Like in the kitchen he’s reading Edgar Allen Poe.
In the living room Tolkien.
Bedroom Issac Asimov
Bathroom: outdoor magazines

I don’t see him being really a one book at a time person. I know in the car is really the only spot we see him read. But perhaps that is what he reads in the car? Something different in the tent or caravan?

Random thought I had as I was about to drift off. Felt the need to share. I legit think about Gladiolus way too much and often dream about how he would be with me as I calm down for bed. Sometimes it is with Ignis and Gladiolus but most times it’s just Gladiolus.

I am sure we have read enough think pieces on the Game of Thrones guys doing a revisionist take on the Civil War. But whats one more? Here are two reasons why I think it is a bad idea (coming from a guy who a few days ago was going to write about how I am not going to judge any art unless I have sat with it)

1. We already live in a time when people are less and less interested in knowing what *REALLY* happened during the Civil War and changing FACTS about it to fit their ideologies. We are already seeing revisionist high school text books! I know this is just a “dumb” show, but further revisionist ideas will only muddy the already murky waters.

2.The Reconstruction period of the US. Ask any jerk on the street they have no fucking clue what happened after the war. Our culture LOVES war and stories of battle, but we also have no fucking interest for what comes after war. Just look how vets are treated when they come home for a big example. It just seems easy for these revisionist ideas to help replace the public’s already vague understand of a very important piece of American history. What happened after the Civil War is UNCOMFORTABLE for a lot of (white) people and we all know how good the US is at dealing with uncomfortable pieces of history. Reconstruction is the only time the US tried to change/rebuild its own society at home after war and we failed on so many levels, you’d think there would be lessons to learn here or look at that might help us today. 

2A. Where the Civil War is hard to discuss for Americans, we sure do not mind talking about WWII and still even there, the postwar period is a fucking mystery to most people. How did we rebuild relations with Germany and Japan? How did we deal with all those fucking Nazis? How did society change? How do we make this better? No one cares. We’d rather just watch the glory instead of learning from the work (that did or did not happen).

Am I the only one who thinks Achillues had a crush on Freak?
I suspected Achillues was gay scene book one, because I could’ve sworn he had a crush on Freak.

I mean, He wasn’t upset at all when Deke died at all, like he was almost happy he was gone..
And to “hate” Freak, he sure did try and get Freak’s attention by teasing and taunting him…
He also seemed really upset about his death with the entire Akkie-Dekey & Freak lives thing..
and Freak being one of his reasons for beating Just John up..

I donna just a theory :?

on season 2 of Elementary, and while it’s super enjoyable it doesn’t really connect as “hi we’re trying to re-tell Sherlock Holmes”, it seems like it’s own thing with very strong homages. it still makes me feel the same fondness I felt when I first read the books though, and it really makes me want to go out and actually buy them, since I only ever had access to library copies 

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FS was super contrived. The guild that was destroyed like 3 times, blown to nothing once. Yet somehow this book survived in the library. Why would Mavis not tell anyone just in case something bad happened. She gives them all strategies let's Cana use FG but no one gets FS? Then Meredy's magic, it connects feelings and pain not magical energy. Not to mention people have to have strong bonds. I doubt the entire continent was that close even if they had a common enemy. Since when can she teleport?

The Fairy Sphere plan, or:  “a lot of convenient shit just happened real fast.”

I find it amazing that Glitter needed some convoluted ass “petition a ghost” scheme to get hold of, Fairy Law is only known by the guildmasters (and Laxus), but Fairy Sphere’s just lying in some book? Really??? 

Deus ex Meredy was magnificent. Does no-one care that she just linked up an entire continent apparently? She’s just casually powerful enough to do that? Why the hell isn’t she a Wizard Saint? What kind of OP bullshit

Shop Update - Blind Book Dates

I don’t know how many of you will remember, but last year I decided to try and start a blind book date page on tumblr. It wasn’t very successful; but I still have all the books from it clogging up my bedroom and I really do need to get rid of them. So I’ll be starting up the Blind Book Date project again, but from Etsy this time.

The same as last time, you’ll be able to pick from a range of anonymous books, with only some hints to what type of book it is (like a drama, set in the 50s, crime, fantasy etc.) and how many pages long it is.

I just feel like this is much more fun than sticking them all on amazon. I’ve bought a couple of blind dates with books before and they were always surprising in the best way.

Since I still have everything pretty organised from the last time I tried this, they should all be up on Etsy soon - probably the next few days. So keep your eyes peeled!

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Even though Ian Flynn probably won't write for Archie anymore, I can say he will leave a strong legacy on the Sonic Franchise more than Penders ever will. I mean he not only did the comics, but also episodes of Sonic Boom. If he ever continues to work in the Sonic comic business, I know he could do a good job.

*nodnod* Oh yes. Unlike Penders, Flynn was the contributor for the majority of the Sonic stories on his run, both in the main book and in universe, something Penders never really was. He’s got more story credits, full issue story credits at that. His legacy in Sonic is far more expansive and impressive. 

yougoththis  My heart is so fucking heavy right now. Mostly because I feel this pain on a personal level. From someone who is pretty much an open book, I’ve kept close to me a suicide attempt I lived through at 15. Not only did I try to take my own life, my mother shot herself and lived through it and her brother, my uncle, committed suicide. So trust me, I know this happens everyday, but when it’s someone like Chester, someone who has helped millions get through detrimental situations, someone you feel like you know on a personal level, who has spoken to you on such an empirical level your entire life, its really hard to grasp.
I will forever be that teenage girl blasting hybrid theory. Heartbroken.
I know it’s easier said than done, but please, if you’re having thoughts of suicide talk to someone. Reach out to me even.


I’ve been on something of a Kristen Ashley kick, which is both good and bad. Sometimes I really love KA books. And then sometimes, I hate them.

The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1)

Loved it. Nina decides to take a break from her life and fiance by vacationing in Colorado, only to find her vacation rental is very much already occupied by one attractive mountain man, Max. And then she gets the flu! Yes, forced proximity! And then there is a murder!

Max is a great Ashley hero– rough around the edges, short tempered and gruff, sexual and sensual, and with a soft marshmallow center that is just desperate to fall in love with a fiesty, sassy heroine like Nina. The nice thing about Ashley heroes is how they make up their minds and then are ALL IN. No waffling, no games. And Nina is also an excellent Ashley heroine– endearingly high maintenance, emotionally dramatic but not gratingly so, and extremely competent and skilled. 4 stars.

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)

Liked it, but didn’t fall in love with either Tate or Lauren. Lauren is traveling the country, trying to find herself after a rough divorce. She ends up working in a biker bar in Colorado, where she overhears her new boss viciously insulting her. So, it’s an enemies-to-lovers kind of thing. Tate is convinced Lauren isn’t gonna cut the biker bar mustard, but she impresses him with her loyalty, work ethic, and perseverance. 

Tate is pretty dick-swingly alpha. He doesn’t apologize very well or even nearly enough. I kinda needed him to grovel for some of his shit. Lauren isn’t a push over, but her acceptance of Tate’s He-Man tendencies grated on me a little. I also really hated how Neeta got treated– at first it was interesting to have a hero caught up in an obsessive relationship with someone who is not the heroine. It adds an interesting dynamic. But instead of fleshing this out, Neeta is appallingly one dimensional and evil, and then poof! She’s out of the picture. It reeks of woman in a refrigerator tropes. 3 stars.

Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3)

Lexie is roped into picking up an ex-con the day of his release. Taciturn to extremes, Ty doesn’t fill her in on his plans, but they include getting revenge for the 5 years he spent in prison after a wrongful conviction. Getting married to Lexie is part of that plan. Fake marriage! What could go wrong? 

Ok and so here is where the cons of reading an Ashley book really start to kick in for me. The obsessive descriptions of clothes, houses, jewelry, etc. The inability of people to speak in complete sentences. And more than anything else, the dang pacing.

What starts off as a hot forbidden attraction kind of thing is immediately transformed almost overnight into a devoted relationship. It’s jarring, it’s a little unbelievable, and it makes the external plot suffer, because there really isn’t much of one. So it’s a lot of Lexie and Ty setting up house and having sex and making friends and having sex and meeting each other’s family and having sex, etc. etc. Honestly, I was bored. The whole quest for vengeance kind of gets put on the back burner for most of the book, until an avalanche of events near the end. The book could have been 200 pages shorter and would have been much better for it. 3 stars, only because the pace picks up at the end and I got into it again.

nothing burned me out on mandel more than finding out, after my enthusiastic reading of the first few chapters of his “marxist economic theory” that his anthropological stuff was often wrong, but also that he was doing all of this to show the relevance of marx and marxian concepts like simple/petty commodity production, only for me to find out down the line that SCP isn’t a term found in marx but invented by engels and is a fabulous example of the latter completely misunderstanding the former, which is immediately obvious to anyone who’s read the first chapter of volume 1 closely (up to that point i really hadnt).

now i’ve cooled down a bit and gotten back into mandel with a more critical eye, knowing a bit more about his flaws, but i think when it comes to recommending books to people, there’s almost always a better alternative to mandel’s work. even when it comes to long waves, which i always considered to be fairly unique to him among contemporary marxians/marxists, shaikh has just come out with his magnum opus which in part is in critical continuity with mandel’s work, roberts has released a similar (much less ambitious) book, and even mason’s postcapitalism relies on long waves/cycles, so mandel has been outmoded at nearly every turn.

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(1/2) ok exactly and like as a bi girl and knowing the statistics of how much more likely we are to be abused, CL isn't representation to me if that makes sense?? like i ship BC but idk why they couldn't do more for niylah's character, have them fall for each other, and then that could've been the wlw representation that way we don't get bi girls being abused and jrot can still jerk off about how fucking 'revolutionary' he is lmfao also

(2/2) wells and bell are Cs main love interests in the book but when moc are on television they turn completely platonic???? and C gets three completely made up love interests who all happen to be white?????? @ the 100 you’re really transparent (sorry idk how to send an ask that’s only 500 characters, also this show send me into a rant spiral, my b my b)

niylah is the catch it all character she’s whatever the writers need her to be which is… annoying. if you had asked me before s4 i would have said give her her own storyline or at least some development or something if she’s gonna stick around but i want s5 to be more delinquent focused. but she’s the only one of clarke’s relationships that didn’t suck. and like, the thing is, even with how dumb and shitty the show can be it’s still a lot better than some of the other cw shows which are mostly str8 and white (i’m not giving them a pass for their bullshit i’m just saying that there’s work to be done but at least we’re taking baby steps.) but yeah, the cw always prioritises white couples, look at literally all of their other shows besides flash. anyway, that was my rant in response to your rant because this show is dumb and i wish i could leave but i can’t