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Developing Darkness - Season 1 Episode 3 (+ Natural Brow Pack #1)

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Natural Brow Pack #1

I’m back to making eyebrows, mainly because it’s all I know and I had requests for it! I know most of you are here for the CC, but please, if you have time, take a look at my comic! This episode is only four pages yet it took me 17+ hours of work. It really means the world if you do, and it also encourages me to work on more CC. 

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I’m coming out with brand new CC for every episode of the comic, so make sure to follow!

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What do situation do you think would make wayzz need to leave his holder? Does our grandpa die???? 🐢

Oh dear lord I really hope best grandpa doesn’t die. I think (I’m hoping) that it’s cuz Fu feels he’s too old and takes Nino as an apprentice to train him and teaches him how to read the book and all that so he can not only help the heroes fight but so he can also help guide them. 

Diana and Bruce

I think up until now, us Wonderbat fans have wanted something really concrete for their romance. We have got JLU, a few comic books and recently, the DCEU. All is great but we still haven’t got a definite relationship for them. Well… Now thanks to Tom King, it seems we might not even get it for a long long time.

Everybody is gonna accusing the pairing as terrible and homewrecking only because a writer can’t figure out what to do with Diana in Bruce’s story. Or worse, he knows what he is doing and just wants to delegitimize Wonderbat.

I’m so glad most wonderbat fans are buying into this shit because it demeans both characters so badly. We need to show that this type of “Wonderbat” isn’t Wonderbat at all. This is lazy writing for the sake of promoting a pairing above another. This is dragging wonderbat down to the ground for the sake of showing how OTP batcat is.

I have no problems with batcat, I like it generally. I’m indifferent about it. I’m not hating on it, I’m just hating tom king.

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Hi, are there any books you recommend to start getting into astrology? I really want to learn more xx

The best book for beginners (and for everyone into astrology!) is the Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk! It has the basics but goes more in depth and has everything you’ll wanna know. it’s very helpful to have for a reference as well!

ororo/logan got away w giving ororo a love interest when she was team leader because logan for fucking once didnt steal the spotlight in any book he was in because he had his own series he could be in, and storm got her own series after THAT so they both developed as whole ass different characters while loving each other

SO FOR XMEN GOLD TO DO THIS TO KITTY OVER N OVER AGAIN after xmen prime promised me this shit wouldnt happen, that it really would be a different kitty this time, that she was over men who werent good for her…. jesus she was just engaged to starlord like legit men only got 2 storylines for women to pass around between them

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How do you bible study? Have you read all the books in the Bible? I really want to become more knowledgeable.

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the scripture: “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come” (John 16:13). Just as the Holy Spirit guided the apostles in the writing of the New Testament, He also guides us in the understanding of Scripture.

Study the Bible in context: We should always read the surrounding verses and chapters to discern the context. we should understand the background of the book we are studying: it’s helpful to know who wrote the book, to whom it was written when it was written, and why it was written.

Let the text speak for itself: We should let the text speak for itself. Sometimes people will assign their own meanings to words in order to get the interpretation they desire, this is wrong and should never be done.

Seek Godly advice: Never be afraid to ask for help from godly leaders when struggling with difficult text.

In summary, the proper way to study the Bible is to prayerfully and humbly rely on the Holy Spirit to give us understanding; study verses in their context, recognizing that the Bible explains itself; and seek advice from godly leaders. Also, remember that knowing everything will not just come to you overnight it may take years to grow into the knowledge you want.

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Okay, so. At the risk of sounding in-cre-di-bly stupid, could you pull apart the line: "If only you knew how little I know about the things that matter." for me, and explain why this is Elio 'confessing his feelings' towards Oliver?

That’s a very interesting question, actually. Before that scene in the piazza, Elio has never really said anything to Oliver that was this unfiltered and unrehearsed. They go back forth, about music and books, and there is definitely a lot of flirting on both sides but it mainly passes by rejected or misunderstood. They do this dance of miscommunication and talking on the surface, but not really talking about themselves or their feelings or anything that “matters” - and in Elio’s case (who has, to my understanding, not had sex yet or had feelings for anyone), what matters to him that he feels he doesn’t know anything about, is in my opinion, romance, and everything that follows with it. 

Their conversation is, on the surface, about book smarts, which they both have plenty of and very much bond over. But Elio is young and completely aware that he lacks much life experience beyond his books, at least in comparison to Oliver whom he looks up to, and who he imagines is very well-versed in such things (his imagination about what Oliver is “up to” when he disappears at night borders on the mild paranoia of a jealous housewife, let’s be real). Oliver’s “street smarts” both intimidate and attract for Elio. So, with the lines “I know nothing, Oliver” and “if only you knew how little I know about the things that matter”, what Elio is essentially saying to Oliver here can be boiled down to two things:

A) I don’t know anything about love or romantic feelings, but to me, those things are extremely important and I want to know them.

B) He wishes Oliver knew this, and he wants him to know - “If only you knew” in this instance meaning I wish you knew how much you are the thing that matters to me.

This line of dialogue also has the added layer of Elio speaking from the heart to Oliver for the first time, it’s not a dare or a contest - it’s Elio admitting a perceived weakness to Oliver. How can someone I admire so much that I want to be him ever care about me? It’s him confessing he doesn’t know anything about an aspect of life he’s only ever heard of from others - and by finally telling Oliver what he is thinking, just like that in the square, he’s letting him know that he wants him. There is also of course a longer quote about this moment in the book I could include that sheds light on book!Elio’s thoughts, but this is getting too long already. :)

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do you ship kaspbrough? why or why not?

actually i have a LOT of complex thoughts and feelings on kaspbrough sjsksks

in an ideal world? i ship it. they have, arguably, some of the best chemistry in the book — and, also, all the aus are really really cute. but realistically, i have trouble seeing it TRULY work. it’s very, very obvious that eddie has strong romantic feelings for bill. he idolizes him. he would die for him. he even puts him on the pedestal that his father left empty. however, eddie’s love is unrequited — not necessarily because bill is straight!1!1!1!, but because he can only ever see eddie in the place of where georgie was. while eddie sees bill as this huge, radiant, hero, bill sees eddie as somebody he needs to protect — and he sees him in the place where georgie once was. as almost a younger brother. that spot is designated for eddie in his mind, and he would find it hard to switch that into romance?


top 3 worst customers of the day (bookstore)

1. my first customer of the day. guy comes up to me and says hey, i only have $10 but this book is $15, can i have it anyways? maybe we can make a deal. i say no, i can’t do that, i’m really sorry, but i could lose my job. he insists, i really want this book. can you call your manager? so i do it. manager says hey…it costs $15 PLUS tax, why don’t you get a book that costs less? we have… a lot of books. nope. it’s gotta be this book. guy is very angry.

2. this is the most ridiculous customer i’ve ever had. guy comes up with a clearly damaged book (spilled coffee all over it? ruined pages…) hey can i return this? i said, do you have a receipt? he says, a receipt? no? why would i have a receipt. (fair point, sir.) i can’t do anything without a receipt, also it’s damaged. DAMAGED?!? HOW? SHOW ME WHERE?? he yells. well sir, all the pages are wrinkled and covered in brown liquid, stained and wet. THIS IS RIDICULOUS, he says. (yeah, i know, sir.) let me speak to a manager. (: ok!!! (: manager says, receipt? he says, again, no!!!! manager says, can’t do a thing! he says, this is so unreasonable! the author said i can return this!! manager and i say… what? sir.. where did you get this book? he says, the airport. okay, sir, you can’t return this here if you bought it at the airport. AND WHY NOT??? because we aren’t the airport. BUT YOU SELL BOOKS!!! You both are so unsympathetic, unrealistic, and not nice!!! THIS MAKES NO SENSE, he says. can i exchange it for another book, or at least get some money back??

sorry dude …

3. lady asks me for this book that she REALLY wants. i hand it to her. she says, hey, actually, i’m not sure if i want this book or not, and i want to read through it and decide if i want it or not, but all the seats you have are taken by other customers… so can i just take the book outside the store and find a chair and read it and decide?

uh… i’m really sorry all the seats are taken, but i can’t let you take merchandise you didn’t pay for outside of the store. UGH!!!! she says…

i can give you one of the chairs we use to take our lunch breaks….. AH, that would be perfect, she says. YEAH, MAKE MY COWORKERS EAT STANDING UP !! PERFECT!! it’s not like we have to stand for 8-11 hours!

so we give her the chair, and she spends like, an hour reading the book, and yep, you guessed it, she decides she doesn’t want the book after all.

4/5 Stars.

Imagine Lord of Flies if it were a surreal, gothic ghost story written by Jesse Ball. That’s the best way I can describe this bizarre little book.

The Job of the Wasp begins with an unnamed narrator showing up at a mysterious facility for orphaned boys. We, the reader, are dropped directly into this strange and eerie world where everything and everyone functions in a peculiar and unreliable manner. This is creepy, this persistent sense of the unknown.

The narrator tries to fit in at the facility, but is met with a range of indifference and hostility. Then the bodies start turning up, and things get really weird.

Racked with dread, isolation and increasing paranoia, the narrator attempts to formulate a plan to save himself and his peers from the strange facility, only to learn that his role in all of it may not be what it seems.

This is a creepy, darkly funny and cerebral book with some truly thought-provoking passages about the nature of reality, life, and death. The concept of control also plays a big part, as the narrator consistently struggles to take control of what’s happening while simultaneously accepting “the unrestrained chaos of the world.”

Ultimately, though, I’m not sure I fully get the plot. Maybe I’m not supposed to. I enjoy the obscureness of surreal entertainment, but in cases such as this one I can’t help but wish that the author had taken me just one step further toward a sense of cohesion. Jesse Ball always seems to nail this, which sets the bar high for other writers of surreal literature.

In spite of feeling slightly disappointed with The Job of the Wasp as a whole, I’m always grateful for the opportunity to read a novel like this that’s so intelligent and bizarre. The narrative itself gets 3 stars, but the dialogue and writing are so good that I can’t give this anything less than 4.

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Got any recs for like classic witch aesthetics? Like pointy hats and spells and tons of women and cats and such? It doesn’t really have to have anything to do with romance, but if it did I would prefer the main romantic story to be f/f.

The Toil & Trouble anthology coming out in August has a bunch of f/f stories in it and it’s allll about witches, but I don’t know if they have the aesthetic specifically; I only know Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, which is my fave queer witch book, does not. Anyone else have an appropriate rec?

we’re writing a childrens book for uni !! and im so RELIEVED w that we’re only max 3 ppl in the groups bc i was so scared we had to be everyone in the Official Group (we’re six) and my group is probably gonna write about girl pirates 🎉🎉


@jasminestudyblrchallenge day 4: do two sides of notes

Today I started my new religion book Catholic Apologetics so I’m super excited! I really want to be able to defend my Faith better and the logic behind Apologetics is so compelling, interesting and I love the reasoning you do! The only downside is just how much info you have to know so these notes took forever!

thanks again, @justjasminestudying!

Love from Hannah xx 💕

Why, though?

It really sucks that a character I love & feel sympathy for is always being bashed. Kylo Ren is the most interesting & sympathetic Star Wars foe in the films so far. I only played KOTOR 1&2 & I never read any of the EU books, so I don’t have much else to compare to, sorry.

Anyway, J.J. Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, & Adam Driver have said in interviews that Kylo was meant to be sympathetic & conflicted. And I could see why when I saw TFA for the first time. I really want him to be redeemed & survive because I don’t want Han Solo to have been killed in vain.

I don’t get it; bastards like Hux & Snoke are a lot worse but I don’t see people hating on them nearly as much.

Another thing, when I was an anon on this site in the first half of 2016; almost everyone around here seemed to love Kylo Ren for being complex, conflicted, sympathetic, someone who keeps the audience guessing.

In the latter half of that year, a lot of people started hating him. Same goes for 2017. Why, though? Are fans offended because they blame him for Han & Leia’s relationship not working out? Don’t blame their son, blame Snoke. If it wasn’t for him, Ben Solo would not have become Kylo Ren in the first place.

Feh. Fandoms are stupid & fickle. I keep my expectations low for them…

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Saw the tags on your latest panel. I'm disappointed! I liked the first arc of Rebirth. What's dragging the second arc down? Also, THEY DIDN'T BREAK UP, DID THEY???

Answering this late; you’re referring to this post. No, Wonder Woman is still dating Steve. But under James Robinson I hesitate to call this character “Wonder Woman,” so I don’t really care. If you really want to know why recent issues are awful, I tried to give #31 and #32 a go, but I don’t have the energy to recount why things are getting worse with each issue. And not only does this really bad writer’s tenure continue on Diana’s main book, but he’s also writing the new arc on Trinity starting today which continues to ignore Rucka’s heartfelt and thoughtful work on WW’s story and instead picks up right where we left off in that endless pile of steaming poo that was Diana’s New52 continuity.

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ahhhh I absolutely adore Nina LaCour's writing!!! She does queer romance so well and her stories make happy :)

i’ve only read one of her other books ‘Everything Leads To You’ but i really enjoyed it!! ‘We Are Okay’ was soooo good

Hamilton wouldn’t had been the man he became without Eliza. She made sure no one forgot about her husband all through her lifetime. Stop erasing her.

Evan probably wouldn’t had the motivation to progress so far into his life without Zoe. He wouldn’t have grown into the self he is in the finale without her. Stop Erasing her.

Nabulangi was the one who encouraged Cunningham to preach during Man up, progressing the plot greatly. Stop erasing her.

Fieryo sacrificed himself so Elphabea could get away, knowing he’d probably die in the process. Stop erasing him.

The newsies would’ve barely gotten anywhere if Katherine hadn’t approached them and written the article. She was the one who came up with the idea of publishing the newsies banner. Stop erasing her.

Christine was a big reason Jeremy got the squip, without her, the musical never would’ve taken place. Stop erasing her.


so 2017. phil tweets happy new years seven minutes late. dan and phil both get mysteriously sick. dan says he and phil have to have a family meeting to talk about when to take down the tree. dan is a wholesome meme in a blanket. their old london apartment kept trying to kill them. they start getting haircuts together at their house. dan and phil were seen giggling and showing each other dog videos during the cursed child. phil set chili on fire and dan didn’t care. phil confirms he only wears towels around the house. gakery. phangate where phil had a wife and kids. sushi date for phil’s birth. dan gets stuck in a kids rocket ride on the way to the isle of man with phil. dan and phil spend a week that iom with phil’s family and it was really cute. dan just posts a lot of pictures that phil takes of him. dan bought phil a signed nude from an actor for his birthday. dan talks about how much he doesn’t care about gender roles and sexuality. they saw book of mormon and wicked with phil’s family this year. at their oscar viewing party dan took napping phil pics and i think i died. they went to a lot of expensive restaurants this year. creepshot war. they licked nintendo switch cartridges. dan kept trying to steal a dog from their neighbors. appreciating women’s march and international women day. queen of my pussy. dan is an angry suburban mom that wanted to call the gym that made phil throw up. dan ranted about how love is real. daniel lester good suggestion. me and phil forehead tattoo. dan walks around in only underwear in the house. bunches of joint liveshows this year. not wearing pants during liveshows together is a theme. last danandphilcrafts video. dan and phil go to singapore and australia and my entire heart fell out of my body. gay selfies. DAN AND PHIL MOVE!!!!! domestic tweets. the current apartment is not a forever home. phil thinks dan’s hair is soft. danisnotonfire to daniel howell wow. we didn’t know if dan went to the bahamas or not. freckley dan and phil. phil taking pictures of dan while they are at the beach. they have a vacation in miami with martyn and cornelia. dan stays with the lesters for three weeks in florida. they almost saw muse again. dan and phil continue to update us on their joint tv show watching. they had a barbecue with dan’s grandparents. dan and phil work out more and are generally more fit and it’s aspirational. sushi date for dan’s birth. dan makes a tinder ad and flirts with boys and girls. dan posted screenshots of their convos because he missed phil. dan and phil have a domestic argument in front of thousands at vidcon. dan curls phil’s hair. dan and phil play with dogs in a video and i feel god. dan was offended that phil doesn’t appreciate him wearing jumpers and underwear only. they wanted to go to pride this year. is phil drinking water or vodka the world will never know. colin pics. going to wimbledon. phil is one thicc bih and knocked down all their soundproofing in the gaming room. dan tweets about how amazing he acts around phil’s parents. they hung out with duncan and mimei. dan tried to flirt with a barista with puns. secret holiday with wirrow and bryony. phil and tom daley are in love. my boyfriend chooses my outfits video. gay roller disco night. dan is hot contents. dapg bloopers. spooky week is good. daniel and depression is the second best video of 2017. dan is a young minds ambassador now. phil is really supportive of dan and his mental health. dan and phil learned how to livestream games which is good. announcement moose was found. dan and phil have so much ribena for themselves it’s weird. the week in march. dan and phil made truthbombs which is super awesome. dan was jealous of phil’s inflatable halloween costume. the dan and phil dogs calendar and video made me cry. they played with sparklers and it was really nice. interactive introverts was announced. dan met the prince. you and dan are so married yeah it’s a useful thing. pinof 9 was cute. all the make a wishes they helped out with. phil paid for a man in a kilt to come to his house. hanging out with peej and sophie a lot. internet free dinner with anthony and miel. dan listens to gays only music. powercouple at the star wars premiere. dan and phil got their first real christmas tree together. dan hangs out with the lesters for christmas celebrations. we love pinof bloopers. dan is roasted alive for calling colin a bad dog. also dan was pranked by phil with spicy gummy bears and succulent spray. this year was a lot.